Review by punishingwrath

Reviewed: 02/06/06

What can I say, a perfect expansion for a perfect RTS that lives up to its hype and the board game.

Awsome. Just plain awsome. They got everything right from the looks of the units to the lack of glitches. It has a compelling story line and cool music. Adds in the imperial guard as playable and powerful race.

The graphics are great and absolutely revolutionary for an RTS. The animations are smooth. The graphics and FX are great. You can notice it when you change the graphics settings. Provided you set it to do so the bodies and craters will stay there where the land. I never saw any glitches either. Plus you can also pan and zoom the camera around and make out all details.

The voiceovers for the units and characters makes you think you were watching a movie almost. The music will make you feel like your in a battlefield. The sound FX will really make you feel like your in a battlefield.

The story line has 4 possible endings adding a Jade Empire/Knights of the Old Republic esque replay value. If you know a little bit about the Warhammer 40000 background then its not to hard to figure out.

The races are all very well made out and look very faithful to the boardgame. You can fully customize each race with the unique army painter that can allow you to tone your men to any color possible.

What with a sequel and yet another new expansion being promised the Dawn of War series might have promise for a well working video game Warhammer 40000 franchise.

The online play is really fun and has plenty of maps to go frag crazy on. There are several modes of play and ways of playing. You can of course use your custom painted armies online and on skirmishes. Each map you play off or online can give you an hour or 2 of entertainment and fighting. When you play it online you actually get to use REAL strategy on a strategy game instead of the sadly common make a big army and frag everything in sight.

The units are built in squads and move in squads like they would for real and like they do in the boardgame and each squad can be given heavy weapons, a sergeant, and a special commander unit as well as extra troops. The only things that are not squads are builder units(save for the orks builders), vehicles, commander units, and the imperial guard vendicare temple assasin.

I personally recommned playing the original Dawn of War campaign first. Might help you learn a little background. Take it from person who has been raised on video games, this game will satisfy your need for a good RTS.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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