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    Imperial Guard Guide by Mr_Buwalda

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                       By A-J Buwalda
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    | Index |
    [1.] Intro
    [2.] Who are the Guard?
    [3.] Building description
    [3.1]  Field Command
    [3.2]  Infantry Command
    [3.3]  Listening Post
    [3.4]  Plasma Generator
    [3.5]  Thermo Plasma Generator
    [3.6]  Tactica Control
    [3.7]  Mechanized Command
    [3.8]  Mars Pattern Command
    [3.9]  Heavy Bolter Turret
    [3.10] Mine Field
    [4.] Unit description
    [4.1]  Commissar
    [4.2]  Psyker
    [4.3]  Priest
    [4.4]  Command Squad
    [4.5]  Techpriest Engineer
    [4.6]  Guardsmen
    [4.7]  Kasrkin Squad
    [4.8]  Ogryn
    [4.9]  Assassin
    [4.10] Chimera
    [4.11] Sentinel
    [4.12] Hellhound
    [4.13] Basilisk
    [4.14] Leman Russ
    [4.15] Baneblade
    [5.] Strategy
    [6.] Copyright
    [7.] Credits
    - Easy navigation
    For quick navigation just copy numbers with the brackets. 
    (for example [4.9] if you want to read the assassin’s 
    description) Then press Ctrl+F and paste the number 
    including brackets in the manu that popped up. Just push 
    Enter and you’re there!
    | [1.] Intro |
    Back in the day (oh, I feel old right now) my cousin played 
    Warhammer 40K. One played Space Marines, one played the 
    Space Orks and the last played the Chaos. Now, them being 
    substantially older than me, they understood the game quite 
    a bit better than me. But it always intrigued me.
    After a couple of years I was old enough to understand the 
    rules and I played ones in a while. I would borrow one of 
    my cousins’ armies. Always loved the Orks. Those quirky 
    green-skins with there big Choppas! But after a while they 
    sold there armies and quit playing.
    As I had no army of my own I didn’t really come in contact 
    with it for a couple of years. Then I started playing 
    Magic: the Gathering (still do). Got in it after getting a 
    couple of cards from a friend. Oh, the pretty pictures! So 
    I bought some cards every ones in a while (have about 10000 
    now, not kidding).
    There was one problem, we had no hobby-shop near where we 
    lived. We bought our cards at the local toy store! My 
    friend Klaas found a hobby-shop in a city about 35 
    kilometers away. So, we hopped the bus over there. But they 
    didn’t only sell Magic, it also sold Warhammer.
    So I play it ones in a while when I’m over there. Since 
    then I started playing the Guard and have own army of 
    Guardsmen. And than there was Dawn of War. Now I could play 
    the next best thing whenever I wanted! But no Guard. That 
    sucked, but Relic made up for it, in spades. Winter Assault 
    was launched and all Guardsmen could be proud of the 
    So I dedicate this FAQ to my long love for the Imperial 
    | [2.] Who are the Guard? |
    Between all the Space Orks, Chaos Demons and the other 
    other-worldly  creatures, there is the ordinary human. The 
    standard Guardsman is all ways inferior to most other 
    things out there in the grimy world of Warhammer 40K. But 
    they have one big advantage: the numbers are HUGE!
    Since the Imperium of Men expanded through the universe and 
    colonized many worlds the number of humans growed 
    immensely. Each of these worlds has there own army to 
    defend the planet. Because of the wide variety of worlds 
    and environments, the difference in army formats is quite 
    From the Catachan Jungle Fighters to Tallarn Desert 
    Raiders. From the dense jungle, polar deserts to 
    wastelands. There is no planet crazy enough to live on for 
    the Guard (or humans in general for that matter). But who 
    are the fine warriors we got?
    - Cadian Shock Troopers
    Cadia, a beautiful planet with one big problem: it’s the 
    nearest planet to the Eye of Terror. For those of you not 
    into the whole table top, the Eye of Terror is the home 
    base of Chaos. Now this is not your ordinary “Evil Planet” 
    thing. Oh no! This is a whole dimension on it’s own, 
    twisted and warped by the Chaos gods.
    You can figure that that is a bad thing. So every living 
    soul able to fight does so. These Guardsmen are the Cadian 
    Shock Troopers! The Cadians have stopped Black Crusades of 
    Chaos multiple times. Basically you can say these guys are 
    veterans and there planet is a war-machine in it’s own 
    They resemble US army in looks and the Soviets in tactics, 
    that’s one odd match! Because of there struggle to survive 
    they don’t care about a single live, they care a bout the 
    whole planet instead. Capping a deserter isn’t that big of 
    deal for the fearless leaders of the Cadians. You die for 
    the emperor! You got to love a faction who wants to deliver 
    or die.
    | [3.] Building Description |
    Name:         Name of Building
    Cost:         RQ cost/Energy cost
    Requirements: Building requirement
    Upgrades:     Possible upgrade
    Abilities:    Possible Abilities
    Building Break-Down:
    Name:         Field Command [3.1]
    Cost:         700/150
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     Battle Command, Regimental Command,
                  Telepathica Temple, Ministorum Temple, 
                  Vindicare Temple
    Abilities:    Train Guardsmen, Train Commander units, Train 
                  Hold infantry (3)
    Building Break-Down:
    The Head Quarters of the Guard. It is your main building so 
    take care of it. It produces Guardsmen, which is good. But 
    it also produces all leader units, if you have the right 
    temple installed.
    It can be upgraded to gain access to new technology. 
    Further than that, there is not much to it. It can hold 
    Guardsmen that can shoot outside, but if you need to defend 
    this by having Guardsmen in it... well it’s to late for you 
    if it come down to that.
    Name:         Infantry Command [3.2]
    Cost:         125/0
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     Kasrkin Quarters, Ogryn Quarters
    Abilities:    Hold Infantry (3), increase Squad Cap (6),
                  Train infantry, Train Command Squad
    Building Break-Down:
    This bunker is your barracks. It does not only produce 
    infantry units, it also increases the Squad Cap by 6. This 
    means that you’ll need multiple Infantry Command to hit 
    your Squad limit.
    It also enhances your control area, meaning that you can 
    build further. That’s a good thing of course but not really 
    Once you hit tier 3 (you have upgraded the Field Command 
    twice) you can install Kasrkin and Ogryn Quarters. These 
    quarters will enable to build more advanced units. Kasrkins 
    are the elite commandos with brutal Hellguns and Ogryns are 
    brutish mutants that like to pound enemies in submission.
    - Get in there!!
    There is another very practical use to this building: 
    protecting Guardsmen. As with the Field Command, you can 
    hold 3 infantry squads inside this building. They will be 
    able to shoot outside, but not only that! Inside there are 
    Heavy Bolters and Plasma Guns. For every squad inside, a 
    Plasma Gun AND Heavy Bolter will start firing.
    You want quite a few of these for the Squad Cap. If one 
    blows up, you don’t want your Cap to go down, so always 
    have at least one more than you actually need to max out 
    the Cap. These bugger should be build on key points, so you 
    can take full advantage from it’s cover and additional 
    - Going underground
    All buildings able to house units are connected by tunnels. 
    Through these tunnels your man can travel safely (and fast) 
    to other buildings. It takes about 3-4 seconds to transfer 
    from buildings.
    You can have an empty Infantry Command filled in 3-4 
    seconds, so not all slots need to be filled. You can just 
    transfer them between Commands making them quite flexible.
    Name:         Listening Post [3.3]
    Cost:         100/0
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     Escalated Engagement, Full Scale Engagement,
                  Fortified Position, Heavily Fortified
    Abilities:    Hold Infantry (1)
    Building Break-Down:
    Once you have captured a strategic point you can build one 
    of these to secure it. Now the enemy will have to destroy 
    this sucker first before they can capture the strategic 
    point. Not only that but it also increases the requisition 
    you gain from that point.
    If you upgrade it, it will increase the income even more. 
    This also adds a weapon to the Listening Post. That’s not a 
    big deal though. The important thing about the Listening 
    Post is that it buys time. In that time you can mobilize a 
    army to react to the threat.
    Name:         Plasma Generator [3.4]
    Cost:         165/0
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     Strengthen Power Grid
    Abilities:    None
    Building Break-Down:
    The Plasma Generator is your way of gaining Power, your 
    secondary resource. Protect them. Simple as that. You can 
    also upgrade them for better income.
    Name:         Thermo Plasma Generator [3.5]
    Cost:         250/0
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     None
    Abilities:    None
    Building Break-Down:
    You have these Slag Deposits on the map. These are gas 
    deposits. This is the only place where you can build a 
    Thermo Plasma Generator. These generators have 4 times the 
    power output of normal generators.
    Name:         Tactica Control [3.6]
    Cost:         175/50
    Requirements: Infantry Command
    Upgrades:     None
    Abilities:    None
    Building Break-Down:
    Your main tech building. All unit upgrades are purchased 
    here. Not much more to it. All Unit Upgrades are listed 
    later on in this FAQ.
    Name:         Mechanized Command [3.7]
    Cost:         200/50
    Requirements: Battle Command
    Upgrades:     Sentinel Depot, Hellhound Depot, Basilisk
                  Depot, Leman Russ Depot
    Abilities:    Hold Infantry (3), Increase Vehicle Cap (6),
                  Build vehicles
    Building Break-Down:
    This is your main vehicle plant. It builds all you vehicles 
    and increases you Vehicle Cap. You’ll need multiple 
    Mechanized Commands to hit you maximum Cap. Only the 
    Chimera is available from the start, the other vehicles 
    need a depot first.
    Full Scale War is purchased here. (needed for the bad ass 
    Name:         Mars Pattern Command [3.8]
    Cost:         200/50
    Requirements: Full Scale War
    Upgrades:     None
    Abilities:    Build Baneblade
    Building Break-Down:
    This building enables you to build a Baneblade, the most 
    fearsome tank of the Imperium. Enough said.
    Name:         Heavy Bolter Turret [3.9]
    Cost:         150/75
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     Missile Turret Upgrade
    Abilities:    None
    Building Break-Down:
    Useless! The firepower of this thing is non-existing and 
    it’s armor too. Forget it exists. 
    Name:         Mine Field [3.10]
    Cost:         50/50
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     None
    Abilities:    Invisibility
    Building Break-Down:
    This is actually underestimated. It is just a field of... 
    well... mines. They walk over it, they are blasted all over 
    the place. It is cheap too.
    | [4.]Unit Description |
    Name:         Name of Unit
    Cost:         RQ cost/Energy cost/Population cost
    Melee:        Damage-damage per second
    Ranged:       Damage-damage per second
    Requirements: Unit requirement
    Upgrades:     Possible upgrade
    Unit Break-Down:
    Name:         Commissar [4.1]
    Cost:         80/40/0 (limit 3)
    Melee:        58-78
    Ranged:       25-45
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down: 
    One of the fearless leaders of Imperial Guard. This is guy 
    is pretty powerful early on. He has some other qualities as 
    well. For one, you can attach him to one of your squad, 
    making them immune to morale damage.
    Further more if you hit the next tier (upgrade the command 
    center) he gains a extra ability: “Execute”. This ability 
    lets you execute one of the member of your squad to 
    “inspire” the other squad members to fight harder. To be 
    exact it doubles their rate of fire.
    - Commissar Rush
    Okay, before people start E-mailing; a lot of people 
    consider this tactic cheating, but for completeness I’m 
    putting this in. If you use this on-line expect a lot of 
    moaning that you [insert insult here].
    This tactic is for a fast decision. Build a Infantry 
    Command, a Plasma Generator and start pumping out 
    Commissars. Once you have your 3 Commissars attack the 
    opponent at once. There are few counters to this.
    Name:         Psyker [4.2]
    Cost:         100/50/0 (limit 3)
    Melee:        45-55
    Ranged:       21-28
    Requirements: Telepathica Temple
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down: 
    The Psyker! The Immaterium (AKA the Warp) has a strange 
    effect on the world of Warhammer 40K. These somewhat 
    twisted individuals are able to tap into the Immaterium and 
    use it to a great effect.
    Psykers can be attached to a squad, but in all fairness, 
    this has but limited uses. His true power lies in, well 
    uhm, his powers. The first is “Strip Soul”. This power lets 
    you deal immense damage to a single target. This is very 
    useful for killing off or severely damaging enemy commander 
    The second power is “Chain Lightning”, which is granted to 
    you when you upgrade your Command Center. This gives him 
    the ability to cast lightning on an enemy squad. This kills 
    off one of the units and totally demoralizes the squad.
    - Exploding Psyker
    In the manual it says that the Psykers are rather unstable. 
    It would be wiser for squads to stay away from these guys. 
    Well, that’s BS! The chance that it happens is minimal and 
    it’s not that damaging.
    When happens, it happens while attempting to use “Strip 
    Soul”. The Psyker raises in the air and then plummets into 
    oblivion (in the style of the Bloodthirster-summoning), 
    emitting lightning.
    Name:         Priest [4.3]
    Cost:         50/15/0 (limit 3)
    Melee:        186-228
    Ranged:       00-00
    Requirements: Ministorum Temple
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down: 
    The spiritual leaders of the Imperial Guard. Inspiring 
    Guardsmen to heroic acts. That and they fight the enemy 
    with a chainsaw in his hands. You have got to love a 
    religious man with a power-tool.
    These guys are very useful. They are able to attach to a 
    squad, increasing there morale and health. This makes them 
    very valuable to your war effort; buffing your forces and 
    making them more resistant to setbacks.
    To make them even more useful, they also have the ability 
    to instigate a squad in frenzy (Fanaticism). In this state 
    of frenzy the squad is unable to die, basically. I don’t 
    need to tell you that’s always a good thing!
    Name:         Commander Squad [4.4]
    Cost:         123/15/2 (limit 1)
    Melee:        55-75
    Ranged:       55-88
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     Uncommon Valor
    Unit Break-Down: 
    This is your Hero-unit. If you look at the stats and 
    compare them with other Hero-units, your not going to be 
    impressed. But not rightfully so! The Imperial Guard has 
    the most versatile hero of them all.
    As the “Squad” comes running out of the Infantry Command 
    it’s just a General. On it’s own it’s not bad, but it can 
    be reinforced. This is where it’s true power lies. You can 
    add 2 members (choosing between Commissar, Psyker and 
    Priest) and, after researching “Uncommon Valor” an 
    additional 2 members.
    They fight as a squad and can be reinforced like one. Every 
    member brings his own abilities to the table:
    General   --> Strafing Run (Bombards designated location)
    Commissar --> Immune for morale damage
    Psyker    --> Strip Soul, Chain Lightning
    Priest    --> fanaticism
    - Assembling a squad
    The choice of your squad members is pretty important for 
    the effectiveness of your squad. What’s better for you? 
    Pure melee force or a versatile force.
    For pure melee just add Priests in all four slots. They 
    have the best melee stats and add Righteous Fury. This is 
    pretty effective for hero-busting.
    For the versatile force add a Commissar, Psyker and 2 
    Priests. The squad has all the abilities. You can choose 
    the right ability at the right time.
    Name:         Techpriest Engineer [4.5]
    Cost:         75/0/1
    Melee:        09-11
    Ranged:       45-55
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down: 
    Your builder unit! It’s tough as nails but should not be in 
    battle. It should be building or repairing, obviously. 
    Other than that this guy has no uses.
    Protect him.
    Name:         Guardsmen [4.6]
    Cost:         160/0/2
    Melee:        10-12
    Ranged:       16-19
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     Death before Dishonor, Battle Armor, 
                  Satellite Targeting Resolution, Will of the
                  Emperor, Weapons Specialization
    Unit Break-Down: 
    This is the backbone of the Imperial Guard. Squads of 
    simple humans. No genetic enhancements, no heavy bolter 
    fire, none of that fancy stuff! You are men, you don’t 
    bleeding genetic enhancements because you have got sheer 
    numbers at your site.
    These guys aren’t that great at firing their las-rifles, 
    but they are cheap and with so many that they are bound to 
    hit something! They lack big time in the morale and armor 
    department, so adding a Sergeant (adds morale and 
    hitpoints) is mandatory. And researching “Death before 
    Dishonor” and “Battle Armor” isn’t a bad idea either.
    - Grenades or Plasma?
    Once you have build a Tactica, you gain the ability to add 
    multiple Grenade Launcher and (after upgrading the command 
    center) Plasma Guns. These weapons increases the squads’ 
    firepower dramatically. But which is the better weapon to 
    pick? Lets have a closer look at both weapons.
    Grenade Launcher
    - Cheap
    - Knocks down enemies
    - Long range
    - Able to hit multiple enemies
    - Rather low damage
    - slightly inaccurate
    Plasma Gun:
    - High damage
    - Effective against heavy infantry
    - Decent range
    - Expensive
    Ok, here you have it. The Plasma gun is very effective at 
    taking on any kind of infantry. The range is good enough to 
    make it a nice weapon. But there are some problems though. 
    It is kind of expensive, which in most armies isn’t that 
    big of a problem, but for Guardsmen it is. 
    Guardsmen have the tendency to drop like flies. This means 
    that you have to constantly be replacing weapons. This can 
    really strain you Requisition and Power amounts.
    Then, there is the Grenade Launcher. It’s cheap, although 
    it still costs more than the Guardsmen carrying it. 
    Plasmaguns cost 35 Req and 15 Power and Grenade Launchers 
    20 Req and 10 Power
    The other plus is that the Grenade Launcher knocks down the 
    enemies it hits. This not only disrupt enemy movements and 
    of course damages them, but it also makes enemies with 
    “standing” weapons have to regain their footing. It makes 
    them useless for a couple of seconds.
    Conclusion: Go for the Grenade Launcher. 
    - Lead me to victory!
    The Guard might be with many, but their morale is still 
    crappy. This can be partially cured with upgrades (“Death 
    before Dishonor” and “Will of the Emperor”) and Sergeants. 
    But this is still not good enough when the going gets 
    To fix this problem you’ll need command units. There are 
    three to pick from: Commissar, Psyker or Priest. Each has 
    his own abilities, but what is the better choice?
    Commissar: This guy is the first one available. He makes 
    the squad fearless, which is great for Guardsmen. The 
    Execute ability is well suited, since Guardsmen are cheap 
    and quickly trained.
    Psyker: This is pretty much my last choice to lead 
    Guardsmen. But when both other command units are already 
    leading squads, this will have to do.
    Priest: The Priest is great choice to lead any squad. He 
    increases health and morale. The possibility to make a 
    squad immortal for amount of time is also a big plus. It 
    doesn’t have ranged weapons, so when attached to Guardsmen, 
    he wouldn’t be dealing much damage.
    - Keeping your troops supplied
    The Guardsmen aren’t that great at melee or shooting for 
    that matter, that’s why they have numbers on their site. 
    But numbers is not the only thing that counts. Damage 
    output and damage (morale aswell as physical) resistance is 
    a big deal.
    To keep this up you’ll need to keep upgrading your 
    Guardsmen. Making the right choice is pretty important too. 
    If you have most of your squads have Commissars attached to 
    them, it might be a good idea to put morale-upgrades on 
    hold and instead go for better armor or weapons range.
    Name:         Kasrkin Squad [4.7]
    Cost:         200/100/3
    Melee:        18-22
    Ranged:       65-75
    Requirements: Kasrkin Quarters
    Upgrades:     Genetic Enhancements, Kasrkin Armor
    Unit Break-Down: 
    These guys are the elite of the Imperial Guard. They are 
    heavily trained and have superior weapons, armor and 
    accuracy compaired to other Guardsmen.
    Kasrkins are great at shooting about anything that is 
    considered infantry. With there Hellguns they have a great 
    reach. (about 3/4 of the screen) They also don’t suffer 
    from the crap morale that other Guardsmen do.
    These are your “can-do” guys. Giving them Genetic 
    Enhancements is a great deal. They make Kasrkins walk 
    faster, so you can hit the enemy till they get close, back 
    off and repeat the process.
    - Plasma, yay or nay?
    Ok, you can equip your Kasrkins with Grenades Launchers and 
    Plasma Guns. Now, I’ll tell you, the Grenade Launcher is 
    not that useful for the Kasrkin Squad. They already have 
    the huge range and the reduction (you read it right) in 
    damage makes it pretty tame.
    Then there is the Plasma Gun. It’s medium range is 
    obviously not going to out-range the default Hellgun, but 
    it has other pros. It packs a big punch against heavy 
    infantry, which can be very effective against the Space 
    Marines and the Chaos. Terminators drop like flies when 
    faced against plasma.
    Conclusion: only use against Chaos and Space Marines.
    - Questioning command
    Although these guys are though, it might be a good idea to 
    attach a command unit. Helping out your units is always a 
    good idea, right? But then the question a rises: who is the 
    better command unit for the Kasrkins?
    Commissar: Works well with Kasrkin Squads. The morale 
    immunity is nice, although hardly a necessity. The 
    “Execute” works great, letting the squad pump out even more 
    damage per second.
    Psyker: The Psykers’ abilities are both pretty good, but 
    one in general makes him a valid choice for the Kasrkins; 
    Chain Lightning. The morale crushing effect of this guy can 
    be taken full advantage of by the Kasrkins, ripping away 
    with their Hellguns.
    Priest: As I said before, always a good choice. But better 
    used in a melee force (read: Ogryns). If you stand against 
    many enemies the Priest’s ability will help you even the 
    Conclusion: Go for the Psyker or the Priest. Let the 
    Commissar lead your Guardsmen.
    Name:         Ogryn [4.8]
    Cost:         180/60/3
    Melee:        75-95
    Ranged:       65-85
    Requirements: Ogryn Quarters
    Upgrades:     Powered Bayonet
    Unit Break-Down:
    These dimwitted, hulking monsters are your main solution to 
    the Imperial Guard’s melee problem. Instead of trying to 
    outsmart the opponent, they just charge right in and beat 
    the living crap out of the opponent.
    Since they’re not the smartest of the bunch, they do not 
    have elaborate weapons. They will have to do with the 
    rather simple Ripper Shotgun. This thing is pretty 
    powerful, but the Ogryns aren’t accurate enough to make 
    them work properly. The only thing the Rippers are for is 
    to make on or two kills before they start smacking the 
    enemy around.
    Once they get in to close combat it’s on! They can take 
    punishment beyond believe and rip through enemy like there 
    is no tomorrow. Adding a Bone ’Ead (their Sergeant) will 
    increase there health and morale even further. They just 
    kill everything in sight.
    - Who’s gonna lead us, ey?
    So, you have a band of ignorant, brutality-loving melee 
    monsters. You might as well give ‘em somebody to making the 
    decisions and giving them some extra “punch”.
    Commissar: The Commissar is kind of crap with Ogryns. First 
    off, they have no problems with morale, so the fearless 
    ability is wasted. Their numbers are quite low (6 Ogryns+1 
    Bone ‘Ead) so the “Execute” hurts more than it does good.
    Psyker: Not bad. Although his melee capabilities are 
    limited, he can demoralize the opponent before hitting them 
    head-on. Strip Soul works decently, but not more than that.
    Priest: The Priest and the Ogryns where made for each 
    other! It just has to be. First off, the Priest is the 
    melee-master of the commanders, more than triple the melee 
    of the Commissar (186-228 Dmg!!). So he can hold his own in 
    melee confrontation. Secondly, the temporal immortality 
    makes them killing-machines, period.
    Name:         Assassin [4.9]
    Cost:         100/50/0 (limit 1)
    Melee:        108-134
    Ranged:       100-128
    Requirements: Vindicare Temple
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down:
    The Assassin. A model of killing perfection. This guy comes 
    out late in the game, but with the Imperial Guard that’s 
    not a problem.
    The Assassin packs a big sniper-rifle, which he uses with 
    great accuracy. He can take out most secondary heroes with 
    a single shot. He takes about 3-4 seconds to reload his 
    weapon before discharging again. But the second shot should 
    do it for most primary heroes as well.
    He also has the “Assassination Scope” ability. This 
    enhances his sight incredibly. Better yet, his range is 
    enhanced as well. You can pick of heroes that can’t even 
    see you!
    Name:         Chimera [4.10]
    Cost:         100/70/1
    Melee:        00-00
    Ranged:       108-128
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down:
    This is the Imperial Guard transport unit. Now, I see you 
    thinking: “Not another crappy transport unit”. But believe 
    it or not this vehicle does a great job.
    Let me put this way, when was the last time you have used 
    transport unit with exception to the Squikgoth and the 
    Landraider. Can’t remember can you. Well, the Chimera is 
    very useful. It can carry 3 squads, is low on cost and only 
    takes one Vehicle Cap.
    Not only that, but it has a Las-Turret on top for some fire 
    support. It works well against infantry, but shouldn’t be 
    pitted against other vehicles. To contribute to the 
    firepower, the men inside the vehicle can shoot through the 
    portholes on both sides of the Chimera. It pays off to have 
    these guys in a assault.
    - Watch ya ‘ead!
    Ogryns are bulky fellows and as such take substantially 
    more room than a squad of Guardsmen. This is implemented in 
    the game. A Ogryn Squad takes up two spaces instead of one. 
    They should be staying outside to kick tail anyway.
    Name:         Sentinel [4.11]
    Cost:         150/150/2
    Melee:        00-00
    Requirements: Sentinel Depot
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down:
    The Sentinel is your first anti-vehicle weapon. This walker 
    is armed with a Multi-Laser. This weapon has a big range, 
    which is necessary because it is kind of weak in the armor 
    Because it’s rather susceptible to concentrated fire its 
    best to keep them from direct contact with the enemy. Let 
    them pick on the armor from afar.
    A nifty ability this walker has is that it can un-capture 
    strategic and critical points as well as relics. It can not 
    capture them, though. But still, it works well and because 
    of the range of the weapon you can destroy Listening Posts 
    without retaliation.
    Name:         Hellhound [4.12]
    Cost:         150/150/2
    Melee:        00-00
    Ranged:       60-80
    Requirements: Hellhound Depot
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down:
    Some crazy Chimera crews with a craving for fire thought: 
    “What if we remove the transport capacity and put in a big 
    fuel tank? And, while where at it, slap on a big 
    This is basically just a heavy duty flamer with lots of 
    armor. This unit is good to lead early assaults on enemy 
    positions. Combined with Sentinels and a Chimera loaded 
    with Guardsmen, it can really push the front forwards.
    Obviously the flamer still has it’s morale breaking 
    attribute. The Hellhound break enemy squad at very decent 
    rate. This can also be used defensively. Station one or two 
    in your defensive line to break squads, while the Guardsmen 
    fire from the Infantry Command to mob them up. It has 
    splash damage; hitting multiple enemies at once!!
    Name:         Basilisk [4.13]
    Cost:         150/300/2 (limit 3)
    Melee:        00-00
    Ranged:       87-178
    Requirements: Basilisk Depot
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down:
    Anyone who knows the Imperial Guard knows the Basilisk or 
    “Bassi” as it’s sometimes affectionately called. And with 
    good reason, because it’s a great tool both in the tabletop 
    game and Winter Assault.
    For those who are new to the Guard; the Basilisk is the 
    Guard’s artillery. It has huge range and when I say huge, I 
    mean HUGE! You should use this to pick on enemy squads. 
    This will slay them in a rapid fashion.
    The Basilisk also has the same morale breaking property as 
    all other artillery units. This makes them a crowd favorite 
    for pre-assault softening up, shelling on enemy defenses 
    before sending your armor in. Because of the maximum of 3 
    Basilisk you’ll will never be able to launch a overwhelming 
    barrage. To bad.
    BIG NOTE: in the 1.4 version of DOW:WA the Basilisk will 
    NOT fire on it’s own. You will have to fire all shots 
    manually by assigning enemies.
    - Spotting the enemy
    When you have your Basilisks out there, ready to fire, 
    you’ll need to see what your firing at. If you can’t see 
    them, you can’t hit it accurately.
    Now go and fetch a Assassin. Remember that snazzy ability: 
    Assassination Scope? That’s going to come in handy! Station 
    the Assassin amidst your Basilisks and use his ability. The 
    visual range is increases dramatically. Now pick your 
    targets and shell them.
    - Shake the room!
    The thing that makes the Basilisk stand out between all 
    those artillery units is the Earthshaker round. These round 
    are crafted on the forge-world Mars and as such, are the 
    best artillery rounds around.
    These master-crafted shells will kill pretty much anything 
    it hits as long as its infantry. There is one con though: 
    the cost to fire a round like that is 200/200. That’s 
    pretty hefty in mid-game.
    Name:         Leman Russ [4.14]
    Cost:         150/300/3
    Melee:        00-00
    Ranged:       132-172
    Requirements: Full Scale War, Leman Russ Depot
    Upgrades:     None
    Unit Break-Down:
    The Leman Russ is the mainstay battle tank of the Imperial 
    Guard. Named after the great Primach of the Space Wolves 
    Space Marines. And like the Primach, this tank is not a 
    It’s heavily armored and well armed. Most infantry weapons 
    hardly scratch it, with the exception on rockets and other 
    anti-vehicle weapons. It has a battle cannon, which unlike 
    the Space Ork version, dead accurate. This weapon knocks 
    out vehicle and buildings alike.
    Further more, it’s plastered with Heavy Bolters to deal 
    with enemy infantry. These Bolters can chew through some 
    infantry, but the Leman shouldn’t be on infantry killing 
    Before you’re able to install a Leman Russ Depot, you’re 
    going to need “Full Scale War” researched. This takes a lot 
    of cash but even more importantly loads of time. This means 
    that you’ll have these guys LATE-game.
    Name:         Baneblade [4.15]
    Cost:         400/400/3
    Melee:        00-00
    Ranged:       83-117
    Requirements: Full Scale War, Relic captured
    Unit Break-Down:
    The fear of the enemy of the Emperor. This is the biggest, 
    meanest and most fearsome tank in the Imperial arsenal. 
    With the most armor of any vehicles of Dawn of War. Not 
    only that, it also has the most weapons of them all! And 
    compared to other “uber-units” it’s rather cheap.
    Weapons Legend:
    1. Battle Cannon(x1)
    The main cannon is rather weak compared to the rest of the 
    weapons on this guy. Looks cool when it fires though! A 
    huge blast emits from the barrel and smoke is forced from 
    the side of the barrel. Slow rate of fire.
    2. Mortar(x1)
    Much better! It is about 3/4 of the strength that the 
    battle cannon, but fires at double rate of fire compared to 
    the battle cannon. The smoke effect is cool too.
    3. Twin-linked Heavy Bolters(x3)
    These weapons rip through pretty much anything of flesh and 
    blood. Extremely high rate of fire and are plentiful.
    4. Lascannon(x2)
    This gun is for armor killing! This is a giant laser that 
    burns right through any armor. You have two of them, you 
    might as well use them.
     -----/ 3/4 \---------
    /                     \___
    |   ___________         2 |
    |  /           \       ---
    | |             -----------------\
    | |                         1     |
    | |             -----------------/
    |  \___________/ 3 =   |
    |                  =   |
    \       3/4            / 
    (Excuse the crap ACSII art.)
    BIG NOTE: To build this monster, you’ll need a Mars Pattern 
    Command, Full Scale War and Relic captured
    - Tell the men, the cavalry has arrived!
    Although this guy is armored for a nuke attack and armed to 
    the teeth, DO NOT SEND IT OUT ALONE! I cannot stress that 
    enough. It will get whacked, period.
    Leman Russes are perfect addition to a battle group with 
    the Baneblade.
    | [5.] Unit Upgrades |
    Name:         Name of upgrade
    Cost:         RQ cost/Power cost
    Requirements: Requirements for upgrade
    Upgrade:      What the upgrade does
    Name:         Death before Dishonor
    Cost:         75/15
    Requirements: None
    Upgrade:      Increase Guardsmen morale
    Ok, let’s be real. Guardsmen morale sucks. This is a cheap 
    way of boosting it and giving the your Guardsmen more 
    staying power. High priority!
    Name:         Battle Armor
    Cost:         100/15
    Requirements: None
    Upgrade:      Increase Guardsmen armor
    Guardsmen get shot to pieces by, well, just about anything. 
    Upgrading the armor is always a good idea. Able to take 
    more shots, they will be able to deal more damage.
    Name:         Uncommon Valor
    Cost:         100/100
    Requirements: None
    Upgrade:      Command Squad size increased by two members
    This one is nice, but not a necessity in early game. Go for 
    it when hit tier 2 or have some cash to spend.
    Name:         Satellite Targeting Resolution
    Cost:         150/150
    Requirements: Battle Command
    Upgrade:      Increase range of Guardsmen
    The range of the las-rifle is not that great. So this is a 
    good upgrade. I must add that the range inside buildings is 
    also increased. High priority.
    Name:         Will of the Emperor
    Cost:         75/15
    Requirements: Battle Command
    Upgrade:      Increase Guardsmen morale
    More morale is good for Guardsmen, but by the time you get 
    this one you’ll have enough commander units. Buy when you 
    have cash to spend.
    Name:         Weapons Specialization
    Cost:         100/25
    Requirements: Battle Command
    Upgrade:      Doubles damage done by Grenade Launcher and
                  Plasma Gun
    This is just great! Nothing more to it! GET IT NOW!
    Name:         Genetic Enhancements
    Cost:         100/50
    Requirements: Kasrkin Quarters
    Upgrade:      Enhances speed of Kasrkin Squads
    Kasrkins with enhanced speed will enable them to do hit and 
    run attacks. The pretty much out-run everything but 
    skimmers, so let them come towards you and then run again. 
    Good upgrade.
    Name:         Kasrkin Armor
    Cost:         100/50
    Requirements: Kasrkin Quarters
    Upgrade:      Increases Kaskin Squad’s armor
    Taking more punishment is always nice and when you get it, 
    it’s dirt cheap.
    Name:         Powered Bayonets
    Cost:         100/75
    Requirements: Ogryn Quarters
    Upgrade:      Increases melee damage of Ogryn Squads
    The melee capabilities are upped a notch. This is good 
    since Ogryns are the only melee-units you have.
    | [5.] Strategy |
    Ok, here goes! The Guard play defensive. This does not mean 
    that you can just turtle up in your base and hope for the 
    best, because Dawn of War just doesn’t work that way. It 
    basically means that you’ll always have to defend every 
    inch of land under your control. Then accumulate more 
    forces and push out some more and than put up a defense 
    - Early game
    Playing the Guard means you have to make the right choices 
    early on. Let me give you a priority-list:
    1. Guardsmen
    2. Techpriest Engineer
    3. Guardsmen
    4. Infantry Command
    5. Guardsmen
    6. Tactical Control
    7. Plasma Generator
    You should have your Guardsmen capturing Strategic Points 
    as soon as they come on the field. If you capture one, put 
    a Listening Point on that sucker. While you do that keep 
    building Guardsmen, since they are the backbone of your 
    army. They will have to be with many to hold off the enemy 
    long enough for you to have some reinforcements to 
    strengthen your line.
    As soon as your advance screeches to halt (usually by 
    meeting the enemy!) you should build Infantry Commands on 
    tactical points. A Infantry Command (loaded with Guardsmen 
    of course) on a near a choke point or negative cover can be 
    a real bother to a enemy.
    - Teching up
    If you play the Imperial Guard the key to winning is 
    climbing the tech tree. The best units are in are tech tier 
    3 and 4. So as soon as your income permits it you should 
    climb to next tier. Defense is still your priority though. 
    It’s finding that balance that the key to victory. Keep in 
    mind that you can have the ability to build that Baneblade, 
    but if you don’t have a decent defense the enemy tramples 
    your base before it rolls out of the Mars Pattern Command.
    Purchasing unit upgrades can be important too, but you’ll 
    have to make the right choices. For example “Death before 
    dishonor” boosts the morale of Guardsmen, which is really 
    needed. It’s rather inexpensive, so it gets high priority. 
    Uncommon Valor on the quite expensive and unnecessary early 
    on. You can leave it until the next tech tier, when you’ll 
    need those extra members in your Command Squad. Make smart 
    -Mid to end game
    Ok, once you have your Mechanized Command up and running, 
    it starts getting interesting. Now you have some armor to 
    back you up. Sentinels are your main defense against enemy 
    armor at this stage of the game, so you better use it. Put 
    them behind your line because they are susceptible to 
    Now, you should be researching tech tier 3 as soon as 
    possible. As soon as tier 3 hits you should figure out what 
    you want, Kasrkins or Ogryns. It depends on who your 
    fighting. My take on this is:
    Vs. Space Marines  --> Kasrkins
    Vs. Chaos Marines  --> Ogryns
    Vs. Orks           --> Ogryns
    Vs. Eldar          --> Kasrkins
    Vs. Imperial Guard --> Kasrkins
    Buff up your defenses because now comes the wait: research 
    Full Scale War! This takes a HUGE amount of time. But it is 
    a must. You need it to make the Leman Russes and the 
    Baneblade. Now build them until you max out your vehicle 
    caps. Make a battle group of Lemans, Ogryns and the 
    Baneblade. Go out there and crush them under your tracks! 
    Use the Ogryns to keep the nasty melee guys of the tanks or 
    keep the missile toting guys of your tail.
    Now, go out and claim victory for the Emperor! 
    | [6.] Copyright |
    I wrote this FAQ, so it’s copyrighted by me! Now this FAQ 
    is a www.gamefaqs.com exclusive. No body else can use. If I 
    see it anywhere else the guy in charge has problems. You 
    can’t sell it for profit either. People should knows this 
    by now!
    | [7.] Credits |
    Thanks to:
    Me, I did ride it so I might as well
    My table-top buddies:
    Klaas Boltjes
    Erwin Rietberg
    Tom Nijssen
    Hugo Hansen
    My DOW buddies:
    Abdullah Al-Awwadi
    Lauran Beers

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