How do I complete the "Creating Harmonies" Quest?

  1. I can't find any specific instructions. Do I need all the bottles? Is there an easy way to tell which rock plays which note and which note I need to play at that rock?

    User Info: Zeffia9

    Zeffia9 - 10 years ago


  1. Each of the three tones (they can be done in any order, by the way) has three notes that can be played to count for them. If you get C or G bottles, you only need to use those two (and thats the minimum) to finish. As for doing it fast, just use the L-rods to uncover the rock, compose a score scroll that says "t200L64a" without quotes, equip it, and play it. The bottle will automatically change the a to whatever note it is, and play it, and then if it matches, the quest will auto-update. If you got it wrong, keep going. For a more precise guide with it, try

    User Info: 1JMARTIN1

    1JMARTIN1 - 10 years ago 0   0

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