Review by digiNC

Reviewed: 08/03/05

The age of side-scrolling games is long gone...

I suppose most people think that anything Half-Life related will be full of new technology and eye-popping visuals, NuClearVision is obviously a minority here. It looks like they churned out this piece of junk hoping that its lack of solid gameplay, good graphics, and an original story would be swept up in all of Half-Life 2's glory (Hey, that rhymes!).

Gameplay: 3/10

Walking back-and-forth on a 2D plane isn't really anything new, in fact, it's very old. Codename: Gordon has the player moving forwards and backwards through a game world obviously meant to resemble Half-Life 2 's. I suppose it would be somewhat more enjoyable if it was something original, but it's not. It takes all the great things about Half-Life 2 and throws them a trash can to be completely forgotten while NuClearVision compiles a game that would have done a great job about 15 years ago. Why should a gamer play Half-Life 2 with terrible graphics and boring gameplay when they could be playing Half-Life 2 with great graphics and exciting gameplay? To summarize all of the stuff I just said: Codename: Gordon is Half-Life 2 without the things that make Half-Life 2 good.

Graphics: 1/10

Note to NuClearVision: Just thought you should know that side-scrolling games are dead, gone, blown into the void. Sometimes good graphics can make up for mediocre gameplay, in the opposite case bad graphics and be excused by good gameplay. In this case bad graphics and bad gameplay team up to bore the **** out of you.

Sound: 7/10

The coolest part of the game is the sound, the music just some techno stuff in the background, but in the title screen sits the best part of the game. Barney, an important character(s) from Half-Life is doing a sort of techno DJ thing to the music where he says “Mr. Freeman” with the right pauses and… whatever that thing DJs do where they stop the disk and move it back a bit to let that part play over again is called. Anyway, the effect is awesome, at least, it’s awesome compared to the game itself.

Story: 1/10

Hmm, this story looks familiar. Almost like I’ve played through a game that had a story just like it… what was that game called? Oh yeah, Half-Life 2! Although, to NuClearVision’s credit, they did change a few (read: very many) things so they could get the player through their piece of crap more quickly than they would have had the stuck to the original story.

Overall: 4/10

I don't have the heart to give it anything lower simply because it's related to Half-Life 2. (That mean they're winning! Noooo!) The only upside here is that it's free, and even that's debatable since you have to download Steam to get it.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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