Review by uberhaxxorgow

Reviewed: 07/01/08

Half-life 2...D?

I discovered this game when I was randomly browsing on Wikipedia. I thought, " Hey, a 2D platformer. I love these things!" So I googled it and downloaded it someplace somewhere. Apparently you don't need Steam to download this anymore. I played it and....

GRAPHICS- Wow. This is a flash game. It doesn't use a 3D card (maybe cuz it's 2D). But still, the backgrounds and environments are so freakin' detailed. You definitely won't find these kind of graphics in a online flash game. It's a nice touch that Gordon swears when he gets his and his face changes. Some animations are kinda chunky, though. 9/10

SOUND- Well... I actually played this without sound so.... yeah. But apparently it's techno. And I'm not a fan of techno. 6/10

STORY- It's Half-Life 2, but really condensed. Kinda sucks that they didn't come up with some kind of side story. 5/10

GAMEPLAY- The gameplay is sometime great and sometimes HOW THE **** DID THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!! You get five weapons in this game: the crowbar, the pistol, the SMG, the Gravity Gun, and grenades. The crowbar, pistol, SMG, and grenades are useful. The Gravity Gun isn't. You get this like halfway through the game. The only thing it can do is work for a split second when you click. When you try to pick something up, it tends to take more than a click if you're not positioned right. Since what goes up must go down, anything you launch needs to compensate for gravity. Ugh. There are only 3 types of throwable objects, and you can't even pick up turrets. Ugh. The jumping is somewhat funny too, because when you fall, you drop like a rock. That makes your jump not very long. Expect to have a few falling deaths. Yes, there are bottomless pits, but you shouldn't worry too much because even on Hard Mode, I only died once and that was a jumping issue. There are also some strange things that can happen. Enemies can die and float in mid-air, you can stand on some vertical walls, and the Gravity Gun can put objects in strange places. The enemies are somewhat smart for a flash game. Headcrabs jump at you, zombies slash at you, Combine shoot and throw grenades, and Manhacks hack. Of course most enemies just walk back and forth and attack only when you get close enough. 7/10

REPLAY VALUE- Not too much. It's really short. I could beat it in 20 minutes on Hard. There's also a bonus game once you beat single player once, but it's pointless and stupid. I also wouldn't recommend trying to get highscores because on my version, the high scores don't work. The only reason you would play this game a lot is if you have nothing to do, or if you just love platformers like I do. 5/10

Well...this game is decent for a flash game. It has a few problems, but I would recommend you get it if you get bored and need something to do. It's only around 40 mbs and it's free. Don't like it? Delete it. You don't have to install anything. Now I'm gonna go smack head crabs.

FINAL SCORE- 7/10 (Not an average)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Codename: Gordon (US, 12/31/04)

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