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Expansion Guide by tkrausse_

Version: 0.67 | Updated: 07/23/2005

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!

New additions to the game

This FAQ is not meant to help you beat any scenarios, help you design any 
breathtaking coasters, slides, or parks, and will not give you much advice on 
how to play the game.  All it is is a list of the new items and features that 
are added in the expansion.  Anything else, I’m not worrying about, I’d rather 
play the game.  This is for people like me who want to know what’s in it before
they buy, even though I ended up getting it anyway.  So then, on to what 
everyone’s waiting for, the new rides in Soaked!

Version History:

V 0.5  (July 12, 2005)  First version, contained most of the info

V 0.52 (July 14, 2005)  Removed Splash Boats, added Spin Doctor and Water 
			Transport, added a description and some comments, and
			one more site allowed to host

V 0.67 (July 23, 2005)  Added a few more descriptions to the thrill ride and 
			junior ride sections

Table of Contents

1)	Roller coasters
2)	Junior Rides
3)	Thrill rides
4)	Water rides
5)	Gentle rides
6)	Transport rides
7)	Other Rides
8)	Stalls
9)	Scenery
10)	Pools!
11)	Pool slides and rides
12)	Other stuff changed

***Roller coasters*** Roller coasters*** Roller coasters*** Roller coasters***

As the game’s name says, there’re a lot of coasters in game.  Here’s the new 
ones that soaked added, assuming I didn’t miss any (or add any in by mistake).  
You have the coasters name, its in game description (more are coming, I just 
wanted to get something done instead of writing down every description in one 
sitting), its listed price that you will never get, and any comments I have on
that type of ride.  I will not be giving info on the pre-mades, so don’t ask.
If you want an FAQ on them, feel free to write one.

Name:  Alpine Coaster

In-game description:  A fast moving toboggan ride.

Price: $1,700 and up

My comments: It appears that this ride is designed for two stations – one at 
the top of a hill, and one at the bottom.  Guests board at the top, ride down, 
and get off.  The cars then ride back to the top, empty, and are prepared to 
go back down.

Name:  Flying coaster

In-game description:  Riders are held in comfortable seats below the track, 
traveling through twisted track to give the ultimate flying experience.

Price:  $4,950 and up.

My comments: N/A

Name:  Giant Flume

In-game description:  A modern water ride with steep freefall drops from 
incredible heights.  Designed to be placed in a water body.

Price:  $3,950 and up.

My comments: It appears as though this ride actually has to drop into a body of
water to work.  It does not contain water as part of its construcion.

Name:  Glider Coaster

In-game description:  A custom lift section with a rotating column carries the
car to the top of the lift hill.

Price:  $4,500 and up

My comments: N/A

Name:  Half-Pipe Coaster

In-game description:  A coaster based around a skateboarding half pipe.

Price:  $2,650 and up

My comments:  Although this is a pretty simple ride, it is also very compact,
and comparatively cheap.  If you have a small amount of space, and need to
add a coaster, this may be a good choice.

Name:  Hershey’s Stormrunner

In-game description:  

Price:  $9,750 and up

My comments:  The games stats make this ride look much better than it is.  It’s
just a magnetic launched coaster.

Name:  Lay-down Coaster

In-game description:  Riders are held in a special harness in a lying down 
position, traveling through twisted track and inversions either on their backs 
or facing the ground.

Price:  $4,000 and up

My comments:  N/A

Name:  Mini Suspended Flying Coaster

In-game description:

Price:  $3,550 and up

My comments:  N/A

Name:  Roller-Soaker

In-game description:  Guests riding this coaster are able to drop a tank of 
water onto peeps on the ground below.

Price:  $4,500 and up

My comments:  This one could definitely have potential in a park, especially, 
if the designs are better than the one at Hershey’s.  Plus, supposedly, when in
the Coaster cam, you get control of the water, and can soak guests yourself.

Name:  Sea Serpent Shuttle

In-game description:  

Price:  $4,150 and up

My comments:  A reverse incline coaster, with an Atlantis theme.  It does have 
some interesting elements, and looks cool with the head and tail pieces.

Name:  Sky Rider Coaster 

In-game description: A specially constructed mini-suspended coster with a 
vertical lift section, and rotating car.

Price:  $2,400 and up

My comments:  Very compact, as you don't need to find space for a lift hill,
but still limited in what it can do.

Name:  Turbo Bikes

In-game description:

Price:  $3,550

My comments:  N/A

Name:  White Water Rapids

In-game description:

Price:  $2,400 and up

My comments:  What River Rapids should be.  Sloping turns, wide tracks, 
obstacles, and awesome waterfalls.  If they could do this, why bother with the 
other one?

***Junior Rides*** Junior Rides*** Junior Rides*** Junior Rides*** 

It should be Junior Ride, as they only added one.  To make it even worse, what 
they added isn’t a new ride, nor is a new theme of an old ride.  Even so, here
it is…

Name:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

In-game Description:  A whirling and rotating ride themed as Reese's Peanut
Butter Cups.

Area: 4x4

Price:  $360

Excitement:  1.73
Intensity:  1.57
Nausea: 2.52

My Comments:  Just Teacups with a new look.  Still generic themed, so no 
advantage for either of them.  Guess it comes down to which one you like 
better.  Actually, Teacups have nearly twice the Excitement, so use it instead.

***Thrill Rides*** Thrill Rides*** Thrill Rides*** Thrill Rides***

Probably the second largest set of new features in the expansion.  Yeah, there
may be more new coaster types (I haven’t counted, but I doubt it matters), but 
you won’t use all of them.  These, you’ll use a lot.  They tend to be very 
efficient sources of income, and valuable additions to your park.  
In-game descriptions will be coming.

Name:  Aileron

In-game description:  An exciting whirly ride with guests riding in suspended

Area:  6x6

Price:  $530

Excitement:  2.87
Intensity:  2.39
Nausea:  2.56

My Comments:  In real life, riders can adjust the wings to change altitude.  
Haven’t tried to see if peeps do that yet.  Actually, the movements are 
automatic in the game.

Name:  Discus

In-game description:  Guests are swung around on a giant rotating disc.

Area:  13x7

Price:  $1,262

Excitement:  4.21
Intensity:  4.90
Nausea:  6.30

My Comments:  Basically just a revolution with seats on the outside of the 
ring.  I need to check excitement to see if the larger size gives any benefits.
Actually, it does have a higher excitement and lower nausea, so it may be
worth it.

Name:  Disko

In-game description:  A spinning disc with seats that goes along a railed 

Area:  3x7

Price:  $550

Excitement:  3.61
Intensity:  5.06
Nausea:  5.10

My Comments:  I get sick just looking at this.  You sit in a bowl, which spins 
while going up and down a half pipe.  Ugh.

Name:  Double Skywheel

In-game description:  A twin version of the huge rotating SkyWheel ride.

Area:  5x7

Price:  $1,200

Excitement:  1.66
Intensity:  5.12
Nausea:  5.20

My Comments:  I think the single Skywheel had a better excitement, so you 
probably want to use that.  Actually, it has a slightly higher excitement, but
still low, so not real useful.

Name:  Giant Slide

In-game Description:  Peeps slide down a smooth plastic surface.

Price:  500 and up

My Comments:  Build your own big sliding board.  It is custom, but just how 
high you want to go.

Name:  Gyrator

In-game description:  A rotating and tumbling vomit-inducing ride.

Area:  7x7

Price:  $623

Excitement:  3.71
Intensity:  3.96
Nausea:  3.56

My Comments:  From what I’ve seen, just a Twister that has the cars flip 
upside down too.  According to the games description, you should probably have 
a janitor waiting outside the exit.

Name:  Kaos

In-game description:  Seats on the outside of a spinning and pivoting disc

Area:  5x4

Price:  $820

Excitement:  3.65
Intensity:  5.03
Nausea:  6.20

My Comments:  Enterprise, only the seats spin now.  Hopefully, it doesn’t have 
the problem some real ones do where the restraints open randomly for no good 

Name:  Octopus

In-game description:  Three pairs of seats rotate at the end of octopus arms.

Area:  5x5

Price:   $514

Excitement:  2.21
Intensity: 1.92
Nausea:  2.08

My Comments:  Basically, a Twister with five arms instead of three.  However, 
it is themed, so it is better in your new water parks.

Name:  Parachute Drop

In-game description:  Guests ascend and descend a tall tower in a parachute-
style gondola.

Area:  7x7

Price:   $590

Excitement:  3.41
Intensity:  2.58
Nausea:  3.02

My Comments: Another basic thrill ride, but cars function individually, 
so you won't waste seats on a half load.

Name:  Pounding Surf

In-game description:  Guests are swung every which way on a rolling suspended

Area:  9x7

Price:  $420

Excitement:  3.51
Intensity:  3.11
Nausea:  3.36

My Comments:  Themed Top Spin with water jets.  Great addition to the park.

Name:  Power Boat

In-game description:  A special themed simulator showing a power boat movie.

Area:  4x4

Price:  $460

Excitement:  3.41
Intensity:  4.36
Nausea:  3.56

My Comments:  Themed motion simulator, and it splashes, adding extra water 

Name:  Rip Tide

In-game description:  A whirling and rotating ride

Area:  4x4

Price:  $440

Excitement:  3.21
Intensity:  4.36
Nausea:  5.56

My Comments:  Disk spins backwards, while tilting toward the sides.  Nice, 
simple addition to any park.

Name:  Sky Swing

In-game description:  A huge swinging ride giving the sensation of flying.

Area:  11x34 

Price:  $1,400

Excitement:  4.57
Intensity:  5.12
Nausea:  6.40

My Comments:  The giant bungee thing that most parks charge about 15 dollars 
for.  It is huge for just a thrill ride, so it may not be worth using, even 
though it is popular.  Not to be confused with the Sky Sling, that was in the 
original release

Name:  Spin Doctor

In-game description:  Eight pairs of seats attached to either end of a long
rotating arm.

Area:  13x4

Price:  $596

Excitement:  4.81
Intensity:  4.39
Nausea:  5.78

My Comments.  Two cars on either end of a very long pole.  Ride if you dare.

***Water Rides*** Water Rides*** Water Rides*** Water Rides*** Water Rides***

Strangely enough, there’s only one new water ride in the expansion.  However, 
that’s because the game only considers boat rentals to be water rides, and 
other rides, even if they use water, are classified differently.

Name:  Windsurfer

My Comments:  A new boat to rent.  Basically, a surfboard with a sail.  
If you use water rides, it’s pretty cool.

*** Gentle Rides*** Gentle Rides*** Gentle Rides*** Gentle Rides***

Three new rides here, and all can be customized.  One, you build yourself, 
the other two you can change the shows.  

Name:  Aquarium

Price: $1,000 and up

Parts:  In addition to pathways, you get five tanks – A Manta tank, 
a Shark tank, a Round tank, a Double tank, and a Surface tank.

My comments:  A fun ride to play around with.  The tanks have tunnels through 
them, and the Coaster Cam is fun here too.  However, it is large for a gentle 
ride, although it has a nausea of 0.

Name:  Dolphin Show

Area:  5x7

Price: $940

My Comments:  First off, it needs to be built in water.  Very deep water.  If 
you find a lake deep enough, you start with two tricks in your show.  By going 
into the mixmaster, you can add other tricks, as well as choreographing them 
with Fireworks, lasers, waterspouts, and music.  Some tricks must be researched
before they can be used.

Name:  Killer Whale Show

Area:  5x7

Price: $980

My comments:  About the same as the Dolphin show.  However, you have a 
different selection of tricks, and the whale is cooler in my opinion.

*** Transport Rides*** Transport Rides*** Transport Rides*** Transport Rides***

Name:  Hop-on Hop-off Trams

In-game description:  An easy to catch tram.

My Comments:  N/A

Name:  Water-based Transport

In-game Description:

My Comments:  Basically a Ferry system.  You build the stations, and the game 
figures out the best path for the boats to get to the next one.  You do not 
have a track, so you can build through the path, just so long as there is a
way for the ferrys to go.  At least two different types of cars - a motor boat
and a turtle.

*** Other Rides*** Other Rides*** Other Rides*** Other Rides*** Other Rides***

Name:  Hershey’s Kissing Tower

My Comments:  A redone observation tower.  Just like the Peanut Butter Cups, 
your preference as to which one you prefer.  However, in this case, the Kissing
Tower is far more expensive.

*** Stalls*** Stalls*** Stalls*** Stalls*** Stalls*** Stalls*** Stalls*** 
A few new stalls, mainly meant to go with your water-parks.  One new food 
stand, to go with the Hershey’s material in the expansion.  All item prices 
are default, and can be changed just like other item stalls.  All new stalls 
are $250.  Most sell based on the type of peep, having different prices for 
Children, Teens, and Adults.

Name:  Hershey’s Stall

Inventory:  	Small Bag of Hershey Kisses @ $0.40
		Regular Bag of Hershey Kisses @ $0.60
		Large Bag of Hershey Kisses @ $0.80
		X-Large Bag of Hershey Kisses @ $0.90

My Comments:  Generic stall, so your choice.  Toppings are Crushed Nuts and 

Name:  Inflatable Stall

Inventory:  	Child Inflatable @ $1.85
		Teen Inflatable @ $2.15
		Adult Inflatable @ $2.25

My Comments:  A must for a water park, as it will definitely help increase pool
business.  You can pick what colors are available for purchase, but each peep 
will chose their own.  Male and Female have different Inflatables, but they 
cost the same for each age.

Name:  Sun Cream Stall

Inventory:	4 SPF Suntan Lotion @ $0.90
		15 SPF Suntan Lotion @ $1.10
		50 SPF Suntan Lotion @ $1.30

My Comments:  Almost a must have in any park, as guest now have a sunburn 
meter, which probably does affect their happiness.  

Name:  Sun Glass Stall

Inventory:  Sunglasses @ $0.80, $0.90, and $1.00 based on age.

My Comments:  Probably the least important of the water stalls, but if you
have it, you should probably build one anyway.

Name:  Swimsuit Stall

Inventory: 	Swimsuits @ $2.50, $4.00, and $5.00, based on age
		Quality Swimsuits @ $2.80, $4.40, and $5.80, based on age

My Comments:  Don’t even think about building a pool without one of these.  
Your guests don’t bring their own, so no stall, no swimming.  As a side note, 
this is why stalls should not be shaped like what they sell.

***Scenery***Scenery***Scenery***Scenery***Scenery*** Scenery*** Scenery***

First off, you have two new themes.  Atlantis is an antique, ruin-like theme, 
with several Greek-like items.  Paradise Island is a stereotypical set of beach
resort scenery.  I believe that White Water Rapids and Sea Serpent Shuttle are 
Atlantis themed, and Octopus, Pounding Surf, and Power Boat are Paradise 
Island, although I haven’t been able to confirm that yet.  There’re also a few 
new items, which I’ll go into detail on.  I’m not going to list what is in the 
new themes, as that would take two long.

Jumping Fountains are $0.50 per square.  They go on pathways, and bounce a 
stream of water from one fountain to another.  For 50 cents, they really boost 
guest opinion, so it is definitely worth putting some in.

Loudspeakers are $3.00 a piece.  They go on the edge of paths, just like 
benches and trash cans.  They allow you to play music from a location other 
than a ride station.  Supposedly, they can be synchronized, but I haven’t 
figured out how yet.

Passport Machines are $2.00 a piece.  They go on the edge of the path.  Guests 
receive a passport card at the gate (Whether you have the machines or not), and
when they collect enough stamps from visiting the machines, they win a free 
prize.  These are a good way to get guests to visit remote portions of your 

Water Cannons are $5.00 a piece.  They go on the edge of a path.  Guests can 
use these to spray other guests.  Guests enjoy using them, but hate getting 
hit.  The best way to use one would be to combine a group with a Roller-Soaker,
but keeping it away from other attractions.  These will kill your pool 
populations, ironically.  I had a pool go from 120 guest to 30 in minutes 
after adding a few cannons nearby.

*** Swimming Pools*** Swimming Pools*** Swimming Pools*** Swimming Pools***

What everyone wants to know about, which is why it is at the end.  After all, 
you wouldn’t have read anything else if this was at the front, would you?  
But now, onto building your very own pool complexes.

The first step is to build a pool.  You have four choices of edge – smooth 
edges, diagonals, tight curves, and smooth curves.  Choose whichever you 
like, and lay out a pool.  You can build a pool in any shape you choose, with 
islands and other options.  After building your pool, lay out some deck on the 
outside, so you can add equipment into your complex.  

Items for your deck:

Lifeguard Chair - $100.  No obvious benefits, but it probably give guests 
security and increases your business.

Pool Lamp - $5.00 Just a lamp, only it can be built in your pool complex, 
unlike regular path lamps.

Pool Shower - $3.00 No obvious benefits, but they do get used, so spend a few 
bucks and put some in.

Sun Loungers - $15.00 Put in a pair of beach chairs for guests to lay in the 

Sun Loungers w/ Umbrella - $20.00 Allows guests to get into the shade while 
in your pool

High Dive - $51.00 and up You can build a multiple level high dive on your 
deck for your guests enjoyment.

Spa Pool - $75.00 Your guests get a hot tub to relax in.

Items for your pool:

Diving boards - $25.00 Allow your guests to jump right in.

Ladders - $4.00 Allow guests to get out easier.

Underwater light - $7.00 Just a light for your pool

Wave Machine - $50.00 Make any pool a wave pool by adding a few along a wall.  
The size, frequency, and duration of the waves are set at your changing rooms.

Now, you should have a nice pool and deck.  Now, you need to let guests in.  
You do this via changing rooms.  There are four varieties that you can choose 
from.  Guests enter through here, and pay here.  Base your entry price on how 
much you have in your complex.  You can have as many changing rooms as you 
want, but they increase maintenance cost.  Your Mechanics will have to fill 
them with a cleaning fluid periodically, and each filling costs money.  You 
have three choices of fluid, a weak, medium, and strong type.  Your 
combination of cleaning fluid, filling frequency, and the number of changing 
rooms cleaning your pool determines how clean your pools are.  They can range 
from clean to disgusting, with clean being the only acceptable level for any 
objectives.  Note that it is very difficult for pools to get dirty, so it isn’t
that big a deal.

You can connect multiple decks with paths, as well.  For close by levels, you 
can place ramps or spiral staircases on your deck to reach higher levels.  
Staircases are also very useful for getting guests up to your waterslides.

***Rides and Slides*** Rides and Slides*** Rides and Slides*** 

No water park is limited to just a pool.  To be good, you must have slides and 
other water rides available to your guests.  You have several types of rides 
available to add to your pool complex.  Since you cannot charge for any rides 
in your complex, add the charge to your changing rooms.  An entry fee of ten 
to twenty dollars is very reasonable for a decent complex.  All slides must 
end in a pool, end fairly close to the water level of the pool, and have 
sufficient space for a safe landing.  If your ride isn’t safe, it WILL BE 


Special track segments can propel the rafts uphill.  A useful ride if you d
on’t want to have guests climb up to start your water slides.  
Estimated at $1,700 and up.

Body Slide

A simple slide meant to be used without mats.  One of the cheapest slides, 
it can still be good if used properly.  Unfortunately, there are no lift hills,
so you have to go downhill.  Estimated at $1,500 and up.

H2O Slide Bowl

This is a mat slide, but you can end in either large funnels, or in bowls that
drop the rider into the pool below.  A fun ride to play with.  
Estimated at $2,250 and up.

Inflatable Ship

This ride is easy to use, because it is premade.  Just drop it on the edge of 
the pool, and open it up.  Costs $225, and gives guests easy enjoyment.

Lazy River

Just gives guests a gentle current to float around in.  It doesn’t provide 
inner tubes for some reason, so guests will either tread water or use 
inflatables.  Estimated at $1,700 and up.

Ring/Raft Slide

A fancy water slide that uses rings or rafts to seat groups of guests.  Does 
not have lift hills, so it's entirely gravity based.  
Estimated at $4,200 and up.

***Other Changes*** Other Changes*** Other Changes ***Other Changes***

This is just a bit of a list of other stuff that was added or changed, but not 
important enough to get their own section.  Here’s some more new stuff:

Waterfalls:  In the terrain tools, there is a new feature that allows you to 
create waterfalls in your park.  You need to have a body of water with a 
straight edge, and a second straight edged body immediately above.  Once you 
have your water, select the waterfall tool, and then both bodies of water.  
Voila, Waterfall.  You can remove it by deleting it like any other object, or 
by editing one of the bodies of water.

In research, you can research the pool rides and slides, as well as new 
elements for your dolphin and whale shows.

In addition to fireworks, you can now do lasers and waterspouts in your shows.
You can make custom lasers to write or draw on walls.  You can also change the 
angle for lasers and fireworks.  A good example is in the first scenario, 
where fireworks are used to create a naval battle between pirates.

During Scenarios, you may be approached with a challenge.  They are typically 
given when working on Amateur and Tycoon requirements.  If you complete them 
in the time limit, you receive a reward, usually either cash, an increase in 
publicity, or both.  You can postpone a challenge one time.

Tunnels are back.  However, they still require a vertical face to make.  
You can also do underwater footpaths.  Underwater tunnels are very easy to 
use.  Just select the underwater tunnel path type, go into the bridge controls,
and head underwater.  Piece of cake.

Your attraction list now has a separate area listing pool complexes

Your entertainers now have the ability to wear a Shark Costume

You now have a statistic summary on your guest list, which shows the average 
happiness, energy, hunger, etc, for your guests, as well as telling you what 
types of groups are in your park, and how many different groups.

You also have a new VIP, Bob Waterman, who is apparently fond of water parks,
and will judge your pools in some scenarios.  After seeing him, I think he's 
supposed to be some famous swimmer.

Well, that’s all the differences I can think of.  Hope that’s helpful for you 
who are wondering if the expansion is worth it.  

***Copyright and Contact Info***

Copyright 2005, Tom Krausse

If you wish to post this guide on your site, please email me.  I’m usually 
pretty nice, so if you ask, I’ll probably allow it.  However, if you take it 
without asking, you will be asked to remove it, and permission will not be 
granted to use it in the future.  As of now, only GameFAQs and neoseeker
are allowed to post this guide.

Contact me if you have comments about the guide.  The only thing I really need 
to know is if I missed any major changes, or accidentally added something that 
wasn’t new.  If you want to contribute some of the descriptions, feel free, 
but please make it worth my time – aka, don’t just say “Here’s the description 
for Stormrunner.  Please credit me”.  If your contributing several, say, 5 or 
more, I’ll credit you, but anything less will be ignored.  Please do not email 
me without anything to contribute.  Any flame emails or illegible typing will 
be marked as spam with my email provider.

Also, try and keep your any questions related to the FAQs.  Anything else, and
I may not be able to give you a correct answer.

Email – 
tkrausse (at) Comcast (dot) net

Me, for making this
Atari and Frontier for making the game.

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