How to complete the challenge no 14 in total overdose?

  1. A Bad Day

    User Info: Ankithota

    Ankithota - 7 years ago


  1. Run to the right side of the gate and press f to take a forklift.Drive straight then turn left.Avoid the truck by passing it from left side(from its back) then continue straight.You will see a parked truck and a green arrow,.Theres also another truck coming from left.Just avoid it like you did the first one.Drive forklift behind the truck and approach the stack of crates on the right side.Go towards the second pile from the fence.The one with four crates.Keep clicking a page down button to lower your forklifts fork(It does not like to stay down,so that is why you should click it)and move straight as possible towards that box pile(It cannot lift two piles).Then click page up will see if it rises a little.Then back to left a bit then towards the fence and lower it next to it..Then approach the pile left side of previous one which has two boxes.Do the same moving it on right side of fence.Then take the row of four(the right side and move that too to the fence.Then take the left one(four boxes pile)and backup to the right,toward the fence and lower this one on the opposite side.This will create a gap large enough to drive the car through.Now after lowering that head for the last box that is on your way(remember click that page down when you approach and like all of these keep as straight line that possible),now just lift the last box and drive the forklift on the right side of the car.Press f to leave the forklift(you dont have to put the last box down) and take the car with f button.Now drive it out of there from the gap you made(It fits if you did it correctly,just move a bit left while exiting if needed)pass parked truck from right side.You will pass the second parked truck the same time.Go straight and you will see a truck turning from a corner.Just easy with the gas so you dont hit it.Go where it came from to the beginning of level..And park it onto spot below the yellow arrow.Youll get easily over 3000 points.Which is more than enough.Enjoy:)

    User Info: koivula

    koivula - 7 years ago 0   0

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