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Reviewed: 09/20/06

A unique gaming experience

Darwinia is the second game from Introversion Software, and an incredible game to boot. The deceptively simply gameplay lies in front of a world of strategy and in incredibly powerful story.


Darwinia has a story that really draws you in. It tells the sad and happy tale of the Darwinians,a race of computer-generated sentient beings, along with their creator, Dr. Sepulveda. You'll feel desperation, joy, sadness (I almost cried during the outro!), and even hatred.


Sadly, once you've completed the storyline, there's isn't too much of a point in replaying it. Luckily, Introversion lets you replay any level from scratch at the end of the game. Also, Darwinia is fully modable. Check the Introversion site for moding sites.


Don't be fooled by the deceptively simple gameplay. The strategy behind the point-and-click combat is deep and intense. You may not be able to lose, but you can often be forced into a position where you can't win either.

Your style can range from turning your squad into elite warriors with the upgrading system, or you can create swarms of recruited Darwinians to do your fighting for you. Either is acceptable, either is valid, either can work.


The moding aspects of Darwinia, though hard to learn, are very expansive. You can create new levels, redesign old ones, make entire campaigns, complete with guide voices and custom units.

However, as I mentioned, the mod system is very dificult to learn. It's not a one night kind of thing, developing a full level takes time and effort. Be prepared to throw some effort in, but once you're done, you'll be happy with the rewards.

---Sound & Graphics---

The graphics are not nearly state or the art, but they create the absolute correct interface for the game. You can also alter old graphics or create new ones for mod purposes.

The sound is similar to the graphics. Not the “best”, but perfect for the feel of Darwinia. You can hear the Darwinians and Virii screaming as they die, as grenades explode and air strikes slam into the ground.

---Overall Recommendation---

If you like out of the ordinary games, but Darwinia. Actually, buy Darwinia if you like any kind of strategy game. It provides a unique and unforgettable gaming experience, and you'll never be able to set it down. Be prepared to sit down for at least a few hours, as you'll probably forget the time while playing.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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