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Shadowlands - a completely new and unique role playing experience.
The story is based upon ancient legend. A warrior prince, slaughtered on the battlefield of the Shadowlands, awakens to find that his spirit lives on and that he can control the minds and actions of his subjects. Seeking retribution, he chooses four loyal adventurers and guides them back into the Shadowlands on a journey of discovery and vengeance.
- The revolutionary new Photoscape lighting system casts atmospheric light and shadow over the game world.
- Fight to the death using an array of weapons and spells against hordes of grotesque and intelligent adversaries.
- A multitude of devious traps and perplexing puzzles tax your skill, intelligence and dexterity.
- User definable characters are controlled independently or in groups.
The friendly and intuitive mouse-driven control system gives access to the largest, strangest and most fascinating game world. It's an enormous challenge - but one you can win!
Whether you're an expert or new to the genre, Shadowlands is the RPG experience you've been waiting for.

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