Why does my game does not recognize my old saved data?

  1. Suddenly my game stopped reading / loading my saved data, because for example every time I want to play a skirmish or even multiplayer it asks me to create a new civilization, but I had some civilizations saved (For example a lvl 50 Spanish civilization) and they are still on my Savegame folder, but the game does not recognizes them anymore, im quite worried because I don't want to lose my civilizations, specially that one, i tried reinstalling the game because I had a problem in which my registry keys went corrupted, but I don't think that causes the issue, (or if it does I don't know which registry key) so please if somebody knows the answer please help me, thanks (sorry for explaining a lot)

    User Info: Hornet-Spy-64

    Hornet-Spy-64 - 4 years ago


  1. It may be because the save data may be of a version of an older update. You could fix this, using Tech Support.

    User Info: jdawg67yo

    jdawg67yo - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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