What are popups in the game?

  1. It is just like my town center continusly increasing settler and it is not under my controll...it is written as...1 free settler(1 pop up)

    User Info: KING_KHAN333

    KING_KHAN333 - 9 years ago


  1. That's Ottoman civizilation's specialty, read this civizilation's description before playing as it. You can't control the production of Settler for this civizilation, you can only control the production speed by building many or few Town Center, as a free settler requires much time to create than a regular Settler

    If you want to build settler manualy like Age of Empires II or what, play another civizilation, automatically build free settler is an unique abiltiy for Ottoman only

    User Info: funnymummy1119

    funnymummy1119 - 9 years ago 0   0

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