How do you install custom maps from sites such as GameSpot?

  1. I really want to download the numerous maps from GameSpot and other AOEIII sites, but I do not know how to install these maps into the game. They look very interesting and I want to know how to properly install them

    User Info: scottoj

    scottoj - 11 years ago

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  1. Drop them in the scenario folder.

    User Info: TheLastAvatar05

    TheLastAvatar05 - 11 years ago 1   0


  1. When you find one you like click the download button right below the description (make sure you know where it was downloaded so it doesn't get lost).

    Now find the folder you just downloaded, right click on it and left click "Extract All" (It might say unzip or unpack). Copy the files that were extracted. Now You need to find and open the folder named "Age of Empires 3". This can be done by right clicking the "Start" button on you desktop and selecting "Explore". You can then search for Age Of Empires 3. Once open there will be a file named "RM". Paste the map files you copied earlier into that folder. *NOTE* if you have an expansion pack such as the War Chiefs you will have to place the map files into the folder named "RM2".
    To play you new map choose either a single player skirmish or multiplayer (LAN) game. Now when you click on the "custom maps" box, your new map will appear! Enjoy!

    User Info: trakor10

    trakor10 - 10 years ago 0   0

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