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FAQ/Walkthrough by TheSocialBunny

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 01/29/06

The Sims 2 University Practical FAQ

Creator Information:
Author: TheSocialBunny (Zephos Amaranis)
E-Mail: zephos@xynthica.com
Personal Website: http://www.xynthica.com

FAQ Information:
Version: 1.02
Date of Creation: April 10, 2006
Date of Last Update: January 28, 2006

Update Comment:

Wow, it sure has been a while since I updated this old wall of text! 
Honestly, when I went on to the Nightlife FAQ, I abandoned the though of ever 
updating this FAQ again, kinda' assuming that Nightlife was the current The 
Sims 2 frontier and eyes would be on there instead of here. Well, now due to 
the most excellent response - proving me quite wrong, I decided to pick it up 
and run with it for one more revision! 

Since this FAQ was written before The Sims 2: Nightlife was released, there 
is a great deal of information that did not get taken into account with the 
contributions that Nightlife would make, specifically the Pleasure Seeker 
aspiration, the new inventory system and the new Influence commands. For 
detailed information regarding these, please consult my Nightlife FAQ which 
covers the details in conjunction with The Sims 2: University retroactively. 
As a side note, this update is made simultaneously with my Nightlife FAQ, as 
I want to wipe my slate of old research and ideas clean before The Sims 2: 
Open for Business is released.

The FAQ has been upgraded all around, but specifically, the Graduation 
section has been expanded into Graduation & Honors and now covers what 
different degrees of honors a sim can graduate with along with the job 
boosting bonuses that come with them and a few unconfirmed bits were cleared 
up in such matters as Lifetime wants. In regards to the popular Action Guide, 
please consult the Nightlife version if you have both expansion packs, as it 
has been significantly upgraded. Hopefully in the near future, I will be able 
to unite my FAQs so that they compliment each other better instead of repeat 
themselves so much. That or I just might make the Action Guide it's own FAQ, 
one of the two. Till then, thank you for your patience. ^_^ 


The Sims 2: University is the newest and first expansion pack added to The 
Sims 2, and offers a whole new perspective upon simulated life that 
reinforces the original game significantly, but enough of the one sentence 
review and onto the nitty gritty. This bad girl of a game draws up many 
different styles of game play, from the practical hardcore gamers, to the 
social experimentalists, to the fun filled cheaters, to the fine folks with a 
mean streak a mile wide and the tendency to "accidentally" kill off their 
sims, there really is no "right" way to play this game.  That being said this 
is a FAQ dedicated to playing the game in a way that you're sims will 
probably not hate you for should they ever manifest themselves in reality 
with the opportunity to wring your neck, albeit I frequently do tend to refer 
to the reverse.

There are three goals of this FAQ, as although I originally wrote it to be a 
small guide on the new expansion; it has accumulated into quite the perpetual 
ball of text on its own. The first goal is covering The Sims 2 University in 
detail with effective strategies that yield maximum payoff for minimal work 
(Like cheating, but less fun). The second is revealing obscure facets of the 
game to widen your enjoyment, like how to have a sim do the sexy walk or how 
the pool skill system really works. Finally, I'll tell you how to get a Level 
99 Popularity Aspiration sim with enough output to live off of Enigmatic 
Energizers and defeat the last boss, the social bunny, in one hit. Well, 
unfortunately I still got some old school console RPG gamer in me, but 
seriously, making an ultimate sim with the most useful set of commands, 
optimized personality, the highest aspiration output, maximized skills, the 
most profitable job, not a single bad memory, lifetime platinum aspiration 
and enough children and grand children to make her own city happens to be my 
favorite way of playing this game and I will often step off to the side to 
describe just how to do that... in not so many words.

This is The Sims 2: University Practical FAQ and focuses on strategy to play 
through university well, but is not designed to cover the entire scope of The 
Sims 2 like an encyclopedia to which many other FAQs hold the credit for. As 
such, I will leave what is not written is this document to rest on the highly 
capable shoulders of former and future FAQ writers with the humblest of 


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Knowing What You've Gotten Yourself Into
[1] What University Can Do For Your Sims
   [1.01] Why Send Your Sims to University?
   [1.02] What Is New In The Sims 2 University?
[2] Reviewing the Play Mechanics for University
   [2.01] Motives
   [2.02] Personality
   [2.03] Aspiration
   [2.04] Skills
[2.05] Interests
   [3] Off To University We Go
   [3.01] Before Going To University
   [3.02] Scholarships
   [3.03] Moving to University
   [3.04] Housing	
[3.05] About Young Adults

Chapter 2: The Four Big University Goals
[4] Graduate Summa Cum Laude:
   [4.01] Majors
   [4.02] Class Performance
   [4.03] Graduation & Honors
[5] The Big Sim on Campus
   [5.01] Meeting New Sims
   [5.02] Invite Them Over
   [5.03] Three Hit Combo Routine
   [5.04] Becoming Best Friends and Beyond 
[6] The Ultimate Greek House Legacy
   [6.01] Planning A Legend
   [6.02] Reaching For A Level 6 Greek House
   [6.03] The Greek House Ladder
   [6.04] Getting Your Greek House Started
   [6.05] Greek House Features
   [6.06] Continuing the Legacy
[7] The Secret Society
   [7.01] How to Get Into the Secret Society
   [7.02] Arriving At the Secret Society
   [7.03] The Secret Society and You
   [7.04] Different Types of Base Secret Society Buildings
   [7.05] Expanding the Secret Society
   [7.06] Must Have Items for the Secret Society
   [7.07] Ways to Make Money In the Secret Society
   [7.08] Secret Society Secrets
   [7.09] After Graduation

Chapter 3:  Making Money at University And Beyond
[8] Making Money at University
   [8.01] Academic Grants
   [8.02] Odd Jobs and Other Sources of Income
[9] The Top of The New Careers:
   [9.01] Show Business
   [9.02] Natural Scientist
   [9.03] Paranormal
   [9.04] Artist
   [9.05] Chance Cards
[10] Career Rewards
   [10.01] Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic
   [10.02] Laganaphyllis Simnovorii
   [10.03] Resurrect-O-Nomitron
   [10.04] Luminous Pro Antique Camera

Chapter 4: New Game Play Mechanics
[11] Under the Influence
   [11.01] Influence Level
   [11.02] Influence Points
   [11.03] Being A Good Influence:
   [11.04] Being A Bad Influence:
[12] Lifetime Wants
[13] Household Merging:

Chapter 5: Miscellaneous
[14] NPCs
   [14.01] The House Crashers:
   [14.02] New Service Sims
   [14.03] Supernatural NPCs
   [14.05] Relying on Townies
[15] Time Frames
[16] How to Have a Roof Raiser of a Party
   [16.01] Party Types
   [16.02] Party Score
   [16.03] Rules of A Great Party:
[17] Compulsive Clothing Compiling

Chapter 6: The Quest for The Ultimate Sim
[18] Studying Your Sim
   [18.01] The Sims 2 Endurance Trial
   [18.02]Skill Building:
   [18.03] Male Versus Female Sims:
   [18.04] Aspiration and Personality Optimization
   [18.05] The Fat and the Fit
[19] Special Skills, Commands and Actions	
   [19.01] Hidden Skills:
   [19.02] Age Based Interactions
   [19.03] Special Manual Commands:
   [19.04] Special Effects
   [19.05] Automatic Commands
   [19.06] Portable Devices
[20]Fear, Anger, Hatred and Suffering:
   [20.01] Motive Desperation Actions
   [20.02] Aspiration Desperation:
   [20.03] When Disaster Strikes
   [20.04] Reactions to Sim Death
[21]The Darker Side of the Sims
   [21.01] Evil Aspiration
   [21.02] Sim Fatality
Chapter 7: Wrapping Up
[21] Trivia:
[22] Closure
[23] Copyright
[24] Legal Stuff
[25] Special Thanks:


Chapter 1: Knowing What You've Gotten Yourself Into

[1] What University Can Do For Your Sims

[1.01] Why Send Your Sims to University?

Teen's are given the opportunity anytime during their growth stage to go and 
attend university, but much like in real life, going to university is quite 
optional and you can have them go straight to adulthood at the end of their 
growth stage, should you desire. Sure, higher education doesn't necessarily 
mean better jobs in real life as much as having a social network of friends 
wide enough to cover the Grand Canyon, but in The Sims 2, going to university 
and graduating clearly has advantages, and huge ones at that:

1. Four new careers are unlocked to graduates! These super careers take 
higher skills and more friends, but offer a lot more money, less work days, 
and better hours! Along with these new careers are four new fun career 
rewards. Here are the details:
-Show Business: 
Career Reward: Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic (Level 6: Supporting Player)

-Natural Scientist:
Career Reward: Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (Level 6: Rogue Botanist)

Career Reward: Resurrect-O-Nomitron (Level 5: Medium)

Career Reward: Luminous Pro Antique Camera (Level 5: Wedding Photographer)

2. Sims get natural aspiration bonuses at the end of each year in University:

-Freshmen: +1 Want Slot

-Sophomore: Aspiration Change

-Junior: +1 Lock Slot

-Senior: +1 Want Slot

At the end of graduation, you sim will be able to ultimately have 6 wants and 
the ability to use two locks, which becomes invaluable.

In the scenario that you hate your sims, unlucky sims who have been forcibly 
expelled from college get an additional fear slot for you to exploit in the 
name of jolly good fun, and as a reminder, your sim will get a tiny red x 
across their young adult icon. You can avoid getting the extra fear slot by 
dropping out voluntarily using the phone to call college, and instead of the 
red x, your sim's young adult icon will have a white cross out on it.

Other advantages to going to university include extending your sim's life 
naturally by almost thirty days without academic probation, the time to make 
new friends, and increase base skills so you can start off higher on the 
career ladder after you exit university. Sims who have traveled the full way 
to graduation also retain several young adult exclusive social interactions 
like the school cheer and those who graduate with honors get a good automatic 
career boost that allows them to leap positions. 

As proof of graduation, you also get a nifty looking diploma made out of faux 
sheep skin and the satisfaction of knowing that although you may have saved 
one sheep, that larger than normal sized cow plant of doom you're inevitably 
rooting for is going to eat dozens of people thanks to your new found 
All in all, not counting the penalty of academic probation, a sim will take 
27 days to go through university with three days for eight semesters and 
three days of post graduation.


[1.02] What Is New In the Sims 2 University?

The Sims 2 University is anything but a light add on to an already superior 
game and having more than a dozen commonly used social actions and multiple 
new objects, some like the pool table that you will be sure to enjoy, doesn't 
hurt either. You can also now throw sports parties and toga parties, and of 
course, there's the entire gigantic young adult phase and university that is 
the focus of the game bit. The Sims 2 University also adds three vital new 
game play mechanics, influence, lifetime wants and the ability to merge 

If you were ever ticked off about computer controlled sims always being 
overly expendable filler pawns, then influence wouldn't change a thing there, 
but if you wanted one of them to try and fix a garbage compactor unit far 
beyond their skill limit and light up like a Christmas Tree or have two best 
friends get into a slap fight then write your term paper, then you're going 
to love influence.

Lifetime wants are also a smart add on to the game, and allow a sim who 
completes a difficult task in line with their aspiration to achieve platinum 
mood for the rest of their life, no more worries about the Noodle Soother 
killing your sim or the Enigmatic Energizer roasting them extra crispy.

House merging is an appreciated new feature that allows players to combine 
two or more households together and avoid the hassle of having your sims move 
in or marry their way in manually. These three new underlying features effect 
the entire style and direction of game play you will take, and tacked on with 
several other new features revealed later in this document, and you can see 
why I'm quite enthusiastic about writing this FAQ.

[2] Reviewing the Play Mechanics for University

Still at the core of The Sims 2 University are of course the sims themselves. 
Knowing how sims operate is vital to putting them through university. No two 
sims are exactly the same, even if you tried to create a sim exactly the same 
as another one without cheating, they're original set of interests and life 
time wants will most likely be different.  Although based on the core game, 
this following basic segment covers the standard rules of The Sims 2 and how 
you can use them to your advantage in university. There is also a special 
section that further scrutinizes this information later on in "The Quest for 
the Ultimate Sim" section.


[2.01] Motives:

Motives, sometimes called needs, are the things that prevent your sim from 
kicking the can before their time or going insane, so be sure they have them 
fulfilled so they can worry about bigger things. The main strategy involved 
in The Sims 2, much like the original, is the ability to multitask and know 
when and how to do things and what to expect as a reaction. Fortunately, this 
is a very user friendly game, and you usually have to be trying to get your 
sims to die prematurely by motive deprivation.

Hunger: The most important motive, most likely because your sim will die if 
you ignore it for too long. Well before that though, your sim will start 
screaming, nagging, and start refusing to do anything beneficial until it is 
met, sometimes even interrupting his/her own cooking, resulting in a fiery 
finale. Hunger is one of the biggest pulls on a sim's mood, and as such, 
should always a priority above other motives.

This bar should be at least above half unless you are in a desperate fight 
with time. The best way to fill Hunger is to have a sim with level 10 cook 
whip up something, anything. Even a Cup o' Ramen can refill almost half of a 
hunger bar if cooked by a master, but unfortunately, if your sim is fresh off 
the bus, he stands a higher chance of incinerating himself in the kitchen 
than anything else, so fortunately, that's where the university cafeterias 
come in handy. At university, cafeteria workers cook breakfast, lunch and 
dinner, but be sure to go for the fresh food they bring out, or else your sim 
might accidentally come down with food poisoning. 


Fun: An extremely important factor, especially in university, where almost 
anything academic sucks fun away like a proverbial sponge. Fortunately, there 
are many useful ways to increase fun that also double for skill building, 
such as playing chess, performing music and painting. 

The best ways to raise fun, depending on if your sim is lazy/active or 
serious/playful is to either watch The Yummy Channel on the most expensive 
wide screen television or playing pool. Both ways also can increase social if 
done in good company and increase skills, albeit the Pool ability is a hidden 
skill. They both also can ignore a sim's refusal in a bad mood, since both 
are unconventional skill building methods, as opposed to playing chess, which 
a sim will not do if their mood is in the red. Sims who also have an 
exceptionally neat or active personality can also derive fun from cleaning or 
exercising where other sims would rather get a root canal. When a sim is 
almost empty on fun, they become very difficult to handle, complaining every 
single chance they get and will also not be able to do most of the essential 
skill building activities due to a bad mood.

Comfort: You typically don't need to worry about comfort unless your sim is 
sick, in which case it drains like a broken shower. Just having one good 
chair or couch around for their favorite activity and giving them a good 
night's sleep on time usually does the trick. The worst case scenario of 
comfort deprivation isn't too horrible either. They just do the usual 
complaining, but it's not too hard to handle. 

Social: Sims are social animals, and if they don't talk to anyone, they go a 
little bit crazy and summon their imaginary furry friend the social bunny! 
Fortunately, Social is easy to maintain in the Sims 2, and can be easily 
remedied by interacting with a good friend. As a matter of fact, having low 
social can actually be useful, as sims will usually talk on the phone all the 
way until their social meters are full, as opposed to the usual two or three 
topic exchanges that occur should you call on a full meter. A very low social 
meter can be a great opportunity to make a new friend out of a complete 
stranger when using the phone. 

Bladder: When a sim has gotta' go, a sim has got to go and there is only one 
solution. Well, actually, not really. Desperate male sims apparently can take 
a whiz on shrubs and bushes and there is always the Enigmatic Energizer, but 
for the most part, the good old toilet is your best friend. Bladder goes down 
fast, but fills up faster when a sim decides to relieve themselves. Ignoring 
low bladder causes your sim to wet themselves, resulting in zero hygiene and 
some cleaning up to do.

Hygiene: You know you've ignored this too long when your sim starts venting 
noxious green gas as they run around the house like a superhero in the spring 
time. The best way to remedy low hygiene is a good hot shower. Although 
taking a bath or a bubble bath raises comfort as well, it's slower than a 
shower and usually remedied when you sim sits or sleeps. 

The new community showers at dorms are unfortunately, quite sub par, but when 
you barely have enough money to pay the bills, you don't really have a 
choice. Hygiene should be especially monitored when your sim exercises. For 
the most part, Yoga is the only exercise that doesn't melt away at hygiene. 
No really horrible effects come from low hygiene except fellow sims are 
repelled away and may be difficult to deal with when the number one thing on 
their mind is how to get away from the stench.

Energy: Although it has almost no effect on mood, it's going to almost always 
be the bar that your eye will be most focused on, because it is also the 
motive with the longest recovery time and which a sim's time frame operates 
around. Even with the best of beds, Energy takes a few hours to recover 
unless you're keen about the idea of pumping your sim full of caffeine.

Sims who run completely out of energy faint, which is never a good thing, so 
make sure your sims have enough energy going for them whenever they go to 
class or a community lot. If you have a sim with enough aspiration, relying 
completely on the Enigmatic Energizer is a very good idea at university, 
actually, relying on the Enigmatic Energizer for everyday of their life is an 
even better one, but in order to get a sim that well developed already, you 
must have already played them quite a bit before they became young adults.

Environment: A surprisingly unpredictable motive that is based on the area 
that the sim is in at any given time, not just the room as a whole. Although 
difficult, it is possible to get perfect environment, all you need are 
expensive wall coverings and tiles, lots of light and for the room not to be 
a hive of scum and villainy filled with puddles, dirty dishes or other signs 
of filth. Usually, the most forgotten factor is light, sometimes, you have to 
double up lights or make sure that they are on during the day time if your 
house is lacking windows. Environment is rated on several different factors 
that have maximums and are generalized, so stuffing your room full of 
expensive art can only do so much to counter the smell of rotten meat and bad 
interior design. 

Outside, environment is a whole different ball game, but typically, the best 
ways to boost it are trees. Trees don't require maintenance while an 
overgrown shrub or rotten patch of flowers can damage environment more than 
help it. Environment is probably the least important factor in the game, but 
it is the only one that once you have established well, you can count on to 
be consistent, so getting the favorite room in your house perfect can be a 
lot of fun and help to make your sims happy and content while in it. In 
university, you'll be decorating your dorm room and building a legacy worthy 
Greek House, so keeping environment in mind is always the right idea. 


[2.02] Personality:

Sims with different personalities have different AI tendencies, learn certain 
skills faster or slower, but most importantly, they gain or lose new 
abilities. The following is a run down of the differences between the 
negative personalities and the positive ones. All custom sims start off the 
bat with 25 personality points allocated to chosen areas but it is very 
possible to make a sim with perfect negative or positive personality through 
parental encouragement, albeit, it takes quite the while and you must have 
made the parents with full personality in two areas each and made the child 
perfect in remaining one to cover all five categories. I've been able to do 
this three times, but in my opinion, the "Perfect" personality sim isn't one 
who has full blue on everything. Of important note is that the description of 
the skills and personalities in the game might leave you to believe that some 
of the negative personalities help build skills. This is only true in one 

Negative Personality: (What Makes Sims Interesting To Watch)

Sloppy: Nothing particularly good comes from being sloppy, at its extreme, it 
causes havoc with unflushed toilets, flooded showers and increased hygiene 
deterioration to a very high degree. A perfectly neat sim can still be in the 
healthy green while a completely sloppy sim will be in the red in the same 
amount of time. It allows sims the ability to lick dishes clean, take sponge 
baths in the sink out of desperation automatically, and have the ability to 
salvage the trash for sub-minimal profit, but ultimately these abilities are 
virtually useless for a productive sims, granted, they make for excellent 
home videos. Sloppy sims are also hazardous to the dinner table, belching, 
farting, eating, and even cooking like pigs.

On one hand, if you are a practical gamer, there is very little point in 
having a sloppy sim, but its loads of fun if you are playing solely for the 
sake of having fun. Sloppy sims, as you can guess, are absolutely horrible at 
gaining Neat skill points. On the positive side though, sloppy sims are more 
tolerant to other's messes or rude behavior and can actually improve 
relationships with sims who try the "Gross Out" action on them. 

Shy: One of the better negative personalities to have. Being shy decreases 
the speed at which the social motive deteriorates. In return, they become a 
little less open to other sims' social interactions, making them less 
prominent when controlled by the computer, but also makes them quite a bit 
safer. Naturally, they are slow to learn charisma, not being very open to the 
world and all. Shy sims make great Knowledge Aspiration sims though, and can 
switch later to a Fortune or Popularity type after the sophomore year at 
university and live a good life as a stay at home painter or writer. A 
completely shy sim will have a social need that decreases about half as fast 
as a perfectly outgoing sim. Shy sims seem to also be more enthusiastic about 
more subtle expressions of love, such as the all purpose peck.

Lazy: Lazy is the absolute worst personality trait to have, not only does it 
disable a sim's ability to run long distances more so unless they're energy 
bar is almost full, but it also drains energy at an annoying rate that really 
gets on your nerves when you are at community lots. If that wasn't bad 
enough, Lazy sims also need more comfort than active sims and have a bar that 
decreases much faster to meet that aspect. Lazy sims also have the natural AI 
tendency to want to lounge and sit around while an active sim is up and 
about. In return for their disadvantages, they also consume less food as 
their hunger meters decrease slower. Unfortunately, this fact also makes them 
more prone to weight gain unless carefully monitored. If there was a negative 
personality trait to avoid, this would be it and body being one of the 
hardest skills to gain due to heavy hygiene drain doesn't help either. Oh, on 
the bright side though, if you were playing a game of "Who Can Stand Still 
the Longest and Not Die", a Lazy sim will beat an active one hands down 
because they consume less food and must be awake in order to die ironically 

Serious: This is the best negative personality trait to have and is actually 
beneficial towards gaining logic skill points faster, making it the only 
negative personality trait to make gaining skill points faster instead of 
slower. Unfortunately, it constricts a few interactive abilities, but in 
return the fun meter decreases slower, as well as the ability to gain 
Creativity Skill points. Another bonus offered by serious to moderately 
playful sims is the ability to meditate. 

Meditation locks all of the motives of the selected sim and they can gain the 
ability to teleport if they have meditated long enough to train the skill. 
The ability to meditate disappears at eight points of playfulness. If you 
were to pick one factor of personality to have a big burning hole in, this 
should be it. An extremely serious sim will have a decrease in fun roughly 
half of that of a perfectly playful sim. 

Grouchy: Nothing particularly good comes from being grouchy. For one thing, 
grouchy sims love to cheat, tease and pull pranks on their own, which makes 
them difficult to get along with naturally. Make two grouchy sims play chess 
with each other, and watch them continuously try to cheat each other and get 
caught, it's actually quite funny. They're tendency to go sour during 
conversations might also ruin their potential, but it's not life crippling. 
However, grouchy sims can make Crank Calls, which do have uses as revealed in 
a later sections. Finally, they seem to gain an additional social boost by 
pulling pranks and negative social interactions like irritating or fighting 
more so than nice ones. Grouchy sims also get a little more satisfaction out 
of some of the more dirty romantic social interactions, like goosing their 
love interests.


Positive Personality: (What Makes Sims That Don't Suck)

Neat:  There are only two bad things about having a neat personality. First 
of all is the tendency to want to make the bed every morning, it sometimes 
interrupts the best of plans as they do a full orbit around your house back 
to the bed and can't seem to be canceled. The second problem is that they 
occasionally gain a fear of using public washrooms. This aside, neat sims 
always put their dishes away, flush the toilet and take joy in the pleasure 
of cleaning. Yes, they actually gain fun out of cleaning crud off of the 
toilet. To top that off, they learn how to clean faster.

Although the maid can also clean for you, she or he only comes once a day, 
and nobody's going to clean up after you between then, so having a sim with 
neat habits still is a great asset. There isn't much to be gained from being 
an extreme neat freak, but six points of neat saves a lot of headaches in the 
long run. Oh, but if you happen to want your sims to cleanse with a 
cleanliness super power closer to godliness, give them 9 to 10 points of Neat 
and they'll add sparkling bubbles to their cleaning routine when purifying 
toilets, showers, and other dirty objects. 

It should be noted that neat sims eat very elegantly. Watch how a neat sim 
eats a bag of chips compared to a sloppy one; it's actually kind of cute. 
You'd think that neat sims would be intolerant of sloppy sims like the 
proverbial evil OCD mother from hell, but it seems that having a nice 
personality or good relationship balances it out and appalled reactions are 
only apparent. It should be also noted that neat is the hardest personality 
for parents to encourage, as it has the longest animation and actually sends 
the encouraged sim out like a boomerang to go groom themselves or clean other 
messes before returning to the encourager.

Outgoing: Outgoing sims are the firecrackers on the farm, they are more 
inclined to accept and perform more open social interactions. At maximum 
outgoing, it is very common for a sim to simply walk into your house, whether 
you greeted them or not. This can be really annoying if you happen to hate 
that sim, but since so few computer generated sims naturally have maximum 
outgoing, it's more of a blessing than a curse, albeit in university, various 
NPC mascots, cheerleaders and coaches do this as well as a part of their 

Super Outgoing sims can also enter hot tubs nude and gain charisma with ease. 
Unfortunately, they also are a little bit overzealous when controlled by free 
will, especially if they are Romance Aspiration sims, as their strong actions 
can often cause social disasters since the computer doesn't always choose the 
best course of action on it's own in relation to a sim's friendship with 
another, resulting in occasional double negatives if they are around complete 
strangers or enemies. In general, outgoing sims get more pleasure out of 
performing more dramatic social interactions like making out and often let 
loose a cheer before doing so.

Active: By far the best personality trait to have. Having six points of 
active allows a sim to run on command, this is the single most useful 
personality driven ability in the game. You have no idea how useful the 
ability to run on command is until you live in a house that takes an hour to 
walk through from entrance to bedroom, or when you are running for dear life 
to class or from one point to another on a community lot.

All sims can autorun under circumstances, but that's only if they are either 
late, performing a crisis related action, or run long distances and have high 
energy like in the original The Sims. Active sims also gain body skills 
faster, and can stay awake longer, since their energy bars deplete slower. In 
return for these great bonuses, they eat more as their hunger bars deplete 
faster. This is a big problem early on where you sims can't cook anything but 
a big steamy ball of flame in their face, but when your sim is capable of 
cooking Lobster Thermador, you'll find that just a humble serving of salmon 
or porkchops is enough to satisfy them unless they happen to be on the verge 
of starvation. Active sims also have fun when exercising, particularly when 
swimming, doing yoga or working the treadmill, this becomes very useful even 
when you max out all of their skills, because even if you are careful, you're 
sim still can occasionally put on weight that needs to be burned.

Playful: Probably the least beneficial of all of the positive personality 
traits. Playful sims gain entertaining mannerisms and interactions, some 
automatic such as the ability to play with a fridge's doors, others manual 
like the ability to play pirate in the bath tub and juggle on command. 
Unfortunately, extremely playful sims lose the ability to meditate and also 
have a leech in the fun department. They also have a tendency to frequently 
want to play their handheld game systems. When coupled with active 
personality, they seem to also gain a lot of fears and wants oriented to 
winning and losing games, particularly for Knowledge or Fortune aspiring 
sims. Playful sims gain creativity faster, however, since creativity is the 
easiest to gain skill because almost all creative activities have a 
productive side effect, it's not as useful as it might seem. Playful sims 
will however, suffer in the case of trying to build logic skill points.

Nice: It's difficult to notice exactly what makes nice advantageous, since 
they don't gain any obvious abilities from their efforts. As such, being nice 
is one of the more subtle personality traits, but it does make conversations 
flow better and minimize negative interactions and maximize positive ones. In 
particular, nice sims are more perceptive to being hugged often getting two 
pluses while more grouchy sims only get one. They are also more enthusiastic 
about hugging and cheering up others and gain additional social boosts from 
doing so, often cheering before they do it, as opposed to grumbling like 
grouchy sims do. 

You can settle a nice sim down to a fun game of chess and know that they 
aren't going to piss anyone off by cheating unless you tell them to. Although 
the game hints that being nice helps boost charisma skill point learning, I 
have tested this and it would seem that being nice doesn't have a noticeable 
effect. Being nice really doesn't have any negative sides to it, and for the 
most part, The Sims 2 was created with a focus on being nice to other people, 
otherwise jobs would be based on people you beat up instead of friends. If 
you are a bit indecisive to where your personality points should go, feel 
free to dump them here. Of important note though is that being nice is the 
easiest and fastest positive personality trait for older family members to 
encourage, as it basically just consists of a hug as opposed to a long 
winding interaction.


[2.03] Aspiration:

Depending on your sim's aspiration, their play style will be different in 
university; this is an in-depth look into the mechanics and strategies 
involved, to make the most of each type. It should be taken into account that 
aspiration type can be changed at the end of sophomore year. Doing so will 
also change their lifetime want.

Fortune Aspiration
Before becoming an adult, the Fortune Aspiration is the most difficult 
aspiration to fulfill, since your sims will be making miniscule amounts of 
money as a teen and through university, even when raking in 1200 simoleans 
per A+ university grant. Fortune sims completely rely on job performance, and 
since they can't hold a real job in university, it's fairly common for their 
aspiration to stagnate. 

For the most part, sims with the Fortune Aspiration suffer the most in 
university, and their desire to buy expensive items well beyond their living 
expenses tends to clutter their want slots. Other than this, Fortune sims 
borrow most of their other wants from sims with Knowledge Aspiration with 
academic wants to finish assignments, term papers, go to class, finish the 
year and reach dean's list, as well as the occasional desire to take on 
various odd jobs that it seems all of the aspirations have on occasion. 

The best strategy for Fortune sims in university is to focus on academic 
excellence, but I personally would not recommend having any sim with a 
Fortune Aspiration until they are giving the choice to switch at the end of 
Sophomore year. After university though, Fortune sims have it made. Not only 
do they get huge bonuses from job promotions and relatively easy lifetime 
wants, but they also can buy expensive art, particularly paintings to give 
their meters a huge boost, only to sell it the next day with little or no 
penalty since art has a very low depreciation value, and on some cases, 
actually an appreciation value. You can repeat this cycle over and over again 
every day to earn between 4,000 to 13,000 aspiration points a day, since you 
can cover multiple wants to buy art of varying values in a single blow. There 
is a chance that your sim wouldn't have these wants, but I have yet to 
encounter a rich fortune sim who hasn't.

Oh, regarding the young adult stage, there is one exception to the aspiration 
shortage, and that's if your sim has full creativity and the sell a 
masterpiece or write a novel want, in which case, those two wants alone can 
save the day. Being rich enough to buy everything they want is also a good 
thing, but seeing how money is really tight in university, it is better saved 
for after graduation where the homes are a little more permanent.

Knowledge Aspiration:

Knowledge aspiring sims ironically aren't all that much of a force to contend 
with in university, since although their wants might be in line with getting 
good grades, their train of skill building desire does not follow the regular 
path that their adult and teen versions go through. Normally, Knowledge 
Aspiration sims want to build skills all the time, and once you make them 
build one skill, they become obsessed with it until it is perfected or they 
pick up another skill they want to build. This is normally the main form of 
aspiration income for knowledge seeking sims. However, as Young Adults, this 
drive goes away mostly unless the class performance bar is full and their 
skill in any given area is past four or five points. Instead, their wants 
tend to reflect on the requirements necessary to maximize their class 
performance bar. 

Unfortunately, there are more efficient ways to increase class performance 
than the ways a knowledge aspiring sim might want to, such as influencing 
someone else to write a term paper, licking professor boot, or hacking 
grades. Knowledge based sims also occasionally get food oriented wants and 
the desire to stargaze with a telescope, but those barely fill the bar. As an 
additional note though, Knowledge Aspiration is great to have as a teen, and 
switch at the end of the Sophomore year as a Young Adult, as you get all of 
the bonuses of boosting and maximizing skills and can switch to something 
more perpetual in university. 

It should also be noted that knowledge sims outside of university who have 
maximized all of their skills start obtaining wants similar to family 
aspiring sims, along with their usual paranormal seeking ones. Knowledge sims 
have the special ability to remember some events that other sims remember 
badly in a good light, such as raising a zombie, being raised as a zombie, 
being abducted by aliens or seeing a ghost, unfortunately, if you are trying 
to play the game responsibility, it is difficult to purposely kill off or 
torment a sim for these purposes alone, let alone any given time to satisfy 
the want. However, knowledge aspiring sims would seem to have a largely 
untapped potential should you put them in a chaotic supernatural environment 
full of ghosts, aliens, zombies and the grim reaper making regular house 

Family Aspiration:

You'd think that sims with a family aspiration wouldn't do well in 
university, seeing as how they just left their family, however Family Sims 
want to start new families, and what better place than university? Okay, 
that's a bad question, but seriously, sims with family aspiration are the 
best want chainers and combo makers in the game, once you get them on a roll 
of tickling, appreciating and telling jokes, it's hard to stop them and you 
can completely charge their aspiration and influence meters from small jabs 
like this in rapid succession. 

Family sims are great to pair up with any other sim in a household, family or 
not, and although they wouldn't have most of their big scorers around in 
university, since Young Adults can't "Try for Baby" or adopt, they're ability 
to chain social interaction wants from tickling to woohoo makes them easy to 
manage. On the down side, the Family Aspiration by far has the most difficult 
arsenal of lifetime wants to achieve, often at least spanning a generation 
and involving multiple offspring of that sim, as opposed to the simple top of 
the career aspirations that can be achieved in practically two weeks by other 
aspiration types. The family aspiration is one of the very best aspirations 
to have though if you managed to fulfill your lifetime want earlier in life 
under a different type of aspiration. As an additional note, a sim with a 
Family Aspiration and a sim with a Popularity Aspiration make an incredible 

Romance Aspiration:

Romance aspiration is overall the most disastrous aspiration to pursue. It's 
not difficult, since for the most part, Romance is just the lover's version 
of the Popularity Aspiration, but it's the one that you have to always keep 
an eye out for or else chaos will strike. That being said it's also the most 
fun to play if you happen to be playing the game as a single sim as opposed 
to a whole community of sims you might actually not want to ruin the lives 

As a teenager, Romance Aspiration is basically suicidal, since you can't use 
the woohoo interaction or any of its variations, which is a major perpetual 
source of aspiration income for romance sims, and it's a bit difficult as an 
adult, since little things like commitment and a job tend to get in the way. 
In actuality, the Young Adult stage is the perfect time for Romance sims to 
level with their libido, especially with the campus directory at their finger 
tips which gives them the ability to meet anyone who is in the same 
university that might catch your eye. Young adults can also get woohoo wants, 
almost always right after a make out want or during a party, so as far as 
their love life is concerned, they are now complete, since Romance aspiring 
sims actually fear trivial things like commitment. 

When the player operates a romance sim, you can use your head and avoid being 
caught cheating, however, at parties or social gatherings where you cannot 
predict the actions of guests, all it takes is a single dippy little sim and 
loving intentions to ruin your perfect network of love and ruin negative 
daily relationships all over the board for you. Even a sim with a one way 
crush can get a bit loopy and open Pandora's box left, right and upside-down. 

Perhaps the worst combination is to have two romance sims married, it'd 
practically be a soup opera, but somehow, teaming one up with a Family 
Aspiration sim seems just too cruel and close to real life. Romance sims also 
have the ability to incite "Attraction" actions into other sims, which is a 
quick temporary sign of romantic interest. It starts off flattering at first, 
but eventually it gets tiring and actually starts causing stalls in actions. 
Oh yes, for romance sims, never forget the power of the peck. As far as I'm 
aware, it's the only intimate action that can trigger both love and a crush 
relationships without ticking every other love interest in the area off. 
Romance sims also get another nifty bonus at full platinum, and that is the 
sexy walk covered in the Special Skills and Abilities section.

Popularity Aspiration:

The ultimate aspiration, I kid you not. The Popularity Aspiration is the best 
aspiration in the game in terms of raking up aspiration and influence points 
and staying platinum without a lifetime want achieved and works equally well 
for all life stages. However, a great deal of it depends on how you play and 
configure your sim's personality. 

My main sim is an almost "perfect" personality sim (I only gave her 7 in 
playfulness so she could still meditate and teleport) with a Popularity 
Aspiration, and she's hit the 327,670 or so aspiration limit more times than 
I can count. She's hit the aspiration limit so many times in university alone 
that she bought enough Enigmatic Energizers to last her and her partner 
through their entire time in university; she never even touched a bed, or 
wrote a term paper for that matter. That's not all though, there's more, she 
bought so many Enigmatic Energizers in an attempt to keep from hitting the 
aspiration cap that she was able to supply three other sim successors for 
their times at university after she graduated and the supply is still not out 
yet, and that's not to mention the other items she purchased. Additionally, 
her fears are practically impossible to achieve, as they all involve making 
enemies out of her best friends which would take at least several days a piece 
of intentional conflict. Admittedly, I made very well sure that she was 
prepared for university and employed a special strategy, but a fully prepared 
Popularity sim is a scary thing in the hands of an attentive player. As you 
can see, I have a bit of a bias for the popularity aspiration, but it is not 
one without at least good evidence to support.

The popularity aspiration is potentially the strongest aspiration type, but 
it takes quite a bit of warm up time to get into full bloom and to gain the 
knowledge and experience of how to work them to the hilt. A sim of this type 
focuses on five different areas to gain the majority of their points.
The first is simply making friends and making best friends. This is simple 
enough, since most of the other aspirations have the same want.

The second source is throwing parties, and making them Good Time or Roof 
Raisers to meet the Great Party want. Popularity sims naturally have to do 
this to maintain their friend base at around 30 friends and you can also 
combo both Toga/Sports party with the regular Throw Party want for extra 
The third arsenal for Popularity sims are small jab social interactions, 
similar to that of the Family Aspiration's that can be chained and lead up to 
the big guns of making out and woohoo.

The fourth method for gaining aspiration and influence, and my favorite, is 
the ability to get large chunks of aspiration and influence by selling 
masterpieces. Since masterpieces, which are paintings worth more than 500 
simoleans can be sold at any time; your sim basically has access to platinum 
aspiration on command if they have a spare completed painting lying around. 
This is also much more useful if you happen to have your popularity sim live 
with another sim with full creativity of any other aspiration, as "Sell 
Masterpiece" doesn't actually mean "Paint a Masterpiece", yup folks you can 
sell other people's paintings and get the points for it! Paintings also 
increase in value the more you paint them, so it's a skill that can grow. 
Unfortunately, it seems that not every popularity sim gets this want, and 
those who do can loose it if it's not carefully locked down after a period of 
Finally, the fifth method was introduced with the installation of The Sims 2 
University and are the lifetime wants which are usually career based for 
popularity sims. This gives them a good reason to follow a broad category of 
careers, opposed to just the athletics and political ones, as when your sim 
has some mad skills, high jumping the career ladder when switching becomes 
easy. You can score some serious points by taking advantage of this.

Another benefit of the popularity aspiration is that it's the best "off site" 
aspiration to have, just in case I haven't emphasized enough other points. 
This is to say that if you are playing multiple households and left your 
popularity sim in a tough spot with a low aspiration bar and a severe need of 
points, you can have another sim aid them on their own side by becoming 
friends with the popularity sim. Shortly after meeting any new sim and 
getting a daily relationship of above 10, a popularity sim starts to want to 
make him or her become their friend which leads to best friends and viable 
social interactions which you can often do on another sim's side to boost the 
wants of the original sim. Other aspiration types can do this, but the 
popularity aspiration is the one that is the easiest to work this way, 
although romance is a close second. This technique is a bit tricky, but you 
can rely on it in a pinch You can even switch between the sims in two 
households and have them invite each other over and interact on each side 
accordingly to the others wants, it becomes rather metaphysical really, but 
make sure you exercise your ability to lock wants, or else you might find old 
favorites slip away, like the want to sell as masterpiece.

The popularity aspiration has it's downside though, friends eat up valuable 
time and there is a certain point where the numbers just wouldn't add up 
unless you get playable friends of that one sim to maintain their 
relationship on their own side or throw parties everyday, although that might 
very well be when your sim has 100 friends. At that point though, your sim 
has probably chugged enough Elixir of Life to have had your sim live for more 
than a dozen generations and might be time to call it quits, and as it 
stands, I'm not even sure if there are that many people in the default 

[2.04] Skills:

Skills are what prevent your sims from lighting up like a Christmas tree when 
repairing things, increase their class performance bar in university and help 
get jobs later in life. A sim with maxed out skills is far more capable than 
a sim with no skills, and building them will be a huge focus in the game.



The ability to cook, cook well, and survive. Thanks to the cafeterias at the 
dormitories and community lots, cooking ability isn't as vital as it 
potentially could have been at university. On the other hand, if your sim 
happens to be living in a house or a Greek House, at least having one good 
cook in the household is essential. Cooking skill points allow a sim to 
prepare increasingly more fulfilling dishes, as well as increase the effect 
of anything they cook in general. Cooking points can be gained from reading 
books or watching television normally while at university, since there are no 
cooking oriented career rewards at the secret societies. Cooking is a skill 
unaffected by personality.


Mechanical skill is the ability to work machinery and repair equipment 
without unpleasant consequences. Mechanical skill increases the chance rate 
of repairing objects without incident. Regarding electronic related 
equipment, especially the garbage compactor and dishwasher, I personally 
recommend from experience to just hiring a repairman, since even at maximum 
skill, there is still a possibility to be electrocuted and break your 
favorite grandfather clock. Mechanical is difficult to build at university, 
as books and repairing objects are pretty much the only source available to 
you. Like cooking, Mechanical skill has no personality advantage or 


Being charismatic gives a sim the ability to successfully communicate and 
establish trust through speech and body language. Charisma doesn't have many 
actual applications outside of meeting requirements for majors and jobs in 
this game. Apparently it affects the ability for sims to tell a good joke or 
free style. Charisma is one of the harder skills to increase; since the only 
normal way to do so is use a mirror which doesn't do anything good for any of 
the motives, however, Secret Society 2 has the Execuputter mini golf course 
that increases fun. Outgoing sims are great at becoming charismatic.


The physical strength, agility and coordination one has with their physical 
manifestation for a lack of a metaphysical description. Body is an important 
skill to have and is fairly easy to increase in university with working out, 
swimming, yoga and exercise machines. Although body skill alone doesn't have 
many practical applications outside of beating the crap out of someone in a 
fight, it does effect various animations from Kicky Bag, to diving, to yoga, 
to their performance on exercise machines and working out. There aren't any 
secret society career rewards to boost it at university, but the new 
treadmill in university works great. Active sims will sky rocket at mastering 
this skill, and will get more fun out of doing as well.


The ability to reason, analyze and present realistic solutions. Logic is one 
of the most useful skills in university, and many of the majors emphasize it. 
It is also the skill necessary when hacking grades using the computers. Logic 
is easy to increase, because many of things that increase it are fun to do, 
like chess, using the telescope, doing the crossword, and you can also raise 
it by using the biotech station at secret society 3. Lazy sims who bide their 
time well are more suited to master logic.


The ability to visualize, conceptualize and innovate what has yet to exist. 
I'd say the most useful skill at university, as it affects everything from 
how much you can sell a painting for to how much money you get for tips when 
performing music on instruments. Fortunately, creativity is very easy to 
increase, as most everything that can increase it is fun, save for writing a 
novel. Painting, writing, playing music and using the Senso-Twitch Lie 
Detector at Secret Societies 1 and 2 can all help you out in increasing it, 
as well as the Aquagreen Hydroponic Garden in Secret Society 3. Playful sims 
love to express their inner child and complete lack of a solid grasp on 
reality, and as such, master creativity faster.


The ability to clean means knowing a mess when you see one, and how to fix it 
without going insane. Cleaning is a relatively useful skill, but isn't 
particularly important in university. If your sim happens to live in a dorm, 
they can get some good practice by cleaning the kitchen and washrooms while 
being constructive at the same time, seeing as how your fellow roommates are 
exponentially more inconsiderate and will live in their own filth if you 
don't fix it. You will also be quite the penny pincher in university and 
unable to higher a maid, in which case manual labor is the only option. 
Cleaning skill can be increased by mopping up puddles, cleaning up dirty 
stoves, counters, toilets, sinks and showers, among other objects, and can 
also be increased by studying from books. Secret Societies 2 and 3 also have 
access to the Prints Charming Fingerprinting Scanner which is a fun way to 
boost up cleaning skill. Neat sims got the concept of cleaning in the bag.


[2.05] Interests:

Interests are what your sims like to talk about as indicated by the thought 
bubbles that hover over their heads. By carefully monitoring what your sims 
talk about the most or looking at their interest levels, you can have other 
sims increase relationship with them easier through chatting by clicking on 
the talking sims and choosing the sub-action "Change Topic". It is also quite 
possible that interests effect a sim's chance of getting particular wants, 
although it seems to be a very subtle or unnoticeable effect and hard to 

These are the interests:


There are actually two ways to change interest, but either way, as you gain 
points of interest in one subject, you lose about an equal amount of points 
in another.

Read Magazines: 
Magazines can be purchased off the shelf on community lots. There are six 
different types of magazines, each one capable of increasing three categories 
of interest. It would seem that although you can select the category of 
increase, the decreased category is random. 

Share Interests: Sims on good terms can share interests (Located under the 
talk command) with each other, although this seems to be quite a bit more 
unpredictable as the topic chosen is random. A sim also can only increase 
another sim's interest level as far as to equal their own. This also has a 
decreasing effect, but it seems quite a bit harder to predict. Sharing 
interests is also quite a bit slower than reading magazines, but you can 
exceed the 90+ point limit much easier whereas a sim has a tendency to cancel 
out of reading magazines past that point.

As I later would write in my Nightlife FAQ to counter my original theory, it 
is impossible without cheating to have a sim with perfect scores in every 
interest category. At the 101 - 110 point range, an increase in one interest 
results in a rebounding decrease in another. Fortunately though, any sim in 
the game can up their original interest range to the 100 without fear of 
penalty, so it's worth it for a sim to at least juice up to the 90 limit with 
magazines, then reach the 101-110 limit by having interests shared with them. 
[3.00] Off To University We Go
 [3.01] Before University:

There are many advantages to start your sim off as a teen or earlier, as 
opposed to just jumping the gun at a Young Adult, specifically the extra time 
to gain skills, friends and scholarships can save a great deal of time in 
university, where the previously perpetual Elixir of Life has no effect. Also 
of note should be that Young Adults freshly created have already had their 
first kiss and a mystery sim memory, so if you are looking forward to the 
story of an innocent girl and her first kiss, its pass that time. The 
convenience of creating a young adult instead of a teen however is that you 
don't have to create their parental units in order for them to exist, so you 
can make them much easier without having to fill in extra space.


[3.02] Scholarships:

Scholarships are the only material thing a sim can bring with them to 
university. Yup, even that favorite teddy bear has to stay at home. Every sim 
starts off with a puny 500 simoleans, that's not even enough to buy the 
smallest lot, let alone a house. That is where the dorms come in, but 
seriously, why would you want to live in one of those hellholes when you can 
live in your own residence?
Since homes are rented in university instead of bought, money initially goes 
a much longer way. The prices for rentals at university are only a fourth of 
the ordinary purchasing price that you would have to pay with their 
neighborhood counterparts, so 20,000 simoleans can buy you quite a luxurious 
one story mansion on a 5x5 lot and great furnishings. Unfortunately, once you 
move in, prices become normal again, so scholarships are an exponential lever 
to setting your sims off to a bright future.


The following is a list of the scholarships.

Hogan Award for Athletics: 8 or higher body skill, 750 awarded
Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship: 8 or higher charisma skill, 750 
Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics: 8 or higher cleaning skill, 750 awarded
London Culinary Arts Scholarship: 8 or higher cooking skill, 750 awarded
Will Wright Genius Grant: 8 or higher logic skill, 750 awarded
Bui Engineering Award: 8 or higher mechanical skill, 750 awarded
Quigley Visual Arts Grant: 8 or higher creative skill, 750 awarded
SimCity Scholar's Grant: A- or better in high school, 1,000 awarded
Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant: Abducted by aliens, 1,500 awarded
Young Entrepreneurs Award: Level 3 in Teen career, 750 awarded
Undead Educational Scholarship: Teen Zombie/Vampire, 1,500 awarded
Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize: High Pool skill, 1,000 awarded
Tsang Footwork Award: High Dancing skill, 1,000 awarded
Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund: Sim has no living parents, 1,500 awarded

Of these scholarships, I particularly recommend aiming for the Phelps-
Wilsonoff Billards Prize, as hustling people in university is a good way to 
make money, and a surprisingly better way to make friends. The Undead 
Educational Scholarship and the Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund pay the most, 
but unfortunately, they both involve killing off your sims which is generally 
not a good thing to do unless you are trying to write a good sim story.

[3.03] Moving To University:

A teenager has the option of going to college at any given time during their 
life stage. There are two ways to send your sims to university, through the 
phone/computer, or the "Move Sims To University" button on the neighborhood 
menu. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.
The phone and computer is best used to send a single teenage sim to 
university to pursue their great adventure of learning or lack there of. If 
you decide to send them this way, you get to see them leave after a casual 
goodbye to their family and get a "Move Out" memory. 

The "Move Sims to University" button on the neighborhood or college town 
screen, on the other hand, offers more control, the chance to pick multiple 
sims and the name of their household. This allows multiple sims to pool their 
funds together, which is incredibly useful should you have two or more sims 
with tons of scholarships under their belt that simply must have a large 
house to live in on the biggest sized lot. You only get to see the opening 
growing up cinema for one of them, but who wants to have a big grass field in 
the background of the cinema when you can have a modestly well put together 

A neighborhood can have multiple universities for its sims to attend. This is 
particularly handy if you want to experiment with all three different secret 
society based buildings as you can normally only pick one per a college town. 
For the most part though, you will only need one, as it makes it easier for 
multiple young adults sims in your neighborhood to cluster together in a 
single community instead of be divided into several universities, allowing 
them to better develop and establish Greek Houses and the Secret Society to 
which future sims might be visiting and who could benefit greatly from.


[3.04] Housing

Okay, now that is covered, onto the three types of houses on campus!



The place where nightmares are born, dorms in the sims universe aren't too 
far from their real life counterpart. When the equipment is crap, when the 
showers and toilets are always taken, when someone snatches that tasty stack 
of pancakes in the cafeteria you had your eye on, you know that your sim is 
living in a dorm.

Dormitories are the collective residential units for the financially impaired 
student in The Sims 2 University; I'm not even going to get into what they 
are in real life, hahahaha. Within each dorm is a set number of rooms and 
equipment to use to build skills. Generally speaking, the furnishings are 
bottom of line and of especially mediocre nature to mention are the beds 
which seem to take forever to recharge a sim's energy when you've seen what 
the best beds can do. 

Within dorms, multiple sims live, but you only keep track of a few of them at 
a time, since the others are in their rooms or at class and are hidden from 
sight. This is the games way of saving processing time and for the most part, 
you can find out what a sim is doing from the bubbles emerging from their 
door. Good thing the game designers did this, because if your computer is the 
type that only allows two guests to be invited at a party, you might be 
facing more than a few frustrating issues. The dorms are almost always full 
of active people during the day who seem to always conveniently get in your 
way. So much that you often wonder what might happen if you... oh, set the 
stove on fire and incinerate everyone. 

Unfortunately, unlike the normal neighborhood, it seems that the supply of 
sims at university is indeed infinite, so as soon as you kill one, another 
pops up to take it's place. Man, what I wouldn't give to put a cow plant at a 
dorm without having to cheat, oh wait, you can if you have The Sims 2: 
Nightlife and stuff one down a sim's inventory before they go college - good 

Oh yeah, just incase you thought you could beat the system and furnish the 
dorm with the best wall paper and tile before you move in, think again as 
you'll be tagged in the mail with gigantic ready to explode bills before you 
can even complete your first year, once I was tagged with a 600 simolean one 
and decided to evacuate my three sims to their own house rather than making 
the repoman their new best friend. Typically, if your sims are doing well in 
university and getting A+ grants worth 1,200 simoleans, you should move them 
out as soon as you get at least 4,000 simoleans which should be enough to 
rent a small house on a small lot with good equipment to meet their needs. 
For those who aren't doing so well financially however, there are ways to 
make the most of your time at the dorms, or the least for that matter. For 
those who have The Sims 2: Nightlife, you can also purchase smaller lots for 
a more affordable price, so even a single sim with barely any money can rent 
a minute strip of land right off the bat.

If you don't mind a little traveling, there are fortunately many good 
alternatives to getting the heck out of the dorms as soon as possible without 
actually moving. In university, your sims can gain skills in community lots. 
I absolutely love this feature, as you can cram your community lots with all 
the best goodies and take advantage of them, short of a bed. Of special 
recommendation are instruments, exercise machines, wide screen televisions, 
chess boards with fancy chairs and of course your friend and my friend, the 
bookshelf. While you are at it, be sure to chuck in a pool table and a hot 
tub in for good measures and escape that rat infested cellar that you came 

A great strategy is to send your sim there when they are full of energy and 
take them home when they are almost empty. They can even still go to class 
and final exams while at a university lot, as well as write term papers and 
study. The only thing you can't do is get any sleep pretty much, although the 
good old brown bean brewing baristas do wonders in a pinch. You can even move 
your sim to a big field of grass with a bed and have them live there as long 
as you take advantage of the community lots. Community lots also drag out 
time, as although time for your sim's final exam passes, time back at home 
doesn't. You can greatly extend the amount of time in between bills by going 
to community lots. The second way is through the Secret Society which has 
similar purposes to community lots but with a twist, but more on that later.

Normal Houses: 

Just like houses in the neighborhood, there is nothing particularly unusual 
about them. After you build them, a sim can move into them at a rented price 
and continue to live as they would normally back at home. Why live in a 
normal house though when you can live in a Greek House? Well here's one big 
reason, anyone can move into a normal house. Once a house becomes a Greek 
House, it can only be moved into by members, and must be done so manually, 
not via the neighborhood screen. Normal houses are great if you want to 
recycle another sim's hard work so that following sims' futures might look a 
little brighter than they would have been drudging in dorm doldrums, as they 
can move in virtually free of charge right before the previous sim moves out 
and graduates, it's a great way to start a legacy. Still, for a little work, 
anyone can move into a Greek House, and wouldn't that legacy be worth so much 
more when written in huge untranslatable sim Greek letters?

Greek Houses: 

Greek Houses are very similar to regular houses and refer to a system that 
the houses operate on rather than whether they are actually Greek in design 
or not. They have some great perks, such as the ability to throw toga parties 
and have other sims pledge. It is a wonderful way to leave a legacy for any 
sims you will have go through the university and you can develop it over the 

There are six levels of Greek House, each one holding progressively more 
members. Aside from this, Greek Houses still have to pay the bills like 
everyone else and unlike regular houses, new sims have to either turn their 
own house into a Greek House with a charter or go through a trial in order to 
join, as you simply cannot drag and drop them to combine households like with 
normal houses. There is much more information on Greek Houses to come later 
on in this document in its own section under chapter 2: The Four Big Goals.

[3.05] About Young Adults:

Appearance wise, young adults look almost exactly like adults but have the 
voice set of teenagers. They can wear special university exclusive clothing 
and features but can also wear some clothing that adults would normally wear 
as well. Essentially, young adults can only be played within a university 
campus. If a sim outside of the neighborhood tries to ask one to move in with 
them, they will automatically grow up and either graduate or drop out 

Ability wise, Young Adults are very different from regular sims with a focus 
on college activities and the inability to adopt or try for a baby. They also 
can't get married while in college, but they can still get engaged. Also 
while in college, a young adult cannot hold a regular job where a car pool 
comes to pick them up, however, there are various odd jobs that students can 
take up in university.


Chapter 2: The Four Big University Goals:

Okay! Now that the ground work is covered, time to get into the specifics of 
milking The Sims 2 University cow plant dry. There are four ultimate goals to 
achieve in university, in order to do all four, you're going to have to 
micromanage your sims, but after you learn the process for getting one sim 
through the grill, it'll become quite easy and sims in university that you 
control can vastly help each other and those who follow in their footsteps. 
The focus of this FAQ is how to achieve these four goals:

1. Graduate Summa Cum Laude:
2. Become the Big Sim on Campus:
3. The Ultimate Greek House Legacy:
4. The Secret Society.


[4.00] Graduate Summa Cum Laude:

In case you were wondering, Summa Cum Laude basically means "With highest 
honors" in Latin and is bestowed onto sims with 4.0 GPA, followed by Magna 
Cum Laude and Cum Laude, based of course on their real life academic 
counterparts. Although the years of schooling and grading in real life might 
have traumatized you into fearing the dreaded virtual parallel of getting 
perfect 4.0, worry not! Getting 4.0 in The Sims 2: University is surprisingly 

The Young Adult life at university is divided into semesters, which in case 
you didn't know, are half of a year. At the end of each semester is a final 
exam, as long as your Class Performance Meter is at the top, you have 
obtained the necessary skills to boost it to maximum and your sim attends the 
final exam, you can guarantee a 4.0. The sim will do all the stressful test 
taking for you with no variation depending on their mood, unlike job 
promotion or school. On the flip side, if you pretty much do the opposite of 
the previously mentioned, you'll end up on academic probation. On one hand 
this gives you more time at university to repeat the semester, on the bad 
side, it's down right disgraceful and if you screw up a second time, you get 
the universal boot back to common society. First of all, it is important to 
discuss the majors.


[4.01] Majors: A Major Pain, But Not Really

All sims start off going to university with an undeclared major, basically, 
they're aimless in life. Unfortunately, sooner or later, they have to pick 
something or the game does it for them at the end of the sophomore year, and 
at the end of the junior year, a sim's major is set permanently. Until then, 
you can change your major whenever convenient to suit your strong skills and 
preferred class times. There are eleven majors:


Related Careers: Artist, Culinary, Slacker 
Total Skills Required: 
Creativity: 5 
Cooking: 4 
Charisma: 4 
Body: 1 
Cleaning: 1 
Logic: 1 

Related Careers: Law Enforcement, Medicine, Natural Scientist 
Total Skills Required: 
Logic: 5 
Body: 4
Cleaning: 4 
Mechanical: 4 
Creativity: 1 
Cooking: 1 
Charisma: 1 

Related Careers: Athletic, Politics, Show Business 
Total Skills Needed: 
Charisma: 5 
Body: 4 
Logic: 4 
Creativity: 4 
Cleaning: 1 
Mechanical: 1 
Cooking: 1 

Related Careers: Business, Politics, Show Business 
Total Skills Required 
Charisma: 5 
Creativity: 4 
Logic: 4 
Mechanical: 4 
Body: 1 
Cooking: 1 
Cleaning: 1 

Related Careers: Artist, Military, Politics 
Total Skills Required: 
Logic: 5 
Creativity: 4 
Mechanical: 4 
Charisma: 4 
Cooking: 1 
Body: 1 
Cleaning: 1 

Related Careers: Criminal, Natural Science, Science 
Total Skills Required 
Logic: 5 
Creativity: 4 
Mechanical: 4 
Cleaning: 4 
Body: 1
Charisma: 1 
Cooking: 1 

Related Careers: Culinary, Slacker, Paranormal 
Logic: 5 
Cooking: 4 
Charisma: 4 
Creativity: 4 
Body: 1 
Cleaning: 1 
Mechanical: 1 

Related Careers: Medicine, Science, Paranormal 
Total Skills Required: 
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 4 
Logic: 4 
Cleaning: 4
Body: 1 
Cooking: 1 
Charisma: 1

Political Science 
Related Careers: Politics, Military, Show Business 
Total Required Skills: 
Charisma: 5 
Body: 4 
Creativity: 4 
Cleaning: 4
Cooking: 1 
Logic: 1 
Mechanical: 1 

Related Careers: Business, Paranormal, Law Enforcement 
Total Required Skills: 
Logic: 5 
Creativity: 4 
Charisma: 4 
Cleaning: 4 
Body: 1 
Cooking: 1 
Mechanical: 1

Related Careers: Criminal, Slacker, Show Business 
Total Skills Required:  
Creativity: 5  
Body: 4  
Charisma: 4  
Mechanical: 4  
Cleaning: 1  
Logic: 1  
Cooking: 1 

Majors don't particularly effect much but are rather guidelines to setting 
your sims on the right path, along with that, the times for the classes are 
different for each class and each semester, coupled with a well written 
description by the literary scientists at Maxis that are sure to make you 
smile should you be particularly familiar with that field of study. 

If your sim doesn't have a specific field they want to major in, it is best 
to do the math in your head to where you want them to go in life in 
accordance to their personality, although it should be noted that natural 
scientist is the new career least aligned with the majors, only related to 
biology and mathematics. So if you are a cow plant fan, you'll definitely 
want to get your own sim eating shrub as soon as possible through the power 
of natural science. Keep in mind though that after graduating from 
university, you might accidentally overshoot the point where you get desired 
career rewards when you pick up a job.

Sims that have the same major have the social interaction of being able to 
talk about their majors as well as have different professors who they can ask 
to tutor them and to suck up to, two for each major. Having the ability to 
talk about the same major and sharing the same professors are good advantages 
to having all of your sims spend the first year undeclared, but then again, 
variety is it's own reward and it's better that you pick your sim's major 
than the game doing so automatically at the start of the junior year. The 
most commonly focused skills of the majors in general are logic and 
creativity, so above all, make sure your sims have healthy levels of those 
two if you are still undecided, although the early semesters make sure that 
you at least have one point in all skill areas, so fleshing your sim out 


[4.02]Class Performance: Raising the Bar to Almost Human Standards

There are six main ways to increase class performance. Although I haven't 
fully tested it yet, it would seem that you get more bang for your buck 
should your sim be in a good mood while performing these tasks, although you 
can still apparently swashbuckle the final exams in a crappy mood and get 
away with it should the meter be maxed out already. Depending on the type of 
aspiration your sim has, the method you primarily use might differ:

1. Go to Class

Going to class is the most basic way to increase your grade and is good for 
all aspiration types. Depending on your sim's major, the time of class can 
vary from any waking hour of the day and can range from two to three hours. 
It increases the Class Performance Meter a small, but sturdy amount. Keep in 
mind that class is not mandatory. If your Class Performance bar is filled to 
the brim, going to class will just waste time. You can also attend just part 
of a class, like in the case of dashing in at the last hour. Classes are 
determined by time of day, not how many hours your sim has till their final 
exam, as such, you can double attend a class should you leave the home lot 
right before it, attend it at a community lot, then come back and attend it 

Going to the final exam is almost exactly like going to class, except it 
occurs when the semester is over independent of clock time, and you lose 
grades if you don't attend. I also haven't specifically tested it yet, but it 
seems that the final exam itself might increase the sim's class performance 
for that semester by a class worth, so you might be able to go to the final 
exam with an almost full bar and still get 4.0 from that last push. As an 
additional note, your sim normally walks to class, but will run if they are 
late instead of that old fashioned car pool you might have become used to.

2. Research and Group Research:

Group Research is one of the best ways to raise Class Performance, despite 
how slow it may seem at first. Your sims grab books, sit down on the nearest 
couch or chair, and start reading till the fun is completely sucked out of 
them or their action is canceled, whatever comes first. Group research is 
also a great way to increase social and relationships, albeit it does the 
later quite poorly. 

If you are playing an entire community worth of sims in university instead of 
just a single household, doing group research is like giving free time to 
your other sims that aren't being played, as you can invite them over for 
group research, and like magic, when you return to play their house, their 
class performance meter will have increased! Group research shows up 
naturally as a want for Fortune and Knowledge sims often, but is also useful 
for Popularity aspiring sims who are almost always surrounded by people. 
Going to a community lot and inviting all of the young adults to come in to 
study is a good way to group study, According to the game, the more people 
you have to group research, the more effective it will be, so in theory, you 
can also go to the Secret Society and have the entire household of about 
eight people study along with you, although I haven't been able to test if 
this really significantly increases the speed of your studying, as for the 
most part, members of the Secret Society are talentless hacks that apparently 
don't have majors, even an undeclared one, and speaking of hacks...

3. Hacking Grades:

You gain the ability to hack grades once you join the secret society, and can 
proceed from that point to do so on any computer. It sounds tempting and 
illegal, but seriously, hacking grades in the game is surprisingly boring and 
not as effective as you might think. It basically works like a faster 
research tool on a computer with security triggers and a risk level. In order 
to hack grades, you need to be a part of the secret society and also have at 
least a descent amount of logic if you don't want the cops to bust your 
chops. The higher your logic, the longer you can stay on, but basically, the 
higher the number of security triggers and the risk level, the better you are 
off logging out. If you have a sim with maximized logic, feel free for them 
to log out when the risk level has reached " Considerable", for others who 
are not so skilled, I recommend jumping off at the "Moderate" level and just 
signing back on and continuing where you left off. Hacking grades should only 
really be used as an emergency when it is the last night before the exam, you 
have already wrote your term paper and have no more classes to go. Hacking 
grades doesn't apparently have a corresponding want, so it's not particularly 
useful to any aspiration, but it can help you out in a pickle when you are 
out of options and time.

4. Do Assignment:

Having a sim complete an assignment is not a very useful way of boosting up 
class performance on its own. Although assignments can be done roughly within 
only an hour of game time, they also don't increase very much class 
performance, roughly about half a class's worth. However, under certain 
circumstances, a sim can ask for help from another sim or to be tutored. The 
reverse is also true, as a sim can offer to be paid for their hard earned 
tutoring if you click on another sim's homework and choose to tutor. 

A special requirement must be met by a sim who wants to ask another sim to 
help them with their assignment as well as to tutor them, and that is that 
there must be a difference in their GPA. Surprisingly, class year, class 
performance, major and overall skills are irrelevant so long as there is a 
difference in GPA, with the sim with a higher GPA being able to help out sims 
with lower GPA. Additionally, if your sim was created straight up as a young 
adult, they can learn how to study from another sim, similar to how teenage 
sims can learn from their parents. It usually seems to take two sessions of 
either tutoring or ordinary help with an assignment to achieve this memory 
and ability, although if your teens already learned it, it's exactly the same 
thing and they wouldn't learn it a second time at university. Unfortunately, 
students who already have a perfect 4.0 wouldn't be able to find anybody with 
a higher score than that, so they will no longer be able to ask for tutoring, 
but instead will be able to offer it to other students with lesser GPA. If 
you want your young adult to have the increased study ability and still get 
4.0, make sure that they ask for enough help before the end of the first 
semester, as 4.0 is a perfect grade, and one slightly off semester is all you 
need to upset the entire average so trying to dip your grades for this reason 
will theoretically not work.

Busy sims can also leave their assignments around to be worked on by other 
sims who might not be as busy. You can also influence another sim to do it 
for you for 2,000 Influence points or get another controlled sim in the 
household to take it off your hands in the name of academic generosity. I 
highly do not recommend influencing another sim to do an assignment, for the 
price of 500 Influence points more, you can have them write your term paper, 
which is much more powerful. Fortune and Knowledge sims commonly have a want 
to do the assignment themselves for 1,000 aspiration points, which can 
provide a nice boost. Also of note is young adult sims love to bring their 
assignments over when you invite them and it is another good way for them to 
increase their performance without using time on their side up.

5. Writing a Term Paper:

Writing the term paper of the very best ways to increase your grade that I 
recommend to do every semester, minus the doing part of course. Instead, get 
someone, anyone to do it for you! Doesn't matter of it's the evil cow mascot, 
the annoying cheer leader or even your very own professors! For the price of 
2,500 Influence points, you can take this headache off of your mind and pat 
yourself on the back knowing that you've got the best deal influence can buy. 

Writing a term paper is a fun sponge more so than anything else in the game, 
it also takes several hours. In return, it boosts up the Class Performance 
bar by a variable 1/3. Starting young adults in university wouldn't have the 
influence power to get others to write their term paper early on, but if you 
have a well raised sim with lots of influence, take advantage of this every 
chance you get, you'll never find a better practical use for influence in the 
game as far as The Sims 2 University expansion. On the flip side, Knowledge 
and Fortune oriented sims often have a want to write it themselves for 3,000 
aspiration points and not surprisingly, no influence, in which case writing 
it manually isn't a horrible option.

6. Sucking Up:

There is no such thing as an unbiased decision, the concept itself is a 
paradox, so following that train of axiomatic logic, it's time to master the 
art of licking boot, kissing butt and sucking up to your professors with the 
grace of a Siberian wonder swan in the spring time. For every major, there is 
one male professor and one female professor and they can be either adults or 
elders, so keep in mind who the professors of your sim's particular major are 
and befriend them, because for every positive interaction you have with them, 
you get a small boost to your Class Performance bar. What's more is that it 
seems that the increase is equal regardless of how strong the social action 

There is one social interaction that stands far above the rest for the 
purpose of raising grades, Kicky Bag! Yes the fun phenomenon that's a hit 
with today's youth and has far too many names for its own good is one of the 
very best ways to do well in university, who would have guessed? Aside the 
fact that body skill helps keep the bag in the air; Kicky Bag is the fastest 
exchange of reaction social interaction in the game. The result is a steady 
increase in class performance, comparably as fast or even faster then hacking 
grades for raising class performance! Of course, you can also ask for 
straight up tutoring from the professor, or in some cases talk about your 
major with other sims, or even be a little more "realistic" and woohoo your 
teacher on a regular basis, but for all practical reasons, stick to the kicky 

Unfortunately, you can only lick so much before a professor will actually 
consider your sim as their bestest best friend and stop increasing their 
class performance bar with every positive interaction. Basically, the class 
performance bar increase you get from interacting with professors is based on 
how high their own daily and lifetime scores are in regards to your sim, so 
your sim will obtain the bulk of the benefits when they are first befriending 
them, as opposed to when they have maxed out and the game limits further 
relationship increase. Of course, you could always dispose of them once they 
have served their purpose and suck up to the new professor that replaces 
them, but that would be slightly unethical for a lack of a more sarcastic 

Try to remember who your sim's professors are, as professors of other 
subjects will not have the same grade enhancing effect and they do all dress 
pretty much the same. If you are unsure who a sim's professor is, you can 
find out by looking at their interaction menu, because a sim can only ask for 
tutoring from one of the two professors teaching their major. Naturally 
though, Popularity, Romance and Family sims are the best and rubbing 
shoulders with the professors. As an additional note, it might just be me, 
but it seems that the professors reflect the personalities of the subject 
they are teaching. My main sim's drama teachers were bloody insane, 
apparently both having one sided crushes with my main sim without me even 
knowing it and everybody else they met, trying to spontaneously leap into 
their arms or whack them in the face with pillows, this is also annoying 
because they get slappy happy whenever my happy couple decides to get lovey 
dovey. Oh yeah, it should also be noted that you can also lose class 
performance if you piss your professors off, so be careful if final exam time 
is approaching.


By getting an A+ and a GPA of 4.0, you get a grant of 1,200 simoleans and 
make the Dean's List. It is fairly easy to do consistently if you work your 
time right, as the game is very forgiving. First of all, make sure your 
skills are at the right levels to fulfill the Class Performance Meter or 
you'll be spinning your wheels in mud by going overboard unnecessarily.  Try 
to fill the meter up as early as possible, this way; you can also save time 
by cutting classes. Also be careful when changing majors, as if you do not 
have the skill requirements for the new choice, your otherwise full class 
performance meter might get cut down to size and your hard work along with 
it. Typically though, your class performance bar should be at the same level 
as your time progression bar till final exam. Even if your sim is fresh off 
of the assembly line, they shouldn't find it too difficult to reach 4.0 all 
while chasing the other three goals in university. All of the semesters are 
pretty much the same once you get used to them, aside from the junior year 
forcing a major onto you, the senior year locking your major and the extra 
aspiration ability bonuses you get after each year. Just use your sim's time 
wisely and you'll be okay. 

As a final note, whatever you do, don't miss the final exam, it has the power 
to cleave an A+ grade straight down to a C+. You could have your sim invite 
both professors over and beat them into a bloody pulp - multiple times, and 
it still wouldn't do as much damage as missing the final exam for a semester. 
Heck, you could forego writing a term paper, doing any assignments, and skip 
half of the classes, and it still wouldn't do as much damage as missing the 
final exam. On the flip side, having your sim go to a final exam adds a 
strong positive boost to your class performance meter at the very last 
second, and makes it often possible to get an A+ without having full class 
performance bar going in, so long as the necessary skills are met to expand 
the capacity of the bar to maximum. It should also be interesting to note 
that similar to classes but even less realistic, a sim can drop in for the 
last literal minute of the final exam and whip it off like they had all the 
time in the world, you can actually bite into the timing quite a bit. In case 
you were wondering how long an exam takes, it takes two hours not counting 
the hour your sim takes to go to it ahead of time.

[4.03] Graduation & Honors: The Better Idea Way to Leave University

After passing the final exam at the end of your senior year, you will have 
officially graduated and obtained all the new aspiration oriented abilities 
that university has to offer, but for those sims who put that little extra 
amount of effort into reaching for academic glory, honorable diplomas all 
around! Depending on your sim's final GPA at graduation, they will receive an 
honorable mention that will be written on their diploma, a nifty job position 
boost bonus that they will get when applying for jobs both through the 
newspaper and on computers and finally, they will get a pretty little star 
next to their young adult icon when they return back home. There are also 
related wants to graduate and graduate with honors with excellent payoffs. 
The following are the different honors you can get and their bonuses:

Summa Cum Laude: 4.0 GPA (+3 Job Boost)
Magna Cum Laude: 3.9 GPA (+2 Job Boost)
Cum Laude: 3.7 - 3.8 GPA (+1 Job Boost)

Along with the honor boost to the starting job position, the major in which 
your sim took has three related jobs that will also receive a +1 bonus when 
starting off, however, it should be noted that the base value when finding a 
job in a newspaper starts at 0 (Sims with no honors or post secondary 
education automatically get boosted to 1, since it can't get lower). On the 
other hand, if you use the computer for your job hunt and already have a sim 
with many family friends and high skills to correspond with the position, 
they can start as high as 5. From my tests, the highest position possible to 
be hired straight off at is at level 9. This can be done by having a sim 
graduate Summa Cum Laude, maximize related skills, have optimally a dozen or 
more friends and finally, get a job in a field in which their major was 
related to. My main sim Xyni debuted as a Block Buster Director right off the 
bat, and was that ever anti-climatic. So much for this "paying your dues" 
thing I've heard so much about.

Originally, in the core game, it was possible to skip career rewards when 
using the computer to find a job that was at too high a position, so many 
players opted to travel the long path starting from the bottom rung of the 
job later by picking up a job from the newspaper. However, as of my recent 
tests, t seems that somewhere in between the patches and expansions leading 
up the date of The Sims 2: Nightlife, sims now gain Career Rewards 
retroactively should they hit or overshoot the reward position. This makes it 
easier on the player, but makes it quite easy to take advantage of the game 
in a very big way. Martin Ostera has sent me an awesome trick to exploit this 
system to the hilt and back and it will be covered in the cheats and tricks 
section at the end of the FAQ.

Okay then! Now that your sim has completed the long hard journey to higher 
education, it's time to go back home, but not before your sim gets 72 hours 
of quality time to spend saying goodbye and your non-dead sheep made diploma 
that comes with the ability to be repacked and take out to wherever your sim 
may go. This is a brilliant feature; it would be great if you could do this 
with the other career rewards, oh wait, they did. For anybody who has played 
The Sims 2: Nightlife, they have now included an awesome inventory system 
that practically allows you to stuff a black hole's worth of items and 
objects including career and aspirations rewards. If you have Nightlife 
installed, then the diploma will appear in the inventory, however, if you 
only have University, it will be in the career reward section. In anycase, 
before you leave the sacred campus grounds forever and ever, don't forget to 
take your diploma with you or else just write that your diploma is in a 
parallel dimension on job applications, as you wouldn't be seeing it ever 
again when you move. 

Within the final stretch after passing your final exam, you can throw a 
Graduation Party complete with proper attire and the opportunity to maximize 
your friendship with other sims who you know for sure are never going to 
graduate, being static NPCs, all stuck in an eternal digital loop and 

When you finally run out of time, you'll be gently booted back to common 
society, lose all the money you got at university (Or it will stay with the 
household members still around) and gain the default 20,000. So buy yourself 
a nice little cottage and get yourself a really big cow plant in natural 
science to greet your neighbors with cake and a mouth full doom. From here 
on, the new careers that pay more, demand more, and have the Chance Cards 
from hell; heaven and Christmas Past will be open to your sim.


[5.00] The Big Sim on Campus:

It's what the game advertises; it's what you know your sim wants, so how the 
heck do you do it? All you need to do is get your sim 12 friends in order to 
raise their influence level to Master Manipulator, the highest level. This 
number counts friends who live outside of university as well. It's not really 
a status more so than just a tag in their memory list, and there is a related 
want to do so as well with good payoff, but something this good sounding you 
most likely do want your sims to remember. Unfortunately, if you happened to 
have brought in your teen super star with more than 30 friends from the 
neighborhood like I did, they wouldn't be able to get the Big Sim on Campus 
memory, unless they theoretically lose enough friends to fall back down to 
Powerful Persuader and make it back up again to Master Manipulator which is 
an inconvenience of titanic proportions.

At Master Manipulator level, your sim gains the ability to hold 10,000 
Influence Points which is best spent on making other sims slave over your 
term papers, but in order to get there, you need to make some friends 
seriously fast, and wouldn't you know it, I have a system for that too.

The best advice in general is to focus relationship building on two or three 
sims unless you know how the system works well and have planned ahead. 
Focusing on multiple sims has the advantage of multiple lifetime relationship 
growth, but can cause a lot of extra twisty headaches if you are trying to 
befriend more than six sims at a time, especially for a freshly created sims 
with no prior friend or skill building to their credit. Also be sure to 
saturate their daily relationship to 100 every chance you get, the higher 
your relationship with them is, the easier it is to maintain and repair and 
the better the lifetime relationship growth will be. Oh, if you are 
wondering, the icon for the Became Big Man/Woman on Campus is the 
university's jersey.

To start things off, the best way to make friends is to have the ability to 
control them. Ideally, having custom made sims inhabit your university is the 
first best step, and they can all benefit from being friends with each other, 
as you can burn the candle of strangerhood on two ends instead of one. Unlike 
the regular neighborhood where it is difficult to meet people, Maxis created 
a Campus Directory option when you phone the college that is nothing short of 
genius, with this, you can phone all your own controlled sims right off the 
bat and start making connections right away.  You'll wonder why in the hell 
the normal neighborhood doesn't have this. Unfortunately, playing multiple 
sims at the same time is serious work and takes a lot of time to do, so 
although this technique is effective, it's not particularly practical, and 
that's why I'm going to talk about powering your way into friendship like a 
well tuned fighting game, roughly.

The key to becoming the big sim on campus is to make friends, with that 
simple logic in mind, let's boil the process down to a sterilized, orthodox, 
cold hearted science void of any human soul.

Relationship levels are frequently not perfectly equal on both sides of a 
friendship, there is an element of randomness involved, but the rule of thumb 
is that the nicer the sim you are dealing with is and the nicer your sim is, 
the higher the chance that their relationship is about the same. The 
following is a requirement for friendship states:

Friends: 50 Daily Relationship on both sides

Best Friends: 50 Lifetime relationship on both sides

Crush: 20 Lifetime relationship on either or both sides, triggered by a 
romantic action.

Love: 70 Lifetime relationship on either or both sides, triggered by romantic 

Enemy: -50 Lifetime relationship on both sides.

It is possible to have a one sided crush, but one sided love is a difficult 
to do normally. In the Young Adult stage, sims can have mature relationships 
with adults and elders.

[5.01]Meeting New Sims: And Forcing Yourself into Their Lives
From 0 to 25 Daily Relationship

In order to make friends, you have to meet people, and university offers many 
ways to do just that. First of all, people will randomly walk past your 
residence, second would be if you live in a dorm with many other people, 
third is to go to a community lot, and finally, you can use the campus 
directory of which I highly recommend doing if you are the kind of person who 
likes to choose their sim's friends.

The first 25 points of daily relationship are harder to gain than the other 
75, as such, ripping open the lid off the can of friendship takes precision 
so that it wouldn't blow up in your face. After all, you can't let something 
small in life like a sim's difference in opinion get in the way of campus 
conquest can you?  

In general, the best way to open up a relationship is through automated 
chatting. Automated chatting can be done on the phone, while playing chess, 
during a game of pool, sitting on the couch, watching television, during 
meals, practically at anytime, anywhere, if your sims have thought bubbles 
and green pluses over their heads, it's probably automated chat. You can also 
just manually choose the chat interaction option, but why do it alone when 
you can be doing something else at the same time? Having an automated chat 
while doing an activity also has the advantage of keeping the conversation 
flowing, as when you chat normally and the reactions start to go really 
south, it can end abruptly on negative terms. A lot of people assume that 
chatting is a bad way to start, because you have the chance to get negative 
reactions. The fact is, negative reactions are minimal, compared to the 
charisma driven jokes that barely increase relationship and can hurt it more 
so when they bomb badly, which is really the only other opener that is 
considered using on a complete stranger to work.

Within the time it takes to play a game of pool or a game of chess, you can 
easily increase a sim's relationship from 0 to thirty, if not more. However, 
if you happen to control the sim that you are befriending, you can check out 
their interests beforehand, and make your sim change the topic appropriately 
when they are talking to further speed up the process. A well received 
discussion topic that the other sim is interested in often results in the 
addition of 5 relationship points and you only need 25. A sim can also share 
interests to make another sim become interested in what they like, however, 
by the time this option is available there are already well into a solid 
relationship and such chit chat becomes mostly unnecessary. Other good ways 
to gain relationship points with multiple people at once is to do group 
research or freestyle, but it's a bit unfocused, so it's more of a wide net 

A useful way to make friends later on when you join the secret society is to 
use their secret handshake with other members, as it will always have a 
positive effect for meeting the first time for a handy small boost. If you 
are trying to have two of your sims who have yet to meet befriend each other, 
you will most likely be using the phone and the campus directory and might 
have to call each other multiple times via stalk talk unless your sim is low 
on social motive, in which case, they will talk until their bar is full 
again. Using the campus directory is especially handy once you start to know 
who Greek House or secret society members are, as you can target them 
directly and make friends that will do more for you than just boost up your 
friend counter. Unfortunately, the phone is a relatively slow way to exchange 
positive reactions, so after a while, it's time to call them up and invite 
them in person.


[5.02] Invite Them Over: Or Hunt Them Down
From 25 to 35 Daily Relationship

25 Relationship points on both sides is the safe range to invite a sim over 
to your residence and start forcing your good will upon them, any lower and 
you'll be risking a fair chance of them giving a quippy sarcastic remark 
often involving broken phones, Baked Alaska, and llamas. If you have a 
grouchy sim however, you can Crank Call them to tick them off into coming 
down to your lot regardless, although the 25 daily relationship points are 
needed for the next step anyway. At 25, you can start uncorking the bottle if 
your sim is socially adept, but more precisely if they are able to perform 
the ultimate unromantic social action:

Bust A' Move!

Yup, this bad girl of a social action is fast, it frequently increases 2 
lifetime relationship points and 8 daily relationship points and it works 
even when your sim's new relationship is shaky! You'll be using bust a' move 
a lot in making friends and I label it the number one most useful unromantic 
social action in the game! The only downside to this skill is that there are 
some requirements for it. You might be scratching your head all over 
wondering why some sims have it and others don't but the answer is very 
simple! In order to gain the ability to use Bust A' Move, you must first be 
skilled at dancing! It might seem to all make sense now in retrospect, but 
personally, I was smacking my head against the wall trying to figure out if 
this move was personality or ordinarily skill based.

Unfortunately, that being said, a newly created sim will have to settle for 
either more chitchat, joke telling, or admiration, as any double plus social 
interaction stands a high chance of backfiring, although dancing together is 
your safest bet should there be music playing outside of busting a move, and 
will also help you towards your goal of obtaining the ability. In any case, 
you should be at least 30 to 35 points for the next step.


[5.03]Three Hit Combo Routine: 
Proving That Sims Have Infinitely Longer Attention Span
From 35 to 100 Daily Relationship

Now this is the easy part, just pick any three double plus social 
interactions and repeat. As long as both daily relationships are equal and 
both sims are in a good mood, they should work with minimal risk. At the 
first stage of the step, I highly recommend bust a' move, gossip and dancing 
together, the later two which you can speed up if you cancel just as the 
animation is starting and repeat them over and over again. Sims have a two 
interaction memory, so as long as your routine consists of three parts, it 
wouldn't get old. Later on after becoming friends, an early canceled red 
hands, dirty joke and hugging become useful too.

When you are simply trying to maintain a friendly relationship instead of 
make one, the best attack to open up with is a hug chained into a bust a move 
and ended with a roman cancel... oops, wrong game, I mean red hands cancel. 
Punch Me Punch U is also good, but unfortunately has the side effect of one 
sim punching the other too hard resulting in a double negative surprisingly 
often. If you have a Popularity, Family or Romance sim, they might even get 
into the spirit of things and form their own chain of appreciation, tickle, 
and entertain/joke/dirty joke. Knowledge and fortune sims can also develop 
this chain, but it is rarer. This chain can also lead to the high rollers of 
making out and woohoo should the two sims be romantically involved.


[5.04]Becoming Best Friends and Beyond: 
And Why You Should Ignore Them After
Full 100 in Daily and Lifetime Relationship

Daily relationship slowly rises or falls with the passing of time to match 
your daily relationship. If you left them off with a 100 daily relationship 
points, you can proceed to ignore them for several days until they eventually 
become your best friend. Unfortunately, this can take a long time and burn a 
hole in your wants list if you are a Popularity, Romance or Family sim, as 
they frequently want to make any normal friends best friends, so there are 
ways to force the hand of time and accelerate good will to all sims. 

On a very effective note should be the socially enhancing Cool Shades 
aspiration item. For the love of all things holy, never underestimate the 
importance of this tool should you have the aspiration to use it, heck, you 
could have used it in one of the earlier stages and it would have given you a 
tremendous head start. Using the shades with a strong interaction like bust 
a' move does wonders on both daily and life time relationships should it 
succeed; it can also save a dying relationship and prevent a "Lost Best 
Friend" memory in the case that you let a relation stagnate for too long. 

As much of a great effect the Cool Shades have on a positive relationship, 
they also have a dramatic effect on negative interactions. I've seen a sim 
chop down 45 points clean on both sides of both daily and lifetime aspiration 
by attacking a sim while wearing the glasses. As to how I got them to fight 
despite such high relationships, look in the Under the Influence section. 
Even worst though is if you have a sim wear it and catch another sim 
cheating. Cool Shades also have a multiplying effect if both parties 
interacting wear them. Unfortunately, not every sim has enough aspiration to 
so freely afford socially unawkward fashion, and that's where the following 
information comes in.

You might not notice it, since you're usually eying the big green pluses, but 
each interaction has a different daily and lifetime relationship increaser. 
While talk is a great opener, it doesn't offer much in the way of directly 
adding points to your lifetime relationship, nor does red hands, which is an 
excellent daily relationship increaser. Backrub on the other hand, frequently 
adds two points of lifetime relationship which it only gets a single plus for 
daily. As stated before, bust a' move adds two points of lifetime 
relationship as well. As such, a cycle of hug, backrub and bust a' move is 
ideal for increasing relationships without intimate actions. Hug only 
increases by lifetime relationship by one point usually, but it's fast, 
leaving more time for the two other moves. 

As a whole, romantic social actions are the best for raising lifetime 
relationships and daily ones as one by a mile, particularly making out and 
woohoo, but turning to the evils of truth and love has the disadvantages of 
lover's paranoia, as I'm sure plenty of romance aspiration sim fans can 
attest to. In a single invitation, you can usually boost up a lifetime 
relationship about 20 points without going too much out of your way, but for 
the most part, you should let time do it's work unless your sim is a romance 
sim and wants to chase proverbial skirt (Or pants) at a record speed. For 
those who own The Sims 2: Nightlife, you can also take advantage of the love 
potions, chemistry attraction, dating and outing systems to help you on your 
road to friend making and give you some bonus goodies and large aspiration 
boosts while you are at it.

[6.00] The Ultimate Greek House Legacy 

When you first start playing The Sims 2 University and send your first 
poverty stricken sim to university for the first time, you will quickly learn 
just how painful the road to education can be. It wouldn't be the stress of 
performing well in class or the frustration of the final exam that breaks 
you, but rather the dens of damnation known as the dorms and the financial 
black hole that will perpetually hover beneath your sim's feet. That is why 
if you want to help those who will follow in your path setting sim's 
footsteps with greater strides and a sense of a greater purpose, it is time 
to start your legacy of an ultimate Greek House, an establishment of such 
behemoth proportions that your sim's children's children and their inbred 
nieces and nephew's children will be a part of it so that they may never have 
to suffer dormitory life the way your first sim did. 

As a side note that pretty much completely diffuses the aura of desperation 
presented in this section, if you happen to also have The Sims 2: Nightlife 
installed, you can pretty much shove a house's worth of objects down your 
sim's pants before he goes to university. When he is there, you can have him 
unload all the items and sell them to buy an gi-normous mansion with little 
or no additional effort and be completely free from financial burden, as well 
as haul some awesome career and aspiration rewards in, thus, rendering this 
section significantly less... errr, useful. It makes sense though, such is 
the power of money.


[6.01] Planning A Legend: Because Any Other Plan is Stupid

In order to start a Greek House, it kinda' goes without saying that you first 
need a house. The very strange thing in university to consider is that when 
you first move a sim into a rented house, the price will roughly be only 25% 
of what it would cost in an ordinary neighborhood. However, after moving in, 
all building and buying options return to their full price. In order to get a 
tremendous head start when building a Greek House, it is absolutely vital 
that you get a large sum of money, plan ahead and take off running... well, 
that or you can cheat. 

There are two best times to start a Greek House, either when a teen sim with 
tons of scholarships under their belt first moves to university with any 
other welcome wealth worthy buddies to pool their money together, or at the 
end of a young adult's time in university after saving up their money and 
living at makeshift homes for the financially challenged. 

Generally, recommended is to start off your young adults with lots of 
scholarship money, which will usually also mean that they will have been 
developed in skills and background to become strong leaders for those who 
follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately, raising a superior teen takes time, 
so for a quick fix, you can just work your young adult's butt to the hilt in 
college and use any remaining funds they have left at the end to build and 
buy a the house to become your Greek House, seeing as they can't seem to take 
the money with them back to the neighborhood.

Ideally, you should have at least 8,000 simoleans to get a 5X5 plot of land 
and start up a descent one story house equipped with items to meet every 
motive, unless you like to take your baths at the secret society. The more 
money you throw into the house now, the less you'll have to worry about 
later. The reason why there is no turning back is that the rate of 
depreciation for bought objects starts to quickly settle in, and unlike for 
adults who can get careers to offset the depreciation quite easily, young 
adults barely make any money, and in a house full of expensive objects, with 
the exception of art, it becomes very difficult to abandon all those 
expensive goodies when you only get a fraction of the full value, even if you 
did technically get them all 25% off. The good news however is that the price 
of the bills goes down with them, since the overall worth of the house 
decreases. The price of art also can increase, including paintings made by 
your sims, so if you have an artist with mad skills and you are planning for 
a very long haul, get them to paint the memories of the Greek House and watch 
them grow in value over the generations.


[6.02] Reaching For A Level 6 Greek House: 
Because Anything Else Would Be Uncivilized

Level 6 is the highest stage of a Greek House, and can be achieved by having 
15 family friends. The number of members is irrelevant to this, as you can 
have an entire Level 6 Greek run by a single person, however, it does seem 
that more members makes it easy to have other sims pledge, or else they might 
reject it At the highest level, a Greek House can have 32,000 members. If any 
human on Earth ever manages to fill that up, the Apocalypse couldn't be that 
far off. 

Fortunately, reaching the goal of a Level 6 Greek House is almost directly in 
the same path as being the Big Sim on Campus and employs many of the same 
techniques in friend making with the addition of having joined a Greek House, 
either by starting or tacking on. Seriously though, how many Greek Houses 
does your university need though? Mine has three and it already seems like 
too many. One strong one is really all you need unless you are trying to tell 
a story about war and strife among students, albeit it's a very fun story to 
play out with the closest thing to gang wars you can get in The Sims 2 so 
far, and the entire house gang beating any member of the rival house that 
walks by. Speaking of which, you can also lower a Greek House's status by 
killing off or destroying the relationships of family friends, but who would 
want to do that, other than me of course.

As an important note, either as a bug or a miswrite, it would also seem that 
there are rather frequent reports of cases where level 6 Greek Houses cannot 
get another sim to pledge. I have experienced this problem on numerous cases, 
and it has me in a knot as well, but since I'm extremely selective about who 
is a member of my Greek Houses and who isn't (Only custom made sims allowed), 
it doesn't bother me much since I just work the other side of the fence to 
get more members.


[6.03] The Greek House Ladder: For When Hostile Takeover Isn't An Option

Level 1:
Requires: 0 Friends
Max Members: 8

Level 2:
Requires: 3 Friends

Level 3:
Requires 5 Friends
Max Members: 10

Level 4:
Requires: 7 Friends 
Max Members: 20

Level 5: 
Requires: 10 Friends
Max Members: 30 (The game might falsely report that the limit is 10)

Level 6:
Requires: 15 Friends
Max Members: 32,000


[6.04] Getting Your Greek House Started: Despite the Fact That It Isn't 
Really Greek

If it weren't for its real life counter parts the fraternities and 
sororities, there wouldn't be anything Greek about the Greek houses, well 
except for the whole concept at least. For the price of a puny 20 simoleans 
to buy a charter over the phone, any house can become a Greek House. 

You don't necessarily have to build your way up with a Greek House to level 
6. A popular teen from the neighborhood can start one upon moving to 
university if they have enough friends. You can check the status of a Greek 
House by having a sim click on the Sim Greek letters. If you didn't buy one 
of those, then don't worry, your sim will go to campus and borrow one from 
who knows where and plunk it on the wall of your house. 


[6.05] Greek House Features: And Other Questionably Tasteful Things

Greek Houses aren't really the party magnet that the game leads you to 
believe, nor will you really start feeling their influence as a towering 
monument of campus culture as much as you would like to, but they do come 
with some excellent perks that make your sim's stay at university fun, and 
they also can visit the campus time to time to gather merchandise that may or 
may not have fallen off the back of a truck. 

Sims that live in Greek Houses have the ability to visit campus to pick up 
items, many of which are great to sell or use. The following is the list of 
items that I have personally seen:

Wornable Easy Chair
Really Depressed Loveseat By Club Distress
Trottco 27" Multivid IV Television
Fun-Kadelic Frequency Stereo System from Kauker Inc.
VroomMaster 4000
Simply Spindle Coffee Table
Retratech "Office Pal" Economy Desk
Juniper Bonsai Tree
Brand Name MettleKettle
Maxis Game Simulator

Along with these items, a sim can also simply go out to get a nice hot steamy 
pizza, which can be quite handy for when your household is full of sims with 
the munchies.

Sims that are members of Greek Houses also have the ability to make other 
sims pledge. Pledges are a lot of fun; they basically put other sims through 
a trial period in which you can influence them to do anything for the 
incredible price of zero influence! Yup, you can make them your slaves and 
ruin their lives until they become full fledge members! Of course, you can 
also somewhat influence them to kill themselves or at least incur serious 
trauma before then through the power of really bad cooking in the form of 
foot high flames or repairing one too many broken dishwashers for a shocking 
surprise, but more on that later on "Under the Influence". There are times 
however when a pledge might be rejected due to lack of members or friends in 
the house or an undeveloped relationship, in which case, you have to work the 
other side of the fence a bit to thicken the numbers.

A sim outside of the Greek House can join by calling on the phone or talking 
to a member in person, either way, they'll summon a small handful of crazy 
sims to prance around your lot like ponies in the spring time, and it's up to 
you to raise their relationship to a certain level, usually between 15 to 35 
within a short time frame of six hours, that or try to assassinate them 
should you get this game mixed up with Grand Theft Auto by accident. 
Fortunately, if your sim is already good buddies with the members of a Greek 
House, the initiation process will be close to instant. Just because a person 
has become the member of a Greek House doesn't mean that they have to move in 
though, they are given the option of moving in at their convenience, which is 
very handy for those who absolutely hate controlling too many sims in a 

Greek House members can also hold Toga Parties, although it seems that 
certain sims come in random underwear instead. This seems to happen with sims 
who are especially outgoing. My main sim who established the main Greek House 
at my university always wore skimpy black lingerie instead of a toga like 
everybody else, and I wondered why for the longest time. The underwear they 
will wear is also different from what their default underwear that they can 
normally wear and doesn't necessarily have to be in their wardrobe It would 
also seem that only young adults can wear togas, as ordinary adults will just 
come in regular attire. Other than the wardrobe change, there is nothing 
different from regular parties. 


[6.06] Continuing the Legacy: 
(Or How to End It Abruptly For Maximum Humiliation)

A Greek House will continue to thrive as long as there are household members 
in it. Apparently, if the last standing sim in the house graduates, drops 
out, or meets a hot steamy death, it doesn't matter if you have members 
living in other houses or resting on the side lines, the Greek House will 
turn back into a regular house and has to be bought all over again and all of 
the outside members will lose membership status with the house, since it no 
longer exists. As such, the most important thing to do with a Greek House is 
make sure that someone is always living in it. Ideally, it is most fun if you 
have a member for every year of college, but working by generations is a more 
realistic approach. So before the graduating members use up the last of their 
time and head back to the neighborhood, be sure to move in some new blood to 
continue the legacy.

Detouring off the side, I'm a bit of an anime fan, so my Greek House method 
and structure was based on a little known in North America anime called 
Maria-sama ga Miteru that basically has a council of three rose color based 
upper to lower classman relationships and... ahhh... let's just say that it's 
like the Star War's relationship between Master and Apprentice except with 
Catholic school girls that speak Japanese with no apparent special powers, so 
close enough.
Ignoring the fact that I tend to tag the words "sempai" and "kohei" around 
story mode with vigorous regularity it is easier and much more interesting, 
not to mention more rewarding to carry a legacy through university, 
strengthening and reinforcing the work of the previous generation as they 
each pass through the same house, rather than just sending your sims off to 
dorms filled with expendables or housing with no concern for the next 
generation. Besides, sims you control are going to meet up again in the 
neighborhood eventually (Some exceptions may apply if you are evil), so you 
might as well make them acquainted with each other before hand, it's a great 
way to make friends for job hunting and fulfilling wants.


[7.00] The Secret Society: That is Full of Talentless Hacks

When you are on the outside, the sim secret society is wrapped in a veil of 
secrecy so thick that only the entrails of the imagination can pierce it. 
When you are in it, you realize that it is run by clueless idiots, just like 
in real life, hahaha, just kidding, I wouldn't know anything about that... 
Anyhoo, fortunately, getting into the secret society also lies in the wake of 
the previous two goals, so you can easily aim for all three of them in the 
same blow.


[7.01] How to Get Into the Secret Society: 
And How To Master The Mighty Chicken Handshake

Players new to The Sims 2 University often get Greek Houses and the secret 
society confused; they are quite different in many respects. The secret 
society is a lot type completely different from Greek Houses, and is best 
thought of as a community lot where you have the ability to build and buy as 
well as allow several commands that community lots restrict. It is also 
constantly filled with other secret society members.

Getting into the secret society is easy if your sims get to know the right 
people. As a matter of fact, that pretty much describes the entire process of 
getting into the secret society, but first of all, make sure that if you are 
playing a custom university that you placed a secret society building out of 
the specialty lot selection in your university, or else consider yourself 
wasting time in the hunt.

The secret society doesn't actually exist in the university neighborhood; 
it's a hidden building that you can be driven to via limo any time of the day 
that you can call with the phone. In order to initially get into the secret 
society, you must become friends with three of its members, not best friends, 
just plain old ordinary friends and you can dump them after they have served 
their purpose should you choose to do so.

There are two ways to identify members of the secret society, the first is 
that they often, but not always wear black blazers with the llama emblem on 
them when out in public (But tend not to appear in them as often on 
residential lots until a member of that household joins). The second is that 
they are completely talentless bastards. 

Honestly, if you see someone performing music that completely sucks, chances 
are, they're a member of the secret society. Seriously, even the evil cow 
mascot, the cheer leaders and especially the drama professors are better at 
playing than any given member of the secret society. You'd be surprised what 
skill level some NPCs have, but not the secret society members; they 
practically zero on everything and have enough talent to fill a toothpaste 
cap. I generally recommend relying on the first method as it's a sure kill 
hint, but since members of the secret society seem to not always reveal 
themselves so easily to outsiders, their sheer lack of talent may pose a 
handy additional hint, at least in custom made neighborhoods. Secret society 
members seem to be randomly generated, so other than by coincidence, each 
university seems to have a different roster of them, and should one of them 
get into a slight accident with the cow plant, another will quickly come to 
take his or her place.

After befriending three of the members of the secret society, prepare 
yourself that night at 11:00 a clock for a little visit from them in their 
big black limousine and watch as they proceed to harass your sim with their 
stupid chicken handshake and their kinky handcuffs as they promptly arrest 
your sim and haul him or her back to their hive collective.

On an obscure note, the supposed secret society members who arrest and take 
you to the secret society are ironically adult police NPCs from the 
neighborhood, which is why you seem to never meet them at the actual secret 
society. In truth, they aren't actually secret society members, but then 
again, if you know that already, you'll probably also ignore the fact that 
they aren't really cops either, as they are really unemployed.


[7.02] Arriving At the Secret Society

Now that your sim is smack dab in the middle of the secret society and 
finding that it is indeed run by aimless idiots with nary a talent to spare, 
it's time to enjoy the riches of the elite. First off, your sim gains new 
abilities. Of particular note are the secret handshake and the ability to 
hack grades. Your sim also gets to suit up in one of those nifty black llama 
blazers and can enjoy the awesome items now available to you.

There are some fundamental differences at the secret society from normal and 
community lots. First off, upon getting into the secret society, you get your 
own funds of roughly 40,000 simoleans to spend upgrading the secret society 
and the ability to build and buy objects; yes even a bed. A sim can literally 
live in a secret society, but be warned that all money they receive from good 
grades goes to them should you pass final exams while being there. 

Every one of the three different base secret societies come with multiple 
career rewards, including the famous cow plant and a Resurrect-O-Nomitron, 
just in case any genius members of the secret society gets the munchies for 
cake, and trust me, if you take that thing out of it's pen, they most 
definitely will. You can also save your game anytime at the secret society, 
but it will return you back home upon reloading. The secret society also 
doesn't get any bills thankfully, and it would also seem that like community 
lots, it is virtually impossible to die by any way other than cow plant, as 
fires just don't seem to erupt and people fall of the brink of starvation and 
still apparently stay alive.


[7.03] The Secret Society and You

Well, it's time to face the church bells, your sim is the only competent one 
of the black clad bunch and it's time to do some heavy duty skill building. 
Case in point, the original set of career items that you have been looking 
forward to so longingly is virtually useless since all of the sims in the 
secret society have no talent whatsoever to teach you. You can still derive 
fun from them where normally building tough skills like charisma and cleaning 
are painfully boring tasks, but the key benefit they offer are gone with the 
lack of a coach, unless you happen to use a little trick I discovered that I 
will mention later that is a bit of indirect glitching. Only a single 
controllable sim can normally be at the secret society at any given time, but 
there are some ways to get around that, albeit rather inconveniencing.

Now that the secret society is part of your sim's life, all other sims that 
happen to know him or her will count him in as a friend on their way to 
getting abducted by the fine men and women in black. Essentially, joining the 
secret society has the domino effect should you have a multiple sims in 
university that are friends. If you had a protagonist sim who is friends with 
everybody in the neighborhood, this can become a great asset to everyone else 
trying to join the secret society. Unfortunately, it seems that no custom 
made or controlled sim ever can be found at the secret society normally, 
maybe it's because of the dreaded cow plant taking a portion of their upper 
torso as an appetizer, but I have over twelve sims in the secret society, and 
without a special trick, I have yet to see two of my own sims at the secret 
society at the same time. It would have been great if they did appear time to 
time so my lower classmen sims could learn skills faster, but it simply seems 
never to happen. They can shower handy aspiration rewards like Smart Caps 
around however, which is always a plus, but that's about the size of it for 

This might be another glitch more so than a solid play mechanic, but the 
first time a sim goes to the secret society, they get a fresh set of motives 
to use. You're given an independent and fresh new boost of motives that you 
can use to build skills and grades until your energy runs out in roughly half 
a day, then travel back home and pick up where you left off with your level 
of previous motives. This is a great way for some early skill building with 
little consequence, just don't do something stupid like... oh, eat rotten 
food and come down with food poisoning, get electrocuted or die via the back 
incisors of the cow plant, that's never a good thing.

Another note is that you have no access to any phone commands in the secret 
society outside of calling to go home. Ironically, little children can call 
to spam you, but you can't call to oh... refill the refrigerator, call a 
repairman, hire a maid, and invite friends or anything else that could have 
been extremely useful. Guess being a secret has its disadvantages, huh? You 
also can't seem to bring any new video games or magazines to the secret 
society, either.


[7.04] Different Types of Base Secret Society Buildings

The talentless bastards aside, you can't help but feel as part of a community 
when your first sim joins the crew. Whether it's official or not, you are now 
in charge of the entire secret society and whether it stagnates into static 
mediocrity or reigns with a mallet of innovative judgment is up to you, and 
this is where the following information comes in.

First of all, and this should be planned well in advance, is to know the 
difference between the three base secret societies that you can pick for your 
university and what they have to offer. A college town can only hold one 
secret society, so you must choose wisely. If you happen to be playing one of 
the ready made universities, Sim State University has Secret Society 2, La 
Fiesta Tech has Secret Society 3 and Academie Le Tour has Secret Society 


Secret Society 1:
A castle like formation surrounded by a moat filled with water.

Pros: Lot's of space, aesthetically pleasing design and the four university 
exclusive career rewards. The materials used to make the building and 
environment in general are also more expensive.

Cons: The fewest ordinary career rewards and an undeveloped kitchen.

Career Rewards: Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, Resurrect-O-Nomitron, Dr. Vu's 
Automated Cosmetic, Luminous Pro Antique Camera, Senso-Twitch Lie Detector.
Aspiration Rewards: Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine


Secret Society 2:
A dark manor furnished with an old fashion feel, and unfortunately cheap 

Pros: The most useful ordinary career rewards for hard to build skills and 
three of the four special career rewards. The easiest to expand of the three 
secret societies and comes with great aspiration reward freebies and quite 
good furniture and objects.

Cons: The original design is a bit cramp and narrow, so expansion becomes 

Career Rewards: Cow Plant, Resurrect-O-Nomitron, Luminous Pro Antique Camera, 
Execuputter, Senso-Twitch Lie Detector, and Prints Charming Fingerprinting 

Aspiration Rewards: The Eclectic and Enigmatic Energizer, Money Tree, Genuine 
Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine x 2


Secret Society 3:
An apparently small cottage in the middle of the desert

Pros: A good selection of career rewards, particularly the hydroponic garden 
and biotech station which are good for useful for raising money.

Cons: The awkward design and basement makes it hard to maneuver, it is also 
without a doubt the most difficult secret society to expand since it is not 
on leveled ground and has a basement. Unfortunately, it also only has two of 
the new career rewards.

Career Rewards: Cow plant, Resurrect-O-Nomitron, Prints Charming 
Fingerprinting Scanner, Aquagreen Hydroponic Garden, Simsanto Inc. Biotech 

Aspiration Rewards: Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine


[7.05] Expanding the Secret Society:

Okay, now that you have your secret society and have gotten into it the old 
fashion way, that or cheated, the later of which makes infinitely more sense, 
it's time to upgrade this bad boy. When you first enter your sim into the 
secret society, there are four things you should take into the consideration 
of doing, and trust me from experience that I regret not doing them the first 
time around.

1. Sell everything you don't like, it's still technically new, and so the 
price should be the same as its original value. Doing this on later visits 
means that the price will deflate like Enron stockholder party balloons, and 
the rough 40,000 simoleans in the secret society are surprisingly limited. 
Remember, just because they're secret doesn't mean that they have good taste. 
Upgrade any inferior basic items like stoves or computers and settle for 
quality, not quantity. Remember, your average NPC secret society is highly 
expendable, so pay them little attention unless they are already good 

2. Unless you happen to want to kill someone, keep the accursed cow plant in 
an enclosed room or fence. When I was doing construction, I took the cow 
plant out of its pen for two minutes and it made lunch meat sandwiches out of 
the nearest cake craving sim. I don't think your own sim's AI naturally tries 
to grab the cake, but having a bunch of ghosts floating around tends to be 
inconveniencing unless your sim is an knowledge aspiring sim that loves 
seeing things like that. Since young adults operate on time spent in college 
instead of age, the cow plant's milk will essentially not give them any 
benefits and is only useful for killing sims in the secret society. 
Fortunately, it does make for some amusing memories. I'll cover more fun with 
the cow plant in a section of its own.

3. Keep in mind that you can make everyone in the secret society leave on 
command. Your sim becomes the boss in the secret society, and when you do 
construction, nothing gets more annoying than stupid sims sitting in the way 
of you making a wall. So before you do any extreme renovations, ask everyone 
to leave.

4. Remodeling is expensive work and the undo button can only do so much. 
Unlike in free build mode on an empty lot where you move you sims in after 
creation, you must be very careful in where you make your modifications or 
else it will cost you extra to correct them, as you do not get the full price 
back from the fundamental building tools should you delete them, particularly 
walls. Needless to say, have a plan before you start to make your 


[7.06] Must Have Items For The Secret Society:

Not all of the secret societies start with these, but they become very useful 
very quickly:

1. A Double Bed: A secret society without a bed is like Voltron without a 
head, except less important... just by a bit. Unlike community lots, sims can 
sleep in beds at the Secret Society to restore energy, and is the only thing 
you need to for a sim to practically live at the Secret Society. 
Additionally, beds are the fundamental cornerstone of woohooing should your 
sim have an intimate relationship with one of the other members. Of note 
however, is that woohooing can be dangerous if your sim is lovey dovey with 
more than one member of the secret society, as apparently the act of woohoo 
sends out radio waves that pisses off any other love interests in the house 
and makes them slap happy.

2. Pool Table: It quickly becomes the magnet of the secret society members 
and you can use it to build relationships and hustle money, also one of the 
best ways to restore fun

3. Musical Instruments: Okay, secret society members might be talentless 
hacks, but they have deep pockets. Place the musical instruments in large 
populated area and collect tips. You can also freestyle for tips, but the 
instruments also have the effect of making the secret society members perform 
as well. Unfortunately, since they suck, you'll only be getting like 15 
simoleans after a hard day of them playing, but it's better than nothing, and 
they do it on their own. It seems that in many cases with The Sims 2: 
University, the money that other sims make goes to you, this should be one of 
those cases. Also, if a sim tips once, it's a good sign that they will tip 
again for a player of another instrument, and it's a good time to jump aboard 
and start playing with an actually talented sim for some descent money. A 
very creative sim can make 100 simoleans per a tip, and you can increase the 
chances of getting more money if you play in a populated area.

4. Microwave: A Cup o' Ramen will save your life and is quick to make with 
low potential for disaster, or at the worst in the kid gloved secret society, 
burnt food. When cooked by a master, a Cup o' Ramen can refill about half a 
hunger bar at record speed.

5. A Stereo: Dancing is an important social action and a little music never 
hurt when working out.

6. Exercise Machine: You can earn money by being a personal trainer, and 
since there are no body skill building career rewards at the secret 
societies, you're going to need to compensate with one anyway to complete the 
roster of skill building equipment that will go a long way to helping new 


[7.07] Ways to Make Money In the Secret Society

The secret society doesn't believe in bake sales, so there will eventually be 
a time when you will run out of money, and start looking for creative ways to 
make it. Some good methods involve performing music or free styling for tips 
or hustling other sims at pool, however, the best way is to use the Luminous 
Camera in Secret Societies 1 and 2 to take pictures and sell them for 100 
simoleans each. It still takes time, but it's better than relying on the 
mercy of tippers or the slow burn of painting a masterpiece unless your sim 
can sell them off for above 1000 simoleans with extreme practice. On a note 
of caution, regarding painting at the secret society, it seems that leaving a 
painting in mid progress and leaving the secret society with intent to 
continue it another time is a bad idea, as it would seem that if a sim from 
another household enters, progress on the painting by the original artist 
cannot be continued. 

Other methods of making money at the secret society also include selling 
flowers from the hydroponic garden in Secret Society 3, the counterfeit 
machine, money tree and selling medicine, but in terms of speed, the camera 
is the fastest. Of course, your sim can also have their grant go to the 
secret society by passing a final exam while at the secret society lot 
instead of to their personal bank account, but there is really not much 
reason for that unless you house is sprawling mansion with everything you 
could have ever wanted and you are giving to the secret society for charity.


[7.09] After Graduation:

Your sims seem to lose access to the secret society when they graduate, and 
return back to the neighborhood but they will always be able to take that fun 
little chicken dance of a Secret Handshake with them should they meet any of 
their fellow members to bring back good memories of a time when the cow 
plants didn't eat people... oh wait, too late for that.


Chapter 3: Making Money at University and Beyond

[8.00] Making Money at University

[8.01]Academic Grants: When Money Meets Motivation

Academic grants are your main source of income at university, so try to get 
good grades and with it good money, so that you too can enjoy the pleasures 
of life outside of dormitory damnation.

Fortunately or unfortunately, you can't take your fortune with you out of 
university. Upon graduation or dropping out, all money either disappears or 
goes to the remaining members of the household, I believe. Each sim gets 
20,000 simoleans when they arrive back at the neighborhood.

A+: 1,200 simoleans
A: 1,100 simoleans
A-: 1,000 simoleans
B+: 800 simoleans
B: 700 simoleans
B-: 600 simoleans
C+: 500 simoleans
C: 400 simoleans
C-:300 simoleans
D+ and below: 0 simoleans

[8.02] Odd Jobs and Other Sources of Income: 
When Mediocrity Meets Manual Labor

Without a real job to supply a steady source of income, your sims have to 
take up odd jobs to pay the bills if their monetary academic grants don't cut 
it. The following is a list of ways to make money in university.



You can work the coffee stand on community lots for a small but consistent 
paycheck after every given interval of time. The pay is about 16 simoleans 
per 12 minutes of game time. As an additional design note, the barista stand 
is designed to combine with one of the store counters seamlessly.


Similar to the above except that cafeterias exist in dorms as well, so it can 
be done at home where the heart is, not to mention fire, as every so often 
the elderly cooks make a slight mistake. The price for working at the 
cafeteria is less than that of a barista, paying 10 simoleans per about 12 
seconds of game time.

Bar Tender: 

Similar to the above two but with tending a bar for the same pay as being a 
barista, which is 16 simoleans for about 12 minutes game time.

Personal Trainer:
If you see another sim on an exercise machine and you have a higher body 
skill, you can become a personal trainer. Other sims who have higher body 
skill on the other hand can offer to train you, should you click on them 
while on an exercise machine and choose the command. Being a personal trainer 
pays about 70 simoleans an hour and raises the body skill of both trainer and 
trainee as they alternate turns on the machine. It would also make sense that 
the speed of building body skill is accelerated between the two involved 
somewhat. You can also be a personal trainer at home if you have the 
appropriate machinery. 


By clicking on another sim's homework when they are not doing it and having a 
higher GPA, you can offer to become their tutor and be paid in return. The 
reverse is apparently also true in regards to asking other sims to tutor your 
sim should their GPA be higher than yours. In order to get a computer 
controlled sim to leave their homework alone, you usually have to interrupt 
them with any given social action then click on the homework when they are 
distracted. Tutoring a sim for one full assignment pays around 54 simoleans.

Playing Music:

Unfortunately, to the disappointment of many, your sims can't officially form 
a band and go touring, but you can play on any stray music instruments you 
find lying about and get tips by performing on them. There are four musical 
instruments, a piano, a guitar, a bass and finally a drum kit. They can be 
played together in either Rock, Jazz or Country styles  or practiced with 
independently, although you will only get paid for performing not practicing, 
although some sims have a fear of getting booed at, so practicing isn't 
always a lost cause. Creativity is absolutely necessary, and you can get 100 
simoleans per tip if it is high enough. As a little know fact, the guitar 
object actually consists of two parts and you can indeed change color of the 
guitar after buying it using the design tool, although the option will not be 
available right off the bat when you see it in the catalogue.

Free Styling for Tips:

To free style for tips, click on your sim and have them select free style for 
tips under entertain. Free Styling, unlike playing instruments, seems to rely 
on charisma according to the game. It is rather fun to watch your sims 
bustin' rhymes in the sim language and it's especially interesting to see 
teenage Caucasian female sims doing it, as it completely defies the real life 
demographic in North America, although having them as elders might throw the 
demographic for an even bigger loop.

Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine: 

You can purchase the counterfeiting machine with the long ironic name in the 
aspiration reward catalogue for 27,750 points, but unfortunately, it's not as 
useful as you might think and has the chance of igniting in flames or 
summoning the cops, the former far more likely than the later, even with 
platinum aspiration. It is a good idea to put a sprinkler over it in case of 
a fire, and if you crank it long enough, it will most likely burst into 
flames. As for getting busted, it doesn't seem to happen often, but if it 
does, a cop car will pull up and you will be fined 1000 simoleans and your 
counterfeit machine confiscated.  However, if you happen to have strung along 
a sim slave that you really don't care about, you can make them crank the 
sucker for every waking moment of their lives and live off of their misery. 
This ideal seems especially keen if your sim is surrounded by zombie slaves 
of former secret society members. The Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting 
Machine makes about 150 simoleans an hour and works differently than you 
might originally think, as after you pump the sack with fake simoleans, you 
must retrieve it manually afterwards, if the counterfeit machine bursts into 
flames and gets burned down to the ground or confiscated by the cops, you'll 
also lose the money that was stored in the machine's sack.

Money Tree:

It'll take a small farm of these to make a difference, but for the 
financially impaired, maintaining about four of them might be worth their 
wild ultimately. If you don't water them after a long period of time, they 
will die and you will have to dispose of them. Also, if your aspiration is 
below platinum, you stand a chance of only getting a puny 1 simolean per 
harvest as opposed to the usual 40.

Writing a Novel:

If you don't have high creativity, then this is pretty much just a waste if 
them, but writing a novel can net you anywhere from 2000  to 3500 or so 
simoleans from what I have seen, that's quite the useful chunk of change. 
Unfortunately, writing novels aren't as rewarding as painting and seem to 
take forever. It takes about 27 hours to write a novel, and it seems that 
prices do not grow with additional practice past maximum creativity, unlike 

Selling A Masterpiece: 

Paintings continuously increase in price the more you have a sim paint, and 
in university, the money from them can go a surprisingly long way if you sim 
happens to have been specifically trained well past when their creativity 
skill capped Additionally, paintings will also go up in value with time, so 
if you intend to have your sim house continue a fine legacy of tradition, 
painting is a great way to go, but personally, I wouldn't recommend selling 
masterpieces as a primary form of income unless you sim has trained enough to 
sell them for over 1000 simoleans a piece, which is quite the feat as it is 
for a sim only at young adult stage.


[9.00] The Top of The New Careers: It's Lonely and You'll like It That Way

Upon graduating from university, your now adult sim will have four whole new 
careers open to them. I mentioned these new careers at the beginning of the 
FAQ, but what you really want to know is what they will be like when you 
reach the top of the career and which one will pay the most, have the most 
impressive outfits and carpools, right? Have no fear, for here I cover the 
wonderful world of higher education based occupation at their pinnacle!


 [9.01] Show Business: 

Top Position: Icon 
Daily Wage: 5022 simoleans 
Weekly Wage: 15066 simoleans
Work Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Work Hours: 4:00pm to 9:00pm

10 Charisma
10 Body
6 Logic
10 Creativity
14 Friends

For fans of the original The Sim's Superstar expansion, or people who live on 
planet Earth, it should be no surprise that Show Business is the best paying 
job in the game per week. In return for the high wage and great hours, it 
also requires the highest friend count and three skills at 10 instead of only 
2. The carpool for this job is a fairly standard helicopter, and the outfit 
is a surprisingly similar to workout cloths from what I have seen. Of special 
note is the job position in the same line of work called Commercial Actor, 
which has a hilarious outfit that is like something out of Ronald McDonald's 
worst nightmare.


[9.02] Natural Scientist:
Top Position: Ecological Guru: 
Daily Wage: 10,497
Weekly Wage: 10,497 
Workdays: Wednesday
Work Hours: 12 pm to 9am

10 Mechanical
8 Body
10 Logic
8 Cleaning
12 Friends

This job is excellent for sims who want to spend most of their time at home, 
since it has a record breaking daily wage and your sim only has to work one 
day out of the entire week! If you are planning to get your sim guy or gal to 
a comfortable point in their lives to raise a family, than Ecological Guru is 
a good job to have, however, it also holds the record for the absolute 
longest single work day out of any job, apparently 21 hours not counting the 
car pool! Fortunately, it doesn't kill mood and has a work outfit that has to 
be seen to believe. It might just be worth getting this job for the outfit 
alone! Also worth noting is that the Ecological Guru takes off for the sky to 
work in a similar fashion to Captain Hero, but their rather interesting 
attire makes it quite hilarious. 
[9.03] Paranormal:
Top Position: Cult Leader
Daily Wage: 4725
Weekly Wage: 9450
Workdays: Tuesday and Saturday
Work Hours: 6pm to 3am

7 Cooking
10 Charisma
10 Creativity
9 Cleaning
13 Friends

Statistically the least beneficial of the four new jobs with longer work 
hours for two days and less pay, you do get the satisfaction of knowing that 
people believe in your sim quite religiously. Honestly, I don't know why 
anyone would aim for the top of the paranormal career aside from the 
Resurrect o' Nomitron that can be snagged on the way, since even the job 
promotions leading up to it don't particularly have an initial higher wage 
punch to offset the final job's lesser profit margin, but eh, when you are 
respected and feared as being a super natural force to be reckoned with, it 
sure does feel good to be alive. The Paranormal field might also have some 
good Chance Cards going for it. 

Cult leaders take off for work in a surprisingly normal white turtleneck 
outfit and go via helicopter, although it should be noted that the Exorcist 
outfit in the same career one level down is quite unique and collection 
worthy, looking like something a shaman would wear.


[9.04] Artist:
Top Position: Visionary
Daily Wage: 4549
Weekly Wage: 13647
Work Days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Work Hours: 1pm to 6pm


6 Cooking
10 Mechanical
7 Charisma
10 Creative
13 Friends

The Visionary is almost as much of a powerhouse as the Icon, with good hours 
and wages on a different schedule. Your artist will be taken in style to work 
in a sports car similar to the carpool for the Celebrity Chef and Hall of 
Famer careers. The outfits of choice for a Visionary are black turtleneck 
slacks, but to tell the truth, I was expecting something a little more 


[9.05] Chance Cards: Actually More Horrifying Than the Cow Plant

Chance cards are random events that offer you the choice to select one of two 
outcomes that appear randomly when your sim is off to work. They have the 
potential to make or break your sim's career and financial future. For the 
record, there is no right or wrong answer for chance cards. Each outcome you 
select has the potential to be either right or oh so very wrong and has 
prewritten dialogue to match accordingly, although it would seem from 
experience that some answers are more often right than others. In The Sims 2 
University, the new careers also have chance cards, but it seems that they 
don't appear for every single job position on the way up the ladder.

Unless you are playing the game straight up with no reloads, you should 
always take a chance with Chance Cards instead of ignore them, because in the 
worst case scenario, you'll just read a humiliating wrong answer before you 
reload, and at it's best you'll gain some great bonuses. The bonuses 
typically include a promotion, skill bonuses, money or a combination, but the 
results of picking a wrong answer are usually in the area of skill loss, a 
hefty fine, losing your job or a demotion.

In the new careers, the chance cards are multiple times more powerful in 
effect, that or several times weaker. To tell the truth, originally I was 
debug testing chance card results with the new careers and was shocked by 
some of the outrageous sums of money that were displayed, but on later 
testing there seems to be a rather odd phenomenon where the number of zeroes 
after a number changes. For example, the first time I tested it, the Natural 
Scientist position, Rogue Botanist had a chance card with a result of getting 
15,000,000 simoleans for picking the right answer or an instant promotion to 
the top of the career (That's pretty much jumping four promotions in one 
leap) should the other answer be right! In later testing however, three 
zeroes mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a puny 15,000 when the answer 
was right and getting as little as only $50 simoleans from some other answers 
that should have clearly paid more. Chance cards for the original careers can 
yield nice large bonuses of 50,000 to 80,000 or so simoleans, so it would 
seem awkward that the new careers would pay less than this.

As it stands, I'm not sure what the actual sums of money should be for 
succeeding with these cards but seeing as how 15,000,000 simoleans is enough 
to make a house big enough to crash your computer twice and give your fingers 
a work out with even the motherlode cheat, it doesn't hurt to try and take a 
dive at least once. Unfortunately, testing chance cards without cheating is 
difficult, as your computer will implode from reloading as well as the 
patience of any mortal man, so any solid facts on my side are quite 
uncertain. Number shifting aside, the Natural Scientist career seems to have 
the most powerful chance cards of the new four careers.

[10.00] The New Career Rewards: How They Can Ruin Other People's Lives
[10.01] Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic: When Botox Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

Obtained At: Show Business Level 6

Ignoring the fact that every sim in the game pretty much has enough botox 
injected into them to paralyze an African rain elephant, it is still 
important for sims to look their best. Of course, that's what you'd think 
everyone would use it for, but we all knew when we first heard about this fun 
facial factory what most people would use it for and that's giving random 
assorted playable sims that you don't care about the face of a pretzel. The 
purpose of this career reward is strictly cosmetic, but it's great to know 
that it exists so you can give your sim a complete makeover without gene 
scrambling. Couple this item with the mirror and pretty much the only thing 
you can't change is skin tone and eye color. 

Say, wasn't Dr. Vu the guy mentioned in the write up of the goldfish tank? 
Would you really trust someone who's famous for having no treasure in their 
sunken treasure refrigerator to make a product to rearrange your face? Well, 
that's a good question, because Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic can indeed go 
postal, grappling onto your sim's face like a proverbial Alien face hugger 
and give your sim a face of traumatically random proportions. This seems to 
happen to sims with low skill points, specifically mechanical, but might also 
be a side effect of low aspiration, it is difficult to tell since it is 
mostly random. The moral of the story is, as history has taught us frequently 
on the news and in the tabloids, cosmetic surgery is great and trendy, but 
when things go wrong, they tend to go very wrong.


[10.02] Laganaphyllis Simnovorii: 
What Laganaphyllis Simnovorii Means To You and Your Sim:

Obtained At: Natural Scientist Level 6

Short answer would be death... oh and the benefits of other's to you.

The mighty Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, affectionately known as the cow plant, 
is single handedly the most dangerous known force in The Sims 2 universe, 
more so than zombies, aliens, and the reaper, and has only been matched in 
terms of sheer horror to the social bunny and the now extinct jump bug. Never 
before has there been a closer way in the sims universe to actually murder 
another sim until the cow plant. Sure, you could always use the ladderless 
swimming pool or the towering inferno love child of bad cooking, but that 
could have all been attributed to the work of a greater power, in other 
words, you.

So what makes the cow plant so udderly horrific, well, to start the ball 
rolling, it eats your neighbors whole by luring them with it's cake like 
tongue, then coverts them into digestible form in which your sims can drink 
and has a similar effect to the Elixir of Life. The animators did an 
outstanding of bringing the cow plant to life and how it eats sims, it makes 
you questionably lunch touchy feely whenever sims you actually like wander 
even close to that abomination. You can also feed it normally for a small 
price needed to buy assorted giant animal parts, which is 35 simoleans, but 
where's the fun in that?  

Feeding the cow plant normal meat doesn't yield any milk, unfortunately. It 
is simply a way to satisfy its hunger temporarily so it doesn't chomp down on 
anyone. Fortunately, it seems that your own sim's AI will never be dumb 
enough to go for the sim eating plant's cake tongue, but your neighbors will 
be attracted to it like flies to a lamp. It takes approximately eleven to 
twelve hours for the cow plant to become hungry, and this time is taken to 
account even after it has eaten a sim and is milk ready, so if you milk it 
after a twelve hour wait, it will instantly be hungry and have the hunch to 
munch again. An interesting fact about the cow plant is that it apparently 
refuses to eat sims with low hygiene and this includes freshly made zombies, 
so make sure you give your new zombies a shower before you recycle them into 
life juice yet again.

After milking and drinking a sim, your sim gets the memory of having drunk 
previously mentioned sim, and it definitely doesn't sound like they are very 
remorseful about the source for their new found beverage. Another factor 
about death via cow plant is that it is instant; the reaper doesn't stop by 
to even claim the sim's soul. Additionally, sims don't have bad memories 
about sims dying this way, guess the cow plant is just a natural part of life 
and death in the sim world. In case you are wondering, sims that get the 
chomp by the cow plant come back as light green ghosts, easily confused with 
their death by disease neighbors. Cow plant ghosts spend the glamorous night 
away in constant torment of provoking the cow plant that ate them with a leg 
of ghostly meat, only never to be eaten or to be allowed to give up until the 
night passes.

The cow plant can be found first at any of the secret societies, too bad it 
doesn't do a thing for young adults since their path through university is 
based on academic semesters, not Elixir of Life effecting age. In case you 
were wondering, a sim can drink themselves if they are eaten by the cow 
plant, resurrected, then drink from the cow plant that killed them, it's 
quite disturbing really. After you graduate, the cow plant can be obtained as 
a career reward from being in the Natural Science field when you reach Rogue 

Unlike one drink from the Elixir of Life that sets back time for three days, 
the Cow Plant restores five days worth of your sims life. A commonly unknown 
fact is that you can actually drink either of the two when your sim is at the 
very beginning of a life stage, and it will have a buffer effect for the same 
amount of days as it usually restores. For example, an adult at 29 days to 
elder who drinks cow plant milk will not age for the next five days. Although 
it doesn't make sense, I've tested it enough times for it to be reliable and 
consistent, so I believe it to be universally true.


[10.03] Resurrect-O-Nomitron: Fun with Raising The Dead... Again

Obtained At: Paranormal Level 5

The Resurrect-O-Nomitron is a much needed addition to The Sims 2 where life 
is already very fleeting, especially if you happen to be a player that oh... 
tries to kill their sims for a the lack of an euphemism. Basically, the 
Resurrect-O-Nomitron is a phone with a direct line to the grim reaper who you 
can bargain with to bring a dearly departed sim back, had you somehow missed 
the boat to plead when the grim reaper came to visit the first time around to 
claim souls. Apparently, even death needs money, and so in order to revive 
the dearly departed, you have to part with your hard earned money. If you 
really love your sim, then you'll probably pay enough to get them back on 
their feet as they were, however, if you really could care less, then there 
are a couple of extra defects that might be included in the revival package, 
better known as zombies.
Funniest thing you'll ever see in The Sims 2 so far; a zombie streaking. 
Seriously, you have to see this to believe just how funny it is. Zombie 
making is a facet of The Sims 2 University that you should go into at least 
once. So how do you get a zombie you may ask? It's simple! All you have to do 
is be a cheap bastard when reviving a sim with the Resurrect-O-Nomitron! For 
best results with the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, you should spend at least 8500 
simoleans, but that's just too much to spend for the priceless gift of life, 
so if you want a zombie, just spend roughly 1000 simoleans and your 
previously resting in peace sim will come back horribly wrong, even if they 
died at platinum aspiration after a glorious long life. Now most sims dread 
this, but not knowledge aspiring sims, they love to animate the dead, and 
some even want to be resurrected as zombies, to why in heaven they would want 
this is beyond me, but as mentioned earlier, knowledge aspiring sims tend to 
remember very bad super natural things in a rather good light. On the flip 
side, family aspiring sims are very easily traumatized by bringing back the 
dead incomplete, quite understandably, so if you are going to have a zombie 
maker in the family, make them a knowledge sim.

Zombies are different from ordinary sims in many ways. First of all, they 
can't run or skip. The options to run and skip are available if they regain 
the right personality, but all they can do in actual execution is the mighty 
funky zombie shamble. Second of all, they can't normally reproduce, so 
raising biological children is out of the question (Although male zombies 
might be able to get pregnant via alien abduction), third is that they don't 
age, although this doesn't stop a zombie teen from going to university and 
becoming an adult. The fourth is that their personalities come back twisted 
and sucky, generally consisting of only four points of outgoing, two points 
of active and one point of playful, and if you didn't notice, they don't 
particularly look happy to be back in their portrait image either. 

Once you raise a zombie they will always be a zombie, even if you killed them 
yet again and brought them back via a perfect resurrection -- twice. 
Essentially, after you get a zombie sim, you really have to resist the urge 
to off him or her a second or third time using the cow plant. Zombies also 
frequently think about brains, whether to eat them or to play soccer with 
them is unclear at this point in time.

There are four different results from paying the reaper various prices with 
the Resurrect-O-Nomitron:

1. 987: No resurrection and all the money spent is wasted 

2. 988 - 4127: Resurrected as a zombie with horrible motive levels and 
steaming mad at the sadistic cheapskate who brought them back from the great 
beyond. Also of note is that they have lost most of their personality and 
lose six skill points in every area.

4128 - 8512: Sim is resurrected normally, but with reverse personality and a 
loss of four skill points in every area. In case you are getting ideas 
similar to the reverse to perfect personality yellow potion trick in the 
original The Sims, it wouldn't work, since all custom sims must allocate all 
25 points somewhere so you have to have a sim that was massively discouraged 
or encouraged either way. However, if you kill a zombie a second time and 
bring them back this way, you can convert their crappy personality to a 
rather positive one.

8513 - 10000: Sim is resurrected perfectly with healthy motives and the 
relationship between the previously departed and the reviver gets a healthy 

The reason the prices are a bit wavy, is because the adjustment bar works on 
a slightly insensitive price bar, similar to when you buy food. It's 
generally easier to remember by rounding off. Oh! One last thing, the grim 
reaper is actually a great guy and loves children! You can perfectly revive a 
child for 1000 simoleans and above which is basically the price of bringing 
back a zombie. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on if you are Satan or 
not, (Hey, even death loves children, apparently) Maxis made it impossible to 
make a child zombie so instead you get a super discount on bringing back 
children, although paying under 1000 will net you the usual nothing.


[10.04] Luminous Pro Antique Camera:  
Photographing Other Sim's Deaths for Profit And Fun
Obtained At: Artist Level 5

If a picture could tell a thousand words, then there wouldn't be a need for 
books, that's why picture books were invented, but that's completely beside 
the point when you get this nifty camera in the art career that comes in two 
different styles. It can take portraits or landcape pictures with different 
effects ranging from light burst to vignettes. So what do you do with this 
new found power? Abuse it of course, take pictures of a blank wall and sell 
them for 100 simoleans each in the name of modern art and watch as those 
highbrow chin stroking bastards try to figure out the meaning of life. Well, 
that and you can hang them up on walls and put them on desks, quite handy I 
must say. Pictures look different from paintings and are smaller and have 
frames, however, the process to make one is incomparably faster, taking only 
a few I in game minutes as opposed to hours, and other sims can join and pose 
for the camera for fun in an attempt to meet all your quality composition 
control needs. Well, that and you can take pictures of sim's mystical journey 
to meet their maker, but eh, it's really hard to get the timing just right 
for that.


Chapter 4: New Game Play Mechanics

[11] Under the Influence:

Sure, you could be a model of society and use your influence only for good, 
but where the heck is the fun in that? The whole point of making sims do 
things against their free will is to make them do things that are, well, 
pretty much against their free will. Before diving into the evils of the 
wrong kind of influence, I will give a run down on influence levels and how 
to get points.


[11.01] Influence Level
Influence ability is divided into five levels and determines the maximum 
amount of influence a sim can hold at any given time. Naturally, influence 
level can be increased by making friends.

Level 1: Puny Pleader
Influence Capacity: 2000
0 Friends

Level 2: Common Cajoler
Influence Capacity: 4000
1 Friend

Level 3: Suave String Puller
Influence Capacity: 6000 
3 Friends

Level 4: Powerful Persuader
Influence Capacity: 8000
6 Friends

Level 5: Master Manipulator
Influence Capacity: 10000
12 Friends

[11.02] Influence Points

Influence points can be received by fulfilling wants with blue brackets 
around them, these usually, but not always are around wants with a theme of 
becoming more powerful or more popular instead of more small scaled wants 
like eating food or going to class. Influence is easy to come by for socially 
aspiring sims like Popularity, Romance and Family, but proves more difficult 
for Fortune and Knowledge aspiring ones to obtain and use regularly and 
perpetually. As an important note, in Greek Houses, sims who have pledge can 
be influenced with zero cost until their trial is up and they become full 
members, in which time you can completely ruin their lives.

Here is a following list of things that can be done with influence:

The Sims 2: University Base Influence Actions

Talk: 500
Entertain: 500
Appreciate: 500
Flirt: 1000
Play: 1000
Pull Prank with Sprinklers: 1000
Put Soap in Fountain: 1000
Prank: 1000
Fight: 1500
Hug: 1500
Kiss: 1500
Do My Assignment: 2000
Garden: 2000
Repair: 2000
Clean: 2500
Cook: 2500
Write My Term Paper: 2500

The Sims 2: University + Nightlife Influence Actions

Bite Neck: 1000
Drink Vamprocillin-D: 1000
Serve Grill Cheese Sandwiches: 2500
Sing Karaoke: 1000
Sing With: 1000

[11.03] Being A Good Influence:

Influence is limited in the constructive area, typically, writing a term 
paper, gardening and cleaning are the best bets but cost quite a bit. Since 
serving food and repairing depends on skill, don't be surprised if the sim in 
question does a crappy job of what is asked of them and ends up making a 
slight miscalculation on their life expectancy in the process. 

During parties, the sim being the host will also often have wants to 
influence another sim to play, talk, entertain, appreciate and prank another 
sim, although on rare occasions they may want them to put soap a fountain, 
which is always fun to watch. Unfortunately, regarding social interaction 
influences, the sim being influenced will randomly pick an interaction out of 
the chosen category, and it may very well backfire in their face. Oh well, 
their fault, not yours. 

Of all of the influence abilities, writing up a term paper is by far the most 
useful one available and is well worth the steep 2,500 price. It may seem 
obvious, but it is almost completely pointless to have a sim influence 
another sim that you already control unless it is an ability out of their 
social range, such as fighting or kissing. Influence works on complete 
strangers to best friends, but if you are trying to influence a sim who 
clearly hates the sim asking, then there is a good chance the request will be 
rejected regardless, although no points will be spent.

[11.04] Being A Bad Influence:

Wow, there is so much fun to be had from having your sim control other weak 
puny minded sims around that it is metaphorically a bucket of worms waiting 
to be tossed at an art critic. In this segment, I will discuss what advanced 
fun can be had from abusing influence.

1. How to Light Up another Sim's Life

Do you have a broken dishwasher or garbage compactor around just begging to 
be fixed? Those who are no strangers to the modern world of technology in The 
Sims 2 know that even the best of mechanics can get a shock or two from 
trying to repair the potentially most hazardous electronic objects in the 
game. So what is the reason that you should put your beloved sims at risk 
when you can just chuck an expendable stranger into the electronic fray and 
celebrate a well lit Christmas without a Christmas tree? The answer is that 
there isn't one, and by influencing a talentless sim to repair your broken 
electronic equipment, you aren't just sharing your time and energy, you're 
literally giving it away in big hair raising doses of potentially fatal 
electrifying excitement. 

Long story in short, have a sim with no skill in mechanics repair a 
dishwasher or garbage compactor, and there's a good chance they'll get deep 
fried. Unfortunately or fortunately, it seems never to get them to the point 
of actually dying, as sims not in play seem to have a natural resistance 
against dying that involves walking away whenever their needs are too low and 
are just generally more difficult to kill via need depravation.

2. Grill and Kill

A sim in the kitchen who doesn't know how to cook is a dangerous weapon to 
him or herself. With that in mind, influencing any sim to cook who can't cook 
is a recipe for hot smokey suicide. There's a fair chance that they wouldn't 
screw up though, and that's where you can help, by simply misplacing the 
stove or oven when the food is cooking so they wouldn't be able to reach it 
to take the food out. Of course, this can be done with any sim that you 
control, but who wants a bad fire related memory when someone else can pay 
the piper? This is handy incase you have a sim who wants to beat the grim 
reaper, although it typically is better if your sim had a high relationship 
to the victim.

Fire is a tricky thing in the sims, you never know for sure if it'll kill a 
sim but you can be sure that it'll at least traumatize them well into their 
golden years if they happen to burst into flames before bursting into song 
and dance. On a more practical note, service sims are the only NPC sims worth 
influencing to cook for you, as quite often they will have the necessary 
skill levels to make a good meal. Regular townies, on the other hand, are 
frequently incompetent in the kitchen and will take out a pitiful Instant 
Meal for that hard earned 2,500 influence you invested in their sloth.

3. Romantic Havoc:

Because polygamy is an alien concept to the sims, lovey dovey sims can often 
be very clingy when it comes to their potential love interests, so why not 
incite a little Armageddon of affection by having any random sim kiss another 
sim who is already in a relationship with him or her? The irony is that a sim 
under influence in this respect can piss off their influencer by kissing, 
hugging or flirting with their potential love interests, giving a perfect 
scapegoat of an excuse to break up without being at fault, so if you are the 
kind of person who loves messy, overly complicated soap opera plot arcs, this 
might be quite the good idea.

4. What Violence Means To Your Sim

Getting ticked off enough to beat the bloody pulp out of another sim is not 
an easy task in this game, especially between good friends. So how do you 
make best friends fight when their relationship is souring on wings of love? 
Why you have a third sim influence one of them of course, and if you are 
lucky, you'll get one sim to attack another sim instead of just poke, shove 
or slap them. This is actually an excellent way to break off those annoying 
one sided love relationships, and further more, it is the only practical way 
for Popularity sims to meet the "Win A Fight" want without having to act like 
a complete villain, albeit the "Win A Fight" want is very rare it would seem. 
You can also have two sims influence two other sims to fight among themselves 
and have a fun game of "puppet fighter".


[12.00] Lifetime Wants:

I love this new feature in The Sims 2: University! Now sims have ultimate 
desires that are randomly selected depending on their aspiration type, and 
upon completion of them, they will receive platinum aspiration for life! No 
more worrying about dips in the meter and crappy work days, full platinum 
aspiration will let you soar through the rest of that sims life like a dove 
out of a rocket launcher and guarantee they end their life on a good note 
(Well, unless "death from above" says otherwise). There are a small handful 
of lifetime wants that can be completed as a teenager, such as maximizing all 
skills or making 20 simultaneous best friends, but for the most part, the 
rest of the aspirations that are career and family oriented have to wait till 
your sim has graduated from university. Children also do not have Lifetime 
Wants until they mature into teenagers and solidify their aspiration type 
from their default "Grow Up" aspiration. So what happens when your sim 
completes one Lifetime want? Well, they ironically spring another one.

The easiest selection of wants belong to the Fortune and Popularity and are 
usually career oriented, but the most difficult belong to the family aspiring 
sim, as they can encompass a generation and offspring. 

From information on Tostada's part on the www.gamefaqs.com forums, you can 
randomly receive a new lifetime want by removing the occupied lot with the 
sim on it to the Houses and Lots bin. Unfortunately, this effectively also 
cuts off all relationships in the neighborhood in the process. It's a drastic 
measure for a well established sim, but it may quite a useful tactic when you 
want to customize that newly created sim just a bit more. If you happen to 
have The Sims 2: Nightlife, then there is a much easier way to change 
Lifetime Wants, and that is to use the ReNuYu Senso Orb. Just pick another 
aspiration and you'll get a new Lifetime Want to go with it, and if you liked 
your previous aspiration more, you can always switch back, since the career 
reward is so affordable.

Originally, I had some conflicting reports on which lifetime wants do and do 
not actually exist, however, after thoroughly testing sims who have witness 
aliens and who have graduated from university on different levels of success, 
I have eliminated the ones that I personally have never seen. Since The Sims 
2: Nightlife introduced the ReNuYu Senso Orb which I used extensively in 
shifting Lifetime Wants, I can now say with little doubt that the following 
lifetime wants do exist:

Earn 100,000
Become Hall of Famer (Athletic Career)
Become Chief of Staff (Medical Career)
Become Criminal Mastermind (Criminal Career)
Become Business Tycoon (Business Career)

Maximize 7 Skills
Become Chief of Staff (Medical Career)
Become Criminal Mastermind (Criminal Career)
Become Mad Scientist (Science Career)

Graduate 3 Children from College
Marry off 6 Children
Have 6 Grand Children
Reach Golden Anniversary
Become Captain Hero (Law Enforcement Career)

Woohoo with 20 Different Sims
Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Become Professional Party Guest (Slacker Career)
Become Celebrity Chef (Culinary Career)
Become Hall of Famer (Athletic Career)

Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends
Become Mayor (Politics Career)
Become General (Military Career)
Become Celebrity Chef (Culinary Career)
Become Captain Hero (Law Enforcement Career)

Pleasure Seeker: (Only with The Sims 2: Nightlife)
Become a Professional Party Guest
Have 50 First Dates
Have 50 Dream Dates

Apparently, the Lifetime Wants regarding having children be abducted by 
aliens and ones that involve university graduates either don't exist, or are 
impractically rare to obtain, as such, I have removed them from the list 
having concluded after going nuts trying to obtain them.

[13] Household Merging: 

Household merging is an excellent and much desired new feature to The Sims 2. 
Now instead of families, the residents of a house are grouped into 
households, and the ability to merge two different households together is 
possible at both university and in ordinary neighborhoods. This allows more 
freedom in choosing which sims live together as you will no longer have to 
worry about marrying your way into a family as your only course of action.

Even arch enemies now can live together and allow hilarity to ensue, but a 
more practical strategy for both university and the ordinary neighborhoods is 
to have a single powerful and skilled master household with a huge house and 
a full arsenal of career and aspiration items take in new or underdeveloped 
members of the neighborhood and train them with career rewards and smart caps 
without worry of financial failure. After my main sim left for college, her 
parents have been doing this ever since and it has been a tremendous help, 
since their gigantic house and 700,000 simoleans weren't really going 
anywhere. As such, my main sim's parents have in effect, trained every custom 
sim in the neighborhood and have made them into skilled successful 
individuals in much less time. Having one sim household take in another one 
can be a tremendous help, and Greek and ordinary houses in University can 
also employ a similar technique, although career rewards will not be 
available to young adults, save for the diploma.


Chapter 5: Miscellaneous


[14] NPCS:

This section covers the new NPCs but also reviews some of the classic 
supernatural ones, as there are many unique things about them that some 
players might have missed on.
[14.01] The House Crashers:

There are five main NPCs that crash your home randomly at university. NPC, of 
course, stands for Non-Player Character, but I use the term in particular to 
service or sims with special roles in society outside of merely existing, 
otherwise I'd just call then Townies, hahahaha. You can befriend any NPC, but 
they will act normally if you invite them, rather than if they spontaneously 
come crash your house.

1. Mascot: Wearing the fabled favorite animal of Maxis tradition as his 
spirit embodied, this enthusiastic Llama suit wearing academic zealot has 
very few gripes about running into your house to school cheer each and every 
single person, multiple times in fact. He will also protect your sims from 
the evils of the cow mascot. Somehow though, he just seems to ask for a water 
balloon in the face. 

2. Evil Mascot: Dressed like a cow with a mean streak a mile wide, the Evil 
Mascot is the Mascot's nasty counterpart, and comes to your house with the 
sole intent of belching, pranking, teasing and generally ruining your sim's 
day, even if you happened to make your sims best friends with him. The evil 
mascot is particularly annoying to have during parties as he or she decreases 
party scores with his almost full focus on negative social interactions. 
Fortunately, the cheer leader and the mascot are all too happy to beat the 
seven shades of gray out of this cow suit toting pest and make him run away. 
In theory, having one of your sims attack the cow mascot should have the same 

3. Cheer Leader: Crashing into your house with enthusiasm only rivaled by the 
Mascot, the cheer leader is all too happy to join in the parade of endless 
chanting of the school cheer, whether you want to hear it or not. The cheer 
leader is also another arch enemy of the evil mascot, and believe it or not, 
she's usually a vicious fighter with maximum body skill that can whoop the 
butts of the vast majority of people who challenge her. She makes a great 
personal trainer if she could just get her to settle down. Unlike virtually 
every NPC in the game, the cheer leader is the only NPC that always seems to 
be female, which does kind of make sense if you think about it.

4. Coach: An old man or woman who comes to your house to yell at your sim and 
make them work out. Really serves very little function, since if you ever 
really wanted to work out, you should go to a community lot with exercise 
equipment, but eh, how often is it in real life that your coach domestically 
harasses you?'

5. Streaker: Like the people we all know and love, streakers have nary an 
inhibition when it comes to better things like modesty, and come dashing into 
your house as naked as the day they were born, only to dash straight out 
again, in which time you can always torment them by having one of your sims 
prank them. 

It would seem that every house gets one of each to appear and that specific 
NPC will haunt the house for the rest of it's existence, while you might 
encounter a different cast of the same characters with different names while 
playing other houses, so it's not always such a horrible idea to say, 
befriend the evil mascot.

[14.02] New Service Sims

The Cafeteria Worker:

1. Cafeterias close late at night and open early in the morning, and 
fortunately for you, this old guy or gal is there to help keep your sims from 
the brink of starvation. They also have a good sense of humor and often laugh 
at the more involuntary functions of the sim anatomy. Unfortunately, just 
like any other sim, they have the occasional kitchen fire in which you better 
home to high heaven hope that there is a sprinkler system nearby or they and 
anybody else in the room will be doing the potty dance to the warmth of a 
roaring fire.

If you are interested in building a cafeteria of your own on community lots 
or in dorms with the cheat, there are two items that you need. The first is 
the Shinytop Stove (Should be the shiny second most expensive one) and the 
second are kitchen islands. For those unfamiliar with domestic dining 
definitions, a kitchen island is a self standing counter top that is meant to 
be put in the middle of the room as opposed to against a wall. In The Sims 2: 
University, you can also tack on a bar stool to a kitchen island and double 
it as a dining table, as well as a place to serve and prepare food. It seems 
that cafeteria workers simply just materialize the ingredients out of thin 
air without the need of a fridge.

2. Bartender: 

To tell the truth, this NPC just seemed so natural that I couldn't remember 
if he/she was a part of the core game or not, but I'm listing them anyway. 
Unlike cafeteria workers, bartenders can be hired for parties to come over to 
your house, tend your bar and make drinks. At community lots, unlike 
cafeteria workers, bartenders can work 24 hours a day, and although drinks 
don't do much to increase motives, the new groovy juice bar looks very neat 
and really adds to the atmosphere of community lots. Your sim can also work 
as a bartender if you click on the current bartender and choose the 
appropriate command. Bartenders tend to go and shoot pool or play other games 
if they get board.

3. Barista: 

A very handy NPC that you can find at community lots for when your sim starts 
running out of steam. With baristas around, your sim can essentially last on 
community lots forever without having to worry about fainting when you get 
home. Normally, sims can't faint in community lots, but since you have 
infinite time in neighborhood community lots to drink up on coffee and refill 
the rest of your needs, you can actually go to a community lot to restore all 
your motives now, and thanks to the baristas, that includes energy, although 
you should make sure that there is a washroom nearby, because you are 
definitely going to need it. Unfortunately, since at university time still 
ticks down when you are at community lots, this method is not highly 


[14.03] Supernatural NPCs

Although part of the core game, I still often hear questions about these fun 
loving demons, and so, I decided to do an additional write up on them.

1. Social Bunny: 

A great deal of questions are often asked about the social bunny, our 
imaginary furry friend that comes down to earth when one's social needs make 
them coocoo in the coconut. Social bunnies are arguably cute, and slightly 
worn out.

Originally, I thought that the Social Bunny was a reference to the cult film 
Donny Darko's evil semi-imaginary bunny rabbit Frank, however, Chris 
Biberstein informed me recently after this FAQ was written that Frank was 
actually inspired by a much earlier movie called Harvey which had a rabbit 
much closer in purpose to the Social Bunny than Frank. There are of course 
debates on the chain of inspiration, but for the most part, this is what I 
have come to accept as fact. More information on the movie Harvey can be 
found at:


Social Bunnies can be interacted with in many different ways, including 
beating them up, however, what you might not know is that if you get two or 
more sims imagining Social Bunnies, they will start interacting with each 
other. Social bunnies come in a lovely variety of colors and I've seen pink, 
yellow and blue ones all together at once, it's rather entertaining. 
Depending on the color of the Social Bunny, their social interactions with 
each other will be different. 

Social Bunnies of the same color will hate each other and will poke, shove, 
irritate and attack other Social Bunnies of that one color, but will be 
friendly and even a bit intimate with Social Bunnies of a different color. In 
case you are wondering, the Social Bunny is normally immortal and can stand 
over a tower of smoldering flames without even flinching. I do find it ironic 
though that a lot of players have tried to kill the social bunny by setting 
him on fire, only to kill their own sim, as it seems to state the nature of 
the universe. As an entertaining note though, you can use the Sim Vac to suck 
aspiration from the Social Bunny, although not skill, as he or she doesn't 
have any.

2. The Psychiatrist: 

The psychiatrist appears when your sim's aspiration reaches an all time low, 
its time for their imaginary doctor friend to bring them back to gripes with 
reality, but not before they get some quality time to humiliate themselves. 
Like the Social Bunny, the psychiatrist is an imaginary friend, so other sims 
when selected other than the one going crazy will not be able to see him. One 
of the most effective ways to suck a sim's will to live is to use the Sim Vac 
on absorb aspiration setting, it's fun to watch post vacuum trauma in action, 
the second would be to specifically exploit there fears.

3. The Grim Reaper:
The Grim Reaper, or just Death for short, comes to your lot every time a sim 
shuffles off their mortal coil, and if you have seen him as frequently as I 
have, you start to like him. Death can be pleaded with by a fellow sim to 
spare the soul of the fallen, however, the better their relationship with sim 
in question, the more likely he or she will be spared. Upon being saved from 
death, the previously departed sim will gain a nice memory of their 
experience and have a nice positive boost of relationship to their savior. On 
the other hand, if there relationship isn't all that good, then Death is more 
likely to win and leave only a tombstone behind of the dearly departed. It 
should also be noted that if a sim dies of old age at platinum mood, hula 
girls will appear with Death and he will offer the sim who is past his or her 
time a nice tropical cocktail as they take their ghostly suitcase and leave 
for the afterlife. Speaking of which, I think "The Sims 2 Afterlife" would be 
a great expansion pack.

If you accidentally off your entire household, you will get a nice little 
message regarding the reaper and the fine literary scientists behind the game 
scolding you for your lack of virtual responsibility. Let's see now... there 
are about three or four of these. One is like a personal's ad for the Grim 
Reaper, saying that he's a Taurus and all that fun (Even though he's actually 
a Cancer), another is Maxis enlightening you that The Sims 2 is in fact, not 
a murder simulator (Who knew?), the third basically tells you that the great 
equalizer has taken it's toll and to recycle the house and move a new batch 
of victims... errr... I mean residents in. In case you were wondering, and 
you probably were not, the game itself says that the Grim Reaper graduated 
from the University of Hawaii and his favorite band is naturally Styx.

Now with the ability actually talk to the grim reaper with the paranormal 
career reward item, the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, you can have meaningful 
bargaining conversations with death himself and ask the proverbial question 
of exactly what life is worth, although he has a thing for children. Oh, on a 
fun note, the Grim Reaper makes himself quite at home after he does his job, 
sometimes eating leftovers, taking a shower, sitting down to relax, watching 
television, or even using the toilet. He also owns a cute purple cell phone 
with a skull image on its screen, although it would seem that when a sim dies 
by cow plant, it saves the reaper the trouble of visiting and having to use 


[14.04] Relying on NPCs: How You Can Benefit From Their Hard Work And Misery:

The otherwise highly expendable Townies are more valuable than you might 
think. Well, not so much at university, unless you happen to like sucking the 
life out of them with the Sim Vac, but you'll be surprised at how much they 
have to offer back in the ordinary neighborhood. The service NPCs, more than 
any, are surprisingly loaded with valuable skills, we're talking about high 
and maximized skills around the board here! Of particular note is the maid 
Kaylynn Lagerak and the papergirl Amy Jones. 

You wouldn't know from the appearance of ordinary NPCs, since you never play 
them (You can play as Amy and other townie teens in university), but they 
have some seriously mad skills. Kaylynn and typically other maids have 
maximized scores in cooking and cleaning and Amy has surprisingly high skills 
all around, it's a wonder why she works as a papergirl when she has enough 
skill to practically be a Hall of Famer. You can benefit from these two and 
other NPC sims that are available by befriending them and getting career 
rewards for skills that they specialize in. Service NPCs almost always seem 
to have maximized cooking and cleaning skills, but you might be lucky to find 
other service sims who are maxed out in other areas as well. Exterminators in 
particular are very talented; although you don't see them very much as you'd 
normally only call them if you had a problem with roaches.

After finding a service sim who you think you could learn from, just invite 
them over and ask them to teach you. They are NPCs, so they don't have 
anything better to do with their time and some even have a good deal of 
creative talent that can help you get some good money should they come over 
to your house to play music and get tips, which will actually go into your 
pocket. Also in regard to service sims, with the exception of the paper girl 
or boy, they will offer to stay at your house after work is done if your 
relationship with them is high enough.

On the evil side, every so often there is an annoying sim like Kennedy Cox 
that you will want to ruinate just for being such a prick, and that's where 
the Sim Vac comes in handy. Under most circumstances, teenage sim NPCs have 
very little talent, usually just a single point or two, so forgot about 
exploiting their youth and ignorance and aim for already successful adult sim 
NPCs who have much more to offer as you absorb their skill. Skill absorbing 
is very handy, as it is quick, and the points add up regardless of how high 
your skill level is in comparison to theirs or vice versa. Be warned though 
that if you get your final point of skill from sucking the skill of another 
sim, you wouldn't get a maximized skill memory for it. The Sim Vac also has a 
more hostile implication.

The Sim Vac is a very powerful negative interaction. It doesn't always kill a 
love relationship instantly in one shot like some FAQs might tell you, but it 
is a great step in the wrong direction, since you can't normally beat a sim 
you are friendly with into a bloody pulp unless you use influence. You will 
probably be wondering why you might want to end a crush or a loving 
relationship, but when you get lover's paranoia of slap happy potential love 
interests, you'll realize that tormenting another sim to end a love or crush 
is a far cheaper price to pay than the plummet of relationship that comes 
with getting caught cheating. Oh yeah, the Sim Vac can also be used with the 
Cool Shades for extra aggression added.

It seems that although the sims at university are random, or at least have an 
almost bottomless reserve (I would know, I killed about fifty of them and 
they still kept on coming, where as I will admit that I have successfully 
killed the entire adult and teen population of a custom neighborhood at least 
twice, minus service sims), the population in custom neighborhoods are fairly 
standard and predictable. So the same Townie sims should exist in each 
neighborhood, like the fan favorite Meadow Thayer, albeit sometimes other 
characters randomly get that name. This is good and I feel that they should 
have did the same with university, as it makes you actually think twice 
before offing them as some randomly generated abomination. It will also seem 
that only adults and teenagers randomly walk by your neighborhood house. 
Apparently, old people and children don't get out much. You will only see the 
NPC old folks and children of the neighborhood at community lots.

In The Sims 2 University, Maxis has solved the otherwise perpetual problem of 
Townie teenage sims not being able to grow up. Now you can send them to 
university and help them carry onto their adult lives as and as an added 
bonus, not all of them are completely talentless. 


[15] Time Frames:
It helps to know how time in the sims universe changes society at each hour 
of the day, so here are some quick notes on what standard events might occur 
at certain times:

-Day time lasts for 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
At night time, there are far less people on community lots, but it seems like 
secret society members like to wander the night.

-Alarm clocks set to ring at morning, ring at 7:00 am

-Breakfast time is from 2:00am to 10:30am

-Lunch time is from 10:30am to 4:30pm

-Dinner time is from 4:30pm to 2:00am

-You can call normally call sims between 7:00 am to 12:00 pm and vise versa. 

-Sims can stargaze either with a telescope or on the ground outside between 
7:00pm to 6:00 am. During the day time, the telescope stargaze option becomes 
"Look Through" and the ground watching stargaze becomes "Watch Clouds".

-You can throw parties at 8:00 am to 11:59 pm.
You can try to invite them over at 11:30, but if it passes 12:00 at night 
when they were suppose to come, they will not. Same is true of inviting them 
over. If you live in a small house and have a party with many people, cops 
will come to bust it up at night, but most likely anytime past 12:00 at night

-Secret Society members will come to abduct new members at 11:00pm

-The secret society is inhabited 24 hours a day, so you can go there at 
anytime and expect good company. 

-Cafeteria workers will work between roughly between 4:00am to 12:00am, but 
may stay longer if they perform extra actions.

-The papergirl comes at 7:00am

-Head Master comes at 5:00pm when you call him.

- Service sims like the maid, gardener, mail carrier, social worker and even 
the repoman arrive around 10:00am.

-On call service sims like the repairman and exterminator can come to your 
house any time from 9:00am to 2:00pm, although you can call them ahead of 

-Grocery, pizza and Chinese Food delivery can be ordered at anytime 24 hours 
a day. Bartenders can also be ordered to come at any time during the day or 

-The relationship shift period occurs three times a day at 8:00am, 4:00pm, 
and 12:00pm. The relationship shift is when daily and lifetime relationship 
scores change automatically.

-The age shift occurs at 6:00pm everyday.

-Ghosts come out around 8:00pm to 6:00am

-It takes about 6 hours and thirty minutes to make a painting
-It takes about 28 hours to write a novel.
-It takes about 12 hours for a cow plant to become hungry
-It takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes to write a term paper.
-It takes about 2 to 3 hours for balloon decorations to pop.
-It takes about 2 hours to write a final exam, not counting going to it.

- It takes 3 days for a baby to be born.
- It takes 3 days for a baby to become a toddler.
- It takes 5 days for a toddler to grow into a child.
- It takes 8 days for a child to grow into a teen.
- It takes 15 days for a teen to mature into an adult
- It takes 27 days normally for a young adult to graduate from university
- It takes 29 days for an adult to mature into an elder

[16[How to Have a Roof Raiser of a Party: 
Even When Your House Doesn't Have A Roof

When I was inexperienced and new to the The Sims 2, my main sim (Different 
from my current one only in aspiration, she was of Knowledge Aspiration) 
finally reached her birthday and was ready to become an adult. I threw a 
party for her and bought all the fancy balloons and two buffet table. I was 
really excited about it, even though this is a video game we are talking 
about. First it started off okay, but then it quickly dove into disaster 
right when the cops came to bust it and it hit the 1:20 mark. Everybody left 
the party and my sim teen was all alone and blew the cake out all by herself. 
It was pretty much the most depressing sim story I could have accidentally 
gone through. It was only later that I learned with my revised popularity 
aspiring version of my main sim, who has successfully thrown at least forty 
Roof Raiser parties, that having a great party is actually very easy if you 
know how they work!

Just to give you an idea of what power knowing how to party can give you, 
I've had a party where there wasn't a house, half of the guests didn't show 
up, I intentionally killed two of the guests, and then I ignored the rest of 
the guests for the remaining 3 hours, and I still got a Roof Raiser score. So 
how exactly do you get away with these outrageous deeds and still hold a Roof 
Raiser party instead of a Hell raiser? I'm about to tell you.

[16.01]Party Types:

There are seven types of parties as of The Sims 2 University:

House Party: 

The house party is your standard run of the mill party. With the introduction 
of sports, and toga parties in The Sims 2 University, it is rare that you 
will ever want to throw just an ordinary house party, since the sports and 
toga parties have specific corresponding wants to them that you can double up 
with the regular "Throw a Party" want.


Sports Party: 

A party that requires a television where everyone sits around watching sweaty 
people whoop the crap out of each other at questionably valid competitively 
physical activities and eat chips, except with more grandiose connotation. 
The SimStation Sports channel has been added to The Sims 2 University 
compliments of my next door neighbors at EA Sports just for this little fun 
party type.


Toga Party: 

Same as a regular house party, except everybody wears a toga or underwear, 
depending on how outgoing they are, and you must be a member of a Greek House 
in order to throw this type of party.


Graduation Party:

The Graduation Party can be thrown in the final hours after passing the final 
university year exam as a senior, pretty much the same as a normal party 
except with graduation gowns and caps.


Birthday Party: 

On the day a person moves on to their next growth stage, you can throw a 
birthday party, but make sure the birthday person blows out cake before you 
have only two hours left to be safe, or else it will instantly become a 


Wedding Party: 

Similar to the birthday party, except your sims get married instead. Be sure 
to use the wedding arch so that you can get a good look at the bride's 
wedding dress as well, and it doesn't hurt to be snap happy if you happen to 
have gotten the camera career reward, seeing as how you got it at the Wedding 
Photographer artist position. Naturally, disaster will also ensue should you 
slightly forget to have the couple marry. Of course, it goes without saying 
that the sims getting married have a very high relationship scores, otherwise 
one of the unlucky couple to be will left at the altar.


Golden Anniversary: 

In real life, a golden anniversary is basically a 50 year anniversary, but it 
seems that in the sim world that this event is based on becoming an elder as 
opposed to how many days your sims have been married for. Golden Anniversary 
parties can be thrown when a couple married as adults reach elder stage, but 
I have heard that you only actually need one member of the union to be an 
elder to throw it. Golden Anniversaries are pretty much exactly the same as 
ordinary parties it would seem, but since they only happen once in a 
lifetime, you might as well spare no expenses.


[16.02] Party Score:

The party score is how good your party is doing.

0.	Disaster
1.	Real Dull
2.	Snoozer
3.	Not Bad
4.	Good Time
5.	Roof Raiser

Your goal of course, is to reach the pinnacle of all party bliss at the Roof 
Raiser level. However, to accomplish the Great Party want, you can have 
either Good Time or Roof Raiser. I've also heard that you can crawl by 
meeting the want with just a party that is Not Bad, but why settle for just 
average? You can consistently have Roof Raiser parties with very little 
chance for failure and be a complete tight wad if you know how, and that's 
what I'm going to teach you here.


[16.03] Rules of A Great Party: And How You Can Screw Over Your Guests and 
Get Away With It

Party Rule 1: Bring Only People Who Your Sim Likes and Who Like Your Sim

Fortunately or unfortunately, the game already has the natural tendency to 
make sims who don't have high relationships with your sim get lost in the 
mail if you invite them for a party, however, any sims that you have invited 
manually, or who are already in your house by way of either greeting or 
intrusion will become a guest of the party. So for example, if the Evil 
Mascot should happen to be in your house when you call a party, then you are 
only one step away from witnessing the antics of the "Tragic Clown" 
incarnate. Having bad guests who can't get along well with anyone are a thorn 
in the side of your party and will only drag you down. Either way, all guests 
will leave when the countdown reaches zero, and you'll be left to dwell on 
whatever score you received.

Before you throw a party, make sure you kick out anyone that your sim doesn't 
like. Ideally, it'd be great if your guests like each other too. You can 
virtually guarantee an effortless Roof Raiser if they all do. However, if 
there are any rotten branches on the tree, make sure to prune them by asking 
them to leave. Also of important note is that parties completely disregard if 
invited sims are away or at work. Unlike inviting them manually, parties can 
bring sims over even if they are in the middle of performing... oh, open heart 
Party Rule 2: Double Plus or Bust

Party Score actually isn't based on how well your guest's needs are being 
met, I've had plenty of study parties in the past that turned out just great 
all the while when my guests were being sapped of their will to live, only 
had chips to eat, and left prematurely leaving a lovely Roof Raiser score in 
their absence. 

The secret to throwing great parties is to wrack up as many positive 
reactions as you possibly can on as many people as you can, in as little time 
as possible, and the best way to do that is with tried and true double plus 
interactions like gossip, bust a' move, red hands, hug, dirty joke and any 
romantic interactions, as long as there aren't any rival hearts in the house. 

It doesn't matter if your sim is dirt poor and lives in a cardboard box of 
house a or has the personality of oatmeal, if you are able to score those 
double pluses with all your guests and they aren't trying to kill each other, 
then party greatness is yours. This is even easier if you are playing 
multiple sims who have good relations with each other and the guests, albeit 
it becomes difficult to multitask above three controllable sims. 

In this game, although having different household friends adds to the family 
friend counter and makes it easier to get jobs, having many of the same 
overlapping friends makes it easier to throw a good party. If you manage to 
reach Roof Raiser and there aren't any negative reactions going around, then 
there's a pretty good chance that it'll stay a Roof Raiser, even if you had 
to take off for your final exam in the middle of it or some of the guests 
should get into some unfortunate "accidents".
Party Rule 3: Big or Small?

Depending on your computer's power, you can invite from 2 to 8 guests without 
using the cheat. The fewer the guests there are, the easier it is to get a 
high party score, because you will not have to divide your attention as much. 
As a matter of fact, you can pretty much have a party of two and have a real 
easy sure win Roof Raiser, although a party of one is pretty much social 
suicide and can happen if you throw your party too close to the rim of 12:00 
at night where no one will come. When you have eight guests invited though, 
you best have a large house on a large lot and do it during the day, as cops 
who like to bust chops might break it up in mid swing, although I do 
distinctively remember having parties that lasted till three in the morning 
quite often. When you get used to it, a full eight guest party is fairly 
manageable, but of course, by that time, you should have well more than eight 
Party Rule 4: When Every Day Is a Party

All aspiration types have the occasional want to throw a party, then there's 
the popularity aspiration and their complete utter lack of belief in social 
isolation. When your sim has built a vast network of friends, you practically 
start to depend on parties to maintain friendship and you might even start 
depending on them every day, sometimes even twice a day. After a while, they 
wouldn't be such a big deal anymore and you can continue your ordinary life 
all while a party is going on to paint, feed your cow plant, raise the dead, 
you know, the usual stuff. 

Unfortunately, there are some hazards that having a house full of crazy 
people everyday presents that just can't be ignored. First of all is the 
washroom. If you have the money, build a separate washroom and slap a Myne 
Door or two on it so that only members of your household can use it. 
Unfortunately, guest sim's biochemistry works like clock work, and after one 
or two hours of having fun, they'll all want to eat and after that, they'll 
all want to use the washroom at the same time before continuing to have more 

There is nothing more annoying than having your washroom filled with four 
people all yelling at each other to get out and none of them budging, and you 
don't want to be in that mess, so a private washroom is a pretty good idea. 
You also start learning early that you really don't want to feed your guests 
because it costs money and time, and money and time costs time and money and 
vice versa. If you don't, they'll start to ransack your fridge for chips and 
instant meals, but at least they do it on their own. 

Stuff also gets broken frequently if you have parties everyday, of 
considerable note is the toilet, which if not fixed quickly will turn your 
washroom into a swimming pool of puddles. Another important note should you 
decide to feed your guests is that food poisoning can be contracted from 
eating rotten food and even applies to guests who you might control in other 
households which will appear on their side when you play them. For this 
reason, get rid of rotten food like the bubonic plague during a party, or 
else you might just accidentally poison all of your best friends in an 
otherwise Machiavellian stroke of genius had it not been accidental. This can 
also happen at community lots in university so be wary of old cafeteria food.


[17] Compulsive Clothing Compiling:

It was only recent that I learned that this feature was a part of the The 
Sims 2 University, and what an ingenious idea it is! In The Sims 2 
University, sims can collect outfits that they have worn throughout their 
careers! As your sim ascends up the corporate ladder, the outfits they wear 
are added to every wardrobe on the lot they live on, so now your sims can 
play super hero, villain or do the space walk in their astronaut gear any 
time they want after winning the outfits! It would also seem that other sims 
in the household of the same age and gender (Although it seems some clothing 
is shared between adults and teens) can use them as well, so you can have an 
excellent custom party any time you choose now, and trust me, having the 
mother in the family dressed as a criminal mastermind and the father in the 
family dressed as captain hero and prank each other is surprisingly 
entertaining! It's great to finally see all that hard work the clothing 
designer went through for the career outfits going for more bangs per every 
buck, and fattening your costume collection can be an incredibly fun side 

Oh, for those of you who are a bit fussy about your sim's thumbnail portrait 
as I was, having your sim randomly change clothing when growing up and all, 
all you need to do in order to refresh the thumbnail is to have a mirror and 
chose "Change Appearance", make one small adjustment, then select 
confirmation. After this, if your sim's appearance hasn't changed yet, just 
quickly go into build and buy mode then back and it should be updated. The 
cosmetic surgery career reward can also do this, but the mirror is just much 
more convenient. The household snapshot that appears every time you load your 
household should automatically change with any modifications, so you don't 
have to worry about it. Raising a sim as a zombie will also update the 
portrait, but do you really want to do it just for that?


Chapter 6: Quest for the Ultimate Sim:

[18] Studying Your Sim

As I mentioned at the beginning in this FAQ, there are many ways to play the 
sims. Since I came from an obsessive compulsive perfectionist complex in my 
old school RPG and fighting game days, I have developed the slight habit of 
constantly analyzing how to push characters to their maximum efficiency and 
potential without cheating. The following is not for the faint of heart, the 
casual gamer or anybody who plays video games to actually have fun. Well, it 
is still pretty fun, just in a soul sucking, will to live depleting sort of 

This part of the FAQ isn't yet about how to give your sim perfect careers, 
gigantic families or maximum skill points, any player with enough spare time 
on their hands could do that. This section of the FAQ is much rather, a 
breakdown of the how a sim operates and how to maximize their productivity 
and efficiency. Most every person who plays The Sims 2 has a different goal 
and style of play that would seem to also reflect their priorities in real 
life (Or the exact opposite), as such, I will give you information to 
evaluate and let you proceed according to your own style, but will also 
include my own particular preference as well.

Thankfully, unlike my old favorite Monster Rancher games where your monsters 
could easily die of old age well before maximizing their status, The Sims 2 
essentially gives your sims unlimited time to work things out in their life 
due to the Elixir of Life, which is quite easy to buy regularly with any sim 
who is played well to their wants. There is also a great deal of excitement 
in the process of focusing all of your efforts on a single sim, because at 
the time of writing this, not all of The Sims 2 expansions have been created 
yet, so you never know how your sims and their descendants will turn out at 
the very end with new features and aspiration types being introduced, like 
Pleasure Seeker in The Sims 2 Nightlife. Well, let's get to it shall we?


[18.01]The Sims 2 Endurance Trial

I always wondered how people figured out exactly how long a human could 
survive without drinking water, breathing air or eating food. Now I can 
kinda' get the idea and it most definitely isn't a pretty picture. The 
following information was obtained by locking individual young adult and 
adult sims in a room and having them suffer accordingly to see how long they 
could survive before meeting their doom from full motives to completely 
empty. Since most motives drain differently depending on their possessor's 
personality, I have specifically tested sims with extreme personality to 
properly evaluate the times on both ends. It should be also noted that there 
may be a very small differences between even young adult and adult motive 
drain, although it seems unnoticeable. The numbers are not perfectly exact, 
but should be well within an hour's margin of error. Although similar to the 
section earlier, this review of motives adds on extra information about what 
causes motive drain as opposed to how to remedy it.

Lazy sims will survive longer should you lock them in a completely empty room 
and let them die, as they consume less food. Hunger has a heavy threshold on 
its last 1/8 of the meter, rapidly dampening the speed of the decrease. This 
makes it so that although sims naturally have to eat regularly, it takes a 
especially negligent player to actually let them die unintentionally from 
starvation. Initially, the difference between active and lazy sims on the bar 
is quite dramatic, but when they reach the last threshold mark, they start to 
closer synchronize with each other.

Full to Empty:
Hunger of Active: 50 Hours
Hunger of Lazy: 54 Hours

The fun motive decreases consistently at the same rate under static 
environments; however fun takes a particularly large hit when doing homework, 
assignments, writing term papers or other academic duties. Additionally, sims 
with certain personality types, such as being extremely neat and active have 
fun doing respectively related activities where other sims might lose fun. Oh 
yeah, just incase you are wondering, fat sims and fit sims are not effected 
by a hunger increase or decrease.

Full to Empty:
Fun of Playful: 22 Hours 
Fun of Serious: 40 Hours

Comfort is not particularly important motive and one that you almost never 
have to worry about unless you have an extremely lazy sim who has come down 
with sickness which rapidly causes it to accelerate in decrease. Comfort 
decreases quite steadily, but can be rapidly accelerated by performing 
particular activities, such as sleeping on the floor or counterfeiting 
simoleans. Along with hygiene, the difference between a lazy sim's tolerance 
for lack of comfort and an active one is dramatic. An active sim can go for 
three times as long as a lazy one without any comfort.

Full to Empty:
Comfort of Active: 48 Hours
Comfort of Lazy: 16 hours

A fairly manageable motive, it decreases consistently and there are very few 
activities, if anything that accelerates its decrease. Generally, since 
you'll be talking and interacting with other people all the time, it's not a 
particularly strong motive to worry about, unlike in the original The Sims. 

Full to Empty:
Social of Outgoing: 22 Hours:
Social of Shy: 40 Hours


A consistent factor regardless of personality naturally, bladder is the 
fastest draining and the easiest to restore motive. In the original The Sims, 
bladder drained faster when your sim was eating, but it seems that in the 
sequel, eating has an unnoticeable effect. The only thing that really seems 
to increase the rate of decrease for bladder is drinking coffee and espresso 
and it does so quite prominently

Full to Empty:
Bladder: 16 hours

Neat sims are far better at maintaining hygiene than sloppy sims, more so 
than any other difference in personality driven motive drain aside from 
comfort. A neat sim practically runs out of hygiene just before running out 
of hunger and dying. Hygiene decrease can be accelerated in many ways, 
particularly while cleaning dirty objects, working out, or dancing in the 
presence of a wild ranging inferno that can kill your sims, although not in 
front of the bonfire object oddly enough.

Full to Empty:
Hygiene of Neat:  48 Hours
Hygiene of Sloppy: 16 Hours

Energy is generally the motive that you'll be working your sims around, since 
it has the longest recovery time. Although the time between fainting of 
active and lazy sims isn't too far off, this is because there is a final 
threshold in energy similar to the final threshold before kicking the mortal 
can with being hungry. Sims will start complaining, whining, and interrupting 
actions well before their bar runs dry, but you can juice them out for quite 
a while before they faint. There doesn't seem to be too many activities short 
of being electrocuted or set on fire that adds to the decreases in energy.

Full to Empty:
Energy of Active: 24 Hours
Energy of Lazy: 19 Hours

Environment is not counted here, since for the most part, it is a meter 
independent of a sim's biochemistry.

Aspiration is by far the slowest draining meter in the game, but then again, 
it's not really a motive. Generally, the aspiration meter decreases steadily 
for each hour by a small increment, but despite the appearance of the bar, it 
takes exponentially longer for the shorter segments to decrease than the 
large platinum column at the top. Here's a list of the approximate time it 
takes aspiration to decrease from one level to another, starting at full 

Platinum to Gold: 8 - 10 hours

Gold to Green: 14 - 16 Hours

Green Two to Green One: 28 - 30 Hours

Green One to Neutral: 28 - 30

Neutral to Red One: 35 Hours

After reaching one segment of red, the aspiration meter will cease to 
decrease on time alone and you need to fulfill one of your sim's fears in 
order to push it down further. In order for a full platinum bar to decrease 
to Red One, you roughly need to spend five days doing absolutely nothing, 
which is a trial all in itself. However, until your sim reaches a lifetime 
want, you'll want to keep them at platinum as much as possible, so your sim 
should have a well though out aspiration output system according to their 
aspiration type.
When Asleep

Sims slow down the decrease in their motives when asleep. In particular, fun 
and social do not decrease at all, hunger, bladder and hygiene are heavily 
slowed down, and comfort increases unless your sim is sleeping on the floor. 
As for energy, the whole point of sleeping is to restore it and environment 
is pretty much not affected by a sim's behavior.


[18.02]Skill Building:

Skill building is an important part of the The Sims 2, and it's good to know 
how many hours you have to invest in order to prioritize your sim's time 
efficiently. The following is an approximate list of the amount of time it 
takes to build a skill depending on if your sim has a perfect personality 
advantage or disadvantage in favor of the skill being learned, such as 
Outgoing being in favor of Charisma. 

The third list is a measurement of an ideal skill building system, involving 
a career reward and a coach who has full skill teaching a sim with a full bar 
of the advantageous skill, and both of them wearing Smart Caps. This list is 
not completely accurate but is more of a makeshift approximation to give you 
a rough idea and is based on the adult age group. 

The column to the right is the amount of time it takes to get from one level 
to the next. I hope that I made the list as accurate as possible, but it 
seems that on some of the cases, the multiplication of each time at the 
levels  takes a bit of twist instead of a gradual increase, so don't take 
these numbers as literally exact, as math isn't my strong suit. I used the 
game's clock as measurement, so these numbers go by intervals on the clock as 
opposed to full normal numbers.

Personality Advantage
Level 1: 	0.45
Level 2:	1.10
Level 3:	1.30
Level 4:	2:15
Level 5:	2:35
Level 6 	3:50
Level 7:	4:10
Level 8	5:15
Level 9	7:00
Level 10:	8:45
Approximate Total: 36 Hours 

Personality Disadvantage:
Level 1:	1.10
Level 2:	1:50
Level 3:	2:25
Level 4:	2:55
Level 5:	3:55
Level 6	4:55
Level 7:	5:25
Level 8:	8:10
Level 9:	10:15
Level 10:	13:20
Approximate Total: 55:30 Hours

Maximum Skill Building Optimization
Level 1:	0:10
Level 2:	0:20
Level 3:	0:25
Level 4:	0:30
Level 5:	0:35
Level 6:	0:50
Level 7:	1:10
Level 8:	1:20
Level 9:	1:50	
Level 10:	2:20

Approximate Total: 9:30 Hours

[18.03] Male Versus Female Sims:

Hahhaa, I just had to put this stupid pointless debate in somewhere to 
parallel it's slightly more serious real life counterpart.

Argument 1:

Using the Toilet:
Men: Can take a leak standing up and use bushes should the going get tough, 
but leaves a watery mess.
Women: Can take out a newspaper and read it while doing their business and 
sit down on the toilet, which on a good toilet restores comfort.

Winner: Men
Argument 2:

Men: Can be irresponsible pricks without any "souvenirs", unless they are 
abducted by aliens, of course.
Women: Can get pregnant normally and go through the hell that is well, 
pregnancy, but enjoy the blessings of motherhood without aliens. 

Winner: Women
Argument 3:
The Sexy Walk
Men: A stupid looking jerk like strut
Women: A rather cute wobble of the hips

Winner: Women
Argument 4: 
Men: Huh?
Women: No competition, female sims are way more popular than male ones.

Winner: Men (In real life I mean)

Final Victor: Draw (Seriously, as if I'd risk pissing off either half of the 
world's population)

In case you haven't guessed, the difference between genders in this game is 
negligible, it's not like Morrowind where the women are better at casting 
magic and the men are better at beating things into submission with sticks. I 
just thought it to be hilarious to compare the difference in a critical 
analysis that I normally use when writing FAQs on games. Realistically 
though, the winner to these arguments can swing both ways, depending on who 
you ask.


[18.04] Aspiration and Personality Optimization:

I already discussed which aspiration I recommend at quite great lengths 
earlier in this FAQ and although every player operates differently, I stand 
by my conviction that Popularity Aspiration has the highest sustainable 
output, the best mix of short and long term wants and some of the easiest 
lifetime wants to achieve, making it a perfect choice for a power house sim 
easily capable of living off of the Enigmatic Energizer, staying young with 
the Elixir of Life and buying any aspiration items they could want as long as 
you are meeting their wants.
Although I heavily recommend the popularity aspiration, it'd be awfully 
boring and painful if all of your sims were popularity types, as it requires 
quite a bit of micromanagement to maintain many relationships. A sim can 
always use supporting players in their household, in which case Family and 
Fortune aspirations are both excellent choices, both highly capable of large 
aspiration output as adults. 

The best solo aspiration is reserved for Romance aspiring sims who are at 
their prime at the young adult stage. When they live alone, they can 
selectively invite love interests over without fear of getting caught 

Knowledge aspiration is great to have for teens to start off with, and to 
switch later after the sophomore year in university is complete. This is 
because the vast majority of the knowledge sim's aspiration output comes from 
meeting skill building wants outside of the young adult stage. When a 
knowledge sim meets all of their skill building wishes, their arsenal is 
replaced with wants closer to the family aspiration, as such, they might as 
well convert to a Family aspiring sim unless you want them to chase ghosts, 
zombies and aliens for their main source of aspiration point gain, which can 
be quite fun, but rather unreliable unless you especially make a ghost house 
for them to live in and kill off fellow sims with surprising regularity.

Essentially, although there is no perfect personality, there are 
personalities more suited for a sim's lifestyle than another. The following 
are my recommendations for each aspiration type. These personality types 
cannot be merely created straight off the bat. A sim must be usually 
encouraged by their parents or older members of the family in order to meet 
these levels. Fortunately, unlike an RPG like Neverwinter Nights where 
extreme attention to the growth process is vital, the effect of engineering 
the right personality isn't exactly dramatic, any sim can do anything they 
want pretty much, but it doesn't hurt to know what you are doing in the 

Fortune Aspiration Build:
Neat: 10
Outgoing: 8
Active: 10
Playful: 5
Nice: 10

Since Fortune Aspiring sims get most of their wants from going to their jobs 
and making money, other than the initial friend making to climb the job 
ladder, they wouldn't be needing to socialize very much. The two original 
careers that fortune aspiring want are athletic and business oriented, so 
having high scores in Outgoing and Active to accelerate charisma and body 
skill also help to get bumped up their chosen career ladder faster.
Knowledge Aspiration Build:
Neat: 10
Outgoing: 0
Active:  6
Playful: 0
Nice: 10

The knowledge aspiring build is the most different from the other aspiration 
builds, since it emphasizes alone time to reserve social motive and to focus 
on being serious to quickly build logic skill. This build has also been 
designed to spend long hours at the telescope to fulfill alien related wants 
and accelerate logic skill for their usually preferred occupations.
Family Aspiration:
Neat: 10
Outgoing: 8
Active: 10
Playful: 7
Nice: 10

The Family aspiration is the most versatile aspiration type and just about 
any personality will work, since many of their wants are dependant on other 
people in the family. The configuration can basically be anything you want it 
to, but this is what I'd recommend. I personally have a Family aspiring sim 
who has full perfect personality who operates very well, but you can't really 
go wrong with a family aspiration to personality mismatch, so don't worry.
Romance Sim: 
Neat: 10
Outgoing: 10
Active: 10
Playful: 5
Nice: 10

Romance sims will be doing a lot of hugging and kissing before screwing their 
love interests over, so whether you like it or not, being nice and outgoing 
goes to their advantage, although there are some romantic interactions that 
grouchy sims take more delight in, such as goosing. The romance and 
popularity aspiration basically operate the same way, but since romantic sims 
will usually be intimately interacting with another sim one on one instead of 
playing games, I used a lower playfulness score low enough to allow them to 
still use the skip command.
Popularity Sim:
Neat: 10
Outgoing: 10
Active: 10
Playful: 7
Nice: 10

This is the build I use for my main sim, and the only reason I didn't give 
her a perfect personality is that the ability to meditate and teleport 
disappears past 7 points of personality and I thought that it might come in 
handy sometime down the road, as you never know what the new expansions will 
be, like "The Sims 2 Maximum Security Prison". So having a little 
supernatural power is a lot better than oh...juggling balls I'd say. 

I personally consider this to be the best build in the game and is easily 
capable of offsetting the enhanced motive deceases. Besides, when your sim 
has enough aspiration point output to live off of the Enigmatic Energizer, 
you don't have to worry too much about enhanced motive decrease anymore, but 
that doesn't apply so well to sims with a perfectly negative personality, as 
their energy duration is much shorter, and they will have to use the 
Enigmatic Energizer more often, since energy has the longest and most 
restricting recovery time normally as opposed to just stuffing your face. 
This personality type will also bring up many people related wants that are 
easy to fulfill and often overlap over each other adding to increased 
aspiration output.

Popularity sims can benefit from going all out in all of the personality 
areas if you can encourage them to that level, since most of their wants are 
derived from interacting and befriending other people as well as painting and 
being successful in their careers. Since popularity aspiring sims are often 
surrounded by friends and love to throw parties, they will also be playing 
games and group activities like blowing bubbles, pool, kicky bag and even red 
hands, so they can get a good boost in fun if they are more playful than 
their romantic counterparts. 

If you noticed, the three safest personalities to invest points in are Neat, 
Nice and Active as they all have great benefits, and although active sims eat 
more, they also have much slower decreases in energy and comfort. Playfulness 
and Outgoing are the two positive traits that are not clearly as beneficial 
as the previously mentioned three, so they were often the only variation I 
put into the builds. These points aside, there are certain special skills and 
abilities that only sims with a certain personality can perform. 

[18.05] The Fat and the Fit

It would seem that the fitness and shape of a sim is purely only for cosmetic 
reasons in this game, but then again, seeing as how North American society is 
going completely postal on weight loss and staying fit, you can't really say 
that it's not more aesthetically pleasing to have a fit sim as opposed to an 
overweight one as viewed by society, although political correctness says 
otherwise. As an additional note to, sims with romance aspiration have a 
tendency so develop wants of becoming thin and fears of becoming fat. 

Staying fit in The Sims 2 is very easy, which is more than I can say about 
real life. There are only two things you need to really know in order to keep 
them healthy and happy.

Rule 1: Don't Overeat

A sim can maintain their weight indefinitely so long as you make sure that 
when they are eating, that the hunger bar does not go over the full capacity. 
For every additional point of hunger being satisfied over the bar, the weight 
meter also increases. The trick is to cancel their eating actions right 
before the hunger bar is filled up during every meal.

Rule 2: Exercise

Exercise is the only way to get your sims fit, fortunately, almost anything 
that raises body skill also raises a sim's fitness bar, so often, you can get 
a fit sim simply by building the initial two or three points of body skill. 
The active and laziness factors of a sim are not related directly to the rate 
at which a sim gets fit, however, an active sim gets more fun out of 
exercising than a lazy one. Of important note however, is that exercise 
machines definitely modify a sim's ability to lose weight and get in shape. 
Here are some statistics:


Exercise on a Good Exercise Machine  
(Treadmill, Multipress Exercise Machine and Exerto Punching Bag)

Default to fit: 5 Hours
Fat to fit: 10 Hours 

By far the most effective way to get fit is to use a tried and true exercise 
machine of quality.


Doing Yoga

Default to fit: 10 Hours
Fat to fit: 20 Hours

Yoga is a good way to get in shape if there doesn't happen to be a exercise 
machine in your budget or only have a very short way to go to get into 
perfect shape, as it can be performed anywhere, so long as your sim has 3 or 
more points of body skill.


Swimming In A Pool

Default to fit: 12 Hours
Fat to fit: 24 Hours

Swimming is not particularly very effective way to get fit, and the price of 
a pool is fairly costly. Don't rely on sims swimming to get fit very fast.


Exerto Selfflog Obstacle Course

Default to fit: 26 Hours
Fat to fit: 52 Hours

The obstacle course is surprisingly horrible for getting a sim into shape. 
You'd think that getting the humanity kicked out of them with military 
humiliation would be a great way to shed some pounds, but it's so absolutely 
vile in this field that you'd be wondering if the fitness bar is progressing 
at all. The obstacle course however is the absolute best way to gain body 
points, as a matter of fact; you can expect a sim to go from 0 to 10 in body 
skill far before they get fit, especially if they have a coach.


[19] Special Skills, Commands and Actions

Although The Sims 2 is a life simulator, I can't help but feel that good old 
school RPG and fighting game blood rushing through me from my solid 
background as a console gamer for many good years, as such, I have tried to 
discover how to make a sim with just the right personality and set of skills 
to have the best arsenal of abilities in the game, you know, just in case an 
evil unfathomable being becomes unsealed after two thousand years and reigns 
chaos on the world yet again.

As a note, this list does not cover new dishes that come with cooking skill 
nor abilities presented by different stages in life that all sims can 
eventually go through, but is more dedicated to obscure abilities that you 
might miss or want a sim to have when you plan their creation. The popularity 
build mentioned above has the best selection of skills so far, but on the 
other hand, there is a build that has a larger arsenal of abilities, albeit 
not all of them useful:

Neatness: 0
Outgoing: 10
Active: 10
Playful: 10
Nice: 0

This build should give the largest selection of abilities in the game so far, 
but you must question how useful digging through trash, playing with lawn 
gnomes and juggling will ultimately be.


[19.01]Hidden Skills: 

Hidden skills are abilities that a sim can improve in that are not a part of 
the regular skill set necessary for getting jobs and optimizing for majors. 
Hidden skill levels also cannot normally be revealed to the player.
Requirements: A stereo and practice

Dancing is a hidden skill, but it is best practiced by dancing together with 
another sim as opposed to dancing solo. A character with high dance skill 
moves their bodies in more flexible ways, and in particular has the ability 
to do a quick flipback maneuver. It doesn't really contribute to the game so 
much in practical essence as visual, but it's good to know that your sim can 
shake down the dance floor. As a note, despite common belief, dancing does 
not operate on the ten step level similar to ordinary skill. There are three 
levels of dancing, low, medium and high. Also of important note is that high 
dancing skill allows a sim to be able to perform "Bust a' Move".
Requirements: A pool table and practice

Pool skill is new in The Sims 2 University and a very useful skill, since 
sims will occasionally have the desire to hustle another on their want list, 
and losing sucks. There is also a great scholarship to go with it and it's a 
great way to make friends, even after you beat their pants off. Speaking of a 
related subject, the hustle want description says that the option might not 
appear if the relationship isn't good, but to my experience, I've had sims 
that were on straight -100 scores for both daily and lifetime relationships 
that were able to hustle each other without a problem.

If you watch sims play pool enough, you'll get to recognize the critical shot 
where if they screw up, the other sim wins. To avoid humiliation before your 
sim masters their pool skills, get to know what this shot is and be prepared 
to cancel if they do screw up to avoid unintentionally hitting a Lose Game 
fear or losing money. The maximum amount of money you can hustle is 150 
simoleans, but if you have less than that in your funds, you will not be able 
to wager that much. Additionally, make sure the pool table is a nice wide 
open space, as frequently, long pool games can be ended abruptly by playing 
sims bumping into each other. 150 simoleans is not very much in common 
society, but it is actually quite the chunk of change when you live in 

The best way to judge a sim's Pool ability is by having them perform trick 
shots. There are two types of trick shots, cup and xylophone. The former 
basically has the sim trying to get the ball into a cup, and later has them 
trying to play a little tune on a toy xylophone and is mighty impressive if 
they succeed. The game calculates a winner ahead of time by running up the 
ability of both sims playing. Even master pool players can lose on occasion 
to novices, but it is fairly rare. 

Pool, like dancing doesn't operate on the ordinary skill level either, 
instead, it operates normally on a 0 to 100 score, with trick shots giving 
two points and full games giving around one to eleven, depending on how long 
they play and how many other sims they are playing with. In general though, 
the more time they are actually at the table shooting, the better. The game 
allows having a pretty much bottom negative score as well, but under normal 
play, it seems that skill will only go up, win or lose. For this reason, if 
you are trying to hustle people, make sure to keep your opponents fresh, as I 
remember the family maid who came over every day to shoot some pool got to 
become quite the formidable enemy on the table, which I found odd, since 
normal skills don't seem to improve for computer controlled sims under 
ordinary circumstances.

Requirements: An Independent Expression Easel

Although painting originally relies on creativity, the painting ability has 
it's own independent parameter that increases with each successful painting 
completed and it has yet to be determined if there is a limit to how high it 
can go. Originally, paintings will sell anywhere from 400 to 600 simoleans 
when a sim first maxes out their creativity skill, however, it will gradually 
increase the more a sim paints but always randomly varies between a range of 
200 simoleans. Training this skill is ideal for Fortune and Popularity 
aspiring sims, as they specifically have a very generous want to sell a 
masterpiece that gives a 2500 influence point bonus and 6000 aspiration 
points, so painting frequently becomes a great way to hyper charge their 
aspiration meters. To meet this want specifically, a sim must sell a painting 
worth over 500 simoleans fresh off the easel, although it doesn't necessarily 
mean that it has to be their painting, as you can sell someone else's artwork 
and get away with it. Paintings also tend to gradually increase in price with 

Painting seems to be a bottomless skill to build, so if you have a sim who 
has done it all, this is a great place for them to focus their time until 
another fun expansion pack comes out. Oh, for the record, it takes about six 
and a half hours to paint a complete picture from start to finish, and final 
price is determined upon completion, so you can essentially reload your way 
to a higher price if you interrupt the painting process, continue it and see 
if you get a higher price. If your painting didn't turn out as valuable as 
you would have hoped for, you can always just hang it on a wall.


[19.02]Special Manual Commands:

Not all sims are able to perform the same repertoire of commands. There are 
actions that are personality driven, and then there are skill driven 
commands, then there are unique abilities that require both or have another 
requirement thrown in for good measures. This section covers some of the 
lesser known commands that require tricky prerequisites.


Meditate, Levitate and Teleportation:
Requirements: 3 points of logic skill and roughly 31 hours of meditation.

Meditation is a useful technique as it is. After obtaining the requirements, 
putting a sim in a meditative state allows them to lock their motives so that 
they cease to plummet. There however, is an additional bonus that comes with 
the ability to meditate.

In the original The Sims's expansion Makin' Magic there was a purple magic 
growth crystal that gave your sims the ability to teleport at will. This 
ability was incredible and was probably the single biggest improvement a sim 
could go through and it was incredibly fun to boot, even though you could get 
busted for using it in public. In The Sims 2, any sim with a playfulness 7* 
and under can teleport.

In order to levitate, a sim must first have at least three points of logic to 
be able to use the meditate command. After meditating for about 19 hours, 
they will start to levitate in a burst of blue aura. Keep up the good work 
for 22 more hours and they gain the ability to teleport while in levitation. 
After going through this initial trial and being able to teleport for the 
first time, it will then take roughly one hour of mediation to reach 
levitating state again on sequential executions and at which point, the sub 
command teleportation will be available for your sim to warp right past any 
walls, multiple stories up high and basically anywhere on the map you want to 
go, even if there is no normal way for other sims to get there. Your sim will 
be able to continue to teleport as many times as they want until meditation 
is canceled out of.

Meditation as it is locks all motives and prevents them from decreasing, but 
important factors, such as age, aspiration level and relationships will still 
gradually fall, so its usefulness is very limited in university where time is 
limited. In normal neighborhoods however, teleportation can become very handy 
outside of university, particularly in community lots, where time is 
essentially unlimited and where there is an area actually large enough worth 
teleporting. Teleportation has also become more useful in The Sims 2 
University, as when you reach a lifetime want, you aspiration stays fixed at 
platinum, so that takes one of the big disadvantages of meditation out. 
Levitating zombies also don't have to worry about wasting their precious days 
away and could actually really use it because their zombie shamble is so 
ridiculously slow, so if you can get your zombie to teleport, feel free to 
call him a lich king or something fun and mighty sounding.

Requirements: 3 points of body skill.

Yoga takes three points of body skill, but despite what some say, it is not a 
hidden skill. The ability to perform Yoga is directly proportional to body 
skill, and at maximum body skill, a sim can stand on their finger on their 
first time performing yoga. I personally enjoy watching some of the lesser 
skilled sims screw up though, it is rather entertaining. I personally find 
Yoga to be one of the very best ways to lose weight, as it doesn't kill 
hygiene like other forms of exercise, can be performed anywhere, and is 
surprisingly effective, as active sims derive fun out of it and can invite 
other sims for a social boost. Oh, as a fun little note for that extra cool 
factor in your yoga oriented sim, you can have them perform yoga while 
standing on a coffee table, simply by selecting a coffee table and choosing 
Yoga. Who would have thought that coffee tables in this game weren't 
completely useless?

Requirements: 9 to 10 points of playful personality.

Available at a whopping 9 to 10 points of playfulness, I am sad to say that 
juggling seems to be a useless skill, especially with the introduction of the 
handheld game system which is far more effective at increasing fun. Juggle 
however does allow a playful sim to invite other sims, playful or not to 
join. I think it would have been a lot better if it was a hidden skill and 
when improved, sims could start juggling chainsaws or something, but oh well. 
It is impossible for a single sim to be able to both juggle and meditate at 
the same personality state. It should also be noted that while this 
particular juggle command requires a high playfulness, any sim can juggle 
bottles out of the fridge or cups out of the espresso machine.

Requirements: 6 to 10 points of active personality.

The single most useful special ability in The Sims 2 and an extremely 
welcomed feature they put it in, since the original The Sims was practically 
crying out for it with both arms. Any sim can run normally if it's over a 
long distance when they have enough energy or are late, but it takes an 
active sim to get the ability to run on command. Simply select an empty space 
and command them to run to it. Running is about three or four times faster 
than walking, and can save a great deal of time. You especially feel the 
difference when your sim lives in a huge house or goes to a community lot, 
and what's better is that they can go up stairs as well. Active sims also 
seem to have a glitch where they might get into a hyper mode. In this state, 
they run everywhere automatically they would normally walk and do so 
hilariously fast, even when doing chores or talking on the phone. I've been 
trying to find a way to glitch this on command, since it's quite useful, but 
I yet to figure out exactly how. Under normal circumstances though, running 
is slightly inconvenient, because you must manually make your sim do it. It 
is still very handy for shaving time off the clock though, and you get used 
to it.

Requirements: 5 to 10 of playful personality

Run's slow and stupid looking little brother. Skipping is faster than walking 
by about twice, but unfortunately, the command disappears if your sim is 
doing certain activities so you can't always have him or her do it in queue. 
Skipping is also disabled on stairs so they have to walk up normally. If you 
are trying to create a lazy sim, skip is the best thing you can give them to 
compensate for the lack of the ability to run, but for really long foot 
journeys, teleportation and its one hour warm up might actually be faster.

Bust A' Move:
Requirements: High Dancing Skill

Aside from the fact that it shares the name with one of my favorite video 
games, Bust A' Move, introduced in The Sims 2 University is the ultimate 
social interaction outside of romantic actions. It's very fast, has a low 
chance for rejection if the target's relationship is above 25, increases 2 
points of lifetime relationship and around 8 of daily relationship. All sims 
can perform bust a move, fortunately, it ties into one of the hidden skills! 
In order to be able to use bust a move, you must be first skilled at dancing! 
It doesn't take long at all either. Just a few hours of dancing together 
should slap this awesome little jig in your sim's arsenal. If I remember 
correctly though, it would seem that bust a' move can only be preformed by 
sims to other sims of equal or greater age, although in university, generally 
only young adults exist unless invited.

Play (With Lawn Gnome):
Requires: A Lawn Gnome and 9 to 10 Playfulness

Your playful sim takes the lawn gnome for a magical spin through the air and 
back down to earth and gets a very small boost of fun in return. Seeing as 
how a sim in the original The Sims could live off building and selling 
gnomes, along with that fact that they could come to life, water your lawn 
and kick your sim in the shins, there will always be a special place in my 
heart for gnomes in the sims universe. Don't kick them.

Play (With Bathtub)
Requires: Bathtub and 8 to 10 Playfulness

Sail the high seas as your sim takes a cue from Spongebob and plays pirate 
solely by sailing on the wings of their own deluded imagination. Come to 
think about it, I can't really remember Spongebob playing pirate per say, but 
he's already done pretty much everything else, so why not? In any case, this 
can be done with any bath tub, and your sim will get minimal fun in return, 
it makes for some great pictures, especially if you have two bathtubs facing 
each other and sims playing in each one.

Crank Call:
Requirements: 0 to 1 points of Nice.

Crank calling is a surprisingly useful skill and pretty much the only thing 
good that comes from being grouchy. You might think crank calls useless at 
first, but they have a very useful purpose. They can provoke a sim, 
regardless of their relationship to come visit your household regardless of 
time of day. You can have anyone your sim knows basically pay you a visit at 
ohhh... four o' clock in the morning, although they might quickly leave saying 
that it is too late, but they don't particularly seem to be angry about being 
dragged out of bed in the middle of the morning, so it all balances out. For 
this reason, having at least one grouchy sim in your household might not be 
such a bad idea after all when making friends.

Join LAN Party:
Requirements Two or more computers on the same lot and an equal number of 
people to play them

You can have two or more sims play computer games together if you have one 
sim start playing a game and have another sim click on another available 
computer and choose this command. LAN parties increase fun and social at a 
good rate. This should also be possible to do on community lots.

Requirements: 0 to 1 Neatness and a full outside trashcan

It is time to dig in the thrash like your favorite childhood friend Oscar the 
Grouch. Salvaging is the most useful skill a sloppy sim can have, but is 
quite limited. In order for them to do so, have them put some junk in the 
main trashcan next to the mailbox and soon the salvage option will be 
available if they are very sloppy sims. When a sim salvages, they find 
various interesting pieces of trash like cups, dolls and alarm clocks and get 
small amounts of money for them. Unfortunately, hygiene goes down, way down. 
Even children can salvage though, which is rather amusing.

Lick Clean (Plate):
Requirements: 0 to 3 Neatness.

Licking plates clean is a surprisingly useful skill in a bind if it doesn't 
happen to churn your stomach into butter watching. It is rather a quick way 
to make dirty dishes with no more food on them disappear without having to 
visit the sink or use the dishwasher. There seems to be a bit of trick 
regarding selection though, you must click on the outer rim of the plate, as 
for some reason, clicking on the center just brings up the usual clean up 

Use (Shrub):
Requirements: Male and have a low bladder. 

Introducing the only thing male sims have over female sims in this game... 
well, that and being able to get impregnated by aliens. If you have a bush or 
a shrub and your sim has got to take a leak, then feel free to give Mother 
Nature's toilet a whiz. Predictably, your sims aim wouldn't always be tried 
and true, and puddles will form, resulting in weeds. Apparently, even very 
neat sims can do this, but sloppy ones do it automatically.

Kick (Tombstone): 
Requires: A tombstone of a dead sim who is an enemy

For when death to the infidels isn't enough, you can always add disrespect to 
death by kicking old enemies grave a couple of times to infuriate the spirit. 
Oh yeah, kicking tombstones many times is a surprisingly quick and effective 
way to increase fun. If you choose to mourn over an enemy's grave however, 
your sim would more likely prefer to laugh and cheer rather than sigh or cry.

Smash (Urn): 
Requires: An urn of a dead sim who was an enemy.

As bad as kicking the tombstone was, what you can do to an urn is 
exponentially worst. A sim can effectively finish off a dead sim and their 
spirit for good by smashing an urn and sweeping up the remains. Tombstones 
and urns are interchangeable, depending on whether the object is inside or 
outside, on a table or not.

Sleep On Floor:
Requirements: Member of a Greek House in University.

Essentially having the exact effect as fainting, members of Greek House that 
require sleep can do so on the floor where things like fluffy pillows and 
warm blankets wouldn't get in the way. This option will only be available if 
your sim requires sleep, similar to how sleep options don't appear when you 
click on beds if your sim is already well rested. Not many good things can 
come out of sleeping on the floor, as it drains comfort and is the slowest 
way for a sim to recover energy by sleep possible, well, aside from being 
cheap or watching your sims suffer.


Open Rear Door:
Requirements: A criminal who has just been arrested.

You can actually free burglars who have just been caught by the police right 
after robbing your house blind. Talk about being benevolent, huh? Doing this 
however is a bit tricky and the timeframe of opportunity is extremely small. 
Shortly after the cop arrests the burglar and puts him or her in the police 
car, he or she will walk back into your house to inform your family of the 
news. It would seem that the time in which the option on the police car "Open 
Rear Door" appears only for a brief while if the cop takes long enough to go 
into the house and talk to one of your sims. From my tests, it usually 
happens exactly at the time when the cop hands over the compensation or 
reward money that this elusive command appears.

After first seeing the "Open Rear Door" command, you can select it to send a 
sim running to open the door on the cop car and free the prisoner, getting a 
large double plus relationship bonus. However, you'll also get a large 
negative towards the cop who arrested the criminal and who will be completely 
pissed off in the process when they get back to the car and find no one to be 
in it. From that point on, the sim who freed the burglar should be able to 
call up either the cop or the burglar and treat them as you would any other 
sim. Just for the sake of hilarity, try to invite both of them over for a 
party and see how they react.


Requirements: Be part of a family and in a really bad mood

The bane of all marriages that causes almost as much strife and chaos as 
leaving the toilet seat up, nagging is now an equal opportunity action in The 
Sims 2 universe and can be done by either women or men in an intimate 
relationship under a crappy mood. Even teenagers can nag their parents for a 
nice touch. Nagging, which is located under the Irritate category, has a 
strong negative impact for a social interaction, but it goes a long way to 
make the game more realistic.


Requirements: Available between family members who are Young Adults or Adults

Although a relatively common command that any sim who is part of a family can 
do, the ability to groom a fellow family sim deserves special note because it 
actually restores hygiene, making it special among other social interactions. 
Grooming can be performed by young adults and adults on younger sims in their 
family as well, and is a effective way to restore hygiene in a pinch. In 
order for this command, which is located under "Appreciate" to become 
available, the target sim's hygiene must not be completely filled. 

Cheer Up
Requirements: A friend of a sim in a horrible mood

If a sim is in a really bad mood, another sim who is in a good relationship 
with that sim can select the "Cheer Up" command under "Appreciate". Cheering 
a sim up doesn't seem to have any special effects added to it, but it's 
guaranteed to work, whereas trying many other social interactions might face 


Requirements: A negative relationship

If two sims have gotten off to the wrong start, one of them can apologize to 
help pave the way back from bitter hatred to tolerable indifference.

[19.03] Age Based Interactions

While the other sections of this ability and command list apply generally to 
adults and young adults where the majority of a sim's life will be spent, 
there are some special abilities that sims of other ages can perform that you 
might miss since they grow so fast.

Requirements: Teenage siblings

Although not a particularly secret command, it's one that you could play the 
game for a long time without ever seeing, since they seem to lose it when 
they grow up. Teenage siblings can give each other noogies, but unlike other 
social interactions, noogies have a very strange effect. The person giving 
the noogie gets a large boost to their relationship, but the person receiving 
gets a large hit to their relationship.


Tell Secret
Requirements: Child to child

Telling a secret is the children's equivalent of gossip, watch as the little 
kiddies out there share evil and spiteful rumors about their next door 

Mary Mack
Requirements: Child to a child

Until playing this game, I had no idea what the heck this game was. Located 
under the play command, you can have two young children play this fun little 
patty cake like game.

Cops and Robbers:
Requirements: Child to a child

Not to be confused with its politically incorrect cousin "Cowboys and 
Indians", children can practice enforcing the law with imaginary guns in 
preparation for the real thing, more less.

Requirements: Child to a child

The fundamental game that has resulted in millions of children being 
ridiculed and which summarizes everything that is wrong with our society can 
be played at any time when two children get together.

Nyah Nyah
Requirements: Child to a child

If the children aren't on the best of terms, they can tease each other in 
good old fashion traumatic manner.


Requirments: Children/toddlers and a puddle

Children and toddlers can splash in puddles of water, or urine for that 
matter if you really start to think about it. Toddlers in particular have a 
tendency to like to play with the toilet and flood the washroom for a quick 
shallow pool.

[19.04]Special Effects:

Certain sims who have met particular requirements do the same action 
differently on from other sims, as such, they essentially add a special 
effect to a rather ordinary routine.


Super Sparkling Cleaning Bubbles:
Requirements: 9 to 10 Neat

If you want your sim to cleanse the tyranny of filth from their stoves, 
toilets and showers with a little more oomph, make sure that they are 
extremely neat and they will be able to clean with bubbles and sparkles 
everywhere they go as well as have fun while doing it. Cleaning that almost 
sentient moss off the toilet isn't so bad now anymore, isn't it?


Sexy Walk
Requirement: Romance Sim with platinum mood

Ah, the legendary sexy walk full of mystery. It'll save the mystery and tell 
you exactly how to do it. In order to do the Sexy Walk, a sim must have 
Romance aspiration and be in platinum mood. At that point, command them to 
perform a romantic or intimate action with another sim, such as flirting or 
kissing and they will walk quite provocatively to their target. The men will 
strut there stuff predictably, but it's quite amusing to watch how the women 
walk with an almost serpent like wobble of the hips, even more so than the 
regular walk.


Super Ultra Happy Back From Work Cheer:
Requirement: Unknown

Of all the actions I've seen so far, it's one that I have seen surprisingly 
often that I can't figure out. Normally a sim just comes home, walks to the 
front of the house, and that's it. However, it would seem that certain sims 
that meet unknown requirements will do an extremely confident little cheer 
that kinda' says "I'm back! Hug me!" in body language. The mother of my main 
sim did this cheer many times after coming home from work, but I could never 
figure out nor reproduce the result. For reference, she is a perfectly 
outgoing and neat mother with a family aspiration and low scores in 
everything else and frequently comes back home in platinum mood. My guess is 
maybe that you need a complete happy loving family to get this cheer from a 
family aspiring sim, but I have yet to be able to get another sim to do it.


Requirements: Coffee or Espresso

To give your sim that nervous wreck look that all of us are so familiar with, 
have them drink a solid amount of coffee or Espresso and watch as they start 
to shake and jitter in everything they do This is particularly more fun to 
watch when they have low aspiration and look even more burned out with just a 
hint of crazy. In case you were tempted to try, your sims can't overdose on 
coffee and die, although it would be rather amusing.


Enter Hot Tub Nude:
Requirements: About 10 Points of Outgoing

If your sim is a perfectly outgoing young adult or above, don't be surprised 
to see them take it all off while going into the hot tub. This of course, can 
be rather fun to watch and other sims will freak out accordingly, but it 
would seem that it is actually somewhat counter productive, as when there is 
a nude sim in a hot tub, teen sims can't join, although it makes pretty good 
sense in retrospect.


Go To Toga Party in Underwear
Requirements: 9-10 Points of Outgoing

Some sims just seem to rather go closer to commando than go Greek, and if an 
extremely outgoing sim throws or is invited to a toga party, they might wear 
just their underwear instead of a full on toga.


Popularity Factor:
Requirements: A popularity sim

It seems that popularity aspiring sims naturally just seem to simply get 
other sims thinking about them much more frequently than other aspiration 
types, as indicated with thought balloons with their face in them. It's 
difficult to evaluate whether this is a factor of platinum mood or not, since 
the effect is quite subtle, but it's at least worth taking a note of.


Bash Alarm Clock
Requirements: An alarm clock and a sim in a really bad mood

In recognition of potentially the most evil invention created by man, sims 
show their respect by bashing it a couple of times with their fists to try 
and get them to shut up, should they be in quite a horrible mood, as opposed 
to simply switching them off. As a bit of a note, I highly recommend against 
relying on alarm clocks in this game, as if you ever really wanted your sims 
to wake up, doing it yourself is always a more direct approach. Oh yeah, 
ringing alarm clocks actually also lower environment, so if you want to go 
ahead and reenact my student film, fill a room full of alarm clocks and laugh 
as your sims are awoken from their only natural state of happiness and forced 
to turn off more alarm clocks than they can count before going crazy.

Friendly Gesture:
Requirements: An outgoing sim

Instead of a humble wave, an outgoing sim will point and smile as they pass 
by other sims that they are friendly with or give a thumbs up.


Shadow Boxing:
Requirements: A playful sim

If you leave a playful sim alone with no commands or freewill long enough, 
they will shadow box for a waiting animation.

Cross Arms
Requirements: A serious sim

If you leave a serious sim long enough without commands or freewill, they 
will cross their arms and wave side to side in anticipation of your next 
Lazy Posture:
Requirments: A lazy sim

Lazy sims tend to revert to a slouched over posture should you leave them on 
standby, whereas an active sim will stand upright and ready for action.


Clean Self:
Requirments: A neat or sloppy sim

Neat sims on standby animation have a tendency to brush themselves off. This 
doesn't actually increase hygiene or anything, but it's interesting to watch. 
Sloppy sims on the other hand clean themselves in a more barbaric manner, 
blowing their nose or checking under their armpits.



[19.05]Automatic Commands:

Automatic commands occur naturally when a sim's free will is on and are 
normally inaccessible to the player to use on demand. These actions are often 
preformed by guests and NPCs. Due to the semi-random nature of these events; 
many of the requirements listed are not exact. And this list is far from 

Sponge Bath:
Requirements: A kitchen sink and a very sloppy sim with low hygienic

One of the most hilarious and shocking actions a sim can perform. When a 
sloppy sim's hygiene dips well below toleration and they happen to be near by 
a sink and no shower or bath tub in sight, they will sometimes take it all 
off and clean themselves in a more manually intensive way. As to be guessed, 
this automatic action is far from effective compared to ordinary ways to 
raise hygiene.

Belch At:
Requirements: A sloppy sim with a bad relationship

Normally, sloppy sims belch and fart on their own, but under circumstances, 
they will use it as a manifestation of their hatred for another sim's 
existence. The Evil Mascot is particularly fond of doing this.

Watch Prank
Requirements: A sim to prank and people to watch

A fairly standard action, when a sim pulls a prank on another sim, some on 
lookers will get a nice big laugh out of watching the ensuing humiliation.

Requirements: A bad relationship

Although it should belong under the irritate category, this little display of 
belittling public affection  is quite routine among grouchy sims with a bone 
to pick and helps to further throw fuel into a bad relationship's fire. I've 
seem nice sims do it as well however, so it doesn't seem to be particularly 
personality driven.

Requirements: Unknown (It might only apply to nice sims or it might apply to 

A rare action of questionable importance and frequently a wonder as to what 
they are congratulating. Rarely, computer sims will give a gentle pat on the 
back to congratulate something or other for a minimal positive reaction.

Requirements: A romance sim and other sims to be around.

Induced by romance aspiring sims on other sims, an attraction is quick 
gesture of potentially or romantic interest, albeit it might as very well be 
the caked tongue of the cow plant if you are familiar with the sole purpose 
in life of a romance sim. Unfortunately, it gets a little annoying after a 
while, since it happens quite often if your sim has healthy aspiration and is 
in a good mood and can occasionally stall actions.

Play With Fridge:
Requirements: A very playful sim

Having your sim spontaneously decide to dance with the fridge is a 
surprisingly entertaining action to watch. On rare occasions, a fun loving 
sim will open the doors of a fridge and start swinging on them all while 
opening and closing them with vigorous passion. Doesn't do much in the way of 
meeting motives, but it is very fun to watch.

Visit Campus:
Requires: Be in a Greek House at university

Your sim will leave the lot and come back with a box of pizza or a random low 
quality object from bonsai trees to television sets.

Get Gnome Back:
Requires: Lawn Gnome

I have only heard about this frequently, but have never been lucky enough to 
see it for myself, unfortunately. Apparently, guests can sometimes steal your 
lawn gnome, and at a random point in the day, your sim will leave the lot to 
depart on a magical journey to get it back.

Kick Trash Can Over:
Requirements: A wandering sim who passes your lot with an attitude problem.

The sim kicks over the big trash can, leaving a huge mess. This would be a 
good time to get a little revenge with the Sim Vac or influence

Requirements: Several

This happens occasionally when one sim breaks an object while in another 
sim's presence. Typically, this will happen when a child sim smashes their 
doll house, but I've seen it happen among adult couples as well in regards to 
a broken bathtub. Lectures also occur if your child is doing horribly in 
school, as can be expected.

Requirements: When a teen gets caught sneaking out

If a parent catches a teen trying to sneak out, they will properly catch them 
and lecture them about the rules of the house. You can cancel this however, 
and it seems that in families with good relationships, a teen can 
surprisingly sneak out without anybody throwing a hissy fit. 


Be Embarrassed:
Requirements: When sims in love goose each other

If two sims in love perform the goose flirt, which is basically a brisk grab 
of the behind for the uninformed, other sims in the room stand a chance of 
becoming embarrassed in the "go get a room!" sort of way. Surprisingly, this 
effect only seems to occur from using the goose, as opposed to something a 
little more obvious like making out.


Requirements: Unknown

Every so often when a sim is caught cheating with another, you might get one 
of these two somewhere in the queue of slaps. It's really just a quick nod or 
shake of the head, but to what exactly they are approving or disapproving of 
is a bit beyond me. After all, if they just slapped your sim silly, what left 
is there to approve of?

Cold Shower:
Requirements: A cheap shower and a toilet

When a sim is taking a shower, have another sim flush the toilet. Now, we all 
know from general experience what this does. In reaction to the sudden shift 
in convenience, the sim in the shower will come out exceptionally angry and 
start poking and yelling at the sim who flushed the toilet

Wash (Window):
Requirements: Unknown

Normally there are no manual actions regarding windows, but occasionally, a 
sim will go ahead and wash one, even though they are apparently incapable of 
getting dirty. This might be a factor of a neat personality, but it rarely 
happens, so it is hard to tell.

Look Out (Window)
Requirements: Unknown

On rare occasions, a sim will automatically look out the window.

Miss Object:
Requirements: A debt hungry repo man or a penny pinching you

If run into debt and the repo man comes over with his magical ray gun to zap 
some merchandise, your sim may go through a missing animation. Similarly, if 
a sim had a want to buy a certain object and you fulfilled it, only to take 
it away again and sell it within the same day, they will come over to the 
place where the object used to be and sigh.

Be Shocked:
Requires: Nudity

This is a hilarious reaction, specifically because of the delay time of which 
sims usually have it. Your young adult could be playing pool with a naked 
streaker for hours, then when the match is finally over, finally notice that 
the guy is naked and freak. Likewise, sims react this way to very outgoing 
sims who go into the hot tub without anything they weren't born with. You'll 
also see this happen quite often in your washrooms between sims who aren't 
romantically in love.

What's This?
Requires: Any object on your lot

When a sim has nothing better to do, they often wander to a random object and 
start to wonder about the great meaning of the universe behind it. Usually, 
this occurs when you first buy an object and there are sims around to see it.

Witness Abduction:
Requirements: A sim that is abducted through the telescope and another to 

When a sim is abducted and there is another sim around to witness it, they 
will have this reaction. After witnessing an abduction, a sim will start to 
have wants and fears related to aliens without having to be abducted 

Return Home
Requirements: A sim who is abducted

When a sim is abducted, this is the name of the action that they are doing 
while off the lot.

Welcome Home!
Requirements: An abducted sim returning and others to watch

When a sim returns from their magical adventure to outer space and being 
probed by semi-hostile aliens, other sims watching will cheer and welcome 
them home. If you also happen to have cut scenes off, this command will also 
appear if you click on the alien ship, albeit it doesn't seem to do anything.

Be Shoved (By a random sim who comes running onto your lot):
Requirements: A telescope to look through in the daytime. 

If you use a telescope during the daytime, there is a possibility that an 
angry sim from the neighborhood will come running in and attack your sim, 
most likely in the form of a shove. Feel free to do this every day to satisfy 
the stalker in you and follow up with a few crank calls to bring them over to 
beat up.


Crack Knuckles:
Requirements: A sim ready to fight

If a sim is about to execute an action under the "Fight" category, on 
occasions they will crack their knuckles in preparation for the assault while 
the other sim is stalling time doing something like crying.


Hide Diary
Requirements: A sim writing a diary and another sim in close proximaty

It's rare to have a sim write in a diary, because it seems to be a slow 
useless action with barely any increase in motive, however, it is fun to 
watch sims try and hide their diaries should another sim walk by, this 
includes babies, service NPCs and even the Grim Reaper.

[19.06] Portable Devices: 
And How They Can Ruin Your Sims Life, Just Like They Did Yours

Excellent additions to The Sims 2 University are these excellent portable 
items that you can buy at the automated electronic blue kiosks at community 
lots! They are the among the very first things your sims should buy, because 
once you get them, they stay with your sim for life, no matter where they 
move... oh, that and the fact that they are all slightly defective and have 
the potential to ruin your sim's lives.

A fun handheld game system that your playful sims will love to whip out 
anywhere, everywhere with anyone, and that would be excellent if it didn't 
have a few defective side effects, that or Maxis is trying to explain the 
meaning of the universe through gaming, again. For one thing, this innocent 
looking system has the apparent ability to make sims meet themselves. Yeah, 
when you see those pluses coming out after each independent gaming session, 
those points are towards themselves (It shows up in their memory), and you 
can even develop a crush with yourself. Strangely enough, the handheld system 
is also the gateway to love; as two sims with high relationships can develop 
a crush with each other should they play together. Whether Maxis has 
discovered the meaning to life or simply made a mistake is far beyond my 
human like understanding at this point. 

Personally, the thing looks like a PSP to me, but eh, there are people out 
there who would swear on their life that it looks more like an n-gage. The 
handheld is a slow, but consistent and portable way to have fun when you are 
trying to kill time waiting for things like taxis to arrive, but it does have 
the previously mentioned side effects, so handle with caution. Handhelds can 
be given away by your sim to another sim, but why would you want to get rid 
of an extension of your personal essence? Well, other than the above 
mentioned reasons.

MP3 Player:
Ah, the MP3 Player, now a staple of civilized society and almost tone deaf 
people everywhere. Unfortunately, using the MP3 Player is an isolated action. 
I would have loved it if sims could wear it around anywhere and do anything 
with them on, but apparently, wearing the MP3 Player gives your sim the 
compulsive urge to sing and dance, disabling the ability to do anything else 
till canceled, but it's still a great way to have fun and makes for good 
close to home pictures.

Cell Phone:
This incredibly convenient marvel of modern technology allows any sim, any 
where at any time of day to make contact with the outside world, chat the 
night away, and stalk any previous love interests who might have turned them 
down with rabid enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the cell phone happens to also be 
evil, as it's missing the one basic feature that all cell phones and even 
Thomas Edison's very first light bulb had, the ability to turn it off.
Other than the fact that Maxis pretty much left out the bottom brick to a 
house made of bricks by either sadistic intention or forgetfulness, the 
inability to turn off the cell phone will haunt your sim's life until the day 
they die, that or Maxis corrects the problem. As such, you can expect semi-
random sims to call you at any waking hour of the day, even if you happen to 
be asleep, and wake everybody in the room up. It always also seems that even 
if your relationships with all your friends are at perfect 100, there will be 
one annoying stalker who calls you at least once everyday to make sure that 
you aren't sleeping, and if you are, they will coincidentally have corrected 
the problem. Not so coincidentally, the supposedly patented ring tone of the 
cell phone might start pissing you the player off as well.

The cell phone is a double edged sword, it can be extremely useful to sims 
with lots of friends and particularly fully developed popularity aspiring 
sims. My main sim, a blue haired female biped with now fifty friends uses her 
cell phone all the time for everything from ordering groceries, to throwing 
parties to touching up with straying friends, and I wouldn't ever have her 
without it, but then again, she never sleeps since she uses the Enigmatic 
Energizer every day. However, if your sim is a lazy hermit with a knowledge 
aspiration who values rest, then you might want to think twice about having 
others steal your slumber, especially if they happen to work the night shift. 
As an additional note, when you complete writing a novel, you still get a 
call through the regular phone, so make sure you have one of those, or you 
might miss out on your hard earned work's reward. 

An additional use for the cell phone is that only the person who the call is 
for will have a ringing cell phone, as opposed to the land phone that rings 
around the house regardless. In other words, you wouldn't have to worry about 
passing the phone off like a hockey puck when the person calling is asking 
for someone else, as the cell phone line is direct to the sim who the caller 
wants to talk to. When you have a cell phone, you will almost never use the 
regular phone again, and in addition. You can even use cell phones at 
community lots to invite sims over just like at home, or call a taxi to go 
somewhere like normally. Unfortunately, at the secret society, the cell phone 
only has the ability to call to ask to go home, but then again, the secret 
society pretty much is highly phone unfriendly to begin with, restricting all 
normal actions save going home.


[20] Fear, Anger, Hatred and Suffering:

Every so often we get tired of playing the game right and like to see just 
how wrong things can possibly get. The previous list contained some minor 
negative reactions that could happen to any trying player, but the following 
events are things you actually have to go out of your way for to make sims 
suffer to see. Although many of the actions featured in this section don't 
have an official name or command queue, I felt it important to list, so you 
too can traumatize your sim's lives like I know you've already done at least 


[20.01]Motive Desperation Actions:

When a sim has extremely low motives in one area, they will start yelling at 
the player and this is called a desperation action. All motives have one, but 
they are basically the same in effect. It is usually what follows immediately 
after that is interesting to watch.

Die of Starvation:
Requirements: Absolute redline on hunger

Your sim reaches out for one final breathe before crumbling into a fetal 
position and kicking the can. Wearing the accursed Noodle Soother gone 
terribly wrong with a side effect is a great way to see this effect early.

Have An "Accident":
Requirements: A sim that has completely redlined the bladder meter

You sim will form a surprisingly clean puddle of water when they had their 
chance to go but didn't. As an additional note, surrounding sims might laugh 
at the overloaded bladder victim or try to comfort them, depending on their 
personality and relationship

The Green Stench:
Requirements: No hygiene left

When your sim runs low on hygiene, they start to vent a green fume that 
repels other sims away. This is actually fairly common should your sims 
exercise a lot.


Smells Bad: 
Requirement: A sim with low hygiene or burnt food

This reaction is a self explanatory reaction to an invasion of nasal nausea. 
When your sim has low hygiene or has learned how to cook a hot steamy plate 
of charcoal, any other sims in the area will react with this.

Be Disgusted:
Requirements: A bad dirty joke

If a sim bombs on a dirty joke, the person who they are telling it to will 
through a motion similar to vomiting. This automatic action also appears 
under other cases, such as when a sim is sick. 


Requirements: Morning sickness or food poisoning

Should your sim come down with food poisoning or morning sickness, you can 
expect them to run to the local toilet several times to vomit before they 
recover. After vomiting blue fluid, the toilet will become severely dirty, 
although if there isn't a toilet around, the floor will have to suffice.


Cough and Sneeze:
Requirements: Flu, Cold or Pneumonia

IF you sim comes down with the above mentioned sicknesses, they will be prone 
to interrupt their actions with long coughing or sneezing spells.


Summon the Social Bunny:
Requirements: Extremely low social motive

When a sim's social is very low, the social bunny will fall from the heavens 
ready for a nice big hug... that or you can beat him up. The social bunny is an 
imaginary being, so when you select other sims, they will not be able to see 

Requires: A sim that has run out of energy

A sim, depending on how much space is around them will collapse on the floor 
or fall asleep standing up looking like they've been hanged, in which case 
other sims around them will come over to laugh, even if they are just one 
step away from dying.


[20.02] Aspiration Desperation:

Similar to when your sim's motives hit red rock bottom, your sims will also 
go a little loopy should you deprive them of their hard earned ambition in 
life. Certain aspirations have particular weaknesses, such as knowledge sims 
frequently fearing fire, fortune sims fearing the repoman or family sims 
understandably dreading the return of a zombie sim from the dead. Exploit 
these fears well, and you will be rewarded with entertainment at the expense 
the little digital people who put all their faith in you. Oh yeah, just for 
the record, although Maxis strongly insists that The Sims 2 is a life 
simulator and encourages players to play the game properly, you will notice 
by watching the intro sequence that they show almost all of the aspiration 
desperation animations in sequence. I'm quite sure the animators had a good 
laugh making them as many of us do watching them. The following occur 
randomly when your sim almost has full negative aspiration.

Fortune Aspiration Desperation:
The financially challenged sim will take out a sign and a mug and start 
panhandling, most often on the side of the road.

Knowledge Aspiration Desperation:
Taking a cue from the movie Cast Away, a desperate knowledge Sim will take 
out a volley ball with a graduation cap named Prof. von Ball and start 
talking to him.

Family Aspiration Desperation:
Will start to play and love a little baby flour sack, cradling it back and 
fourth. This one is just depressing folks.

Romance Aspiration Desperation:
Romance sims will take out a sponge mop with a paper face and proceed to 
dance with it. That doesn't seem all that unusual to me to tell the truth.

Popularity Aspiration Desperation:
Takes out a cup with a face on it and hands named Cup-Stick Buddy to be their 
new best friend, seeing as how if you got them to this point, they probably 
don't have any.

Ultimate Desperation:
Occurs when the aspiration meter is at its absolute lowest bottom rung on the 
ladder, and occurs to all aspiration types. Your sim will simply go insane 
and summon an imaginary psychiatrist that will put them into a hypnotic 
trance to perform a humiliating impression of an animal before snapping them 
back to semi-functional normal. Other sims that happen to be around will 
gesture quite politely that this sim has gone nuts.


[20.03]When Disaster Strikes: And You Have Popcorn

By now, you probably know all the ways a sim can die from other FAQs or by 
accidental exposure. You got your starvation, fire, drowning, electrocution, 
disease, death by flies, satellite, death by fright, old age and the mighty 
cow plant, but what you might like to know is how other sims may react to 
them and other crisis.

Watch Fight:
Requirements: Two sims to fight and others to watch

Depending on a sim's personality between shy to outgoing, a sim will have two 
reactions to this. The first is that they will watch intently and the second 
is that they will run out of the room. Needless to say, everybody loves to 
watch a fight at other people's expense, and when you have multiple sims who 
all hate the same person, things can get pretty wild. Sims will also cheer 
and boo for the sims involved in the fight if they like or hate them and 
react accordingly to the victor.

Run Away:
Requirements: A teenager in a very unhappy family

Teenage sims can run away should they have exceptionally horrible 
relationships with their parents and other household occupants. You can sic' 
the cops on them to bring them back though, although it might not always 
work, particularly after 24 hours.

Requirements: Errr, fire

Quite possibly the most annoying automatic action, or the most hilarious to 
watch, depending on how much you hate your sims. Fire makes idiots out of 
sims, and they basically start panicking like chopped head roosters only 
making the situation worst. Fire is a very persistent action and will cancel 
out any other action in queue, making it difficult to escape. Of course, 
needless to say, a sim reacts quite a bit more desperate when they actually 
catch on fire as opposed to just watching it.

Requirements: Self explanatory

Should a burglar ever choose to pay your house a visit and there is a waking 
sim to witness them, they will proceed to run around like an idiot while the 
burglar plunders their precious property.

See Ghost:
Requirements: A well aged tombstone or urn on the lot to bring out a ghost

When night settles in on a lot where the dead wander, occasionally a ghost 
will pop out of nowhere and scare the daylights out of a sim with a rather 
amusing reaction. Most sims remember this badly, some even die if their 
motives are low, but ironically, knowledge sims love seeing ghosts. It would 
seem that if a sim is an arch enemy of another, he will start having wants to 
see that sim as a ghost. This is the kid friendly way of explaining that they 
want the other sim to die, but lack the programmed means to do so in order to 
keep the game on a level acceptable to violence condoning families 
everywhere. Since I'm already on this subject, it should be noted that sims 
that really hate each other can develop a want to drink their enemies via cow 

Requires: Roaches!

Should your house happen to be a filthy mess of a domestic battlefield, there 
is a high chance that you will develop roaches. Sims who try to spray away 
roaches or stomp on them have a good chance of panicking in the process and 
might get a vermin memory as well.


Watch In Distress: 
Requirements: A stupid sim, a broken appliance, and a lot of electricity.

When a sim gets electrocuted, other sims in the nearby area come to watch in 
distress. Watch in distress can also occur in other instances where a sim is 
going through massive turmoil, like passing out. If a sim is in a bad 
relationship with a victim, they will laugh instead of be distressed. For the 
record, energy is the key factor of a sim who will die after being 
electrocuted, although it makes it hard to kill a sim this way, since they 
will usually interrupt themselves when their energy is low.


Requirements: Recent bad memories:

If a sim lost a fight, had a loved one die, lost their job, made a brand new 
enemy or have been put through some other tragedy, they might spontaneously 
cry throughout the day. Sims with even high aspiration can start crying from 
a bad memory, but sims with low aspiration or horrible mood in addition might 
get even more disturbing behaviors added to their roster, like stomping on 

Requirements: Recent bad memories and low aspiration

If your sim has had an incredibly bad few days with people biting the dust 
and fighting left and right all while catching the flu and having dozens of 
other bad things happen to them, along with a red lined aspiration, they will 
start to have nightmares and wake up abruptly in the middle of the night in 
cold sweat.

[20.04]Reactions To Sim Death: And How To Make The Most of It.

Depending on the relationship a sim has with a sim who has just died their 
reaction will be different.

Cry Softly:
Requirements: A good relationship with a sim who has just died.

Fairly self explanatory when a good friend or close family member has died.

Requirements: The death of a sim who has an indifferent relationship.

Sighing is on a progressively lesser notch in the "I don't care" department 
when another sim has died.

Laugh At: 
Requires: The death of a sim who is an enemy

Sims are just like real people, except they tend to do things that all of us 
are thinking, but never in a lifetime will do. As such, having them laugh as 
their arch enemies take off on their journey to the great beyond is quite 


[21] The Darker Side of the Sims:

I had a nice long talk with a close friend of mine the other day about D&D, 
another strong passion of mine and just realized that The Sims 2 is missing a 
key component in the fabric of the universe - inherently chaotic evil sims. 
For the most part, The Sims 2 encourages good social behavior in making 
friends and many things like job promotions and throwing good parties depend 
on them, and we can't blame the makers, because we really do want our society 
to be a better place and teach children right from wrong (One gets you beaten 
with clubs, the other gets you beaten by sticks). The truth is however, that 
we know in real life that there are just some people who are not nice, not 
even grouchy, they're just plain evil psychopathic killers, and that's what 
this section is about - to make the resident unfriendly sim in your 
neighborhood to balance out all of the good and happiness that is abound. 


[21.01] Evil Aspiration: The Next Best Thing to World Domination

Fortune Aspiration:

Fortune Aspiration sims are not particularly capable of evil deeds, despite 
the logic that love of money is the root of all evil. They have the want to 
marry a rich sim or inherit money, but that's about the sum of their evil 
ambition. However, as you have probably guessed, you can hasten the speed at 
which a sim 
"passes off" their in inheritance or money by... oh, setting them on fire or 
something of the like.

Knowledge Aspiration:

The ultimate in evil sims, the knowledge seeking sim doesn't just accept the 
concept of the afterlife, and trivial things like bringing back the dead, 
they practically welcome them with open arms and a bouquet of flowers. 
Knowledge sims can get good memories and satisfy several wants in ways that 
many other sims would dread, particularly ones involving ghosts, death, 
zombies and aliens. Although their wants are typically hard to achieve, they 
also have a great aspiration and influence payoff. As it stands, Knowledge 
sims have a great deal to benefit from offing and torturing other sims, 
either accidentally or intentionally. There is understandably no direct way 
for a sim to kill another sim, but a pool without a ladder can go a 
surprisingly long way in trying.

When a knowledge aspiring sim is enemies with another sim, they will be the 
ones to most frequently have wants about seeing that sim as a ghost, well 
before they have died in fact. Additionally, I have seen knowledge sims with 
wants to drink another sim via cow plant. If the enemy sim should die, they 
will spit on their grave one more time with a want to make them a zombie. 
These kinds of wants actually encourage behavior in a way that can be 
interpreted as evil and a strong desire to kill off their enemies again to 
wrack up aspiration points yet again. As a matter of fact, knowledge aspiring 
sims actually do much better when there is a local ghost around to fulfill 
their rather sturdy want to see a ghost. It's only theoretical, but it's 
possible that a knowledge sim who lives with a bunch of expendable "test 
subject" sims in a haunted house might be able to even match the aspiration 
output of a perfectly positive popularity sim, albeit people around him or 
her will be falling like flies in the process, and you're probably going to 
have to make good use of that swimming pool.

On the xenophobic side of things, a knowledge sim who has witnessed or been 
through an abduction by aliens will start to want other sims to be abducted, 
whether they want it or not. One final note about this rather interesting sim 
is that they are also semi-suicidal, as the "Be Saved From Death" want is a 
frequent order on their wants menu.
Family Aspiration:

Seriously, there is nothing all that evil that family aspiring sims have that 
other aspiration types don't. Family sims are pretty much just inherently 
good unless you start making them enemies with half of the neighborhood, in 
which case they wouldn't mind occasionally wanting to see a ghost of a still 
living sim. 

Romance Aspiration:

Romance sims are the closest thing to being morally bankrupt as far as our 
general society is concerned, not to say that it isn't tolerable on some 
alien world where things like loyalty and commitment might not exist. The 
whole purpose of romantic sims is to basically woohoo with as many other sims 
as possible behind each other's backs, and in many ways, a romance sim can be 
interpreted as an evil version of the family sim. Ignoring the fact that the 
word "Romantic" is frequently a word that has been bended by inaccurate 
connotation, at least the Romantic sim doesn't have an inherent desire to 
kill their love interests after they are done with tnem, but oh, the pains of 

Popularity Aspiration:

Since I have yet to figure out how to make a popularity sim's get the want to 
win a fight on command, the following information is mostly theoretical. I 
have only seen this specific want about twice in custom made sims, and it was 
in the rather odd scenario to beat up a quasi-friend. Anyhow, in theory, if 
you can get a popularity aspiring sim to draw up their want to win a fight, 
you can earn some pretty big aspiration points by building up their body 
skill, then finding a victim to become enemies with and attack whenever the 
want comes up. In effect, your popularity sim will become the resident bully. 
Fortunately, although the local police might come to bust a sim teen who 
snuck out at night, there apparently isn't a law against assault and battery, 
so you can beat the daylights out of this single poor sim whenever you feel 
like and get away with it. As mentioned earlier though, the want to win a 
fight seems to be far and few in between, and most likely requires making an 
enemy of another sim, but it would be interesting to have a sim who's 
majority of aspiration output comes from beating on people.


[21.02] Sim Fatality

Seriously, this is a document that claims to answer frequently asked 
questions, that being said; you'd be surprised how many questions are 
oriented towards punishing and killing your sims. It's not morally correct, 
but you can't say that people don't ask these questions frequently, as such, 
I thought I'd just touch on them lightly. As a special note, NPCs have a 
particular motive drain resistance and can endure things like staying in the 
pool longer without drowng than your own sims.

Death By:


Fire is the most common disaster in the game and can come from many ways. 
Some of the ways a fire can erupt are putting furniture too close to a 
burning fireplace, really bad cooking, leaving an item in an oven too long, 
using the outdoor grill inside, using the counterfeit machine, and 
occasionally when a sim gets electrocuted. The easiest way to intentionally 
set a fire is to use an outdoors grill inside. Doing so instantly results in 
a fire on residential lots. A more controllable way is to put a TV dinner 
into an oven and forget to take it out. This can actually have a time bomb 
like effect, and you can place multiple stoves around the house before the 
first one erupts for maximum incineration. Unfortunately, fire is a very 
messy way to kill a sim, and it usually takes out some good furniture with 
them too.

Electrocution: One of the hardest ways to get a sim to die, if only because 
it's hard to use an electronic device enough times for it to break in the 
first place. The hands down most dangerous item to repair in the game is the 
trash compactor or the dishwasher, these two things are hazardous even for 
the pros to handle. It's fairly easy to get a sim electrocuted, but having 
them die from it is actually quite hard, as they must have zero energy at the 
end of the shock to die. Usually, a sim will interrupt their own actions 
frequently when their energy is low, so you'd usually have to be trying to 
kill your sim via imitating a Christmas Tree.
Pool without A Ladder: 
Perhaps the most famous way for a sim to die, if only because of the sheer 
lack of logic that could have saved their life had they known better. When a 
sim runs out of energy in a pool, they will drown; it's pretty much as simple 
as that. Of special note however, is that it seems that you can't bargain 
with the Grim Reaper over a sim who has died this way for some reason which 
would have otherwise made it an excellent way to satisfy the "Be Saved from 
Death" want.

A sim can die from fright should their motives be low enough when a ghost 
scares them. It's a rather quick and painless way to die, but from what I 
heard, the recently added Scissors item can also make a sim running with them 
die in a similar manner to this.

Definitely scoring points in a very painful way to die area, a sim who hasn't 
eaten for quite sometime will simply complain one last time before collapsing 
onto the floor in a fetal position and going to the great beyond. It takes 
quite a while, but it's controllable

A surprisingly hard way to die, Sims who die from disease must have been 
heavily neglected during their sickness enough to cause drastic motive drain 
and death. This is something that is even hard to do on purpose. The only 
real disease that can kill a sim out of the blue as opposed to letting their 
motives drop to levels that would have killed them anyway is the Mystery 
Disease that can be contracted randomly from using the Biostation career 
reward item. It would seem that if left untreated for a certain amount of 
time, it causes your sim to die.

One of the two legendarily rare ways for a sim to die is via satellite. On 
extremely rare occasions, a sim who is watching the clouds or stargazing will 
meet their untimely demise "Dead Like Me" style in the way of a petite 
satellite crashing into them and exploding. The satellite can be sold for 
1999 simoleons and will depreciate with time, but it makes for a nice 
keepsake and perpetually seems to vent black fumes well after its target's 

Death by flies is the rarest and most difficult way for a sim to die of them 
all. In order for a sim to die through flies, they must have completely 
littered the surrounding area with dirty dishes that have had enough time to 
stagnate and vent green fumes to attract flies. On a particular rare occasion 
while stepping on a plate, the sim will be attacked by a swarm of angry flies 
that will eat the sim and leave only what appears to be ashes behind. This 
death truly deserves to be classified as the most horrible way a sim can die. 
That is of course, until the cow plant was invented.

Cow Plant:
What is there to say about the cow plant that I haven't udderly gone into 
detail about before? In short, a stupid sim who goes for the cow plant's cake 
tongue will get eaten whole. The good news about the cow plant from an evil 
point of view is that it's a clean, reliable and highly beneficial way for a 
sim to die. The bad part about it is that the reaper doesn't cone along so 
you can't plead with him to fulfill any "Win against the Reaper" wants.

Old Age: 
The only real way a sim should die is through old age. If they are at less 
than platinum aspiration, they'll try to snatch back the grim reaper's hour 
glass, but fail. If a sim does however die of old age naturally at platinum, 
everyone in the family will see them off and they'll be greeted by death and 
hula girls on their journey to the great beyond. They will also get an extra 
special platinum tombstone/urn with the symbol of their aspiration type on 
it. Death cannot be pleaded with in this case, but you can bring them back to 
life through the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, although I think that this is probably 
the best way to end a good story a sim can ask for.


Chapter 7: Wrapping Up


[21] Trivia:


You may have noticed the tendency for Maxis to frequently refer to Llamas in 
The Sims 2, as well as many other Maxis simulation games. It is commonly 
believed that this is attributed to creator Will Wright's love of the animal, 
although there have been other theories, as it seems for some phenomenally 
odd reason; llamas have become a thing of parallel game fixation on other 
gaming culture fronts. I remember hearing about a running joke on "Llama 
Pies" along time ago with some old Commodore 64 game called "Wheeling Wally' 
or something, but I was barely old enough to read back then, so it's just a 
faint memory.
As far as I can remember, the earliest use of Llama references in a Maxis 
game was in SimCity 2000 with it being the name of one of the speed levels, a 
football team, frequently mentioned in the news and even the Braun Llama Dome 
reward, although if you got the Australian version, you'd get the Sydney 
Opera House instead. It would seem that Maxis has carried this well loved 
animal well into its recent games and beyond as a running joke, and thanks to 
their behalf, this otherwise unknown animal with a rather oddly spelled name 
has gained some majestic reverence in the gaming community.

Captain Hero: 

Originally appearing in SimCity 2000, this super hero would occasionally come 
to save large cities from disasters such as tornados and alien invasions, and 
has also been referred to on occasions as Maxis Man, albeit wearing a very 
different outfit from the Captain Hero occupation at the top of the law 
enforcement career. If none of your sims have gotten this job yet, he or she 
will have a very unique way of getting to work that is fitting of a super 
hero. You can also watch a bunch of people dressed up as criminal masterminds 
torturing a person dressed up as Captain Hero on KidzTube television.


Maxis has come across many different designs for aliens when making the 
SimCity games, but it would seem that the type shown in The Sims 2 is a cute 
miniature version from the SimCity 4: Rush Hour expansion pack UFO, marked by 
its distinctive saucer shape and green color. You might be wondering why I 
said miniature when the one in The Sims 2 is as large as it is. 

The UFO mother ship that comes to attack as a disaster in SimCity 4: Rush 
Hour expansion happens to be quite noticeably larger and clearly more 
hostile, as it will blast a giant beam of energy straight into your city 
before releasing three smaller versions to randomly assault other areas. A 
preview of this event can also be seen on KidzTube television that your sims 
can watch, as well as the killer robot disaster that features a giant version 
of Servo from the original The Sims smiting his human oppressors.

 Just as a side note, the UFO that comes to abduct your sims even has a 
license plate that reads "ANM8R". I wonder what that could stand for?

Will Wright: 

Quite the icon of gaming culture, he is often referenced within Maxis' games. 
In The Sims 2, there is a rock formation that looks like his head in the 
decorations that can be used in the neighborhood and there is also a supposed 
picture of him in the university young adult creation room. Will Wright's 
influence also doesn't escape the console world, as Dr. Wright, who is an 
arguable cartoon caricature of Will Wright used in the Super Nintendo version 
of SimCity is still remembered fondly by Nintendo lovers. Oh yes, it's 
arguable, but it seems that one of the painting a sim can make is an 
exaggerated caricature of Will Wright as well.

The Yummy Channel: 

The most useful channel in the game, as it builds cooking skill, but if you 
watch it carefully, be prepared for a very good laugh, as the vast majority 
of the clips show exactly what your sim should not be doing in the kitchen - 
getting set on fire.

SSX 3: 

SSX 3 can be played on by sims on computers or the console system in The Sims 
2. SSX 3 is the most recent in a line up of snowboarding game from the EA 
Sports division of EA Games located in Canada, who Maxis is now affiliated 
with. They're practically my next door neighbors and some of my 3D CG 
instructors worked there, and so I can't help but wave a bit of a patriotic 
flag for them despite the fact that one of my friends right as I wrote the 
last sentence e-mailed me to tell me how they are an evil corporation -- 
again (And that he'll be applying there), hahahah. It should be also noted 
that the clips on the SimStation Sports Network are also from EA Sports games 
and it would seem that a little in game advertising can go a long way. I 
honestly have no idea what SSX stands for though. Other games available to 
play are The Sims Bustin' Out and SimCity 4: Rush Hour and can be bought at 
community lots in the The Sims 2, as well as real life!

[22] Bugs, Cheats and Glitches: And How to Exploit Them

Dorm Ransacking: How to Sellout Your Roommates' Lifestyle

Dorms are fundamentally different from other lot types and your building 
tools are restricted unless you cheat. Beats me why the fine folks at Maxis 
did this, because there is a gigantic loop hole in their logic that allows 
you to abuse the system so much that it's practically just a key stroke short 
from the motherlode cheat.

All you have to do in order to exploit the dorm system is move a sim into a 
dorm, sell every single item that isn't nailed down, move to another one, 
sell everything there, repeat till your sim is rich enough to buy the entire 
university or desired results. Per one ransacking, you can expect to make 
about 30,000 a go. With the money made from ransacking expendable dorms 
trick, you might as well just be cheating. 

I've tried the previously mentioned trick extensively, and there seems to be 
nary a side effect, not even a memory of moving within university. You can 
apparently place down an infinite amount of dorms if you should run out of 
ransacking the previous ones, and it's not like you actually care about other 
sims that live in the same dorm as you, you can sell their beds in a 
heartbeat and cram the toilet, computer, canvas, shower, mirror, phone, 
chessboard, and even the kitchen sink if you still have room. With a big 
glaring loophole like that, you don't even have to go out of your way to 
cheat, but this is best reserved for custom college towns, as you wouldn't 
want to accidentally defile the premade atmosphere. Winning all of those 
scholarships and working long hard hours as a barista just seems to fade into 
regrettable futility with a trick like this, but eh, Maxis probably knows 
that anybody who wants to cheat, will cheat.

Rent Low, Sell High

Similar to the slight financial loophole with dorms, you too can exploit the 
generous cost of a rented home by promptly selling everything bought on the 
lot at its full value, moving out, buying everything all over again, moving 
in again for a reduced price, selling yet again, and then repeating the 
process till you build an architectural monument worthy of this economic 
anomaly. Finding irony that most of the bugs and loopholes in The Sims 2 
University this time around are player beneficial, unlike when the original 
core game came out with it's jump bug from hell and one way carpools to 
infinity aside, you're still gonna' need a lot of simoleans.


Profiting From the Death of the Expendable:

Every newly created family in the ordinary neighborhood gets 20,000 simoleans 
to spend for getting started normally. However, you can have them also move 
into another sim's household and combine money. You can abuse this system by 
having a single one member household merge and contribute their 20,000 
simoleans to the sim you actually care about, only to kill them off, steal 
their money and repeat till you are bloody rich, and if that isn't insult to 
injury, you can also sell their tombstones and pocket a tidy 150 simoleans. 
Remember kiddies, there is no such thing as evil sims, only evil players. 
Although it would seem that one of my recent updates completely defiles this 

Your Secret Society and Myne:

Time to get to that nifty little trick I have been talking about that lets 
you bring other sims in your household along with you to the Secret Society, 
albeit with a bit of a negative side effect. Normally, it seems that your own 
sims never show up in the secret society as NPCs, even if there are many of 
them and you tried to off default secret society members with the not so 
discreet cow plant to make room. There is however, indeed a way to bring your 
other secret society sims from home along with you and here it is.

1. Have the sim you want to come along go to the secret society first.

2. Buy a Myne Door, the type used in dorms, and have you sim claim it and 
lock it.

3. Have another sim of the same household be the next person to visit the 
secret society.

4. Both sims should be present and you should see both of their faces on the 
side bar, however, you will only be able to control your current one. 

Unfortunately, there are two side effects. The first is that your other sim's 
aspiration will decrease, the second is that it would seem that the 
university exam clock still keeps on ticking even when they are not being 
played, but on the bright side, you can take better pictures of them and have 
them help out with skill building. Having more than two sims from the same 
household may also be possible, but I haven't tested it as of yet. This is 
not a casual technique to be used, as its side effects can cause a lot of 
chaos if not carefully monitored when you return.

Oh, as an additional note, replacing the front door of the secret society 
with a Myne Door and kicking everyone out is a good way to single-handedly 
take over the secret society. Unfortunately, if you bring in another sim from 
another household, the claim on the Myne Door will be lifted, but it's the 
hostile intent that counts.

Raising the Dead into the Secret Society

This trick is more of slightly underused features as opposed to a glitch. If 
you happen to want to recruit a zombie slave, the secret societies are the 
perfect place to do so. To add a secret society member to your normal 
household, zombie or otherwise, just kill them off via cow plant and bring 
them back with the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, good as new or slightly used. You 
will be able to control them temporarily at the secret society until you have 
to return home, and they will follow you and resume the rest of their lives, 
or lack there of. This should also work in regards to reviving other young 
adults in the college town that your sim knows that have died, even if they 
aren't members of the secret society. It seems though that you can't revive 
adults such as the cafeteria workers or the professors though at university 
should they "accidentally" die. Also to be noted are that the counterfeit 
machines in the secret society are more reliable, as it seems fire cannot 
erupt there, which occurs frequently at home should you try to counterfeit, 
even with platinum aspiration.

Multi-Term Paper!

This is an awesome trick contributed by Jason Newman after I wrote my The 
Sims 2 University FAQ. I originally attached this trick to my Nightlife FAQ, 
because in my mind, I had no intention of updating the University FAQ, but 
since here I am doing it anyway, I thought this to be where the trick really 
should be engraved down!

With this trick, it is possible to get double or even triple term paper 
credits in a single semester! If you have your sim influence other sims to 
write term papers before the first term paper for the semester finishes, they 
will all start typing away on them, and when they finish, their compiled term 
papers will all be counted onto the score and send the Class Performance 
Meter soaring! As a bit of a note, three term papers in one semester is 
pretty much enough to send any class performance meter straight from the 
bottom to the top and costs 7500 influence points total. Of course, you have 
to have enough computers on the lot for the sims to write on, so this trick 
works especially well on dorms and university community lots where the 
resources are available, as well as the Secret Society. Of course, your sim 
can also jump into the frenzy to write his or her term paper themselves when 
other sims are being influenced to type away at it at the same time, for in 
the case that they are running low on influence or want to fulfill a term 
paper want.

Easy Career Rewards:

Here's a trick that I first learned from Martin Ostera who e-mailed me all 
the juicy details of one of the biggest in game exploits I've seen! As a 
matter of fact, this trick is so ridiculously useful; it's a mystery to me 
why I haven't found out about it until now! Take note though that I tested 
this trick on The Sims 2 with both University and Nightlife installed and it 
might not work if it's just University alone, as this trick revolves around a 
possible change that was made to the core game with the expansions.

Have you ever wanted all the career rewards that you could ever possibly hope 
for, but too lazy to actually play the game and too honorable to actually 
consider using type in cheats? Well, this is just perfect for you! 
Originally, in the core game, when your sim applied for a job through the 
computer, they could overshoot the position that would normally give them the 
career reward if they were overqualified and go on for the rest of their 
career until they reach the top without ever getting it. This led to most 
career reward hunting players starting their climb up the job ladder from the 
bottom rung by finding a job in the newspaper instead of through a computer. 
Now, it seems that somewhere between all the current expansions and patches, 
Maxis has remedied this problem, and now, you can obtain career rewards 
retroactively, simply by reaching or overshooting the job position that would 
normally give the career reward. For better or worst though, Maxis didn't see 
how this feature could be massively exploited, and here's where Martin 
Ostera's trick comes into play.

This trick works best with sims who have graduated from university with a 
Summa Cum Laude earning 4.0 GPA to grace their diplomas with high skill and a 
dozen or more friends, as it virtually guarantees them the highest position 
possible, usually a level 8-9 position optimally, however, even sims without 
post secondary education can do it to a lesser degree so long as they have 
enough friends and very high skills to offset. Okay then, let the career 
reward ripping begin!

All you have to do is have your sim pick a job, any job using the computer, 
and so long as the position they start off with meets or surpasses the career 
reward position, they will obtain that career reward simply for being hired! 
Now, all you gotta' do is hop from one from one career path to the next and 
mop up the goodies, all in a few in game minutes for your sim from the 
comfort of their own computer! Even better, with Nightlife, you can share the 
love by distributing multiple career rewards to other members of the 
household to spread around the neighborhood, and presto, you have a full 
blown career reward manufacturing facility to share the wealth! With this 
trick, you can obtain the career rewards from every career path in the game, 
including the four university exclusive ones if you have a graduate doing the 
job hunting, and although you only get five career options available to your 
sims on their computer every day, that is barely a pothole in the light of 
the power this trick can give to your sims. Now everybody on the block can 
own their very own cow plant, and wouldn't that make the world a much better


Well, that's it for this little FAQ, I hope that it answered any floating 
questions you may have had and is as accurate as possible. I wrote this FAQ 
out of fun and with the hopes that it could help other people explore many of 
the fun things the game has to offer, in between jobs of course. These days, 
I'm pretty busy with my anime style art and writings, available for display 
at my site www.xynthica.com, so I probably wouldn't be updating until the 
next expansion pack, but I'm always in the mood for new facts and 
information, so please drop me a line if you have any comments or criticism. 
I personally find it highly ironic that I've been a gamefaqs member for 6 
years, and it was only when I lost my original account that I decided to 
finally write a FAQ, but I'm glad I did. Oh, just for the record though, 
although this is called "The Sims 2 University Practical FAQ", I apparently 
took way too many side roads to research the little things, but it's all 

[24]Legal Stuff:

Copyright 2005 Zephos Amaranis

This guide may be freely distributed, digitally displayed, and or reproduced 
for personal and private use for non-profitable purposes, so long as it's 
content are unaltered and the original author is acknowledged. 

List of Authorized Hosts for This FAQ:

http://www.gamefaqs.com (Master Copy)







[25]Special Thanks To:

- First and foremost comes my gratitude to Maxis and EA Games for making this 
excellent interactive piece of software that is The Sims 2 and its expansion 
The Sims 2: University that myself and many others have enjoy to a very large 
extent. Needless to say, the official site http://thesims2.ea.com/ has also 
been an invaluable resource for information and fun rumors that I always 
liked to look into.

- I would like to thank the great The Sims 2 fans at the boards of 
www.gamefaqs.com, of which I used to visit all the time under a different 
name which unfortunately got lost somewhere with the merger passport and I 
have never been able to claim again. 

- Whenever I got lost, I frequently found myself going to 
http://compsimgames.about.com/ for lists and in-depth information that I had 
troubling remembering when writing this FAQ, so I'd like to thank you guys 
there for supplying an excellent database of information on simulation games.

- An especially large thank you goes to warfreak for writing the first FAQ on 
The Sims 2 University to appear on gamefaqs, and also because I haven't wrote 
a video game related FAQ in almost 6 years, so I was a bit rusty and needed a 
good example to follow.

- Finally, I'd like to thank www.snootysims.com which I visited very often 
when I was new to The Sims 2 scene and had lots of questions, like about 
death by satellite, hahaha, and my personal favorite right after the cow 

- Special thanks to Chris Biberstein for the correction on the original 
inspiration for the Social Bunny coming from an old movie from the 1950s 
called Harvey, which much later in turn inspired Donny Darko.

- Special thanks to Pagasa and Tostada for additional information regarding 
lifetime wants, specifically regarding the four new lifetime wants.

- Spiffy thanks to Matt Coold for telling me what is most likely the correct 
limit for members of a Level 5 Greek House, despite the game as I recall 
falsely saying otherwise.

-Incredible thanks to Jason Newman for telling me personally through e-mail 
the information regarding the Multi-Term Paper trick! I use it all the time 
now and it's such a useful time saving way to exploit the game, and you all 
know how much I LOVE to exploit the game! Well, without cheat codes or mods 

-Super happy thanks to Martin Ostera for his trick about getting easy career 
rewards through simply getting hired at high positions! Surely one of the 
greatest in game exploits I have ever come across to date!


There are two things in any good game to avoid doing, losing, and 
unfortunately, winning...


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