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FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

Version: 2.7 | Updated: 12/14/07

 _______ _             _____ _                 ___            
|__   __| |           / ____(_)               |__ \           
   | |  | |__   ___  | (___  _ _ __ ___  ___     ) |   ______ 
   | |  | '_ \ / _ \  \___ \| | '_ ` _ \/ __|   / /   |______|
   | |  | | | |  __/  ____) | | | | | | \__ \  / /_           
   |_|  |_| |_|\___| |_____/|_|_| |_| |_|___/ |____|          
 _    _       _                    _ _         
| |  | |     (_)                  (_) |        
| |  | |_ __  ___   _____ _ __ ___ _| |_ _   _ 
| |  | | '_ \| \ \ / / _ \ '__/ __| | __| | | |
| |__| | | | | |\ V /  __/ |  \__ \ | |_| |_| |
 \____/|_| |_|_| \_/ \___|_|  |___/_|\__|\__, |
                                          __/ |

Author: Warfreak
Version 2.7
Day Started 13/3/05

NOTE: Send in information and chance cards for credit. [Chance cards should be
      sent in screenshots. You have to screenshot the scenario and the option
      you choose or you can write it down sand send it to me]
NOTE: If you see glitches in your game, go to www.thesims2.ea.com and download
      the latest patch for your game. This fixes up A LOT, if not ALL the bugs
      in the base game and the glitches found in the expansion packs.


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
    [1.01] Expansion Pack
    [1.02] New Stuff
    [1.03] Version History
[2] Build a University
    [2.01] University
    [2.02] Types of Buildings
    [2.03] The University
    [2.04] Building
[3] Charts
    [3.01] Cooking Chart
    [3.02] Age Chart
[4] Young Adults
    [4.01] What is a Young Adult
    [4.02] Young Adults
    [4.03] How to Make Money
[5] University
    [5.01] Grades
    [5.02] Majors
    [5.03] Progress and Probation
[6] New Careers
    [6.01] Paranormal
    [6.02] Show Business
    [6.03] Artist
    [6.04] Natural Scientist
    [6.05] Job Analysis
[7] Job Rewards
    [7.01] Paranormal
    [7.02] Show Business
    [7.03] Artist
    [7.04] Natural Scientist
    [7.05] College
    [7.06] Aspiration Reward
[8] Influence Meter
    [8.01] Influence Meter
    [8.02] Influence Points
    [8.03] Influence Level
    [8.04] Good Influence
    [8.05] Bad Influence
[9] Lifetime Wants
    [9.01] Lifetime Wants
    [9.02] Wants
    [9.03] Doing the Wants
[10] New Items
    [10.01] New Items
    [10.02] Misc Stuff
[11] Scholarships (Way to make free money)
    [11.01] Scholarships
    [11.02] Types of Scholarships
    [11.03] Hard Scholarships
    [11.04] Recommended Scholarships
    [11.05] How to Get
[12] Aspirations (More points for free)
    [12.01] Extra on Aspirations
[13] GPA (And how it will bug you)
    [13.01] Boosting GPA
    [13.02] Attending Classes and Exams
    [13.03] Term Paper
    [13.04] Do Assignment
    [13.05] Do Research
    [13.06] Relationship with Professors
    [13.07] Hacking Grades
[14] Telephone (That spams like ham)
    [14.01] Chinese Food
    [14.02] Graduation Party
    [14.03] Sports Party
    [14.04] Toga Party
[15] Chance Cards (Feelin Lucky today Punk?)
    [15.01] Paranormal
    [15.02] Show Business
    [15.03] Artist
    [15.04] Natural Science
[16] The Secret [or not so secret] Society
    [16.01] Breaking In
    [16.02] The Boss
    [16.03] Management
    [16.04] Interiors
    [16.05] Cash Account
[17] The Greek [Without Greek Stuff] House
    [17.01] The Beginning
    [17.02] King of the Hill
    [17.03] Way to the Top
    [17.04] A Legend is Born
    [17.05] The Perks
    [17.06] Building Up Turf
    [17.07] End of the Line
[18] Gadgets [That ruined your life]
    [18.01] NOYIN 2680 Cellular Phone
    [18.02] Cozmo MP3 Player
    [18.03] LeTournament Decahedron XS
[19] Big Sim on Campus (Or little Wuss?)
    [19.01] Big Sim?
    [19.02] New Friends
    [19.03] Friends Forever
    [19.04] Beyond Friends
[20] After Uni
    [20.01] Moving In
    [20.02] Settling Down
    [20.03] Paycheck
    [20.04] More Money
    [20.05] A Bigger House
[21] Clothing
    [21.01] Stealing
[22] Items
    [22.01] Fearless Flyin' 4000 Treadmill
    [22.02] Spaceship Spacious Fountain
    [22.03] Corner Pocket Pool Table
    [23.04] Superflux Uber UV Guitar
    [22.05] Simbic Bisectaur Bass
    [22.06] Pimp Viking 3D Arcade Game
    [22.07] Downbeat Kit
    [22.08] Skimmer Securities Ceiling Sprinkler
    [22.09] Fruit Punch Barrel
    [22.10] Stack-O-Flames Bonfire
[--] Q&A
    [--.01] Q&A

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Credits
[D] Sites FAQ is on
[E] Copyright

[1.01] Expansion Pack

Welcome to my third FAQ. This is a guide for the expansion pack for the Sims 2
which is offically called University. This is a guide for University only, so
if you have problems, read my Sims 2 FAQ first XD. If you decide to ask stupid
questions, please read the other FAQ I wrote. 

[1.02] New Stuff

There are quite a lot of new stuff here. These include:

Influence Meter
New Life Stage and much more

[1.03] Version History

Version 0.1 [13/3/05]
Started my third FAQ, so happy! Anyway, I'll sumbit later, after the guide 
covers the basics.

Version 0.2 [16/3/05]
Play a little bit so I'll add a bit more. Added some bits all over the place.
Added some more chapters and still haven't submitted, I get lonely talking to

Version 0.3 [23/3/05]
Small update, very busy.

Version 0.4 [4/4/05]
Small Update, very busy. Look at above!

Version 0.5 [27/4/05]
Barely any update, but hey.

Version 0.6 [1/5/05]
Another nifty small update but hey, who cares.

Version 0.7 [21/6/05] 
Wow, 2 months without update. Anyway, I'm playing the game again so yeah, I'll
update now.

Version 0.8 [22/6/05]
A small update. Version 0.6 and Version 0.7 never got shown to public.

Version 0.9 [14/7/05]
Must finish FAQ in 2 months before Nightlife comes out. Must pick up the pace.

Version 1.0 [17/7/05]
Tenth update. I'll just keep working.

Version 1.1 [20/7/05]
Another update, I'll just keep rolling them out.

Version 1.2 [21/7/05]
Another quick update, I'll keep them coming.

Version 1.3 [22/7/05]
Another update, Version 1.2 is not shown to public.

Version 1.4 [4/8/05]
An update, what more can I say?

Version 1.5 [5/8/05]
Version 1.4 was never released. Another update.

Version 1.6 [14/8/05]
Minor Update.

Version 1.7 [21/8/05]
Another Minor Update.

Version 1.8 [14/9/05]
In time for nightlife, this FAQ will receive massive chunks of data. This will
probably cover all the guidelines that I have mentally set out. 

Version 1.9 [15/9/05]
Nightlife is released in America. I'll get the game in another six days. In 
the mean time, this FAQ will get fatter.

Version 2.0 [24/9/05]
I have Nightlife and more heat will be on that instead of here. But this will
have to have the finishing touches before I leave it. 

Version 2.1 [29/9/05]
Added a new section.

Version 2.2 [20/12/05]
Added ASCII art.

Version 2.3 [9/2/06]
Updating all my work recently. Those not completed. Open for business will be
coming out soon so Nightlife will get a few weeks on it to fix it up. Other
than that, enjoy the update.

Version 2.4 [19/7/06]
Long time since the last update, so I decided to tie up some loose ends and 
finish whats remains incomplete. However the Sims 2 Universe remains infinate
and will be impossible to finish. Really, if I decided to break down the 
entire coding, it would take a few months to get everything together. Makes me
wonder how those Maxis/EA guys do it. 

Version 2.5 [27/4/07]
This is the next update. Finally came around to doing it.

Version 2.6 [27/5/07]
Update Job Summary, looks pretty now. 

Version 2.7 [14/12/07]
Nearly finished all the chance cards, Job summary complete.

[2.01] University

Welcome to University. This is where your Sim can be educated in trained for
the real world and get a step ahead of those who don't come where. The game
comes with 3 pre made universities. Send those teens and make them do some
thing with their lives.

[2.02] Types of Buildings

There are many buildings in University. I'll go into more depth later in this

On the University Campus, there are several types of housing.

A house in University can mean two things. There is the normal residential lot
that you can buy or in the campus, there is the one where you can rent a house
and not pay a truckload for it. 

A dorm is where most Sims start out. If you are poor, you can go here to study
hard, make friends, earn some money and more. The housing is free but within
an hour of your arrival, other NPC's will arrive and claim doors. If you get a
bad room with hardly anything, go to buy mode and take something belonging to

A Greek House is basically a house except it is cheaper. It costs less to 
enter which is a money saver. Only downside is that you cannot control other 

A community lot is still a community lot. This includes shops, libraries, 
gyms and other stuff. A basic rundown is that it is a place where your Sims 
can relax, buy their groceries, get a drink and get some new clothes. 

The library is a great place to study. There are plenty of books and Sims so
study as a group, your grades gain faster that way. There are computers to
write your term papers with. Do the term paper to give a major boost to your
University performance bar.

School gyms are places your Young Adult Sim can burn those calories gained 
from excess pizza and chinese takeaway. Every campus has a gym so you can
firm up your Sims muscles or train another Sim with a body skill lower than
yours. Of course, there are showers to clean you up. Sweat ridden shirts do
not make a good impression on others.

Coffeehouses are places where coffee is the main theme. Enjoy some coffee as
it fills up random motives except for bladder. Thankfully, the coffeehouse
always has a toilet to relieve the pressure off your Sim. 

Bars are places where your Sim can chill out and get a few drinks. They are 
not cheap with Blended Drinks costing §10 and Shaken Drinks costing §15. This
is a great place to relax, meet a few friends and get drunk (not possible).

Student Unions are places where students can gather together and have some fun
without the distraction of hitting the books. With some pinball machines, 
other gaming devices and normally a cafeteria, this is a great place for your
Sim to hang out and make some new friends, without the thought of the heavy
textbooks in the back of your mind.

Plazas are places where your Sim can get some fresh air. This place includes
a lot of open space and some outdoor activites. If your Sim feels like getting
into trouble, add some soap to the fountain.

Shops are still a great place to buy some new stuff. Refill your fridge with
some grocery shopping, get some new threads instead of wearing those same
rags every day for the rest of your campus life. If you just came to
University, you can meet the Sellafone Kiosk where you can get the cell phone,
the handheld game (GBA or PSP) or the MP3 player.

A secret society is a place that you cannot see on the map but it is there. A 
secret society is somewhere where you can hack your grades, and make out with
other cool Sims. A secret society is only entered by having 3 secret society 
friends. When you go to a community lot, you can see them because they wear a
black jacket with a Llama crest. When you have 3 friends, you can be arrested
and taken to the secret society. To go home, click on yourself. 

[2.03] The University

The University is better known as a campus. It is its own neighbourhood, just
like the one you get to start off your Sims. When you start up your Neigh-
bourhood, Look at the top left hand corner. You can add a University campus
straight away. There are three colleges that you can choose from at the start
that were made by Maxis. They are Sim State University, La Fiesta Tech and
Academie Le Tour. You can have as many Universities attached to your 
neighbourhood as you like. Think of it as a neighbourhood within another
neighbourhood. You can added the pre-selected neighbourhoods to any other
neighbourhood as you like but the Sims within the two Neighbourhoods will not
be able to interact. Its like having a Harvard in China and a Harvard in 
America, the students will not be able to interact with each other even 
though they could be of the same layout. (There is no Harvard in China though,
I just made up the example to give you a general idea).

[2.04] Building

This will teach you how to build a coffeehouse, a bar, cafetaria, etc.

A cafetaria can only be built on the University campus so the regular 
neighbourhood cannot access the cafetaria. Maybe the elders in the cafetaria
cannot walk that far or they haven't got NIGHTLIFE yet. Or maybe there is like
a round the world trip to get to the regular neighbourhood. Anyway, to build
a cafetaria, you will need the Industrial oven, counter and a sink. You also 
need 4 island counters. Arrange it like so.



O is the Oven
C is the Counter
S is the Sink
I is the Island Counter

The cafetaria worker will pull food out of nowhere so you don't need a fridge.
The island counters are where the food is placed. The counter is for looks and
the sink is for cleaning the dishes. You also need to have dining areas for 
the kids to eat as well. Though they could eat standing up though. I've tried 
this myself.

The coffeehouse is quite easy to build. You need to buy a coffeemaker table. 
It is in the dining area of the buy catalog I think. You also need some 
counters around the coffeemaker to make it look good. Also, build some toilets
for your Sims to relieve their bladders because coffee increases your energy 
but heavily decreases bladder.

The bar is quite similar to the coffeehouse. You need to buy a bar first so
you can serve drinks. Then you need some counters like the coffeehouse but 
they match the colour of the bar. Anyway, place some barstools on the counters
do your Sims can drink and also, like the coffeehouse, build some toilets 
because drinks also decrease your bladder but increase fun and hunger I think
because they don't increase energy.

A gym is not that hard to build. The gym is basically having some exercise
equipment. You need treadmills because they are the best to increase body
skills from. Other exercise machines should be used to make it look good. And
also, you should build a pool. Most real life gyms have a pool so you should
build a pool for the sheer pleasure of it. It isn't that hard and should have
come with the original manual or it's one of the game tips. I haven't pulled
out my manual for a while now. Just let me check right now ... okay, there is
a slight area showing how to build a pool. I forgot how heavy the case for the
Sims 2 was because of 4 cds and a thick manual.

A library should be a place to study. You need most quiet things. Bookcases
and telescopes should be built. Also, include desks and seating for gruops
to research together. You don't need much help with this one do you?

[3.01] Cooking Chart

There are only a new type of food in this game. This is the Cup O' Ramen. This
can be served at Lunch and Dinner. It can only be one serve and cannot be 
served to everyone. It is normally cooked in a microwave. It costs §2 for a 
single serve. You need no cooking points to make this meal at all. 

[3.02] Age Chart

The age chart is till the same until you get to university. In university, 
there are 4 years there, and each have 72 hours. You have a total of 28 Sim 
days in University. You have 24 days in Semesters, 3 days after your final
exam and 1 day in exams.

It starts like this:

Freshman, First Semester
  | 72 Hours
Semester Exam
  | 3 Hour Exam
Freshman, Second Semester
  | 72 Hours
Major Exam
  | 3 Hour Exam
Sophomore, First Semester
  | 72 Hours
Semester Exam
  | 3 Hours
Sophomore, Second Semester
  | 72 Hours
Major Exam
  | 3 Hours
Junior, First Semester
  | 72 Hours
Semester Exam
  | 3 Hours
Junior, Second Semester
  | 72 Hours
Major Exam
  | 3 Hours
Senior, First Semester
  | 72 Hours
Semester Exam
  | 3 Hours
Senior, Second Semester
  | 72 Hours
Final Exam
  | 3 Hours
  | 72 Hours before you have to leave

[4.01] What is a Young Adult

University revolves around the young adults. But what exactly are young adults
in this game? Young Adult is the optional life stage that is between teenagers
and adults. If you have an existing teen, to become a young adult, you have
to apply for college over the phone or computer and watch as they get taxied
away into college, ready to be used. They can do this anytime before they
reach the stage of Adulthood. As in real life, Young Adults going to college
are an optional part of life but is highly recommended for any semi-serious
Sim gamer out there. 

You can create young adults in the University neighbourhood. It is like 
creating Sims in the original neighbouthood but only Young Adults can be 
created. Also, you can use Townie teens as a source of young adults. It seems
that they can never run out. Anyway, the challange is that fresh young adults
or townies don't have any skill whatsoever so you start with the disadvantage
that baby breed Sims have skills. 

[4.02] Young Adults

Young Adults are adults without some important options. This is because they
are on their way to become an adult, but Maxis thinks that they are not 
ready to tackle the biggest responibilities that adults have. And yes, they 
can WooHoo, happy? 

They cannot
*Try for Baby
*Get Married
*Adopt Children
*Get a Job

This stage will last as long as they are in college. There are 3 different
icons representing on how their University course went.

If your Sim graduated from University, there will be a Golden Star to show
that they finished.

If your Sim get expelled due to bad marks, there will be a red cross on the
Young Adult Stage

If your Sim dropped out of University, they will have a white o on the young
adult stage.

[4.03] How to Make Money

This area will cover how to make money for your Young Adult while on the 
campus. There are several ways to make money, something that is quite hard to
do when you only start off with §500.

Work in the Cafeteria.
This is the most basic way to make money. To work in the cafeteria, all you
have to do is to click on the oven in the cafeteria, and select to work there.
Once you do that, your Sim will spin around and put the apron on. Your Sim 
will get about §10 for every 10 minutes he works there. Its not a lot of money
but it is a start. Because it is the lowest paying part time job, you lose
your motives slower than that compared to a coffeehouse. You also might want
this job as those elders might fall asleep while cooking an start an unwanted
fire to burn down the dorm. You could replace them and give them a break as
they stand there from 6am till 1am [the next day]. That is 19 hours of cooking
service. A lot more than one should do without food, coffee breaks, toilet
stops, sitting down, etc. 

Play Music
Playing music requires a musical instrument that you get from the items
catalog. When you finally play good, choose perform and the type of music you
wish to perform. As people walk by, they may give you tips. Some times you get
tips up to §100. You can earn quite a lot from a populated area. You have the
choice of the jazz, rock or country. You can play music from the piano [rock
from the piano, that confuses me], jazz [seems right] or country [maybe it can
play like a banjo or guitar]. You can also play it from the Drum Kit, the 
guitar and the bass. Creativity is the main thing that elevates the fact if
you can play good or that you stink.

Tutor People 
Tutoring people is basically finding a book of homework that has not been 
completed. Click on it and you get the option to tutor them. The longer you
tutor them and the more they get done, the more § you get. This is one of the
better ways to make money. This is the second worst paying job so you don't 
lose motives fast but it is draining faster than that of the cafeteria. You
can only tutor people with a lower GPA than you, so no stupid people can
teach smart people. People living in the dorms often mind that the NPC's leave
their assignments laying around more often than not. 

Work in a Coffeehouse
When you decide to work in a coffeehouse, you have to go to a community lot
with a coffee shop in it. Then, you can choose to either buy a coffee or work
as batista. You get §16 for every 10 or so minutes. Thats better money than
working in the cafeteria but then again, you don't have to go to a community
lot. This earns the same as the bar and as it is also a high paying part time
job, you lose the most motives here. To replace the guy, just click on him or
her and select, Work as Barista.

Get Good Grades
To get good grades, go to your active Sim and click on their Student Panel and
you will be able to see the bar. When the semister ends, if you Sim is above 
that horizonatal line, you will pass the test and get money for it. It is 
really quick easy to get the A+ so by eight semesters with a PERFECT GPA of 
4.0, then that is §9,600 in luxury money or bill money. Make sure it so to 
good use as you don't get it after you leave University.

The grade is the factor that gives you money
A+ : §1,200
A  : §1,100
A- : §1,000
B+ : §800
B  : §700
B- : §600
C+ : §500
C  : §400
C- : §300
D+ : Nought 
D  : Nought
D- : Nought
F? : Nothing, You get money for FAILING?

Tend a Bar
Tending a bar is about the same as attending a coffee shop. You get the same
§16 pay for every 10 or so odd minutes but it beats working at a cafeteria. As
the highest paying part time job, you will lose the most motives in this job.
You have to leave the dorm room and go to a community lot for this. Note that 
the bartender will move around a lot and will only go to the counter if there
is a perspective customer. 

Personal Trainer
A personal trainer is a person that is willing to train people who are working
out at specific exercise machines. Of course, you have to have more body 
points than the fat dude on the machine. Since you also get turns at the 
machines, you also boost your body skill and of course, you boost your § in
your pocket. This type of activity is tiring so your motives will drain fast
but slower than that of the bar and the coffeehouse. You can also become a
personal trainer at home if you have the new fitness material like the

Use your charisma and click on your Sim to freestyle for tips. Its basically
the same as playing music except you get below average stuttering and money
for it. You need charisma for this to work and the more you have, the higher
chance that you can get a bigger tip. Think of it as beatboxing and some 
person or shall I say Sim trying to make a quick buck out of below average

Money Tree
Great if you have already furfilled your lifetime want. Get a few of these and
that you go, some quick cash. Like in Command and Conquer Generals, the 
Chinese have a way of making their money. Use a hacker farm. In this case, you
will get a whole bunch of them, maintain them and if you have like 10 trees,
say hi to 400 Simoleons, a great boost to the college budget.

Counterfeit Machine
The new aspiration reward has it uses. Course, if you like causing as much 
pain as miserable like me, you will exploit some "slave" labour. Where do I
get slave labour you ask? Hire a zombie. As a teenage, "borrow" the magic
telephone from home and summon some dearly departed, soon to become your slave
for the rest of their life. Your aspiration level doesn't matter. For more
information, head to the section decicated to this machine.

[4.02] Scholarship

Scholarships are grants that are given at the start of a Sims college life.
Most scholarships pay good § that will last quite a while in University. I'll
take more about scholarships later on in this guide. Although they do give a 
boost, they are a one off thing so don't waste it all on things that you are
never going to use. 

[5.01] Grades

In place of the job bar, the grade bar will replace it while your Young
Adult is in University. Just like a job, your Sim has to learn skills to 
advance. On the left of the job bar is the GPA bar, the bar that measures
your Sim's performance in University. If your progress passes the bar, your 
Sim will pass for that semester. 

To get the best grade possible, you have to get all the skills required. If
you haven't gotten those skills, the GPA bar will not let you to the top so
you can't get the GPA of 4. Build up the necessary skills to get the best
grade possible.

There are 3 different honours possible for what score you get when you get 
your ass out of uni. Of course, being the word honours, it requires you to
get a real high score, which isn't actually too hard. But, these honours have
a little somethings that can give you, literally, a "kick start" into the 
workforce. As well as the MASSIVE aspiration and influence boost, the 
honours will give you a job boost. This applies to both the computer and the
newspaper. To get an honour, you need to get a good GPA.

Summa Cum Laude: Perfect GPA of 4.0
Magna Cum Laude: Imperfect GPA of 3.9
Cum Laude: Crappy GPA of 3.7 to 3.8

Because of the known fact that the computer will give better jobs since they
actually read your qualifications and your skills and your friends count 
whereas the newspaper don't really give you a chance to reply. Take it or
leave it. So, with a summa cum laude, you get a +3 job boost, magna cum laude
will give a job boost of 2 and cum laude will give you boost of 1. What is 
so good about these boosts you ask. Well, a boost is basically a job. If you
get a +3 job boost, you will basically get a level 9 job, depending if you
have the friends and the skills. So if you can only qualify to get a job as
a Vice Squad, a plus 3 job boost would get you the job of SWAT Team Leader,
a plus 2 job boost will get you Lieutenant and single job boost will get you 
the job of Detective. So as you see, a job boost is a great way for you to 
end up with a lot of level 9 jobs, provided you have the skills and the 
friends to do so. Heck, my main character got jobs as astronaut, blockbuster
director, exorcist and even a police chief. Great jobs for passing uni, what
a life. 

[5.02] Majors

Knowing what to study in University is extremely important as the skill points
that are used for a major can affect how well you do later on. There are 11 
majors you can study and you have several Uni years to change it. I'll list 
the 11 majors and the misc. stuff. This words next to the major is the icon 
that will describe it. 

*Physics Major* The Atom
The study of the many forms of energy. Those who study physics learn the
intricacies of the world around us, allowing them to harness nature to do 
amazing things. In other words, Physicists give society cool things like 
lasers and catapults.

Ideal Careers

Focused Skills

*History Major* The Vase
The study of the pasy. From the paintings of the earlist Cavesim to last 
week's change of menu at our local schools, those who study History often go
into military service or politics, due to their desire to reverse the mistake
of the past to make a better future for Simkind.

Ideal Careers

Focused Skills

*Psychology Major* The Brain
The study of the mind. Everyone is aware of the complexity of a Sim's brain,
but few understand its workings. A Sim is indeed a wild mix of Aspirations,
personalities, and base instincts - and perhaps only one who studies 
Psychology could understand the method behind this madness.

Ideal Careers
Law Enforcement

Focused Skills

*Drama Major* Tragedy and Comedy
The study of performance. Sims are born to perform, be it dancing, joking, or
"busting a move". However, it is only those Sims who delve into Drama that
manage to transcend merrymaking and create art.

Ideal Careers
Show Business

Focused Skills

*Art Major* Palette
The study of visual forms. What better pursuit than to devote one's life to 
the pursuit of the beautiful or thought provoking? While the disciplines
are disverse indeed, all artists are brought together with one goal: creation.

Ideal Careers

Focused Skills

*Philosophy Major* Thinking
The study of fundamental problems of existance and Sim understanding. Is it
metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, or the only path to enlightenment regarding the
problems of Simkind? Hard to say. One fact in undisputable, though: 
philosophy textbooks have some of the longest words EVER.

Ideal Careers

Focused Skills

*Biology Major* DNA Strand
The study of life. Trees, Gazelles, Sims, the Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum - 
what makes them work? If it has cells, a biologist can study it and find out. 
Unfortunately, they don't know a darn thing about robots.

Ideal Careers
Law Enforcement
Natural Science

Focused Skills

*Economics Major* Briefcase with §
The studys of services and commodities. If it has to do with Simoleons, these
folks know about it. It isn't an easy job, but a talented economist who can 
figure out the market makes quite the businessman.

Ideal Careers
Show Business

Focused Skills

*Mathematics Major* Formulae
The study of numbers and basic forms. Math is not something that comes
naturally to every Sim, but those that learn to understand it can see that 
patterns and science all around them, and have uncanny insight into the
mechanical and logical.

Ideal Careers
Natural Science

Focused Skills

*Political Science Major* The Flags
The study of people and power. Those who study political science gain a 
knowledge if the workings of people in groups, and learn the subtle skill of
manipulation and influence. This command over other Sims can led to a number
of careers, including, of course, Politics

Ideal Careers
Show Business

Focused Skills

*Literature Major* The Pen and Scroll
The study of the written word. Reading and writing may seem like a basic 
skill, but language is power, and those who study Literature can harness this
power to convince, educate or dominate other Sims.

Ideal Careers
Show Business

Focused Skills

[5.03] Progress and Probation

In college, you have to progress but avoid probation. To progress into the
next semester, you have to beat the white bar one the GPA bar. Also, you have
to have the grade of C- or better to pass. If you do not, then you are put
on academic probation. This gives your Sim a chance to pass your exam with a 
grade of C- or better or else you are kicked out of school / university. This
might be useful if your Sim loves socialising, but you can forget about the
perfect GPA of 4. You can be put on academic probation so many times [in fact
it is round about 8] its not funny anymore. 

[6.01] Paranormal

The spookist of the jobs, the paranormal believe in ghost and ghouls and their
almighty leader. Can you reach the top of this spooky career? The paranormal
don't pay a lot however, maybe due to the fact that not many people believe
in ghosts. 

*Psychic Phone Pal*

Ring ring! Someone's calling with a question about love, life or the mysteries
of our universe. Good thing you're here to be their Psychic Phone Pal! 
Although you're not getting paid very much, and your chair a little like old
french fries, at least you can dispense your mystic wisdom in your underwear.

Job Level: 1
Carpool Arrival: 7pm
Work Hours: 8pm to 3am
Salary: §252
Requirements for Level 2: 2 Creativity Points

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Wednesday

*Conspiracy Theorist*

Is there a connection between rising sea levels and the distribution of 
government cheese? Does the UN have a secret plan to spy on us using trained
fruit flies? What nefarious cabal controls the uneven ratio of hot dogs to
buns? As a budding Conspiracy Theorist, your job is to raise those vital
questions and many more . . .

Job Level: 2
Carpool Arrival: 4pm
Work Hours: 5pm to 12am
Salary: §375
Bonus for Promotion: §750
Requirements for Level 3: 4 Creativity Points
                          2 Charisma Points
                          1 Family Friend

Job Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Monday, Thursday

*Tarot Card Reader*

The Llama ... the Gnome ... the Social Bunny ... flowing through you, the 
future reveals itself to your clients, one card at a time. Just remember that 
you hold their destiny in your hands, and try not to be too specific.

Job Level: 3
Carpool Arrival: 5pm
Work Hours: 6pm to 1am
Salary: §525
Bonus for Promotion: §1,050
Requirements for Level 4:  5 Creativity Points
                           3 Charisma Points
                           2 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Tuesday


Whether it's reviving long-buried memories of past lives or just getting 
another Sim to act like a chicken, the Hypnotist's work is never done. So get
out that gold watch and start swinging ... you are getting sleepy ...

Job Level: 4
Carpool Arrival: 10am
Work Hours: 11am to 6pm
Salary: §672
Bonus for Promotion: §1,344
Requirements for Level 5: 5 Creativity Points
                          3 Charisma Points
                          1 Cooking Point
                          1 Cleaning Point
                          4 Family Friends 

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Wednesday


The spirits of the departed call out to us all, and you, the Medium, are the
conduit for their haunting voices. Just keep in mind that not everyone likes 
to hear what their dead relatives have to say. 

Job Level: 5 [JOB REWARD]
Carpool Arrival: 4pm
Work Hours: 5pm to 12am
Salary: §840
Bonus for Promotion: §1,680
Requirements for Level 6: 6 Creativity Points
                          3 Charisma Points
                          3 Cooking Points
                          3 Cleaning Points
                          6 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Friday


Whoever thought that your could make so much money getting a stick to point
towards water? Just walk slowly, wait for that rod to wiggle, and then start
digging. You might want to consult a city map, though, just to make sure what
you're chasing isn't a sewer main ...

Job Level: 6
Carpool Arrival: 4pm
Work Hours: 5pm to 12am
Salary: §1,092
Bonus for Promotion: §2,184
Requirements for Level 7: 7 Creativity Points
                          4 Charisma Points
                          4 Cooking Points
                          6 Cleaning Points
                          8 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Tuesday

*Police Psychic*

Some cases defy all cracking, and that's when the cops come running to you for
help. Close your eyes and reach out with your senses, and what is cloudy will
become clear ... but you might want to make sure that the TV's off before you

Job Level: 7
Carpool Arrival: 12pm
Work Hours: 1pm to 7pm
Salary: §1,386
Bonus for Promotion: §2,772
Requirements for Level 8: 7 Creativity Points
                          5 Charisma Points
                          4 Cooking Points
                          7 Cleaning Points
                          9 Family Friends 

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Sunday, Saturday

*UFO Investigator*

You have always known that unseen things from distant stars watch us with
strange eyes that hold an unknown purpose. And now you get to turn that
suspicion into some cold, hard cash. Just be warned, those who are 
pursued may suddenly become the pursuer ...

Job Level: 8
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 5pm
Salary: §2,100
Bonus for Promotion: §4,200
Requirements for Level 9: 8 Creativity Points
                          6 Charisma Points
                          5 Cooking Points
                          8 Cleaning Points
                          10 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday


Even today, dark forces from below reach out to take hold of unwitting Sims.
Thats where you come in, using your power over the spirit world to drive those
unclean interlopers from the souls of those unfortunates who depend on you.

Job Level: 9
Carpool Arrival: 8am
Work Hours: 9pm to 3am
Salary: §2,494
Bonus for Promotion: §4,988
Requirements for Level 10: 10 Creativity Points
                           10 Charisma Points
                           7 Cooking Points
                           9 Cleaning Points
                           13 Family Friends

Job Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
Free Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

*Cult Leader*

Your legendary powers are now known far and wide, from this world to the 
next, and Sims from 'round the globe flock to hear your wisdom and live by
your word. Just try not to believe all your own PR, or soon your devoted flock
will stop gazing at your golden aura and start pecking at your feet of clay.

Job Level: 10 [MAX]
Carpool Arrival: 5pm
Work Hours: 6pm to 3am 
Salary: §4,725
Bonus for Promotion: §9,450

Job Days: Tuesday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

[6.02] Show Business

Just like real life, Show Business pays the most. However, being a star 
requires a lot of skill points and many friends to support you. Can you do it?
And can you keep a fresh look all the time as an actor?

*Screen Test Stand-In*

Although a creash-test dummy could do your job, you've at least got a foot 
into the glamorous door of Show Business. Do your best to stand still as 
irritable technicians wave light meters in your face and try to offset the
terrible wages by eating all you can from the set buffet.

Job Level: 1
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 5pm
Salary: §420
Requirements for Level 2: 1 Body Point
                          1 Charisma Point

Job Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 
Free Days: Monday, Saturday

*Body Double*

Nothing builds confidence like being told your butt is good enough to stand
in for a major star's during those tiring shower slots. Keep building those
skills, and someday you might get your face on the screen instead.

Job Level: 2
Carpool Arrival: 12pm
Work Hours: 1pm to 8pm
Salary: §577
Bonus for Promotion: §1,154
Requirements for Level 3: 2 Body Points
                          2 Charisma Points

Job Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Free Days: Monday, Friday

*Bit Player*

Your hard work as paid off, and now they're actually letting you say it a 
few times. Just remember: don't look at the camera, don't wave to your Mom,
and keep the spinach out of your front teeth.

Job Level: 3
Carpool Arrival: 8am
Work Hours: 9am to 4pm
Salary: §714
Bonus for Promotion: §1,428
Requirements for Level 4: 3 Body Points
                          3 Charisma Points
                          1 Family Friend

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Wednesday

*Commerical Actor/Actress*

Hawking dish soap, cell phones and fast food might not be Hamlet, but it sure
is starting to bring home the bacon. Best of all, your face is starting to 
become familiar to a wide audience. Try if you can, though, to pick the right
produces to represent: no one wants to be remembered as the Toilet Paper Guy.

Job Level: 4
Carpool Arrival: 7am
Work Hours: 8am to 5pm
Salary: §861
Bonus for Promotion: §1,722
Requirements for Level 5: 1 Logic Point
                          3 Body Points
                          2 Creativity Points
                          4 Charisma Points
                          3 Family Friends

Job Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Monday

*Cartoon Voice*

Finally, a chance to play a real character. Except that your character isn't 
real, and your audience is more likely to be lying on the living room carpet 
than sitting in plush seats. No matter how stupid you're being paid to sound,
at least you're saving a fortune on the wardrobe!

Job Level: 5
Carpool Arrival: 12pm
Work Hours: 1pm to 8pm
Salary: §1,008
Bonus for Promotion: §2,016
Requirements for Level 6: 2 Logic Points
                          5 Body Points
                          3 Creativity Points
                          5 Charisma Points
                          5 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Sunday, Saturday

*Supporting Player*

You're finally starting to break into the big time, and your name now appear
somewhereat the beginning of the picture instead of at the end near "Aninal
Wrangler" and "Key Grip." Keep a cool head, don't upstage your star and you'll
be on your way to stardom in a flash.

Job Level: 6 [JOB REWARD]
Carpool Arrival: 5pm
Work Hours: 6pm to 1am
Salary: §1,155
Bonus for Promotion: §3,310
Requirements for Level 7: 3 Logic Points
                          7 Body Points
                          4 Creativity Points
                          6 Charisma Points
                          7 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturay
Free Days: Sunday, Friday

*Broadway Star*

Nothing gives a rising star's career a boost like headlining on Broadway! Just
make sure you really strut your stuff in those musical numbers. You never know
how many shows you've got left until today's boffo box office blowout hit 
turns into yesterday's news.

Job Level: 7
Carpool Arrival: 5pm
Work Hours: 6pm to 1am
Salary: §1,312
Bonus for Promotion: §2,624
Requirements for Level 8: 4 Logic Points
                          10 Body Points
                          5 Creativity Points
                          7 Charisma Points
                          9 Family Friends

Job Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Free Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

*Leading Man / Lady*

You're making three films a year, you're deluged with scripts and you just got
voted "Sexiest Man Alive" by three different tabloids. Try to keep your eye on
the job amidst all this acclaim, since one bad picture is all it takes to bump
you onto late night infomercials ...

Job Level: 8
Carpool Arrival: 12pm
Work Hours: 1pm to 7pm
Salary: §2,205
Bonus for Promotion: §4,410
Requirements for Level 9: 5 Logic Points
                          10 Body Points
                          7 Creativity Points
                          9 Charisma Points
                          11 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Free Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

*Blockbuster Director*

Now you've got your chance behind the camera, and it's all in your hands. Try
to keep in mind what it was like when you were out in front to the camera
as you coax the best out of your actors, and try not to think about how many
millions you'll cost your bosses if you screw it up. No pressure.

Job Level: 9
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 5pm
Salary: §3,051
Bonus for Promotion: §6,102
Requirements for Level 10: 6 Logic Points
                           10 Body Points
                           9 Creativity Points
                           10 Charisma Points
                           14 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Free Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday


There is not a Sim in the world who's ever been to a movie or watched a TV
that doesn't know who you are. All that's left is to frolic in your piles of 
cash and do projects that you've wanted to do while you wait for those
Lifetime Achievement Awards to roll in. 

Job Level: 10 [MAX]
Carpool Arrival: 3pm
Work Hours: 4pm to 8pm
Salary: §5,022
Bonus for Promotion: §10,044

Job Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Free Days: Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday

[6.03] Artist

Art is hard career, but is a great job if you reach the top. Will your art
be critized for being good or crap? Can you be the next Da Vinci or the next

*Canvas Stretcher*

At the bottom rung of the art world, you make sure every piece of canvas sold
at Dave's Art Emporium is stretched tight over its frame. But it's no dead
end: you're allowed to watercolor on leftover canvases, and you're able to 
build up some charisma and make artsy friends while ringing up purchases for
the clientele.

Job Level: 1
Carpool Arrival: 6am
Work Hours: 7am to 2pm
Salary: §231
Requirements for Level 2: 1 Creativity Point 

Job Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Monday, Wednesday

*Street Caricaturist*

Welcome to the streets of SimCity! With some charcoal pencils you bought at
Dave's Art Emporium, you're all set to do caricatures of Sims passing by on
the main drag. It's a great opportunity to meet some new people and develop
contacts you'll need later on.

Job Level: 2
Carpool Arrival: 10am
Work Hours: 11am to 6pm
Salary: §357
Bonus for Promotion: §714
Requirements for Level 3: 3 Creativity Points
                          2 Mechanical Points
                          1 Family Friend

Job Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 
Free Days: Monday, Saturday

*Souvenir Whittler*

Mr. Big, who runs the "Lucille, Largest Llama in the World" roadside 
attraction, hires you to whittle souvenir llamas for visitors who make the 
trek out to see Lucille. Even though you're a tool of the tourist trade, you
have fun designing a caricature of each tourist or their favourite political 
figure on each wooden llama. 

Job Level: 3
Carpool Arrival: 8am
Work Hours: 9am to 4pm
Salary: §438
Bonus for Promotion: §876
Requirements for Level 4: 4 Creativity Points
                          3 Mechanical Points
                          1 Cooking Point
                          2 Family Friends

Job Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Tuesday, Thursday

*Comic Book Penciller*

One of your dream jobs is to work on a comic book, and this isn't just any 
comic, it's SpiderSim! You're making more contracts in the art biz, and 
throwing some dinner parties will show off your culinary expertise and win you
even more friends.

Job Level: 4
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 5pm
Salary: §630
Bonus for Promotion: §1,260
Requirements for Level 5: 5 Creativity Points
                          4 Mechanical Points
                          3 Charisma Points
                          2 Cooking Points
                          4 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Friday

*Wedding Photographer*

Fabulous! Your network of great relationships is paying off as you become
the most requested wedding photographer in SimCity. Keep developing your
creativity with a camera, and you'll have a great portfoilo if you choose to
move into fashion photography later on.

Job Level: 5 [JOB REWARD]
Carpool Arrival: 7am
Work Hours: 8am to 3pm
Salary: §808
Bonus for Promotion: §1,616
Requirements for Level 6: 5 Creativity Points
                          5 Mechanical Points
                          4 Charisma Points
                          3 Cooking Points
                          5 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Tuesday

*Art Forger*

Tired of making small potatoes as an honest artist, you've gone down the 
slippery slope into a life of crime forging famous works. Even so, you need to
develop ever more contracts in order to quickly find buyers for your fakes. 

Job Level: 6
Carpool Arrival: 1pm
Work Hours: 2pm to 9pm
Salary: §1,339
Bonus for Promotion: §2,678
Requirements for Level 7: 6 Creativity Points
                          6 Mechanical Points
                          6 Charisma Points
                          3 Cooking Points
                          8 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Free Days: Sunday, Friday, Saturday

*Fashion Photographer*

Rod Ralloway, a world-famous model for SimStyle Magazine, hears of your
expertise and calls you one day when his favorite photog is sick. You get a 
chance to build a career snapping shots of some of the most beautiful Sims in
the city, but remember to keep in touch with your friends.

Job Level: 7
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 5pm
Salary: §1,785
Bonus for Promotion: §3,570
Requirements for Level 8: 7 Creativity Points
                          7 Mechanical Points
                          7 Charisma Points
                          4 Cooking Points
                          9 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

*Acclaimed Muralist*

Murals! Murals! Murals! You abhor the sight of a blank wall or ceiling in any
public place. Your passion is to create eye-catching murals all over spare
surfaces to brighten up SimCity, and luckily, an annoymous but wealthy patron
is footing the bill.

Job Level: 8
Carpool Arrival: 11am
Work Hours: 12pm to 7pm
Salary: §2,232
Bonus for Promotion: §4,462
Requirements for Level 9: 9 Creativity Points
                          8 Mechanical Points
                          7 Charisma Points
                          5 Cooking Points
                          10 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Free Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

*Conceptual Artist*

As your art becomes even more conceptual and abstract, you need more 
interpretations and advice from your friends to strengthen your ideas. Invite
them to parties and show off your work at the same time.

Job Level: 9
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 5pm
Salary: §2,625
Bonus for Promotion: §5,250
Requirements for Level 10: 10 Creativity Points
                           10 Mechanical Points
                           7 Charisma Points
                           6 Cooking Points
                           13 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Free Days: Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


You are now a "living legend." Your thoughts and artistic works influence 
millions and appear in galleries, news magazines and on thought-provoking
billboards around the world.

Job Level: 10 [MAX]
Carpool Arrival: 12pm
Work Hours: 1pm to 6pm
Salary: §4,549	
Bonus for Promotion: §9,098

Job Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

[6.04] Natural Scientist

Nice job and a great career to snap up the man eating bovine. However, will 
your Sim get bored on the way on the top. And will you have your limbs in 
place when you do?


Yes, you tend rats for a living. It's not the greatest job, but at least it
gets you started with a career in the biological sciences. The bites don't
go too deep and no redness or irritation has started, so chances are you might
live to see a promotion if you work on your skills. 

Job Level: 1
Carpool Arrival: 8am
Work Hours: 9am to 4pm
Salary: §325
Requirements for Level 2: 1 Body Point
                          1 Mechanical Point
                          1 Cleaning Point

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Friday

*Algae Hunter*

Who knows what wonderous treasures lurk in our rivers and stream? The Algae
Hunter, that's who! Your job is sample collection, your focus is algae. You
don't perform any of the offical tests yourself, but at least you have a job
that lets you enjoy the great (slimy) outdoors.

Job Level: 2
Carpool Arrival: 7am
Work Hours: 8am to 3pm
Salary: §483
Bonus for Promotion: §966
Requirements for Level 3: 3 Body Points
                          2 Mechanical Points
                          1 Cleaning Point

Job Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Free Days: Monday, Friday

*Clam Wrangler*

Lets face it: Clams are slippery little bivalves. Sometimes keeping their
habitats in check requires a little wrangling, and thats where you come in. 
Long regarded as a jumping ground for more prestigious careers in Natural
Science, Clam Wrangling requires a strong body and quick reflexes. Work and
prestige may not be far off.

Job Level: 3
Carpool Arrival: 8am
Work Hours: 9am to 4pm
Salary: §672
Bonus for Prmotion: §1,344
Requirements for Level 4: 4 Body Points
                          3 Mechanical Points
                          3 Cleaning Points
                          1 Family Friend

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Sunday, Wednesday


You are a Scatmaster - a freelance specialist in animal droppings. Your work 
comes in many forms - from tracking animals to determining their dietary 
habits. You're one of the best at what you do. Because, lets face it - this is
a pretty niche field.

Job Level: 4
Carpool Arrival: 10am
Work Hours: 11am to 6pm
Salary: §787
Bonus for Promotion: §1,574
Requirements for Level 5: 1 Logic Point
                          5 Body Points
                          4 Mechanical Points
                          5 Cleaning Points
                          2 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Sunday, Saturday

*Soil Identifier*

As a freelance Soil Identifier, you will be at the beck and call of 
construction teams, farmers, and cirt officials. Is it a Mesic sandy clay 
loam, or a Xeric loamy clay sand? To everyone else, it's just dirt. To you,

Job Level: 5
Carpool Arrival: 8am
Work Hours: 9am to 4pm
Salary: §945
Bonus for Promotion: §1,890
Requirements for Level 6: 3 Logic Points
                          5 Body Points
                          6 Mechanical Points
                          6 Cleaning Points
                          4 Family Friends

Job Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Monday, Thursday

*Rogue Botanist*

No more freelancing for you! You've found yourself a Uniersity sponsor, 
allowing you to do some real research of your own. The organisation has deemed
you their "Rogue Botanist", a suspicious yet handsomely paying title.

Job Level: 6 [JOB REWARD]
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 5pm
Salary: §1,134
Bonus for Promotion: §2,268
Requirements for Level 7: 6 Logic Points
                          5 Body Points
                          6 Mechanical Points
                          6 Cleaning Points
                          6 Family Friends

Job Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Tuesday, Thursday

*Animal Linguist*

More than just sitting and talking to a parrot all day, the position of Animal
Linguist is a prestigious and important career. You are tasked with finding
semantic patterns in the sounds of all kind of critters, with the hopes of
someday creating a universal language to unite all fauna!

Job Level: 7
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 5pm
Salary: §1,344
Bonus for Promotion: §2,688
Requirements for Level 8: 8 Logic Points
                          5 Body Points
                          7 Mechanical Points
                          7 Cleaning Points
                          8 Family Friends

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Sunday, Saturday

*Unnatural Crossbreeder*

An opening at a suspicious, privately owned offshore laboratory? Sounds good 
to you!  The pay is great, the ethics are lax, and you've got access to pretty
much any equipment you could possibly want. Just watch out for the Possumfish.
It bites.

Job Level: 8
Carpool Arrival: 8am
Work Hours: 9am to 4pm
Salary: §1,554
Bonus for Promotion: §3,108
Requirements for Level 9: 10 Logic Points
                          6 Body Points
                          9 Mechinical Points
                          8 Cleaning Points
                          10 Family Friends

Job Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Free Days: Tuesday, Thursday

*Dinosaur Cloner*

I mean, come on - everyone knows how to make dinosaurs. Find a DNA sample, 
splice and create a cloning vector, integrate the DNA into bacterial cells to
accelerate growth ... You know, easy stuff. But the real fact of the matter is
that know one has the guts or the large enough financial endorsement before.
You've got both. 

Job Level: 9
Carpool Arrival: 10am
Work Hours: 11am to 6pm
Salary: §2,283
Bonus for Promotion: §4,566
Requirements for Level 10: 10 Logic Points
                           8 Body Points
                           10 Mechinical Points
                           8 Cleaning Points
                           12 Family Friends

Job Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Sunday, Monday, Saturday

*Ecological Guru*

Your breath is the wind, your body the earth. Your voice is the call of the
wild. You are ... the Ecological Guru. You tell people to change their 
environmental practices - and they listen. March yourself out on the world
and make a difference - you're a veritable force of nature.

Job Level: 10 [MAX]
Carpool Arrival: 11am
Work Hours: 12pm to 9am [NEXT DAY] [Note this is 21 hours in a row]
Salary: §10,497
Bonus for Promotion: §20,994

Job Days: Wednesday
Free Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

[6.05] Job Analysis

To update in tandem with my Seasons FAQ this section will contain jobs from
this Expansion Pack and the base game. Of course, it won't contain other jobs
because if you want them, you can view that specific FAQ. 



Campaign Worker - §34.22 per hour
                  §1540 per week

Intern - §70 per hour
         §2100 per week

Lobbyist - §84 per hour
           §2520 per week

Campaign Manager - §68.89 per hour
                   §3010 per week

City Council Member - §113.16 per hour
                      §3395 per week

State Assemblyperson - §108 per hour
                       §3780 per week

Congressperson - §140 per hour 
                 §4200 per week

Judge - §284.5 per hour
        §4552 per week

Senator - §136.11 per hour
          §4900 per week

Mayor - §219.67 per hour
        §5260 per week


Emergency Medicial Technician - §46.67 per hour
                                §1400 per week

Paramedic - §64.16 per hour
            §1925 per week

Intern - §68 per hour
         §2380 per week

Nurse - §63.78 per hour
        §2870 per week

Resident - §96 per hour
           §3360 per week

General Practitioner - §96.25 per hour
                       §3850 per week

Specialist - §145.33 per hour
             §4375 per week

Surgeon - §163.33 per hour
          §4900 per week

Medicial Researcher - §193.72 per hour
                      §5424 per week

Chief of Staff - §214.14 per hour
                 §5996 per week


Mailroom Technician - §28 per hour
                      §840 per week

Executive Assistant - §36 per hour
                      §1260 per week

Field Sales Representative - §50 per hour
                             §1750 per week

Junior Executive - §64 per hour
                   §2240 per week

Executive - §93.33 per hour
            §2800 per week

Senior Manager - §80.89 per hour
                 §3640 per week

Vice President - §115.5 per hour
                 §4620 per week

President - §175 per hour
            §5600 per week

CEO - §237.86 per hour
      §6660 per week

Business Tycoon - §350 per hour
                  §8400 per week


Team Mascot - §25.66 per hour
              §770 per week
Minor Leaguer - §39.66 per hour
                §1190 per week

Rookie - §53.66 per hour
         §1610 per week

Starter - §70 per hour
        - §2100 per week

All Star - §89.83 per hour
           §2695 per week

MVP - §148.83 per hour
      §3572 per week

Superstar - §170 per hour
          - §4760 per week

Assistant Coach - §297.6 per hour
                  §5952 per week

Coach - §291.66 per hour
        §7000 per week

Hall of Famer - §505.5 per hour
                §9099 per week


Pickpocket - §32.67 per hour
             §980 per week

Bagman - §40 per hour
         §1400 per week

Bookie - §55 per hour
         §1925 per week

Con Artist - §81.67 per hour
             §2450 per week

Getaway Driver - §74.375 per hour
                 §2975 per week

Bank Robber - §92.75 per hour
              §3710 per week

Cat Burglar - §149.33 per hour
              §4480 per week

Counterfeiter - §177.33 per hour
                §5320 per week

Smuggler - §262.2 per hour
           §6300 per week

Criminal Mastermind - §320.83 per hour
                      §7700 per week


Recruit - §58.33 per hour
          §1700 per week

Elite Forces - §75.83 per hour
               §2275 per week

Drill Instructor - §93.33 per hour
                   §2800 per week

Junior Officer - §105 per hour
                 §3150 per week

Counter Intelligence - §116.66 per hour
                     - §3500 per week

Flight Officer - §128.33 per hour
                 §3850 per week

Senior Officer - §135.33 per hour
                 §4060 per week

Commander - §140 per hour
            §4200 per week

Astronaut - §182.33 per hour
            §4376 per week

General - §189.66 per hour
          §4552 per week


Golf Caddy - §25.2 per hour
             §630 per week

Gas Station Attendant - §25.67 per hour
                        §770 per week

Convenience Store Clerk - §35 per hour
                          §1050 per week

Record Store Clerk - §42 per hour
                     §1260 per week

Party DJ - §77 per hour
           §1540 per week

Projectionist - §78.4 per hour
                §1960 per week

Home Video Editor - §102.67 per hour
                    §2452 per week

Freelance Photographer - §157.6 per hour
                         §3152 per week

Freelance Web Designer - §186.6 per hour 
                         §3732 per week

Professional Party Guest - §350 per hour
                           §4200 per week

*Law Enforcement*

Security Guard - §56 per hour
                 §1680 per week

Cadet - §74.67 per hour
        §2240 per week

Patrol Officer - §69 per hour
                 §2760 per week

Desk Sergeant - §102.67 per hour
                §3080 per week

Vice Squad - §114.33 per hour
             §3430 per week

Detective - §126 per hour
            §3780 per week

Lieutenant - §137.67 per hour
             §4130 per week

SWAT Team Leader - §125 per hour 
                   §4375 per week

Police Chief - §113.75 per hour
               §4550 per week

Captain Hero - §204.16 per hour
               §4900 per week


Dish Wisher - §15.75 per hour
              §630 per week

Drive Through Clerk - §42 per hour
                      §840 per week

Fast Food Shift Manager - §36.4 per hour
                          §910 per week

Host - §40.33 per hour
       §1210 per week

Waiter - §61.6 per hour
         §1540 per week

Prep Cook - §78.16 per hour
            §2345 per week

Sous Chef - §116 per hour
            §4060 per week

Executive Chef - §201 per hour
                 §4824 per week

Restauranteur - §166.25 per hour
                §5320 per week

Celebrity Chef - §434 per hour
                 §6510 per week


Test Subject - §36.16 per hour
             - §1085 per week

Lab Assistant - §53.66 per hour
              - §1610 per week

Field Researcher - §74.66 per hour
                   §2240 per week

Science Teacher - §75 per hour
                  §2625 per week

Project Leader - §90 per hour
                 §3150 per week

Inventor - §84 per hour
           §3780 per week

Scholar - §179.2 per hour
          §4480 per week

Top Secret Researcher - §148 per hour
                        §5180 per week

Theorist - §380.5 per hour
           §6088 per week

Mad Scientist - §583.25 per hour
                §6999 per week



Psychic Phone Pal - §36 per hour
                    §1260 per week

Conspiracy Theorist - §53.57 per hour
                      §1875 per week

Tarot Card Reader - §75 per hour
                    §2625 per week

Hypnotist - §96 per hour
            §3360 per week

Medium - §120 per hour
         §4200 per week

Douser - §156 per hour
         §5460 per week

Police Psychic - §231 per hour
                 §6930 per week

UFO Investigator - §300 per hour
                   §8400 per week

Exorcist - §415.67 per hour
           §7482 per week

Cult Leader - §675 per hour
              §9450 per week

*Show Business*

Screen Test Stand-In - §60 per hour
                       §2100 per week

Body Double - §82.43 per hour
              §2885 per week

Bit Player - §102 per hour
             §3570 per week

Commerical Actor - §95.67 per hour
                   §4305 per week

Cartoon Voice - §144 per hour
                §5040 per week

Supporting Player - §165 per hour
                    §5775 per week

Broadway Star - §187.43 per hour
                §6560 per week

Leading Man - §367.5 per hour
              §6615 per week

Blockbuster Director - §435.86 per hour
                       §9153 per week

Icon - §1255.5 per hour
       §15066 per week


Canvas Stretcher - §33 per hour
                   §1155 per week

Street Caricaturist - §51 per hour
                    - §1785 per week

Souvenir Whittler - §62.57 per hour
                    §2190 per week

Comic Book Penciller - §90 per hour
                       §3150 per week

Wedding Photographer - §115.43 per hour
                       §4040 per week

Art Forger - §191.29 per hour
             §5356 per week

Fashion Photographer - §255 per hour
                       §7140 per week

Acclaimed Muralist - §318.86 per hour
                     §6696 per week

Conceptual Artist - §375 per hour
                    §7875 per week

Visionary - §909.8 per hour
            §13647 per week

*Natural Science*

Ratkeeper - §46.43 per hour
            §1625 per week

Algae Hunter - §69 per hour
               §2415 per week

Clam Wrangler - §96 per hour
                §3360 per week

Scatmaster - §112.43 per hour
             §3935 per week

Soil Identifier - §135 per hour
                  §4725 per week

Rogue Botanist - §162 per hour
                 §5670 per week

Animal Linguist - §192 per hour
                  §6720 per week

Unnatural Crossbreeder - §222 per hour
                         §7770 per week

Dinosaur Cloner - §326.14 per hour
                  §9132 per week

Ecological Guru - §499.86 per hour
                  §10497 per week

[7.01] Paranormal

Career: Paranormal
Job: Medium [Level 5]

The Resurrect-O-Nomitron
No need to mourn the passing of your loved ones. Not only is this telephone
a classy accesssory to any stylish realm, but it also provides a direct line
to the Grim Reaper. For nary the price of your soul, Mr Reaper will gladly
bring anyone back from the beyond. But beware: if you don't offer a 
competitive price, your resurrected loved one may be ... incomplete.

This reward was probably put in by Maxis by those who like to ahhh, kill their
beloved Sims so many times that it is not really funny anymore. This is great
for the player that loves to injure, harm, torture, kill, murder their Sims
by "accident". It gives a direct line to Mr Reaper who will resurrect your
dead ones for a price. Why the hell he wants money in a place that will burn
it is unknown to me but it's Maxis, so yeah.

But please, get the price right. The description doesn't lie when he says 
that if you don't pay a good price, it will end up, incomplete. It really 
depends on how you create your Zombies. The stinger and cheaper your are, 
the worse the zombie will be and if you are too cheap, then nothing will come
your way. You should spend about §8513 for the perfect zombie or about §1000
if you want a miserable, hating slave. If you want a slave, kill off a person
that didn't die a glorious death, find one that loves to die. 

Knowledge Sims love to make the dead come back, and some even have the want
to come back as zombies. I guess reading too many books and study would make
them a bit whacked. Why on earth they want to be zombies is definately beyond
me. On the other hand, family Sims would hate to have an incomplete zombie so
make a knowledge sim the person that handles the resurrection as the family
Sim will pee their pants and wet their couchs/beds. 

Zombies will always be different to ordinary Sims, just like a potato is to
a carrot. Zombies cannot run or skip, and with the correct requirements, they
will do some kind of Zombie dance or jig or whatever. The option of running
when your are on the verge of collapse is out of the question. Secondly, they
cannot reproduce. I mean, who would want to reproduce with a guy that just
can back from the dead and reaks of zombie stench. I mean, that is wrong, 
would you do that? Another one is that although a teen can be a zombie, that
cannot stop that fact that they can go to University. They also can become an
adult. Thats funny, a zombie growing up. Finally, their personalities are 
really pathos, I mean, it is worse that the custom Sim I screwed up on purpose
and so I know, if I want a really sucky Sim, just get a zombie.

Once you get a zombie back from the dead, well, they will be a zombie for life
and you cannot change that, even if you get a perfect resurrection fifty 
goddam thousand times. Try not to off them again, with your evil methods such
as the towering inferno fire, Starvation tactics or the Laganaphyllis

The paying price is paid like the fridge groceries. You can pay more and less
with the respective arrows. This is how the pricing works

§987- = Nothing, no refund, Mr Reaper takes the money and runs. Maybe you 
should get the money by killing him.

§988 to §4127 = The Sim is resurrected with really bad motives and is really
pissed with the stingy bastard (no, it is not a swear word, I mean Bart 
Simpson said it and that is rated for general viewing) who resurrected. They
have lost most of their personality and have lost about 6 points in each
skills so its a waste.

§4128 to §8512 = This will be a normal resurrection with a reverse personality
and loss of 4 points in each skill. No, don't think about the reverse to 
perfect personality because all Sims that are custom made are allocated with
25 skill points so don't think about it. This is opposite if you have, well
rigged the points with encouragement that it is rigged to blow. If you kill 
the zombie again, the personality reverses so yeah, think about it.

§8513 to §10000 = Perfect resurrection with healthy motives, no skill losses 
and the relationship between the resurrector and zombie get a nice healthy

Also, the Grim Reaper doesn't want to be called for no reason so please 
refrain from calling him for no reason. He says to my Sims that because you
have no one to resurrect, you should stop calling him or he'll go after YOU!

[7.02] Show Business

Career: Show Business
Job: Supporting Actor/Actress [Level 6]

Dr Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgeon
Does your Sim have a face that only a mother could love? If so, it's time to
take advantage of today's technological breakthroughs in medicine. Forget
forking over thousands of simoleons for unrealiable plastic surgery, as 
performed by the error-prone "real" doctor. Trust Dr. Vu's lastest insidious
creation to make precise facial modifications as only a computer can. A few
minutes of your time can result in a new, beautiful face that will last a 

Also note that this machine comes in two but similar colours. 

With the makeup table that seems to dish out infinite amounts of makeup and
the fact that there is so much botox in a Sim's vein or artery that you wonder
why they aren't dead or why they refuse to paralyse the entire American army
with a Sim. And besides, its not the first time anyone has heard about this 
mysterious doctor. He was the one who design the fishtank. Would you trust a
man you have never seen before with your face even though he is a fishlover?
If you won't, I'm sure your Sims won't mind.

You can so many things with this machine. You can get a nose job like Michael
Jackson or a chin job ... like Michael Jackson. Or you can get your face done,
... with ... Michael Jackson [I'm seriously running out of ideas]. Also, if
some low leveled mechanical Sim plays around with this machines, its not 
really good for his health, literally. It will mess up the face and make the
mirror break [Figuratively speaking]. Its not a toy boys and girls.

[7.03] Artist

Career: Artist
Job: Wedding Photographer [Level 5]

Luminous Pro Antique Camera
What a find! This vintage upright camera hails from the days of yore, when
cameras didn't fit in your pocket. Gather your Sims' family and friends to 
pose for a picture together, or just take snapshots of your Sims' favourite
scenes from around the house. Sell photos for simoleons or click on them in 
Buy Mode to conveniently hang on any wall or place on table or counter.

The camera is a quick sure fire way to make §100. Each photo will net you good
money and handy if you need some "funds" for some "legal" activity. This is 
available in two colours. Also, make your dull blank walls coloured with 
photos if you haven't done so with paintings [like me]. Also, you can pose
for a photo yourself so join in and have some FUN!

On a proper scale, art and photos both make money but which one makes it 
faster in game time? Well, look at it this way. If you are an excellent
painter, you can make about §2000 per painting. However, you take about 6 and
a half game hours for a complete painting which is 390 minutes. The photo
camera can make §100 in about 5 game minutes. So, if you are bored, in that
time to make a painting, you can make §7800 with the camera. Only downfall is
that you need to go to University and get a degree.

[7.04] Natural Scientist

Career: Natural Science
Job: Rogue Botanist [Level 6]

Laganaphyllis Simnovorii
This bizarre bovine vegetation is large enough to swallow your next-door
neighbour whole. In fact, it WILL eat your neighbours. Your friends will be
hard-pressed to resist the tantalizing vine-cake of the carniverous
Laganaphyllis Simnovorii. After it has consumed some prey, milk it for sweet,
rejuvenating nectar of life. A swig of this liquid refreshment will add 
precious days to a Sim's life and wash away any regret they may have over
their visitor's fate.

Ahh, the imfamous cow plant, the "murderer" of many unlucky Sims. Maybe I 
should make a Sim Movie over this, a Series of Eaten Events. Anyway, this
nasty thing has a fetish for Sim meat, I guess the butcher ran out of meat
when he served this customer. 

This force of Nature is more than a cow that happened to breed with a plant.
This force of Nature happens to be more stronger than the Social Bunny, 
aliens, zombies, glitches, Grim Reaper and the imfamous and dreaded Jump Bug
put together. This freak of nature "removes" their prey from the face of the
Earth that the Grim Reaper cannot even pull out a cell phone or even make a
note on his clipboard. 

This thing is the closest that Maxis allowed to murder another so far in this
rather limited series. Sure, the slow disease, isolation without food or even
as far as the pool with no ladder could kill under your command, this one will
live in your Sim's memories. 

You can feed this thing two things. You can buy, well ... assorted giant meat
part for §35 and feed it to this abnormal thing but that will be besides the
point and it won't give any elixir. The second method of course is feeding,
no no no, that is too bad a word. Retake. The second method is unleashing (yes
a good word) this ... thing on your neighbours and this plant will sort them
into breakfast, lunch and ... well not tea. This plant will get hungry every 
12 hours. It places a cake on its tongue on lures the AI to come. Your Sim's 
AI is not as stupid but the neighbours are. 

Also, Sims that have a green stink cloud are not considered good eating as the
Cow plant decides that rotten food will not so. So low hygiene Sims will have
to have a shower before munch time. This includes zombies so wash and recycle 
and save ... the environment. 

When you decide to milk this cow, you can drink the elixir that will rewind 
the days. It will rewind about 5 days in fact. Your Sim will not get any bad
dreams about this new tasty beverage, I mean, they will remember it but just 
not in a bad way. Sims don't get bad memories of this kind of death, I just
it was natural for them but certainally not for me. I find it disturbing 
[suddenly, FAQ writer fetches a Remington Shotgun and start looking for a
cow plant to use ...]. 

Victims of this plant will be light green, not like their disease neighbours
and will spend the night taunting this poor plant with some, ghoulish meat. 
They never got it though. Although this plant does wind back time, it does
not wind back time while at Uni so the best you can do is slaughter the 
damn place and drink them for the fun of it. You can only get this in a 
secret society while you are in Uni.

[7.05] College

How to Get: Finish University

"Save the Sheep" Faux Sheepskin Diploma
This prestigious diploma bestowed by your Sim's University at graduation 
gives one more sheep another chance at life. Made of the finest faux 
sheepskin, this diploma tells the world that your Sim is educated, employable,
and concerned about sheep conservation. 

When you finish University, your Sim will have this on their Rewards panel
under their job rewards. You can hang the diploma on the wall and read the
diploma along with any honours if they recieved any. Also, it is the only
reward that your can repack. This means that you can take it back and it
will be on the job rewards panel. This is because that the diploma is needed
to prove you finished University and if it is sold, deleted or the owner of
the diploma moves out, the diploma goes for good. Do this if your Sim has
the chance that it will leave the house. Hang it if you know that your Sim 
will stay for good. As for me, to stop fire destroying it, I place the 
two diplomas that I have over the toilet, so it will never catch fire.

[7.06] Aspiration Reward

This is the only add on to the aspiration rewards. It is well, you'll see.

Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine
Cost - 27,750 Aspiration Points

Why earn money when you can simply print it yourself? Jobs and careers take
away valuable time you could be spending with your family. Think of the 
children, and get yourself one of Genuine Buck's famous counterfeiting
machines. Other counterfeiting machines on the market claim to make high 
quality Simoleons, but only Genuine Buck's machines come with the offical
stamp of approval. Don't settle for less than the real thing. "Genuine Buck's:
because you've earned it!"

Okay, there are two dangers that come with this machine. The first one is that
if you get too busy making money, the thing can set itself on fire. The other 
is that the cops come along and decide to take it away. Put sprinkers over the
thing before your house goes in flames. If it gets taken away by the cops, you
have to fork §1000 as a fine and the machine goes with them. 

This machine can crank up about §150 an hour, which is good money for a zombie
slave that you have lying around. [Why the hell are they lying around, 
personally, I would have sent them to relive their deaths]. When you pump up 
enough Simoleons for a while, you have to manually retrieve it so if you are
stupid enough to set it on flames, your money joins it as well. Maybe the
ether and grinder should mix next time ... 

If you have hundreds of thousands of Aspiration Points [like my Sims], then
a zombie slave might be a good idea. Sooner or later, they might work off 
their debt to you and might make you a profit. However, there are other good
sources of money out there. 

[8.01] Influence Meter

The Influence meter is something like the Aspiration points. However, the 
more friends you have, the more influence points you can hold. Certain wants
give you influence points and some fears will make you lose influence points.
They wants and fears are circled with a blue box outside the want/fear. The
more friends you have, the more influence points you can hold and spend on
others. Since all stuff and expansion packs introduce this meter, this will
just be copied and pasted to all guides. 

[8.02] Influence Points

Influence Points are gained from completing wants and fears. Influence points
can be spent on other Sims. You can influence the other Sim to do your work,
WooHoo with someone, kiss another same sex individual, pull pranks, and much
more. Your relation with the influenced Sim and the amount of points you have
will determine if they are successful or not. Your points do not go to waste
as they can be used for all sorts of different things. 

All the following actions can be done by clicking on the Sim who wishes to be
manipulated and clicking on the influence button. 

Action         : Appreciate
Points Needed  : 500
Etc            : Requires someone to appreciate to. Small gain or decrease on 
                 relationship between the pair depending on the success or 
                 failure of the interaction.

Action         : Entertain
Points Needed  : 500
Etc            : Requires someone to entertain to. Small gain or decrease on 
                 relationship between the pair depending on the success or 
                 failure of the interaction.

Action         : Talk
Points Needed  : 500
Etc            : Requires someone to talk to. Small gain or decrease on 
                 relationship between the pair depending on the success or 
                 failure of the interaction.

Action         : Flirt
Points Needed  : 1000
Etc            : Requires someone to flirt with. Medium gain or decrease on 
                 relationship between the pair depending on the success or 
                 failure of the interaction.

Action         : Play
Points Needed  : 1000
Etc            : Requires someone to play with. Small gain or decrease on 
                 relationship between the pair depending on the success or 
                 failure of the interaction.

Action         : Prank
Points Needed  : 1000
Etc            : Requires someone to be pranked. If the waterbomb prank is
                 pulled, the water will have to be cleaned up. 

Action         : Fight
Points Needed  : 1500
Etc            : Requires someone to get beat up. Large decrease decrease on 
                 relationship between the pair depending on the success or 
                 failure of the interaction.

Action         : Hug
Points Needed  : 1500
Etc            : Requires someone to hug. Medium - Large gain or decrease on 
                 relationship between the pair depending on the success or 
                 failure of the interaction.

Action         : Kiss
Points Needed  : 1500
Etc            : Requires someone to kiss. Large gain or decrease on 
                 relationship between the pair depending on the success or 
                 failure of the interaction.

Action         : Do My Assignment
Points Needed  : 2000
Etc            : Requires an already started assignment. Only available if you
                 have university expansion pack.

Action         : Garden
Points Needed  : 2000
Etc            : Only available if you either have hedges or bushes that need 
                 to be trimmed or attended to, weeds that need to be pulled or
                 flowers that need to be watered. 

Action         : Repair
Points Needed  : 2000
Etc            : Only available if you have any equipment that needs to be 
                 repaired. Warning, if the sim dies from this wrongful use of
                 influence due to electric shock, they WILL die. 

Action         : Clean
Points Needed  : 2500
Etc            : Only available if there is something that needs to be cleaned
                 such as making beds, dirty dishes, trash laying around. Think
                 of it as a cheap made with an alternative cost. 

Action         : Cook
Points Needed  : 2500
Etc            : You have no choice over that the target Sim will cook. They 
                 can cook anything from the lowly spaghetti to a nice dish of
                 lobsters. Note that if they burn themselves, the fire is real
                 and is your problem to deal with. If you're a wimp, just quit
                 and reload.

Action         : Do My Term Paper
Points Needed  : 2500
Etc            : This requires the university expansion pack. They will start
                 a term paper if you haven't already. They will stop when 
                 their moods are completely severed. 

[8.03] Influence Level

Of course, the more friends you have, the more slaves you can get working for
you. The more influence, the more slaves you can get, and so forth.

Level 1  : Puny Pleader
Capacity : 2000 Points
Friends  : 0

Level 2  : Common Cajoler
Capacity : 4000 Points
Friends  : 1

Level 3  : Suave String Puller
Capacity : 6000 Points
Friends  : 3

Level 4  : Powerful Persuader
Capacity : 8000 Points
Friends  : 6

Level 5  : Master Manipulator
Capacity : 10000 Points
Friends  : 12

Needless to say, when you drop under the friends mark with your amount of 
friends, you will lose the level you are on and drop back to the previous one.
You lose all influence points above the previous level's limit. Example, if
you have 12 friends and have 9500 Influence points, you lose one friends, 
bringing it back to 11 friends and you lose 1500 points since your limit is 
back to 8000 because you fell off a level. You will not regain those points
when you regain the level.

[8.04] Good Influence

It is okay to be a good influence. You can make your slaves do some of your
work, clean up around the house and do some tedious gardening. None of which
are harmful to your health. These jobs are simple. Also, your good influence
could reunited two bitter enemies, embedded with feuds and in clan fighting.
You are just trying to help people to try to find the perfect match while 
teaching them to be a neat freak.

As a host of a party, you can influence your guests to brighten up the party
by playing some harmless pranks, playing with other guests, talking to other
guests, entertaining and appreciating other guests and on really rare 
occasions, put some soap in the fountain. None of these are harmful to one's
health you know. Maybe if you have been joy buzzered many times due to 
influence, those grey cells in your brain might get fried but most of this
can be easily bypassed, because I mean, after all they are Sims and not real

Also in university, your good influence could make others do your term paper,
something that no one wants to do. You good word can spread to make them do
some assignments for you free of charge. You can unite couples with them 
kissing people from the opposite or SAME sex. You can make them happy with
one another and make them new friends. If the person being influenced rejects
your request to do something, no points will be lost and you will still have
you good influence reputation. If the social interaction that you choose is 
out of the person's social limits, it will be rejected flatout. I mean I don't
get it. How can an ugly use refuse a kiss with the most beautiful looking girl
on campus. What is he in? A trance?

[8.05] Bad Influence

Maybe you don't want to use your influential power for the Greater Good of
Simkind, maybe you want to wreak havoc on other Sim's lives like me. In this
episode, you will learn that Sims are great conductors of electricity and make
good roast Sim. Don't worry, it won't hurt ... much.

Lighting Up Someone's Life [Literally]
Do you have a broken appliance waiting to be fixed? Does the dishwasher have 
water while you are repairing it? If so, get ready for a shock. The most two
dangerous appliance in this game include dishwashers and garbage compactor.
Maybe both are made of METAL and have WATER inside that both conduct 
electricity. I have seen my repairwoman (Marion) get zapped twice to a garbage
compactor because it zapped her silly. As she can't die, she decided to have a
go at this machine. She got zapped and her clothes got burnt to a crisp. The 
only thing she had on was the remains of the clothes which are now rags. After
a second attempt at the machine, she got zapped again, and decided to go home.
Wow, she took 2 shocks, more than any Sim could handle. So what happends if 
you decide to have a talentless hack to fix your dishwasher. Easy, you get the
EEE, the Electrifying Exciting Entertainment. Watch as they get a hair raising
shock by the dashing dishwasher.

However, it seems that NPC's don't get deep fried by the machine, just pan
fried. They have a natural resistance to death. Maybe the Grim Reaper doesn't
like NPC's for dinner. Anyway, just watch as the NPC get lit up like a fibre
optic christmas tree on fire.

Turn Up the Heat
A Sim that has no cooking skill is a asking for it while cooking. Basically,
the Sim is looking down the barrel of accidential suicide. Its like a recipe
for suicide, just get a lousy Sim and place in front of cooking materials. 
There is a way to make them on fire for sure. Just misplace the oven or the
materials away from reach and surround the victim with their own recipe for
suicide. Of course, any Sim could do that but why waste a perfectly good 
custom Sim when you can use a perfectly bad NPC? You gotta get that red ghost
in your Graveyard collection some time you know. It is a entertaining waste of
2,500 perfectly good influence points though. 

Breaking Up
How would you like to break up someone's perspective love interest? Well it is
easy to do. Figure out which Sim loves another and them have them fight each
other or do some other negative reaction that causes them to lose relationship
points with one another. Or else, get a Sim and randomly kiss another Sim in 
the same room as the love interest, watch the fight. And if you are in a 
sticky situation and need a scapegoat to get out of it, find your girlfriend
and influence another to kiss her. Lesbian action is okay if you are trying to
find a way out of a complicated plot. Also, you can steal another's love
interest for your own by breaking theirs one up.

Violence and What Apprehended Violence Orders Mean
Finding it hard to make good friends beat the crap out of some another? With
for a small influence donation, you can have one man beating the crap out of
the what is formally a good friend. How do you get a love relationship that is
blossoming to suddenly stop. Influence one to beat the love interest to a very
bloody pulp. Or you can add in some outsiders to the plot and make a very 
complication love square and turn it into a soap opera plot and sell it for 
some quick dough. You can poke and shove, and then throw some fists around and
get some popcorn and watch. At least you know what happens when a cop fights a
robber. Its basically the only was for those Popularity Sims to Win a Fight
without really having to throw punches while in the right state of mind. Or 
you could have a husband attack the wife and somehow make the wife get an AVO
against the husband and then divorce and then ..., wait, I'm sidetracking 
myself again. Anyway, you can have 5 people waiting to beat the living 
daylights out of a Sim you really hate or just want to see a little kid get 
his butt kicked to the moon and back and again and again 5 times. Bring out 
the popcorn I say. 

[9.01] Lifetime Wants

According to Maxis, there are 20 Lifetime wants. A lifetime want is a want 
that the Sim wants to complete during their lifetime. These wants can vary
through different aspirations. Once you complete a lifetime want, another one
pops up but you still have your Platinum Mood forever. When you move houses,
it may seen that your Platinum Mood forever thingy is gone but it really is
still there, just complete an aspiration want. If you complete an aspiration
fear, you mood will go down but always recovers back to the normal zone at
the top. There is a way to reset your lifetime want but it is really 
drastic and will have effect on you. This is to place you Sim and house in
the houses and lots bin. This will effectively cut all relations with people
in your neighbourhood and will end it all. There are several wants that you
can do in your younger years but most of them will be career orientated and
will require you to be an adult.

The lifetime wants with the * marked next to them are in doubt. Several sites
have conflicting reports whether the university careers are lifetime wants.
Some argue that they have seen it themselves and others believe it is 
spectulation. I have yet to see a screenshot that proves it right and until
I see it, the asterisk remains where it is. Many on the it does exist side
say that you get the lifetime wants after you complete your first one. 
However, I have a knowledge Sim at the top of every career and after about 5
lifetime wants, I have yet to see one of the marked lifetime wants. I believe
that it is all spectulation and it doesn't exist and I will believe this until
someone sends me an email proving me wrong. As Skinner would say "Prove me
wrong kids, Prove me wrong."

Note, the ones with the * next to them are in the spectulation zone meaning
that it is not for sure.

[9.02] Wants

The Wants are:

Reach Golden Anniversary
Have a Family Reunion
Have X Children Abducted by Aliens
Graduate X Children from College
Max Out 7 Skills
Have X Lovers at Once
Have X Best Friends at Once
WooHoo with X Different Sims
Have X Grandchildren
Have X Babies
Marry off X children
Earn §100,000
Reach the Top of the Military Career
Reach the Top of the Medicial Career
Reach the Top of the Law Enforcement Career
Reach the Top of the Athletic Career
Reach the Top of the Criminal Career
Reach the Top of the Slacker Career
Reach the Top of the Politics Career
Reach the Top of the Science Career
Reach the Top of the Culinary Career
Reach the Top of the Business Career
*Reach the Top of the Paranormal Career
*Reach the Top of the Show Business Career
*Reach the Top of the Artist Career
*Reach the Top of the Natural Scientist Career

Fortune Wants
Earn §100,000
Reach the Top of the Athletic Career
Reach the Top of the Business Career
Reach the Top of the Criminal Career
Reach the Top of the Medicial Career

Knowledge Wants
Max Out 7 Skills
Have X Children Abducted by Aliens
Reach the Top of the Medicial Career
Reach the Top of the Science Career
Reach the Top of the Criminal Career
Reach the Top of the Law Enforcement Career
*Reach the Top of the Natural Scientist Career
*Reach the Top of the Paranormal Career

Family Wants
Graduate X Children From College
Marry off X Children
Have X Children
Reach Golden Anniversary
Reach the Top of the Law Enforcement Career
Have a Family Reunion

Romance Wants
WooHoo with X Different Sims
Have X Lovers at Once
Reach the Top of the Slacker Career
Reach the Top of the Culinary Career
Reach the Top of the Athletics Career
*Reach the Top of the Artist Career

Popularity Wants
Have X Best Friends
Reach the Top of the Polticial Career
Reach the Top of the Military Career
Reach the Top of the Culinary Career
Reach the Top of the Law Enforcement Career
*Reach the Top of the Paranormal Career
*Reach the Top of the Artist Career

[9.03] Doing the Wants

Furfilling these wants take some hard work. Each of these wants give out
25,000 Aspiration Points and 10,000 Influence Points

Reach Golden Anniversary:
This wants is completed by staying married for about 50 days. So marry up 
from the start of adulthood to the early stages of elder.

Have a Family Reunion:
To get a family reunion, you must have 10 relatives all at the same house. 
They can be grandparents, cousins, sisters, and so on. You must have 10 people
at your house though. Have a party!

Have X Children Abducted by Aliens
Get X Children taken by aliens.

Graduate X Children from College
Graduate X children from college, I'm sounding like a record player

Max Out 7 Skills
See Want

Have X Lovers at Once
Careful not having another love see you be intimate with another

Have X Best Friends at Once
FAQ writer too lazy to write in help

WooHoo with X Different Sims
Don't WooHoo when you have another female in the area

Have X Grandchildren
This is easy

Have X Children
Have many wives (that aren't married)

Marry off X Children

Earn §100,000
Earning that much money is problematic. Be an icon [lots of §] and get your
other Sims to paint at home. When you go home after earning that much money,
you sell the paintings, and play with money earning rewards. Use the elixer 
of life often

Reach the Top of the Military Career

Reach the Top of the Medicial Career
See Topic

Reach the Top of the Law Enforcement Career
FAQ Writer fails to see point of giving help

Reach the Top of the Athletic Career

Reach the Top of the Criminal Career
People Die of Boredom: Trues say FAQ Writer

Reach the Top of the Slacker Career
FAQ Writer on Strike

Reach the Top of the Politics Career

Reach the Top of the Science Career
Sodium in water is cool! BOOM!

Reach the Top of the Culinary Career
Natural food causes natural deaths

Reach the Top of the Business Career
Get Level 10

Reach the Top of the Paranormal Career

Reach the Top of the Show Business Career

Reach the Top of the Artist Career

Reach the Top of the Natural Scientist Career
Finally, the end.

[10.01] New Items

New Items are important to expansion pack games. I can't be stuffed to write
the description but I'll tell you what it does.

Mini Fridge
The Mini Fridge is one of the more inventive items. This fridge allows you to
use do all the normal function that you can do with a big fridge but it is 
small and you can place an item on top of it. Put it in your room to make it
your alarm, or you can place a microwave over it. Get Inventive!

The bonfire allows you to have a stack of wood and burn it. Tell stories 
around the fire and roast some lovely marshmallows. Watch it down, and place
it inside where is cannot burn down your house. A great party item. 

Play the string instrument for some extra money. Make some funky music with 
this low music sounder.

Rock on! Place the guitar in a public area and live on the tips. You'll do 
just fine.

Drum Kit
Annoy the neighbourhood with this might drum kit. Bash the drums and slash 
those sticks, you are the rock king.

Communial Shower
Getting shy with your sexuality? That a communial show where even shy Sims 
will have to get over it. Everyone can see what you don't want to see so get
over it.

Fruit Punch Barrel
Need a barrel for parties that relieve fun and hunger? Then this will do
wanders for you. This barrel allows you to drink civilised from a cup or just
the tap on the barrel. 

Want to blow bubbles like a little kid. Want to see the Maxis version of the 
almighty bong? Then this is certainly for you.

Makeup Table
The makeup table allows your Sim to change their makeup composition on their
face. This lets you make the face a total garbage dump or a attractive whore.
Or maybe a superstar? You should what happens.

More Coming
[10.02] Misc Items

Some of the lesser known things are things like the College Rock radio station
which is one of the better types of music in the game. Its my personal 
favourite. There is the SimSports channel where you can watch boxing and 
gridiron on television. Because of the sports channel, you can now chuck a 
sports party, where people gather around and watch sports.

[11.01] Scholarships

A scholarship is a basic boost in money when your Sims start off to college.
To obtain a scholarship, you have to have a high rank in a certain area to get
a boost. Some are easy, some are hard. The amount of money varies with the 
type of scholarship.

[11.02] Types of Scholarships

There are 14 different Scholarships, some that need explaining which I will do
so later on in this section.

Scholarship                           | Requirements                | Pays
Hogan Award for Athletics             | 8 or More Body Points       | §750
Bain-Gordon Communication Fellowship  | 8 or More Charisma Points   | §750
Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics         | 8 or More Cleaning Points   | §750
London Culinary Arts Scholarship      | 8 or More Cooking Points    | §750
Will Wright Genius Grant              | 8 or More Logic Points      | §750
Bui Engineering Award                 | 8 or More Mechanical Points | §750
Quigley Visual Arts Grant             | 8 or More Creativity Points | §750
SimCity Scholar's Grant               | A- or Better at School      | §1000
Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant     | Abducted by Aliens          | §1500
Young Entrepreneurs Award             | Level 3 in Teen Job Career  | §750
Undead Eduational Scholarship         | Teen is a Zombie            | §1500
Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize      | High Pool Skill             | §1000
Tsang Footwork Award                  | High Dancing Skill          | §1000
Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund         | No Living Parents           | §1500

These are all 14 Scholarships

I'll rearrange it in order of difficulty. It is from easiest to hardest. Note
that this is in my opinion and not factual. 

Scholarship                           | Requirements                | Pays
SimCity Scholar's Grant               | A- or Better at School      | §1000
Young Entrepreneurs Award             | Level 3 in Teen Job Career  | §750
Hogan Award for Athletics             | 8 or More Body Points       | §750
Bain-Gordon Communication Fellowship  | 8 or More Charisma Points   | §750
Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics         | 8 or More Cleaning Points   | §750
London Culinary Arts Scholarship      | 8 or More Cooking Points    | §750
Will Wright Genius Grant              | 8 or More Logic Points      | §750
Bui Engineering Award                 | 8 or More Mechanical Points | §750
Quigley Visual Arts Grant             | 8 or More Creativity Points | §750
Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize      | High Pool Skill             | §1000
Tsang Footwork Award                  | High Dancing Skill          | §1000
Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund         | No Living Parents           | §1500
Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant     | Abducted by Aliens          | §1500
Undead Eduational Scholarship         | Teen is a Zombie            | §1500

[11.03] Hard Scholarships

Some scholarships are easy to get. But some are harder as there is no measure
of that skill. The Billiards Prize and the Footwork Award are the two 
scholarships that are hard to get.

However, there is a easy way to get the footwork award. Go infront of the 
stereo and start dancing. Keep dancing until you get the Bust A Move option
when you dance with others. Once that move is achieved, you have a high 
enough dancing skill to get that award.

The pool scholarship is hard because you can't tell. Just let your Sim play 
pool for a long time and sooner or later, you can get this award.

[11.04] Recommended Scholarships

The Scholarships that I recommend to your are one that you can get easily or
with some difficulty and have use for it.

Pick the major you have beforehand using the guide above and look at the 
focused skills. Max out those skills. If you max out those four skills that
will be covered in that major, you get §3000 already without the hassle of 
building up those skills in University. 

The Scholar's Grant should be easy to get as long as your teenage Sim does
their homework and goes to school in a positive mood. That is another §1000.
Get the Young Entrepreneurs Award. If you go to a private school, you will 
already be at Level 2 so you only have to be promoted once more to get this.
That is another §750 for you.

The Billiards prize is a scholarship that should be gain as your can use your
great pool skill in University to hustle money on a pool game. The Footwork
Award is the final Award that schould be gained as it will allow you to use
Bust a Move, a great relationship points gainer. That is §2000 more for you.

So if you followed the stated advice, you will get §6750 in Scholarship money
and by adding the §500 you get at the start, that is §7250 to start of your 
Sims University Life. Also, you don't have to worry about gaining skills in
your Majors and can hustle money and gain relationships with ease. 

[11.05] How to Get

This section will deal with how to get the scholarships. 

The SimCity Scholarship Grant is easy to get. You can get this scholarship by
attending school and doing homework. To get at least an A-, you have to attend
school in a good mood. Make sure that the environment on the outside of your
house is okay as that can be a major factor. Make sure that the kids do their
homework. This is important because uncompleted homework will drag down your 
grades the longer they remain incomplete. If you want, ask someone, an adult
for some help as that can raise the speed of which homework can be achieved.
If you have aging off, the grades will not go beyond the grade letter. So a 
B- will have a max of B+ with aging off. However, you can drop grades with
aging off. So a B- can become a C- with aging off with a max of C+ onwards.

The Young Entrepreneur's Award is another easy grant to get. All you have to 
do is to get Level 3 in a teen career. Private schools make you start on level
2 already so you only have one level to go. The hours are few, along the lines
of about 3 so you get paid as well. The best paying job on the teen career 
lines is §125 so that is some handy dandy pocket money for those who need it.

The Hogan Award for Athletics is quite difficult to get if you don't have the
neccessary equipment. The faster way to gain athletic points is to use the 
treadmill, the Punching Bag job reward and the Obstacle Course job reward. You
have to get 8 points.

The Bain-Gordon Communication Fellowship is hard to get. There is no real easy
way to gain charisma as it is not a daily activity. You can have fun and gain
charisma with the putt putt golf. This is the only fun way to gain those 8
charisma points

The Kim Metro Prize for Hygenics is easy to get if you have the correct sim. 
A neat sim with about 9 points in neat will score this scholarship easy. To 
get cleaning points, you can scan for fingerprints with the Prints Charming
Scanner, read a boring book from the bookshelf, cleaning toilets, showers,
ovens, benchtops and baths.

The London Culinary Arts Scholarship is useful to get. It will help you later
on in University and even later on when you finish universty. Of course, there
are several ways to get cooking points. The most boring is reading the books 
on how to cook. Alternatives include watching the Yummy Channel on the 
television, cooking food and using the Chocolate Maker which also makes some
pocket money.

The Will Wright Genius Grant is useful for those who want to be hackers. It is
sad because the only ways to increase logic is playing chess and using the
Biotech Station that makes medicine.

The Bui Engineering Award is quite helpful, even if it is hard to get. You can
fix things around the house with good mechanical skill, without getting zapped
with electricity. You can increase mechanical with book reading and using the
surgury tool reward.

The Quigley Visual Arts Grant is extremely easy to get. This is because that 
your Sims will do things that involve creativity naturally with free will on.
If they paint and / or play music, they will be able to get this grant as they
will increase the creativity points.

The Phelps-Wilsonoff Billards Prize is hard to get as there is no telling when
you are eligible for the scholarship. You just play pool all day to get this
award, no strings attached.

Tsang Footwork Awards are easier to get. It involves standing in front of a
stereo or a radio and start dancing. Keep dancing until you get the Bust A'
Move option when you socialise with others. Then you are able to get this
grant from the nice people of SimCity.

The Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund is hard to get. Why would you want to kill
your parents? Unless they die in a house fire, that is hard to believe. Of 
course, this isn't worth the effort as parents can produce more money than 
just §1,500, even when they are an elder. Its isn't worth it.

The Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant are for those abducted by aliens. You
can make this happen if you keep using the telescope for stargazing. As a 
teenager, you cannot have birth so don't worry. You won't be turned into an
alien either. Get it if you can.

The Undead Educational Scholarship are for teens that are zombies. That means
you have to use the Resurrect-O-Nomitron and call to Grim Reaper to make a 
zombie. I don't like it as zombies can't have children. Maybe hell castricated

[12.01] Extras on Aspiration

When your Sims go to college, they get an added incentive for going there and
for you to go there and help them. Along the track, your Sim will gain life
experience in the real world. At the end of your Freshman year, you can have 5
wants instead of 4. After you complete the Sophomore year, you can change 
your aspiration if you don't like it. When you complete your Junior Year, you
can lock in 2 Wants or Fears. After you complete the final Senior Year, you 
have 6 Wants instead of 5 Aspiration Wants.

Freshman Year    -  5 Wants
Sophomore Year   -  Aspiration Change
Junior Year      -  Lock in 2 Wants or Fears
Senior Year      -  6 Wants
Expulusion       -  4 Fears

After some aboard rumours that there was another fear, it is true that if you
get expelled from college, you will get an extra fear slot and a nice X on 
your young adult stage.

If you drop out of university, you get a white o on your Young Adult stage.
You only get one Aspiration Change, so if you made a mistake during the
creation of your Sim, you have one chance to finish it. 

[13.01] Boosting GPA

There are several ways to boost your Sim's GPA. The most known way is to go
class and attending the exams. The ways to boost your GPA are easy and hard.
These ways include

* Attending Classes and Exams
* Term Paper
* Do Assignment
* Do Research
* Relationship with Professors
* Hacking Grades

[13.02] Attending Classes and Exams

Attending classes and your exams is very important to your Sims GPA. Attending
your classes will boost your Sims GPA by so much every time you attend. If you
don't attend the class, you get nothing. It is just like school, if you are in
a good mood, you go without asking but if you are in a sour mood, then all you
have to do is click on the Sim and select go to class. Unlike school, class is
only 2 or 3 hours. You always have to attend class before you start but having
to go to class early gives you no extra marks that going ten minutes before it
starts. If you want to attend class, you will find it in your job bar. You can
be sent off to class from times of 6am to 10pm. Well be thankful that the time
it set and does not vary. If your GPA bar is completely filled up, do not send
your Sim to class as it will do nothing to help the GPA bar. It just becomes a
waste of time then. You don't lose any marks if you do not attend class but it
is a good idea if you don't have a complete GPA bar.

Attending the final exam is extremely important. By not going to the exam, you
can drop down two grades. You still gain points on your GPA. 5 Hours before 
the exam, the game will issue a warning. You will go to the exam at your own
accord one hour before. Going to your final exam is the countdown for each
semester so if you are in doubt of the time till you have to the final exam, 
place your mouse over your Sim's picture at the bottom until you see the 
message X hours till final exam [replace X with the hours you have to go].

[13.03] Term Paper

Writing as term paper can be tedious work (like writing this FAQ) but it does
help a lot (like this FAQ) to your Sims GPA. Writing a term paper can take 
about 3 and a half Sim hours, which equals to about 210 minutes. During this
time, your Sim will lose fun faster than a leerjet can takeoff. However, after
you have done your term paper, you will fill up about a fifth of the GPA bar.

You can do this with any of the computers by clicking on it and select college
and write term paper. The % is showing how much your Sim already has done. I 
suggest that you do it to boost that GPA bar.

Of course, you can always get someone else to do it for you. For the tiny 
price of 3,000 influence points, get someone to right it for you. Make a use
of those llama and cow mascots, the annoying yet not attractive looking
cheerleader or to really stuff up the balance, use your professors to do the
assignments that they will have to mark. Please not that you can only do it
once a semester so that way, it will stop abuse and hence the name, TERM 

[13.04] Do Assignment

Doing your assignments can really help your GPA. Although you may not think
that it raises a lot (it only raises about a tenth), but you can do it in a
short period of time and a term paper, class and four assignments can really
get you to the top. It takes a short period of time and motives don't really
get a chance to drain. You can do this like homework except as always, you
choose whether you want to do it or not. 

If you have a higher GPA than another Sim who happens to have their assignment
lying around, you can tutor them for some money. That could also happen in
reverse that you can ask someone to tutor you in return for some money [that 
you have to give out]. Talking about tutoring, if there are too many          
assignments that are flooding the dorm, then you can access buy more and 
destroy then without having to turn to cheats. I did this as the only place 
for my Sim to do their work was on the cold floor, with every single table 
filled with undone assignments. Also, my Sim found it kind of hard to eat ...

Anyway, for the small price of 2,500 influence points, you can get a Sim to
relieve you of your assignment in the name of "kindness". If you are a 
popularity Sim, controlling people and gaining influence will not be such a 
big problem. 

To do an assignment, click on your Sim and choose college and click do 
assignment. It easy and probably a quick fix for a Sim nearing a deadline with
a low GPA bar.

[13.05] Do Research

Researching is what is done in most universities. You will continue to 
research until you are completely bored or you [as God] decides to cancel the
action. Seriously, you [as the Sim] won't care if there is a fire that is 
blowing up the house, you will be devoted to your studies. If you have a whole
bunch of poorly educated low GPA Sims in your University, you can give a call
to come over and have a group research session. While researching as a group, 
you tend to gain GPA points faster than soloing. And if you have other
controllable sims that you aren't controlling at the moment, next time you
play with then, their GPA will also have increased. You also gain     
relationship points while researching but you tend to gain those valuable
points a lot slower than you can gain while talking or chatting. As the game
states, the more people you have with you, the more you gain. If you don't
have a whole bunch of Sims in your University campus, then the secret society
is another place that you can do it as they are more reliable than your dorm
mates as they are more civilised.

Researching can be started from the bookshelf and I don't recommend it unless
you are going to group research where you can get better gains.

[13.06] Relationship with Professors

When you first choose your major and go to the campus, you will find out the
name of your professors, a male and a female. They will either be adults or
elders. You can start being friends with the professors and slowly, you will
gain more relationship points. The more points that you gain, the more the 
GPA bar will increase because the professor is on friendler terms with you.
Once you start doing WooHoos, the GPA bar will increase a lot. So if you are
a Romance Sim that wants to WooHoo as many different people as possible, this
is a great option. However, if you are another Sim, you would stick to the pen
and paper as it does really take a long time to build up a relationship.

There are several, non sexual ways to increase this factor. Use the latest
weapon in University, the Kicky Bag. When you initiate a game of kicky bag, 
you and the target Sim will start kicking a small, bean bag to each other. 
Every time it goes, one relationship point will be gained. You might think
that this is low but the motions and psysics for this motion is relatively
fast and on a good game, each of you can gain about 20 daily relationship
points quickly. This will certainly not hurt your GPA. Also, do not make your
professers mad at you, they will drop your GPA on you. So that could backfire
on your part so be careful.

[13.07] Hacking Grades

This is not as fun as it might sound. It is basically available to the secret
society computers only. Maybe they have the only computers that have hacking
programs that allow you that change grades. Once you join the secret society,
you basically "steal" the program and from then on, you can hack into the 
school network from any computer. Since playing game this requires a computer,
hacking sounds like a very tempting option and interesting to do some ...
intelligence modifications. Of course, like in real life, logic will play an
important part. This will help because zero logic means that you can't tell
the difference between Internet Explorer and Notepad. 5 Logic means that you
still can't tell the difference between a Firewall and a Marco. Full logic 
means that you can destroy Microsoft with a worm (just kidding). But, it 
really isn't as fun as it sounds. Actually, some find it tedious and boring.

This hacking slowly increases your GPA bar slowly but faster than researching.
There are several levels and security triggers on hacking the school 
mainframe. The longer you stay on, the higher the security level and the 
amount of security triggers. More logic is required in higher levels. If your
Sim is not as skilled in logic, log off at the moderate level, while Sims with
full Logic can stay on at the Considerable level. The levels incidate the 
chance on which the cops catch you. Hacking isn't as useful as attending class
and doing assignments so it is only useful if you have nothing to do or your
Sim is on the verge of missing the desired mark because you missed class and 
there is only a few hours till the final exam. I don't really suggest this 
method to raise marks. If you want marks, find other alternatives first and 
use this as a last resort.

Even though you have the max amount of logic, it doesn't mean that you cannot
get caught. I had a Sim with full logic get caught red handed ... on the 
security level of ... minimum. This is because there was about 67 security
triggers. Also, if you get caught, the cops one, fine you for §450 and any 
grade bonuses that you gained from hacking will be removed. 

[14.01] Chinese Food

This is an American favourite, Chinese Food. Delivered by a guy that is 
similar to the pizza guy and drives a Junker, chinese food is just like pizza
which is §40 but is a bit different. Although there are 8 different boxes in
the tray, each will reduce your bladder faster than the US FA/18 Jet can
use the thrusters. Your Sims will don the chopsticks with extreme accuracy
and eat the food up. I think it must be really salty to reduce a bladder that
fast. Anyway, this is found under the Delivery Section of your telephone. It 
can be accessed at any time of the day.

[14.02] Graduation Party

This party can be started after you finish your Senior years at University 
before you have to be evicted. This party is pretty much the same as any other
party except that most of the invites are Young Adults and they all don their
graduation gowns and caps.

[14.03] Sports Party

This is a party that requires you to have a television so that people can 
watch the SimSports Channel. Not much on it really, just some golfers throwing
their clubs, boxers, a grid iron team and some other sports. Anyway, this 
party involves you inviting people over and watch the Sports Channel. This 
is an improvement to the house party. Note that all the sports shown are from
the EA Sports range. I guess they are introducing more subliminal messaging 
into the Sims 2. Will Maxis ever stop?

[14.04] Toga Party

The toga party is only started by one who belongs to a Greek House. Everyone
who comes has to be in a toga or in their underwear. This depends on the
outgoing stats and is a fun party with the Greek touch as everything else in
the Greek House isn't really Greek. This is just your regular party, except
it is "Greek"... 

[15.01] Paranormal

*Conspiracy Theorist*

As ____ researches conspiracy theories for the Daily Hemisphere, he uncovers
a lead that hints at a plan by the Department of Agriculture to ship mind-
control prunes to a supermarket patronized by various SimNation Intelligence
Agency staffers. Should he publish the story and expose the attempt by the 
DOA to control the SNIA, or instead sit on the story and search for more
evidence before going public?

"Publish Now" 85% Chance 
____ realises that the money is too urgent to wait for confirmation and sends
it to his editor. When the Daily Hemisphere breaks the story, devoted SNIA
readers foil the plot, and the newspaper is rewarded with exclusive interviews
of with the SNIA Director of Operations. ____ gain 2 Charisma skill points for
journalistic achievement.

"Publish Now" 15% Chance 
Department of Agriculture agents sue the paper for libel and the SNIA 
"detains" the Daily Hemisphere editor for exposing the ugly rivalry between
the two agencies. ____ has §375 docked from his pay to help cover the expenses
of the fine.

"Develop More Evidence" 15% Chance 
____'s dilligent research leads him to a Rogue Botanist who is willing to tell
all, blowing the cover off a plot by the Department of Argiculture to feed a
false story to the Daily Hemisphere in order to discredit the paper. ____'s
publisher covers him with praise and gives him a bonus of §1,000 for saving
the paper's good name.

"Develop More Evidence" 85% Chance 
____'s hesitation costs him and the Daily Hemisphere dearly when the rival 
paper The International Inquisitor breaks the mind-control prunes story first.
Sputtering with rage, ____'s editor storms into his office and fires him,
throwing ____'s laptop out the window for emphasis.


____ has been sent by his employer, Hypnotico, to cure a rich industrialist of
her fear of golfing. An assoicate in Hypnotico's research laboratory has used
her spare time to develop a new method of hypnotic care, and approaches ____, 
offering to share credit for its development if ____ agrees to use this
oppurtunity to test it in the field. Should ____ break protocol and risk 
trying the new method, or should he report his assoicate for unorthodox

"Use New Method" 15% Chance 
____ uses the new hypnotic method, which not only cures the industrialist's
golfophobia in record time, but also transforms her into a world-class 
golfer. Eager to show her thanks, the industrialist signs a contract with
Hypnotico for worldwide productivity-enhancement services and ____ is
promoted to Medium for his share in developing the new treatment.

"Use New Method" 85% Chance 
____ begins to use the experimental procedure, and is horrified as the
industrialist shrieks and leaps to the floor, curling up into a fetal position
and yelling "Fore! Fore!" ____ realises that she has become, in her own mind,
a golf ball. No amount of reapplication of the standard methods seems to 
work, and ____ is forced to call his supervisor to bring in emergency
specialists, then sadly goes back to Hypnotico to clear out his desk.

"Report Assoicate" 85% Chance 
Fearful of the damage to Hypnotico's business that could arise from maverick
researchers, ____ reports his assoicate before going off to the job. The 
industrialist is safely cured of her golfophobia using standard methods, and
when ____ returns to the office, he finds the research assoicate's office
empty and a bonus check on ____'s desk for §2,000.

"Resport Assoicate" 15% Chance 
The fearful industrialist's condition resists all applications of standard
methods, and ____ is forced to return to the office in failure. Meanwhile,
____'s associate has offered her procedure to ____'s replacement, who
succeeds in curing the patient. Unfortunately for ____, Hypnotico's money-
back guarantee requires that the work is done for free, and as a result he
is demoted to Tarot Card Reader.


A wealthy socialite contracts ____ to hold a seance. She wants to contact
her dead husband in order to get his blessing for her to marry her 
boyfriend. While deep in concentration, ____ realises that the spirit of
the deceased boyfriend doesn't approve at all of the boyfriend, who is also
attending the seance. Should ____ tell his client the truth and risk the
wrath of the boyfriend, or should ____ say only that the answer is 

"Tell the Truth" 15% Chance 
Faced with her departed husband's opposition to the marriage, the socialite
tearfully breaks up with her boyfriend on the spot. He storms off into the
night, and ____ leaves the awkward scene quickly. A few hours later, ____
receives a note from his client who says that the boyfriend was just
apprehended by the police for being a notorious swindler who preyed on
widows. ____ gains 2 Charisma skill points as a result of the admiration
of his fellow mediums.

"Tell the Truth" 85% Chance 
Faced with her departed husband's opposition to the marriage, the socialite
tearfully breaks up with her boyfriend on the spot. He storms off into the
night, and ____ leaves the awkward scene quickly. A few hours later, ____
receives a letter from the boyfriend's lawyer, stating that he is suing 
him for §5,000 for loss of the socialite's affection.

"Unclear" 85% Chance 
The boyfriend looks burly, so ____ reports only that it's hard to be sure
what the departed says, thanks his client, and makes his way out of the room.
Just as ____ is about to reach the door, he feels a hand on his shoulder, and
turns to see the boyfriend looming over him. Then an envelope containing
§4,000 us pressed into his hand, and the boyfriend wraps him in a bear hug,
tears of joy running down his face.

"Unclear" 15% Chance 
As ____ evasively claims he cannot clearly see the answer, the spirit of the
dead husband becomes enraged, and floods ____'s mind with his negative
energy. ____ grows dizzy and passes out, striking his head on the table and
upsetting a tray of crackers and cheese. Dizzy and covered with crumbs, 
____ loses a day's wages to cover the blown seance and 1 Charisma skill 
point due to physhic shock.

*Police Psychic*

The Mayor's child has been kidnapped, and a hefty ransom has been demanded.
In a last ditch effort to avoid having to pay off the criminals, the police
have called in ____. Using his gifts, ____ sees both that the child is being
held in a warehouse across town, and that the police chief himself is 
actually behind the crime. Should ____ focus first on finding the child or
should ____ accuse the chief of the crime?

"Rescue Child" 85% Chance 
On ____'s information, the police quickly break into the warehouse and find
the child. Then, seizing the moment, ____ accuses the police chief of the
crime. The chief protests, but is taken into custody when one of the 
caputred kidnappers fingers him as the ringleader. After having his child
returned, the Mayor gratefully uses his influence to have ____ promoted to
UFO Investigator.

"Rescue Child" 15% Chance 
The police respond to ____'s information rapidly, and the child is recovered
safely, but in the interim the chief vanishes with the ransom money. The 
angry Mayor presses ____ over whether he knew the police chief was the 
ringleader, and ____ admits he knew it but feared the chief would have
prevented the rescue if accused. Furious at the loss of his money, the Mayor
has ____ busted back to Hypnotist for holding back information

"Accuse Chief" 85% Chance 
Outraged, the police chief throws ____ in jail for impeding an investigation,
and heads out to deliver the ransom. By the time the child is recovered, he
has vanished along with the money, and ____ has to spend a lonely night in
jail. Since the ransom was lost and the child recovered without his help,
____ loses one day's wages as well as 2 Cleaning skill points due to the
embarrassment of not being able to find the child. 

"Accuse Chief" 15% Chance 
Faced with ____'s stern accusation, the chief tries to flee, but is quickly
overpowered by other cops. Sensing his terrible position, he confirms 
____'s assertion that the Mayor's child is being held in the warehouse, then
breaks down in tears. In short order, the child is safe and the Mayor is
thanking ____ profusely, as well as rewarding him with §10,000 for saving
him from paying the huge ransom


____ is called to the bedroom of a young girl possessed by an evil force.
What on the surface looked like a minor spirit making trouble turns out to be
a powerful dark entity trying to take hold of the whole family. Should ____
try and tackle the problem himself before the danger spreads, or should he
call for backup from the home office?

"Work Alone" 15% Chance 
____ struggles to combat the entity with steadfast resolve, and after a 
titanic battle, drives the spirit from the girl through great exertion.
Panting and dizzy, ____ collapses on the floor for a moment, and then is 
revived by the grateful attention of the girl's mother. So impressive is
____ achievement, that he is promoted within hours to the status of Cult

"Work Alone" 85% Chance 
____ leaps into the fray, struggling mightily with the raging beat, but is
slowly overcome. Suddenly, the entity leaves the girl and jumps into ____, 
who runs around the room raving, flinging objects, and spitting what looks
like pea soup. The frantic parents call ____'s home office for help, and
two more Exorcists are airlifted in immediately. Although the girl is
saved, ____ loses 2 Charisma skill points for needing to be rescued.

"Call for Backup" 85% Chance 
Sensing his inability to stand alone against the dark force, ____ quickly 
calls for two more Exorcists to be flown in by helicopter. Though the
struggle lasts for hours, ____'s prudence is rewarded when the girl is 
freed safely by the combined efforts of the additional agents from
Dispossessed Inc. Impressed by ____'s cautious and successful performance,
his supervisor awards him a bonus of §30,000

"Call for Backup" 15% Chance 
____ calls for backup and retreats out of the bedroom into the hallway to
avoid being hit by various flying objects careering around the room. By
the time his fellow exorcists arrive, however, three other members of the
family have been possessed and ____ is cowering under the stairs with his
fingers in his ears. It takes hours for the team to cleanse the family
of the spirits, and when it's over, ____ is demoted to Police Psychic for
lack of initiative.

[15.02] Show Business

*Body Double*

____ is asked by his agency to stand in for a famous star's rump in a shower
scene. As he is undressing, however, ____ discovers that he's developed a huge
pimple on his behind and has left all his professional makeup at home. Should
____ ask for help from one of his colleagues on the set or should he 
improvise with some cheap cover-up from a nearby drugstore?

"Ask for Help" 85% Chance 
Looking around quickly to see if anyone is watching, ____ shyly asks one of 
the bit players on the set if she can help. She takes pity on him and lends
him her high-quality coverup in exchange for reading some lines for her. ____
eagerly agrees, and gladly spends time taking the part of another supporting
actor as he helps his savior learn her lines. Surprisingly, the director 
overhears ____'s fine delivery, and casts him in another scene, promoting 
him to Bit player.

"Ask for Help" 15% Chance 
Panicked, ____ scans the set and approaches an extra with his embarrassing 
problem. To his horror, instead of helping him, the backstabbing fiend goes
right to the casting director and exposes ____'s plight in order to get the
part for himself. ____ is sent off the set, redfaced, and loses the gig, as 
well as one day's wages.

"Use Cheap Cover-Up" 15% Chance 
____ sprints off the set and down the block to the drugstore, and frantically
looks for some makeup that might match his skintone. It seems like ages until
he gets back to the changing room, smears the makeup onto his behind, and 
then races to get to the set before anyone notices he's gone. Thankfully, the
coverup holds up under water, and the scene is saved. ____ is booked for 3
more scenes, and gets §5,000 as a signing bonus.

"Use Cheap Cover-Up" 85% Chance 
____ runs to a nearby drugstore, frantically tearing up and down the aisles
in the search of makeup. With no time to spare, the darts back to the changing
room, smears the bakeup onto his behind, and leaps back to the set. Despite
a thick application, the cheap coverup washes off in the shower and ____'s
blemish stares the camera right in the lens. The scene is ruined, it's too
late for the agency to send someone else, and ____'s out of a job.

*Bit Player*

Reading his script, ____ realises it's a total stinker. Even though he's just
a bit player, he still has his standards, and ____ finds a few places where he
thinks the script could be substantially improved. Should ____ bring his 
suggestions to the director or shou7ld he just keep quiet and do the scene 
as written?

"Offer Suggestions" 15% Chance 
____ screws up his courage and approaches the director, who is engaged in an
argument with her producer over how much the scene is costing. Despite her
bad mood, the director listens as ____ suggests some script changes. To
____'s surprise, she seems impressed, and agrees to make the changes. The 
scene is so much better that the director continues to ask ____'s opinion
throughout the rest of the shoot. ____ gains 2 Creativity skill points due to
improved status.

"Offer Suggestions" 85% Chance 
With his heart in his throat, ____ creeps towards the director, who is in a 
shouting match with the screenwriter. ____ quietly interrupts, and begins to
stammer his ideas for change, with the director's eyes boring holes into him.
It's not more than a minute, though, before the screenwriter goes ballastic,
ranting and raving about how everyone wants to destroy him and his perfect
script. For his big mouth, ____ is booted off the set and fined §1,000 for
breach of contract.

"Keep Quiet" 85% Chance 
Despite the script problems, ____ is determined to do his best and not make
waves, and gives it all he's got. His energy brings out the best in his 
colleagues as well, and all of a sudden the scene seems to be working for
everyone! The cast ends up delivering a stellar performance and the director
gives a special nod to ____. As a result of his success, ____'s agent is able
to negotiate a bonus of §10,000 on his next contract.

"Keep Quiet" 15% Chance 
Against his better judgement, ____ stands up in front of the camera and 
delivers those horrible lines, but his heart's not in it. Not only do ____ and
the cast give a lukewarm performance, but the director looks like she'd like
to just kill herself. Later, ____ realizes his instinct was right: the film is
a dog. He can't get a gig to save his life, and his agent won't return his
calls. Looks like ____ is out of a job.

*Cartoon Voice*

____ wakes up on the morning of the first day of recording with a terrible 
case of laryngitis, sounding like a croaking frog on its deathbed. ____'s 
agent insists that her Aunt Petunia's special throat remedy will get him
sounding right as rain in a jiffy. Should ____ take the remedy, or instead
call in sick to the casting director?

"Take Remedy" 15% Chance 
____ creeps down to the local grocery for the ingredients to make the remedy
and spends all morning mixing it up. It smeels awful, but, miraculously, his
voice returns as soon as the slimy goop slides down his raw throat. ____
delivers a great performance, the film is a smash and it lands him a 
Supporting Actor job in a new summer romantic comedy.

"Take Remedy" 85% Chance 
____ mixes up the witch's brew and gulps it down, almost fainting from the 
horrible smell. Despite the noxious taste, however, the stuff actually works.
For a while. Halfway through the shoot, the remedy suddenly wears off, and
____ not only returns to his horrible croaking, but also breaks out into
itchy hives. ____'s understudy has to take over until his throat clears up,
and he loses a day's wages.

"Call In Sick" 85% Chance 
The ingredients for Aunt Petunia's remedy all sound awful, and anyway, ____
is too sick to go get them. Sadly, he calls the casting director to let her
know she better get someone else for the job. ____ is stunned, however, when
the director thinks ____'s terrible voice makes him an even better fit for
the film's villain. ____ gets a bonus of §4,000 for the new part, and now
has to figure out how to keep the laryngitis.

"Call In Sick" 15% Chance 
____ calls in to report his unfortunate condition and gets a nasty shock. The
Casting Director sympathises, but the recording session has to start today,
and if ____ can't make it in, they will have to go with the understudy for the
whole job. ____ gets an instant reputation for being unreliable and gets sent
back to being a Commerical Actor, hawking laundry soap and bathroom tissue.

*Broadway Star*

Everyone's raving about playwright Eustace G. Sledgewick-Hargully, but the 
latest script of his ____ has been sent doesn't seem as strong as all the
others. Should ____ take the part and trust his skills as a performer to
punch it up, or should he pass it up and wait for a better role to come

"Take the Part" 15% Chance 
____ decides that a success with the script could lead to some really big
things. Some conferences with the writer, a few critical plot changes, and a
new dance number he works out do wonders: the play is a smash hit and ____
and the cast are set for an extended run to standing-room-only audiences.
____ receives a heap of awards nominations and gains 2 Creativity skill 
points from all the accolades.

"Take the Part" 85% Chance 
Thinking that a few changes here and there could make a success of the 
limp script, ____ takes the part. Immediately, however, things turn sour
as Mr. Sledgewick-Hargully resists any changes to his precious script. ____
realises he should have steered clear of this turkey. The show closes on
opening night, and ____ is persona non grata on any stage. The only place
he can get a job is where people can't see his face, so he demotes himself
back to Cartoon Voice Actor.

"Pass on the Part" 85% Chance 
____ apologetically turns down the part, citing a previous committment. Very
quickly, he sees that his instincts turned out to be correct, as the play 
closes on opening night to scathing reviews. Meanwhile, ____ is free to take
the lead role in a production of "Hamlet" that is packing them in. His 
contract awards him §50,000 for his part in the huge success.

"Pass on the Part" 15% Chance 
____ politely declines to join the show, but then is horrified as the play 
goes on without him to become the biggest hit of the year, winning awards
and making a star out of the nobody who ended up taking the part. ____ falls
into a deep depression, losing 2 Charisma skill points.

*Blockbuster Director*

Two weeks before shooting is to start on ____'s blockbuster action film, the
leading man walks out when his trailer's fruit and cheese platter is late. The
handsome but unknown Brick Strikeman's resume just landed on ____'s desk, but
it's a huge risk to gamble with casting on such an expensive movie. 
Alternatively, ____ could also take the part himself. Should ____ take a 
chance on the rookie star or shoulder the burden of being both star and

"Cast Unknown" 85% Chance 
____ gives de la Smooch the part and disaster strikes immediately as it is 
discovered that de la Smooch passes out from bright lights. Not only are 
shooting delays costing a fortune, but the leading lady finally walks off the
set in a huff sending production into a tailspin. Frantic over the spreading
disaster, the studio yanks ____ off the picture, replaces her with the studio
chief's film student nephew. ____ ends up having to take work as a Supporting
Player in a daytime drama.  

"Cast Unknown" 15% Chance 
Brick Strikeman turns out to be just as talented as he is handsome, and the 
film soars to the top of the box office charts, with people lining up around
the block to watch Strikeman's muscular charm and witty banter. More offers
to direct come pouring in to ____'s office, and his studio shows its
appreciation with a retainer bonus of §50,000.

"Take Part" 85% Chance 
____ decides to direct and star at the same time, and nearly kills himself 
doing it. Script readings, directing fellow actors, negotiating with producers
and editors, all of it takes its toll. Nonetheless, the gamble pays off and 
the film is an instant and phenomenal success, with ____'s name becoming a 
household word and the studio raking in hundreds of millions. There is no
doubt about it: after this kind of success, ____ is an Icon.

"Take Part" 15% Chance 
The strain of both starring and directing proves to be too much, and ____
begins acting erratically on the set, giving strange orders to the cast and
vanishing into his trailer for hours at a time. When the film is finally
done, it has cost the studio a fortune and receives such bad reviews that 
it bypasses theatres entirely and goes straight to video. ____ loses 2 
Charisma skill points as a result of this disaster.

[15.03] Artist

*Art Forger*

"Large Clam on the Surface of Mars," a master oil painting, normally displayed
in the University's art wing, has been stolen. ____ plans to forge the famous
work adn sell it on the black market before the real piece surfaces. He has
only a few hours, but is out of the chemicals he needs to age the oil paints. 
Should ____ proceed with untreated oils or take the time to find and buy the
rare chemical he needs?

"Use Oil Paint"

"Find Chemicals"
____ immediately begins telephoning every shady chemical engineer he knows and
within hours has the treated oil paints in his hand. Now only a few art 
experts in the world will be able to tell the difference between the original
work and his masterful forgery. By the end of the day one of ____'s agents
recieves an offer via private channel. ____ takes the offer and pockets a cool
§10,000 for a day's work.

*Acclaimed Muralist*

____'s been commissioned to paint an Italian fresco on the ceiling of one of
SimCity's  most notorious crime family's home. The price is certainly right, 
but he's a bit worried about associating with such a high profile known
criminal. Should he take the job or refer the family to one of his collegues?

"Take Job"

Not wanting to jeopardize his reputation, ____ passes his prospective clients
on to a collegue, one who always seemed to be coincidentally acquiring ____'s
clients at the last minute anyway, much to ____'s annoyance. ____ later hears
through the grapevine that the collegue has moved out of the country due to
"family" problems. As a result, ____ becomes flooded with customers as is able
to raise his rates. ____ earns 2 Charisma and §50,000.

[15.04] Natural Science


____ has been left in charge of Mrs. Nippers, the laboratory's award winning
and very intelligent rodent. Since Mrs. Nippers is highly intelligent and
mischievous but is fighting an intense cheese addiction, ____ has express 
instructions to stop any crafty prank she might pull. Suddenly, a delivery
person appears at the door with an order of four extra cheese pizzas, charged
to ____'s supervisor account. Should ____ let Mrs. Nippers eat the pizzas and
pay for them himself, or call a supervisor, upsetting Mrs. Nippers, but saving
himself money?

"Let Her Eat" 85% Chance 
Although he's very surprised to see the delivery person, ____ decides to let
Mrs. Nippers have the pizza, anyway. Mrs. Nippers is so energized by all the
cheese, that she runs through her research work at double speed. After much
explaining the scienists congratulate ____ on his instincts and quick
thinking, earning ____ 1 Logic skill point.

"Let Her Eat" 15% Chance 
While Mrs. Nippers is happily eating, she begins to look faint, gasping for
breath and staggering around. Suddenly, ____'s boss and the other scientists
rush into the room. Mrs. Nippers fall to the floor; she has suffered a heart
attack, and is taken to the rat infirmary. Even though ____ was only trying
to keep the rat happy, the led technican explains to ____, calmly, and quite
loudly, that the lab may have lost one of its prized research subjects. 
Without much debate, ____ is asked to leave the building and his position
at the lab.

"Call and Wait" 15% Chance 
____ hits the panic button and hopes the scientists will arrive in time before
Mrs. Nippers drives herself crazy from pizza deprivation. The scientists 
eventually come racing in, just as the worst of the scene is over. Impressed
with his fortitude, the technicans explain that the prized rat is more 
important than anything else, and that any attempt to intervene could have
traumatized Mrs. Nippers beyond recovery. ____ is heralded for his calmness
under pressure and earns 1 Logic skill point.

"Call and Wait" 85% Chance 
____ decides to wait for the technicans and supervisors to arrive, knowing
he was told not to interact with Mrs. Nippers in any way, shape, or form. The
lead technican arrives and screams in horror as she surveys Mrs. Nippers
slumped in a pizza-induced food coma, and unable to participate in research.
informs ____ that Mrs. Nippers health is worth more than her momentary 
happiness. When all is said and done, Mrs. Nippers needs to be moved into a
bigger cage, and ____'s lost his job.

*Soil Identifier*

As the resident soil expert, ____'s been called out to a construction site by
the SimCity Mesozoic Reenactment Society to resolve a dispute over the 
historical significance of the soon to be demolished LandGrabb Tar Pits.
Construction is set to begin today, and based on the soil samples he's 
examined so far there appears to be no trace of prehistoric significance. Does
he delay the construction to do some further tests, or allow construction to
proceed unhindered?

"Allow to Proceed" 15% Chance 
____ informs the SimCity Mesozoic Reenactment Society, much to their dismay,
that the site doesn't appear to be have ever been home to prehistoric 
creatures of any importance. The SCMRS hang their over-sized costume
dinosaur heads low in defeat and head off to the local baseball park for a 
rousing game of baseball. ____ heads back to his office and finds an
anonymous thank-you note, along with §15,000.

"Allow to Proceed" 85% Chance 
____ allows the construction to commence without delay, figuring that there's
no reason to bother checking with an archeologist, or anyone with any
specific scientific knowledge on the subject. However, it's later determined
that the site was once one of the last resting grounds of the sabre-toothed
llama. ____ is shunned by the scientific community for allowing such an
important site to be destroyed and is forced to resign his position.

"Test Further" 85% Chance 
Taking a big risk by putting a multi-million dollar construction contract
on hold, ____ takes some soil samples to the resident archeologist at the
university. It turns out that the tar pits themselves actually contain rare
fossilized skeletons from the Mesozoic era. Who knew? ____ announces the 
findings to both parties, and the SimCity Mesozoic Reenactment Society makes
him an honorary lifetime member. ____ gains 2 Logic skill points.

"Test Further" 15% Chance 
____ decides to play it extra safe and sends some samples to the university's
archeology department. It is later determined that the site is of little to
no archeological importance. However, hundreds of low income housing units
have now been help up in development, and the construction company sues
____'s firm for the cost of the delay. ____ is forced to resign as port of 
the settlement.

*Rogue Botanist*

____, still unclear as to why the University chose to give her the title of
"rogue" botanist, has decided to play the part and venture deep into the 
uncharted deserts of Strangetown (against the advice of her superiors). While
there she discovers a crash site still smoldering with the wreckage of what
she can only assume is an alien spacecraft. All around the craft, small
iridescent plants have begun to sprout up. Should ____ harvest some for 
examination, or call in a research team?

"Harvest" 15% Chance 
____ gathers the plants, takes them back to the lab, and using the Ichor from
their stems is able to synthesize a polymer more resilient and wrinkle free
than the finest polymer. ____ sells the patent for the process to a gigantic
chemical corporation for §15,000.

"Harvest" 85% Chance 
____ picks a few plants and brings them back to his lab. While dissecting the
roots of a small specimen, he observes something writhing inside one of the
pod-like leaves. Within seconds the pod explodes and fires a spore which 
lodges itself on ____'s nose. Unknown to ____, the spore is a symbiotic 
organism that feeds off of brain waves. ____ will still lead a happy and 
productive life, but loses 2 Logic skill points due to the brain drain.

"Call for Help" 85% Chance 
____ calls in the research team which determines that the plants are actually
seedlings from a spore being carried on the spacecraft. Further, if that 
plants had been allowed to propagate unchecked, they would have soon released
a toxic pollen into the groundwater that could have killed the entire 
population of Strangetown, and possibly, eventually, the entire planet. ____
is heralded as a saviour of Sim kind, and is thusly promoted to Ecological

"Call for Help" 15% Chance 
____ radios in to the university's chemical research team, who in turn, take
over the site and discover the first undeniable proof of life beyond SimCity.
The chemical research team wins the Nobel Prize and each member goes down in
history as a pioneer of a new age in scientific technology.

*Animal Linguist*

____ believes she's finally made a distinction between parroted speak, and the
actual linguistic capabilities of the Red-Beaked Macaw. Her research is 
certainly not airtight, but considering that she's heard some of her 
colleagues are close to a similar breakthrough, she needs to decide whether to
publish her findings now, or risk waiting until she can prove her theories 
more definitively.

"Wait" 85% Chance 
____ decides to continue her research, and low and behold, one of her 
colleagues, a Dr. Actnothing, publishes a similar paper the very same day. The
paper, however, makes huge unsubstantiated claims about not only the 
linguistic capabilities of parrots, but about their rhetorical skills as well.
In a career-ending paragraph, the scientist even suggests that parrots have an
innate understanding of the devil's advocate. With the rival's scientist 
career over, ____ takes a prime position in the scientific community and is
promoted within the hour.

"Wait" 15% Chance 
____ decides to wait and research his findings more thoroughly. Unfortunately
within the hour one of his colleagues publishes her findings in a paper 
entitled "Mockingbird: They May not Sing. but They Certainly Taunt." ____
is devastated as all of his past research is now effectively pointless. He
decides that plants are much easier to talk to and demotes himself to Rogue

"Publish" 15% Chance 
____ puts the finishing touches on his paper and sends an electronic version
out into the community. Though some of his claims are clearly unsubstantiated,
the work is immediately recognised as groundbreaking. An hour later he 
receives a phone call from a Dr. Morrow, who asks ____ to join him at his
research facility as a permanent staff member. ____ accepts the position
and the promotion to Unnatural Crossbreeder.

"Publish" 85% Chance 
____ gathers up his scattered research and puts the finishing footnotes into
his paper, entitled, "If I Could Talk to Animals: Guess What? I Can!" He sends
it off to a respectable electronic scientific journal and within the hour is 
the laughing stock of the scientific community. ____ loses the respect of his
peers and 2 Logic points.

*Dinosaur Cloner*

Deep in the bowels of the University's most top secret bio-mechanical research
institute, ____ has unearthed a process through which the first total
reconstruction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, without the aid of cybernetics, may
finally be possible. However, the process will require all the fossilized 
amber remaining in the lab's vault, or alternatively and more dangerously, a
computer synthesized reanimation core. Should ____ resurrect the Lizard King
using the raw amber, earmarked for research, or the unstable synthesized

"Use Amber" 85% Chance 
____ raids the lab's vaults of the remaining amber, sets the reanimation 
matrix, calculates the viral growth patterns (given the amber's rate of decay
in the standard 7g vortex), crosses his fingers and electrifies the petrified
DNA. The ancient molecules whir to life, spinning and combining, following the
pattern set forth for them first by nature and now by ____ himself. ____ finds
himself staring down at a new horizon of a scientific age. The University 
agrees and gives ____ a grant for §50,000.

"Use Amber" 15% Chance 
____ succeeds, and within hours has a very small but very strong Tyrannosaurus
Rex. The baby Lizard King, however, is not only very angry but genetically
unstable, and things quickly get out of hand. Before eventually disintegrating
back to the pile of agar from which it came, the dinosaur destroys ____'s lab,
and much of the research facility. ____ has wasted all of the University's 
supply of rare amber, for which he loses his grant, amounting to §25,000.

"Synthesized Materials" 15% Chance 
____ decides it's probably best to leave the amber for further research. He
spends the rest of the day preparing the synthesized sample, but the time 
waiting allows him to rethink the genetic matrix necessary for the collusion
to hold form under pressure. ____ comes to the realization that a successful
environment for his experiment is still years down the road, but that more
importantly, the environment isn't ready to support wild dinosaur life. ____
decides to do something about it and becomes an Ecological Guru.

"Synthesized Materials" 85% Chance 
The matrix for the synthesis process turns out to not only be highly unstable,
but also extremely flammable. A single electric spark from the Reanimation
Reactor ignites the row of Petri dishes and within minutes the lab is 
engulfed in flames. The lab burns to the ground and though not willing to
lose ____ entirely, the facility demotes him to an Unnatural Crossbreeder.

[16.01] Breaking In

The Secret or not so Secret Society is best described as a place that is 
invisible to most Sims and you have to piece a jigsaw puzzle of three pieces
together to be able to see it. It is a secret place that can only be entered
and exited by members. No one else allowed. However, the people in charge of
the secret society are pretty stupid and a bunch of stingy people. The things
inside are all inferior and there are better things out there on the market
to replace them. 

Okay, I've recieved many emails telling me to put this section up so they can
learn this not so secret solution to this problem. Okay, the secret society 
can be broken into by knowing the right people to help you break into. But
first, you have to remember that if you are in a custom college, you have to
place the secret society from the building bin and into the neighbourhood. If
you don't, I don't really see the point in this as there is no secret society
to enter.

Remember, the secret society, once placed, cannot be seen in the neighbourhood
screen. Of course, you would ask "How do you get in?". Easy, as a secret 
society, you cannot allow taxis to drive you there, you have to get someone in
the inside to get you there. So therefore, you have to be driven to the place
in style, so you get your personal or not so personal limo. 

To get in, all you have to do is to be friends with THREE, and I repeat, THREE
of the secret society members. Not best friends [if it was, how long would it
take?], just ordinary friends. Just the daily relationship bar. Once you have
finished, then prepare to wait. But how do you identify these members?

There are two ways to find out the secret society members. The first is that
they wear blazers on community lots. They have a llama emblem on their left 
breast pocket. Note they do not always do this, only sometimes or rather more
often than not. They don't tend to wear the blazer in the dorms until another
member of the household joins. The second is that they are completely hopeless

Your Sim, with one creativity points could play better than a member of the
secret but hopeless society. The music is so horrible that if you are in a 
band with this guy, you will get nothing at all. If the cow mascot is not 
being thumped by the cheerleader and plays music, he will still play better
than any member of the secret society. I think that they have negative skill
points judging the way they play. There alway are the same amount of these
hopeless bastards in every university. If one way to somehow drown, burn or
even get chomp up whole by my favourite bovine, another will just take over
its job without a care in the world. Hmmmm, sounds like the military. So 
anyway, if you see a hopeless bastard playing on your expensive guitar or
drum kit, the odds of him being a secret society member is about 99.95%. I 
mean, the papergirl has enough skills to become a Hall of Famer, the repairman
has enough skill to be a Criminal Mastermind and the maid has enough skill to
be a celebrity chef. The secret society member doesn't have enough skill to
probably graduate from University, let alone graduate with honours. 

When you have become friends with three of the members, you will be arrested
at 11:00pm at night by adult NPCs that are really with the police back in the
neighbourhood. I realise this because my custom neighbourhood has a female cop
that has blonde hair called Chloe, and the one that arrested my Sim had blonde
hair called Chole. Can they be twins? Nah, they are the same Sim. Explains 
where they get the handcuffs from, just steal them from the police station. 
When they arrest you for no specific reason, they will do the stupid chicken
handshake that really is stupid. After you are read your rights for doing no
crime, you will be escorted to a limo [What happened to the cop car?] and 
driven to the almighty secret society.

[16.02] The Boss

You are now the head to the secret society and it is up to you to expand as
you see fit. Maybe it was time that they got a talented Sim into the secret
society instead of letting it run wild with a bunch of people who can't tell
a knee joint from a nose job. Also watch as your Sim can now do the stupid
chicken handshake and hack their grades. Also, you have the black llama suit
that everyone else wears. 

Lets start with the basics. You have the ability to build extensions here and
buy items. Thing of it as your home except it is zoned on a community lot and
the money cannot be taken out. As the boss man, you get §40,000 to start 
the building of the secret society. You have the ability to live here [don't
know why you would like to be living here] and can do whatever you want. When
you pass an exam and get a grant, the money goes here if you decide to finish
the exam while you are here. You can go home by using the phone and deciding
to call home. You can also call the limo to get you to the secret society.

When you save on the secret society, you will reload back home. Anyway, there
are three secret societies created by Maxis. I'll go into detail later but
there are stand items like The Cow Plant, Resurrect-O-Nomitron and the 
Counterfeiting machine. Perfect to create slaves to make you more money. Just
remember that this is a secret society and that the mailman cannot deliver
here, which means that you don't get bills. I wonder who pays for the 
electricity, gas and water. Or maybe it is so secret that the mailman doesn't
know that it even exists.

[16.03] Management

Okay, you are now the boss, so what do you do? The secret society are really
talentless pricks so they cannot teach you whatsoever. The career rewards are
useless if you want to be taught by someone else. But those rewards allow you
to get to the top quick anyway. So why not get another of your controlled Sims
come in here and teach some skills?

You cannot. The game will not let you as the secret society only allows one
guest into the secret society at one given time. So you might as just so have
some fun willing stupid, hard to get skills like charisma and cleaning because
they just take too long and is far too boring by reading stupid books and 
checking yourself out in the mirror. 

However many Sims that you have in the secret society, you cannot see another
one of your controlled Sims. This is because that the game doesn't want you
to get the skills and have a coach to get you those skills. That will allow 
the game to torment you and make you gain those pesky skills the old 
fashioned way, by job rewards and books and coffee. However, if one Sim leaves
something like a Love Tub or a smart cap, that will stay behind though. You
will not know who left it there [the Sim won't know but you would] and just
think that it fell out of the sky. 

When you first arrive at the secret society, you will be given a fresh set of
motives. This is the only time you get this so be thankful. This is the best
time to test out those job rewards and gain those skills at the speed of a 
rocket. You will have those fresh motives drained in about 12 hours though. I
mean, no one can study forever, except for the nerd of the nerds. Try not to
stick your hand or mouth where it doesn't belong, like the back of a sparking
dishwasher or the cake of the cow plant. That will seriously that a dent out
of the motives that you were luckily given. 

Also, you cannot call anyone except for the limo driver to take you home. You
cannot refill the fridge [just get a new one], hire a maid to clean the house,
hire the repairman to get zapped instead of you getting zapped, throw parties
to give a spark or even call your friends [they might have a GPS on your phone
and they will track you down when you call them]. You cannot bring any new
computer games or magazines here either. However, those annoying children 
don't give up. I've had my Sim at zero energy, wake up to an annoying phone 
call from a NPC called Katherine Gregory, answered the phone and then when I 
forced her to hang up, she fainted. That pissed me off soooooo much that I got
revenge like this. 

I got my family back in the neighbourhood, called up this girl and invited her
to a small 3 by 3 room. Of course, there was a toaster pastry in the oven and
got the child in the middle. Then, my decoy Sim ran out of the room and the 
door slammed shut. I deleted the door and then surrounded the stupid prank
caller with mini fridges. The oven was on fire due to no one taking out the
pastry and then the fire spread. The mini fridges all when boom and combusted
with the fire. Then the little girl was surrounded by fire until she caught
fire and died. I remove the evidence of murder from the cops and all that 
remains of her is a tombstone that is at the front of the house that adds 
another total count to my graveyard. Thats three, two got eaten [one was a 
custom sim, I was culling my numbers] by a plant and the newest was burnt at 
the stake, literally.

[16.04] Interiors

There are three fine secret societies that are created and approved by Maxis.
A college town can only have one secret society so you have to choose the 
right one. Choose the wrong one and thats out of my hands and into yours. The
secret societies depends on your taste and really is your choice. The premade
universities come with set secret societies that you cannot choose. I will 
list down the premade Universities next to their respective secret society.

Secret Society 1 - The Castle
This is just a lovely medivial castle that is surrounded by a moat [pool of
water that surrounded castles in medivial times as a defense barrier against
invasions]. This is the secret society of the Academie Le Tour.

+ This one has plenty of space for you to expand
+ The buildiung materials are expensive and adds to environment
+ All four University career rewards
+ Nice easy layout
+ Some superior equipment
- A crappy kitchen that needs improvement
- Few job rewards that build skills
- Costs a lot of money to keep the same design while expanding

Career Rewards
Laganaphyillis Simnovorii              [Cow Plant]
Resurrect-O-Nomitron                   [Resurrection Telephone]
Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgeon    [Plastic Surgery]
Luminous Pro Antique Camera            [Money Maker]
Senso-Twitch Lie Detector              [Creativity]

Aspiration Rewards
Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine

Secret Society 2 - The Manor
The manor [house of a lord in the medivial times] is a dark place with the
medivial touch but some decorations are needed to keep this place in tact. 
This is the secret society of Sim State University.

+ Good job rewards that build up skills that are normally hard to build up
+ Three of the University job rewards
+ Easy to expand
+ Extra Aspiration stuff
+ Okay items
- Inferior Kitchen
- Expansion is required to make it less cramped
- Interior Computers
- Bad Environment in some places.

Career Rewards
Laganaphyillis Simnovorii              [Cow Plant]
Resurrect-O-Nomitron                   [Resurrection Telephone]
Luminous Pro Antique Camera            [Money Maker]
Execuputter                            [Charisma]
Senso-Twitch Lie Detector              [Creativity]
Prints Charming Fingerprints Scanner   [Cleaning]

Aspiration Rewards
The Eclectic and Enigmatic Energizer
Money Tree
Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine X 2

Secret Society 3 - Basement
A small cottage in the middle of nowhere or rather in the middle of the 
desert. However, it is really brimming with underground life. This is the
secret society of La Fiesta Tech.

+ A lot of original career rewards
+ Money making machines
+ Okay equipment
- Crappy design
- Basement mode which is annoying
- Hard to expand
- Two University rewards
- Extremely hard to expand

Career Rewards
Laganaphyillis Simnovorii              [Cow Plant]
Resurrect-O-Nomitron                   [Resurrection Telephone]
Prints Charming Fingerprints Scanner   [Cleaning]
Aquagreen Hydroponic Garden            [Money + Creativity]
SimSanto Inc. Biotech Station          [Money + Logic]

Aspiration Rewards
Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine

[16.05] Cash Account

Since you cannot get away from here to make money, you have to make you money
here in the secret society to boost your cash account. Although the Society
members are completely hopeless, they are not completely hopeless when it 
comes to giving out some money. You can play for tips with musical instruments
or you can freestyle for some tips. Place yourself in a crowded area and watch
the money roll in.

You can use the Luminous Pro Antique Camera in the first and second secret
society to make §100 each. It might take some time but you will make quite
a lot in a time being. It is faster except it is more tedious. You can paint 
on some canvas and sell that for some money. This is less tedious but you can
make money still. Reminder that if you don't finish painting, and then return,
the painting is scraped. 

You can use the Hydroponic Garden and the Biotech Station in the third secret
society for some quick cash. You can use the counterfeiting machines in all of
the secret societies for some cash as well as the money tree. You can write a
novel but that will take forever. You can take your final exams here and have
the grant money given to the secret society. You can hustle some money out
of our pool buddies. 

There you have it, the ways to make money in the secret society.

[17.01] The Beginning

You first start playing University, and realise how expensive an education
that gives you some sheepskin can be. You'll learn that there is more than
partying in University, its all about your grades and your GPA. To most Sims 
anyway. Starting out with only §500 might sound like a lot in this campus
world, but in reality, it isn't. You'll stress out when you realise that you
have to pay your bills while studying for your final exams. You will think
that there is another way to make money and get feed besides replace the 
cafeteria guy for a measly §50 an hour. You'll think that there is a cheaper
alternative to the noisy dorm life. You think of utopia, a place where you
can study, have fun, make friends. Of only a place like that existed. But 
wait! There is a place that has this to offer. The Greek House. 

The Greek House is the place where bubbles blow free. You can takeover this
joint and send your own offspring to this place. Bills are cheap, food is 
cheap, everything is good. The items drop lower cause this is university, 
where the rate is only 25% of the normal world. Send your children to a 
Greek House, then your nieces, then your in breed children and their 
children and so forth. So go out and spread the good word, join a Greek House

[17.02] King of the Hill

To be the king of the hill, you have to reach the ultimate level for the
Greek House, Level 6. All you have to do is to get 15 family friends, that
can't be that hard can it? You can have one person to run the entire house
but it is more advisable to have more members to keep those relationships at
bay. The more members you have, the easier you can get the level 6. You can 
have two family friends per member, which will give you more than enough
family friends. However, that all have to be different though. 

Once you reach the highest honours which is level 6, you can have 32,000 
members in your legacy. If I was talking about my game, there will at most be
about 200 NPC's plus about 20 Custom Sims, that equals 220 possible members. 
Thats about 0.6% of the legacy filled up. If you ever get 32,000 members, you
must have tweaked your computer like hell. If that happens, it will probably
happen when it is the year 3254 AD when they have super, super, super, super,
super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super computers 
compared to our PC's which will probably be something like NES to them. 

Anyway, if you really want to be king of the hill, you need to exert some 
power or domination. This is where San Andreas comes in [without the violence]
or the guns. Have several Greek Houses in the campus and have them try to kill
off the other. Like the Grove Streek Families killing off the Front Yard
Balla with one guy, CJ. Okay, back to the topic, you can lower your status of
your Greek House by "wasting" your members so that an "accident" will before
them *cough*cow plant*cough*. Sorry, I've got a hacking cough today. Or you
can kill off the relations on the other end ... literally. Or forget about 
them altogether. I should have though of that earlier. Oh well, at least me
body count rises, its all good. I seem to take killing Sims in good humour,
its really fun to see people burn in the Sim world but freaky in the real

Let me enlighten you on my recipe for roasted Sims. Note that you should not
do this in real life as it is not smart to play with fire. However, the Sims 2
is a virtual dimension and killing off Sims is natural. I mean, how else are 
you going to aquire that red ghost in your graveyard?

1 Sim willing to be roasted
An oven
Some Food
One Sim willing to waste supplies
Some electricial goods
3 by 3 room
A door

1. Place food in the oven like toaster pastry
2. Get the Sim to call over the roast
3. Place electricial goods around the oven
4. Have Sim run out of the door and sell the door with roast in it
5. Surround the roast with electricial appliances so it is surrounded
6. Roast should not escape
7. Fire starts
8. Electricial appliances burn
9. Roast will roast
10. Clean up

Heres an few diagrams to help you get started.
|OEE| This shows how the start should look like. D is the Door, O is the oven
|  E| and E is the electricial appliances
|OEE| This is what you should have the room look like. R is the Roasted Sim
|ERE| When this happens, destroy the door so the Roast cannot escape


Clean Up.

Read this not carefully, I, as the author of this guide, DO NOT ENCOURAGE you
to burn people in real life. If you do, I told you not to. This scenario in
real life is not possible and you will be charged with murder in court. Also,
you will have to sit in prison for a life setence if you are charge so no more

[17.03] Way to the Top

This is the way the Greek House ladder is built. Friends mean the amount of 
family friends that are needed. Members mean the amount of member that you
can have for the Greek House entirely throughout the entire campus.

*Level 1*
0 Friends
8 Members Max

*Level 2*
3 Friends
8 Members Max

*Level 3*
5 Friends
10 Members Max

*Level 4*
7 Friends 
20 Members Max

*Level 5*
10 Friends
30 Members Max (Maxis can't add but the SimMasters can correct.)

*Level 6*
15 Friends
32,000 Members Max (WTF is this. Maxis thinks your 1337 haX0r or something)

[17.04] A Legend is Born

You think that a Greek House is really Greek don't you? Well, if there weren't
such things are fraternities and sororities in real life, you'd be right but
it's Maxis we're talking about. You can charter a house to become a Greek 
House for the small price of §20. Just use the phone to call the Greek House
management for a charter.

Or you can build up your own house from scratch. Its a good idea to do this
when you have several Sims with §§§, and lots of it from their scholarships. 
You should have about §10,000 for expenses. You would want a 5 by 5 plot of
land for maximum building ground. You should build a one storey house to start
off with and enough stuff to fool around with the motives but the luxeries 
like TV's, radios and that could wait. You decide if you want the house or 
not as in the campus, making money is hard, as mentioned above and you can't
allow the depreciation rate to wear down your expensive items. The more you
pay now, the less you have to pay later. You however, have to pay cheaper
bills because the items are worth less. You can make long term investments
in the fact that you can have paintings. They will increase over time and that
will mean more money in the future. You can sell it off when your House is
in finanical strife. You can check your status by clicking on the Sim Greek
Letters. If you don't own one or can't be bothered getting one, your Sim will
go who knows where so get one.

[17.05] The Perks

The Greek House is not the party magnet like the ads on TV let you believe, 
its just the toga party that you think is the party magnet. It does not have
the influence over the campus. Just thought that I would do a little 
mythbusting there [watch MythBusters with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman on
Discovery, I have pride in shameless advertising]. One of the best pros of
living in the Greek House is visiting the campus with bringing back items.
I think that they are all gathered from a dump, have insiders in local
businesses or they go out and get it off the back of the truck. In my playing
of this game, the items that are non food are items that are the worse in the
category and you don't have any items in that category. The items include:

Wornable Easy Chair
Really Depressed Loveseat By Club Distress
Trottco 27" Multivid IV Television
Fun-Kadelic Frequency Stereo System from Kauker Inc.
VroomMaster 4000
Simply Spindle Coffee Table
Retratech "Office Pal" Economy Desk
Juniper Bonsai Tree
Brand Name MettleKettle
Maxis Game Simulator

They also go out to get pizza when you have several Sim in the house. They 
are the best solution to resolve hunger. Quickest way to relieve hunger, and
you save on supplies that you could have spent on normal food.

To have an NPC join when you are in the Greek House, become good friends with
that Sim first. That is essential. Then you have them to pledge themselves
to you. In that time, you can basically control them. You can influence them
to do what ever you want to the low price of 0 influence points. You have 
about a day or so as a trial period, but that is enough to do all your chores
and cleaning. And maybe your term paper. Anyway, once the pledge time is over,
then they are full members of the Greek House and they can join the house at
your will. Be careful that pledges might be rejected. There are several 
causes for it. The first is that your friendship with that person is not
high enough so you should work on it. Another is that there are too many
members already or you have too many friends. If you get rejected due to a
crappy friendship, you have to work on that as that is the biggest cause of
not being able to pledge. 

A sim outside the Greek House can call the Greek House and "Rush". This means
that the members of the Greek House come to your house or residence in togas
and run around like baboons. You have to get their relationship levels to the
allocated amounts in 6 Sim hours. The levels range from as low as 5 and to as
high to 35. Do not underestimate the power of chatting as it increase 5 every
time you see a + above their heads. However, if you know the people inside the
Greek House already and are up to the required relationship status, then you
are automatically accepted into the Greek House. You don't have to move in
to the Greek House just because you are a member. Great for people who like to
take things a little slowly. Or just can't avoid large crowds of living Sims. 

Greek Houses can also hold Toga parties. This means that the party makes the
young adults dress up in togas, however, outgoing Sims will run around in 
nothing except their underwear, and their bra if they are female. The 
underwear that they wear are different then their default ones and are not
necessary from their wardrobes. Adults and anyone els will come in their 
normal, everyday attire.

[17.06] Building Up Turf

To build your turf to a maximum, keep getting more and more friends into the
house. The more you have, the higher level you will reach. Reach level 6 
basically means that you can have unlimited member cause you want be able to
have 32000 members at any one given time. As you have more money, buy better
items to replace the poor items that you start with. Money can be gained 
mainly in grants. If you do good and have about 4 Sims in the house (like me),
you can expect to get about 4,800 Simoleons in a semester. That is about 
38,400 Simoleons in a young adults life. Thats plenty of money. The second is
doing odd jobs, just read the section how. 

Once you get more money, either get better items or expand the house to cover
more land and if that option is not available, then build another steory to
add room.

[17.07] End of the Line

The end of a greek house happens when no one is living in the house anymore.
It does not matter how many members there are outside the house, if no one is
there anymore, then you have to reapply for Greek house charter and regain
all those lost members. Make sure that none of the members meet the bite of
a cow plant or die to pizza that has gone bad. Its the best idea ever to have
a student of year grade in the house. That is, a freshman, a sophomore, a 
junior and a senior. That way, you will never seem to have no one in the 
house. Add some custom Sims and then you'll be fine.

However, if you want to keep the sims in the Greek House for yourself and your
own Sims, then you can have the generation basis. That means that you have one
person in the greek house an when they are about to leave, send in a freshman
that you created. If you have custom made Sims, make them friends in the greek
house where they will meet back when they have finished university and have 
one friend for the reference book. Or you can have two families together and
have their children go to the Greek House. 

[18.01] NOYIN 2680 Cellular Phone

In the theature, in class or in an elevator? You'll be contactable anywhere
with with NOYIN 2680 and is unmistakable ringtone. Forget custom downloadable
ringtones, with NOYIN 2680 you only need one! Carry it proudly; everyone in 
the vicinity will know you own one of these find phones. Does not include 
coverage against battery.

To get the phone, go to a community lot with the SellaFone kiosk, the blue 
automated kiosk, and then buy from it. It is §149 to purchase. Also, the brand
name of this product is NOYIN. If you do not realise it yet, it is also spoken
as ANNOYIN. And with the ringtone that is annoying as hell, you would think
that the cell phone is a doubled sided blade. Sure, it is a portable phone 
that you can carry around but you can never ditch it. There are several bad
things that come with this phone. Edit, you cannot get rid of it until you
get Nightlife.

On the good side, this marvel will allow you to be contacted anywhere, and I
mean anywhere. You could be contacted in the toilet. Also, if you are in a 
bath and the phone suddenly rings, you will not be electrocuted, which defys
physics, but then again, it is the Sims were talking about. Any callable 
hour, you can call someone. It has the same functions as the regular phone in
you home, except it is portable. You can keep in touch with your friends, and
don't have to play pass the parcel with the land phone before someone whats to
talk to someone else. Of course, the secret but not so secret, secret society
does not let you do extra functions with you cell phone, but then again, the
secret society can't afford to build a phone satellite than covers more than a
few select homes. This is the most useful product for a Sim with the 
populatity aspiration. It allows you to keep in touch with other, and make new
friends out of enemies. 

That was just the short blade of the good side. There are many disadvantages.
The biggest disadvantage is by far one simple function. Your computer does it,
my lightbulb does it, my speakers can do it, my printer can do it but this 
cell phone can't. You want to know what it is, the INABILITY TO BLOODY TURN
****ING OFF. Thats right, the phone does not have the off button, because when
Maxis decided to make the phone, they forgot the off switch and the battery is
infinitely powered. Also, random and stupid people call and spam you, making 
it hard to get some rest. If you have night work like 9pm to 3am, I guess you
have 4 hours to sleep before you get spammed. The spamming is random and it 
could be your worst enemies or your bed partner from another house that will
spam you. Even if they are on a perfect 100, they will still spam you. When 
you sleep after 7am and before 12am, someone will spam you. Someone will have
to check up on you to make sure that you are asleep. If you are asleep, some
one will have to wake you out of your slumber so you can rectified of the 
problem that you are sleeping. This is where you pull out the heat seaking
rocket launcher and fire at the target of your wrath. Whoops, sorry, I got 
GTA and the Sims 2 mixed up. Although it would be a good idea ... I guess that
we have to settle on the man eating cow plant. *Sigh* Also, you still need a 
cordless home phone because of two reasons. If another person living in your
house does not have a cell phone and does not wish to be annoyed. The second
and less obscure reason is that if you decide to write an novel, the call for
the royalities come from the home phone so be careful. So you still need the
home phone as well as the cell phone.

As you can see, the reasons for the cell phone has been outnumbered by the
bad side with a score of 12 against 22. A shame that the cell phone loss the
battle. Tune in the next chapter to listen to the talk about the Cozmo MP3 
player. Is it worth the price? Tune in next time to see the results.

[18.02] Cozmo MP3 Player

A whopping gigabyte of pristine sound piped through headphones made in the 
heart of music asylum, Cozmo Street.  Shut out the world, dance to your own
beat with this sleek, exciting MP3 Player. 

This machine is anything except exciting. Most people would assoicate an MP3 
player that you listen to as your walk. Your Sims however, however smart they
are haven't figured that out yet. They are not programed to do such a thing.
Priced at §195, I don't think that it is worth it. The programmers have made
this thing high on the priority list, so if your Sim is bored, nothing to do 
for a while, they will pull this out instead of playing the computer. You can
change the music they are listening to. It is just like a stereo, except that
it doesn't have all the functions. The music played is so loud that I don't 
think that the Sims were designed with eardrums. If they had, they would be
deaf, tone deaf. This Green machine is an individual action, meaning that when
you do this, you don't do anything else, which really drives me nuts. What I 
would like would be that it stays on your head except for when you have to 
listen or need quiet and fun slowly increases. You can wear it to work for an
increase in fun. It is funny to see the Sims dance however. 

[18.03] LeTournament Decahedron XS

Street gaming has reached the next level with the LeTournament XS. Much more 
than a polygon or cube, it's a whole decahedron of fun! You don't have to make
small talk with strangers or fidget through classes anymore, just pull out 
your pocket gaming system and play those long hours away.

This things is priced at a hefty §245. It is probably the best of the handheld
and portable items and has the least negative effects. A great way for your 
Sim to steady increase fun. This does have a few bugs in this however, but 
they are more humourous what some may expect. This machine allows you to meet
yourself.  Next time you play the handheld, watch for the green +'s that you
see above the head. This makes them friends with themselves. I guess this is 
where arrogance comes in. "I have a crush with myself" Arrogant Sim calls. And
talking about crushes, two Sims with high relationship points can develop a
crush while playing. To play someone in handheld, click on the person, then
play and then handheld. Of course, the person has to have a handheld system 
to play, they don't have endless inventory here. The future of love, the 
handheld system. It gives plenty of fun and is a great way to kill time, 
mostly waiting for taxis. This also can develop an aspiration want.

Most people will agree with me on this (Sims 2 BBS Board -> University) that 
the handheld is Maxis' cheap initation at the PSP. The only challenge on this
is that some people say it is an N-Gage. If it was, would Maxis place the 
phone and the handheld into one? And also, how do you play the handheld if 
someone is calling. Its a PSP, cause it looks like one. If you want to 
challenge me, then go ahead, and watch as you get swat down faster than the
Iraqi army firing scud missiles and send T72 tanks to the superior M1A1 Abram

[19.01] Big Sim?

The Big Sim on Campus is what you people saw on the ads. In America anyway. In
Australia, where games come out later than everyone else, I didn't see the ad.
Anyway, the Big Sim on Campus is not being the strongest and biggest and 
ugliest and meanest bully of them all. It not about what the biggest and 
stronger body to attract members of the opposite / same sex according to your
Sim's preferences. Its actually achieving the same rank of Master Manipulator,
which require 12 friends. You can have friends what are from University or 
outside in the neighbourhood. It is not a status that you will see in your 
Sim's job bar, it is merely a status on your memory list. It's just something
the make your Sims happy and look back upon. 

"Back when I was in University, I was the Big Sim, The Big Wig. Sonny, it was
great to be at the top. Sonny, are you even listening to me? Put the XS away"
"So Gramps, how was it?"
"Don't Gramps me, anyway, I had over 12 friends, all who would have done my
bidding. Sonny, you know how it feels to boss the campus?"
"No, Uncle Sam"
"Remember that University jersey on the wall?"
"What is in my memory, the icon that I have and you don't"

Anyway, you cannot reach the rank of master manipulator before entering 
university and getting Big Sim. This is because of the fact that you had 
already planned to get this and Maxis, wanting you to suffer, wants you to 
reach the rank of powerful persuader before reaching Master Manipulator to get
Big Sim on Campus, on the university grounds. Therefore, You only get the Big
Sim on campus if you have the rank of powerful persuader before university and
getting the Master Manipulator AFTER entering university.

As your already know, the Master Manipulator level allows you to hold 10,000
influence, which you can make anyone do your bidding. Behold my minions, you
shall all bow down before me! Nice way to cause some havoc and heartbreaking
along the way to ultimate social popularity.

The fastest way to get friends is to have several custom Sims, that you made 
to be your friend as well. This is because you can get more friendly relations
from two different angles, which speeds up the time needed to get the coveted
12 friends goal. However, many custom Sims can make your head spin as you try
to find out which Sim is in which hidey hole. Try having 12 custom Sims, all
trying to befriend each other. You will be taking headache tablets faster than
a B1b Lancer bombing Iraq from America. This is really hard if your Sims all 
have to fit in the same neighbourhood and have no skills and no other friends
and you are a perfectionist trying to get the GPA of 4.0 and doing this. 

Make sure to keep the Daily Relationship level at 100 at every chance. The 
higher this is, the more that the lifetime relationship gains per day. This
loses about 2 points per dasy so a friend on day could be a figment of your
mind in 50 days. Some actions have high gains of daily relationship points and
some lifetime relationship points, so it is good to use these actions. 
However, they also lose lifetime relationship points if you fail at the 

The best way to make friends is to control them. I mentioned this with the 
custom sims before. This will benefit you and your Sims friendly wise and will
give both Sims, on opposite ends a new friend. But like I said, 12 Sims give a
really big headache as you can't control them all. For once, Maxis designed
something useful for your quest for ultimate power (socially at least). The
Campus Directory. Its on the telephone, under campus. This will give you a 
list of all the people on the campus and allow you to make the connections 
that are needed to start off friendship. I think this should be enabled in the
neighbourhood in general, but then again, it makes it too easy to make friends
in career paths and Maxis wants us to suffer, don't they? 

For those who don't know, the Nice element is a major factor in the friends
fiasco. The nicer they are, the more chance of having interactions succeeding
while it is vice versa with grouchy Sims. The nicer the Sims are, the more
chance that their relationship points are roughly equal to yours. Different
Sims gain different amounts of points from the same interaction due to their
personality. Its like some people become more friendly to another while the 
other person might not care as much. 

There are several major stages in the relationship points path that I can't
be bothered to mention in my other FAQ. This is as follows.

Friends: 50 Daily Relationship Points for both sides

Best Friends: 50 Lifetime Relationship Points for both sides

Crush (Pink Heart): 20 Lifetime Relationship Points for one or both sides, 
this is enabled from a romantic event, like a kiss or flirting.

Love (Red Heart): 70 Lifetime Relationship Points for one or both sides, 
this is enabled from a romantic event, life a make out kiss.

One sided crushes are hard to get but one sided love are more common. When 
love is in the air, that is the right time to propose, to move in, stay the
night, engage and marry.

[19.02] New Friends [0 to 50]

To make friends, in the Sims and in reality, you have to meet them don't you?
You don't guess call a random person on the phone as a friend. There are many 
ways to meet people. Some people just go to your house, some people walk past
your house. Some people you meet on the community lots while you can call the
campus directory for some more people. Some people you meet in your dorm rooms
while others you can meet while going to school and work. In the end, you will
meet someone. To meet someone, talk or greet them.

The first few relationship points are probably the hardest to earn for several
reasons. Most actions that net lots of relationship points will always fail so
don't try to hug someone you just met. Another reason is that you just meet 
this person so they will still be figuring out who you are. Finally, you 
cannot invite them over. They will nearly always reply that on the scale of 
one to ten, they will won't come over, their hopeless talents makes them 
baking baked alaskas, they will rather play games with llamas instead of 
seeing you and so forth.

The best way to start a relationship, whether long term of short term is by
automated chatting. Automated chatting includes a very long list, as there are
many ways to gain relationship points without you having to lift a finger. 
This includes, eating at a dinner table or standing up, talking to a person
on the phone, playing another person in chess, watching television together,
sitting down together, resting on a bed together, playing a game of pool, 
doing group research, hanging out and many others. Also, you can maunally 
choose the chat button under talk when clicking on a person. Automated chat
is a better idea in my opinion because they go as long as those two people are
doing the same action. The longer you watch television with someone else, the 
more points you will net you, the same with playing chess, playing pool and 
eating. Automatic and manual chat can be checked out to be positive with the
social figure with a green + sign. The effects of negative interactions will
happen if your Sim and the other Sim have conflicting interests. You can 
check out you interests under the memories button. This shows what your Sim 
is interested in. You can increase interest in a topic by buying magazines or
chatting with others. If Sims have the same interests, the topic will hardly
result in a negative tone. By the way, all conversations end when a negative
- sign is above someone's head while chatting. The negative losses while 
chatting involve about 1 daily relationship point compared to the losses of
other interactions like jokes and playing at a very early stage of a 
relationship. It is true in reality, talk first, sex later :).  The losses 
will not end your relationship at all, just lose a few points, nothing more, 
nothing less. 

When you Sims are playing another in a game of pool or chess, it is very easy
to increase your relationship with the Sim from zero to thirty. If you are 
trying to befriend another Sim in your household, check out the interests of 
both Sims, so you know where to steer the topic to. To change a topic, click
on a Sim that is chatting and click change topic to the one you think will net
more relationship points. If the Sims in the conversation share the same 
interests, the person talking will net 5 relationship points under the daily
category. As a late reminder, the daily category is the one that changes very
quickly daily and is the easier one to add points two while the lifetime one
will be hard to add but will gain points over time and take a very long time 
to erode. To make the other Sim have the same interests to you, the shared 
interest button could help. This influences Sims to your interests and make
their interest bar on that particular topic raise. 

Once you decide to have a Sim to join the secret society, you have access to
the almighty Chicken Handshake! You can use this on other secret society 
members to gain a small boost. You can also you this handshake when you leave
university on secret society members as well. Its like a reminder that you 
were once there! If you Sim is on a very low social bar, the telephone is the
best friend finder. All you have to do is to call a person and your socially
deprived Sim will chat until that bar is full. I've had countless Sims gain
friends with a telephone a social bar so low that the complaints I get from 
them could amount to the US Spending on the Military. The Campus Directory
is a handy dandy guide as well. If you are at a community lot and see someone
from a secret society incidated by their suits, you don't have the chance to 
talk to them so just find out their name and use the Campus Directory to talk
to them and make new friends. Although the phone is a great way to make 
friends, it is slow and invitations to the Sims will seam like a very good 

After 25 Daily Relationship Points, it is time to invite people over. It is 
safe because they know who you are and dedicate some of their very cheap time
to talk to you in person instead of making excuses involving aliens, llamas, 
baked alaskas and a range of one to ten. If you have the ability, Crank Call
them over (get a VERY GROUCHY SIM) and they will be over to pick a fight with
you faster than you can say goodbye. At 25 Relationship Points, you Sim will
finally be more socially adept and can gather the nerve to talk this person
face to face, one on one. 

When you invite them over, there are a number of things that you can do. One 
of the most advised actions is Bust a' Move. This social action requires you
to spend a long time dancing so but it is worth it in the long run. Basically,
you Sim will do a dance solo including beatboxing and the splits. You will 
gain a lot of relationship points and it is not romantic so if you don't want
another bed partner, start investing time into this action. To avoid you 
cracking your skull with a screwdriver, to get this skill, you have to spend
a long time dancing. It has absolutely nothing to do with your personality and
your skills. Although many are ignorant of the fact that the Urbz and the Sims
in the country had it, Bust A' Move is a dance action, in those games. 

There are many other ways to increase your relationship. Many advise you use
talking, joke telling, admiration for your quest for more relationship points,
I will advise you on a very underrated move. Gossip. It is quite useful and 
gives a double green +. This gives more than five relationship points and is
a great move that does not require a lot of skill. Never in my Sim Gaming life
have I seen this move fail. You tell three seperate things and then the gossip
ends. Often it is talking about someone behind that certain person's back. I 
do not know what the reprecussions of this action is but is definately works 
for me and I just thought that I should pass along this tip to all my fellow
Sim Gamers out there.

After 35 Daily Relationship Points, things get easier as more double plus 
interactions are open and have a lower rate of failure. As long as no Sim has
a mood in the red, most double plus interactions should succeed without any
risk involved. There are many suggested double plus interactions. These 
include Backrub, Gossip, Flirting, Bust A' Move, Dirty Joke and several more.
Do this in a pattern. Any double plus interaction used within three moves 
within each other will result in a normal + instead of a double plus. So, for
example, Gossip, Dirty Joke, Gossip will reult in ++, ++, + as gossip was used
within three moves of another gossip interaction. If you do things in a combo
like Gossip, Bust A' Move and Dirty Joke, this will result in 6 +'s where 
Gossip nets ++, Bust A' Move nets a ++ and Dirty Joke nets a ++. Then repeat 
for more effect.

[19.03] Friends Forever [50 to 100 Daily]

This is for people who don't want to get personal in their friends. This means
that you will rather have friends socially rather than romantically. There are
several ways to keep things friendly rather than get personal. You can repeat
what I have already told you but there are other methods.

Play is another option. Red Hands is a game that nets you daily relationship
points and keeps romance away. Punch You Punch Me is another but there is a 
very negative side effect. If you are weak, being punched too hard will net 
you a double ... -. Yep, that right, a double minus. To keep things friendly,
a childish tickle my be in order. Talking on the phone is another option but
I am going to list my favourate two below.

Kicky Bag
This move is a new one and is underrated. This game consists of two people 
trying to keep the ball alive and in the air. This game gets you one daily
relationshipn point for every kick you do and keeping it alive. While the
opposite happens, you might think it is slow. However, the Sims actually kick
the ball faster so you will net good points. I have seen a game go one for 
hours as none of the Sims dropped the ball. It went up from 50 to about 98 in
that time. 

This is available on the computer and is not rated at all. Its like emailing 
someone in real life, except they answer with insane speed. One email will get
you one reply. Every email you send will net you one point out of a max of 4
per chain. You might think, so what? Well, this increases your Social Bar a 
lot so it is a good idea to email spam if you are low on social in the middle 
of the night. 

[19.04] Beyond Friends [Where you can WooHoo your best friend's wife]

This goes beyond normal friends. Lifetime relationship slowly rises and falls
in accordance to your Daily Relationship with someone. If you have 100 daily
relationship with someone, then you can guve them the flick for several days
and they will become your best friend. A best friend is achieved when lifetime
relationship points reach 50. This should not be a good way to make a best 
friend as several aspirations will suffer if you neglect some Sims to get the
Best Friend Status.

Cool Shades are the Aspiration Reward that enhances the negative and positive
outcome of an action. This reward keeps your actions healthy or negative, 
depending if you like to kill people or not. This things can give a very big
boost to a dying relationship with Bust A' Move, Gossip and other good ++
actions. If you don't want a loss a best friends icon poping up, keep one of 
these handy around the house, its doesn't cost much and you can easily get 
more aspiration points if need be. If you used it in the earlier stages of 
this friend making process, then you will reach here faster than everyone else
because these Shades are the outcast's best friend.

When I mention that the Aspiration Reward enhances the NEGATIVE and positive
outcome of an action, I meant it. You can have best friends break up with 
these glasses. If both Sims are wearing the glasses, then they have a 
multiplying effect in which the damage will be stronger than two pairs of
shades. For the sake of it, I had two Sims, both wearing glasses fight each
under the influence of the drug, Influence Points. Anyway, these two best 
friends chopped down those points to size, with no more best friend or even
normal friend so beware. Also for the fashion conscientous, these pairs of 
shade are not your best friend.

Even though you may be watching for those double pluses, but each and every
different action raises the daily and lifetime bars differently. While talk
is a great way to increase daily relationship points, it raises no lifetime
relationship points. In the meantime, backrub raises nearly no daily 
relationship points while it raises 2 lifetime relationship points. The three
way cycle to get best friends will include a normal (I stress normal because
there is a romantic hug and leap into arms as well) hug, Bust A' Move and 
a backrub. This will net you about 5 lifetime relationship points per cycle
and does not involved intimate actions. This will be quick and over and ready
for you to do again, although you may not want to.

Intimate Actions
Romantic Actions are the best way to increase your lifetime relationship bar.
All the romantic hugs, kisses and flirts raise your lifetime relationship bar
and will do that job well. However, when you first click flirt, there will
be a few actions. This is because you will only be able to access better 
options if you have a higher lifetime relationship. The first flirt should be
began at 20 lifetime relationship points. Then the next level at 30, then 35,
then 40, then 50. This will stop it from failing. This also applies to kisses
as they have a higher loss if you fail. A few kisses, flirts and a make out
later, they will probably be in love, meaning at 70 relationship points 
together. Also, its time for them to WOOHOO. In the hottub, the bed or in 
their mind, WooHoo is the best social interaction. I must warn you that I 
don't think that normal people are like that and stars and firecrackers don't
come peacefully out of a bed, they make the bed explode. Remember kiddies, 
Sims might be realistic but firecrackers and stars are not to be toyed around
with, it is dangerous to ones physical, emotional and mental health.  

[20.01] Moving In

After University, you head back to the neighbourhood. You start off like a 
regular couple or single, and with §20,000. Sure, it might sound like a lot 
but really, it is hardly anything. Also, you can combine households. This 
makes a family in the family bin join in with another family that is already
in a house. All the funds are combined together. The last name of the first
family will not be adopted by the household that is combining into the other
household. So if two Pyros join the Ninjutsu family, the Pyros will remain
Pyros and will not adopt the Ninjutsu last name.

First of all, you only have §20,000. A house on a small block of land with the
bare basics will cost about §15,000. This does not include luxuries, like the
television, bath and such. You only get a sink, a crappy fridge, a bench, a 
crappy toilet, a crappy shower and the cheapest bed. This is the beginning of
your Sims adult life. Since you have a University Degree, jobs will pay more
for you. It seems that SimCity gives out better jobs to those who have degrees
over those who don't have degrees. Anyway, find a house. You should be looking
for a house with only one storey, a bedroom, a toilet, a kitchen and a lounge
or dining or living room. This is because it is far cheaper than find the best
one on the block. To get to the top, you have to work for it. My family (Sim), 
started out as lowly workers, then advanced up the food chain or pecking order
and now are the owners of the best house in the neighbourhood. Their net worth
is about §600,000. Anyway, find a house like the one described. It doesn't 
matter if it is cramped and squashed, buy it. This house of bare basics should
cost only §12,000 at most. Shop around and find a better deal if it doesn't 
suit you. Leave about §6,000 for the next step.

[20.02] Settling Down

You how have a house. So what? Well, you need some luxuries. A computer would
help you a lot to make more money. Of course, since you are low on money, you
should get the Moneywell computer priced at §999. A better bed or the best bed
and some chairs would do well as well. That is another §4,000. That would be 
the rest of your money gone now. The reason why I told you to get this 
furniture is that energy takes a long time to restore and the best bed is 
needed to restore energy faster. Now, that is all your money spent. Get use to
your house. Scrounge up some money for a phone. Get the cordless phone as it 
is cheaper in the end. Now, you have all the motives covered.

Hunger   = Fridge
Bladder  = Toilet
Fun      = Moneywell Computer
Social   = Phone
Comfort  = Medivial Bed
Energy   = Medivial Bed
Hygiene  = Shower

Any extra money should be spent on skill building equipment. Such tools 
include the chess board, bookshelf and gym equipment. The bookshelf is the
highest on the priority list. This is because it teaches three skills instead
of one.

[20.03] Paycheck

Time for you to find a job. Use the computer. This is because, unlike the 
newspaper, the computer will find you jobs according to skills, not according
to your friends count. The computer will find you jobs that pay well. Today
should be Monday, so find a job that you can start work today. Law Enforcement
and the Military will pay well in the beginning but poorly in the end. Also,
as you have skills from University, look for the University careers, 
exclusive to those who have degrees. They pay more than the original careers
so look out for them. They usually are at the beginning of the job search. 
There are 5 jobs available today. Find a job and go to work. You get paid 
everyday so that will be a relief. Also, you have some days off. 

To check what days you have off, click your job panel. This is the middle 
panel. Look at the bottom. This will show what days you have to go to work. 
The ones in a bright colour (blue) will be the days that you have to attend
work. The dull blue ones are the days off. You should get you to this screen.

Also, there are chance cards. Chance cards are scenarios that befall your Sim.
The chance card gives you three choices. Two choices have influence on the
chance card and the final one is the one that overrides the situation and
cancels it. You should always play the risk and use a chance card. Some cards
net you a good bonus. Some will promote you to a higher level, regardless of
your skills and friends while others pay you a handsome amount, some up to 
§50,000. However, it is not always good, hence the name chance card. There is
a 50/50 chance of getting the good one and the wrong one. The wrong one will
have many harmful effects. Some make you lose money, some make you lose skill
points while others will demote or even fire you. So be careful and only take
the risk if you have nothing or hardly anything to lose. 

Vacation days are something that is gained for working in a career for a while
so you cannot quit and join a career every day. A vacation day is different to
a sick day. A sick day means that you pretend you are sick and you get to stay
at home, without pay. A vacation day allows you to miss your carpool and you 
still get pay, its like holiday leave. You get paid whereas sick days don't 
pay you. 

[20.04] More Money

Once you have a stable job, a good paycheck and several promotions in your
memory, you start to have flowing funds. You small hidey hole could do with a
upgrade can't it? There are many things that can be done to you small house to
make it a good place to live. Some more windows can't hurt can it? This is a 
list of what you should have once you have the funds.

The best bookshelf             - For environment and the skills

A better computer              - For fun and the sheer knowledge that you are
                                 using the best computer.

Better chairs                  - They provide more comfort and give your
                                 environment a big boost.

A Wall Mounted Television      - Fun increases fast with this. You still have
                                 5 Channels. The Yummy channel seems more 
                                 effective with this

A Pinball Machine              - Fun increases very fast with this. It is
                                 cheaper than the television
The Best Toilet                - Increases bladder faster. It is better than
                                 a hole in the ground.

Colonal Bath                   - Increases hygiene faster. It is a shower as
                                 well as a shower. You can also bubble bath.

A telescope                    - This is a great way for you to gain logic
                                 points besides playing chess

Better Kitchen                 - Better cooking gear will improve you hunger
                                 better than crap gear. The top in the range
                                 stuff are better

A Dishwisher                   - Better than using a sink to wash your dishes

Trash Compactor                - Holds more than a trash can

A treadmill                    - Best gym equipment

More rooms                     - To entertain guests

Expensive Wallpaper            - Better environment score
And finally...
Expensive Flooring             - Better environment score

Once you have about §200,000 in assets, you can proceed to the next step.

[20.05] A Bigger House

Time to build your own house. Since you have plenty of fund now, you can 
afford a bigger, custom made house. Use the game to give a 5 by 5 block of
land to build. Move in and press F3, to activate build mode. Time to build 
your rooms. Let me give you advice

* Use big rooms. Bigger rooms means you have more room to place your junk that

* Never have a phone in your bedroom. If you sleep, you don't want to be woken
  up in the dead of night don't you?

* The top of the range items are the best and cost lots. They will lose value
  over time but this is your end home so you don't have to worry about the
  end price. 

* Have the best wallpaper, windows and flooring. That can contribute to over 
  half of your environment bar. This is important as environment can be a big
  factor to your mood.

* A big garden with lots of flowers and plants will improve your environment
  bar. This is important as environment can be a factor in your mood as you go
  to work and a good garden will leave you in a good mood to get you promoted
  into a better job. 

* Hire people instead of doing things yourself. The gardener can save you a 
  lot of time in the garden if you have a big garden. If you have a large 
  interior, then a maid would be useful as there will be a lot of cleaning to
  do. Hire a repairman to take the zap instead of you.

Use the pointers and you can't go wrong. Now, these are the rooms that I think
you should have in your house. Its purely optional to follow the list but it
will give you the basics of what should be in a house and the basic 411 in 
house building.

A kitchen
This kitchen should be a large area. It should have only top of the range
items. There should be ovens, fridges, benches, dishwashers, trash 
compactors, espresso machines, microwaves and a blender as the basic kitchen
tools. You should have a fire alarm for safety and sprinklers to put out fires
if they do erupt. Also, have your dining area in here so you don't have to 
move far to serve people. It you furnish and dress this place properly, it 
should cost a price of about §20,000 to §40,000. The more the better.

A bedroom
This is the place where you sleep and your spouse if you decided to get one.
There should only be medivial double beds as they are the best of the best.
Have a fireplace to keep this place traditional. Have a bookcase or two, a
canvas set, a computer to keep this place calm. This place is only for 
resting and sleeping, nothing else. Spend about §18,000 on this.

A study
This is where kids do their homework, their research. You have to be 
generous with this area as it is important. Have several bookcases here, as
well as desk and comfy chairs. A computer or two can make you go wrong. A 
chess set and some music equipment will not do any harm. A mirror should be
in order to build skills as well. A canvas set will do no harm so chuck one
in as well. Overall, given the furnishings, about §20,000 should be in order.

A bathroom
Where you do your business. Given that we are building of your dreams, you 
should have a bigger bathroom. Have a hot tub in here, a toilet, the colonal
bath, a sink, a mirror and maybe a plant or two. Given that there is a hot
tub in here, a price of §12,000 is in order

A rampus room
This is the gentleman's club. A pool table might do well, a dart board, a 
mini fridge, a television (wall mounted) and computer or two, a bookcase and a
canvas set should do it. A price of §20,000 will be sufficent

A electronics room
This is the room of today. Hide no expenses here. Have 4 computers, 2 wall 
mounted televisions, 3 pinball machines, 2 arcade machines, game simulators
and stereos along with decorations. With all this high tech wear, it should 
cost about §40,000.

A gym
This is where all the gym stuff is. You have to have all the gym equipment in
here. A stereo will be good effects for exercising. With all this gym gear in
here, a price of §20,000 will not be much.

Finally, the end
The Pool
This room is your pool. Have a big pool, no holding back. With a good pool, 
you look at a price of §10,000. 

Have statues and paintings all over your house. Over time, they will grow 
giving more money for you. You should invest about §60,000 in home decor.

The Garden
This is where all your plants are, the BBQ and outdoor sitting. Customise
it to your tastes. I will advise you that a price of §15,000 is a good price
for your garden.

This house has the works. This is my household for the Sims 2 and more. This
overall should be worth §240,000. Don't forget to put burlgar alarms at the 
entry points at your home or your might lose your investment. My house has 
more bathrooms, more bedrooms and such. It costs me about §450,000 to build it
but they had over §600,000 to pay for it (no cheats used except aging off).

[21.01] Stealing

Yes, you can steal clothes from work. When you work, you get the clothes that
you go to work in. You can change these clothes into your everyday. Every job
normally has a different uniform so you can collect all the uniforms. My
favourate, being a person with a lot of military knowledge is the SWAT Team
Uniform or the Army Clothes. 

[22.01] Fearless Flyin' 4000 Treadmill

Too many late night snacks? Your worries are over! Sims won't want to stop
running on this beautiful Treadmill. Non-slip rubber surface and flexable belt
ensure that Sims of any weight can pound away in comfort. Whether you're 
trying to shed that last toaster pastry or training for the next SimCity 
marathon, the Fearless Flyin' 4000 Treadmill can help you meet your goals. The
workout machine every gym and Sim has been waiting for

Cost: §2,250
Motives Increased: Fun 5, Environment 2
Skills Increased: Body

The treadmill is the best way to get the best fitness. It is also a great way
for you to gain body skill. The only thing you should be on the lookout for is
the hygiene level of your Sim. This is up there in skill gaining with the job
rewards, so get one when you have the money. Of course, you can be a personal
trainer and make a quick §. Also, you can watch your Sim fall down and get 
dragged away by the rubber belt. 

[22.02] Spaceship Spacious Fountain

From the air, this fountain looks like it might have dropped in to visit your
Sims from an alien planet. Your Sims will relish the opportunity to get away
from their every-day cares while comtemplating the mysteries of the 
Spaceship Spacious.

Cost: §6,250
Motives: Environment 10
Skills Increased: None

This is a great environment booster for outside. It is quite large though and
costs quite a lot of money. Put one out near the carpool to give your Sims the
extra mood boost before they head off to work. Like I said before, it does 
take up a lot of space. I think its around about 5 by 5 or something like that
so it does take a lot of space. It comes in three different forms. However, 
although it is a decorative item, it does not increase in price so it will 
deflate over time. Also, you can add some soap into the fountain. If some of
your Sims decide to add some soap, it will make the fountain all bubbly and
because of that, soap will foam all over the fountain, making all the Sim in 
the area come and see. If you really want to see, click on add soap and watch
those bubbles rise.

[22.03] Corner Pocket Pool Table

Rack 'em up! The "Corner Pcoket" pool table is a great way for Sims to kick
back and socialise. Invite other Sims to play for countless hours of fun and
entertainment. Or practice and refine those trick shots to impress others and
make them "ooh and ahhh". Perfect those skills and be crowned pool shark! 
Watch out though! You never know who might be trying to hustle you ...

Cost: §1,800
Motive: Fun 10, Group Activity
Skills Increased: Hidden, pool

This is a great activity for you to increase your fun and your social if you 
are playing with other Sims. It is a group activity so you will gain some
relationship points if you decide to play with other Sims. You can just play
pool by yourself and practice. You can also play with other Sims and hustle 
them. Hustle is how you bet on the winner on the game and the winner get the
amount of money hustled. You can also practice some trick shots. There are two
trick shots. There is the xylophone and the cup. The xylophone is when you 
have a child's xylophone and try to get the cue balls to play some music on 
them. The cup is when you try to get the cue ball into the cup on the table
and the cup will fall over and allow the cue ball to enter the pocket hole.
And for the pool scholarship, when you can do both trick shots 3 times without
failing, you should be able to get the scholarship. 

[23.04] Superflux Uber UV Guitar

If your Sims always wanted a hollow body guitar, but their afraid of the 
effect that the sun's harmful rays might have on it, you need our Superflux
Uber UV Guitar! This guitar delivers the fat tone and long sustain that your
Sims expect from a hollow body. But the best feature of this handsome 
instrument is the aliphatic hexamethylene diisocyante isocyanurate polymer
that protects the wood from ultraviolet radiation. Perfect for jazz, rock,
country and bluegrass. Pick and strum away with peace of mind, and freedom 
from free radicals, DNA, and mitochondrial damage.
Includes a 50 Watt tube turbo amp and foot pedal featuring integrated FX

Cost: §2,500
Motive: Environment 3, Fun 10
Skills Increased: Creativity

Perfect way to start earning money. Basically, you can practice, where you 
don't play for tips and basically practice your guitar playing. Bit like 
guitar lessons you understand? I think that the more you practice, the more
chance of landing a better and bigger tip. There are basically there types
of music, stuff the fourth one. You cannot play bluegrass I don't think so
stuff that. So that leaves you with jazz, rock and country. Although this
part of the guide was made AFTER Nightlife was released, I still think that
one of the better things about University over Nightlife (although you can 
ask a lot of people that Nightlife is BETTER than University on a playing
scale but both add a seperate element to the same and that cannot be judged
as University adds a new life stage whereas Nightlife adds more gameplay
and interface elements) is that music. Basically, University and beat the
music from Nightlife, hands down in my honest opinion (IMHO). When you do
decide to play for tips, you simply set a bottle down to get some tips. If
you play well, people passing by have a chance of giving you a tip for your
hard work. Normally, with 10 Creativity §100 tip per person and that person
can come back and tip you again. Finish by crossing out the action, and the
Sim will stop playing, check the tip bottle, and if there are no tips, he
or she will cry :)

[22.05] Simbic Bisectaur Bass

When is half a bass better than a full bass? When it's a Simbic Bisectaur!
This 5 string* semi-hollow design features a partial pre-amp, split pickups,
forked tuners, fragmented lacquer finish, and divided neck. Also includes a
classic half-stack 100 Watt tube amp, all at the fraction of the cost of the
moiety of upright basses. Including the full Semi-Freddy bass setup making it
ready to play with ease, this is an instrucment fit for a demi-god
*5th string not included.

Cost: §1,800
Motive: Fun 10, Environment 2
Skills Increased: Creativity

It is like the guitar, except it is cheap and gives a lower environment score.
Available in three great colours and can do eveything the guitar can. It is a 
big black thing with large amps. Just like the guitar, you can play the same
styles as the guitar. Just read above for what to do.

[22.06] Pimp Viking 3D Arcade Game

In Shakespearean times, a "pimp" was a fishmonger, and everybody knows that
Pimp Viking is the greatest fishmonger of them all! When the Fire Princess
is captured and taken to the land of barren fruit, can Pimp Viking avoid the
debiliating Gas Bugs and save the day? Now you can get to decide with the Pimp
Viking 3D Arcade Game. Be the pimp that you've always wanted to be!

Cost: §1,050
Motive: Fun 6
Skills Increased: None

Pimp? If my knowledge from GTA is correct, I think a pimp has much different
meanings nowadays. Anyway, this Arcade Game for once does cost money, even if
it is in your own home. You can't break into it to make the money, or get it 
back either. It costs 1 lousy Simoleon to play, so whats the big deal? It can
drain your money as the games are quite quick and a Simoleon here and there 
can go a long way, especially on a tight budget. You have been warned.

[22.07] Downbeat Kit

A compact drum set for every stage of the drummer's skill: from ill-timed
beginners to studio pro. The snare, bass and floor tom are tuned to just the 
right bounce that transform the beater into the finesse player. The best,
brightest Turkish bronze makes these cymbals sizzle. The Downbeat is the heart
of the rhythm section that will anchor your musically inclined Sims to join
together to make some beatuiful music.

Cost: §3,100
Motive: Fun 10, Environment 3
Skills Increased: Creativity

Available in 4 colours with 4 skin colours. This drum kit is the only musical
instrument if you are just looking for one. This is the lifeband of the band
and the most dramitic of all the musical instruments. In fact, everytime I 
build a grand community lot, this will always be there. It by far creates the
best music and should be in every band. For more information, read the section
about the guitar.

[22.08] Skimmer Securities Ceiling Sprinkler

If your Sims have a knack for starting fires, then they should invest in this
industrial-strength safety device to fireproof any room or commumity building.
The moment this sprinkler detects extreme heat in its vicinity, a shower of
flame-quenching water rains down and immediately extinguishes the threat. 
However, beware of pranksters sporting a lighter, since this sprinkler does
not discriminate when it comes to fire prevention

Cost: §245
Motive: None
Skills Increased: None

What does it do? Everytime there is a fire below or close to below it, it will
sprinkle water everywhere, stopping the fire in its tracks. You can play a 
prank and light the fire using a gas lighter. Use click on it and play the
prank with it. You must be thinking, if it is so good, what is the downside?
Well, the downside is that when water does flow down, it comes in droves and
you will have to do a lot of mopping to get that full red environment score
back up to what it was before the water arrived.

[22.09] Fruit Punch Barrel

If your Sims are social butterflies who care about their daily intack of 
Vitamin C, the Fruit Punch Barrel is exactly what they need for their next
shindig. The Barrel comes with a thirst-quenching, vitamin rich tropical
punch guaranteed to boost both spirit and the immume system! This Fruit Punch
Barrel is fun and easy to operate, making it perfect for Parties and other

Cost: §145
Motive: Fun 6, Hunger 1
Skills Increased: None

This barrel allows you to drink from a cup for drink from the tap. Choose 
whichever one your want. On residential lots, it would seen that they can run
dry after a while, I mean, there is not such thing as infinate drink in the
Sims 2. Anyway, this is a great party item and you should get it.

[22.10] Stack-O-Flames Bonfire

Why waste time piling valuable items into a stack and lighting them afire?
The folks at Flaming Doom Inc. realize that this is a long, arduous task to
undertake when all you really want is the instant gratification of a towering
inferno! The carefully constructed mound of flammable items has been pre-
soaked in patented QuikFlame formula to enhance your fiery delight, so simply
strike a match and enjoy!

Cost: §245
Motive: Environment 10
Skills Increased: None

Note that the environment score is when this thing is alight. This is great
fun when alight, you can roast marshmellows, tell stories and have a great
time. A great way to socialise at night. When the flames dwindle, you have to
clean up the ashes, and place another one for another memorable time.

[--.01] Q&A

Q. Do I have to have The Sims 2 in order to play this?
A. Yes

Q. Where can I buy this game
A. Go to www.ebgames.com

Q. Give me your serial number
A. Get your own you mother *u*ker. Go buy the game, don't steal it.

Q. I hate this FAQ and you are a "rite prik" (quote by some British Moron)
A. Good for you, you should look in the mirror and type.

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E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.

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