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At last the complete works of the famous "Leisure Suit Larry" series are available as a Collector's Edition. For those who don't yet know Larry, not only is he the biggest nerd in the history of computer gaming, he is also completely without sex appeal and every woman's blind date nightmare! Al Lowe, designer of this best-selling series, slaved the past seven years over a hot monitor just to bring many hours of pleasure into your otherwise drab, hum drum existence!
"Dive into the wonderful world of Larry!" PC Entertainment
"The most hilarious adventure game hero has been born" PC Action
This collection contains much more than just Larry games!
-The Laffer Utilities for Windows: For everything you do at the office except work!
-Larry's Big Score: From "Take-A-Break Pinball" for Windows
-Leisure Suit Larry's Casino Games: Slot Machine, Black Jack & Poker
-A Video interview with Al Lowe, creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series
-Al Lowe "Undubbed": A hilarious interview in English for German TV
-A playable demo and video from Al Lowe's notoriously funny comedy: "Freddy Pharkas"
-Softporn - the text-only cult classic that "spawned" Larry!

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