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FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/06/05

The Punisher FAQ/Walkthrough (Playstation 2)
Version 1.0
February 6, 2005
By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)

Table of Contents
1. Version History
2. Biography of Frank Castle (a.k.a. The Punisher)
3. Castle's Apartment
4. Basic Combat
5. Interrogations
6. Armory
7. Walkthrough
     - Crackhouse
     - The Chop Shop
     - Lucky's Bar
     - Central Zoo
     - Grey's Funeral Home
     - Gnucci Estate
     - Pier 74
     - The Igor Baltivsky
     - Castle's Apartment
     - Grand Nixon Island
     - Fisk Industries
     - Pier 74 Revisited
     - Meat Packing Plant
     - Stark Towers
     - The Takagi Building
     - Ryker's Island
8. Acknowledgements

| 1. Version History |

Version 1.0 (February 6, 2005) – Finished the walkthrough section. Added lists 
of special interrogation locations and special kill zones in their respective 

Version 0.5 (February 5, 2005) – Added Fisk Industries, Pier 74 Revisited, and 
Meat Packing Plant to the walkthrough.

Version 0.4 (February 4, 2005) – Added The Igor Baltivsky, Castle's Apartment, 
and Grand Nixon Island to the walkthrough.

Version 0.3 (February 2, 2005) – Added Gnucci Estate and Pier 74 to the 

Version 0.2 (January 30, 2005) – Added Lucky's Bar, Central Zoo, and Grey's 
Funeral Home to the walkthrough.

Version 0.1 (January 29, 2005) - First version of FAQ. Added Crackhouse and The 
Chop Shop to the walkthrough.

| 2. Biography of Frank Castle (a.k.a. The Punisher) |

"In certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its 
inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue...natural 
justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an 
emotional response. No. Not vengeance. Punishment."
                                                   - Frank Castle, The Punisher

Name: Frank Castle (Castiglione)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #129

Born Frank Castiglione in Queens, New York, the man who would become The 
Punisher studied to become a priest early in his life, but left the seminary 
when he couldn't understand why God allowed so many innocents to suffer and die 
at the hands of the guilty. Hoping to make a difference in the world Frank 
joined the Marines and quickly distinguished himself in his first tour of duty, 
earning several Bronze and Silver stars and multiple Purple Hearts.

During this military career Frank married a woman by the name of Maria, and the 
two of them had two children, Lisa and Frank Jr. After finishing his fourth 
tour of duty, Frank retired from the military and looked forward to becoming a 
dedicated husband and father. He spent the next few years in New York as an 
instructor for Special Forces. This was a happy time for Frank and his family, 
but it was not to last forever...

During a picnic in New York City's Central Park, the Castle family witnessed a 
brutal mobster execution. The mobsters opened fire on Frank and his family, and 
all were brought down in a hail of gunfire. Frank miraculously survived the 
ordeal, and while he identified all of the mobsters that killed his family, 
they used their influence to block the investigation. Realizing that the legal 
system had failed him, Frank took the law into his own hands and, as The 
Punisher, annihilated the people responsible for his family's death.

Even after delivering punishment to the ones who killed his family, Frank still 
felt that justice had not been served. He began his career as The Punisher in 
earnest, punishing every criminal that the law was unable to bring to justice. 
Throughout the years The Punisher has fought with and against some of the 
world's greatest crime fighters including Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain 
America, and even Wolverine. Despite various ups and downs throughout his long 
career (including imprisonment, insanity, and even death) The Punisher has 
always come back to punish the guilty the in the only way he knows 

| 3. Castle's Apartment |

This base of operations where Frank comes between missions to rearm, patch up 
his Kevlar, and eat Joan's cookies. The following options are available in 
Frank's apartment.


This is where Frank can select a mission, change his weapons (if available), 
attempt a challenge, or try a punishment stage. Challenges for a mission are 
unlocked by finishing the respective mission on any difficulty. Challenges, 
well, challenge you to finish a stage by fulfilling a certain criteria, usually 
very difficult ones such as not getting hit or never missing a shot. Punishment 
stages are arcade style shoot-em-ups in an area with constantly spawning 
enemies where the goal is to meet a certain point total before you are killed. 
These are unlocked by clearing the respective mission on normal difficulty. 
Clearing challenges and punishment stages unlocks comic covers in the extras 
menu (see below).


Here Frank can review all the weapons that he's unlocked throughout each 
mission. You can also hear Frank give a brief description of each one as well.


Frank can use the points he's earned from each mission to purchase upgrades 
here. Note that you will only earn points if your current score for a mission 
is higher than the previous score for that level. This means that it's highly 
unlikely, if not impossible, to purchase all of the upgrades, so you need to 
choose carefully. Body Armor and Kill Recovery are probably the most useful 


On this board you can view the various newspaper clippings from Frank's 
illustrious career and mug shots of various criminals throughout the game.


This is where you can view comic covers, concept art, and flashbacks, watch 
movies from the game or The Punisher movie trailer, and activate unlocked 
cheats. Comic covers are unlocked by clearing challenge missions and punishment 
stages. Concept art is unlocked as you finish various stages on different 
difficulty levels. Flashbacks are obtained from random enemies that you 
successfully interrogate in the game. Movies are unlocked as you see them in 
the game. Cheats are unlocked by clearing certain stages on hard difficulty. 
Note that you cannot unlock anything if cheat codes are active when you clear a 


Here you can adjust the various game options including difficulty levels.


Self explanatory. Note that The Punisher uses an auto save feature. Even if the 
game resets during a mission (by either power surge or you doing a hard reset) 
you can still continue from the last save point on a mission. Very nice indeed.

| 4. Basic Combat |


Movement is controlled by the left analog stick. Pressing the stick lightly 
causes Frank to walk slowly. Pressing it all the way causes Frank to move at a 
more brisk pace. Aiming is controlled by the right analog stick. The camera 
angle is also controlled with the right stick. You can use the camera 
strategically to look around corners with careful positioning.


Pressing the R1 button fires Frank's current weapon. For weapons with automatic 
fire holding the button down fires a continuous stream of bullets, while 
pressing it briefly fires a short burst. Pressing the L1 button throws flash 
bangs/grenades. Holding down the L1 button increases the distance the grenades 
are thrown. If Frank has a weapon with a grenade launcher it will be launched 
from there instead of thrown with the L1 button.

The X button causes Frank to reload his current weapon. Frank will also 
automatically reload his weapon while walking or when idle. The Circle button 
is used to pick up nearby weapons. Frank can dual wield most weapons, but will 
drop the second one if he reloads, takes a human shield, or changes weapons. 
The exception to this is small handguns and certain submachine guns.


Pressing the R3 button (right analog stick) puts you into fine aim mode. This 
is a zoom mode that enables Frank to make more accurate shots with his weapon. 
If the weapon has a scope attached pressing the R3 button again zooms in with 
the scope for extremely accurate shots. Note that fine aim does not take into 
consideration line of sight with a weapon (for example there may be an object 
in the way of your line of fire), but the aiming reticule will turn orange when 
you have a clean shot.


Pressing the R2 button causes Frank to dive forward, which can be used to 
quickly evade enemy attacks. Unfortunately, it has a rather long recovery time, 
so it's primarily used to dive for cover during gunfights. Pressing the L2 
button causes Frank to crouch down, allowing him to duck under cover.


Pressing the Square button near an enemy will make Frank perform an instant 
kill on them. The kill varies depending on where Frank is, the position of the 
enemy, and what Frank is currently armed with. Sometimes he'll them with his 
knife; sometimes he'll use his firearm. Note that if Frank uses his firearm, 
ammunition will be deducted from his total (fortunately he'll only use one 
accurate shot and not overkill by filling them with bullets). Quick kills are 
excellent for taking out nearby enemies, and are particularly useful against 
heavily armored opponents.


Special kills can be performed by pressing the Square button at an orange skull 
marker while you have a human shield (see below). Most of these involve using 
the environment in special creative ways to deal death, and give you a nice 
bonus score for using them. Unfortunately, they can only be used once in a 
level. Here's a list of the special kill zones in the game:

Crackhouse: Window – Frank punches a thug through the window.
The Chop Shop: None
Lucky's Bar: None
Central Zoo: Aztec Altar – Frank stabs a thug through the heart on the altar.
Grey's Funeral Home: Caskets – Frank tosses a thug and a grenade into a casket.
Gnucci Estate: Bear Trap – Frank pins the thug's head on the bear trap.
               Elephant Tusk – Frank impales a thug on the elephant tusk.
               Window – Frank throws Ma Gnucci out the window.
Pier 74: None
The Igor Baltivsky: None
Castle's Apartment: None
Grand Nixon Island: Snake – Frank feeds a solider to a very large snake.
                 Missile Engine – Frank immolates a solider under the missile.
Fisk Industries: Barbell – Frank drops Fisk's barbell onto a Yakuza.
Pier 74 Revisited: None
Meat Packing Plant: None
Stark Towers: Electric Panel – Frank rams a Yakuza head first into a panel.
The Takagi Building: None
Ryker's Island: Electric Generator – Frank tosses a Yakuza onto the generator.


Pressing the X button near an enemy causes Frank to grab them and use them as a 
human shield. From this position Frank can either quick kill them (Square), 
interrogate (X), knock them out (Triangle), or throw them (L1). While using a 
human shield Frank can only use one weapon at a time, and cannot use a weapon 
scope (he can still fine aim).


Pressing the Triangle button causes Frank to go into "Slaughter Mode". In this 
mode Frank's speed increases drastically, and he can quickly kill enemies with 
his knives (Frank cannot use firearms in this mode). His health also slowly 
regenerates and he takes less damage from attacks. Slaughter mode lasts until 
the blue meter beneath Frank's health meter runs out. Pressing the Triangle 
button takes Frank out of Slaughter Mode prematurely. The Slaughter Mode gauge 
increases as Frank kills enemies.

| 5. Interrogations |

Micky Duka: "What's the torch for?"
Frank Castle: "2000 degrees, Mick. Enough to turn steel into butter. It won't 
hurt at first. It's too hot, you see? The flame sears the nerve endings shut, 
killing them. You'll go into shock...and all you'll feel is...cold. Isn't 
science fun, Mickey?"

Throughout the game Frank can interrogate his enemies to gain valuable 
information, amusement, or both. To interrogate, press the X button when close 
to an enemy to grab them as a shield, the press the X button again. The goal 
for interrogation is to keep the "fear" meter in the orange zone for three 
seconds. Doing so "breaks" the victim (the word "BROKEN!" will appear) and 
Frank will regain a little health. The victim will also spill their guts at 
this point and tell Frank whatever they know. Sometimes this will be useful, 
sometimes not. Afterwards you can either return them to the shield position or 
administer final justice (i.e. kill them). Note that you lose points if you 
execute someone during an interrogation, but not if you return them to the 
shield position, then use a quick kill. If you're not careful you can apply too 
much pressure and kill the victim outright, especially with some of the more 
lethal interrogation methods. Note that any damage the target has taken carries 
over to the interrogation. While this makes interrogation easier, it also 
increases the chance that they'll end up dead before the interrogation is over. 
There are two types of interrogation in the game: basic and special.


Basic interrogations can be performed at any time when Frank has an enemy as a 
shield. Press the X button, then the left analog stick to select what type of 
interrogation to perform. These include Gun Tension, Choke, Punch, and Face 
Smash. Choke and Punch can be performed at any time. Gun Tension requires that 
Frank have a handgun or small submachine gun in his possession. Face Smash 
requires that Frank be in an open area (i.e. not to close to a wall or object).

Gun Tension: Frank intimidates his victim using the classic method of putting a 
gun to their head and threatening to blow their brains out. This is by far the 
easiest method of interrogation and you're almost guaranteed to break the 
target with this method without killing them (at least, not until you're ready 
to hehe).

Choke: Frank slowly chokes the life out of his target. Apply pressure steadily 
until they reach the "zone", then gently apply pressure to keep him there. If 
you don't have a handgun to perform the Gun Tension, this is probably safer to 
use than the Punch technique.

Punch: Frank repeatedly punches his victim in the gut. Start out by hitting 
them a few times. When their health is low enough, start threatening to hit 
them (pull back as if you're going to hit, but don't) and they'll stay in the 
zone long enough to break.

Face Smash: Frank smashes his victim's head repeatedly on the ground. Like the 
Punch interrogation, start smashing them a few times, then threaten to smash 
them to raise the meter.


Special interrogations require interacting with special environmental hazards 
in the area indicated with a white skull marker. Just drag someone to the 
marker and interrogate away. Each interrogation has unique controls, so you 
might want to read the help file (Triangle button) whenever you encounter a new 

Crackhouse: Window Pane, Ledge Drop
The Chop Shop: Sander, Drill Press, Toilet, Chrome Machine, Car Compactor
Lucky's Bar: None
Central Zoo: Wood Chipper, Fountain, Toilet, Piranha Tank, Ledge Drop, Rhino, 
Ledge Drop, Eel Tank, Piranha Pool
Grey's Funeral Home: Casket, Cremator, Piano
Gnucci Estate: Well, Furnace, Fireplace, Knife Rack, Statue
Pier 74: Pier Drop, Display Case, Knife Rack, Steel Beam, Shark, Plane 
Propeller, Pier Drop, Trailer Drop
Igor Baltivsky: Crane, Buzz saw, Drill Press, Engine Gear, Forklift
Castle's Apartment: None
Grand Nixon Island: Ceiling Fan, Jeep Door, Gun Turretx2, Electric Wire
Fisk Industries: Burner, Nail gun, Elevator Shaft
Pier 74 Revisited: Electric Wire, Pier Drop, Plane Propeller, Gun Turretx2
Meat Packing Plant: Meat Grinder, Sausage Pressx2, Shrink Wrapper
Stark Towers: Laser, Jet Engine, Gears, Monitors
The Takagi Building: Shutter Door, Ledge Drop, Fryerx2
Ryker's Island: Toilet, Cell Door, Electric Chair, Noose, Laundry Press, Paper 
Cutterx2, Paper Pressx2

| 6. Armory |

"If you want peace, prepare for war."

         - Frank Castle, The Punisher

With the exception of a few stages, Frank can arm himself with weapons from his 
considerable armory before a mission. As Frank clears each stage more weapons 
in the armory will be unlocked. Each stage has a default weapon selection, but 
this can be changed in the mission menu. Upgrades can be purchased for certain 
weapons in the armory, such as silencers, scopes, and extended ammunition 


This pistol was designed in the early 1900s and is still in widespread use even 
today. The .45 caliber round was designed for greater stopping power, but due 
to its relatively low speed is less effective against body armor than the 9mm 
Parabellum. The round also generates a lot of recoil and is quite large, 
reducing the number of shots in the clip.

Notes: A decent sidearm, at least early on in the game. Can be equipped with a 
silencer. Dual wield. 


This .50 caliber pistol uses a gas-powered semiautomatic firing system, making 
it more similar to a submachine gun or rifle than a pistol. Its large bulk and 
size is a trade off for the powerful cartridge it fires.

Notes: A step up from the .45 cal, but by the time you get one you'll probably 
be up to your armpits in submachine guns and machine pistols. Dual wield.


Although considered archaic compared to today's modern self-loading handguns, 
the revolver is mechanically simple and has good reliability.

Notes: Decent for shooting people until you can come across something better. 
Can be equipped with a scope for extremely accurate shooting. Dual wield.


The eight-inch barrel of this double-action revolver makes it exceptionally 
large and heavy, but it's required to fire the powerful .44 magnum round. 

Notes: Very powerful, but you might have problems finding ammunition for it. 
Dual wield. Due to it's length it cannot be used for Gun Tension.


One of the most popular submachine gun designs since World War II, it's size 
and dependability has made it popular with commandos, bodyguards, mercenaries, 
criminals, and terrorists.

Notes: Has a high rate of fire, but as a result runs out of ammo fairly 
quickly. Can be equipped with a silencer. Dual wield.


Essentially an ultra compact version of the 5.56mm assault rifle, it's 
basically a submachine gun chambered to fire full-powered rifle ammunition. 
Features a radically shortened barrel, muzzle compensator, and a minimal stock.

Notes: This is basically a smaller version the 5.56mm assault rifle, except 
that it's designed for close range combat and is not terribly accurate at long 
range. Can be equipped with an extended magazine. Dual wield. The weapon is too 
large to be used for the Gun Tension interrogation.

[SMG .40 CAL]

Arguably one of the most successful submachine guns ever made, this weapon has 
been adopted by military, police, and security forces around the world. 
Normally chambered for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge, this version fires .40 
caliber rounds for additional stopping power.

Notes: High rate of fire, but again this comes with high ammo consumption. Can 
be equipped with an extended magazine.

[SMG 5.7MM]

Known as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), this submachine gun was designed for 
rear-echelon military personnel that normally would not carry a full-sized 
rifle. It fires a 5.7mm round with excellent armor-piercing capability, has 
minimal recoil, and features ergonomic design with ambidextrous controls.

Notes: A great weapon for close quarters firefights due to its high rate of 
fire and accuracy. Can be equipped with a silencer. Can also be equipped with a 


This weapon has been used in virtually every conflict with the last 40 years 
and is produced and adopted by countries worldwide. It is the standard assault 
rifle of the U.S. armed forces and will likely continue to be so for the next 

Notes: You'll be using this weapon for most of the late game since enemies tend 
to carry it quite frequently. It's great for both gunning down people at close 
range and sniping them at long range. Can be equipped with a scope for greater 
accuracy. Can also be equipped with a grenade launcher.


The most successful military weapon in the 20th century, it's estimated that 
this assault rifle has over 50 million copies worldwide. It its many forms it 
has been the military rifle of the Soviets for the past 50 years.

Notes: This weapon is pretty much the same as the 5.56mm assault rifle in game 
terms. Russian mercenaries commonly carry this, so you'll find a lot on levels 
featuring them. Can be equipped with an extended magazine.


A compact 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, it features a shortened barrel and 
pistol grip to keep its overall length down.

Notes: This weapon is pretty much a one-hit kill at close range on most 
enemies, but as you might imagine it's not too effective at long range since 
the shot spreads at a distance. It definitely cleans house in close quarters 


A semi-automatic tactical shotgun designed for military and law enforcement 

Notes: You won't find this until late in the game. It's basically the same as 
the normal shotgun, except it fires semi-automatic.


Known as the OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon), this assault rifle is 
the most complex and expensive weapon system ever designed. It is essentially a 
5.56mm rifle combined with a 20mm grenade launcher.

Notes: Like Frank says, it has a barrel and a trigger and it fires bullets, and 
that's all you need to know. It is for all intents and purposes essentially a 
fancy version of the 5.56mm assault rifle. Has a scope attached.


This machine gun saw extensive use in Vietnam, and despite its weight and bulk 
proved to be rugged and reliable in the field. The barrel becomes dangerously 
hot after extended use, necessitating the use of asbestos gloves to change 

Notes: This weapon is overkill in most situations, but then again when has 
Frank ever been subtle? As you might imagine, this gun spits out lead at an 
incredible rate, and turns most enemies into Swiss cheese in a second. Often 
bullets will still be going through an enemy before he even hits the floor. 
Since it uses up ammunition like mad, you won't get many chances to use this 
often, but when you do watch the bodies hit the ground. This is one of the few 
weapons in the game that cannot be fine aimed.


This .50 caliber semiautomatic anti-materiel rifle was designed for disabling 
vehicles and counter-sniping operations.

Notes: The ultimate one-shot one-kill weapon. Headshots blow heads clean off, 
although shooting someone in the chest kills them just as well. Has a lengthy 
reload time, so you probably don't want to use this in close quarters.


Vietnam era flamethrower used to clear bunkers and foxholes of enemy 

Notes: A fun weapon to say the least. Sets people on fire, which causes them to 
scream and run around as they slowly burn to death. While this is a load of fun 
to watch, it's also dangerous since they can set you on fire as well when they 
run by. And some enemies can take a very long time to die. Enemies with heavy 
body armor can't be immolated in this manner, but they still take damage from 
the flame.


LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon) designed as a disposable one-shot weapon.

Notes: The ultimate overkill weapon. Has a huge splash radius, and as you might 
guess is not suitable for close quarters combat. There's only one area in the 
game that you need to use this weapon. Otherwise you might want to skip it as 
it can kill you as easily as the enemy.


A 40mm revolver style grenade launcher with a 6 round cylinder that can fire a 
semiautomatic volley of grenades.

Notes: Like the anti-tank weapon, this weapon is overkill on most enemies. 
There's only one area you need to use this in the game.


Fragmentation grenade used by military forces worldwide. Explodes into metal 
fragments lethal within 5 meters and causing severe flesh wounds within 15.

Note: Use with caution, as they can bounce right back at you if they hit an 
object and blow you away instead of the enemy. Useful for taking out gunners 
stationed behind armored turrets.


Used by counter terrorism groups and SWAT teams to temporarily stun targets or 
as a diversion. Produces a blinding magnesium flash along with a loud 

Note: This temporarily disorients enemies, but if you're facing the blast it 
will disorient you as well, so be careful. Enemies will sometimes use these 
against you so be on the lookout for them.


RAMS (Remote Activation Munitions System) is a radio controlled system used to 
detonate explosives from a remote distance. 

Note: You'll only get this in the final boss battle. It's basically a remote 
mine that adheres to surfaces. Use L1 to throw the mine and press L1 again to 
detonate it.

| 7. Walkthrough |

Frank Castle: "I have work to do. Read your newspaper everyday and you'll 
Joan: "Which section?" 
Frank Castle: "The obituaries." 


Part One

This is a tutorial level, and most of the shooting is going to take place in 
nice enclosed areas so it's a good place to learn the controls. Start out first 
by going down the alley where you come across a mugger trying to take a woman's 
purse. The mugger will kill the woman if you let him, so don't stand around too 
long gawking. You can use a quick kill, or try out an interrogation if you're 
feeling frisky. Talk to her if you want, then keep going down the alley until 
someone gets shot out the window above you. After the second corpse drops two 
thugs in the room above start taunting you. You can't kill them (yet), so head 
around the corner and down the stairs to the entrance to the crackhouse.

As you enter the basement, you'll find a thug with his back conveniently turned 
towards you with a skull icon over his head. This means that this person has 
some important information for you (at least most of the time). Sneak up behind 
him and grab him with the X button, then interrogate him by pressing the X 
button again. You can either choke or punch him, but I'd recommend choking him 
since it's easier. Keep him in the orange zone for three seconds (it's easy 
since he has a large zone, later enemies have a much smaller one) and he'll 
tell you who's in charge of the crackhouse. When you're done press X again then 
Square to quick kill him (unless you don't care about points, in which case you 
can just choke or punch him to death). Note that you can also knock someone out 
by pressing Triangle when you have him as a shield. Around the corner you'll 
literally run into another thug looking for his buddy. Take him out with a 
quick kill, and then go around the corner for some Chinese food and a shotgun. 
Hooray! Take your prize and head up the stairs.

Behind the door you'll hear two drug addicts taking advantage of Damage's 
finances. You can kick the door down if you like. One of them will immediately 
scatter to the right and the other one will cower down in fear. Grab him and 
proceed to the right, where a few thugs with handguns are waiting to fill you 
with lead. Gun them all down, and then quick kill your shield (if he isn't dead 
already). Grab the assorted guns lying around, and make sure to pick up an 
additional handgun so you can dual wield them. The left door leads to the next 
room where a thug lies in wait behind a couch. If you take the right door you 
can sneak around and nail him from behind. Sucker. A woman is behind the gated 
area, but she won't open it for you so head to the next room (the double doors 
are locked). Don't kick the doors, as there are several thugs in the next room 
watching TV. Enter quietly and take them out with some well-placed headshots. 
Once the room is cleared head to the next hallway. There's a huge hole in the 
wall, and beyond the hole are two thugs ripe for the picking. Either shotgun 
them or snipe them with your pistols. Around the corner is another thug who 
immediately cowers in fear. When you grab him he'll tell you that someone is 
waiting for you in the next room. Successfully interrogating him earns you your 
first flashback. Don't kill him just yet. Return him to the shield position and 
walk towards the door until you see the option to throw him through the door 
(Triangle). A shotgun-wielding thug will shoot the first thing that comes 
through the door. Fortunately for you, that first thing will be your 
unfortunate ex-shield. Grab the shotgun for some dual wielding action, and 
around the corner you'll encounter some thugs playing poker. Listen in if you 
want, then show them a dead man's hand by obliterating them with your shotguns. 
When the fish have been fried, head up the stairs to the next floor.

Part Two

The thugs will kill the poor sap in the next room if you don't act fast. You 
can either shoot them though the hole in the wall, or go through the door on 
the right (quietly) and blow them away from behind. In either case, once two of 
the thugs are dead the third will quickly surrender. There's another thug in 
the area behind you so take him out as well. Note the orange skull icons near 
the windows. These indicate special quick kill areas. If the surrendering thug 
is still alive, drag him to the area and quick kill him when you see the 
special kill message appear. Ouch. In the next room around the corner you'll 
find a bat (as in baseball) and a thug interrogating a woman. He'll kill her if 
he gets the chance, so quick kill him (or drag him back to the previous room 
and use the second special kill). If you're feeling really sadistic, grab the 
bat and "play ball" with his head by using the quick kill with it. There's 
another woman hiding in the bathroom nearby. Have a chat and head to the next 

In the next hallway you'll see another thug with a skull icon and one seriously 
stoned dude. You'll also see a white glowing skull icon near the window, 
indicating the game's first special interrogation. Drag the thug to the window 
and prepare to show him some major "pane" (you knew that one was coming). Each 
special interrogation has it's own special controls (check with the Triangle 
button), but this one's pretty simple. Pressing up raises the window, pressing 
down lowers the window. Raise the window up and down to bash the thug until 
he's in the orange zone. Fortunately, he has a rather large zone, so this 
interrogation's a piece of cake. When he breaks, he'll offer to help you by 
talking to the thugs waiting in the next room. If you let him go he'll actually 
keep his word, and you'll have two less thugs to fight. Whoop dee doo. Of 
course, I'm assuming that you didn't pay $50 for a game called "The Punisher" 
and not want to actually, well, punish people. So keep smacking him until he 
gets "rehabbed". Talk to the drug user for an important service announcement, 
then head to the next room and take out the two thugs (that is, if you didn't 
have the thug talk his friends out of it, you wuss).

The next room features a hostage situation. Switch to your handguns and use 
fine aim to nail the thug in the head. Talk to the couple if you like. Beyond 
lie three doors and two Keanu Reeves impersonators. The left door leads to a 
rather interesting woman. The middle door leads to an empty room. The right 
door is a room full or thugs. Head on in to the right door and introduce them 
all to your boomstick. One of the thugs will make a break for the stairs. Don't 
worry; he's not going anywhere. You'll catch up to him on the next floor in the 
first room. Put him out of his misery or take him as a shield. In the next room 
more thugs await in a dark room with a TV. Shoot. Kill. Repeat. Before moving 
on you might want to take a side detour in the room where the TV is. Walk over 
to the nearby door to listen in on the conversation on the other side. It's 
your pals Tom and Larry! Listen to them literally talk shit about The Punisher, 
then kick the door in for maximum effect. Tom will immediately grab Larry as a 
hostage and start firing at you. As if that's going to help him. You could 
either blow both of them away with your shotgun, but that would be ho hum. 
Instead pull out your handgun and shoot Tom in the head. Then grab Larry, drag 
him to the previous room with the TV, and proceed to toss him out the window 
(L1 button). Too bad you can't get points for irony. 

Continue onwards and clear the next room of remaining thugs. An innocent will 
come running around the corner so don't get too trigger-happy. You'll also find 
some grenades in the same room. These are overkill weapons at this stage and 
you don't really need to use them now, but they're always fun to have. Move to 
the next room and clear out the remaining thugs, the last of which should be 
the on the fire escape. Sucks to be them indeed. Equip your handguns before 
heading up the ladder.

Another hostage situation waits beyond the door, this time involving two 
hostages. Head shot both of them with fine aiming. Note that if you kill the 
thug on the right first, the second one will immediately surrender. Cap him 
anyway. It's good for the soul. Or you could be creative and drag him back to 
the fire escape, then toss him over the edge. Fun. In the next room a woman 
will immediately come around the corner. Three thugs await you, one with a 
skull icon. Kill the two vanilla thugs, and interrogate the third. When he's 
broken he'll give up the key to his arms stash. Said stash is located in a room 
behind you. You can never have enough guns. The next room is filled to the brim 
with thugs. Use cover and take them out one at a time. When the last body hits 
the ground, enter the next room where Damage is waiting. Despite his tough 
talk, he'll capitulate the moment you come around the sofa. Grab him and drag 
him to the edge of the building, where a special interrogation icon is. How 
convenient! Press down to scare him until he breaks, the quickly press up and 
down to teach Damage a quick lesson in gravity. Once Damage is a stain on the 
ground The Punisher decides to call it a night.


Part One

Start things off by unloading your shotgun on the hapless chop shop employees. 
Most of them don't even have firearms and will resort to throwing objects at 
you. There's a thug with a skull icon running around too, so try to save him 
for last. Be careful as you're coming around to the left. Someone might try to 
smack you with a car hood hooked up to a rail on the ceiling. Once everyone 
else is dead, spend some quality time with the remaining thug to get some 
information out of him. Head for the garage door on the other side and activate 
the switch to open the way to the next area. A thug is working on a car nearby. 
Hit the switch next to the lift to squash him flat. Proceed to clear the area, 
making note of the thug with the wielder mask (skull icon) and the thug 
huddling in the corner near the truck. Be sure to take out the thug on the 
walkway above as well. Once the area is cleared, grab the wielder thug and drag 
him the special interrogation in the middle of the area. Once he breaks feel 
free to put his nose to the grindstone (hehehe), and head over to the thug 
cowering near the truck. Talk to him and he'll deny he knows anything, and 
offers you whatever's in the truck. You'll find a few flashbangs inside. Your 
next stop is the office located opposite of where the truck is. Open the desk 
inside for more goodies, and then head further back. A thug spots you and makes 
a break for it. He's not going anywhere. Dispose of him at your leisure, and 
then talk to the woman cowering in the office. She'll tell you some interesting 
details about the truck driver you met previously. Head back to the truck 
driver and listen in on his conversation discreetly. When he's done feel free 
to terminate him as you see it. When you're done head back to the office and up 
the stairs. 

At the top you'll see a thug trying vainly to get a drink from the soda 
machine. Teach him that tampering with a vending machine can result in serious 
injury or death (in this case death). The remaining thugs will start attacking 
you (one will try throwing a TV!). When they're dead head out to the catwalk 
area. So many targets, so many bullets. Notice that engine hanging from the 
ceiling? Aim carefully with your handgun and shoot the chain connected to the 
engine (the reticule will turn orange). Scratch one thug. Proceed right and 
take out any thugs in the area with your handgun and fine aiming. Down the 
ladder more thugs await. Switch to the shotgun and greet them. A Gnucci thug 
appears with a submachine gun. Take him out and add it to your collection. 
Upstairs on the other side is a gated area with some flashbangs. When you're 
done cleaning up the shop, head through the door in the lower area.

Part Two

Behind the door two thugs are waiting for you, one of which is on the extreme 
right. From the doorway take him out first, and then shoot the other thug by 
the desk. There are four doors here. The left two lead to an optional area. The 
right two leads to the next area. Assuming you want to kill everyone, head for 
the left door. Thugs immediately open up on you when you enter. Note the large 
pit in the ground and the nearby thug. Save him for last. When everyone else is 
dead he'll surrender. Grab him and carefully align yourself with the hole, then 
launch him with L1. If you do it right he'll fall straight into the hole with a 
satisfying scream. Cool. When you're done entertaining yourself, head back to 
the office you initially entered and take the right doors. More thugs lie in 
wait, along with a thug with a skull icon. Clear the hall of thugs, then grab 
the one with the icon and interrogate him. Note that although there is a 
special interrogation in the area (the drill press), I highly recommend not 
using it, as it is quite easy to accidentally kill your subject with it. And in 
this case you actually want to keep this one alive. Break him and he'll offer 
to guide you through the area. Release him and he'll run off. Don't worry. 
He'll actually keep his word and wait for you by the door to the next area. 
Before we head there you might want to enter the men's room right of where he's 
waiting for a little detour. A thug is sitting on the crapper, right next to a 
special interrogation. Have fun. When you're done with him, be sure to flush, 
wash your hands, and head to your friend waiting outside. Talk to him then 
enter the next area.

More thugs are hiding around the corner, so take them out using fine aim. In 
the chroming room are two thugs, one with a skull icon. Kill the non-skull icon 
thug, and then grab the other one for a special interrogation. When he breaks 
he'll give you the code for the armory up ahead. Don't worry about memorizing 
codes. The Punisher will automatically remember them. After giving the thug a 
nice chrome finish, continue onwards. More thugs. More ambushes. More killing. 
Talk to your friend again and get ready for some serious action.

The next room is quite large and full of thugs. Take it slow and use a 
combination of cover, shotgun blasts, human shields, and quick kills to 
proceed. Thugs will be firing from the raised catwalk on the right, so stay 
near the wall for cover. When you reach the forklift on the other end, activate 
it and it will slowly make its way to the support holding up the walkway, 
knocking it over and killing the thug above. You might find it easier (and 
faster) to just take him out manually using fine aim. Continue forward 
carefully using cover to take out the remaining thugs that come pouring out 
from the office above. When everyone is a corpse, wait a moment for your friend 
to catch up (amazingly he stays with you instead of running away in the 
confusion, I guess he knows The Punisher will eventually find him sooner or 
later). Talk to him then proceed onwards. More thugs wait near the security 
area. Take them out, and then check out the door behind the desk. If you got 
the security code from the thug earlier in the chrome room the door will open, 
revealing a bonanza of weapons. Yee ha! When you're done restocking, head out 
and talk to your friend one last time, then enter the restroom.

The moment you step in the restroom a woman will run away screaming. Switch to 
your side arm; a hostage situation awaits you outside. Nail the hostage taker 
and his friends, and then talk to the woman. Beyond the lighted area several 
thugs are waiting to ambush you in the dark room beyond. Use the pillar as 
cover and take them out methodically, and then go through the double doors.

Part Three

It's a boss fight! Well, not really. It's more of a special interrogation. It's 
just Frank, Carlo, and a car compactor. Have fun.

Part Four

Head down the ladder to the scrap yard. A few thugs are patrolling the area. 
Shotgun them to death, then head around the corner and shotgun some more. Keep 
heading forward dealing with the random thugs until you reach an area with 
stairs leading to an upper office. There are a few thugs hiding below behind 
the boxes, and one hanging about in the office above. Clear the lower area of 
thugs first, and then take out the one in the office. There are two doors 
leading to the next area here: a lower one and the upper one in the office. 
Take the upper one and quietly open the door. You'll hear several thugs talking 
and see a nearby crane. Climb up to the crane and hit the switch to drop the 
van right on top of them. This will, of course, alert the remaining thugs of 
your presence. Proceed to take out the remaining thugs, but watch out for the 
thug on the roof to the right. That object on the roof is an armored chain gun, 
and the thug is all too happy to use it on you. The front part of the gun 
deflects bullets, but fortunately the gun has a limited firing arc, so you can 
maneuver around to the side and take him out from there. Once all the thugs are 
dead head for your car to exit the level.


Boss: Bobby Gnucci
Weapon: Handgun
Weak Point: Head

This isn't so much of a level as it is a boss fight. Well, sort of. It's not 
much of a boss fight, since this boss is ridiculously easy. Think of it as an 
interactive cut scene. Anyway, let's get started shall we? Start out by walking 
towards the bar to overhear an interesting conversation. Talk to the bartender 
if you want, then head on over to the dartboard. Pull out your shotgun, grab 
the nearest thug, and start opening up on everything that moves. Be careful not 
to hit the bartender as he counts as an innocent. Once everyone in the bar has 
given up the ghost, proceed to the pool tables. Bobby is holed up in the next 
room, and like Frank says he has a Kevlar vest on so headshots are the only way 
to go. Switch to your pistols, enter fine aim mode, and slowly move to the 
right until you can spot Bobby. Aim for his head and pop off a few shots. If he 
starts firing back, just move back until he stops, then repeat the whole 
process over again. Since he can't leave the room because it's barricaded, 
there's no way he can get a clean shot at you. Once he's dead sit back and 
enjoy the cut scene.


Part One

Start out by listening in on the conversation, and then blow away the right 
thug. The other thug (skull icon) will make a break for it, but he won't get 
far. Grab him and interrogate with the wood chipper nearby. If he breaks he'll 
offer to talk to his friends and get them to surrender. If you release him 
he'll actually keep his word and the thugs in the restaurant will surrender. 
Unfortunately, it will be a short-lived cease-fire. Personally I'd rather turn 
the sap into mulch. It's good for the environment. If you've gotten the thugs 
to surrender, just walk through to the next area. If not, kick the door open 
and clean house. Either way, be sure not to miss the grenades nearby behind the 
kiosk. Once you turn the corner the cease-fire is over (if you negotiated it). 
The shotgun isn't too useful at long range, so you might want to switch to the 
sub machine guns and switch to fine aim. Keep moving to the exit. Along the way 
you'll encounter thugs with assault rifles. Be sure to pick it up on the way 
out. The exit opens up to a courtyard. Bushwacker is on the roof and fires a 
few pot shots at you. You can't hurt him during this entire level, so don't 
bother returning fire. Instead concentrate on the thugs in the area. A thug 
with a skull icon is running around as well. Once all the others are dead, grab 
the skull icon thug and drag him to the fountain. Stomp him a few times, and 
then threaten him a bit until he breaks. Go ahead and kill him for another 
Frank Castle witticism, then enter the building to the next area. 

Part Two

When you turn the corner you'll see a thug (with skull icon) exit the men's 
restroom. Once he sees you he'll go back in. Follow him inside, grab him, and 
then drag him to the toilet for a special interrogation. Whack him a few times, 
and he'll soften up and break. He'll offer to distract his friends for you. 
Whether you take him up on his offer or not is up to you. If you don't be 
prepared for gunfire when you exit the men's restroom. If you let him go he'll 
tell you to go through the women's restroom while he distracts them. Amazingly 
he'll keep his word, so if you go back out the way you came and enter the 
women's restroom, the other thugs will go on a wild goose chase through the 
men's room. You can them take them out from behind or simply ignore them and 
head onward. Whichever route you go, head left to the conference room. More 
thugs are waiting, and a few more come out the door a moment later. Blow them 
all away and enter the door they came from. You'll see a thug quickly enter a 
door on the left. Enter and he'll quickly take a janitor hostage. If you don't 
kill him quickly he'll shoot the hostage, so you need to act fast. If you do 
save the janitor, talk to him, then exit and enter the office in the opposite 
doorway. More thugs are taking cover inside. Use fine aim and nail them all. As 
you exit the room one more thug comes around the corner with a shotgun. Kill 
him and head out the door to the next area.

Part Three

If you've read "Welcome back, Frank" you'll probably remember this sequence. 
Grab the poor sap and interrogate away. He'll offer himself as a hostage if he 
breaks. If you take him up on his offer, the thugs above won't fire on you as 
long as you have him as a shield (and don't fire back). Unfortunately, this 
lasts only as far as the bridge, where Bushwacker orders everyone to open fire 
on you. So you might as well feed him to the piranhas. Make your way carefully 
up the stairs, as there's quite a bit of thugs waiting in ambush. Move up 
slowly and use fine aim to take them out. Repeat for the next flight of stairs. 
Once you reach the bridge Bushwacker appears again and taunts you. A thug 
starts shooting at you from the right. You can either shoot him or shoot the 
pillar behind him. If you choose the latter the pillar will fall and send the 
thug plummeting to his death. It's up to you, but I'm preferable to the falling 
pillar thing. It's much more classy. Cross the bridge and take out the thug on 
the other side, then enter fine aim mode and take out the thug hiding on the 
left. Keep following the stairs down. Bushwacker taunts you again, and more 
goons pour out of the temple area. Use fine aim to take them out. Once you're 
inside the temple, carefully peak around the corner and use fine aim to nail 
the thugs behind cover. Enter the main temple area and kill all the thugs 
except for one. The one you leave alive will immediately surrender. Note the 
special kill zone near the altar. You know what to do. After amusing yourself 
head right to exit the temple.

Part Four

A few goons are outside the door about to shoot the guard. Quickly take them 
out before they shoot him. Talk to the guard and he'll tell you they've set a 
trap near the stone archway. Go forward and wait for a few more thugs to come 
around the corner. Blow them away then head down the path. Bushwacker will 
taunt you and run past the stone archway. Do not follow him. There are 
explosives set on it and it will blow you sky-high if you try moving past. 
Instead head left to the small ramp leading down. A few more thugs are waiting 
for you down there, including some above you. Make your way carefully though 
the exhibit using fine aim mode to snipe them. Keep heading forward until you 
see a thug with a skull icon above to the left. Don't shoot him just yet. 
Instead make your way right to the large doors. Enter and head left up the 
stairs until you reach the top. Enter the left door to reach his position. 
Quickly grab him and use the special interrogation. He'll give you the key to a 
weapons cache and ask that you let him go. Oblige him in the literal sense, and 
then head to the door opposite the way you came. When you exit quickly nail the 
thug to the right. From this perch switch to fine aim and shoot any Gnuccis in 
range. When you're done head back in and down the stairs. Exit via the door on 
the left, and continue to clear out the Gnuccis until you get the slow motion 
effect (indicating that you've cleared the area). Head up the steps to where 
the guard behind the gate is. Before you talk to him continue right until you 
reach the door next to the gate. Here you can use the key you got from the thug 
you interrogated earlier. Grab everything you can, then talk to the guard 
behind the gate.

Part Five

Talk to the guard again, and then head towards the door. Inside are two guards 
that are immediately taken hostage. Shoot them all with fine aim, then take out 
the thugs to the left, saving the thug with the skull icon for last. Note that 
the guards will pick up weapons and help you, but they die pretty easily so 
don't make them do most of the work. Grab the skull icon thug and drag him to 
the bars for a special interrogation. The key here is to pull him away before 
the rhino impales him. If you're not too good with timing, it may be easier to 
just use Gun Tension to break the thug, then kill him with the rhino (hehehe). 
Either way once he breaks he'll give you some interesting information about the 
guard that was at the gate. Head back and you'll find him cowering behind the 
sign (with a skull icon over his head). Interrogate him and he'll tell you that 
Bushwacker kidnapped his family to force him to help them. If any guards are 
still alive, they'll tell you that he isn't even married. Quick kill him (or if 
you're particularly sadistic use the rhino interrogation to kill him if you 
haven't used it yet). Head onwards to the next area and you'll hear some thugs 
threatening several guards. Quickly rush towards them and open up on the thugs 
before they all get killed. Several more thugs enter the area, but stay close 
to the guards, as they will quickly get killed if you're not around to protect 
them. When the slow motion animation begins after you've killed the last thug, 
talk to the guards, and then exit to the other side.

Part Six

Several thugs attack the moment you enter the aquarium. Kill the all, then head 
up the ramp and take out the rest. Keep an eye out for the one with the skull 
icon. Grab him and take him up to the special interrogation spot. Break him and 
he'll offer to call out his friends waiting in ambush below. Take him up on his 
offer if you like. Return him to the shield position and head down the ramp. 
He'll call his friends out, who are sitting ducks. Blow them all away. A second 
thug with a skull icon cowers near the electric eel tank, where another 
conveniently place special interrogation is located. Grab him and break him. 
He'll offer to exchange his life for Joan's. Yeah right. Despite the fact that 
he is being truthful about his offer, there is no way that Bushwacker is going 
to trade the girl for him. Go ahead and dump him for another witty Punisher one 
liner, and then head right to the main aquarium area.

The aquarium area is quite large and filled with a lot of thugs, but 
fortunately the tanks have bulletproof glass so there's also a lot of cover. 
Make your way through the area and use fine aim to carefully take everyone out. 
Bushwacker appears again for a little taunting, but again ignore him for the 
time being. Keep going until you reach the exit (near the great white shark 
display). Near the exit are some weapons for the taking. Restock and head out 
to the outer area where Joan is hanging from a cage. Head left taking out thugs 
as you go. Bushwacker appears and heads left. If you follow him you'll get 
nailed with his grenade launcher. You can't kill him, so don't even bother. 
Instead head through the door to save Joan. Inside the maintenance area more 
thugs are waiting to ambush you. When they're all dead head right out the door. 
The switch on the left doesn't work, and the switch in front opens a cage 
leading to weapons. However, unless you really need it you can skip it, as 
exiting the room starts a timer. The cage Joan is in is slowing lowering to a 
pool filled with piranha. Quickly take out the thugs in the walkway above, and 
then climb up. Another thug appears from the doorway. Shoot him dead then head 
right. The machine controlling the winch is broken if you try to activate it. A 
thug is nearby with a skull icon. There's also a special interrogation nearby. 
Make sure the area is cleared before you try interrogating him; otherwise his 
trigger-happy buddies might shoot him to death. He'll tell you the switch is in 
the room behind the waterfall. In other words, it's the door right next to the 
machine. Head in and hit the switch. If there are any thugs left outside, they 
will start opening up on Joan, which is why it's important to clear the area 
first. Once everyone else is dead, head back down to Joan and talk to her to 
finish the mission.


Part One

There are two ways the start off the mission. The first (and best) way is to 
simply hose down everyone in sight until you run out of ammo. The second way 
(if you want a lot of points) is to step out and quick kill everyone one at a 
time. It's not quite as satisfying as the first method, but the bonus 
multipliers you get doing so is very tempting. The Gnuccis in attendance are 
unarmed and won't put up a fight, so have fun slaughtering each and every one 
of them. When you're done with the killing spree, switch to your handguns (if 
you used up all your machine gun ammo) and exit to the casket room. Take cover 
on the far end of the room opposite the doors and get ready for one hell of a 
firefight. Several waves of pissed off Gnuccis enter the room looking for 
revenge. If you still have your machine gun blow away as many as you can, then 
grab the nearest weapon ASAP. Note the various special kill zones scattered 
around the room. Feel free to use them as the chance presents itself. A thug 
with a skull icon enters the area during the firefight. Grab him and take him 
to the special interrogation zone. Break him then kill him. It's convenient 
that he's already in a casket (not to mention funeral home). Once the casket 
room is full of corpses, leave the area via the door they all came through. Two 
thugs enter from the elevator nearby. Take them out, and then head for the 
kitchen where more thugs are waiting. They'll take cover so use fine aim and 
blow them away. Once the area is cleared head downstairs to the basement.

Downstairs in the mortuary more thugs are milling about. Enter fine aim and 
take them out. At the next set of doors enter quietly to listen in on an 
amusing conversation. Once they're done talking send them all to join their 
recently departed friend. Turn the corner and continue to rack up corpses, 
keeping in mind the thug with the skull icon nearby. Grab him and take him to 
the special interrogation area. Slowly turn up the heat (not too much!) and 
he'll eventually break. Once he does feel free to cremate him. Enter the next 
room and take out the two thugs inside. If you broke the thug previously you'll 
find the secret switch nearby. Hit it to find the drug stash. Set the bomb near 
the blue marker and haul ass out of there. When it blows several waves of 
Gnuccis will appear downstairs. Take cover (and a human shield) and use fine 
aim to shoot your way back the way you came.

Part Two

At the top of the stairs you'll find a very grateful mortuary owner, thanking 
you for setting him up for life. After you're done chatting with him head right 
through the dining room and to the staircase area beyond. Several thugs are 
waiting to shoot you from the top of the stairs, and one will throw a flashbang 
downstairs, so be ready for it. Rush upstairs and quickly gun them all down. 
Keep going using cover and fine aim to take out the intervening Gnuccis until 
you reach the bedroom. A thug inside takes a woman hostage. Switch to fine aim 
and blow his head off. Talk to the woman, and then exit the room. A thug with a 
skull icon is nearby. Grab him and break him. He'll offer to talk his friends 
and tell them to surrender. Although he's obviously lying, go ahead and let him 
go. Frank will plant an explosive discreetly on his back. Follow him but stay 
out of sight when he turns the corner. Wait until he's in the room with his 
friends (use the right analog stick to "look around" the corner). The moment he 
says "Hey! The Punisher's here!" press the X button to blow him and his friends 
sky-high. Hehehe. Head inside and take cover, as there are still a few thugs 
milling about the room. Kill everyone save the one with the skull icon. Once 
he's the only one left grab him and drag him to the piano for a musical 
interrogation. When he breaks he'll tell you the location of a secret switch. 
Feel free to "close" his performance. Then head left through the door to the 
nearest room. Inside you'll see the secret switch in the statue. Activate it 
and head up the stairs to the boss fight.

Boss: Eddie Gnucci
Weapon: Handgun
Weak Point: Head

Eddie is much harder to kill than his brother Bobby since he (wisely) runs like 
hell the moment he senses his life is in danger. The fight takes place in a 
dark attic so it's a bit hard to see, and the entire layout is like a maze. In 
addition, since the attic is still under construction many of the walls have 
large gaps in them, allowing Eddie to take potshots at you as he runs. Add to 
this the fact that Gnucci thugs spawn constantly in the area and you have 
somewhat an exercise in frustration. The key is to keep on his ass and fill it 
with lead whenever he stops. He'll sometimes stop and return fire, but most of 
the time he'll run around leading you on a wild goose chase. Keep on him and 
eventually you'll take him down. If you run low on ammo or health, take 
advantage of the random Gnucci in the area by interrogating them to regain 


Part One

This might seem like a stealth mission, but there's nothing wrong with going in 
guns blazing. From the start you'll see a Gnucci walk by your position and up 
the stairs. Let him be for the time being and head upstairs to the well area. 
An interesting conversation takes place between two thugs near the well. When 
they're done go ahead and take them out. Note the special interrogation marker. 
It's not necessary to use it, but you might as well (haha) add to the body 
count. Chances are some Gnucci will come running once they hear the commotion. 
Feel free to blast them as well (groan). Keep going through the Gnucci grounds, 
taking out the random thugs along the way until you reach an open doorway. Step 
inside for a brief encounter with Bushwacker.

Part Two

After you get up, head towards the wine rack indicated with the blue marker. 
Hide behind it until the option to push it appears on screen. Scratch one 
Gnucci. When his friend upstairs comes down to investigate, hide around the 
corner, take aim and blow him away the moment he appears. If you're far away 
enough, his friends in the next room won't notice the commotion. Carefully open 
the door to the next room. Hopefully the two thugs watching TV will still be 
sitting there on the couch oblivious to what happened downstairs. Take them 
both out with well-placed headshots. Continue on until you get to the next 
doorway. You'll hear Ma Gnucci chewing out her (recently departed) thugs in the 
previous room. Don't open the door just yet. Wait until the conversation ends, 
enter fine aim mode, and blow away the thugs as they enter one at a time. When 
they stop coming continue onwards taking out any thugs that didn't come 
through. The side rooms don't have anything interesting in them, so keep going 
until you reach a larger hallway. Clear the main hall of all remaining thugs. 
From where you entered the hall go into the nearby door. There should be 
another thug lying in wait, along with a corpse on a chair. Kill the thug and 
look at the corpse on the chair. This is Sam, although you won't know this 
until a bit later. Exit the room and enter the door on the left across from the 
two paintings. You should see a furnace (special interrogation). Right of the 
furnace is another door. Open it and you'll find a cowering thug with a skull 
icon. How convenient. Drag the thug to the furnace and interrogate away. When 
he breaks he'll tell you about a secret switch in the pepper painting outside. 
When you're done feel free to heat things up by dumping him in the furnace. 
Head outside and you should see the blue icon around the painting. Ignore it 
for now and head to the left of the painting where you should see a man in a 
cage. Go ahead and talk to him (his name's Pete). He'll ask about Sam (whom you 
met previously), and then tell you about the hidden switch in the painting 
(which you already know about thanks to the previous interrogation). Go back 
and hit the switch to reveal a secret passageway.

Enter the passage and you should hear a conversation behind the double doors in 
front of you. Beyond the doors is a large group of Gnuccis playing roulette. 
There are two ways to proceed here. The most straightforward is to just kick 
the door down and start blasting away at everything in sight. The second is to 
head through the door on the left and enter the room from the other end. The 
advantage you gain from this is that you have a clear view of the entire room, 
whereas if you entered from the front some thugs will take cover behind the bar 
and the hall on the right. Either way, gun down all the thugs. When they've 
been taken care of, head for the door right of the bar. Inside are the security 
monitors and a thug (skull icon) who will start shooting at you. Quickly grab 
him and interrogate for some juicy info. When you're done quick kill him, grab 
the key nearby (unlocks Pete's cell), and disable the gate using the nearby 
switch. There's also a monitor for the camera outside you can look at if you 
want. Head back out the way you came, but watch out as you approach the secret 
door you entered from. The moment you get near several thugs will open the door 
and start firing at you. Blow them all away. When you exit, turn right and fire 
at the additional thugs approaching your position. Some of them might go 
through the furnace room to flank you so be careful of that. When the coast is 
clear, head back towards Pete's cage. Unlock it and if you managed to 
successfully break the thug in the security room you'll get to inflict some 
punishment on Pete. Head back out and around to the right where the gate was 
blocking you previously. More Gnuccis are waiting for you in the next room. Gun 
them down and head up the stairs where another Gnucci is setting a trap for 
you. Well, was setting a trap for you.

Part Three

Wait in the stairway for the conversation to end, and then blow away the 
unsuspecting Gnucci as he comes into view. Head up and blow away his friend as 
well. Two more thugs are around the corner to the right behind a barricade. 
Nail them as well, and then proceed down the hall taking out the various thugs 
that appear from the various rooms. As you get to the next doorway you'll over 
hear a conversation between two thugs on the other side (it's pretty funny, I 
recommend you listen to all of it). When they're done kick the door and blow 
both of them away (too bad, no flowers for either of you hehe). Enter and shoot 
the thugs on the left, being mindful to avoid hitting the one with the skull 
icon. Note that there are two special kill zones in the room (bear trap and 
elephant tusk), along with a special interrogation near the fireplace. Drag the 
skull icon thug to the fireplace and break him. He'll offer to tell his friends 
to surrender in the next room. Whether or not you take him up on his offer is 
up to you, but for the sake of this walkthrough I'll assume you do. Return him 
to the shield position, and exit to the left. In the next hallway the thugs 
will actually drop their weapons and surrender. They will remain non-hostile 
until you actually kill your shield (they won't become hostile if someone else 
kills him hehe). Enter the dining area in the next room, where the thugs will 
open fire regardless of your shield. Nail everyone in the room, and then take 
out the thugs in the kitchen with the exception of the one with the skull icon. 
If your shield is still alive go ahead and kill him. Enter the kitchen and grab 
the remaining thug, and drag him over to the table to the special 
interrogation. This one's kind of tricky, so if you're not sure of your 
interrogation skills you might want to use good old Gun Tension. Press up and 
down on the controller slowly but rhythmically until the gauge starts rising. A 
few knives might drop, but don't worry. As long as you don't do it too quickly 
you should be safe. When you hit the zone slow down a bit until you break him. 
He'll tell you about a secret passage in the kitchen pantry in the door nearby. 
Kill him with the knives for another witty remark, and then head to the pantry 
room. Hit the switch and head downstairs where you'll find a safe. Inside are 
five flashbangs. Save these, as these will come in very handy for the boss 
battle. Head back up and continue to the next dining room. More Gnucci are 
inside. Waste them all and exit to the next hallway.

Part Four

A thug is waiting behind a barricade around the corner. Head shot him with fine 
aim and go through the door to the next hallway where another barricade and 
thug is waiting. Take him out and slowly open the door leading to the 
recreation room. There are a lot of Gnucci in this room, so take cover in the 
doorway and use fine aim to take them out one at a time. As you enter more 
thugs enter from the right. Take cover by the pillars and kill them as they 
enter. A thug with a skull icon is taking cover near the bowling alley. Save 
him for last. When the room is cleared of all other opposition, quickly run 
over to the last thug and grab him (unlike most enemies with skull icons he 
won't surrender when everyone else is dead). Use Gun Tension to break him and 
he'll tell you the location of the armory key. Although it looks like you can 
throw him into the bowling pins, alas, they're sealed off. Quick kill him and 
make your way to the end of the bar where you'll see a blue marker near the 
lamp. Hit the hidden switch and you'll open a room with a key in it. Grab it 
and head out the door on the other side near the entertainment system. Keep 
going until the hall branches to the left and right. Take out the nearby thugs, 
and then head left and open the nearby door with the armory key. Inside are two 
thugs and a whole lot of weapons. Blow the two thugs away and stock up like 
mad. You're going to need it for the next part.

Head back out and to the left until you reach the main staircase area where 
several thugs are waiting for you. From the doorway nail as many as you can. A 
lot of Gnucci are going to be pouring down the stairs in several waves. Some of 
them will actually go through the back and try to nail you from the hall you 
just came from, so you need to keep a sharp eye on your damage indicators and 
quickly turn to shoot them as they come. Some of them will appear in the 
balconies above as well. As you clear the hall be aware that some thugs will be 
on a balcony above you to the right. Move carefully and use fine aim. As you 
head up the stairs a few more thugs will pop out from the left. Once all the 
Gnucci are dead, go up the staircase and head left. Enter the door on the right 
before going down the hall to the left. A second armory awaits you. Restock 
your ammo, and then head out down the hall. Several more thugs are waiting, 
using the hallway as cover. Continue down the hall, using corners and statues 
as cover, and use fine aim to nail the Gnucci as they pop out from cover. At 
the end of the hall is another dark hallway with several thugs running behind 
it. Use fine aim again to take them out one at a time. Turn the corner to the 
right and snipe the remaining thugs hiding behind the statues. When the coast 
is clear head down the hall.

In the next room more thugs are waiting to ambush you. A thug with a skull icon 
is on the left. Save him for last as you clear the room of the remaining thugs. 
Grab him and drag him to the special interrogation point. Be gentle and he'll 
eventually break. He'll give a tip that Bushwacker is sensitive to light. 
Return the favor by giving him a "tip" (hehe). Entering the library will start 
the boss fight, so before you go make sure you have as much ammo as you can 
carry (head back to the second armory if you left anything behind).

Part Five

Boss: Bushwacker
Weapon: Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher
Weak Point: Head

Bushwacker's weak point is his head, but he's not going to just sit still for 
you while you shoot him. The key for this battle is to use flashbangs to stun 
him, and then shoot him in the head while he's disoriented. In order for the 
flashbangs to affect him, you need to shoot his glasses off (remember what the 
thug said previously about his eyes). Once they're gone, you can use flashbangs 
on him. Just remember that if you're looking at the flashbangs as they detonate 
you get stunned as well, so you'll need some good timing when you use them. 
Bushwacker will move between levels as the fight progresses, and Gnucci 
soldiers will spawn on the lower levels as well. When Bushwacker gets low on 
life, he'll say something to the effect of "If I'm going down, I'm taking you 
with me!" At this point he'll start shooting rockets at you, which deal major 
damage if they connect. Use the pillars in the room as cover when he fires one, 
then immediately return fire at his head. 

Part Six

After the amusing cut scene you probably thought the level was over, right? No 
such luck. Ma's mansion is going up in flames, and you have three minutes to 
escape. Head for the door and shoot the Gnucci that comes running out. Go 
inside and take out the thug on the right. A thug with a skull icon is nearby 
and makes a run for it. Chase him down and interrogate him. When he breaks 
he'll reveal a secret switch in the clock. Hit the switch and you'll open a 
secret passage. The passage is filled with flames, but you can extinguish them 
by shooting the fire sprinklers on the ceiling. When the flames are gone, head 
down the hall to the computer terminal nearby. Disable the security and head 
back to the bedroom you came from. From there go through the right door to 
another hallway and turn right (don't go down the stairs). You should see 
another hallway filled with flames. Shoot the sprinklers on the ceiling again 
and go down the hall once the flames have died down. Head left and you should 
hear a conversation through the doorway. Inside are two thugs (one with a 
machine gun) and a Russian mercenary. The mercenary has Kevlar armor on, so aim 
for his head or quick kill him to take him out. When the room is clear, head 
through the doorway on the right. Inside you'll find Ma Gnucci and a special 
kill zone. You know what to do.

[PIER 74]

Part One

From the start head down the pier until you reach a kiosk where two Russians 
are talking amongst themselves. Take them both out using fine aim, and then 
continue onwards until more Russians appear near the containers, one of which 
has a skull icon. Eliminate the rest, then grab the last one and take him to 
the special interrogation near the edge of the dock. When he breaks he'll tell 
you the location of some flashbangs underneath the nearby dumpster. Drop him in 
the drink, then head towards the dumpster and snag the goods. Enter the nearby 
double doors and continue down the pier. A Russian starts heading towards you, 
but don't bother shooting him, as he'll end up taking care of himself. Turn 
right down the next alley where two more Russians are. Cap them both and enter 
the building around the corner. More Russians are inside along with one with a 
skull icon. Take everyone else down, and then grab the remaining one and take 
him to the special interrogation area near the display case. Break him in both 
the figurative and literal sense, and then head out the door on the other end. 
More Russians are waiting for you down the pier. Take them out using fine aim, 
being sure to watch out for some snipers on the rooftop. Continue onwards until 
you reach the restaurant area. There are quite a bit of Russians here, so take 
your time and use fine aim to take them out one at a time. When the restaurant 
is clear, head for the kitchen area where more Russians await. Again one of 
them has a skull icon. You know the drill. Grab him and take him to the knife 
rack interrogation when everyone else is dead. When he breaks kill him for 
another Castle one-liner, then exit the kitchen. You'll overhear conversation 
in the room to the right. Enter and you'll see three Russians, one of which is 
holding Black Widow hostage. Ignore that one for now and take out the other 
two. Black Widow will handle the rest once they're both gone.

Part Two

Black Widow joins you as an allied AI character for the time being, and she's 
quite useful since she can't be killed and is very aggressive with her shotgun, 
opening up at just about everything that moves (she won't shoot enemies that 
surrender though, so you can interrogate them safely without having them turned 
into Swiss cheese). Don't worry about accidentally shooting her. You are not 
penalized if you end up hitting her when she gets in your line of fire (you 
will get some sarcastic remarks though). She won't single handedly annihilate 
everyone though, so just pretend she's not there for the most part and 
concentrate on taking everyone out yourself.

Head out the door and shoot the Russians waiting for you outside. When they're 
dead, head towards the dumpster and kick it when Black Widow prompts you to. 
Follow it down, taking out the Russians that appear at the bottom. Enter the 
next door and you'll see a firefight between the Russians and the Yakuza 
(they're all dressed in business suits). Go ahead and take them both out, but 
be careful not to kill the Yakuza with the skull icon to the right. When he's 
the only one left, grab him and use the special interrogation near the steel 
beam on the ground. When you're done, head for the next door and kill the two 
Russians there. A boat will take off nearby, but don't worry about it. When you 
head up the stairs Black Widow will leave you for a while. Enter the door at 
the top where you'll end up in a square walkway area. Several Russians are in 
the area. Eliminate them, and then head down the stairs to the middle walkway 
where more Russians appear. Kill them and head through the door on that level. 
Yet more Russians appear. In the distance you'll see a Russian with a skull 
icon cowering. Head towards him and he'll flee through the door to the bottom 
walkway area in the previous area. Pursue and grab him. Note the shark swimming 
nearby and the special interrogation area. I'm sure you know what to do next. 
This one is similar to the Rhino interrogation in the zoo. Break him for an 
important code you'll need later on. After you're done having fun with your 
chum, head back the way you came up the ramp and right and enter the door. 

In next area a Russian will try to get the jump on you, but gets blown away by 
Black Widow who rejoins your party. Clear out the remaining Russians in the 
area, and head for the door with the electronic lock. Black Widow can't open 
it, but you can thanks to your chum earlier. Enter the warehouse where you'll 
find some Russians filling someone on the floor with lead. Return the favor and 
fill them with all with lead. Head left and you'll see some Russians testing 
out a plane engine (one of them has a skull icon). Wait until it starts up, and 
then take out the two non-skull icon Russians. Grab the remaining one and use 
the special interrogation. If he breaks he'll tell you to open the nearby 
locker for some weapons. Go ahead and kill him for another witty remark from 
Frank, then help yourself to the weapon locker nearby. Talk to Black Widow to 
proceed to the next area.

Part Three

Make your way to the warehouse on the left towards the entrance gate below, 
taking out the Russians along the way. Enter the gate and you'll see a large 
ramp heading up. Several Russians are above talking about the recent shipment, 
one of which as a skull icon. Take everyone else out save the one with the 
icon. Grab him and use the special interrogation to break him. When you're done 
head right through the next door, where some Russians are waiting. Kill them 
all and head through the next door which leads to an outside walkway. Follow it 
straight ahead and to the right, and climb up to the crane. Use the controls, 
then press up on the left analog stick to move the crane arm up (it might take 
a while since the crane is slow). When it's all the way up press down on the 
analog stick to send it crashing down on the freighter. Repeat until the boat 
is history. Exit the crane and head back the way you came until you reach the 
doors left from the top of the ramp. The door should be open, and several 
Russians will pop out to say hello. Greet them with automatic fire, and then 
head left to exit out the door on the other side. Outside you'll see Black 
Widow being taken hostage yet again. Slide down the ladder and head towards 
her. Once again she manages to turn the tables against her would be captor. 
Proceed to eliminate the remaining Russians in the area, with the exception of 
the one with the skull icon. Grab him and take him to the special interrogation 
near the trailer. Break him and he'll give you a hint on the next boss. Thank 
him by ending his life, then head towards the switch near the warehouse door. 
Activate it and head in for the boss fight.

Part Four

Boss: Tank
Weapon: Cannon
Weak Point: Grenades

As you might imagine, most conventional firearms aren't going to penetrate tank 
armor. Luckily for you someone left a grenade launcher nearby with plenty of 
ammo. From the start head left and grab the grenade launcher. Wait until the 
tank fires, and then launch one or two grenades at it. Quickly take cover 
behind the containers when the tank fires again. The tank fires shells 
rhythmically, so you can get a feeling of when to fire and when to take cover. 
If you run out of grenades head back to the box and get some more. The tank 
commander shoots at you next to the tank, as do two other Russians on either 
side, but you can pretty much ignore them during the fight. If the containers 
are all destroyed you can take cover behind the brick walls on the side of the 
area, which (interestingly enough) cannot be penetrated by the tank shells, 
making it a safe area to shoot the tank from.


Part One

Three Russians are on deck talking amongst themselves at the start of the 
mission. When they're done, hose them all down with your submachine gun. More 
Russians will appear from the hatches, along with a few on the upper deck. A 
Russian with a skull icon will appear among them as well. Take them all out, 
then drag the last one to the special interrogation spot. He doesn't yield any 
useful information when he breaks, so feel free to bring the conversation to 
its inevitable conclusion. When you're done, head through the open hatch (all 
the open hatches are lit with a green light on this mission, so you won't get 
lost). Head downstairs and keep going until you hear more Russians talking. 
Switch to fine aim and introduce yourself. Head out the other side of the room 
and keep going through the storeroom until you reach a workshop with yet more 
Russians, one of which has a skull icon. Fine aim and blow them away, then grab 
the last one left. The special interrogation here (buzz saw table) is very 
difficult to use without killing your subject, as is the drill special 
interrogation nearby, so I'd recommend using Gun Tension instead. When he 
breaks he'll tell you about the weapon locker nearby. Now that he's outlived 
his usefulness, go ahead and kill him with the buzz saw. There is a really cool 
glitch here if you use the buzz saw to kill someone. When the cut scene ends, 
take aim and shoot at the dead body on the table. Pretty freaky huh? Anyway, go 
grab the assault rifle from the locker and head out the next door. Climb down 
the two sets of ladders and open the next door to the engine room. It's pretty 
cramped in there, and several Russians are just itching to shoot you inside, so 
be prepared for some close quarters shooting. One has a skull icon so again 
save him for last. Grab him and use the special interrogation nearby. When he 
breaks go ahead and use him for engine lubricant, and then plant the first bomb 
near the red marker. Head up the stairs on the right and follow the path to the 
next engine room, killing the random Russians along the way. In the second 
engine room head left around the walkway to the control room and take out the 
guard in there. Plant the second bomb and make your way downstairs to the exit. 
More Russians appear in the area so take them out as they present themselves.

Part Two

If you haven't done so already, you might want to switch to the assault rifle 
for this next area. It will come in handy during the close quarters shooting 
that you'll be doing a lot of in the crew quarters. Enter the first floor 
quarters and make your way through, blowing away all the Russians that pop out 
of their rooms. If you take it slow and shoot them one at a time, you should 
have no problem making it through with minimal fuss. There are handy signs 
pointing the way to the next staircase along the walls. If you get lost, you 
can always just use the bodies on the ground as breadcrumbs to see where you've 
already been. When you reach the next staircase, head up to the second floor 
quarters, where you'll pretty much be doing the same thing as the last floor. 
Shoot the Russians one at a time as they emerge, and you should get by 
relatively easily. Head up the next flight of stairs at the end to enter the 
ship's cargo hold.

Part Three

From your starting vantage point you can start sniping the Russians below 
before you make your way down. There's a control room on the upper level where 
you can hit a switch that drops a container on the Russians below, but you need 
to take out the Russian in the room discreetly or his gunfire will alert 
everyone else that you're here. Head downstairs and proceed to clear the area 
systematically of Russians. One of them has a skull icon, so save him for the 
special interrogation near the forklift. Once you've "forked" him, talk to the 
woman in the cargo container. Head back upstairs, where more Russians have 
arrived in the commotion. Take them out, and head to the open door near where 
you started. This leads to another crew quarter area. Again, take it very slow 
and steady, as there are a lot of Russians here. As you turn left around the 
corner where the staircase sign is, watch out for a Russian with a skull icon 
that will jump out at you from the left. If you have a trigger finger it's very 
easy to accidentally gun him down on imppulse. If you avoid doing so, it's well 
worth it to interrogate him. If he breaks he'll offer you to take you to his 
quarters where he'll give you his old flamethrower. Take him up on his offer 
and release him. Follow him to his room and get ready to barbeque. The 
flamethrower is great fun to use, but it runs out of fuel very quickly, and 
enemies have a habit of running into you while they're burning, making it 
somewhat dangerous to use, especially in such tight quarters. On the plus side, 
they're equally as likely to set other enemies on fire while they're running 
around. It's your call. Regardless of what you decide, continue onwards through 
the quarters taking out anything that moves. If you are using the flamethrower, 
it's interesting to note that the Kevlar wearing soldiers burn up much faster 
than the other Russians, some of which can take quite a long time to die when 
immolated. If you're going with pyrotechnics, try to set one enemy on fire at a 
time and wait till they expire (be careful as they can still burn for a short 
while after they hit the ground) before heading on. Hopefully they'll set the 
next enemy on fire as they run around. Keep going until you reach the exit and 
another flight of stairs.

Watch out in this next area, as one of the Kevlar wearing Russians has a 
flamethrower of his own and isn't shy about using it. There are more Kevlar 
wearing Russians on this level as well, some of which are carrying heavy 
machineguns. Take your time through the area and try to head shot the armored 
Russians. You'll know you're near the end when you get to the Russian that 
mentions his shotgun. In the last room you'll meet the captain of the ship, who 
has the sister of the woman you talked to earlier in the cargo hold hostage. 
Don't get too close or he'll automatically shoot her in the head. Switch to a 
sidearm and aim for his head. When the captain is done talking Frank will tell 
him that's all he needs to know. At this point go ahead and kill him to end the 


Boss: The Russian
Weapons: Fists
Weak Point: Special Kill Zones

This isn't so much of a mission as it is a boss fight. Frank won't have access 
to any of his conventional firearms in this battle, and none of the impromptu 
weapons in the apartment do any damage to The Russian. The key to victory is to 
use the special kill zones in the apartment to take him out. The problem is 
that Frank can't normally grab The Russian. The trick is to wait until The 
Russian does a haymaker (raises both of his fists together and brings them down 
in a hammer blow). After he does this he'll be stunned for a few moments while 
he recovers. If Frank is in the area when he does this he'll be stunned as 
well, but Frank recovers faster that The Russian, so you still have a window of 
opportunity. When The Russian is stunned get behind him and grab him as normal 
(Frank will jump on his back actually). Lead him to the special kill zones and 
press up and down on the analog stick to damage him. There are three kill zones 
in all (a refrigerator, three monitors, and a TV). When The Russian takes 
enough damage from one, he'll automatically break free and throw Frank around 
the apartment. Don't worry about this, as there's nothing you can do about it. 
Just concentrate on getting to each special kill zone and lure The Russian near 
it. When you get to the third zone keep bashing his head in until his health 
gauge empties. You've won, for now...


Part One

At the start head down the path until the two watchtowers come into view. A 
guard is posted at the top of each. Use the sniper rifle to take them both out. 
Headshots are preferable, but shooting them in the chest works just as well. A 
sentry is also walking around below, so take him out as well. As you approach 
the gate several guards appear from the building to the left. If you have good 
aim you can take them out with the sniper rifle as well. If not, switch to the 
machine pistols and gun them all down. Head inside and hit the switch to open 
the gate (and hear yet another Castle witticism). The building to the right of 
the gate contains some fragmentation grenades. These will come in handy later. 
Head down the path and more soldiers will appear in the distance. Again, you 
can either shoot them with the rifle or machine pistols, whichever you feel 
more comfortable with. I'd recommend getting some practice with the rifle, as 
you'll need to use it with precision in a later event during this mission. 

Part Two

In the distance several snipers are posted along the rooftop of the barracks, 
along with a few soldiers on the ground. Take them all out and head inside the 
barracks. If you want you can also head up the path on the right and enter via 
the windows on the roof. Whichever way you go, take out the soldiers inside the 
bunk area, with the exception of one with a skull icon. Drag the skull icon 
solder to the special interrogation area near the ceiling fan. When broken 
he'll tell you about an armory in the next building. Go ahead and finish him 
off, then head right through the locker room. Several soldiers are inside so 
take them out along the way. You'll enter the main hall but a barricade is 
blocking it, so you'll need to take a detour left through yet another bunk 
area. Clear the soldiers out, including the one above on the upper level. Be 
sure to enter the doorway underneath where armory that the previous soldier you 
interrogated mentioned earlier is. You'll find quite a bit of toys there. When 
you're done looting the place, head back out and through the door leading to 
the main hall. Several more soldiers will come pouring in from outside. Take 
out the ones closest to the door, then head outside and shoot the ones coming 
from the right through the previously locked gate. More soldiers appear on the 
left as well, so be careful not to get caught in their crossfire. When the 
coast is clear, continue up the path. Some soldiers appear to the right on the 
ridge, and more appear in the path ahead. There's a special kill zone on the 
ridge right by the large snake. It's a hassle to get someone to it, but it's 
well worth the effort.

At the end of the path you'll see a maintenance garage. Sneak up to the guards 
near the jeep to overhear their conversation. Once they're done go ahead and 
gun them all down. More guards are stationed to the left, one of which has a 
skull icon. Shoot them all and grab the last one. Lead him to the jeep door 
where another special interrogation awaits. Break him and he'll tell you about 
a weapons locker in the room nearby. Head inside and open the locker for more 
grenades. Grab the explosives that are nearby as well. Head back outside and 
head right towards the locked gate. There's a fuel tank on the left with a 
marker on it. Plant the explosives there and run back before it blows. When the 
smoke clears head back towards the gate to move on to the next area.

Part Three

There's a heavy chain gun turret stationed up the path. Head towards the trees 
on the left and make your way towards the gunner, using the trees as cover. 
Several soldiers appear near the crates on the right. Enter fine aim mode and 
shoot them. When they're gone, use a grenade and toss it at the gun 
emplacement. If your aim is good you can kill him with one toss. If you run out 
of grenades or don't have any you'll need to try to outflank the gunner (the 
gun can only turn in an 180 degree arc). Note that if you grab the gunner you 
can use the gun itself as a special interrogation, but it's not necessary here 
unless you need the health boost. Continue down the path and several more 
soldiers appear in an ambush. Use the rocks as cover and take them all down. 
Continue on and you'll see a large gate to your right. The gate gets demolished 
as a large explosion rips through the compound. A solider comes running out 
shortly after, but don't worry, as the soldier in question is none other than 
Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. After a few pleasantries between Frank and 
Nick, the two team up. Like Black Widow, Nick Fury is invincible and is quite 
aggressive with nearby enemies. He also has an assault rifle rather than 
shotgun, so he's a bit better equipped for long range shooting than Black 
Widow. Head inside the demolished compound with Nick and start cleaning house. 
Another armored turret is stationed inside, but the gunner will trade off 
between shooting at you and Fury, whomever is closer. Eliminate the gunner with 
a well-placed grenade or by taking him out from the side. Once the coast is 
clear, Fury will open the door with his code. More soldiers await you in the 
confined hallways inside, so use cover judiciously and fine aim to take them 
out. Nick won't get in your way as often as Black Widow, since he tends to fire 
from behind cover more often than not. Be sure to snag the flamethrower inside 
for fun. With Fury's help continue to clear out the area of all opposition. 
Head left around the compound where yet another armored turret opens fire on 
you. Again, either toss a grenade or rush in from the side to take the gunner 
out. Keep heading left until you reach the doorway leading inside the building. 
Use the nearby crates for cover and shoot them all. Once they've been dealt 
with, head on inside.

Part Four

From the hallway use fine aim to take out the soldiers nearby, and then enter 
the next room. The area is a bit large and has quite a bit of places for the 
enemy to take cover, so use cover yourself and fine aim as much as possible to 
take them out one at a time. In the back of the room you'll find a soldier with 
a skull icon desperately calling for help on the radio. Drag him to the special 
interrogation nearby. Break him and he'll give you the code for armory. Zap him 
and proceed onward down the hall. Around the corner on the right is a window 
with some heavily armed and armored guards. Headshot them and use the code you 
obtained previously to open the door to the right of the window. This area is 
the armory, and it's one hell of an armory (the largest in the game in fact). 
Inside the various rooms you'll find more weapons and ammo than you'll know 
what to do with. While you're perusing the selection, Fury may or may not have 
gone on to the next area without you. You'll hear him complain, but it can 
wait. Looting the place is way more important for the time being. Once you've 
filled your pockets with ammo, head back out and rejoin Fury. The next area is 
a large cafeteria, which is crawling with soldiers. Use fine aim to take them 
out. More soldiers are waiting in the kitchen behind you, so be wary lest you 
get shot in the back. Additional soldiers appear from the doorway at the end of 
the cafeteria. Gun them all down, and head out the door they came from. In the 
next hallway, some solders try ambushing you near the weight room. Use the 
corner as cover and snipe them as they come. Continue on until you reach the 
stairwell, where several armored soldiers appear. You can either take them down 
with headshots or toss a grenade in the stairwell. Carefully make your way up 
the stairs, gunning down the soldiers as they appear.

Part Five

From the start turn around and shoot the two soldiers behind you from the cover 
of the pillar. Then head for the staircase where another soldier appears. Take 
him out and head upstairs. Another solider is inside the control room in front 
of you. Kill him  (or take him as a shield) and head back out to the left. Two 
more armored soldiers appear from the elevator. Take them both out and use the 
elevator. Head outside where you'll see a gondola. Step inside and before you 
activate it grab the sniper rifle. You're going to need it for this next part.

Once you activate the gondola, snipers on the other side are going to start 
shooting at the gondola as you make your way across. Your goal for this tricky 
sequence is to shoot as many of them as you can before the gondola is 
destroyed. If it is destroyed, you fall to your death and need to start over 
from the control room area. And that would definitely suck wouldn't it? There 
are towers on the left and right with snipers, and two small pillboxes below 
each of them with snipers. There are also snipers on the gondolas coming up 
towards you, and snipers that appear in the center. Some additional snipers 
appear in the same locations when you eliminate the previous ones, so you need 
to be constantly scanning for targets. Don't get too frustrated if you can't 
pass this on the first try, as the gondola loses "health" at an alarming rate 
the closer you get to the other side.

Part Six

Boss: The Russian
Weapon: Exploding Barrels, Fists
Weak Point: Explosives

You might wonder where The Russian is at the start of the fight. The answer is 
right above you. He's running around on the catwalks above, and he'll start 
throwing exploding barrels at you when you're in range. Bullets have no effect, 
so you might wonder how you're supposed to hurt him. The key is the barrels he 
throws at you. The Russian will pick a barrel up and carry it around. When he 
gets close to you he'll ignite it and throw it at you. The moment the barrel 
ignites, shoot it and it will blow up in his face, damaging him. You can use 
the sniper rifle to do this, but since it has a long reload time and you only 
have a very short interval to shoot the barrel in, it's risky unless you're a 
very good shot. Otherwise, you might want to use your machine pistols and fire 
a burst at the barrel. During the fight some soldiers will appear in the area 
to further complicate things. Once The Russian reaches 50% health the second 
part of the battle begins.

Now that The Russian is on the ground the battle takes on a whole new twist. 
He'll start chasing you around the area, which is scattered with explosive 
barrels. Wait for him to set one on fire as he passes it, and then shoot it to 
cause it to explode and damage him. The barrels will explode by themselves, but 
shooting them is much faster and safer. They will also re-spawn in the area so 
you can go back and forth between them. If you have any left, grenades will 
also damage him as well. Once he's taken care of, feel free to eliminate the 
remaining enemies (there's a special kill zone underneath the missile pad). 
Head for the door beyond the missile to reach General Kreigkopf. He's not much 
tougher than a standard soldier, so just blow him away with any weapon you have 
handy and hit the switch on the control panel to end the mission.


Part One

From the start walk over to the two guards standing in front of the elevators, 
and then grab one and blast the other. Guards will come from the right when 
they hear the commotion, and more will come from the elevators shortly after. 
Mow all of them down, and then proceed to the two large doors to the right. 
Note the mail drop box with the blue icon nearby. Walk over and stash your C4 
there. You'll be coming back for it later on. Turn around and head for the 
stairwell behind you. Down the stairs you'll come across the guardroom. Several 
guards will attempt to ambush you when you walk down the hall. Use cover and 
take them all out. Some guards might go inside of the guardroom; take them out 
as well. From the corner head left and two automated chain guns will appear 
from the pillars in front of you. Head quickly left two where several guards 
are lying in wait. Nail all of them except for the one with the skull icon. 
Interrogate him successfully and he'll tell you the code to disable the guns. 
Use the code on the console behind him and the guns will shut down, clearing 
the way to the next area.

Part Two

Boss: Bullseye (Part One)
Weapon: Throwing Knives
Weak Point: Head

Bullseye is wearing a special suit of armor, which deflects all weapon fire. 
His only weak point is his head, but he moves so quickly that getting a clean 
shot will be difficult while dodging all the knives he throws at you. The key 
to victory is to use grenades. There is an ammo box to the left of where you 
entered the room. A grenade will spawn in that location every few seconds. Grab 
a grenade and throw it at Bullseye when he stops to throw knives at you. If it 
connects he'll be stunned for a few moments. Enter fine aim and quickly fire a 
burst at his vulnerable head. Repeat the process until he runs away into the 
elevator. Be sure to restock on ammo after the fight, and collect grenades 
until you've reached your maximum capacity. When you're done head towards the 
elevator to the next level.

Part Three

This area is under heavy construction so there's quite a bit of gaps between 
the walls. Several guards will come rushing towards your position from the 
start. Use the walls as cover and take them out with fine aim. One of the 
guards nearby has a skull icon. When the other guards are dead, take the last 
one to the special interrogation and break him. He'll offer to distract the 
other guards for you. If you take him up on his offer he'll call the other 
guards to tell them you're dead (otherwise more guards will appear in the 
elevator shortly afterwards). He'll run out the next door after the call. 
Follow him and make your way up to the next area, which is an unfinished 
ceiling above a room. Several guards will appear below from the elevator. Shoot 
them all from above and drop down. Another skull icon guard should be nearby. 
Drag him to the special interrogation (nail gun) and break him. Not too useful 
information, but it's always fun to play with dangerous tools. Nail him and 
Bullseye appears for a rematch.

Boss: Bullseye (Part Two)
Weapon: Throwing Knives
Weak Point: Head

Head for the nearby ammo crate and restock your weapons. This boss fight is 
exactly the same as the one earlier, except you're in a much larger playing 
field. Toss a grenade and shoot his head when he's stunned. Go back for more 
grenades and repeat. After a few hits he'll break off again and head for the 
exit. Restock your weapons before following him out the door.

Part Four

Enter the large circular hallway and head forward. Several guards will appear 
in the distance and below the lower level. Use the pillars as cover and take 
them out. One of the guards has a skull icon, and is near a special 
interrogation zone. You know what to do. Once he breaks go ahead and let him go 
(down the shaft that is) and head right through the doors. You'll see a long 
staircase leading up. Go up and several guards will appear from the side 
balconies. Shoot them and keep going up, taking out the guards that come down 
the stairs as you ascend. At the top head through the large doors and turn 
right down the hallway to Fisk's office where Bullseye is waiting for you.

Part Five

Boss: Bullseye (Part Three)
Weapon: Handgun
Weak Point: Head

Bullseye is now armed with a gun instead of knives. Other than that nothing 
else has changed much, except that it's much harder to dodge his gunfire than 
his throwing knives. Use the pillars as cover and nail him with grenades and 
gunfire. The weapon stash is to the left of the entrance.

Part Six

Several Yakuza storm into the weight room with guns blazing. Take them down and 
make your way to the main hallway and to the elevator. Note that there's a 
special kill zone in the weight room where you can have some fun with Fisk's 

Part Seven

In the lobby Fisk's guards are having a gun battle with the Yakuza forces. All 
of them are hostile, so gun down everyone with equal prejudice. Note that there 
are some heavy armor Yakuza guards in the area as well (you'll know them when 
you see them, they're the ones on the back of the game case that Frank has 
pinned on the table with the laser). The armor they have on gives them 
excellent protection against small arms fire, so if you see one try to head 
shot them if at possible. Another alternative is to use a quick kill when they 
get into range. Also, since they're quite sturdy they make excellent shields. 
Slowly make your way left to the area where you stashed your explosive earlier. 
Retrieve your explosives and head back towards the main exit in the main lobby 
area. An armored gun turret has been place in front. You can either clear him 
out with a grenade or shoot him from the side. Either way, once he's been dealt 
with place an explosive on the door and move back to the elevator area. Adopt a 
defensive position there until the door blows, then head for the exit.


Part One

You'll start out in the warehouse where the tank battle previously took place. 
Climb down the stairs and proceed to clear the area of all Yakuza opposition. A 
Yakuza with a skull icon is in the area (he's dressed in purple). Take him to 
the back where the special interrogation is. When the rest of the Yakuza are 
dead the gate will open. Several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are fighting the Yakuza. 
Help them out by clearing the area, and then head for the double gates in the 
distance. More Yakuza come down the ramp as you approach. Gun them all down. 
From the top you can either head left or right. Heading left will take you to a 
small room where more S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are fighting Yakuza. The door on the 
end leads back to the area you just came from (along with a comment from 
Frank). Heading right leads to a similar room with more Yakuza. Clear them out, 
then head left through the gate by hitting the switch. Continue down the 
walkway until the crane explodes, then drop down and head left to see a 
cowering Yakuza with a skull icon nearby. Grab him and use the special 
interrogation. When he breaks he'll offer to exchange his life for a hostage. 
It seems dubious, but go ahead and take him up on his offer. Return him to the 
shield position and walk down the pier until an armored Yakuza appears with a 
S.H.I.E.L.D. agent hostage. The trade is a no go, so switch to fine aim and 
shoot his head. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent will team up with you for now, but he's 
nowhere near as proficient as Fury was. Still it's better than nothing. 
Continue onwards and take out the heavy armored Yakuza that appear behind the 
containers. When they're all dead, enter the next door and hit the gate switch.

Part Two

If you rescued the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in the previous area, he'll still be with 
you from the start. You should recognize this area from the last time you 
visited. Head towards the plane engine and gun down everyone save the Yakuza 
with the skull icon. Grab him and use the special interrogation. When he breaks 
he'll offer to talk his friends into surrendering. While he'll actually keep 
his word if you let him go, the cease-fire will last a very short time. 
Personally I'd rather just shove him into the propellers for yet another 
Punisher witty remark. Head left towards the crates and prepare to shoot it out 
with several Yakuza (if you have a cease-fire it will only last until the next 
corner). Continue down the passage and around the corner where an armored 
Yakuza is waiting for you. Fortunately, several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents appear to 
help. In the next area a full on firefight is taking place between S.H.I.E.L.D. 
agents and the Yakuza. One armored Yakuza has a grenade launcher so watch out.

In the next area you'll see a hostage and a skull icon armored Yakuza. The 
Yakuza will run into the building. Follow him inside and drag him back out. 
Interrogate and break him to find out how to disarm the bomb on the hostage. 
Return him to the shield position and have him disarm the bomb. Thank him by 
quick killing him, and then talk to the hostage. Head back inside where more 
armored Yakuza appear. Headshot them and head up the stairs, where another 
armored Yakuza is waiting. There's a special interrogation nearby, but it's not 
necessary to use it. From the top of the stairs head left along the walkway 
until you reach a room filled with a ton of weapons. Stock up and head back the 
way you came. More armored Yakuza appear being chased by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent 
wearing heavy armor. Take them out and talk to the agent. Follow him outside, 
where two more hostages are. Quickly headshot the armored Yakuza with the 
hostage before he gets shot, then disarm the bombs on each of them (assuming 
you learned how from the Yakuza you interrogated earlier).  Clear the area of 
remaining Yakuza and head through the next door. Inside an armored Yakuza is 
shooting a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent on the ground. Grab him and interrogate him using 
the gun turret nearby. Break him and he'll offer to release the hostage that 
they have. He's lying; the hostage they have is going to be shot either way, so 
you might as well get revenge by killing him. Several armored Yakuza appear 
afterwards, along with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Clear the area with their help 
(S.H.I.E.L.D. agents will sometimes man the gun turrets, but so will the 
enemy), keeping in mind that one of the Yakuza has a grenade launcher. When the 
area is secure, talk to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to end the mission.


Part One

From the start sneak into the room in front to find several Yakuza 
interrogating a Gnucci (with skull icon). Shoot the Yakuza dead and talk to the 
first hostage. Interrogating the Gnucci gives you a hint of an event later on 
in the mission. Go through the door to the next area where you'll find more 
Yakuza and the second hostage. Further in you'll see an area with meat hanging 
on the walls. Yet more Yakuza and the third hostage are in this room. Head 
right to reach an area where a Gnucci takes out two Yakuza with his shotgun. 
Quickly grab and interrogate him. When he breaks he'll offer to negotiate a 
truce with the rest of the Gnucci if you let him go. He's actually sincere 
about this temporary alliance. I highly recommend taking him up on his offer, 
as it makes the rest of the mission much easier. At this point all the Gnucci 
in the mission assist you in fighting the Yakuza. Be sure not to accidentally 
shoot any of them, as this will make them immediately hostile towards you 
again. With your Gnucci allies in tow, head back out to the room with a 
forklift. Head left and you'll enter a large meat locker with several Yakuza in 
it. Remember that the Yakuza are all wearing business suits, so make sure you 
don't accidentally shoot a Gnucci by mistake. At the end of the locker is a 
room with a Yakuza and a hostage. Switch to fine aim and take him out, then 
talk to the hostage. By this time chances are good that all the Gnucci that 
were with you are dead, so feel free to loot them of their weapons and ammo. 
Head back to the forklift room and this time enter the right door, which leads 
to yet another meat locker filled with Yakuza. Use the pillars and meat as 
cover, and make your way to the room in the back near the right corner. Another 
hostage is inside with a Yakuza. Fine aim and headshot him, and then head back 
to the forklift area. With all the hostages rescued, an employee lowers the 
ladder in the area above. Climb up to finish the area.

Part Two

Head down the ladder and down the passage until you see two Gnucci take their 
revenge out on a Yakuza. Listen in for an amusing conversation, and then head 
left and through the next door. A gun battle is taking place between several 
Yakuza and Gnucci. Take the Yakuza out with fine aim, and then head around the 
conveyer belts to the door on the left. Two more Yakuza appear. Kill them both 
and enter the next room. Several Yakuza are in the area, but several Gnucci 
will appear to help out. Head up the stairs to the upper level, taking out any 
Yakuza within range. Enter the door left of the special interrogation where a 
Yakuza has a hostage. Nail him in the head, and then grab the nearby Yakuza 
with the skull icon cowering nearby. Drag him out of the room to the special 
interrogation. Break him and he'll give you the key to the door that was across 
from the one you just came from. Chuck him over the side (hehe) and head for 
the door on the right to exit.

Part Three

Cross the catwalk to the doors on the opposite side, taking out any Yakuza 
nearby. One leads to the upper level and one leads to the lower level. 
Whichever route you choose, several Yakuza will be waiting for you, one of 
which has a skull icon. After eliminating the rest, grab him and use the 
special interrogation (sausage press) on the lower level. This one's kind of 
tricky, so you might want to use another method instead before turning him into 
sausage. When he breaks he'll tell you the location of a secret weapon stash 
later in the level. Head back to the room with the forklifts and continue to 
the next area. More Yakuza appear along with one with a skull icon. Clear them 
out and drag the remaining one to the special interrogation (shrink wrapper). 
Go ahead and rap with him, then wrap him for good. Head for the trailer in the 
back of the room to the left. The hidden passage that the Yakuza mentioned 
earlier is in the back. Open it up and loot the goodies. Once you're done 
continue onwards to the next room. Two Gnucci are waiting for you there and 
tell you that their boss wants a word with you. Enter the office and talk to 
the Gnucci boss. When he starts speaking aim for his head. When he starts 
saying, "Ma sends her regards..." quickly blow him away. If you don't you'll 
end up with a face full of buckshot. Either way all of the Gnucci immediately 
turn hostile at this point. Of course, you could have just shot the two Gnucci 
outside from the start to get things going, but this way is more fun. Shoot the 
Gnucci outside through the glass window, and then proceed left through the 
restroom areas. Several Gnucci will appear at the doors in groups, so get ready 
to blow them away as you approach each doorway. On an interesting side note, 
although the restroom signs indicate they're handicapped accessible, there are 
no toilet stalls that have any handles on the walls inside. At the end of the 
hallway is the Gnucci drug lab. Don't enter the room, as there are quite a bit 
of Gnucci inside. Instead snipe them all from the comfort of the doorway and 
you should have no problem cleaning them out. Once the last Gnucci is dead the 
mission ends.


Part One

Follow the tour along the hall until the blue force field comes up. Listen in 
on the gratuitous Half-Life reference, and then head back to the door behind 
you. Wait until the armored Yakuza (skull icon) steps out, and then grab him. 
With him in tow, shotgun the two Yakuza inside the laser room and use the 
special interrogation on your human shield. Breaking him lets you listen in on 
his radio, but you can't kill him if you want to do so, since the laser will 
destroy the radio he's carrying. Head back to Dave in the control room and talk 
to him if you want, and then continue out to the main hall behind the shield. 
Head through the doorway on the left where two more Yakuza are. Blow them both 
away and head for the next hallway. Collect the various weapons from the dead 
guards and proceed through the next door. Two Yakuza are inside. Waste both of 
them and head down the corridor.

Part Two

Outside on the balcony is a white armored Yakuza. You could just kill him, or 
you could be stylish by grabbing him and tossing him into the helicopter blades 
(the latter gives you bonus points). Take the sniper rifle nearby and try to 
kill the two Yakuza below. One will probably run beneath you out of range, but 
don't worry about it. Drop the rifle and get your previous weapon, and then 
slide down the ladder to the left. A group of Yakuza has taken up positions in 
the park below, so take them out before proceeding left down the next ladder to 
the left. The helicopter you saw earlier arrives with two armored Yakuza 
inside. You can snipe at them if you like, but someone else arrives shortly 
after to take out the helicopter for you. Head for the open hatch and descend 
the ladder.

Part Three

A Yakuza is working on the panel in front of you. Grab him, and then gun down 
his friend when he comes to investigate. Through the next door another Yakuza 
is working on a panel right next to a special kill zone. Grab him and use it, 
then slowly work your way through the area. There are quite a few Yakuza here, 
with lots of places to snipe at you. Take your time to clear them all out, lest 
they shoot you in the back when you pass them. Head left around the corner and 
continue to the end of the passageway, where you'll overhear some Yakuza about 
deactivating a device. Go through the window and take them out. One Yakuza has 
a skull icon, so again save him for last. Grab him and use the special 
interrogation. When he breaks he'll tell you about the ammo locker to the right 
of the engine. Inside is a whole lot of sub machinegun ammo. Fry him and head 
out the door to the next area.

Part Four

Several armored Yakuza are attacking Stark security guards below. Help them out 
by head shooting them, then make your way down the stairs on the left and grab 
the Yakuza with the skull icon. Take him to the special interrogation near the 
gears. When he breaks he'll tell you about the disabled security system. Stuff 
him into the gears and talk to the armored Stark guard below for a battle 
rifle. The next room is a large office with plenty of Yakuza about. Take your 
time and make judicious use of cover and fine aim to take them out one by one. 
There's a special interrogation near the desk with the three monitors in the 
room, but it's not necessary to use it. Make your way up to the second level 
through the main door. The next room is filled with more desks and Yakuza. 
Carefully make your way through, again using cover and fine aim. In the final 
hallway there are several crates scattered about with Yakuza taking cover 
behind them. Take them down one at a time and head for the door at the end of 
the hall for the boss battle.

Part Five

Boss: Helicopter
Weapons: Rocket Launcher (carried by armored Yakuza inside)
Weak Point: Explosives

In the center of the area is a rocket launcher next to a crate with unlimited 
rocket ammo. Just grab the launcher and keep shooting the helicopter until it 
retreats. When it comes back repeat the process. Keep in mind that two snipers 
are situated above and behind you, and armored Yakuza will come out from the 
entrance below during the fight.


Part One

Walk towards the two Yakuza at the bar to overhear an amusing conversation. 
When they're done gun them down, as well as the other Yakuza that arrive 
shortly after. There's a coatroom to the left of the bar, and a Yakuza (skull 
icon) with a machine gun is stationed inside. Quickly round around inside and 
grab him, and then use the special interrogation. He'll offer to distract his 
friend in the restroom when he breaks. Whether you take him up on his offer is 
up to you, but you hear another amusing conversation if you let him go. If you 
don't, you'll have another hostage situation near the restroom when you step 
outside. Head right to the next door and you'll overhear Takagi talking to his 
subordinates. Step inside and gun them all down. Takagi makes a break for it, 
but you can't kill him now so just ignore him. When the Yakuza are dead go up 
the stairs. Takagi will escape in the nearby elevator, but you can't open it 
just yet. Continue up the stairs to the second level of the restaurant, where 
more Yakuza greet you. Gun them down and head through the left door to the 
nightclub area.

An armored Yakuza is near the railing next to a special interrogation. Grab and 
break him and he'll tell you that only the white armored Yakuza commandos can 
activate the retinal scanner on the elevator. Drop him on the dance floor, and 
then shoot any Yakuza on the lower level from your vantage point. Continue on 
towards the stairs at the opposite end to make your way to the dance floor. 
Head across shooting any Yakuza that you missed, and then head towards the 
kitchen area where even more Yakuza are waiting. Clear them out, taking note of 
the special interrogation (deep fryer) nearby. Continue to the back room and 
you eventually find a woman cowering in a closet. Talk to her and she'll tell 
you how to open the elevator (which you already know from the last Yakuza you 
interrogated). At this point security will get called to the nightclub area. 
Re-enter the kitchen and prepare to fight several waves of Yakuza. Some white 
armored Yakuza appear (all of them have skull icons) with them. Break any of 
them with an interrogation and they'll offer to open the elevator. 
Unfortunately, you need to make your way all the way back to the elevator with 
him, and the place is swarming with Yakuza. You don't have to use the first one 
you see, as there is more than one guard you can use to open the door. Take 
your hostage all the way back to the elevator and use him to open the door. 
Note that if all the white commandos are killed, the elevator door will open 
eventually, but several armored Yakuza will come out of it and you'll have to 
gun them all down to proceed.

Part Two

It's a bit too quiet in Takagi's penthouse, but that's going to change soon. 
Make your way through the penthouse until you reach a room with several 
displays of Japanese armor. Step through the next door to reach Takagi.

Part Three

Listen to what Takagi has to say, and then grab the katana from the display in 
front of you. Go up to Takagi and quick kill him with it. If you try anything 
else he will start attacking you, as will his bodyguards. If you kill him as he 
requests, his bodyguards will follow suit and kill themselves, dropping various 
weapons for you to use. Collect them and interrogate the nearby Yakuza with the 
skull icon. Break him and he'll tell you the only way out is to activate a 
secret door, which can be done in Takagi's office. Unfortunately, the door to 
the office is locked so you'll have to find a key for it. At this point the 
entire penthouse will be invaded by swarms of Yakuza (who keep re-spawning from 
the side doors). Some of them have flamethrowers so watch out. Make your way 
out of the room and head for the left door on the opposite end of the armor 
room. Keep going through the boardroom to the door on the left. In the next 
room turn right where you'll find the key in the next room. There's also a 
S.W.A.T. officer corpse in the corner, next to which is an auto shotgun. Turn 
around and go back the way you came through the next room, and keep going to 
the door on the opposite side. Unlock it with the key and head for the desk 
nearby. There's a computer on it, which you can activate to open the secret 
door. Unfortunately, you need to wait a few minutes before it opens up. 
Meanwhile you need to stay alive while Yakuza continuously storm the penthouse. 
Find a good defensive position to hold up while the countdown expires. Note 
that there is a Yakuza (skull icon) in the kitchen area (near the room where 
you found the key) that, if you interrogate successfully, will offer to open 
the secret door for you. The trick is to keep him alive, as the Yakuza will 
also target him on the way to the door. When the countdown ends, make your way 
back to the elevator you came from. In the passage on the right (facing the 
elevator) is a painting with a hidden switch. Activate it and the secret door 
will open. More Yakuza are waiting in the next corridor, one of which is behind 
an armored turret. Use the rooms to maneuver behind him and take him out. There 
is also a counterfeiter in one of the rooms you can talk to for fun. When the 
coast is clear, head for the elevator to end the mission. 


Part One

Follow the hallway until you reach a convict threatening a guard. Quick kill 
him (how'd Frank get his knife? Soap?), grab the pistol he drops, and then 
follow the guard to the back to get a shotgun. Head back through the metal 
detectors to the cafeteria. The guards will get slaughtered in short order, 
leaving you alone with the rest of the convicts. Take out the ones nearby, 
including the two that are on the upper level. Head for the hall at the end of 
the room and through the nearby door (the door in the kitchen is locked for 
now). Another convict is on the stairs the moment you open the door. Blow him 
away and head up to the upper level. Take out any remaining convicts there, and 
then grab the key from the nearby guard corpse. Return downstairs and open the 
door in the kitchen area. Continue down the hallways until you reach the first 
cellblock. Several convicts are gathered around the corpse of a guard. Shoot 
them all, and then head up the stairs on the right to the upper level. In one 
of the cells you'll find a convict with a skull icon. Before interrogating him, 
make sure to nail the convicts that appear shortly up the stairs for you. Break 
the convict and he'll tell you a little about how the riot got started. Flush 
him and head back downstairs and continue out the cellblock until you see a 
window to the outside courtyard. The S.W.A.T. team arrives to help out. That is 
until they all get blown up with a rocket. Continue on and you'll reach another 
area where you'll find an injured guard beyond a locked gate. Talk to him and 
then go through the station behind him and up the ladder. There you'll find an 
armored Yakuza on the roof. Interrogate him, and then kill him using the 
special kill zone nearby, which also destroys the generator to boot. At this 
time you'll see several convicts run across the courtyard to the other side. 
Shoot them for fun if you like, and then head back down the ladder you just 
came from.

Part Two

Unfortunately, the guard you previously talked to is dead. Several convicts are 
kicking a fellow felon on the ground (possibly a child molester/rapist judging 
from their dialog). Shoot them all and the convict (skull icon) they were 
beating on flees into a cell. When the remaining convicts are dead go ahead and 
use the special interrogation on the last one. When he breaks he'll tell you 
about a stash of Molotov cocktails in a cell on the upper levels. Finish him 
off for a Punisher one liner and head up to the cells on the upper level. In 
the one on the very left you'll find a few Molotov cocktails. The Molotov act 
like grenades except they shatter on impact and immolate enemies like the 
flamethrower. Head back down and continue past the fire. In the next hall two 
more guards get killed. Avenge them by blowing away the convicts, and then head 
through the station nearby to unlock the gate. Be sure to grab the nearby 
assault rifle on the way out. Keep going till you reach another cellblock up in 
flames. Several convicts open up on you. Return fire and kill them all. To 
paraphrase a character from another game, Frank must be saving New York a hell 
of a lot of money in prison costs. Continue on and Frank will encounter a guard 
behind a station. Talk to him, although he won't be of much help. Continue left 
until you see the sign for death row area. It's time for a little diversion. 
Head through that door and down the stairs to meet Ronnie the Ripper. Talk to 
him and he'll offer to tell you about a hidden stash of weapons in exchange for 
his freedom. Head back to the switch on the wall to open the gate and talk to 
him again. Introduce yourself, and then grab Ronnie and drag him to the very 
special interrogation area (electric chair). Apply voltage steadily until he 
breaks, and then proceed to smoke him. No not vengeance. Punishment. Head back 
up the stairs and back to the main hall. Go around the corner and through the 
door to the next area.

Part Three

Head down the corridor until you reach a convict with his back turned towards 
you. Quick kill him, and continue to the stairs. If you broke Ronnie previously 
you'll find an auto shotgun underneath the stairs. Continue up the stairs to 
the next room, where several convicts are preparing to hang a guard. The guard 
will get shot the moment they spot you, so blow everyone away once you enter 
the room. Once convict has a skull icon so save him for last. Drag him to the 
special interrogation (hangman's noose) and interrogate away. If he breaks 
he'll offer to talk to the other convicts in the next room. If you let him go 
he'll actually talk to them and none of the convicts will attack you. Then 
again, they went through the trouble of setting up this lovely noose, so it's 
up to you. The next room is the laundry room. If you let the felon go 
previously none of the convicts will attack you and you can go through without 
a fight. If not, get ready for a firefight. A convict with a skull icon is in 
the room, so once again save him for last. Drag him to the special 
interrogation (laundry press) and press him for information. Break him and 
he'll reveal more Molotov cocktails behind the press behind you. Head out to 
the right and you'll see two convicts in a firefight with two guards. Shoot 
them both and head down the hall. Two S.W.A.T. members get killed in short 
order by convicts coming from the left. Take them out, and slowly open the door 
to the left. Using the doorway as cover, kill all the convicts in the tool 
shop. When they're all dead, head out the door on the other side of the room.

Part Four

The print shop is quite large and filled with convicts. Use cover and fine aim 
to eliminate most of them, saving the armored Yakuza with the skull icon for 
last. There are two types of special interrogations here, but they both have 
tricky timing so be careful. Head up the stairs on the right side and follow 
the walkway through the door leading to the staircase. From this point on 
you'll only be facing armored Yakuza throughout the level. The stairwell is 
filled with Yakuza taking cover on the upper levels. Slowly make your way up 
the stairs, using human shields as much as possible while taking out the 
opposition with headshots. At the top you'll reach the office area. This area 
is filled to the brim with Yakuza. Take it slow, use cover frequently, take 
human shields as much as possible, and go for headshots. Make your way through 
the first corridor and turn left around the corner. A large force of Yakuza 
sweeps down the hallway. Again, use the strategy I mentioned previously. Don't 
be afraid to pull back instead of holding your ground. The Yakuza are very 
aggressive and use group tactics, so try not to get flanked. At the end of the 
second corridor two Yakuza lie in wait behind a makeshift barricade. Using the 
corner as cover, carefully snipe them with headshots. Beyond two more Yakuza 
are waiting behind a similar barricade. Through the next door are two more 
Yakuza waiting behind an overturned couch. Take them out and get ready for the 
final boss fight.

Part Five

Boss: Jigsaw
Weapons: Energy Blasts
Weak Point: Jetpack, Explosives

The prototype Iron Man armor Jigsaw is wearing deflects all small-arms fire, 
but fortunately his jetpack isn't as armored. If Jigsaw spots you he'll fire 
several energy blasts towards your position, but fortunately there's quite a 
bit of cover on the roof, so dodging them is not a problem. The trick is to get 
directly underneath him and snipe his jetpack as he passes over you. Keep 
beneath him and he'll never get a clean shot off. When his health gets to 50% 
his jetpack will blow off and he'll attack you on the ground. At this point 
you'll need to get your hands on some explosives to do any damage to him. 
Luckily, the armored Yakuza on the rooftop are carrying some. These explosives 
are called RAMS (Remote Activation Munitions System) and are basically remotely 
detonated mines. You can toss them on the ground or walls with the L1, and then 
detonate them by pressing L1 again. You can also find them spawning near some 
of the rooftop entrances. Keep collecting and tossing RAMS at Jigsaw, and 
eventually he'll go down for good.

Enjoy the final movie and watch the credits for some interesting footage of the 
beta version of the game. Stay after the credits and you'll see the epilogue 
movie, which hints that a sequel might be in the works.

| 8. Acknowledgements |

Special thanks go to the following:

THQ (www.thq.com) - Publisher of The Punisher game.

Volition (www.volition-inc.com) - Developers for The Punisher game.

Information sources:

The Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) - Quotes from The Punisher movies.

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featured in the game.

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