• INI file cheats (Pre-Patch)

    Find and open "defuser.ini" in your BioShock installation folder. Find the key you want to bind the code to and set the bind (for example, "F10=god").<p />Save the file and start the game, while in game press the bound key to toggle.<p />Note: The cheat can be deactivated if a video cutscene appears or if you move to a new area.

    Become Invulnerable/Invinciblegod
    Disable Clippingghost
    Disable Fly and Ghost cheatswalk
    Gives $500igbigbucks
    Gives 9999 ADAMGiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ADAM
    Gives EVEgivebioammo
    Immediately refills your health bar to maxgivehealth
    Kill All Enemies on Levelkillpawns
    Kill Selfsuicide
    Slomo Modeslomo
    Teleport to Crosshairteleport

    Contributed By: Mephisteus, venom1674, Ali_Akbar, and FalloutX.

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  • Obtain Plasmids/Tonics

    Follow these instructions to be able to obtain any or all of the following tonics / plasmids.

    1.) Make a text file, call it Plasmid.txt

    2.) In the file DefUser.ini, which is located inside the Release folder, set up a key with the following command:

    exec Plasmid.txt

    3.) Edit the text file you have just made with any of the following commands and place it into your BioShock "Release" folder.

    4.) Once you are in the game, hit the button you had bound to "exec Plasmid.txt"

    5.) Head to a gene bank.

    6.) Enjoy your newfound powers!

    Alarm ExpertGEP AlarmExpert
    Alarm Expert 2GEP AlarmExpertTwo
    Armored ShellGEP ArmoredBody
    BloodlustGEP Bloodlust
    Booze HoundGEP BoozeHound
    Clever InventorGEP EfficientCrafter
    Cyclone TrapGEP SpringboardTrap
    Cyclone Trap 2GEP SpringboardTrapTwo
    Damage ResearchGEP DeepResearcher
    Electric Bolt 1GEP ElectricBolt
    Electric Bolt 2GEP ElectricBoltTwo
    Electric FleshGEP ElectricBody
    Enrage!GEP BerserkRage
    EVE LinkGEP MedHypoOmnisynthesis
    EVE Link 2GEP MedHypoOmnisynthesisTwo
    Extra NutritionGEP HealthyConsumer
    Extra Nutrition 2GEP HealthyConsumerTwo
    Extra Nutrition 3GEP HealthyConsumerThree
    Focused HackerGEP ElectronicsExpert
    Focused Hacker 2GEP ElectronicsExpertTwo
    Frozen FieldGEP FreezingNimbus
    Gives you 999 Accelerant for chemical throwerGiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_Accelerant
    Gives you 999 anti-personnel pistol ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_AntiPersonnel
    Gives you 999 armor piercing machinegun ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_ArmorPiercingBullet
    Gives you 999 armor piercing pistol ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_ArmorPiercing
    Gives you 999 electric shotgun ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck
    Gives you 999 explosive shotgun ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_HighExplosiveBuck
    Gives you 999 Frag Grenades for grenade launcherGiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade
    Gives you 999 freezing machinegun ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_FrozenBullet
    Gives you 999 Heat Sinker Missiles for grenade launcherGiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG
    Gives you 999 Ionic Gel for chemical throwerGiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_IonicGel
    Gives you 999 kerosene for chemical throwerGiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_Kerosene
    Gives you 999 liquid nitrogen for chemical throwerGiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_LiquidNitrogen
    Gives you 999 regular crossbow ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_Bolt
    Gives you 999 regular machinegun ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_Bullet
    Gives you 999 regular pistol ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_Bullet
    Gives you 999 regular shotgun ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_00Buck
    Gives you 999 rubber bullet machinegun ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_RubberBullet
    Gives you 999 Sticky Grenades for grenade launcherGiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade
    Gives you 999 super heated crossbow ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_SuperHeatedBolt
    Gives you 999 trap crossbow ammoGiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_TrapBolt
    Gives you the Armored Shell+ TonicGEP ArmoredBodyTwo
    Gives you the Clever Inventor TonicGEP EfficientCrafter
    Gives you the Damage Research+ TonicGEP DeepResearcherTwo
    Gives you the Electric Flesh+ TonicGEP ElectricBodyTwo
    Gives you the ElectroBolt++ PlasmidGEP ElectricBoltThree
    Gives you the Frozen Field+ TonicGEP FreezingNimbusTwo
    Gives you the Human Inferno+ TonicGEP SuperHeatedTwo
    Gives you the Hypnotize Big Daddy++ PlasmidGEP SummonProtectorTwo
    Gives you the Incinerate++ PlasmidGEP IncinerateThree
    Gives you the Insect Swarm++ PlasmidGEP InsectSwarmPlasmidThree
    Gives you the Natural Camouflage TonicGEP ChameleonBlood
    Gives you the Photographers Eye+ TonicGEP EyeForDetailTwo
    Gives you the Scrounger TonicGEP ThoroughScavenger
    Gives you the Shutdown Expert+ TonicGEP ExtendedShutdownTwo
    Gives you the Sport Boost+ TonicGEP FastTwitchTwo
    Gives you the Static Discharge+ TonicGEP ChargedBurstsTwo
    Gives you the Target Dummy PlasmidGEP DecoyHuman
    Gives you the Telekinesis PlasmidGEP Telekinesis
    Gives you the WinterBlast++ PlasmidGEP IcicleAssaultThree
    Gives you the Wrench Jockey+ TonicGEP MeleeMasterTwo
    Gives you the Wrench Lurker+ TonicGEP SneakAttackTwo
    Hacker's DelightGEP GeneticHacker
    Hacker's Delight 2GEP GeneticHackerTwo
    Hacker's Delight 3GEP GeneticHackerThree
    Hacking ExpertGEP HackingExpert
    Hacking Expert 2GEP HackingExpertTwo
    Hypnotize Big DaddyGEP SummonProtector
    Incinerate! 1GEP Incineration
    Incinerate! 2GEP IncinerationTwo
    Incinerate! 3GEP IncinerationThree
    Insect SwarmGEP InsectSwarmPlasmid
    Insect Swarm 2GEP InsectSwarmPlasmidTwo
    Machine Buster (kill cam, bots, turrets efficiently)GEP MachineBully
    Machine Buster 2GEP MachineBullyTwo
    Medical ExpertGEP MedicineFriendly
    Medical Expert 2GEP MedicineFriendlyTwo
    Medical Expert 3GEP MedicineFriendlyThree
    more EVEGEP BioAmmoEfficiency
    Organic Pockets (large capacity)GEP OrganicPockets
    Photographer's EyeGEP EyeForDetail
    Prolific InventorGEP ProlificCrafter
    SafecrackerGEP StationExpert
    Safecracker 2GEP StationExpertTwo
    ScroungerGEP ThoroughScavenger
    Security BullseyeGEP SecurityBeacon
    Security EvasionGEP NearSightedCameras
    Security Evasion 2GEP NearSightedCamerasTwo
    Security ExpertGEP SecuritySystemsExpert
    Security Expert 2GEP SecuritySystemsExpertTwo
    Shorten AlarmsGEP ShorterAlarm
    Shorten Alarms 2GEP ShorterAlarmTwo
    Shutdown ExpertGEP ExtendedShutdown
    Shutdown Expert 2GEP ExtendedShutdownTwo
    Speedy HackerGEP SlowFlow
    Speedy Hacker 2GEP SlowFlowTwo
    SportBoostGEP FastTwitch
    Static DischargeGEP ChargedBursts
    Vending Expert 2GEP VendingExpertTwo
    Vending Expert cheaper itemsGEP VendingExpert
    Winter Blast 1GEP IcicleAssault
    Winter Blast 2GEP IcicleAssaultTwo
    Wrench JockeyGEP MeleeMaster
    Wrench LurkerGEP SneakAttack

    Contributed By: ferarri123 and Brokaliv.

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  • Post Patch Ver 1.1 cheats

    Note: v1.1 of the game is required to enable all codes. Some, but not all, codes can be used with earlier versions. This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the files before proceeding. You will need to allow hidden files and folders to be shown in order to edit this particular .ini file. Use a text editor to edit the "User.ini" file found in the following locations: Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Bioshock\ Windows Vista: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock\ Set a key binding in the User.ini file to any of the following codes (for example, "F10=fly"). Then, press the corresponding key during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Any active codes are disabled when a new area loads or intermission sequence plays. General codes are as follows:

    Set gravity; "-1400,0" is default; "0.0" is no gravitysetgravity <number>
    Set jump height; "600.0" is default, more than "1200.0" will result in taking damage upon landingsetjumpz <number>

    Contributed By: madmaty23.

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  • Summoning weapons, ammunition, and items

    Create a text file named Weapons.txt with a text editor and place it in the "System" folder in the game directory, which is typically "C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock\Content\System". In the "User.ini" file used in the "Cheat mode" section, bind the following command to any key exec Weapons.txt Edit the Weapons.txt file you have just made with any of the following commands listed below. Once you are in the game, use the key you have bound to the "exec Weapons.txt" line. Alternately, you can use Plasmid.txt file if already created and use the same key for both types of cheats. Spawned weapons and ammunition will appear directly in your inventory. Note: The game has default maximum ammunition carrying capacities for each weapon (for example, you can normally carry a maximum of 48 standard pistol rounds) Thus if you try to summon 999 pistol rounds with the pistol in your inventory, the game will automatically limit you to 48 rounds. However if you summon 999 rounds before you first acquire the pistol, then you will have 999 rounds available in your inventory.

    Armor piercing machinegun roundsGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.MachineGun_ArmorPiercingBullet
    Armor piercing pistol roundsGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.Pistol_ArmorPiercing
    Chemical ThrowerGiveWeapon ShockGame.ChemicalThrower
    CrossbowGiveWeapon ShockGame.Crossbow
    Electric shotgun shellsGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck
    Explosive shotgun shellsGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.Shotgun_HighExplosiveBuck
    Frag grenades for grenade launcherGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade
    Freezing machinegun roundsGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.MachineGun_FrozenBullet
    Grenade LauncherGiveWeapon ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher
    Heat seeking missiles for grenade launcherGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG
    Machine GunGiveWeapon ShockGame.MachineGun
    PistolGiveWeapon ShockGame.Pistol
    ShotgunGiveWeapon ShockGame.Shotgun
    Standard machinegun roundsGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.MachineGun_Bullet
    Standard shotgun shellsGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.Shotgun_00Buck
    Sticky grenades for grenade launcherGiveItem <1-999> ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade
    WrenchGiveWeapon ShockGame.Wrench

    Contributed By: madmaty23 and CVanScythe.

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  • Unit Research Commands

    1. Create "research.txt" in \Content\System within your BioShock installation folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock\Content\System). Add any of the codes listed below to research.txt and save it. Be sure to preserve the spacing. Each code must be on its own line in the file. 2. Open “User.ini” in “X:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Bioshock” for XP or “X:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\BioShock” for Vista. You may need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders to find it. 3. Find the section entitled [Default]. 4. Within this section, find an unbound key that you want to use and bind it to the command "Exec research.txt" (i.e. F7=Exec research.txt).

    Fully research unit "Bouncer"testAddResearchPoints Bouncer 2000
    Fully research unit "Houdini Splicer"testAddResearchPoints Assassin 1750
    Fully research unit "Leadhead Splicer"testAddResearchPoints RangedAggressor 1750
    Fully research unit "Little Sister"testAddResearchPoints Gatherer 2000
    Fully research unit "Nitro Splicer"testAddResearchPoints Grenadier 1750
    Fully research unit "Rosie"testAddResearchPoints Rosie 2000
    Fully research unit "Security Bot"testAddResearchPoints SecurityBot 1750
    Fully research unit "Security Camera"testAddResearchPoints SecurityCamera 1750
    Fully research unit "Spider Splicer"testAddResearchPoints CeilingCrawler 1750
    Fully research unit "Thuggish Splicer"testAddResearchPoints MeleeThug 1750
    Fully research unit "Turret"testAddResearchPoints Turret 1750

    Contributed By: agent2594.

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  • Weapon Upgrade Commands

    1. Create "upgrades.txt" in \Content\System within your BioShock installation folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock\Content\System). Add any of the codes listed below to upgrades.txt and save it. Be sure to preserve the spacing. Each code must be on its own line in the file. 2. Open “User.ini” in “X:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Bioshock” for XP or “X:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\BioShock” for Vista. You may need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders to find it. 3. Find the section entitled [Default]. 4. Within this section, find an unbound key that you want to use and bind it to the command "Exec upgrades.txt" (i.e. F7=Exec upgrades.txt). NOTE: If you give upgrades for a weapon you don't have yet, the upgrades will be applied when you pick up that weapon, so you don't have to wait to get a weapon before you upgrade it.

    Gives the "Chemical Thrower Consupmtion Rate" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade ChemicalThrower ConsumptionRate
    Gives the "Chemical Thrower Range" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade ChemicalThrower Range
    Gives the "Crossbow Breakage Chance" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade Crossbow BreakageChance
    Gives the "Crossbow Damage Increase" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade Crossbow Damage
    Gives the "Grenade Launcher Damage Immunity" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade GrenadeLauncher Immunity
    Gives the "Grenade Launcher Damage Increase" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade GrenadeLauncher Damage
    Gives the "Machine Gun Damage Increase" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade MachineGun Damage
    Gives the "Machine Gun Kickback Reduction" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade MachineGun Kickback
    Gives the "Pistol Clip Size" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade Pistol MagazineSize
    Gives the "Pistol Damage Increase" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade Pistol Damage
    Gives the "Shotgun Damage Increase" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade Shotgun Damage
    Gives the "Shotgun Rate of Fire" upgrade.AddWeaponStatUpgrade Shotgun RateOfFire

    Contributed By: agent2594.

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