• Codes

    Load the game with the "-debug" command line parameter. Then while playing as the indicated character, press ~ and enter the code

    GIVEALLWEAPONSAll weapons and ammo
    TIMESCALE [0.0-1.0]Change game speed
    MOTIONTRACKERSPEED [0-16]( must be marine charcter)Change motion tracker speed
    MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME [0.00-1.00]( must be marine charcter)Change motion tracker volume
    ALIENBOTCreate CPU controlled Alien
    MARINEBOT [class number]Create CPU controlled Marine
    PRAETORIANBOTCreate CPU controlled Praetorian Alien
    PREDOBOT [class number]Create CPU controlled Predator
    PREDALIENBOTCreate CPU controlled Predator-Alien
    XENOBORGCreate CPU controlled Xenoborg
    LIGHTCreate light aura; repeat for brighter aura
    SHOWFPSDisplay frame rate
    SHOWPOLYCOUNTDisplay number of rendered polygons
    GODGod mode
    LISTCMDList cheat commands
    LISTVARList in-game help
    GIMME_CHARGE ( must be preadator)Replenish energy supply
    CROUCHMODE [0 or 1] ( Must be alien)Toggle crouch and crawl

    Contributed By: theshadow247.

Aliens Versus Predator 2 Cheats


  • Aliens Versus Predator 2 Single-player Codes

    While in game press ''Enter'' and type ''<cheat>'' (include the space after <cheat>), followed with the one of the codes from below and then press ''Enter'' to enable the code.

    mpicu3rd person mode on/off (HUD doesn't visible in this mode)
    mpschuckitAdd weapons and ammo
    mpbeammeBeam player to level start with initial conditions
    mpmorphChange into indicated character type (
    mpfovEdit (with keys) FOV value
    mplightaddEdit (with keys) light amplification
    mplightscaleEdit (with keys) light scale
    mpvertextintEdit (with keys) vertext tint
    mpbreachEdit (with keys) weapon breach
    mpwmposEdit (with keys) weapon offset 1
    mpwposEdit (with keys) weapon offset 2
    mpkohlerFull ammo
    mpstockpileFull ammo (maybe with differences?)
    mpsmithyFull armor
    mpcanthurtmeGod mode on/off
    mpxfilesLevel select for all three species
    mpsixthsenseNo clip on/off
    mpdoctordoctorSet health to indicated number
    mpgpsShow position info on/off
    mpgrsShow rotation info on/off
    mpsizemeShow size info on/off
    mptachometerShow speed info on/off
    mpbeammeTeleport to level start with default conditions
    mpbunkerUnlimited ammunition
    mpmillertimeWarps character speech

    Contributed By: Ryouji Kaji, Majin Slu, and CronoLV99.

  • Morph Options

    Hit the return (or enter) anytime during the game and enter ''mpmorph (species name)'' at the prompt. Replace ''species name'' with the choices below. Some may be bugged.

    predatorbe the selected character
    pulseriflegirlbe the selected character
    labororbe the selected character
    lightpredatorbe the selected character
    malelabsynthbe the selected character
    malelabtechbe the selected character
    marinebe the selected character
    marine dukebe the selected character
    mccainbe the selected character
    meanguardbe the selected character
    merc1be the selected character
    merc2be the selected character
    merc3be the selected character
    merc4be the selected character
    mhawkpredatorbe the selected character
    minigunnerbe the selected character
    obrianbe the selected character
    officerbe the selected character
    pocguardbe the selected character
    pocofficerbe the selected character
    praetorianbe the selected character
    predalienbe the selected character
    pulserifleguybe the selected character
    queenbe the selected character
    railgunnerbe the selected character
    runnerbe the selected character
    rykovbe the selected character
    rykovjrbe the selected character
    sadargunnerbe the selected character
    scientistbe the selected character
    scientist1be the selected character
    scientist2be the selected character
    scientist3be the selected character
    scientistchiefbe the selected character
    smartgunnerbe the selected character
    smugglerbe the selected character
    tamikobe the selected character
    bloody_eisenbergBecome selected species
    apesuitBecome selected species
    chestbursterBecome selected species
    combatsynthBecome selected species
    convictBecome selected species
    convict2Become selected species
    corporateBecome selected species
    droneBecome selected species
    droppilotBecome selected species
    drunkardtechmaleBecome selected species
    dunya_aiBecome selected species
    eisenbergBecome selected species
    exosuitBecome selected species
    facehuggerBecome selected species
    femalelabtechBecome selected species
    grenadierBecome selected species
    guardBecome selected species
    harrisonBecome selected species
    hazmatBecome selected species
    heavypredatorBecome selected species

    Contributed By: CronoLV99 and ssj18vegeta.


  • Rapid sniper fire.

    Fire the sniper rilfe then go into zoom mode then fire again.You can keep doing this till you run out of ammo.

    Contributed By: Maniac Matt.

  • Running in a vent as a Praetorian.

    Praetorian can't usally run in a vent but if press and hold ctrl to charge your jump then press the space bar to jump,let go of ctrl before you reach the vent and go in.You should be standing up and be able to run at full speed.

    Contributed By: Maniac Matt.


  • ChaseView (Third-person)

    Go to your Avp2 directory and open the autoexec.cfg file:
    go all the way down until you see alot of "rangebind"
    type this (with the other rangebinds)

    rangebind "##keyboard" "##36" 0.000000 0.000000 "ChaseView"

    And save. Now you will be able to toggle Third-Person by pressing J.

    Contributed By: Yami310.

Aliens Versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt Expansion Pack Cheats


  • AVP2: Primal Hunt Codes

    Press enter, then type the following codes. Notice the space between <cheat> and the actual code.

    <cheat> mpschuckitAll Weapons and Ammo
    <cheat> mpmorph <character type>Change Character Type
    <cheat> mpfovEdit FOV Value
    <cheat> mplightaddEdit Light Amplification
    <cheat> mplightscaleEdit Light Scale
    <cheat> mpvertextintEdit Vertext Tint
    <cheat> mpbreachEdit Weapon Breach
    <cheat> mpwmposEdit Weapon Offset 1
    <cheat> mpmillertimeEdit Weapon Offset 2
    <cheat> mpstockpileFull Ammo
    <cheat> mpsmithyFull Armor
    <cheat> mpcanthurtmeInvincibilty
    <cheat> mpxfilesLevel Select for All Species
    <cheat> mpsixthsenseNo Clipping
    <cheat> mpgrsRotation Display
    <cheat> mpdoctordoctor <number>Set Health to Desired Number
    <cheat> mpgpsShow Position Info
    <cheat> mpsizemeSize Display
    <cheat> mptachometerSpeed Display
    <cheat> mpbeammeTeleport to Start of Level With Default Settings
    <cheat> mpicuThird-person Mode
    <cheat> mpbunkerUnlimited Ammo

    Contributed By: maximus86.

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