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    FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee

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                                  For PC
                               Version Final
                             By Chris Zawada
                             User: antseezee
                       E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                       Website: www.z-wad.com
                             Created: 7/5/06
                           Last Update: 03/10/11
                        Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada
    Author's Note
    Ever since the reigning days of Metal Gear Solid and the resurgence of the
    stealth-action genre, few titles have been able to hold a steadfast lid on the
    success of such titles. Soldier Elite is a budget title modeled mainly after a
    title such as Metal Gear Solid. Many aspects ranging from the storyline (twists
    and turns here and there) plus a plethora of stealth-action elements are tossed
    in to mimic the MGS gameplay engine. Unfortunately, the game comes up short in
    gameplay elements which are crucial to the success of a title. Because of this,
    Soldier Elite is a fairly unknown gaming title that few gamers will ever play -
    and it's most likely for good reasoning. Most people play a game like MGS and
    are blown away, but most gamers would probably shun at the idea of a MGS & a
    half. This is essentially what Soldier Elite is. Will you thrive on using
    stealth to disabling guards, or prefer on a more "frontal" approach?
    If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
    added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
    content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
    you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
    I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
    with what you want to know!
    =03/10/11= vFinal
    Final update.
    =7/13/06= v1.0
    Finished the FAQ. My first FAQ in about 5 months or so. The game itself was
    alright, a tad boring at certain parts, but doable.
    =7/5/06= v1.0
    Started the FAQ. May be a few weeks to completion as this guide will only be
    worked on in spare time from work.
    - I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and
    type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section
    of the guide.
              -    Table of Contents     -
              1) Introduction
              2) Game Basics
                 > Controls
                 > Screen HUD
              3) Single-Player Walkthrough
                 > Training                    (3.1)
                 > The Worst Hangover Ever     (3.2)
                 > The Straying Lamb           (3.3)
                 > The Old Buddy               (3.4)
                 > Who the Hell is Ivan?       (3.5)
                 > Lethal Beauty               (3.6)
                 > Arctic Rendezvous           (3.7)
                 > Cleaning Time               (3.8)
                 > Fireworks                   (3.9)
                 > Crazy Ivan                  (3.10)
              4) Weapons                       (4.1)
                 > Ratings
              5) Items                         (5.1)
                 > Ratings
              6) Codes
              7) Common Questions
              8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
              9) Proper Credits
    - 1) Introduction          -
    The stealth-action genre is fairly modern to the gaming world. While it has
    been an established genre for a few years now, only a handful of titles have
    been able to successfully market their way to the top. Soldier Elite is a title
    based around the gameplay of Metal Gear Solid, ranging from storyline to direct
    gameplay elements. You play the role of a man named White Fox who is sent in on
    a uber-secret mission to find out what happened to a downed nuclear submarine.
    What happens from there on is the interaction of a storyline, and a game that
    is probably outdated by a few years to current gaming standards.
    Along the way, you can use various weapons, sneak around using melee
    techniques, or accomplish your objectives through complete evasion. However,
    whatever the task, the same basic premise is that you go quietly, or down in a
    riot. Developed by Metropolis Software, and published by Dreamcatcher
    Interactive, Soldier Elite doesn't exactly have the flashy publisher or
    widespread distribution to be a big hit. However, it has enough to count as a
    worthy game for a playthrough, despite the flaws that have been thoroughly
    accounted for by popular reviewing sites. Since everything is played from the
    third-person perspective, the game has elements similar that can make it
    appealing to most general gamers.
    Here's a brief excerpt from the readme (credit to Metropolis Software):
        You are White Fox - NATO's secret weapon. You've trained for 15 years to be
        an elite and vicious fighting machine - and now you are only sent on the
        most dangerous covert missions.
        World peace is at stake when a Russian submarine mysteriously crashes in
        the Arctic Sea. Upon further investigation, NATO intelligance discovers
        that a few hours before the crash, the submarine was investigating an
        underground military complex that was built for purposes unknown...
    ##### GAME INFO #####
    Players: 1
    Developer: Metropolis Software
    Released: 2006
    Rarity: uncommon
    Special Features: n/a
    ESRB: Mature
    Cover Art on box:
    - Shows masked gunman pointing a pistol
    	> Windows 98 or better
    	> 1Ghz or better
    	> 128MB RAM +
    	> CD-ROM Drive (To install)
    	> 700MB+ free HD space
    	> DirectX 9.0
    	> 64MB Video Card or better
    - 2) Game Basics           -
    The best aspect about third-person titles on the PC is that you have a vast
    amount of controls to operate your character. The mouse is used for looking
    around and aiming while the typical W,S,A,D configuration moves your character.
    Better yet is that special keys control special options.
          Mouse - Look around, aim
              W - Move forward
              S - Move back
              A - Move left
              D - Move right
     Left Click - Attack
          Space - Aims
      Left CTRL - Jumps
    Right Click - Use object
              E - Use item
            TAB - Open inventory
              Q - Enter sniper view
              R - Reload
             F5 - Quick save
             F8 - Quick load
     Left Shift - Leans
              F - Run faster
              C - Sneak slower
    - As you can clearly see, the controls for Soldier Elite are fairly
    prototypical of most PC titles. The left-area of the keyboard is assigned for
    movement, while mouse movement shifts the camera view and allows for
    interaction with the environment.
    /Screen HUD/
      |[---]                                   |
      |[[5]]                                   |
      |[---]                                   |
      |                                        |
      |                                        |
      |                    |                   |
      |                 --[4]--                |
      |                    |                   |
      |                                        |
      |                                        |
      |                                        |
      |                                        |
      |                                        |
      |[##/#][1]{|||||[2]||}              [3]  |
    Meaning Key:
    	[1] - Ammo Indicator - Shows how many bullets are currently reloaded
    	                       out of how many in your reserves.
    	[2] - Health Indicator - Shows your current life bar.
    	[3] - Item Indicator - Shows what current item is selected from your
    	                       inventory. Can be used with the E key.
    	[4] - Aiming Reticle - Shows what you are aiming at or currently
    	                       looking at.
    	[5] - Minimap - This shows your surroundings, and generally what
    	                enemies are in the area.
    - 3) Single-Player Walkthrough -
    As with any action game, most of them have linear paths to completion. While
    you can sneak or assault a situation, they should technically end up on the
    same guideline. This section will guide you through to complete the game
    through any means necessary - and preferably the best route. Spoilers are
    present, but only based on what the game provides.
       "> There are 3 difficulties - Easy, Medium, Hard. The only change in
          difference is that of damage taken, health, and powerups appearing.
    /Training (3.1)/
       Difficulty: *
        Main Goal: + Introduce to the game
       *Dizzy, your technician, will introduce you to the game. Follow her
    - Start off by hitting the space bar to enter the overview mode. This will make
    it easier to navigate through this maze. The path through the maze is along the
    right portion, zig zag upward, then move onto the lit block to receive
    instructions to proceed to the next room. For this next room, you want to run
    through the first block, walk through the second, and sneak through the third.
    Use your mousewheel or F & C keys to adjust your character's speed. Jump over
    the metal pipes using the left CTRL key. Open the two doors with the right
    mouse click (then left click to activate). Run up to the computer, and interact
    with it. Hack it to disable the camera, then move into the next room with the
    - Search the locker for the pistol. Move to the next room with the barrels and
    equip your pistol by pressing TAB + Left clicking on the pistol. Shoot the
    barrels and make sure all of them blow up. Head to the next room, and now enter
    the sneak position. Creep up behind the bad guy, and wait until your aiming
    reticle turns blue. Knock out the man. He should stay stunned. Slowly move to
    the newly opened door. Inside this next room, you must kill the guard without
    moving out of the square. Aim at his head and this should take him out. Run up
    to his body, interact with it, and drag the body over to the lit square. Search
    the body for some pistol ammo.
    - In the next room, 2 guards will be in front of you unaware of your presence.
    Go to your inventory, and click on the bright orange pistol clip. This is
    silent pistol ammo - beats having to use a silencer on your weapon. Once it is
    loaded in, take 2 headshots to eliminate both targets. Rush to the next room.
    This time, another guard will be around the corner of the wall. Strafe to the
    near edge of the corner, then press the Left Shift key to peak out with a lean.
    Take a headshot to eliminate the tango.	In the next room, go to your inventory,
    and plant a remote signaling device inside the small white square. Now move
    ahead to the adjunct corner in this room. Go back into your inventory, and now
    click on the planted signaling device. It will start to make a rabid noise.
    Turn around so you can wait for the guard to rush to it. As he moves toward it,
    fire a shot at his head to kill him. Your mission is accomplished.
    /The Worst Hangover Ever (3.2)/
       Difficulty: ***
        Main Goal: + Reach the underground entrance
       *A quick panning view of the ocean shows a downed submarine in the Arctic
        Ocean. The video shifts to a dark hotel room with lots of garbage, empty
        alcohol bottles, and the picture of a soldier above a fireplace. Two
        dark-suited agents then walk into the room and start speaking to a
        shirtless man on his couch. It's White Fox. They show him a picture of a
        man he supposedly knows, and also inform him that a downed submarine
        occurred in the same presence of this man. They want him eliminated. White
        Fox agrees with no choice. We are then fast forwarded to where White Fox is
        inserted outside of a snowy base camp. Let's kick some butt.*
    - Go through the main gate. Sneak to the small computer station to the right,
    and open the door. Crawl behind the typing guard, and kill him with your knife.
    Move to his computer and hack it. You will notice a message about the one gate
    closing after 3 minutes if no response is received from other guards. Head back
    out, but do not proceed too far ahead. Slightly ahead and diagonally right is a
    patrolling guard with a submachine gun. He also has a radio controlling gate
    access, so awaring him of your presence is the last idea you'd want to do.
    Sneak by, but do it after he turns around on his elevated platform. Move ahead
    to the door. Sneak inside, and watch for the elevated guard to see you through
    the glass. Make sure he is turned around. Go through this middle building, and
    ignore the guard immediately to your left. Instead, go out the door at the far
    end, and there should be a guard immediately to your right. Pull out your
    pistol with silent ammo and neutralize him. Do the same to the other guard. If
    the other guard gets alerted, wait around the corner, and take the shot when he
    pops his head through the door. Now, continue along the left portion of the map
    to where an isolated computer guard is. Sneak inside, and knife him from behind
    for the instant kill. Check his body for a SMG.	Crack the computer, and you
    will unlock access through the first gate.
    - Backtrack to where you were before, but pull out your sniper rifle now. Press
    Q to zoom in, and take out the guard on the platform who was annoying you
    before.	Head north to another guard outpost where you will find yet another
    computer guard. Neutralize the target, crack the computer, and access through
    the second gate is permitted. Go through it. Our buddy will hop onto a
    snowmobile. Pump the baby into second gear! Start flying ahead and fly over the
    first ramp. Move along the left side and go up that ramp. The right side of
    this area has a fenced in dead end. Continue ahead, then go in a spiral up the
    hill. Make sure the gas is accelerated all the way, and fly over the ramp to
    cross the road below. Make a right at the split road, then continue forth.
    Avalanches will now start to occur. Avoid the rolling snowballs, but continue
    to navigate through the tight tenches. At one point, it's going to get tough.
    You will reach the top of what appears to be a hill, but only steel bridges
    will allow you to cross. Slow down greatly using your brakes, and make sure the
    turns are done slowly, and not too fast. If you fall down, you'll basically be
    screwed since you only had 3 minutes to complete the course. Cross the 3
    bridgeways. You'll only have a few more hundred feet of tight turns and jump
    here and there.
       *You should fly through the gate and bail out of your snowmobile. However,
        you alert your presence to about 3 other guards. Here we go again.*
    - This next part is very difficult as 4 guards are practically armed to the
    teeth, while you have minimal cover. When you first spawn, you aren't actually
    in a safe spot. The box you are crouched behind still exposes your upper torso.
    Crawl left behind the slightly elevated box. Now, to kill these guys, leaning
    is not the best option. It works, but you will get shot doing it. I found it
    best to crouch and move into the stand position using the mousewheel. Pop up
    with your pistol and aim for a quick headshot. If you miss, duck back down by
    rolling the mousewheel down. Repeat this process until you have killed all 4
    guards. Most of your inventory items except for first aid kits will be useless.
    The pistol works best as it is accurate and an instant kill if you headshot.
    The SMG does not work here though as there is too much recoil. Check their
    bodies after the battle, and continue ahead. Move through the gate.
       *You will overhear a conversation between 2 guards. One of them believes
        something is creepy going on with this whole submarine problem.*
    - A patrolling guard may immediately notice your presence. Retreat to the
    right, and wait for him to walk through the overhanging doorway. Pop a headshot
    to disable him. Move ahead, and go right towards the compound with the 2
    guards. Do not go in though, as one of the guards is looking directly at the
    door. Instead, toss a rolling signal device outside the doorway, and go by the
    fence line for protection. Shoot the lone guard that is distracted by the
    signaler. Now, proceed to the far left of the facility by the stacked crates.
    Pull out your sniper rifle and nail the crouched technician. Another guard
    should go check out his body. Snipe him too. Now, sneak behind the computer
    guard by reaching him through the rear door. Knife him, and crack the computer.
    Check the exposed locker right before moving to the next area for a medkit.
    - Once ahead, White Fox will notice a main camera and an alarm system guarding
    the entrance. Cut a right inside the plastic tunnel so you're slightly right of
    the camera. Head towards the lone guard, and take the rear door. Knife the
    guard, and crack the computer to turn off the computer.	Move back to the main
    entrance. This next part can be tricky. There are 5 guards total. I just tossed
    a rolling signal device in the middle to bring 2-3 guards out. Pull out your
    sniper rifle, and pick them off as they rush towards it. Then, use a submachine
    gun to take out the 2 patrols in the back. In the one station, there is a
    sleeping guard. Either sneak up and knife him, or use some form of
    incapacitator to distract him. Either way, check most of the corpses for
    powerups. Move ahead by exiting this large tent area to the right.
    - Pull out your sniper rifle, and take out the machine gun guard all the way at
    the end where the lone gate is. Move left and you'll find 2 guards. Disable
    them silently if possible using gadgets, but make your way to the left building
    and crack the computer.	Head opposite of where this computer is, and you'll
    find another unmanned computer. Use it to disable the gate where the power
    generators are.	This alternate route is safer from the main gate. Snipe off the
    two guards down this chasym, otherwise, you'll have to use alternate methods if
    you're out of sniper ammo. The SMG and a noise distractor works well, along
    with a gas incapacitator. Make your move to the end of this pathway, and kill
    the computer guard. Hack the computer to disable the camera at the main
    - Return back to the main pathway. There are still 2 guards that are watching
    this entranceway. To deal with them, crawl down, and then use the lean key to
    pop each of them a happy face. Use your pistol, lean and take the headshot.
    Repeat for the second guard. I prefer to take the one on the right, then the
    left. Check the right building for a locker with some health & gadgets. Go
    left, and kill the sleeping guard. Crack the computer. Run outside, and go to
    the main elevator.
       *HQ will inform you that they were unable to crack the computer for the
        plans. You will have to do it yourself. White Fox was practically
        anticipating it all along.*
    /The Straying Lamb (3.3)/
       Difficulty: ***
        Main Goal: + Download map of base from computer
       *A guard waits at the bottom of the elevator shaft as the lift descends.
        Suddenly, White Fox sneaks behind him and snaps his neck. So much for his
        patrolling duty.*
    - Continue down the corridor and use a lean shot to take out the guard with a
    smoke. Eventually you will reach a two-way split, left or right. Both ways are
    infested with guards. Go left, and sneak ahead. Take a headshot on the first
    patrolling guard, and this should lure out a second. Take cover behind the
    power box, and neutralize the second guard that checks his body. Take out the
    third guard by the computer, then cut a left down the hall. Focus on
    eliminating the lone guard, and you'll find a locker with some items in the
    left rear. Head back out, but go straight down the hall. At the end, you'll see
    the corner cut a right. There are 3 guys in this area. I basically just pulled
    out the SMG and went rambo on their butts. It's too much of a pain with their
    patrols and the linear pathway to steathily take them out. Continue ahead and
    make a left. You will find a lone guard on a computer monitor. Take him out,
    and check his body for a medkit. Move forward enough to activate a screen.
       *You will see 3 guards near a computer area.*
    - Take the pathway to the left, but do so silently. Try to use a rolling
    incapacitating gas on the moving guard. If it fails, do a rambo with the SMG,
    then retreat back around the corner. Use the lean and quick fire to take peck
    shots at them. You should be able to gradually kill them after a few pistol
    shots. Heal yourself up, and scour the bodies for powerups. Go inside the
    computer terminal. Hack the first desktop computer (not the main computer).
    Now, go to the main computer, and open just A1. If you try opening the other
    doors, your previous security door will close. With A1 open, head on through
    it. Cut a left, go to the end of the corridor, and head down this elevator
       *A conversation between a crazy bald man and his cat pursues. Apparently
        he is talking about some "Crazy Ivan" creature, and who to sell it to. If
        one buyer does not take it, he knows another will. Definitely not looking
    - Cut a left once the elevator reaches the bottom. You'll eventually come to an
    underground garage with some snowmobiles. Wait for the mobile guard to go left,
    then crawl right and slice the sleeping guard at the desk. Hack the computer to
    unlock the nearby door. Then, eliminate the patrolling guard with a gun battle.
    Move to the left side of the garage, sneak behind the other guard and take him
    down. Hack the nearby computer to unlock another door. Open the unlocked hangar
    door to your left. A quick fly-by in scenery will show you a ventilation shaft
    that you should reach. There will be 2 nearby guards up ahead; one that roams
    from one room to the other, and one that sleeps. Disable the roaming guard by
    either a headshot or getting into one of the rooms when he is not looking. Take
    out the sleeping guard, and check the locker on the top portion of the room for
    some powerups. Now, before leaving the room, look in the corner near the
    ceiling for a gray vent. Interact with it to crawl in. Cross the spaceway and
    you'll see two guards on computer terminals.
    - Reach the other end, and hop out. Make sure the third guard is looking the
    other way, otherwise you will be spotted. Take out all 3 men, then hack the
    left computer to disable the alarm. Exit the room. Go right. Two guards and a
    mobile camera will be in the area. Wait around the corner so the guard on the
    right turns his back. Lean and snipe him. The other guards will take notice to
    this. Take out the second guard who checks his body. You will now have one
    guard left and the camera to deal with.	Move along the right side, make your
    way behind the patrolling guard and headshot him. Go inside the computer area
    and disable the cameras via the console. Check one of the lockers for gadgets.
    Go to the main console and open B2.
    - Move ahead and take out the guard who is taking a smoke by leaning. Move
    ahead a tad further and a few details are revealed about a prototype that
    scientists are making. You can choose to kill them if you wish, but you will be
    charged with civilian kills. They do have medkits on their bodies though. There
    is nothing else of interest here. Head back to the main console, and open B3.
    Head down the elevator.	Move ahead, then cut a sneaky right to where you find a
    guard on a console. Slice his head off, then engage the guard that rushes over
    with your SMG. Move in to kill the third man who is unaware of your progress.
    Continue forth. In this next area, it's very similar to the A & B computer
    areas you had to deal with. Just use basic sneak tactics and headshots to deal
    with the three guards at this station. Use the main console to open the doors.
    The C1 corridor has one guard at the end with some ammo. Open up C2.
    - Head down C2, and a quick flash of the screen will show 3 guards in this next
    area. Here's how to get by with minimal damage. Right above this doorway is a
    wide-view camera. You will have to crawl under it, and immediately cut left out
    of its view. From here, disable the one guy who walks back and forth across the
    room with your sniper rifle from a safe distance away. If you have anymore
    ammo, take out the last guy standing in the open doorway who may spot you. Now,
    look along the topside of this huge room for some hangar doors. Open one of
    them. Two men will be inside this snow-filled room. You will also notice the
    tail end of a submarine sticking through the snow. Looks like they were
    excavating something from it. Go into the nearby locker room, and navigate in
    the dark hallway. Open the small door. Go into the small computer area to the
    right, but sneak through as to not alert your presence. Hack the computer to
    disable the alarm system. If you move back, and look slightly above the
    computer area in the dark corridor, you can take an easy headshot on the guard
    with a smoke. Clear the area of enemies, then head up the main hall. Enter the
    big door to the right, not the one by the MGs. You will find a computer
    surrounded by terminals inside. Crack it. You will now have the maps.
    /The Old Buddy (3.4)/
       Difficulty: ***
        Main Goal: + Find and eliminate Jacek Parecki
       *White Fox has some second thoughts before moving on to kill Jacek. Both
        of them have former ties, and White Fox tells his boss that he may be able
        to transfer him to their agency. His boss refuses the idea of such a
        thought, and orders White Fox to kill him for good.*
    - Move through the door. A quick overview of the upcoming area will show some
    civilian scientists operating computers. This next part can get very sticky. In
    most situations you would avoid killing the civilians, but you may have to as
    the upcoming area has basically too many exposed areas. If you try sneaking by,
    you will most likely be seen through the operating glass by a scientist, and
    the alarm will be activated. What you want to do is peak around the corner and
    headshot the first scientist. Try to get the attention of the 2nd scientist,
    but not so much that he wants to set off the alarm. Use a noise maker to lure
    him over, then headshot him as well. There goes the 2 big threats you have to
    worry about setting off the alarm. Move along the left side of the room, and
    you'll see a guard having a smoke. Open the door, and knife him. Search the
    body for some ammo, then go slightly down and crack the computer. Move to the
    top of the room and wait for the horizontal patrol to turn around. Snipe him
    with a headshot as he walks away.
    - Move down the hall. If you want, you can deal with the guard to your right by
    planting a noise maker and some knockout gas by the door. Open the door and
    signal the noise maker. He will hear the sound and move there. Move back a few
    feet and trigger the knockout gas as he walks over the noise maker. Finish him
    off, and check the bodies for some powerups. Go through the new hall now. Cut a
    left into the small cubicle brown room. It's actually an elevator and will
    lower you below. Once below, you will discover a laser-tripped room almost like
    a maze with 2 scientists and a guard. This next part can be taken of easily.
    Simply avoid the lasers and just knife all 3 men in the room from behind. They
    should not hear you if you crawl, nor see you because of their default
    positioning. Move to the other end of the room once you have navigated the
    mini-maze. Two guards will be on a console. Toss a rolling incapacitating gas
    charge, and it will stun both of them. Knife them both, search the bodies, then
    look right for a ventilation shaft. Hop into the shaft.	Move up the ladder at
    the end, then on the new floor, hop out of the shaft. Knife the computer guard.
    - Crack the computer and will disable some lasers blocking a hallway. Crack the
    other computer.	This will unlock the door. You will find a crate on the shelves
    with some devices inside it. Exit this room, and you will run into an encounter
    of 3 guards ahead. This next part can be tricky. To deal with it, move into the
    room silently, but avoid going in front of the T-hallway where you can be seen.
    Plant a motion detector gas charge, and then toss a rolling signaling device.
    Quickly exit the room through the door you came in. One or two of the men will
    move to the device and get knocked out by the gas. The third man most likely
    will not. Headshot both downed men, and then SMG the remaining guard to flush
    them out. Search the corpses and replenish your health with medkits. Move
    through now that the lasers have been disabled. Move slowly though. A security
    camera will be to your right around the corner.	Lean around the corner and give
    the camera a direct shot to disable it.
    - With the camera down, cut a left into the lone room and crack the computer.
    Get the information, then move to the next area. You will notice two lone
    guards. Disable them both by headshooting the one as he turns to look near the
    other guard. And then take out the second guard before he can activate an
    alarm. The two guards on the computer consoles should be unaware of your
    presence. Sneak to where the door is, open it, then wait around the corner. Do
    a peak headshot with your SMG. When the second guard gets up from the computer
    quickly rush the corner and unload a clip from the SMG on him. Crack both
    computers here.	One of them will open a doorway. Move through the new doorway
    - This next area will be a tad creepy. Move ahead, but wait as a camera is
    scanning around the corner. Wait till it shifts left, then walk or run ahead.
    Don't worry, the other people will not hear you as there are sealed doors. Once
    you pass the camera, wait by the corner as a patrolling guard will come this
    way. When he turns, take the headshot to disable him. Move ahead, and you will
    notice a guard standing looking in the vicinity of your door. Move through and
    try to leanshot the guard. Do it before he can aware his friends. With him
    down, you now want to cut a right towards the hall with the guard that walks up
    and down. Take him out with a headshot, then move to the lone room with the
    tech. Stun him with a whack to the head. Crack his computer, and check the
    nearby crate for powerups. Exit the room, or knock the tech out again before he
    can warn anybody. Do not go into the elevator room by itself. Instead, move
    past the room with the 2 guys left. And go near the two locked doors. Crack one
    of them, and headshot disable the guard waiting around the corner. Again, you
    will run into a laser-ridden room. Two more guards will be in an area ahead.
    Headshot and engage them directly. Move near the doorway quietly, and crack the
    console to open the door. Move through it.
       *A conversation between a man and Jacek pursues. He says Ivan is not ready
        for transport, and knows nothing of the submarine disappearance. This is
        start to turn into a plot mess.*
    - Unfortunately, you cannot reach Jacek from this current area. The doors will
    not open. Backtrack to where the lone elevator room was. Go in that area now.
    Take out the guard in front of you. Drag his body down near the elevator
    entrance. Wait for a second guard to check out your area from the left.
    Headshot him as well, then neutralize the third guard alone in the room with a
    lean headshot. Move left where the 2nd guard came from. Open the non-
    transparent door, then headshot the man standing in here. Push through the pile
    of boxes. You will find a device inside the lone storage slot in the mini-room.
    Exit this room and head left. Take out the computer guard, and crack his
    software. Read the information, then head back to the elevator. Look where the
    two closed doors are. Look for a control panel. Crack it. This will unlock the
    two doors. Here comes a tricky part.
    - There is a security camera right through this doorway. Disable the camera
    with a SILENT pistol shot - otherwise you will alarm all of the guards. Next
    comes the tricky part. The central room will have 4 guards inside. One is
    sleeping, one is on a computer, and the other 2 are patrolling. Sneak near some
    solid walls and take out one of them. Quickly seek cover next to their booth,
    and toss a rolling incapacitating gas charge. This should knock most of them
    out. Headshot each of them, then search the bodies. Ensure that none of them
    trigger an alarm. Crack the one computer to unlock a door. Move slightly
    diagonally left where this door is and move in.	Two more guards will await you
    in this area. Use neutralizing shots and direct combat to take them out. Up
    ahead will be an intersection of sealed doorways and hallways. To deal with
    this area. Move to where the first doorway is. Wait for the civilian & guard to
    not look this way, then go through it. Plant a motion detecting gas charge &
    toss a signaling device. Go back out and wait for them to trigger. The gas
    should knockout most of the men. Elimiant any stray civilians or guards that go
    for an alarm.
    - Check the second hallway for a crate with sniper ammo and a medkit. Now, move
    slightly to the right and look for a ventilation shaft in an adjunct path. Move
    into it, and climb the ladder. Exit the ventilation shaft on the new floor, and
    sneak towards Parecki.
       *A movie scene shows Parecki being confronted by three armored gunmen.
        Apparently, the captain of the Russian submarine which got downed sent out
        an SOS. Crazy Ivan, which was being transported, ended up betraying the
        crew and killing them all. It was suppose to be deactivated for transport.
        The men accuse Parecki of trying to sell him behind their backs. He warns
        them that killing him will make them unable to control Ivan. The leader
        shoots him anyway. So much for our assassination attempt.*
    /Who the Hell is Ivan? (3.5)/
       Difficulty: ****
        Main Goal: + Find Out what the Crazy Ivan Project is about
       *You inform HQ that this Crazy Ivan thing may be bigger than they expect.
        Your boss gives you 2 hours to explore and kick some butt.*
    - Once your elevator reaches ground level, you may immediately notice a gun
    battle pursuing between the armored men & Russian guards. Pull out your pistol
    and dispose of the armored guards from the rear with headshots. The Russian
    guards will now start to fire at you. Use leaning headshots to disable the
    targets quickly and efficiently. Once everyone is dead, check the 6-7 corpses
    for ammo, medkits, and gadgets. Move towards the right portion of this area,
    and you'll notice an opened doorway with a guard looking through. Use the metal
    column for cover, then perform a lean shot to disable him. Head back to the
    main hall, but check out the left portion of this area. Move ahead along the
    lockers, and check the far left locker for a device. Now, go through the door.
    - Be careful as there are patrolling men and a ton of guys in the next area.
    They will immediately be aware of your presence. Pull out the sniper rifle and
    take out the armored man down the hall. Move down here, and you will find a few
    more armored men right around the corner. Everyone else will have their hands
    raised, and will refuse to fight. This is a good thing.	Check out the desktop
    computer around this corner. You will disable some lasers guarding a door.
       ^ALTERNATE ROUTE: If you wish, there is a ventilation shaft entrance before
                         this area where the armored guard is waiting down the
                         doorway. You can go through the ventilation shaft, and
                         drop in from the rear of the armored men.
    - With the laser disabled, go through the sliding doors until you reach 2
    stairwells. Go left up the flight of stairs then onto the next floor. You will
    run into another gun battle between the armored men & guards. Use your sniper
    rifle to disable the threats that are far down this hall, and pistol headshots
    for the ones that are within close proximity. Head all the way down and cut a
    right. The room to the left has nothing of interest in it. In the area to the
    right, two more guards await you in separate rooms. You know the drill.
    Eliminate them, but check out the small bathroom. There is a ventilation shaft
    inside. Go in it, then navigate the pathway so you descend one floor through a
    ladder. Continue navigating in the vent so you find the next ladder which will
    lead you to a mainframe basement. Hop out. There are 5 men waiting in the next
    room. If I were you, I'd plant a motion gas trap near the doorway, then lure
    them out by running or using a noise maker. Headshot the men that are gassed
    out, then lead headshot anyone else that is alive. Check the bodies and
    replenish your health.
    - Move to the top of this room, and crack the one computer. You will discover
    that the Ivan project is actually human soldiers that were modified using
    radiation & synthetic inserts. They are extremely strong and capable of
    withstanding a wide degree of conditions. Exit the computer lab and move ahead.
    You will reach a T-split in the hallway, with a battle going on between the
    armored men & Russian guards. Let two of them die from each other's fire. Then
    pop your head out to catch their attention. Focus on killing the armored man to
    the right, then headshot the guard to the left. Salvage what you can from their
    bodies.	Go left down the T, and move through the blue door. The lasers you
    disabled from before will now be down. Pass through here.
       > If the lasers are not down, this may be because you did not disable them.
         There is a weird glitch that may leave the lasers on if you loaded from a
         save file even though you may have disabled the lasers.
    - If the alarm sets off, prepare to engage in a tough headshots battle. If not,
    sneak by the two side rooms to avoid contact. Continue ahead. Look in the top
    room in a mainframe area. Check the computer for information.
       > The ACCESS code is 8841
    - Now that you have the access code, get back to the floor above you. Rather
    than going to the top floor, go straight ahead through the two doors, and you
    will see an access panel on the wall. Enter the code 8841. Enter inside.
       *A video clip shows the armored boss leader and a woman discussing over the
        body of Parecki. Apparently, the armored boss knows how to control Ivan,
        and just needs to take some items from some people.*
    - Continue ahead, and just a left at the T-split. Try to make use of knockout
    gas and headshots to disable the two guards around the corner. You will most
    likely attract the attention of 6 guards total. Just wait at the barricaded
    doorway, and they will slow down. This is the ideal situation to ambush them
    with headshots. Search through the bodies for useful medkits. Now, continue
    forth. The side room on the left has some gadgets inside a crate. Make a left
    at this next T-junction. Cut a left at the end of the passage, and silence the
    patrolling guard in the room. Crack the computer in the room to find out who
    Ivan-1 is. Back track to where the T-junction is but go right. Three guards
    will be waiting down here. Cut a right into the storage room, and go into the
    vent shaft.
    - Move through the vent shaft and hop into the bathroom. One of the 3 guards
    will walk back away from the group. When he turns away from the bathroom, slide
    the door open and silence him in the head. To take care of the 2 to your left,
    plant a remote control gas charge when their heads are turned, then make some
    noise by walking. Activate it when they walk by the gas charge, and kill them
    both. The next part is quite difficult though. Approach this guard junction
    from the left. Take cover behind the metal wall while you alert them of your
    presence. Plant a remote control gas charge here. Now, wait patiently for the
    men to come to your position. Move back behind the pillar, but just enough so
    these foolish guards walk where you previously were. Trigger the gas when a
    large group of them are there, Neutralize with headshots. Take care of the
    remaining men with your pistol. Salvage the bodies for powerups. Check the
    center guard station and hack the computer. A nearby door will be unlocked.
    - The door is slightly diagonally left of the central station. Move on in.
    Sneak along the right wall until you get very close to the room with the 2
    guards. Open the door and SMG them both. Quickly plant a remote gas charge by
    this door, then crack the computer for some information. If any guards approach
    your door, activate the gas to stun them. Take them out while they are stunned.
    Finish off the remaining men with direct tactics. Look near this lunch area for
    a ventilation shaft. Hop into it, then go right, down the ladder, and then go
    near the exit shaft.
       *You will overhear a conversation between the armored guards and their boss.
        They have control of the facility, but don't want anyone to go near the
        prison area where they have locked all of the captives in.*
    - When you exit the shaft, you will avoid the alarm system entirely. In the
    next mainframe room, crack the computer along the left well. The alarm lasers
    will be deactivated. Move towards the motherlord computer. Crack one of the
       *Plenty of information will be revealed about Project Ivan. Ivan has the
        goal of creating a cybernetic soldier capable of handling any task. They
        have strengthened skin, more life, and a resistance to all forms of combat.
        The first test on Ivan-1 was a success, and they apparently follow orders
        quite well. Suddenly, a woman points her gun to your head. She tells you
        not to make a move. They move to lock you up in a seperate cell.*
    /Lethal Beauty (3.6)/
       Difficulty: *****
        Main Goal: + Sneak into prison level - UNNOTICED
                   + Free White Fox
       *The girl that caught White Fox is named Amber. She too is an operative
        that was inserted to infiltrate the Russians and their project Ivan. Her
        boss orders her to free White Fox, however, it conflicts with her current
        objective. She seems agitated over the scenario. Eh, at least you get to
        play as a woman.*
    - Walk to the far end of the mainframe room, then cut a left through the door.
    Headshot the unaware guard to end his life. Move down the hall, and look for a
    vent shaft slightly above. Enter it, then crawl right, and go up the ladder.
    Continue down the vent shaft, and look for an exit to your left. Don't go out
    until the walking guard looks the other way. Proceed right, but ensure that the
    guard does not spot you. Silence him with a headshot. Now, move left. This next
    part is VERY tricky. One guard will move in a fast manner from this room to the
    next room, but only stays there for 10 seconds. When he walks away and the door
    opens, walk/crawl ahead, then crouch, and snipe the man who stands still. Once
    he is down, sprint against the wall right around the corner of the doorway. The
    patrolling guard will come back and notice his buddy down. Pump a round into
    his head to finish him off. That part is very difficult and must be perfected
    to get by.
    - Once in the next room, you will be back at the central guard station. There
    are 2 guards inside this area. One will pace back and forth looking left &
    right while the other stays stationary. Wait for the one guard to turn away.
    Sneak by while he is not looking. You can yield 2 headshots to both men, but it
    is a waste of ammo. Further ahead is one guard around the corner who paces
    vertically down the hall. I would recommend killing him from the rear. You can
    flank him in a vent shaft accessible in the bathroom that connects to the
    storage room. If you move down this area a tad further, one guard will be
    staring near a wall, and another patrols at the left adjunct. Go to the left
    adjunct and take care of the guard. Use subsonic rounds if necessary. There
    will be another guard near the open doorway. Yield him the same fate. Now, move
    past this area, and you will find a vent shaft along the right portion of this
    area. Hop into it.
    - This will lead you to a barracks room. This next part can be seen like this:
      {     }  - The patrolling guard will move between these 3 small rooms.
      -------    Follow him after he turns around from the bottom room. When he
      [     ]    reaches the top room, put a round in his head, but still stay
      -------    behind. There are 2 more guards outside this top room and
      (     )    both stand still.
    - Once you are back in the main hall, it's time to kick some booty again. The 2
    stationary guards have to be taken of exactly like this. Shoot the one closest
    to you for a headshot. When his body falls, the second guard will move over to
    check it out. Seek cover behind the thick pillar, then do a leaning headshot to
    take him down for the count. With both guards dead, move left through the door,
    and then down the lone manshaft elevator.
       *The armored boss leader yells to his men to prepare something. Then, he
        starts to wonder where the woman who was with him from before went.
        Unfortunately, she is a traitor.*
    - Rush straight ahead and crack open the door. Once inside, it's going to very
    creepy. Remember the Ivans from before? Well, they are starting to hatch. These
    suckers are a pain in the butt, as you have limited ammo, and they take
    multiple shots to down. Aiming for the head works best, and takes about 3-4
    pistol rounds. HOWEVER, their bodies explode upon death. So you have to sprint
    away from the bodies. The best techniques is to fire accurate headshots, then
    sprint away. Stay in WIDE OPEN space. Repeat this technique till they are dead.
    Quickly rush to the control panel and hack open the door. Again, 3 more undead
    bastards will intervene with your progress. You will start to run low on ammo.
    I found it best to shoot one of them with 4 pistol rounds, then rush inside the
    control center room, and move away from the red canister against the wall. When
    the zombies are near it, blast the canister to injure/kill one of them. Finish
    them off with your remaining rounds. Crack the computer to unlock a nearby
    - Check the empty cells for lockers with powerups/ammo.	Go through to the
    sealed door and crack through it. You'll now be in another underwater canal.
    This next part is both scary and tricky. Start running down the main hall and
    zombies will start to spawn out of their tubes. Keep going and DO NOT shoot any
    of them .Conserve your ammo. When you pass a yellow gas tube laying on the
    ground, get a safe distrance from it, and fire a pistol round to ignite it.
    This should kill one zombie as he passes. Continue forth past the 2 zombies to
    another sealed door. Waste 4 rounds on each zombie to down both of them, then
    crack the door, and rush on through. Again, 2 more zombies will greet you. Use
    any pistol ammo to relinquish their lives to hell. Now, check the nearby cell
    rooms for ammo & health. Crack the next control panel, and proceed through the
    door. Once inside, go left, and there will be a zombie waiting around the
    corner. Eliminate the threat. Crack the control panel. This will open access to
    a tube-infested room. Run into the room to grab the attention of the zombies.
    - Now comes the tricky part. Look at the right side of this room, and you'll
    notice a room with a dead end. Go into it. If you look around, the room is
    filled with red tubes. Run to the end where the lockers are, and fire at the
    red canisters as the zombie group is halfway into the room (only 5 feet or so
    from you). The canisters will ignite practically eliminating 2-3 of the
    zombies. Use your pistol to take care of the rest. Then, check the 2 lockers in
    here for ammo & a medkit.
    - OK, get ready to move through the next door. The zombies in the cell are not
    secure. What you have to do is rush into this room to attract their attention.
    Now, rush to the lower right corner where a large metal box blocks the way. Use
    the jump key to get onto this metal box, then fire at the zombies. They cannot
    jump or climb structures, so you have an advantage over them. Continue to fire
    your pistol rounds till they all die. Now, go right into the computer lab and
    crack the central computer. It will unlock a gate previously locked before.
    Before leaving this area, check the cells. You will find ammo and a medkit.
    Now, go back to where you were before. This next room will have 6-8 zombies.
    The key is to getting onto the central stairway, and igniting the 2 fire
    barrels to eliminate some of them. One of the barrels is at the far end. The
    other one is at the side of the central walkway. Finish off the remaining
    zombies with your ammo. Again, the nearby cells have ammo & health.
    - Crack the console to proceed onward in the facility. Do the same for the next
    door, and we're at yet another canal. Rush through this one like the previous
    one. Make sure not to turn into an adjunct with tubes. Just follow all the way
    to the sealed door. Six to seven zombies should have followed you. Use typical
    killing techniques with 4 pistol shots and trying to keep your health high. Up
    ahead, you will run into 4-5 zombies that come from cells. Eliminate them, and
    check one of the cells for ammo. Enter the big cell for a control panel. Before
    cracking it, take care of the 2 guards. Check the far side wall locker for ammo
    & health. Then, crack it, and move onward. Another annoying part is up next.
    About 6-7 zombies await you. There are 2 yellow canisters on the ground you can
    make use of in disabling a few of the zombies. If you panick, jump onto a metal
    box in the corner by the energy pistons. If you run out of pistol ammo, start
    whacking them with your pistol till they are dead. Check the two inner cells
    for ammo & health.
    - Now, go and crack the prison door. Crack through the canal door. This next
    part gives you an advantage. Cut a left at the intersection, but wait until you
    see 2 zombies pass you through the glass. They will take the other tunnel,
    avoiding you entirely. Rush and crack the door before their patrol comes back
    and spots you. Move on in. Three zombies are waiting for you in this next area.
    Wait until most of them are near the blue canister on the ground and ignite it
    for some easy kills. Check the office for a crapload of ammo and health. Then,
    move onward. Crack it again, and let's make a move onward. In the next canal,
    take the left path until you see a yellow canister. Lure the lone zombie into
    it and ignite it. Then, move onward and go left. Two more zombies will be at
    the exit. Take care of them, and crack open the door.
    - To your right will be 2 zombies in a storage room. Rush into the room, find a
    corner, and fire at the red canisters to ignite the entire room and flush the
    zombies into pieces. Then, move ahead into the next lab. Lure all 6 zombies out
    into the hallway. Move back from the blue canister and ignite it when a
    majority of them walk over it. Now, go back to the main room, and look for a
    computer near the left portion to unlock the door. Then, once inside, look for
    another computer along the left side, and crack it.
       *Amber has managed to unlock White Fox's cell. She tells him to meet him
        within the half hour so they can take care of this mess. Hoorah.*
    /Arctic Rendezvous (3.7)/
       Difficulty: ****
        Main Goal: + Meet Tatiana at Parecki's Place
       *HQ informs White Fox that the woman he is working with is actually the
        sister of test subject, Ivan-1. How ironic? However, you also have to
        accept orders from her, and must first meet her to decide what to do next.*
    - Start off by checking each cell room for ammo and supplies. Then go through
    the prison door. Cut two lefts to make it to the guard station, and hack the
    computer. You will turn off the ventilation fan. Before leaving, check the
    locker behind you for an SMG. The ventilation fan you disabled will only lead
    to a dead end with other moving fans, so it is useless to enter one of them as
    of right now. Instead, proceed through the right door where 2 zombies await.
    Kill them both, and move ahead, but DO NOT alert any more zombies. Instead, cut
    a quick left around the corner, and sneak into the 2nd guard station. Interact
    with both computers here. One of the computers will unlock a door. Head back
    through the locked door to the aqua canal.
    - This next canal isn't bad in how many zombies you have to kill; it's just a
    really big canal. At the intersection, go left, and stay left. Keep on running
    through ignoring the zombies, past the 9-cell centers until you reach the
    sealed door. Shoot this lone zombie, then quickly crack the door and move
    through. Most of the chasing zombies should get lost if you ran fast &
    efficiently enough. This next large cell area will have silver fencing. Lure
    the zombies out on the left & right flanks, then down them with your SMG. Check
    each of the cell rooms for tons of ammo. Then, head into the hallway that
    approaches the computer station. A hole was blown into one of the cells. Go
    through it, crack the computer to shut down the fan. The fan you are looking
    for is right of the computer station. You will have to around through the
    fencing to reach it. Quickly navigate down and hop out before your AIR timer
    runs out.
    - Now that you have hopped out, make a right into the hole-blown room. Open the
    door. Four zombies will be in this room. There is a red canister you can
    destroy on the left hand side. Move on in, but be careful as there are 2 humans
    ALIVE! Unfortunately, they are enemies. Shoot them with headshots from your
    pistol, then check out the computer consoles at this station. All computers
    will unlock a series of doors. Backtrack, and some of these side rooms have
    lockers with ammo. Go back out of the hole-blown room, and now go through the
    unlocked door to a canal. This next canal is filled with zombies - but previous
    stratgies work. Just keep running till you find the door, then kill anyone who
    is close to the door before any chasing zombies get you. Stay along the right
    paths on this one. Until you reach the end, take the left path. Once inside,
    hop into the vent shaft, and rush straight down until you reach the far end
    where several humans are preparing a last stand. Take cover behind the metal
    panels for now.
    - Each of the guards should be taken care of with pistol headshots. Check both
    of the side rooms for ammo & health, and awaiting guards with guns. Start to
    restock your inventory from their dead bodies. You will find a Shotgun in one
    of the side rooms as well. Move into the main console area, and start to crack
    each of the computers. Then, head back out the fan shaft to the main room. Exit
    the main to the aqua canal. Now, go in the other cracked door in this canal.
    Now, head on through since you just unlocked that door via the computer
    hacking. Take out the zombie with your big shotgun, then crack the door to go
    on through. This next canal has a split halfway through. You want to cut a
    right, then reach the craked door. You will have 6 zombies to kill though once
    you're through. There are no cheap explosives you can use. Once you are in,
    move ahead, then go right through the door.
    - There are about 4 zombies out in the open in this prison cell area. Lure them
    near the red canister on the right and blow a few gibs up. Go into the empty
    computer room where the two dead guards are. Crack the computer to shut down
    the fan. Go down a bit for some ammo and stuff in the cells. One or two zombies
    will greet you.	Head back out to the introductory room, and go into the shut
    down fan vent. Cut a left at the intersection and this will lead to the exit at
    a bit of travel in the vents. Exit out.	Go up and rid of both zombies. Check
    the room on the left for two computers. Crack them both. Exit the computer
    room, but continue left now. Go through the unlocked door. Five zombies will
    greet you. Lure them back to the introductory room. Look for 3 red canisters
    bunched together against a wall. Lure the zombies there, then fire one shot,
    and watch the organs fly. Head back to where you were, and continue onward.
    Grab some ammo and supplies from the 2 side rooms. Then, go straight ahead into
    the red elevator.
       *Just as White Fox thinks he is done, a ton of zombies will start to ambush
        you on this elevator. At least we're away from that stupid underwater
    - This next part can be scary and tricky. First off, pull out your SMG. You
    should have 400+ rounds if you gathered them correctly. Secondly, the zombies
    will approach you in two ways. They will crawl from underneath and slip through
    where the fencing is not there. Or they will crawl up the fence and drop from
    above. There will be 25-30 zombies in total. The key to completion is NOT
    getting overrun. If you get overrun, their bodies will self destruct and yield
    too much damage. Use the SMG in bursts and take them down before they can get
    near you. Look at the icons on your radar to locate where they are. If the icon
    is orange, it means they are climbing. If it is red, it means they are on
    elevator platform (which means WATCH OUT!). Use a medkit if necessary, but
    still conserve ammo when possible.
       *A movie shows the armored boss being informed that the sub is ready to go.
        He says he will be there in 10 minutes.*
    /Cleaning Time (3.8)/
       Difficulty: *****
        Main Goal: + Stop Trafimow
       *White Fox meets up with Tatiana. She explains to him that Parecki was
        planning on selling Ivan to the Arab countries behind the Russian Mafia's
        back. They sent their goons to his facility to kill him and retrieve Ivan
        for themselves as they found out of Parecki's plan. They took a silicon
        implant which can be used to control Ivan. The sinking of the submarine was
        performed so they could retrieve Ivan without having to cause much of an
        incident. An armored guard then sees both of them, and tells them to
        freeze. Tatiana takes a bullet to the chest, but White Fox kills the guard.
        Tatiana dies in his arms, and tells White Fox to save her brother, Ivan,
        from those bastards.*
    - Don't even move a muscle. There are 3 commandos waiting outside the doorway.
    Pull out your pistol and deal with them with lean shots. You probably won't get
    headshots since they are aware of your presence, but stay behind cover, and do
    efficient combat to remain victorious. Once all 3 are dead, exit and move
    onward. Watch for a shotgun commando waiting in the small room. Up ahead are
    two more fools to deal with. Use the same headshot technique, then whip out
    your shotgun when the reinforcements rush in towards you. Go left down the
    ramp. Two men with shotties await your presence. The Shotgun is remarkably
    accurate from a far distance in this game, SO MAKE USE OF IT. Check their
    bodies for more shells & medkits. Go through the big door. Head for the
       *Trafimow says he wants you captured. He would not be paying his men
        so much money for no reason. He also asks his HQ who the woman was that
        infiltrated his encampment.*
    - Go down the elevator. Move forward, and cut a right towards the snow hangar.
    Three men will be in this area, two left of the computer station, and one by
    the locked door. It will be difficult as the shotguns do damage to you. Aim for
    lean headshots if possible, or shotgun shots around the corners. Go down the
    metal walkway. Take out the guard past the hanging chains with your shotty,
    then move onto the scaled walkway. Enter the computer room and hack it. You'll
    discover some information about a "blue battery" weakness on Ivan. Exit back
    out. Here comes the tricky part. The guard that was there before has a sniper
    rifle. His body most likely alerted the other elite troops in the upcoming
    room. I found it best to seek cover behind the mini-transport vehicle. Pop your
    head out and lay down headshots on any close guards. If you can snatch the
    sniper rifle off of the body of the soldier, use it. If not, then you will have
    to rush in Rambo style with your SMG. Seek cover behind the mini-vehicle in
    this room, and pop out to lay down shotgun shots. To take out the man in the
    far corner, shoot the red color you see behind him. These are explosive
    barrels. That should take care of the threat. Salvage everything off of the
    bodies, and crack the computer in the office. The ACCESS CODE is: 2828
    You will also find a brute medkit in a storage crate left of the computer.
    There is also sniper ammo in the small ammo room left of the computer area.
       > Access code is 2828.
    - Now that you have the code, backtrack to the locked hangar door from before.
    Input the code on the control panel. You will have 6 guards to deal with in the
    area of tunnels ahead. Two of them will be on patrols. Use leaning headshots to
    deal with them. The other 4 will be hiding out near a computer station. I found
    it best to take them out by alerting them to my whereabouts, then waiting by a
    corner. Shotgun as many as possible. Rely on the SMG if you are out of shells.
    Conserve your sniper ammo until later. Restock on supplies inside the room &
    from the bodies. Crack the one computer as well. Go through the unlocked door
       *Trafimow orders his men to plant explosives to halt your progress. Well
        it's better than sending a bunch of zombies.*
    - Cut a right, and enter the small door. This next segment of blown property is
    going to have 5 guards total. Three will be in this area, and 2 will arrive as
    reinforcements. Deal with them appropriately using lean-corner shotgun blasts.
    Then, pull out your SMG if anymore men rush towards your position. Restock and
    cut a left, then go through the main door. You will find a guard in a bathroom
    that can easily be neutralized.	Now go through the main door. Pull out your
    sniper rifle. About 3-4 men will come to your position mainly from this long
    walkway. Let them know you are here, then as they come towards you, aim for
    easy headshots with the rifle. Just be patient, and make sure you are zoomed
    out. Check the bodies, then enter this large room. Watch out for lots of
    canisters that are prone to exploding. Move to the right portion of the room,
    then move north to where the bright computer consoles are. Hack the one.
    - Now, move through the next door for your next assignment. This large weapons
    bay will be filled with about 5 guys total. Some of them are snipers,
    shotgunners, and just regular SMGers. I found it best to use all my sniper ammo
    to accomplish the task of ridding them. Simply crouch, and slowly strafe. Stay
    zoomed in, get an easy headshot, and repeat. Check the bodies for more sniper
    ammo and other relatively easy items. Move ahead past the winding turbines and
    take out the guard who is on patrol. Then, you'll see several offices. Start
    hacking away for intel.	Both computers will unlock major doors. Now, turn
    around and head backwards. Look along the right. This is where the unlocked
    door is. This next area up ahead is EXTREMELY hard if you are out of medkits.
    You will need some sniper ammo as well. Zoom in with your scope, and take out
    the immediate threat about 20 feet in front of you. There are no 2 snipers
    across this gaping water gap. One sniper is on the left, the other on the
    right. Just take your time, zoom in, and look for them. Strafe while zoomed in.
    If you hear the "excited" sound playing, seek cover as some of the nearby
    guards may be investigating the downed bodies. You don't want to get shot while
    you are zoomed in.
    - There are 5 guys total, and watch for the guy standing on the platform across
    the river, but not at a high altitude. Check the corpses for ammo & medkits.
    Two more guards will come out of each main hangar door on the other side as you
    approach these locations. The door to the left has an ammo room where you can
    restock from a supply crate. Take the right entrance now. In the helicopter
    hangar is about 5 men total. Plant a gas or explosives charge right near the
    corner, and lure some of the men into this ambush. Move along the left now
    where these men came from. There are two men in a room that has some pipes
    sticking in the middle. Take out the guard in the middle, and roll a gas charge
    into the room with the other man. Hack the nearby computer to open a door. Move
    on through. You will immediately be seen by 2 guards. Use the metal box for
    cover, then lay back fire. Once the 2 assault guards are taken care of, use
    your sniper rifle to take out the sniper on the far left, and far right. Hack
    the nearby console to get in the gate.
       *Trafimow confronts you and says he knew it was you all along. You insult
        it by calling him a madman. He prefers to differ. It's nukem time!*
    - The battle with Trafimow is pretty simple. First off, don't be an idiot like
    him and pull out your sniper rifle. Your sniper rifle takes forever to hit
    accurate targets when zoomed out. It can when zoomed in, but you CANNOT stand
    still against him, otherwise you are dead meat. Instead, pull out your pistol.
    Use the right column for cover. When he moves and stops, quickly strafe out and
    force him to fire a shot. As he reloads, pop out standing up, and just fire a
    few pistol rounds. Don't lean or wait for a headshot. Just fire a few rounds to
    injure him. Repeat this process. Trafimow will move from about 3-4 different
    spots. He will reload after 5 fired rounds - so pound him when he does so.
       *After killing him, White Fox crushes the implant control chip. Great, now
        we got take Ivan out for good.*
    /Fireworks (3.9)/
       Difficulty: ****
        Main Goal: + Abandon the area
                   + Go to Bathyscaph Dock
       *With Trafimow dead, the second-in-command informs his team that he is now
        in control. The explosives have been planted, and everyone has 5 minutes to
        meet out in the bay for extraction.*
       ^A 5 minute timer will start to countdown. HURRY!
    - Start off by rushing through the main hangar door. You'll reach a large
    docking room with some snipers along the left side. Pull out your sniper rifle,
    but run along the right ramp. Snipe the 2 men along the left, and look straight
    ahead for a man planting explosives. Nail him as well. Now, cut a left across
    the ramp walkway, then check one corpse for some sniper ammo. Now, go through
    the next doorway, and look right. Nail the sniper, but don't aim at him through
    the beam (the bullets get clipped in the beam for some reason). Instead, move
    left of the beam and headshot him. Two more targets will be to your left past
    the mini-vehicle. To deal with them, just strafe right and aim for headshots
    with your sniper rifle. Run across the metal walkway.
    - Cut a left and move forward a bit but watch the right alleyway past the small
    yellow room. There will be 3 alerted guards that are heavily armed. Nail the
    one before they see you, then approach the corner and strafe with your sniper
    scope zoomed in. Get headshots on the 3 remaining tangos around the corner.
    They are armed with shotguns, so be quick or you will get burned badly. Move up
    to the blue hangar door and crack the panel. You will find a medkit on one of
    the bodies. Inside this area will be 3 more men, two on the left, and one on
    the far right. Deal with the two left tangos, and use the pillar for cover. Run
    into the office where the commando was and check the locker for a brute medkit.
    Then, kill the man on the right, and move onward. Crack the control panel as
    your time is running down. Run on through, and the explosions will occur behind
       *The leader says that explosives have been activated in Section 2. You had
        to have known it wasn't going to be this easy.*
       ^Another 5 minute timer engages.
    - You will most likely be low or out of sniper ammo. Your pistol is actually
    quite useful for this next part. Switch to normal ammo and move into the room.
    There will be about 6 men total, 3 on the left past the crates and 3 on the
    right by the metal adjunct. Simply stand and aim at their heads with your
    pistol. Fire for easy headshots. Repeat for all men in this area, then quickly
    run onward. Cross both metal walkways. You can find a crate in a small storage
    room with a medkit, as well as a medkit & sniper ammo on one of the corpses on
    the left. Run through the door.	Two more men await in this small snow tunnel.
    Use leaning headshots to take care of them. Run through the next door. One
    sniper will be in the left tunnel behind a crate. Take cover behind the mini-
    vehicle with gas canisters on it, and snipe his head off. Then pull out a
    close-range weapon to deal with the man that charges at you. Now, strafe left
    of the mini-vehicle and snipe the head of the sniper & man behind the steel
    cargo crate. Check some of the bodies for powerups, but quickly rush forward.
    Go down the left tunnel and crack the controls.
       *More explosives go off behind White Fox. However, you are clear of the
        problem zone.*
    - Now it's time to kick some butt without a goofy timer flinging off. Move
    ahead until you see an office station. Do a leaning shotgun blast on the
    standing guard, then take care of his buddy that reinforces from the left side.
    Crack the computer inside the office. Now go down the left side. This next room
    will have 3 men inside. One is directly right and a tough boy to hit. Aware him
    to your presence, then try to nail a shotgun shell into his chest. The men in
    this room will stay where they are, so using a trap won't work. The two other
    guys can be dealt with easily. Use the pillars for cover, then do a leaning
    shot on the red canister next to the guy on the left. This should kill both of
    them. Check the office to your right for supplies. Look at the main conveyor
    door. It should be broke. Look to the left of it for a ventilation shaft. Hop
    in. Jump out into the storage room, then exit it.
    - Move on through, and 2 men will be down a major catwalk. To deal with them,
    lay a direct headshot to the standing guard when he looks away, then do a
    leaning shot for the man who pushes forward. Move ahead to where you see an
    office with lighting. Sneak up towards the doorway, and then toss rolling
    explosives towards it. Quickly run away. The guard will run out just in time to
    get blown to pieces. Move back to the doorway where the second guard will walk
    towards it. Do a leaning shotgun blast on him. Crack the computer inside the
    office.	A locker will have a medkit. Now that the door ahead is unlocked, go on
    through. However, there will be 2 snipers directly ahead of you. You probably
    have no ammo. Irregardless, IMMEDIATELY rush to the block ahead and duck. These
    two snipers are so deadly. Here's a map of what it looks like:
    |                          | - The 2 snipers will be directly ahead of you.
    |    |---S------S------    |   Take out the man in the lower right first. Stay
    | X  |                     |   ducked, but lean out with your pistol, and wait
    |    Walkway           X   |   till your crosshair locks with the flashing
    |    |                     |   icon. Nail him. Look to your right. Take cover
    | X  |                     |   behind this green crate and stay crouched.
    |    |                 X   |   Move back a bit, just enough to let your
    |    \+++BLOCK+++          |   crosshair at the snipers. Keep firing at them
    |         YOU              |   until you headshot them both.
    - With the snipers down, focus on eliminating the surrounding side threats. One
    of them may move to the bridge walkway and plant explosives. Just stand up and
    aim for headshots with your trusty pistol. Run across the walkway, and then
    take out the guard in the little shack. You will find a medkit in a crate.
    Crack the computer to unlock the nearby door. Move in the door, then run along
    the left and hop in the seadoo boat.
       *White Fox will now ride this crappy boat to freedom. GREAT!*
    - This next part can be difficult due to sly controls. First off, notice that
    there are gray mines in the water. They damage your boat if you happen to touch
    them. If your boat takes too much damage, then you die as well. You also have a
    countdown timer, about 3 minutes or so. Start to push forward, and cut the
    first turn. Your boat slides on turns, so turn quickly as needed. When you
    reach the first large room with metallic fencing - go right. Then, when you
    reach a split, turn left. Then when you see a metallic fence along your right
    and it ends, make a U-turn around this corner. The rest of it is pretty much
    straightforward, however, you will have lots of moving mines (they look
    pancakes, not round mines). Go as fast as you can through this area, otherwise
    you will time out. Make the turns, but swivel your boat to avoid contact in
    case you go near a wall with your mines. Don't forget to back up if caught in a
    jimmy. You will be close to the end when your boat starts "waving" heavily.
       *White Fox will reach a docking station - he bails out.*
    - Run across the two walkways over to the yellow submarine.
       *White Fox hops in. HQ orders him to bring Ivan to them. The facility blows
    /Crazy Ivan (3.10)/
       Difficulty: *****
        Main Goal: + Find Crazy Ivan
       *His scooter submarine boards the Russian submarine. White Fox boards
        the ship, but notices lasers scanning the area.*
    - If you check the room in front of you, there will be a chest with some
    powerups. Go back out to where the lasers were.	Move into this narrow hall.
    Wait for the first laser to get to the door. Then move left of the laser. It
    will go down diagonally right. Quickly jut a left into the open doorway, and
    look for a yellow electrical box. Crack it to open the main door. Move in this
    door when the lasers are exposed. Move into the turbine room when the lone
    laser backtracks (stay along the right, rush under it after it moves). The two
    lasers in the next hall basically cross back and forth. Wait for the second
    laser to move high, and the first laser to lower away. This is your signal to
    run in, then crouch under the laser aiming high. In the third turbine room, the
    laser moves up and down, along with some steam valves stemming off. Wait for
    the laser to track down, and the steam to go off. Sprint up to the hallway.
    There should be a dead body to your left.
    - The next turbine room has a laser that scans horizontally, but it can be
    ducked under. Move as the steam ducts turn off, stay in between the two, then
    move again when they turn off. Stay crouched the entire time. Move into the
    next room with the two chests. Retrieve the items from both & save your game.
    Open the door and move in.
       *Guess who is here? That Crazy Ivan bastard. He looks like a mutated cyborg
        and he will sprint towards you*
    - The room setup is pretty simple. You got 4 main pillars for cover, but mostly
    everything is dark. Crazy Ivan has an energy shield which protects him from
    damage. Pull out your SMG, and fire at his chest where the blue balls are
    located. When Ivan runs at you, RUN away. It is best to run around the two
    pillars. When steams shoots out, try to avoid it. Anyhow, keep firing your SMG
    until you see Ivan stall and appear to grab a blue ball out of his pocket.
    QUICKLY pull out your sniper rifle, and aim at the center of his chest where
    the blue socket is. Fire one round. Ivan should crouch to the ground. Reload
    your SMG & Sniper Rifle. Repeat this strategy. Remember not to fire at Ivan if
    he runs. When he runs, this means he will melee swipe you. When he starts
    walking, that is the best time to shoot him with the SMG. It takes about 30
    shots from the SMG to wear down his shield, and make sure you do a quick switch
    to the sniper rifle in time. It takes 3 times for Ivan to finally get injured.
       *Ivan will say that he wants you to kill him. Then he runs off. White Fox
        tries to plead with him.*
    - This next part is filled with lasers. The first hall has trip lasers that
    scan up and down. Use the side pot holes for cover from the lasers. Make your
    way ahead towards the second room. The second room has a laser that moves
    horizontally at head height, so you will have to crouch. It also has two
    vertical lasres that alternate on scanning vertically in this room. To get by,
    crouch under the diagonal one, and stay crouched. Go on the side where the one
    vertical laser is at the far end of the room. When it comes back, move to the
    left/right side of the room where the other alternated laser is not there. Use
    the side pot hole for cover, and then rush to the room with the body. Search it
    for items, then open the door.
    - This next part, you need to go right first. There is a yellow electrical box
    at the end here which must be hacked. The laser goes at varying heights, but
    basically moves in a DIAMOND shape. Move ahead when the diagonal is away from
    you. Hack the box to open the door next store. Backtrack, now move up the left
    side past the vertical beam. In this next room is two horizontal beams, and a
    pesky beam along the right side. Check the two bodies in this mess hall for
    ammo. The door on the right is where you want to go. Wait for the one laser to
    move away from it. Open it, jump in it, then CLOSE the door. If you don't the
    laser will pierce through and you'll die. Search the chest for some powerups,
    then crack the electrical box. One of the lasers on the left door will be
    disabled. Get over there, and crack the door once the VERTICAL beam scales away
    from you. This next room has beams that move diagonally. You want to crouch and
    stay underneath some of them. However, 2-3 of them will scan directly under
    them (the middle two). Run to the far corner where the electrical box is. Stay
    crouched there, then hack and disabled the laser guarding the crackable door.
    With it down, move there and now crack the door. Go inside. Check the chest for
    ammo. Move on in!
       *Crazy Ivan is back, and now we got gas canisters to deal with!*
    - Ivan will now start to use invisibility. You cannot hit him while he is
    invisible. Also note that there are explosive canisters around the room. Run
    away from Ivan until you hear him yell and he appears out of thin air. Stay
    away from him though as he will jump and do an explosive smash on the ground.
    The explosion can ignite some of the nearby canisters which will kill you. His
    attack does a fair amount of damage as well. You must simply shoot him when he
    appears. I started off using my pistol as I could not get close enough.
    Eventually, after 3-4 of his smashes, most of the canisters in the room will be
    blown to bits. This is a good time to pull out your shotgun, and shoot him when
    he appears. Just stay about 6-8 feet away from him when he does the smash
    attack, but still try to lay exposed shots on him. He will crouch to the ground
    when injured.
       *White Fox says Tatiana sent him. Ivan is starting to have memories, but
        grunts away.*
    - Check the body and crack the electrical box to permit access. Move up near
    the captain's deck, but wait for the one laser to move back just a bit. Scoot
    along the left walkway and disable the laser via an electrical box. Now, move
    to the electrical box on the right via a scoot walkway and disable it as well.
    There goes the other laser. Crack the two computers on this deck way. A laser
    should get disabled, along with a door opened. Move ahead, but do a reverse
    turn onto both scoot walkways. Disable both electrical boxes around the
    corners. Check the 3 chests for supplies, ammo, and explosives. Move forward.
       *Ivan will now be armed to the teeth with a chaingun. So he wants to play
        hardball, eh?*
    - This next part is fairly difficult. The room is basically split into a
    crossing of pillars and solid walls. There are vertical lasers that scan all
    areas, but about 25% of the blocks will be free when the lasers are scanning.
    Ivan will have no shield, but is armed with a powerful chaingun. However, you
    can use stealth as an advantage. Since the room is fairly large, Ivan is
    attracted to sounds, your walking, or explosions. Start off by planting motion-
    sensor explosives in and around the perimeter. Lure Ivan over by blasting your
    shotgun. Move away from your explosives and lure Ivan to take damage. Repeat
    the process with your remote explosives as well. DO NOT confront Ivan with your
    weaponry, it will be futile and you will get raped by his chaingun. Use rolling
    explosives if you must. Once your explosives are out, start to crawl around,
    and get behind Ivan as he walks around. Peak around corners and aim for
    headshots with your sniper rifle. When you run out of sniper ammo, rely on
    pistol headshots. Using the shotgun or SMG is alright, but it attracts
    attention and is not superbly accurate. Ivan will eventually die.
       *Crazy Ivan ends up sneaking up to you and grabs you by the neck. He tells
        you that he could easily kill you, but does not since you were sent by
        Tatiana. You explain to him that you destroyed the control implant in his
        head. He makes mention that he no longer hears voices inside his head.
        Woohoo! Ivan says he does not want to be a killing machine anymore. The
        only way for that to happen would be for somebody to kill him. He tells you
        that if you were really sent by Tatiana, then you must kill him. He wants
        you to destroy the submarine, and thus end his life. White Fox agrees.*
       *White Fox escapes via his scooter submarine, The Russian submarine starts
        to implode and mines start to drop at its position. The credits then
        scroll. No secret message afterwards.*
             THE END         o  o
                             o o o
                          o    ______          ______
                          _ *o(_||___)________/___
                        O(_)(       o  ______/    \
                       > ^  `/------o-'            \
    - 4) Weapons (4.1)         -
    While Soldier Elite is supposedly a stealth action game, nearly 90% of the
    action will occur in direct shootouts. Thus, it becomes a need to be able to
    understand and use weapons for certain scenarios. This section will describe
    weapons with a brief ratings system, and their effectiveness.
    .../ KNIFE |................................................................
         Power: **
      Accuracy: *
         Range: *
       Overall: **
    - The Knife is the ultimate weapon for stealth kills as it does not eat ammo,
    and can be used either from the rear or as a melee weapon. Unfortunately, what
    the knife suffers as is its usefulness. The knife should only be used when an
    enemy is unaware of your presence. It generally takes 3-5 slices on an aware
    enemy to the front, and normally by then, you're dead. Switch to it when you
    are moving in to take out a sleeping guard, or standing patrol, but never use
    this on a regular basis.
    .../ PISTOL |...............................................................
         Power: ***
      Accuracy: ***
         Range: ****
       Overall: ****
          Ammo: Default, Subsonic, or Silent
    - The Pistol is a much more useful weapon, and primarily the main weapon your
    character will have in the game. It is one of the best for laying down instant-
    kill headshots, and is particularly useful when teamed with the lean button.
    Unfortunately, the pistol can only hold 6 bullets at a time before having to be
    reloaded. You do not find an overwhelming amount of pistol ammo throughout the
    game, just 6-round clips here and there. The Pistol excels is in stealth as
    well. It is generally not a loud weapon. If you use subsonic ammo, the sound of
    the weapon decreases a bit. If you use silent ammo, the shots are entirely
    silent. No other weapon can attain complete silence. If you run out of ammo in
    a ranged weapon, use the pistol for laying down long-range headshots.
    .../ SMG |................................................................
         Power: **
      Accuracy: **
         Range: ***
       Overall: **
    - The SMG is a weapon found commonly in the game, but its usefulness is quite
    overrated. The gun itself is a submachine gun, which means it has a high rate
    of fire, and larger clip, but generally does not deal a ton of damage. The SMG
    can hold 18 bullets in a clip, and you'll normally have a stockload of 200+
    bullets in reserve clips throughout the game. Unfortunately, its range is worse
    than the pistol, and the damage each round does is not as great as well. This
    gun can lay down leaning headshot kills, but you must be close to the enemy.
    The SMG is useful is taking down opponents who rush towards you, or using
    automatic fire to suppress a group. It is also useful against any stronger
    bosses as you can keep firing on the move.
    .../ SHOTGUN |..............................................................
         Power: ****
      Accuracy: ***
         Range: ****
       Overall: *****
    - The Shotgun is the best weapon for engaging any encounter in the game.
    Normally, in any other gaming title, the shotgun has horrible spread, and has
    limited range. Apparently, the developers of this game let the shotgun hit
    targets up to around 30 feet, which is pretty far. The gun itself almost fires
    a solid round, which means you can fire a few shells from a safe distance and
    hit somebody. Unfortunately, the weapon is not discovered until the last few
    stages in the game. One shot can take down a guard with no problems. The weapon
    can hold 5 shotgun shells at once, but you normally do not find plenty of
    shotgun ammo, which means its use is sparingly. Enemies that carry this weapon
    are extremely dangerous.
    .../ SNIPER RIFLE |..........................................................
         Power: *****
      Accuracy: *****
         Range: *****
       Overall: ****
          Ammo: Default, or Subsonic
    - The Sniper Rifle is a superb weapon for long-range encounters, yet you rarely
    find ammo for it. The gun itself deals an instant kill, and has a scope that
    can be zoomed in or out with the mousewheel. The gun can hold 4 rounds at one
    time before having to be reloaded. There is also subsonic ammo which reduces
    the sound of the bullet, but no silent ammo. The Sniper Rifle is particularly
    useful against bosses, other snipers at a long-range, and what not. The gun
    suffers in unzoomed combat though, and takes a long time to focus on a target
    when you are not zoomed in. Zoom in with the Q key.
    - 5) Items (5.1)           -
    Items, also known as gadgets, are one of the excellent assisting devices when
    it comes to stealthiness or cunning abilities in Soldier Elite. Many devices
    are ideal for luring enemies out, or taking out a large group without much
    resistance. Other items are necessary to survival. This section will document
    the usefulness of each.
     == NOISE MAKER ==
          Usefulness: **
               Types: Rolling, Remote Control
         Description: The Noise Maker is a device used for luring out opponents
                      to an area to investigate. It makes a large shrieking sound
                      for about 5 seconds, then dissapates. Due to the game's
                      programming though, the shrieking does not always pierce a
                      room's closed door, and can often seem like a waste. You can
                      also artificially make your own noise by running or walking
                      loud enough to lure an enemy out. There are better devices
                      than these, although these are great for pulling patrols out
                      of their normal routes.
          Usefulness: ****
               Types: Rolling, Remote Control, Motion Sensitive
         Description: Incapacitating Gas is very useful in this game because it
                      does stun an enemy for about 10-15 seconds, giving you the
                      choice of execution style kills, or simply ignoring them. The
                      gas itself has a radius of about 6 feet or so, which means
                      you hit somebody not necessarily right on top of it. The gas
                      will cause the opponent to kneel on the ground, which makes
                      it almost 100% instant kill from a weapon. This device is
                      useful to toss right by a corner where enemies are being
                      lured to where you are. You can trigger it manually, based on
                      their movement, or roll one into a room.
     == EXPLOSIVES ==
          Usefulness: *****
               Types: Rolling, Remote Control, Motion Sensitive
         Description: Explosives are acquired later in the game, but they cause
                      a massive explosion based on three different triggering
                      mechanisms. They are best used on bosses, or groups of elite
                      enemies that you cannot engage directly due to their
                      weaponry. Explosives are VERY useful in dishing out damage,
                      but you MUST stay within 10 feet or so away from them. If you
                      are not, then you will take a tremendous amount of damage.
     == AID KIT ==
          Usefulness: *****
               Types: Small, Brute
         Description: The First Aid Kit heals your character. Small kits heal about
                      25% of the bar. Brute kits heal about 85% of the bar. Brute
                      kits are rare, and are best used when your health is near
                      empty. Small kits are best used when your health is about
                      halfway or so down. Aid kits are essential to surviving in
                      the game, and it's best to save them as you do not know when
                      you will need them. They are very necessary near the end of
                      the game, so try to conserve them if possible.
          Usefulness: *
         Description: They're practically binoculars. You can zoom in with them,
                      and they identify your target, along with a description of
                      their health and what weapon they are carrying. So what. It's
                      great for scouting out snipers, but most snipers will already
                      be firing at you if you can see them. I never used these for
                      any legitimate reason in the game.
          Usefulness: **
               Types: Sound Recorded, Personal Files, Cheat Menu
         Description: The Portable Computer is where all of your data goes from
                      hacking computers, or viewing movie sequences. You can review
                      the audio clips of the movie sequences from the game, or read
                      up on the information you hacked out of computers. What makes
                      the Portable Computer useful is the fact that it is where you
                      input cheats.
                      To input a cheat, press the key "g" and the key "0" at the
                      same time. This will bring up a cheat menu. You then type in
                      the 4-number code to activate a cheat.
    - 6) Codes                 -
    Soldier Elite is a fairly difficult game. Because of that, the developers
    tossed in a cheat menu that allows you to input an endless stream of codes.
    This section will tell you how to access the cheat menu and input codes. I'd
    like to give credit to:
    - for providing these cheat codes.
       ^ IMPORTANT: To enter any cheat, pick the Portable Computer out of your
                    inventory. Now, press the letter "g" and "0" (zero) on your
                    keyboard. A new menu will pop up inside your portable computer
                    saying to enter a cheat code. Now, enter one of these 4-number
                    codes to get the appropriate cheat:
       3815 - Invincible
       8745 - Health slowly regenerates
       0132 - Better med kits
       6422 - Better damage protection
       7663 - Do more damage
       7018 - Receive all items
       8700 - Receive all weapons
       4394 - Never miss
       2733 - Invisible
       1554 - Always stealthy
       0926 - Sneaky
       8249 - Endless ammo
       - To deactivate a cheat, enter the code again in the cheat menu. The code
         will deactivate.
       - When you use a cheat code, even if only for a second, the game keeps track
         of it. If you deactivate the code, the game still keeps track of it, and
         your end mission ranking will say "Cheats were used." There is no way to
         undue this without cheating during any level of the game.
    - 7) Common Questions      -
    )) Gameplay ((
    << What would you rate Soldier Elite? >>
    - I'd rate the game a [6/10]. A majority of the gaming sites on the internet
    have been slamming this game (anywhere from a 3.0 to 5.0) because its a cheap
    budget title that seems to be worse at just about every aspect compared to
    Metal Gear Solid. Well, they're right. But it's still a decent game that has
    great graphics, and attempts to hit the stealth-action genre. The graphics are
    absolutely great for a 2006 title. Everything is crisp clear, and most of the
    FMV sequences are decently good. The gameplay engine seems to suffer though
    from a stealth aspect. The only melee attacks you get is with a knife, or gun
    butting. When you knock somebody out, they don't get knocked out. They just get
    temporarily stunned. It becomes frustrating because I feel as if I have to
    shoot people just to make sure they don't re-awake to sound off an alarm. Most
    of the levels are dragged on TOO long. Level design is adequately good, and a
    few mini-games are tossed here and there (snowmobiling, boat driving), but
    they're are REPETITIVE. When I say repetitive, I mean you may see the same
    segment in the level 3 times, just with different twists and turns. It becomes
    frustrating. Nonetheless, Soldier Elite is about an average game with great
    graphics and that's why I rate it a [6/10]. If I paid $20 for it, I'd be
    slightly disappointed, but it would be a worthwhile 15 hours of my time.
    << Are there any other versions of this game? >>
    - No. It was just created for the PC. The game's name is actually Aurora
    Watching, but it was released as Soldier Elite in the USA. The company that
    created the game was Polish or Russian, not quite sure.
    << How do I deal with civilians in this game? >>
    - Civilians are typically scientists or unarmed men that may go to sound off an
    alarm, or alert others of your presence. The problem is that you get penalized
    for killing civilians in the game. The only way to avoid this is to stun them
    with a headbutt from the rear. Other than that, try not to shoot them. It is
    difficult on one stage as they will try to sound alarms, and you have no choice
    but to shoot them. Just try to melee butt them if you can sneak up on them.
    Shoot them if they are going to sound an alarm.
    << Who is the character you play in the game? >>
    - His name is White Fox. He's supposedly an elite agent sent in by the CIA to
    rid of this mess. You also play as a female character later on in the game for
    one level.
    << Did they copy off of Metal Gear Solid? >>
    - Probably. I find the game to be relatively different from MGS, but for the
    most part, a lot of the "theme" items seem to be copied. For example, in MGS,
    Solid Snake is found as a mess inside his home. In this game, White Fox is
    found half-drunk on his couch. In MGS, you infiltrate an Alaskan military base.
    In Soldier Elite, you infiltrate an Arctic military base. In MGS, there is the
    Metal Gear creature. In Soldier Elite, there is the Crazy Ivan. It pretty much
    revolves continuously around and around.
    - 8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
    This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
    by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
    NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
    own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
    either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
    your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
    it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
    all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
    FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
    trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).
    Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms),
    however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.ign.com/
    - http://www.neoseeker.com/
    - http://www.cheatcc.com/
    - http://www.cheatplanet.com/
    - 9) Proper Credit         -
    I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ
    )) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
    to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.
    )) Rootsecure.net (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
    composed this typical-style art. Excellent.
    )) Metropolis Software (( for creating an average action game that entertained
    me for a good two weeks.
    )) Gamespot.com (( for providing several cheat codes that can be inputted into
    the cheat console.
      "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
      "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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