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Great game - teaches you commitment 06/26/09 cheeseball341
I played for a year, and I really regret it. 11/20/07 Chiiix3
Maple Syrup, now with 100% Jerks 06/29/07 JF7X
You leveled up (again), now what? 08/15/07 lopp3
Addicting at first, torture and self-destructive soon after 08/09/06 MachineMade
A take on the freakish Bratz-esque game. 08/01/06 matchbox_matt
Submarine Sandwich dipped in Maple Syrup 04/18/16 pikamemnon
Maplestory - good idea, bad execution 07/27/09 zetaro128
A hack 'n' slash game that's more cute than fun 10/08/04 ZanuffShadow
Mushrooms! Everywhere! Re-review 04/07/09 Black_Jack25
A game that feels a lot like playing soccer in quicksand 08/21/08 CapnWellpoint
The worst game you'll ever play, but love it. 09/09/07 Darksun45230
Yet another reason why Shmups are better then RPGs 04/26/07 Dimension_Diver
Maple Story - More of a Nightmare than Fairy Tale 01/08/09 GB1337
Nexon strikes a clean slate in the turmoil that is Maple Story 12/14/07 Holy_Gnarfard
Good try, but no syrup. 08/15/05 Hsieh
Addicting, cutesy, and fun 01/11/10 Kaifta
NEXON or MapleStory itself - what's the bigger problem? 08/25/09 Knusperflocke
Flawed, but damm if it isn't addicting. 03/07/07 Kyranik
Good try Wizet & Nexon 01/03/08 LoaGuardian
Prepare to... kill lots of snails. 05/30/07 Lunadea
Shame, SHAME! 09/25/06 mash36
MapleStory, the game with no story. 04/14/09 namedidntfit
Slimes, Mushrooms, and Snails oh my! 02/14/07 NastraDark
FUN. if you can take it :D 01/05/09 politigsuper
Only the dedicated need apply 06/23/06 RPGs R Awesome
Not so fun anymore is it? 12/26/06 SenryuSoul
Every game session should be a new experience - not the same repetitive fighting 01/23/06 serados
Epitome of fail? I THINK NOT! 09/25/08 ShurikenOfLight
I resisted the urge to make the tagline a pun involving maple syrup. 08/17/09 Trixter800
A great breath of fresh air in the ever monotonous world of MMORPGs. 04/17/06 Wafles
What?! A game based on Maple Syrup?! 06/29/05 Xixor_Kasra
Where's the Syrup? 12/04/06 xMynDx

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
A fair, simplistic MMORPG with no money involved 09/17/05 Axios
Maplestory, a scary game. 01/29/10 bballgogo
A seriously fun and cute RPG. 11/07/04 Bluffnix
Fun, at First. 11/26/07 Brimstone-x
Maple Story, Convincing at least 02/09/05 BrokenTaboo
Great game to play whenever I'm bored, or just need a break from other games. 11/12/07 Cactuar__Strife
Maplestory will get you addicted.\ 11/19/07 crypto495
Maplestory- A 2D Maple Leaf adventure? No wait, it sounds better then it looks! 11/20/07 Dark_Master_Z
Great fun addicting MMORPG 01/10/05 DarkestSecret
A mix between current popular online games 12/08/04 digimax
Too Tedious to be Great 01/24/05 Dr Luigi 21
Super Mario Bros. + Ragnarok Online = Maple Story 10/19/04 Firestorm88
An average game and nothing more. 03/25/08 FloppyToast
MapleStory; The Perfect Time Killer 11/16/07 FolkenRawr
A game that could keep you glued to your seat for a few hours. 10/11/04 Genma Agony
Maplestory, The Game With All the Syrup! 04/07/08 GrimReaperGamer
A Great 2D Hack-And-Slash MMORPG 09/06/05 hyliangamer2k
Tedious, but addicting. 06/22/05 Icycl3
Great game, extremely fun at first, but can become very repetitive 11/19/07 j8262345
Maplestory, its not you story, the story belongs to the hackers,jerks, and scammers. 01/05/09 KuchikiByakuya6
Craptastic 08/28/08 linkmaster17
Maple Story, a game judged by the visuals, and not by the game play. 06/27/05 LoneSpherePsi
MapleStory: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 11/08/07 lugiadude12
Got Maple? 06/27/05 Masamune_BladeF
Great! You killed 20 green mushrooms! Again? 06/26/08 Mr_Power30
Let go of my sister... 06/18/09 powerstrikingyo
Horrible and absolute waste of time. 05/31/05 puddypuckaloo
Think 2D Side Scroller. 10/09/04 RyuSeiryuu
A game ruined by the community and test of patience... 09/17/07 SagePent
Tests the Meaning of RPG 01/07/13 Selnex
Add Mario plus a bit of Final Fantasy, and maybe even some Zelda and you've got... 01/03/05 Shenti
Boring, But A Time Killer. 10/08/07 Soulofweewee
A phenomenal, fresh look at Korean MMO's. And the best part? It's free! 03/30/05 spazbutt32
Regarding MapleStory... 11/12/07 Spoonzmeister
A 2D MMORPG; that does not disappoint. 11/07/04 Swiss Bean Account
Yes, there is more to this then snail killing 06/10/05 TheBobster
I hope you like seeing trees 10/05/04 Tidus21
Maple story is not what you may expect... 01/06/08 XxSoul_SniperxX
This game doesn't deserve all the players it gets. OR the NX bought. 04/07/08 yamilogan
The new generation of Ragnarok Online, and this time it's free!!! 01/18/05 YuGiOh15

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