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Crystal Locations FAQ by OFernadez

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/09/01

Beyond Atlantis Crystal Locations V1.0

 This FAQ is copyrighted to me, Otoniel Fernadez. If you want to use it for
your site let me know. My Email is magicuser590@yahoo.com All comments,
corrections, hints, questions, critisism and complaints are welcomed. I will
respond to all emails sent unless its totally off topic or offensive.

Table of contents:
   *What is the crystal?
   *How to use the crystal
   *What Happens when you use the crystal
   *Crystal Locations (where to use the crystal)
   *What is the Point of using the crystal?
   *The Journeys


 IF you're like me, then you would have no clue as to what the crystal is. When
I first played the game, I got frustrated constantly by the guy in the boat
telling me about the journeys and the crystal. Finally out of the blue (and by
luck) I found out what the crystal is used for, and I am here to share that
knowledge with you.


 The old man in the boat tells you that the crystal is a container of journeys.
But don't think that these journeys are the lands you visit...no When you use
the crystal, it takes you further into the path that is your destiny. You must
find your way through the galaxy to find your home, yes galaxy. Don't confuse
the crystal journeys to the land journeys. When you go to one of the three
locations, one special location for a total of four journeys, there is a
special thing to do with the crystal in order to start your journeys.


 Well, first you select it and then...just joking. In each of the lands you
visit there is a special spot that you need to use the crystal in. You will
know when you find the spot because when you do, the lines inside the crystal
will flash red. Once that happens, click on it and you will be transported into
outer space and your journeys will begin. ALthough its not a big place while
navigating through space you can be easily confused. You will need to move your
mouse slowly in order to spot the arrow that tells you that you can continue
that way.


 The first time you use the crystal you will be taken to what seems like the
moon and there is nothing else you can do except come back to earth, but do
keep in mind that every time you find one of the special spots, you can travel
further into the galaxy. Keep turning around until you see the arrow point to a
place further out in space.



 Once you can use the horse to travel between the islands, go to the island
where you met the birdman. In here you need to get your crystal and point it to
one of the dead trees. I think its the one near the wall, but if it isn't, try
the other dead trees. Point it towards the top branches and the crystal will
begin flashing.


 This was an annoying level for me. Anyway, once you can get into the miniature
city and the bridge is lowered, stand in front of the golden doors (The ones
with the hunter and the fox) and slowly turn left. You will be seeing open
skies. Point your crystal towards the mountain peaks and your crystal will
start flashing.
*NOTE* As I said before, make sure that every time you visit the outer space
part to travel further into it. The next time you go out I think you can go to
the star cluster, which I think mars is in.


 The spot here is very tricky to find. You need to stand in front of the steps
of the feathered serpent's pyramid (there are two sets of steps leading up to
the pyramid, You need the one that has a building right next to it). Turn until
you see a tree to the right and point the crystal to the sky right around the
pyramid. Click it to go on the next journey
*NOTE* Again, go further into space.


 The last Location was within your grasp the whole time. All you need to do is
go back to the ship. Once there return to the deck and point to the mountains
until the crystal turns red and you go to the last journey.


 You need to complete the journeys in order to finish the game. I was stumped
on this too as I thought that the crystal was there just for the heck of it,
but the game will not end unless you complete the crystal, and trust me, it is
worth it :)


 I am aware that traveling through space can be quite confusing, so I am giving
you here a simple guide to where to go in the journeys.

The first Time: You automatically go to the moon.
The Second time: Turn away from the moon and look to find a small gathering of
stars. Click there, you will be taken to mars
The Third Time: Turn away from mars and click on the sun *hot* lol
The Forth time: You will be taken to some asteroids. You can go further here
too and you will be taken to a shimmering space with lots of color. Look at
your crystal and you will notice that it has changed. Your journeys are
complete YAY!

 Well that's it. You now can get all of the crystal journeys. Have fun finding
them all. This is my first FAQ and all comments are desired, welcomed and
requested. If you give me any hints, corrections, or anything else you name
will be added to the credits section that I will create. Thank you

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