Review by TeS_MnKd

Reviewed: 04/19/06

Great, but somehow lacking

First off, I would like to say that I had high expectations for this game. I played Morrowind and loved it, even through all of its glitches, but I am in no way a fan boy of this series. Now let's begin

Graphics 10:
Simply amazing. I don't have the most high-end gaming computer in the world so even though I run the graphics on the bare minimum they still blow my mind. Vast landscapes and dungeons along with all the towns look great, but similar. There isn't much difference between any parts of the game as there was with morrowind. Mainly, there is just grass and grass and some more grass, an occasional mountain or two and that is it. Also, the dungeons are also extremely similar. Just cave walls or a stone structure, I mean they could of at least put moss on the walls or something.

Story 8:
Really I don't care about the story of games because they are fantasy anyway, but I guess this is a pretty decent story. Basically, it's a cliche you are the savior of the world type thing, but again the story doesn't really matter to me.

Game play 9:
There has been some advance between Morrowind and Oblivion in terms of game play. Instead of just swinging until your enemy is no more you must block and parry their attacks. This is fun, but just as its predecessor can get boring after a while. Also, another improvement to not exactly the game play, but the game itself is a more balanced type of game. What I mean is that before it was impossible to be a thief without being mostly a warrior. Oblivion corrects this and so much more. It is now possible to be a thief or completely a mage and be successful which I find a breathe of fresh air in today's games. The only downside to the game for me is the game levels up with you. I don't mind this in the fact that you have to be a higher level to fight higher level creatures such as ogres, but you never really feel superior to anyone besides cave rats. Overall though, the game play is still very enjoyable

Music 6:
This was really a bad aspect for me in this game. While the sound effects are very well done, they just do not seem to be part of the game. Honestly, I've played this game for probably 20+ hours and I don't think I've noticed the music in the background even once, whereas in Morrowind I adored travelling around the same 3 songs that I actually noticed. Also, there are great effects for rain and thunder but it barely ever rains. All in all the sound is this games weak spot.

Total Synopsis:
Somehow this game just seems to be lacking something. I think it is the superiority factor because the game levels up with you. I mean how can you fight the same monster 10 levels ago and it takes longer now to kill it than it did before. In no way though is this game bad. Personally, I have 3 characters and play the game quite frequently. On another note there seems to be a lack of mystery and mythological presence in the game. It feels bland at times because of lack-luster quests and no sense of danger. It may seem that I hate this game, but even though I have these opinions I still can't put it down

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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