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So far, this is a pretty good beta. Hope the finished game will be just as good. 06/13/06 Alfran
Pretty, but hollow 09/13/06 Chauncey_Mo
An unbiased look at Oblivion. 04/10/06 ManeMane
If it was THAT good, I'd still be playing it. 04/05/07 PherdnutChiken
For those three who haven't played the game yet... 07/21/09 simonsteele
Fiery portals, hellish landscapes, and evil corruption. What's not to love? 07/27/06 amlabella
Oblivion is at Hand!!! 07/31/06 Darkv1
An amazing game that suffers from a few gameplay problems 05/05/06 DarthMuffin
Great gameplay, and lots of it. 03/29/06 demonduck_1
Oblivion takes the best qualities of an MMORPG and action-RPG and fuses them together to form something special. 05/04/06 Destination
Give it a few week for a patch and some mods 03/30/06 Dzin
Oblivion is one of the most deceptive games ever made. 08/09/10 Flare_Dragon123
The Price of Freedom 02/27/09 Great_Khan
An engrossing adventure like no other. 07/16/06 Gylgamesh
Oblivion attempts to do just about everything, and excels at all of it. 03/28/06 JRGuitargeek
Possibly ahead of its time - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an absolute milestone in the gaming world. 05/29/07 Jules Rules
Extremely deep, detailed and immersive - you won't be disappointed !! 08/06/07 Mister Sinister
An RPG for those new to the genre 05/09/06 Morgoth22
Oblivion makes one step forward, and two steps back 12/17/15 Ofisil
Giant and immersive game. 07/21/10 ReavenMK
Don't be "oblivious" to the fact: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion definitely lives up to its hype. 10/24/06 Shent
An ambitious but heavily flawed experience 02/08/10 ThE_oNe11
Oblivion doesn't live up to the hype 04/13/07 xidain

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