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Vampire FAQ by Joshs Name

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 08/02/2006

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				20 April 2006
                             Author: Josh Warren

                         Email: tehfloorboard@gmail.com

*                        Two very important notices.                        *
*                                                                           *
*                                                                           *
*           1. ONCE YOU BECOME A VAMPIRE, AND CURE YOURSELF                 *
*              YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK TO BEING A VAMPIRE                     *
*                                                                           *
*                                                                           *
*              A VAMPIRE YOU MAY NEVER GO BACK. TRY TO AVOID THE            *
*                                                                           *
*              UNLESS YOU RELOAD.                                           *

                              Updated Version

1.00: Completed FAQ
1.50: Added new information on abilites, known bugs, and disadvantages of 
      being a vampire.
1.90: Added new ways of becoming a vampire, new information on powers and
      new locations of Bloodgrass and Nightshade.
2.00: Cleared up a few knots, added a few errors and some more information.
2.06: Added two very important notices.

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email me at tehfloorboard@gmail.com

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The Elder Scrolls Oblivion is an awesome game, and one of the great features 
is vampires.

Vampires have returned again to The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion once again, but
are more powerful and stronger than ever. In this game being a vampire can be
the most useful thing you could ever hope for, or one of the most painful
experiences, depending on how you play.

If you play well, you can be well on your way to becoming the most powerful
being in Cyrodill, or even Tamriel.

                              Table Of Contents

- Becoming a vampire

- Surviving as a vampire

- Advantages of being a vampire

- Disadvantages of being a vampire

- Vampire Powers

- Vampirism Cure

- Hints

- Known Bugs

                             Becoming a vampire

In the world of Cyrodill, vampirism is also known as Porphyric Hemophilia. 
There are many ways you can catch this disease and is very easy. An easy way 
to become a vampire, the most easiest way is to fight vampires until you 
infected yourself. Another way to get this disease is from Vicente Valtieri, 
he is also a vampire and will offer you his gift after completing some duties
for him in the Dark Brotherhood quests.

Once you have the disease and are sure you want to become a vampire, you must 
wait three days for the disease to take your body. After three days, when you
next go to sleep you will have a dream and find you have become a vampire. 
Your skin becomes white and your eyes will become red.

An easy place to find vampires to fight is a place called Barren Cave east of
the imperial palace. It is along to the road to cheydinhal.

                            Surviving as a vampire

To survive as a vampire, you must do what a vampire does, feed on blood. How
strong you are as a vampire, directly relates to how you feed. To feed, you
must find a sleeping NPC and activate him or her. It acts like a normal 
interface but you get an option to feed. When you feed, you will not wake up
the NPC, kill them, or give them Porphyric Hemophilia. You can feed on one 
person as long as you want, as long as no one catches you.

However, feeding on people is considered a crime, so make sure no one can see
you. People you can easily rob will make perfect candidates as they will be
easier to feed on, as feeding is more low risk that pickpocketing a sleeping 

Also your "vampirism level" increases every 24 hours as long as you rest or 

                         Advantages of being a Vampire

Being a vampire puts you in a catch 22 situation, the longer you go without 
feeding, the stronger you become, but you become more and more like a monster.
There are many different advantages and disadvantages, here we will talk about
the advantages.

At first you will gain many different bonuses to your attributes.

0-24 hours (first day): +5 Attribute/Skill Bonus, 5% Resist Normal
Weapons, HS

24-48 hours (second day): +10 Attribute/Skill Bonus, 10% Resist Normal
Weapons, HS, VS

48-72 hours (third day): +15 Attribute/Skill Bonus, 10% Resist Normal
Weapons, HS, VS, RoT

72+ hours (fourth day onwards): +20 Attribute/Skill Bonus, 10% Resist
Normal Weapons, HS, VS, RoT, EoS

Attributes that gain bonus: Strength, Willpower and Speed

Skills that gain bonus: Acrobatics, Athletics, Destruction,
Hand-to-Hand, Illusion, Mysticism and Sneak

You also get Resist Disease 100 % and Resist Paralysis 100 % regardless
of your level of vampirism.

(submitted by BlackMist)

                        Disadvantages of being a Vampire

There are many disadvantages to being a vampire, and they are listed in this

Vampires in Oblivion take absolutely no sun damage at all when they are at
immediately following a feeding.  During this time it is totally safe to 
fast travel or rest in the sunlight.

(submitted by Dan)

Without feeding, and as your bonuses increase, your weaknessess as a vampire
also increases. When you begin, you will only have a weakness to fire. If you
have fed within 24 hours you become safe from the sun. However if you neglect
to feed, you'll start burning when ever you walk out into the daylight. Each
day you don't feed, increases the damage the sun causes. This means that most
of your time will be spent at night, this can be a severe disadvantage to many

After 96 (four days) hours without feeding you'll noticed your face has
changed significantly. You become looking more and more like a vampire, you
gain fangs, even more pale skin and your eyes become dark red. This can be a
severe disadvantage when talking to other NPCs as everyone will know your
dark secret. This can prevent you from bartering and even receiving certain

                             Your new found powers

If you never liked talking to other NPCs or walking around in the sun, then
you can enjoy your new vampire abilities. These abilities can help you survive
living the tough life of a vampire. These abilites are given after a certain
amount of days of not feeding.

Hunters Sight

Hunter's Sight(HS) - Night Eye for 30 secs on Self, Detect Life 100 ft
for 30 secs on Self, 5 Magicka

Vampire's Seduction

Vampiric Seduction(VS) - Charm 50 pts for 20 secs on Touch, once per

Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror(RoT) - Silence 20ft for 60 secs, Demoralize up to lvl 6
for 60 secs on Touch, once per day

Embrace of Shadows

Embrace of Shadows(EoS) - Night Eye for 90 secs on Self, Invisibility
for 180 secs on Self, once per day This can allow you to either bypass a 
group of people or enemies, or run away from angry mobs with torches and
pitchforks. This ability gives you more than enough time to do either.

                                 The cure

So you got tired of running around in the darkness or from people not talking
to you? Then this is where you want to be. There is a cure for being a
vampire, but not till you've done this short quest.

To start off, you must talk to a prist about a "Cure for Vampirism". Or the
alternative could be to ask Vicente Valtieri, in the Dark Brotherhood. They
tell you to talk to Raminus Polus at the Arcane University. After speaking to
Polus, he directs you to Count Janus Jassildor in Skingrad, who also has been
searching for a cure.

Talk to Hal Liurz to get through to the Count and he'll explain that he wants
a cure for his wife, who has also being infected. Your quest journal explains
that you must find a woman near the Corbolo River who may be a which andmay 
know a cure for vampirism. Her house is right next to the river. She gives 
you a task to find five empty grand soul gems, and she will tell you what she

The easiest way to find grand soul gems if you don't already know is to steal
from the mages guild, or buy them from the mages guild. Either way, once you
have them, talk to the witch who will tell you she can create a cure but has
more tasks for you to do. She says she needs:

	- 6 Garlic Cloves
	- 2 Bloodgrass shoots
	- 5 nightshade leaves
	- Argonian Blood
	- Ashes of a vampire

-The garlic is easy enough, as it is everywhere, an easy place to look would 
 be a farm, or if you need more assistance, at Weynon Priory. Look around in 
 peoples houses, and dinner plates.

-Bloodgrass can be easily found in Oblivion, however if you have finished
 the main quest this may be a bit tricky. Just try to run around old
 Oblivion Gates and you may find some around on the ground.

-Nightshade can be found from nightshade plants, you can find these between 
 Bravil and Skingrad as they seem to grow here. They can also be found in
 the Arcane University.

 (submitted by jonny)

-TheArgonian blood is also easy, any blood of an Argonian will do, as long as
 you don't get caught.

-The vampire ashes however cannot be from any vampire, you must travel to Red
 Water slough to seek out Hindaril. Travel through the dungeon, kill the 
 vampire, and collect his dust.

** If you have the Wizard's Tower add on and have finished it you can have
   access to a garden which is an area with every plant in Oblivion. This is
   and easy way to get the nightshade as well as other plants. **

   Submitted by Malmern

When you deliver the ashes to Melisande, ask her about the cure and she'll
start cooking the cure up for you. Wait a day and collect your potion, and 
head back to castle Skingrad.

Back at the castle talk to Hal Liurz and tell her you have the cure. You'll
be lead to a secret door, to a secret area. You will see the Counts wife, 
Rona in bed, with the Count and the witch Melisande. Apparently, the witch
agreed to revive the Countess long enough for her to drink the cure, which
she does. The countess drinks the potion and then talks to her husband, just
before dying. 

Come back after a day and then see Hal Liurz again, when you see the count,
he'll give you some gold, and you can turn back into a normal human being.
However, you'll lose all your abilites and resistances, would it really be
worth it? Whether you choose to cure yourself or not, the quest is over, and
you'll have the ability to change back.


- Always know what the times is. As a vampire, you never want to be caught in 
  the sun, it'll harm you and you could die before you get to a safe place
  inside. Also fast travelling is dangerous as you may arrive in daylight and
  will have to quickly scramble for a place to hide for the day.

- Some quests are only avaliable at day time as many characters go to sleep 
  then, and the same applies for stores. If you plan or trading, or need to
  speak to someone, try to hideout somewhere close to minimise your time in 
  the sun.
- Don't neglect your new powers, if you're not using them then you should ask
  yourself, "Why am I playing as a vampire again?". These abilites can be
  very useful, so don't try and spare them. Not feeding comes at a price, so
  you might as well use it.
- Remember, feeding puts you back at level one, if you enjoy your new skills,
  abilites and attributes, don't feed as often.
- Remember your weak to fire now, don't hang around if someone is throwing 
  fireballs at you, try and silence them with your new abilites.

                                  Known Bugs

BloodGrass Bug: Many people have been reporting a bug where Melisanda will not
take BloodGrass. It seems it is linked to having completed the main story. 
Everyone whom I asked that was having the bug had completed the main storyline
and loading a save from before they finished solved the problem. There is a 
workaround for those of you on PC. Open up console and type 
"set ms40.bloodgrassvar to 2". I do not have the game on PC so I cannot test 
this, but rumor has it this works.

A prevention for this is to give the witch the Vampire ashes first.

(submitted by pokerjp)

Hindaril's Cave: Some people have been E-Mailing me saying they cannot find 
Hindaril's cave. Make sure a Cure for Vampirism is your active quest, and it 
should point you in the right direction. If not, the name of the cave is 
called Redwater Slough. Hopefully you can find it.

Melisandra in Hiding: After you gather your ingredients and give them to 
Melisandra, she tells you to come back in 24 hours. Some people are having the
problem where they return, only to find her locked in her basement, which 
opens only with a key. I did not have this problem, but I have a solution that
may work. Technically, you are trespassing inside her house, which pisses her 
off. Loiter a bit; eventually she should come out to attack you. Be prepared, 
she will summon all kinds of fun beasts for you. Ask her to yield, then talk 
care of the creatures. You should be good to go now.

Returning to the Count: Another bug I have had people report is that when 
going to visit The Count, after securing the cure, the Argonian will not take
you to him. I do not know the cause of this. If you are on PC, there is a way
around it, similar to the BloodGrass bug. Open up console and type 
" player.coc SkingradCastleChamberOfTheLost". This will bring you inside the 
Counts chamber. Talk to the count to get more information. Once you are 
finished, type "movetoqt" which will advance you to the next part of the quest
(you need to do this to leave the counts chamber). The Cure quest must be 
your active quest for this to work ."

(Submitted by Luis)

                                  Last Words

I hope this FAQ has helped you learn about the different abilites a vampire
can have, including the draw backs and advantages. If you have any
information, fixes, or anything you like to add, see my mailing section.


To get exact numbers, I had to rely on the game, friends, people and the Elder
Scrolls Oblivion Guide. If there are any mistakes, email me and I will add you

                                 Emailing Me

While I was writing this FAQ I was listing to the Dire Straites, so if there
are any mistakes or lyrics to The Sultans Of Swing, please email me at
tehfloorboard@gmail.com. In the Subject title place Oblivion, as long as it has
that, I'll open it. Please don't spam my email, cause that's just bad.
Please email me with:
	- Suggestions
	- Fixes
	- Bugs
	- Solutions
	- Or even if you want to elaborate on something.
I will be sure to credit you properly, unless you don't see it necessary
or you do now want to be credited.


Copyright Josh Warren 2006
If you want to have this FAQ on your website or place of business, please 
email me before you do but it cannot be sold so you can make profit for 

The Author is not affiliated with Bethesda Softworks or anyone else involved 
with the making of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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