1. Dawn Hershey Casting Director
  2. Todd Broadwater Dungeon Art
  3. Tim Lindsey Dungeon Art
  4. Michael E. Ryan Dungeon Art
  5. Frank Ward Dungeon Art
  6. Robert Wisnewski Dungeon Art
  7. Todd Howard Executive Producer
  8. Matthew Carofano Lead Artist
  9. Ken Rolston Lead Designer
  10. Istvan Pely Lead Dungeon Artist
  11. Guy Craver Lead Programmers
  12. Craig Walton Lead Programmers
  13. Jeremy Soule Original Music
  14. Gavin Carter Producer
  15. Ashley Cheng Senior Producer
  16. Sean Bean Voice Actor
  17. Jonathan Bryce Voice Actor
  18. Lynda Carter Voice Actor
  19. Ralph Cosham Voice Actor
  20. Catherine Flye Voice Actor
  21. Gayle Jessup Voice Actor
  22. Wes Johnson Voice Actor
  23. Michael Mack Voice Actor
  24. Elisabeth Noone Voice Actor
  25. Craig Sechler Voice Actor
  26. Terence Stamp Voice Actor
  27. Patrick Stewart Voice Actor


Data and credits for this game contributed by Bitterfish, Cerno, Hardkoroff, knucklez, MrGatorade, odino, and oliist.

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