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Turf War FAQ by mrsheeps

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/30/05


FIRST!  If you e-mail me a question that is answered in this FAQ, I will send
you an e-mail in return telling you that it is in the FAQ. No, I will NOT tell
you where.  You'll have to find it youself.  If you send me another e-mail with
yet another question that has been answered already, your e-mail address will
be blocked.  As in for good. You've been warned (for more information about
e-mail, see 6b).

===NEW TEMPORARY WARNING=======================================================

This FAQ is in the PS2 section therefore, by quite obvious logic, is based on
the PS2 version of the game.  The most noticable difference is that the
territory glitch no longer works (see 1q).  However, I haven't gotten one
e-mail about that, but I have gotten dozens of e-mails "correcting" me about
CJ saying "Orange Grove."  Please see the TANGENT section in 1m and STOP

As long as you're reading this, I'm more than willing to hear the differences
between the PS2 and the XBOX version of this FAQ.  It's probably only a few
things and, if I knew them, I could submit an XBOX version of this guide.  To
clarify, what is annoying me is that I am getting a ton of e-mails
"correcting" me even though this is a PS2 FAQ.  Absolutely everything in this
guide has been confirmed, often in large debates with many, many players.
I've confirmed the majority of this FAQ on my own, so when somebody tells me
I have an error, my first response is, "No I don't."  Just because it isn't
in the XBOX version of the game doesn't mean it isn't in the PS2 version
(can I get a "DUH!"?).

I have a new warning about e-mails in the tangent in section 1m.  To put it
simply, if a few more people "correct" me about the issue in 1m, I'm going
to make this version the final version and remove my e-mail address.  Any
e-mail that makes its way to my gmail will be immediately deleted.

So far the confirmed differences between the PS2 and XBOX versions is that the
XBOX version does not have the territory glitch and CJ does not say "Orange
Grove."  These issues have been covered in this guide so DON'T E-MAIL ME ABOUT
THEM.  If there are any other differences you know about, feel free to e-mail
me, just keep in mind it's not that this FAQ is wrong but rather that the PS2
and XBOX versions are DIFFERENT.  THANK YOU

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   =======+ TURF WAR FAQ v1.5                                      +=======
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Author:    mrsheeps (Bill Schiefen)
E-mail:    mrsheeps at gmail dot com (PLEASE obey above warnings)
Copyright: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Rockstar Games, Inc (2004)
           Turf War FAQ v1.0-1.5 - Bill Schiefen  Don't try and steal it.
           You've been warned (again).

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   =======+ ABBREVIATIONS                                          +=======
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GSF:       Grove Street Families
SA:        Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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   =======+ TABLE OF CONTENTS                                      +=======
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To jump to a section, press CTRL + F and type in the section number and the
word all, contained in parentheses, e.g. "(8all)".

To jump to a specific question, press CTRL + F and type in the question number,
e.g. "9f", followed immediately by a period, e.g. "9f." The only time the
question number has a period following it is at the actual question itself.
In the Table of Contents below, the question number is followed by a colon (:).

If I mention something like so: (see 2a), you can use the above method to jump
right to that question.  You can also use the above method to jump back to
where you just were by remembering the previous question number.  In both
cases, just remember to include the period immediately following the question
number to get there fastest.

Thus, searching for "9a." will not take you to "9all."  It will also not take
you to the Table of Contents.  It takes thirty seconds to learn this and
searching the guide will be much easier.

The first section contains very basic questions and thus very basic answers.
For more in-depth answers, look for similar questions in other sections.

 1a: What is a turf war?
 1b: Why should I do turf wars?
 1c: When can I do turf wars?
 1d: Where can I do turf wars?
 1e: But I don't see gang colors on my map...
 1f: What do the shades mean?
 1g: Why can't I do turf wars anymore?
 1h: How do I start a turf war?
 1i: Help!  "Our 'hood is under attack!" popped up!
 1j: What if another gang attacks me and I don't do anything?
 1k: What if I lose a turf war?
 1l: How come other gangs keep attacking me?
 1m: What gangs can I fight?/What gangs can I not fight?
 1n: How do I recruit members of my gang to fight with me?
 1o: Why am I missing one territory?
 1p: Do the Ballas/Vagos disappear forever if I take control of all their
 1q: What about this "territory glitch" thing?

 2a: When should I do turf wars? (VERY IMPORTANT!)
 2b: But what if I wipe out the Ballas/Vagos before leaving Los Santos?
 2c: Do I need to have 100% control before completing the game?
 2d: Does it matter where I pick to start turf wars?
 2e: Difficult areas to start turf wars in
 2f: What if there are only two gang members?

 3a: The three waves/General strategy
 3b: Submitted strategies
 3c: Controls (probably the most helpful section there is, FYI)
 3d: Best weapons
 3e: Health/body armor pick-ups
 3f: What if I have a wanted level/cops are shooting me?
 3g: Defending your turf
 3h: Leaving the war zone

 4a: The "do nothing" method"
 4b: The "lots of work, lots of payoff" method
 4c: Getting 100% control/How many territories are there?
 4d: What if I have more/less territories?

 5a: The "run and save" method
 5b: The "just hit R3" method
 5c: Myth - the "start another turf war" method
 5d: Myth - the "wanted level" method
 5e: Myth - the "run away" method

 6a: Why did you bother with a Turf War FAQ?
 6b: Are you really that grumpy about e-mails?
 6c: Versions, revisions, and sites that can use this guide

          +                                                        +
   =======+ TURF WAR BASICS (1all)                                 +=======
          +                                                        +

1a. What is a turf war?

A turf war is when two gangs fight over control of territory. However, turf
wars only happen between your gang, GSF, and another gang (in other words, the
Vagos never attack the Ballas for territory).

When you start a turf war (see 1k), you can take over the territory that is now
flashing.  You can only fight one turf war at a time.  If you succeed in wiping
out the gang from the territory, GSF now controls that territory.  Members of
GSF will appear in the territory along with Denise look-alikes.


1b. Why should I do turf wars?

The more territories you own, the more money is collected at The Johnson House
on Grove Street.  In addition, succeeding at turf wars increases your Total
Respect stat.  (Failing to defend a territory [see 1j], failing to take over a
territory [see 1k], or losing a member of your gang that you recruited [see 1n]
all contribute to a loss of respect.)

I just realized I forgot the number one reason to do turf wars: 100% control of
Los Santos!  When this happens, neither the Ballas nor the Vagos exist, thus
they don't shoot at you (because they don't exist).  See sections 1p, 2a, and
4c to learn more.


1c. When can I do turf wars?

There are two times you can begin doing turf wars in the game as well as three
times you can not do turf wars (see 1g).

The first time comes after completing the mission "Doberman" for Officer Frank
Tenpenny.  You can feasibly take over every territory in Los Santos, but you
may not want to do this (see 2a).

The second time comes after completing the mission "Home Coming" in the Return
to Los Santos chapter.  However, there is still a "best" time to do turf wars
(see 2a).


1d. Where can I do turf wars?

Most gang wars take place on the Eastern side of Los Santos.  If a territory is
green, GSF already owns this territory and thus you do not need to fight a turf
war there.  If the territory is purple (Ballas) or yellow (Vagos), you can
fight turf wars there.  Any territory that you can take over will have a color
attached to it, unless you lose that territory by not responding to an attack
(see 1j).


1e. But I don't see gang colors on my map...

There's two possibilities here.  The strongest possibility is, at this point in
your game, you can not do turf wars yet (you have not completed "Doberman") or
you can not do turf wars anymore (see 1g).

However, if you believe you should have the ability to do turf wars, hit pause
and select the map by hitting x.  Hit R1 and pull up the "Blip Menu."  Check to
see if "Gang Area" is switched to "ON."  If it isn't, scroll down and hit x to
turn it on.  If the gang areas are turned on but you still do not see green,
purple, and/or yellow, then you can not do turf wars yet or can not do turf
wars anymore.


1f. What do the shades mean?

Basically, the darker the shade, the more gang members will be in that
territory.  It's like a population density thing.  The advantage to a darker
shaded area is that it's very easy to find three gang members, thus very easy
to start a turf war, and believe me, a lot of frustration with turf wars comes
when you're not able to find three gang members, as this also usually ends up
being the time your 'hood comes under attack way across the city.

I did not notice a change in how the turf war went on except for in the case of
the "missing" territory (see 1o).  So a darker shade does not mean a harder
turf war.  Every territory has three waves, with the exception of the "missing"


1g. Why can't I do turf wars anymore?

Once you leave Los Santos, after the completion of "Green Sabre," you can not
do turf wars again until you return to Los Santos, which is in a LONG time.
Enjoy the break.

A third, semi-obvious, time you can not do turf-wars is when you have 100%
control of Los Santos (see 1p).  Since the Ballas/Vagos don't exist and they
are the only gangs you can have turf wars with, you can no longer do turf wars.


1h. How do I start a turf war?

To start a turf war, you must kill three rival gang members in a territory that
they own.  I say three because it is the number that most often provokes a turf
war.  I have needed to kill four on occasion, though.  If only two gang members
show up and you are impatient, try my two-member way (see 2f).

If the turf war does not start, you may not have killed them when they were in
their own territory.  If they happen to be across the street in one of your
territories and you are in their territory, it won't count. You can either lure
them into the territory or keep trying to find other gang members inside the

There are three territories that are somewhat hard to find gang members in (see


1i. Help!  "Our 'hood is under attack!" popped up!

When this message pops up, basically what happens is, instead of you starting a
turf war with another gang, another gang tries to start a turf war with you.
Usually, this is in an attempt to take back territory that you took from them,
but it can happen with just about any territory (for more, see 1l).

You actually have many options when this happens, so take it easy.  You can do
nothing (see 1j), respond to the turf war (see 3e), or you can temporarily
avoid the turf war (see 5all).


1j. What if another gang attacks me and I don't do anything?

If you do nothing, you do not lose the territory but that territory is no
longer yours.  It's in a sort of "neutral" state where both your gang and the
rival gang (who provoked the turf war) occupy the territory. I have, however,
gotten credit for controlling territories that were actually in this "limbo"

However, you can start a new turf war by attacking three rival gang members in
the territory.  The turf war will be like every other turf war - it is usually
best to respond to the turf war (see 3e) or temporarily avoid the turf war (see


1k. What if I lose a turf war?

No matter whether you lose a turf war that you provoked or a turf war provoked
by another gang, you not only die but lose the territory in question.  You can
always re-take over the territory.


1l. How come other gangs keep attacking me?

Most of the time, rival gangs attempt to take over territory that borders their
own territory.  Most FAQ's say that rival gangs ONLY try to take over territory
that borders their own territory, but this was not the case for me, as the
Ballas once tried to take over the area surrounding the safe house in Jefferson
even though I contolled all of the territories surrounding the territory in

I can only tell you "most's."  Most of the time, a rival gang simply wants to
expand their borders by taking over bordering territory.  Also, rival gangs
seem to want to take over territories you just took over.


1m. What gangs can I fight?/What gangs can I not fight?

There are eight gangs in San Andreas, and they are as follows:

-Name-                 -Colors-    -Home- 
Grove Street Families  Green       Ganton, Los Santos
Ballas                 Purple      Glen Park, Los Santos
                                   spead out all over Los Santos
Los Santos Vagos       Yellow      Northeastern Los Santos
                                   Bayside Marina, north of San Fierro
Las Aztecas Varrios    Cyan        Unity Station, Los Santos
San Fierro Rifa        Blue        Garcia, San Fierro
Triads                 Black       Chinatown, San Fierro
                                   Four Dragons Casino, San Fierro
Da Nang Boys           Cyan        Easter Basin, San Fierro
Mafia                  Black       Bayside Marina

Obviously you can not fight the Grove Street Families, as they are your gang.
If you kill members of your own gang, nothing much happens except for dumb,
unnecessary decreases in your stats.

You can technically fight any gang in that if you provoke any gang, they will
fight back.  This happens, usually, when a member of a gang approaches you,
asking if you are in a gang.  If you hit left on the D-pad, you will say you are
not, and they'll walk away.  If you hit right on the D-pad, you will say
something like "Orange Grove" (as System Error points out, left in from the
beta version) or yes in some other way.  This is not an error - I have
confirmed that CJ says this, he says, "Orange Grove for life!"*

---BEGIN TANGENT---NOT ESSENTIAL READING---------------------------------------
Once again, this is NOT an error, so XBOX users, PLEASE STOP "CORRECTING" ME!!!
This comes from T®AX: "I have not personally heard CJ say "Orange Grove" but
you are not the first person who I've heard claim this so I inquired an
acquaintance of mine that is on the GTA development team. He stated that Orange
Grove Families was one of many different names that was up in the air for the
final version. Ultimately, Orange Grove Families was the name that was picked
for the final version, but because of "several minor issues" (he didn't say
anything more on that) and a quickly approaching deadline, it was scrapped and
they left the gang name as simply Grove Street Families. The Orange Grove you
are hearing had slipped through the final testing phase unnoticed and when it
was finally caught, the mistake was considered far too insignificant to fix.
Hope this clears up any misunderstanding."  Thanks, T®AX - I do too.

Now, listen.  This mistake IS in the PS2 version.  It IS.  I have heard it many
many times.  It's not the only thing CJ says, he has around a half dozen of
things to say.  But to repeat, this FAQ is in the PS2 section and is for the
PS2 version of the game.  It may not be in the XBOX version, and probably
Once again, newbie XBOX players, please please PLEASE stop "correcting" me on
this, I am not wrong AT ALL and the constant deluge of e-mails from people
telling me I am is really, really getting old.  If this continues, I will make
this FAQ the final version and stop taking ALL e-mails about turf wars THANKS
---END OF TANGENT--------------------------------------------------------------

Then they attack you.  Most of the time it's just the person who asked you who
will attack, but sometimes a group of them follows suit.  But what's the
point?  If they're not the Ballas/Vagos, you won't be able to take over the
territory, so why bother?  What I feel is Rockstar wanted gangs to be able to
attack you if provoked, as opposed to, let's say, GTA III where the Mafia
would always attack you unprovoked, causing your car to blow up while driving.
Really, all Rockstar has done is eliminated unnecessary frustration, so be

With that said, I have been attacked by the Da Nang Boys unprovoked.  This is
the only gang that attacked me unprovoked (besides the Ballas and the Vagos, of
course).  However, I've also had them not attack me, which is most of the time,
so it doesn't bother me much.

I must clarify this: you can not take over any territory besides those of the
Ballas or the Vagos.  Killing three gang members in a row will do nothing
except probably get you a wanted level.  Don't bother trying, it won't happen.
I don't know what happens if you trigger the territory glitch and wouldn't tell
you anyways because this is not the territory glitch guide (see 1q).

Both the Las Aztecas Varrios and the Da Nang Boys are in cyan and actually look
pretty alike.  But the Varrios are only found in Los Santos while the Da Nang
Boys are only found in San Fierro.  The Triads and the Mafia also look alike,
but the Mafia are only found in the "missing" property in Bayside Marina, and
they only spawn rarely (see 1o).

* "OG," used at other times in the game, does not mean "Orange Grove" but
rather "original gangster."  Thank you for the ten million newbie XBOX players
for e-mailing this and making me feel stupid.  I realize now the stupidity of
my error (especially since I knew the answer, I just wasn't thinking about it
when I typed it) but it is always better to be polite.  Not all of you were
impolite, but enough were, so yeah.


1n. How do I recruit members of my gang to fight with me?

Target a GSF gang member (in green) and hit up or down on the D-pad.  If you
hit up, they will follow you and stay close, whereas if you hit down, they will
stay within a certain radius of you but not too close.

You can bring members with you in a car or simply walk/run with them. Some cars
will only fit one gang member, most will fit three, and in the case of the Bus
and Coach, you can take as many as you can recruit.  You can also take gang
members with you on boats, but the purpose of this, I don't know.

If the - SPOILER! - riots have already started, some of your gang members will
be on crack or rioting.  You can not recruit them and, most likely, they'll
begin shooting you if you come close to them.  Look for gang members just
standing around and recruit them.


1o. Why am I missing one territory?

For some reason nobody seems to know, the Vagos control one territory in
Bayside Marina, directly North of San Fierro.  It is hard to start a turf war
here as it is rare for three gang members to spawn, so either do the two gang
member trick (see 2f) or keep circling until you find three members.  They WILL
spawn eventually; be patient.  Also, once the turf war starts (finally), there
will only be one wave of four guys.  Cake.

Somebody does know!  According to System Error:

"The Bayside Marina territory actually is a result of the extra territories
glitch. During the 'Saint Mark's Bistro' mission, when you are just about to
reach Liberty City, the glitch gets triggered, and the territory comes into
existance. Since this mission is a required mission, you have no choice but to
create this territory.

"Speaking of the Bayside Marina, Mafia gang groups occasionally spawn there.
They are extremely rare, however."


1p: Do the Ballas/Vagos disappear forever if I take control of all their

Yes.  If you feel you have done this but still see Ballas/Vagos, see 4d.


1q. What about this "territory glitch" thing?

The territory glitch allows you to have a total of up to 178 territories.  This
means that practically all of San Andreas is not only gang territory but can be
YOUR gang territory.

TRYING TO "HELP" BY EXPLAINING THE GLITCH TO ME.  There is already an entire
FAQ dedicated to this glitch on gamefaqs.com.  It is called "Territory Glitch
Guide."  There is no need to repeat what has already been done so well.

The end.

          +                                                        +
   =======+ APPROACHING TURF WARS (2all)                           +=======
          +                                                        +

2a. When should I do turf wars?

Well, there are two times that you can do turf wars, before you leave Los
Santos and when you return to Los Santos.

If you have not yet left Los Santos, the only reason to take over territories
is to make money at The Johnson House.  Do this only if you are REALLY
DESPERATE - there is a much, much, much easier way of making all the money
you'd ever need.*  You can also get ammo from slain gang members, but this is
only good if they drop weapons you like.  Finally, turf wars are really easy
ways to get your weapon level skills to Hitman which, trust me, comes in handy
during the game.  You can dual-wield a handful of weapons but, more importantly
your range and accuracy goes up A TON with Hitman.

But - SPOILER! - you'll lose the territory anyways (see 2b).

Once you return to Los Santos and complete the mission "Home Coming," you can
do turf wars again.  However, you do turf wars in the missions "Beat Down on
B-Dup" and "Grove 4 Life."  In "Beat Down on B-Dup," you take over Glen Park
(again).  In "Grove 4 Life," you take over two territories (of your choice) in
Idlewood.  If you take over any of these territories after "Home Coming" but
before these missions, you will automatically lose the territories when the
missions begin and will have to win them over again.  In the case of Idlewood,
you do get to pick which territories, but it seems like there are only a few
there anyways.

However, you do NOT want to take over territories once the riots begin, which
is right after the mission "Riot."  However again, you also need 35% control of
Los Santos before the final mission, "End of the Line."

Therefore, you want - at the very least - 35% control of Los Santos BEFORE
completing "Riot."  If you accidentally start the mission, fail it on purpose,
especially if you need more than, let's say, two to three territories.  Taking
over the territories during the riots is HELL.

The best time to take over territory, therefore, is either after "Grove 4
Life" but before "Riot" or after "End of the Line" (see 2c).

* If you want an easy way to make money without cheating and without needing
access to the casinos in Las Venturas, take $10,000 to Inside Track Betting in
Downtown Los Santos, west of Glen Park.  Bet that $10,000 on the worst horse.
If you lose, re-load and try again.  If you win, go and save, you'll have about
$120,000.  After saving, go back and bet that $120,000.  Boom, $1.4 million.
You can do this again and again, I got up to $14 million before leaving Los
Santos.  It's a lot better than winning $1,000 after a long game of pool.


2b. But what if I wipe out the Ballas/Vagos before leaving Los Santos?

No matter what you do - SPOILER! - once you leave Los Santos, the Ballas and
Vagos take over.  The Ballas take over any territory GSF originally owned or
territory you took over via turf wars that were originally theirs.  The Vagos
take over any territory you took over via turf wars that were originally


2c. Do I need to have 100% control before completing the game?

No.  You don't even need it for 100% completion.  I beat the game and got 100%
with 38% territory controlled.  You can get 100% control AFTER completing the
game/100%, I have done this already.


2d. Does it matter where I pick to start turf wars?

The truth is, not really.  As long as a rival gang has territory that borders
yours, you'll get the "Our 'hood is under attack!" warnings.  I hate them too,
which is the main reason behind this guide.

However, rival gangs MOSTLY only attack territories that border theirs, so it
would be the least stressful to take over all of the contiguous area in Eastern
Los Santos first.  MOSTLY is the keyword here; I took out all the Ballas in
Eastern Los Santos and somehow they attacked the territory surrounding the safe
house in Jefferson.  I guess they drove from across town for it.  I don't know.

Another way to do this is to worry about the territories in Western Los Santos
first, the ones owned by the Ballas.  Once you control those clusters, they
likely won't be attacked.  If your hood in Ganton comes under attack, just
temporarily avoid the turf war (see 5all).

Point is, don't put too much time into it.  However, given the safe house trick
(see 5a), it is easiest to do turf wars near safe houses.


2e. Difficult areas to start turf wars in

According to Robert Allen Rusk's complete FAQ, there are three territories that
present problems in starting turf wars.

 #1 - Jefferson Motel parking lot
The reason it is hard to start a turf war here is because people do not, as a
rule, spawn inside the parking lot.  You can either provoke a group of Ballas
from a nearby territory and have them follow you in or drive around until they

 #2 - South Los Flores, north end of flood control channel
This territory, like the next one, is tiny, and therefore it's hard to find
Vagos in this territory.  If they spawn in a nearby territory, you can lure
them into the territory and cap three of them.  Otherwise, be on the look out
for cars with Vagos in them.

 #3 - in front of East Mulholland 24-7
This is yet another tiny one, so again it is hard to find three gang members.
Follow the same pattern as the above two by luring a group of Ballas into the
tiny territory.  Be careful to cap them while they are in the territory.

If you have taken over every territory except these and are having trouble,
don't freak out.  It is still very, very possibly to start turf wars in these
territories.  For #1, I simply found a group of Ballas in the lot, it didn't
take me long.  For #2, I found one on the street, then one in a car, then
another on the street.  For #3, I caused a lot of mayhem and actually racked up
three stars, then in between capping a bunch of cops I noticed three Ballas
were, miraculously, right on the corner.  I fought off three stars' worth of
cops and three waves of Ballas then stole the first car I saw and saved.  Phew.

In the case of both #2 and #3, they were the only territories I had left for
the respective gangs.  So yes, they were difficult and yes, you SHOULD do them
first if you haven't done them yet, but if you end up in my position, don't
freak out.  Be patient, keep circling, they'll show up eventually.

There is one territory, as well, that sometimes hits a glitch.  It's the one in
Santa Maria Beach with the lighthouse on the Southwest corner.  What happens is
that the Ballas occasionally spawn in the water and, though they can somehow
shoot you, you can not shoot them back.  You'll have to restart the turf war
and simply hope that they don't spawn in the water.  For me, they didn't spawn
on my second time, so I forgot about this.  Thanks to BlueNoseDave for
pointing this out - he also tried again a few times, and eventually the Ballas
spawned on the main road North of the lighthouse.  Just be patient - there's a
safe house right there, so save your game, try it, if it glitches, reload, if
it doesn't, fight it and then run to your safe house.


2f. What if there are only two gang members?

If you only see two gang members, cap 'em.  There are two situations possible.
One is you cap two and see another, cap him and boom, turf war.  The other is
that an ambulance will show up and revive the two slain gang members.  This
happened to me once, I killed two guys, they were revived, I killed both again,
and then boom, turf war.

          +                                                        +
   =======+ FIGHTING TURF WARS (3all)                              +=======
          +                                                        +

3a. The three waves/General strategy

When you provoke a turf war, gang members come in three waves, but I really
consider it four.  Let's say you cap three Vagos, but there's another four
Vagos near them.  Cap them too.  They will shoot you, and they won't count as
the first wave, except by this guy.

In general, the first wave will feature minor weapons, such as pistols and even
bats.  The first wave is pretty much a joke.  Only one group of guys show up
and you can easily take care of them

The second wave features two groups of guys and, possibly, a car doing a
drive-by.  The drive-by isn't that bad; take care of it if nobody is near you
by blowing their engine up, one round of an M4 will do it.  But don't get
caught up in it!  The only time I have lost a turf war was because I was
concentrating on the drive-by car and the two groups of guys were able to
sneak up on me.

The second wave starts introducing some serious weapons.  I do not believe
these weapons are guaranteed; in the case of the Vagos, it seems to be AK-47's
and SMG's, whereas with the Ballas it seems like Micro-SMG's and maybe an AK-47
or two.  Just remember, it's progressive.

The third wave features three groups of guys with mostly AK-47's.  This is some
pretty serious stuff.  A car could show up for a drive-by again; in this case,
don't even look at it.  You NEED to concentrate on the groups of guys.

In general, you get around five seconds break after you start the turf war and
in between waves.  I would wipe out anybody left and immediately switch to my
Micro-SMG.  As soon as you see the group(s) appear on the map, think logically.

With the first wave, the only thing you need to be careful of is them spawning
right near you.  This is why you want to switch to the Micro- SMG.  If they
spawn near you, immediately run in the opposite direction; they run, but not
nearly as fast.  Once you get out of shooting distance, turn around and switch
to your M4.  Their weapons will be no match for the range of the M4; you
shouldn't get hit once.

First break.  Take a look around to see if there are any health/body armor
pick-ups (see 3d).  Remember to switch to your Micro-SMG.  With the second
wave, there will be two groups of guys, and they can either surround you, come
from one side together, or be spead apart enough to not be a problem.  If they
are coming from opposite directions, you have two options.  You can run towards
one of them and throw yourself into their shooting distance but wipe 'em out
before any real damage and then run out of the other groups' shooting range.
Or you can run in a direction neither of them are heading to and force them to
come at you as a large group.  Otherwise you will soon be in shooting range for
both groups and trust me, you'll be hurting.  More importantly, if you're
taking a bunch of hits like that on the second wave, you'll never survive the
third wave.

The third wave is basically the second wave on steroids.  There is one more
group so there is a possibility of being even more cornered.  NEVER let them
surround you on three sides - you WILL die.  So take the second wave strategies
one step further; immediately hit L2 to switch to your Micro-SMG and run around
to pick up any health/body armor pick-ups lying around.  They'll show up on the
screen soon.  If two groups are near each other, attack the third group first
and then get a healthy distance away from the two groups.  You can wipe out two
groups heading towards you, remember, but if there's a group behind you as
well, you have no chance.  If you are surrounded, RUN.  Running can mean your
life.  Run to an area that will force them to come at you in a single file.

The hardest turf wars take place on flat ground with little walls.  Not only do
you have nothing to hide behind, the gang members find you instantly.  When
there are lots of walls or hills in the way, you not only have places to hide
but also have the chance of some gang members getting stuck.  If this happens,
you can be patient and wait, but if they never get un-stuck, you have to go
find them.  I once had to do this for one lousy Balla four blocks outside the
"war zone" and ended up having to forfeit the territory (see 3g).


3b. Submitted strategies

++THE CLIMBING AMBULANCE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
+                         Easiness factor: 4                                  +
+                      Convenience factor: 4                                  +
+                    Effectiveness factor: 4                                  +
+                           Health factor: 5                                  +
+                               MY RATING: 4.25                               +
+++submitted by Travis tad.dryden@shaw.ca++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Take an ambulance. However, not for healing. You need it to climb. In all of my
gang wars so far, I get an ambulance (or car if my ambulance was blown up
before) and park it under a roof. You climb onto the engine, then onto the box
part. Then jump onto the roof. It gives you a tremendous advantage. I think you
can shoot farther and you can go back and cut off their line of fire. However,
there are the complaints that people can get under you and you can't go to the
edge to shoot them or you're dead. This is where remote satchels come in. Toss
a couple down, maybe on on the very edge of the building, and go to the other
side. Boom! Keep doing this, it might take a few satchels.

An alternate 'strategy' I have isn't a real strategy. It's more AFTER you're
done the turf war. Don't buy an M4. Pick uo the Ak-47. The M4 is much better,
but it requires money, but mostly time to drive to an ammunation. However, if
you use my roof strategy you most likely won't be able to get them, seeing as
it'll take time to jump onto the car and then to the weapons. Maybe if you go
flying off the roof onto the street directly, but that's just stupid unless
health is nearby.

MY TWO CENTS: I found myself doing this strategy a lot, actually.  The only
problem with this strategy is that enemy gang members may spawn behind other
houses and continuously run into the house's walls.  This means you have to go
and find them.  This is where another strategy, "The Jetpack," could be
integrated.  Then you don't have to run and waste time to get that wall-running
gang member, you just fly.

Another problem is that you may blow up the ambulance you took to get on top of
the house by using the remote satchels.  But the concept is good and there to
work with; you could always get another ambulance, for example, or simply lure
the gang members away from the ambulance.  Everyone should try the roof method
at least once.

++MINIGUN, MOLOTOVS, AND BULLETPROOFS++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
+                         Easiness factor: 4                                  +
+                      Convenience factor: 2                                  +
+                    Effectiveness factor: 5                                  +
+                           Health factor: 4                                  +
+                               MY RATING: 3.75                               +
+++submitted by System Error+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The Minigun is an excellent weapon to use during the turf wars, considering you
can find one. Hold R1, aim at one side of the group that is rushing to attack,
and sweep a fury of bullets right across the group. If you need to move quickly,
temporarily switch to another weapon.

The Motolovs are also great as a primary weapon. Trigger the war and get on top
of a roof. Wait for them to run near the base of the building, then throw a
Motolov down. Listen to the screams, and repeat if needed. Sometimes, you'll
need to hop down to take out the last few, but this is no problem.

Also, if you have some Bulletproofs on you, be it the Rhino or one of
the special bulletproofs, you can just run everybody over.

If you want to maximize the "Highest Number of Territories Held" stat without
turning to the extra territories glitch, you have to take over the "stolen"
Varrios territories prior to the "Los Desperados" mission.

MY TWO CENTS: Another rooftop strategy and another good one.  The minigun does
indeed waste gangs pretty much instantaneously, but the convenience factor (of
attaining the minigun, basically) is a tad low.  Otherwise a very solid
strategy and one that most could pull off.

++THE JEPACK+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
+                         Easiness factor: 2                                  +
+                      Convenience factor: 4                                  +
+                    Effectiveness factor: 3                                  +
+                           Health factor: 5                                  +
+                               MY RATING: 3.50                               +
+++submitted by Yos++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I don't know why, but I haven't heard of anyone other than my self using the
best vehicle (if it can be called that) for fighting; the jetpack. Extremely
useful in the areas where there is little or no hiding spots. Sure, it may be
way out of the way just for a bit of land, it makes you nearly invinicible
flying around espeically with akimbo sub machine guns. A further tip is after
provoking the war and there happens to be a high up building to perch on, head
on up pull out an M4/AK-47/Sniper Rifle/etc. They can't touch you and you can
wipe them out considerbly easily, provided there are no overhangs to block the
view to the street. Might make the whole thing TOO easy though.

MY TWO CENTS: Although I argued for the integration of this strategy with "The
Climbing Ambulance," I disagree on fly-by shooting.  It's something that I did,
even for fun, and even got good at, but there was a level to which you could
master the jetpack, and that level was relatively low.  It's not like going
around shooting or driving, where you truly master what you are doing, but much
more haphazard.  My advice is, if you want to use the jetpack, use it for
transportation only.  It will help get onto roofs, particularly high roofs,
quite easily, but fly-by shooting is quite hard.

++THE APACHE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
+                         Easiness factor: 3                                  +
+                      Convenience factor: 1                                  +
+                    Effectiveness factor: 4                                  +
+                           Health factor: 5                                  +
+                               MY RATING: 3.25                               +
+++submitted by Sundar+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Note: This method involves using the APACHE(HUNTER), therefore you MUST have
all Gold in pilot school.

Okay, fly the Hunter to the destination and then kill three gang members ON
FOOT.  Once you have provoked the war, get into the helicopter and ascend to a
considerable height. If done correctly, the enemy's firepower will not reach
you but your missiles will still reach them.  This method will be most useful
when you want to get territories near the Santa Maria Beach because if you
provoke a war and then get into the helicopter and hover on top of the sea, the
gang members will either simply stand at the seashore and try to shoot you or
jump into the sea, hence becoming easy targets anyways.

The reason why I felt this method was great:

 * It saves you tons of money since you don't need to buy weapons.
 * It saves you time since two missiles can wipe out entire waves.
 * You don't need to search for armor and health during the wars.


 * It is very risky to use this method against the LOS SANTOS VAGOS(THIRD
   WAVES) if you're not at the correct height since the third waves of Vagos
   are particularly tough. However, if you maintain the correct altitude, their
   bullets will not reach you.
 * It is not recommended to use this method in small areas since you will
   always seem to fly out of the territory.

Note: A hydra may also be used, but since the hunter is more easily
maneuverable at low altitudes, I use the hunter.

MY TWO CENTS: The only reason this is rated low is because it uses a helicoptor
thereby drastically reducing the easiness and convenience factors.  However, if
you like helicoptors, why not?  I personally found myself doing Vigilante with
the Apache for fun and, trust me, you can master flying this thing pretty
easily.  But if you don't like helicoptors, don't even try this one.


If you'd like to submit a strategy that contains something different from my
or any already submitted user strategies, please e-mail me (e-mail is at the
top of the guide).

My apologies to Dustin and Joe Blow.  The strategies you submitted were not yet
on this FAQ but had already been submitted.  I chose to put up submissions by
first submitted (in other words, by date of e-mail) and therefore yours didn't
make it.  Thank you for putting the time into e-mailing me though!


3c. Controls

There are many FAQ's that advocate the R1 + L1, release, repeat method. I stand
fiercely against this method.  The best way is to have a finger on L1, L2, L3,
R1, R2, and R3 at all times.  Stop using the o button - this aint GTA III.

This method takes a LOT of getting used to, particularly for fans of GTA III
like myself.  But TRUST ME, it is very much worth it, and after a few turf
wars, you'll have it mastered.

The grip is simple.  Thumbs on L3/R3, index finger on L1/R1, middle finger on
L2/R2.  Take the first wave.  A group of around four is approaching you.  Hit
R1 and move R3 until you see the first guy in line for killin'.  If he's to the
right of your aim, hit R2.  To the left, hit L2.  Hold L1 until he's peaced.
Don't release R1!  Now look to the next guy nearest you.  To the right, R2.  To
the left, L2.  Simple, huh?

As long as you hold R1 down, you will stay in aiming mode.  If you need to
shoot something that can not be targeted, simply move the aim using R3.  If you
need to move around, use L3.  So long as you stay in aiming mode by holding R1
down, you can move backwards while aiming straight ahead.  This is VERY helpful
for turf wars.  If a large group is heading towards you, keep L2/R2 to select
the next guy, L1 to cap him, and L3 to move back so you are constantly moving
out of their shooting range. Once you're in shooting range on the third wave,
it's trouble.

The R1 + L1 method has one major benefit - it selects the closest guy to you.
So if somebody is close to you but it would take four taps to R2, release R1
and immediately hold it down again.  You should instantly switch to the guy
four guys to the right.  I'm not saying to never use the R1 + L1 method, but to
me it seems like it was necessary in GTA III because the aiming system wasn't
great.  In SA, the aiming system is BEAUTIFUL.

It is the only game I use six fingers for besides Tony Hawk, and even then it's
really four or five at a time.  Think of all you can do with this system...
move around while targeting, crouch, roll right/left, move backwards, yadda

The best thing about this is that it helps out in missions A LOT.  I know many
people had problems with - SPOILER! - Smoke's crack palace in "End of the Line"
- I never fell below half body armor.  This game becomes cake once you have
this system mastered.


3d. Best weapons

The best weapon, hands down, is the M4.  With Hitman status, your range is
incredible.  The best weapon these guys will have during any wave is an AK-47
and you can be well out of their AK-47 range while having them well in your M4
range.  I've done entire turf wars without getting hit once; I'm not bragging
here, all I did was exploit the M4.

However, there is one good argument for the AK-47: availability.

"An alternate 'strategy' I have isn't a real strategy. It's more AFTER you're
done the turf war. Don't buy an M4. Pick uo the Ak-47. The M4 is much better,
but it requires money, but mostly time to drive to an ammunation. However, if
you use my roof strategy you most likely won't be able to get them, seeing as
it'll take time to jump onto the car and then to the weapons. Maybe if you go
flying off the roof onto the street directly, but that's just stupid unless
health is nearby." - Travis tad.dryden@shaw.ca"

The reason I chose the M4 was that I had 100% already and therefore had
unlimited ammo.  Besides that, I had done enough gambling that I was up to $120
million or so.  Buying M4 ammo wasn't a serious cost anyways.  The bottom line:
if you have the cash or 100%, use the M4.  If not, the AK-47 works well too.

If you've done the Firetruck missions and are fireproof, molotov cocktails can
help in times of extreme danger.  Let's say you're surrounded and they're in
close; just keep chucking 'em and spinning around.


3e. Health/body armor pick-ups

The general rule for health/body armor pick-ups is that they are found at the
edges of the "war zone."  Usually there is no body armor pick-up during the
first wave but it always seems like there are pick-ups when you need them.  If
your body armor is gone/low, consider switching to your Micro-SMG and running 
for 'em, especially if it's the third wave and they're closing in.  At the very
least you will be out of their range and will either find health/body armor or
be able to pick them off from afar.


3f. What if I have a wanted level/cops are shooting me?

Often you get a wanted level when you start a turf war because a cop happens to
be there while you're wasting the three gang members.  Don't panic; he'll get
out of his car.  If the turf war has been activated, cap him.  Your wanted
level will stay at one star and will likely disappear by the end of the
mission.  If the turf war has not been activated, evalutate who is closer - the
cop or the remaining gang member(s) to be killed.  If you can activate a turf
war fast, do it, then cap the cop, otherwise cap the cop and try to find the
remaining gang member(s) fast.

If you have two stars, there is a better chance of a cop happening to be in the
"war zone" when the turf war starts, but it's still a small chance.  If they
are there, deal with them.  But as the GTA world is deadly silent during turf
wars, you usually don't need to worry.  The two stars will still be there when
the turf war is over; grab a car and go save to avoid them.

Three stars and up is a different story.  I am pretty sure if you are able to
take the helicoptor out as well as the other cops, no more will show up during
the turf war itself, but it's pretty darn hard having to shake all those cops
AND all those gang members.  When I was in this situation, I ignored the
helicoptor completely, took care of the cops on the ground, and just kept
picking up health/body armor pick-ups when I needed them.  It was probably one
of my better GTA showings and wish someone else could have seen it as a
witness, but meh.  All I'm saying is it's possible.


3g. Defending your turf

When "Our 'hood is under attack!" pops up, you have three options: ignore it
(see 1j), temporarily avoid the turf war (see 5all), or defend your turf.
Defending your turf is NOT like a normal turf war.  When you show up (and exit
your vehicle), a group of gang members will show up.  Switch to your Micro-SMG
and get ready to run, they often spawn right next to you.  Get out of their
range, switch to your M4, and blast them one by one.  There's between eight and
twelve of them and there's only one wave, usually clustered as one group.

So is this what you should do - defend your turf?  It depends.  Usually, if I
could temporarily avoid the turf war, I did.  In general, it isn't worth the
effort.  But if you're far from a safe house, haven't saved in a while, and
can't find a taxi/other such vehicle near you (see 5all), I'd say fight it.
Also, if it's right next to a territory you want to take over anyways, you
might as well.  As soon as the first easy wave is over you can walk across the
street and start another turf war.

Defending your turf also increases your respect.


3h. Leaving the war zone

You are allowed to leave the war zone for a pretty generous amount of time, but
don't go too far.  As said before, I once had to chase down a stuck Balla four
blocks away and lost the territory because I spent too much time outside the
war zone.  I'd estimate that you are given forty-five seconds outside the war
zone.  They also give you a warning at around thirty seconds in so from then
you have about fifteen seconds to return to the war zone.  If you need to get
someone outside the war zone, try to fanagle a vehicle to get there and back

          +                                                        +
   =======+ PERMANENTLY AVOIDING TURF WARS (4all)                  +=======
          +                                                        +

4a. The "do nothing" method"

The easiest way to permanently avoid the extremely, extremely frustrating "Our
'hood is under attack!" message is to do nothing when they pop up.  Yep -
that's right - just let your territories be taken over.  The disadvantage to
this is obvious - you don't own anything.  Any return to Grove Street means a
hail of Ballas bullets and stupidity. Plus your respect takes a significant hit
and you don't collect money outside The Johnson House.

Consider this method if you don't mind getting shot at, don't care about your
respect stat, and don't need money.


4b. The "lots of work, lots of payoff" method

This method is simple yet very time consuming and very frustrating.  "All" you
need to do is take over every territory.  There are 54 territories, so guess
how many turf wars you'll need to do.  Yup.  It IS very frustrating but TRUST
ME, I HATE the "Our 'hood is under attack!" message with a passion, it's just
plain annoying and forces the player to do something that is not fun at all.
Besides, I hate getting shot at.  I LIKE Los Santos, it would be nice to be
able to drive around it without my tires popping every few blocks.

Try to pick a gameplan (see 2d) and do the tough territories first (see 2e).
Really, all you need to do is go one-by-one.  Personally, I'm the lame-o person
who went and saved after every single territory.  The way I figured, it took me
a long time to start a turf war and then took me so long to start the next turf
war that the "Our 'hood is under attack!" message popped up and it just plain
wasn't worth the frustration (though there is always 5a).

How long did it take me?  I'm guessing four hours.  So is it worth it? Well,
ask yourself, are you going to play SA a lot after you beat it?  If the answer
is yes, as it was for me, then yes, yes it is worth it.  I mean, don't you hate
those "Our 'hood is under attack!" messages too?  Don't you hate getting shot
at while driving around?  I just committed myself to doing it, getting it over
with, then as soon as I was done I pulled up the blip menu on the map and
turned "Gang Area" to "OFF."  Never dealing with that nonsense again.


4c. Getting 100% control/How many territories are there?

There are 54 territories out there, 53 of which are found in Los Santos.  For
100% control, you need to control all 54 territories.

If you have less than 54 territories but can't find any others, first  check if
you missed the extra Vagos territory (see 1o).  If you have already gotten this
territory, chances are one of the territories is in a sort of "limbo" where it
is neither contolled by you nor any other gang.  Both gangs will have a
presence there, but neither control it.  Check to see if there's a hole
somewhere on your map and see if there are two gangs there.  If there are, find
the three Ballas/Vagos and start a turf war, everything else will be normal.
(To find out why this happens, see 1j).

Also, I have noticed that if you take over a territory but fail to respond to
a "Our 'hood is under attack!" warning, the game will still credit you as
controlling the territory even though the territory is in a sort of "limbo"
state where your gang and the attacking gang both walk the streets.  This
happened to me even though I achieved 100% control.  I do not remember if the
stats said I controlled all 54 territories, but I do remember having 100%
control.  This has happened to CetraRagnarok as well, so it is confirmed.  For
him, the territory still looked slightly green, but the Ballas were still
there, meaning other territories kept getting attacked.  If this happens to
you, start a turf war there to wipe the other gang out for good.


4d: What if I have more/less territories?

Apparently it is very possible to have more or less than 54 territories.  Out
of the people who sent me an e-mail, Olly had 55, Sean had 56, and Henrik had
57.  I'm pretty sure someone else said they had 53.

The question is then, if I have more/less territories, does it matter?  Nope.
The important number here is 100%.  If you have 100%, you have complete
control no matter how many territories you have, so don't worry about the
number of territories out there.

As to why you have more or less territories, I have no clue.  One possibility
is that you enacted the territory glitch, as explained in 1o.  Another
possibility is that you didn't enact the territory glitch; in other words, the
Bayside Marina is an "extra" territory that makes a total of 54.  If the
territory glitch were never triggered during "Saint Mark's Bistro," you'd
only have 53 territories.  But again, the total number isn't that important,
just the percentage controlled.

          +                                                        +
   =======+ TEMPORARILY AVOIDING TURF WARS (5all)                  +=======
          +                                                        +

5a. The "run and save" method

This one is by far the simplest.  If you're doing something and one of your
territories is attacked, drive/jack a car/run/whatever to your nearest safe
house and save.  The territory will no longer be under attack.  You will not
lose respect for not defending the territory, it will simply act as if the
attack never happened.  You usually have a generous amount of time to make it
to your nearest safe house because you usually have a generous amount of time
to make it to the territory in dispute.

However, it is possible to not respond in time and not even know.  Usually you
are told that you did not show up in time, but in two instances with, the game
simply never told me.  You can find out if this happened by seeing if there is
a territory that is neither your color (green) nor a Ballas/Vagos color (purple
or yellow).  Another way is simply getting 100% but still seeing Ballas/Vagos
on the street (scroll up to 4d).  In either case, you'll simply need to start
another turf war again.


5b. The "just hit R3" method

This one can be simple, can be hard - it's all luck.  If you see a taxi/police
vehicle/firetruck/ambulance/any vehicle you can do a vehicle mission in, jack
the vehicle and hit R3 to turn its vehicle mission on. Now hit R3 again to turn
the mission off.  You will not lose respect for not defending the territory, it
will simply act as if the attack never happened.  This is perfect for the times
when you are far from your nearest safe house and want to start a turf war
nearby (see 5c) but don't want to go save and come back.


5c. Myth - the "start another turf war" method

This one is a myth.  You can not avoid an attack on your territory by starting
a different turf war.  Trust me - I've tried.  Even if it's the gang who is
attacking your turf.  It just doesn't work.


5d. Myth - the "wanted level" method

Another myth.  If you have a wanted level, you can definitely start a turf war
and can definitely have your turf attacked (see 3e).  I've been attacked with
four stars.


5e.  Myth - the "run away" method

On versions 1.0-1.2 of this FAQ, I had listed that you could avoid turf wars by
leaving Los Santos, e.g. visiting San Fierro or Las Venturas.  This had been my
experience at that point; I had left the game on for an hour and a half and I
never came under attack so I thought you wouldn't be attacked if you were
outside Los Santos.  Recently, I was playing an old save file again and tested
it and, yes, I was wrong.  Coincidentally, Chitoryu pointed this out in an
e-mail just today, so I will also credit him/her.

          +                                                        +
   =======+ ABOUT THIS FAQ/EVERYTHING ELSE (6all)                  +=======
          +                                                        +

6a. Why did you bother with a Turf War FAQ?

Why?  I'll give two reasons.

One - a friend of mine completes "Doberman" and goes nuts.  He'd heard that
turf wars are a big part of SA, so he goes all out and captures every territory
in Los Santos.  Every one.  That's 98.12% I think total.  And what happens?  He
completes "Green Sabre," the Ballas and Vagos resume control, and he finds out
that he spent four hours doing NOTHING.  Sure he made money.  Sure he gained
respect.  But was it worth it?  NO.

Two - that almost happened to me.  No FAQ I have seen covers stuff like that
really.  AggroSk8er's does, perhaps I'm missing it with others.  But in
general, turf wars are sort of glossed over.  Meh.  Doing this FAQ took me less
than it took to get 100% control of Los Santos, so no biggie in my mind.  If it
saves a few people from making the mistake my friend made, it's been worth it.
Plus if people can enjoy the game more by the RIGHT method of aiming (see 3b),
I'll be happy.

OK, a third reason: I was really drunk and really bored.


6b. Are you really that grumpy about e-mails?

No.  But I've learned my lesson.  I once posted something on Dark Cloud and
basically said anybody could e-mail me about anything.  I think I posted that
four years ago and I am STILL getting e-mails about it.

Look, I'm a relatively busy guy, I'm writing my thesis this semester, it's not
cake.  I have things to do.  If your e-mail contains a question that is
answered in this FAQ, I feel I have a right to be pissed off. Is it that hard
to go through the table of contents?  Is it that hard to read around before
e-mailing me?  No.  I'm being fair here, people.  I put three and a half hours
into making this FAQ, please take three and a half minutes trying to find your
answer before e-mailing me.  Deal?

With that said, if there are any corrections/additions/clarifications ANYTHING
that could belong in this guide, PLEASE e-mail me.  I will give you credit for
anything you submit, just tell me who to give credit to (a nickname will do).
If your submission has already been coverred, however, please understand that I
do not give double-credit.  First submitted, first-credited.  Also, if you
submit something that I doubt, for whatever reason, I will post the information
but ask for confirmations.  If nobody confirms what you have submitted or I can
not confirm it myself (I have 100% control so I really couldn't confirm what
you say), I will remove the submission.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!


6c. Versions, revisions, and sites that can use this guide

Every update will bump this guide's version up .1.  I don't care if I get to
2.1 or 4.7, I'm not making a "final" edition.  If there's anything more to add,
e-mail me, I want this guide to be as complete as possible all the time.

If you actually want an older version of this FAQ (I have no clue why you would
but still), e-mail me, I have them all saved.


Versions and revisions:

v1.5 - submitted to GameFAQS and NeoSeeker on 6.30.05

 - sections revised: 1m (AGAIN - see TANGENT in section)
 - large new warning added to top for XBOX newbies, please read if you'd an
   XBOX player and haven't read it yet

v1.4 - submitted to GameFAQS and NeoSeeker on 6.28.05

 - sections revised: 1m (see * in section)

v1.3 - submitted to GameFAQS and NeoSeeker on 6.25.05

 - sections added: 5e
 - sections revised: 1b, 1c, 1g, 1h, 1j, 1m, 1o, 2d, 4e
 - sections deleted: 4b (see 5e)
 - sections moved: 4b deleted means 4c-e becomes 4b-4d

v1.2 - submitted to GameFAQS and NeoSeeker on 3.17.05

 - sections added: 3b (new)
 - sections moved: 1p and 1q switch places, new 3b bumps old 3b-3g to 3c-3h
 - sections revised: 1m, 1o, 6a
 - v1.2 on GameFAQS says "NeroSeeker" instead of "NeoSeeker," not big enough
   of a deal to re-submit file, will fix in next update

v1.1 - submitted to GameFAQS on 3.16.05 (same day as 1.0)

 - clarified and simplified "jumping" system in Table of Contents
 - sections added: 1q, 6c
 - sections revised: 1f, 1k, 1m, 4d, 5a

v1.0 - submitted to GameFAQS on 3.16.05


Sites that can use this guide:

GameFAQS.com       (hosted since v1.0)
NeoSeeker.com      (hosted since v1.2)


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