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Bulletproof Car Walkthrough by System Error

Version: 5.55 | Updated: 01/01/14

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Bulletproof Car Walkthrough
Version 5.55
By System Error
Latest version always at GameFAQs.

1: Introduction

What's up foo? You might be wondering what this is all about, so I'll cut the
crap and get straight to the point. Bulletproof cars. What are they? Where are
they? And how can you get your hands on them? I made this guide to answer all
three of those questions. I got the idea for a little walkthrough from
KSutton's GTA3 Bulletproof cars guide, which lists all the Bulletproof cars
in the order you can get them, and how to get your hands on them. Mind you, you
needn't use any cheats to get the Bulletproof cars in San Andreas. Actually,
there are some that you must cheat to obtain, but they're relatively obscure.

First off, what are Bulletproof cars? They are vehicles that are impervious to
damage from bullets. And some aren't just Bulletproof. Others are immune to
fire, explosions and/or physical damage as well. Some aren't Bulletproof, but
have other proofings on them.

There are also the UCVs, or the unique colored vehicles. These have no special
proofings, but they have unique colors or features that can only be seen on
those particular vehicles. 

Then there are ISVs, or identical special vehicles. These can be either
Proofed or UCV, but in any case, they are identical versions of special
vehicles found in other missions. However, there's a small catch. They're
harder to obtain or have a higher resource factor.

Next, where are they? They can be found in the various missions found in Grand
Theft Auto: San Andreas. Many of which are in the first third of the game. The
problem is that they aren't always obvious.

Finally, how do you obtain these special vehicles? That's next.

If you need to email me about the guide or anything related to the guide, email
this address.


Some rules though.

RULE 1: I can't help you on missions. Read a fucking walkthrough on that.
RULE 2: Use or at least try to use proper grammar and spelling.
RULE 3: CheatCC sucks. Thieves.
RULE 4: If you wish to use my guide, just e-mail me about it and I will
        probably let you.
RULE 5: Don't flame. It's a waste of your time.
RULE 6: Bigfoot doesn't exist.

2: Table of Contents

1: Introduction
2: Table of Contents
3: Version history
4: Before you begin...

     - 4.01: Explaining things in further detail
     - 4.02: After starting a new game
     - 4.03: Garage Mechanics
     - 4.04: Getting to know the garages
     - 4.05: Why certain garages are unreliable
     - 4.06: A Guide to the Impound Lots
     - 4.07: Planning everything out
     - 4.08: Taking care of the vehicles
     - 4.09: Testing the bulletproofs
     - 4.10: Helpful cheats
     - 4.11: Notes

5: The walkthrough for obtaining the cars

     - 5.01: Fireproof Greenwood
     - 5.02: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Tampa
     - 5.03: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Meleeproof Savanna
     - 5.04: Fireproof Remmington
     - 5.05: Fireproof Majestic
     - 5.06: Fireproof Blade
     - 5.07: Bulletproof Forklift
     - 5.08: Explosionproof Mule
     - 5.09: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof PCJ-600
     - 5.10: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sanchez
     - 5.11: Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof BF-400
     - 5.12: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Packer
     - 5.13: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sultan
     - 5.14: Explosionproof Banshee
     - 5.15: Bulletproof/Fireproof Greenwood
     - 5.16: Bulletproof/Fireproof Voodoo
     - 5.17: Bulletproof/Fireproof Tahoma
     - 5.18: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Admiral
     - 5.19: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Bravura
     - 5.20: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sentinel

     - 5.21: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sabre
     - 5.22: Bulletproof Tanker
     - 5.23: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof T.Trailer
     - 5.24: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sadler
     - 5.25: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof HPV1000
     - 5.26: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Meleeproof Fortune
     - 5.27: Fireproof Sabre
     - 5.28: Fireproof Stallion
     - 5.29: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Meleeproof Elegy
     - 5.30: Fireproof Sultan
     - 5.31: Fireproof ZR-350
     - 5.32: Explosionproof Sadler
     - 5.33: Explosionproof Camper

     - 5.34: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Meleeproof Patriot
     - 5.35: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof RC Raider
     - 5.36: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Savanna
     - 5.37: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Merit
     - 5.38: Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Rancher
     - 5.39: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Boxville
     - 5.40: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof FCR-900
     - 5.41: Fireproof/Crashproof Rumpo
     - 5.42: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Maverick

     - 5.43: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Camper

     - 5.44: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Buffalo
     - 5.45: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Maverick
     - 5.46: Bulletproof/Meleeproof Walton

     - 5.47: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Vortex
     - 5.48: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Infernus
     - 5.49: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Newsvan
     - 5.50: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Glendale
     - 5.51: Bulletproof/Fireproof S.W.A.T.
     - 5.52: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Greenwood
     - 5.53: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Feltzer
     - 5.54: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Firetruck II

6: Unique Colored Vehicles (UCVs)

     - 6.01: Black Perennial
     - 6.02: Mesa w/green roof
     - 6.03: Pony w/Off-road wheels

     - 6.04: Khaki Brown Camper
     - 6.05: Chrome Yellow Burrito
     - 6.06: Stretch w/black bottom half
     - 6.07: Green Pizzaboy
     - 6.08: Light Blue Pony
     - 6.09: Berkley's RC Van

     - 6.11: Black Maverick

     - 6.11: Light Green Packer

     - 6.12: Red and Black BF Injection
     - 6.13: Camper (The Mothership)

7: Identical Special Vehicles (ISVs)

     - 7.01: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof HPV-1000
     - 7.01: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sabre

     - 7.02: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sanchez

     - 7.03: Stretch w/black bottom half
     - 7.04: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sentinel

     - 7.05: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Buffalo

     - 7.06: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sentinel

8: Gray Imports: Created FP/EPs
9: Two-Timing Date BP/FP/EP/DPs
9: Street Racing Fireproofs
10: Unconfirmed bulletproof/rare cars
11: Unobtainable bulletproof/rare cars
12: Bulletproof cars the dirty way
13: Checklists
14: Unique vehicles list
15: FAQ
16: Fin
3: Version History

Version 1.0 (January 22nd, 2005): First version.

Version 1.1 (January 24th, 2005): Hmm...first version got submitted even though
I told it not to (I pulled it). Oh well. Fixed some errors I spotted myself.

Version 1.2 (January 25th, 2005): Fixed some errors. Added some information,
thanks to Veesmack and MrHurcules.

Version 1.3 (January 26th, 2005): Fixed some typos and added some stuff.

Version 1.4 (January 27th, 2005): Added some more information, thanks to
MrHurcules and HeavenGotAHitman. Fixed the BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler and the BP Tanker
(the order was reversed, and I didn't get the former's method right).

Version 1.5 (January 29th, 2005): More additions, thanks to Chase S and
LolyPop1313M. Played around with some wording. LolyPop1313M confirmed the
BP/FP/EP/DP Buffalo.

Version 1.51 (February 1st, 2005): Made a couple of corrections and additions.

Version 1.52 (February 3rd, 2005): Confirmed the Fireproof Rumpo, fixed some
typos. aftica submitted a way to get the BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa without cheats,
confirmation would be nice.

Version 1.6 (February 4th, 2005): Confirmations of the Stretch and Pizzaboy in
"Ice Cold Killa." Removed the Red-Spoked FCR, as this is normal and can be seen
on all FCRs if you keep using Pay and Sprays on them.

Version 1.61 (February 9th, 2005): Minor corrections.

Version 1.7 (February 12th, 2005): Fixed the order of the Maverick and the
Buffalo in Misappropriation, thanks to aftica and gta3master2987. Confirmed the
existance of the Bobcat with the black stripe.

Version 2.0 (February 16th, 2005): Confirmation of the BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600,
added the Street Racing Fireproofs section.

Version 2.1 (February 17th, 2005): Fixed the infamous and annoying boxes that
keep showing up. Removed the black-striped Bobcat, as you can paint a black
stripe onto any Bobcat at TransFender. Added the BP/FP/EP/DP Vortex. Other

Version 2.2 (March 10th, 2005): Various additions.

Version 2.3 (March 19th, 2005): Discovered a new bulletproof vehicle, the
BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel.

Version 2.4 (March 30th, 2005): The BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000 was confirmed. Added
the BP/FP/EP/DP Infernus.

Version 2.41 (April 9th, 2005): Added three new unconfirmed bulletproofs.

Version 2.5 (April 20th, 2005): Added a couple of new bulletproofs, the
BP/FP/EP/DP Feltzer and the FP/EP/DP Rancher. Added a new site that can use
this guide. Added the "testing the bulletproofs" section.

Version 2.6 (May 21st, 2005): The BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez is now confirmed. Added
three more unconfirmed bulletproofs.

Version 3.0 (June 18th, 2005): The BP/FP Greenwood, the BP/FP Voodoo and the BP
Tanker Trailer have been confirmed. Added a better strategy for the BP/FP/EP/DP
Sanchez from myself. aftica discovered that the FP Rumpo is also DP. Added new
unconfirmed vehicles. Many other additions. But most importantly, I did a lot
of revising. The best strategies for obtaining vehicles are now at the top of
the list.

Version 3.1 (July 16th, 2005): Another BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez has been submitted,
which I confirmed myself. The "other" BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel has been confirmed.
Both of these are fairly useless, as the first ones that were discovered are
easier to obtain. A new bulletproof, the BP/FP/EP/DP Newsvan. BP/FP/EP/DP
Greenwood confirmed. New unconfirmed vehicles.

Version 3.2 (August 17th, 2005): Confirmations. Moved the uniquely colored
vehicles to their own section. Don't worry, when you can get one in the game,
a UCV ALERT!!! will be there to remind you in the bulletproof section. Some new
bulletproofs, such as the BP/FP/EP/DP Merit. Came up with a better method for
the BP/FP/EP Fortune. Revised the BP/FP/EP Elegy a little.

Version 3.3 (September 17th, 2005): Lots of crap that escapes my mind.

Version 4.0 (January 1st, 2006): Big update! New vehicles, and now, there is
a difficulty rating for each vehicle.

Version 4.1 (January 22nd, 2006): Ha, a recent influx of emails with new
bulletproofs. This update is a little unorganized, but what the hell. One whole
year. In that time, around 60-70 new special vehicles have been found, probably
more. Not joking.

Version 4.2 (February 26th, 2006): You can now get the BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel
without cheats, thanks to srg! ISV section created. Other additions.

Version 4.21 (June 6th, 2006): An update. Various things tweaked. This guide is
still being updated. Expect a bigger update within the next week or so.

Version 5.0 (April 8th, 2007): Or within the next few months. Lots of pretty big
changes. "Why certain garages are unreliable" and "Explaining things in further
detail" sections added. The Fireproof Rumpo is found to be Crashproof (actually,
it was quite a while ago by aftica, but I passed it off as false because he
said it to be Damageproof, when that is not the case). Since a separate category
for melee attacks and dents is not warranted at this point, I decided not to
split them up (unless more Crashproofs can be found). Moved the FP Sabre and FP
Stallion to the main section. Because in recent times, I seriously doubt that
the "garages don't open for it" bit is real (has no one bothered to check?)

Version 5.1 (June 29th, 2007): A video of one of the methods for obtaining the
BP/FP/EP Patriot added. Berkley's RC Van added. HolyGrenadeFrenzy discovered a
way to obtain the BP/FP/EP/DP Infernus without cheats!

Version 5.11 (January 22nd, 2008): I'm not dead. More info has come out since
the last update like 6 months ago, but I've hadn't had the time to gather it
all together. In due time though. It's surprising that even now, with this
guide now three years old, new infomation is being discovered. Various minor
updates to things.

Version 5.12 (February 10th, 2008): HuGooGuH discovered the BP Walton is
immune to the effects of melee weapons, which I've dubbed "Meleeproof". Still
not enough to warrant a full damageproof category split, though. EP Banshee
added, thanks to Ceielo.

Version 5.50 (August 12th, 2010): IT'S ALIVE!!!! A major new breakthrough has
been discovered...which are possibly the most annoying to get in the game:
BP/FP/EP/DP Two-Timing Date Vehicles! Also added a guide to the Impound Lots.
The BP/FP/EP/DP Maverick in Toreno's Last Flight is obtainable.

Version 5.55 (December 31st, 2013): Still alive. A preliminary half-update that
I promised would come out before the end of the year, but only a half-update,
because leave it to me to get sick beforehand. A more complete, refined, and
cleaned-up revison to the guide will be coming soon...

4: Before you begin...

This is the walkthrough of how to get each Bulletproof car, as well as a couple
of other ones. It'll give them in the order you can get them in, but note that
the order you do the missions in may vary. However, there are some things you
need to know before diving into this.

4.01: Explaining things in further detail
I answered the question as to what all these special vehicles are briefly in
the introduction. Here, I will go into a little more detail.

As I mentioned, there are many special vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San
Andreas. These range from bulletproof cars to cars with special colors or
features, also known as UCVs. 

The idea of UCVs was pretty much summed up in the introduction: these
vehicles are not bulletproof, fireproof, or anything like that, but they do
have something distingishing in their appearance that sets them apart from
other vehicles of its class. This is usually a color you can't normally find
at a mod shop or Pay and Spray, but it can also apply to colors being different
where they can't normally be different. UCV is a general term: it applies to all
vehicles that have something unique about its appearance. It doesn't have to
have special colors to be one.

Being bulletproof, fireproof, explosionproof, meleeproof, crashproof, or
damageproof makes a vehicle immune to certain hazards that damage normal 
vehicles without those properties. These can be exceptionally useful abilities
to have in certain circumstances. The only downside is the restrictions in the
way missions in San Andreas are laid out. You may not get very many chances to
put them to good use. That can be looked by, however, as there is a wide
enough variety of special vehicles in the game, at every point, that there is
something for everybody to obtain.

Here is a detailed description of each proofing a vehicle may have.

Bulletproofing: These vehicles are completely immune to bullets. You can pump
                a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, even a duodecillion
                bullets into it, and it still won't contribute to any damage
                it might be taking. Shots to the gas tank are similarly

Fireproofing:  Vehicles with this feature bestowed upon them will not catch on
              fire from loose flames. These can be from flamethrowers, motolov
              cocktails, or fire that appears when a car explodes. Thing is, the
              former two are extremely rare to come across, and the lattermost
              isn't that big an issue either. You usually end up driving by
              before the flames can get you. Note that being Fireproof does not
              mean the car can't catch fire and explode. 

Explosionproofing: Vehicles that are explosionproof are not affected by any form
                   of explosions, be it exploding cars, grenades, gas pumps
                   blowing up, or even rockets. It's handier than it seems,
                   especially for the exploding cars part.

Meleeproofing: A meleeproof vehicle is unaffected by strikes from any sort of
               melee weapon, be it fist, sword, nightstick, or chainsaw.
               Probably the least valuable of the proofings.

Crashproofing: A crashproof vehicle is not affected by crashing into things, be
               it vehicle, person, building or anything else in the way.

But be warned! Just because a vehicle has all of the above qualities on it
doesn't mean they still can't be destroyed! This is a good thing, though. While
it renders you with weaknesses, without them, you wouldn't be able to obtain
some of the unique cars! Here are the ways you can destroy a BP/FP/EP/DP

   Crashing into Rhino tanks    - One bump with a Rhino, and BOOM, just like
                                 that, you're through. Unless you're in a Rhino
                                 yourself or have the "vehicle of death" cheat
                                 activated. Some reports state that damageproof
                                 vehicles are also immune to Rhinos, though I
                                 have not personally tested this.

   Flipping over                - If your vehicle overturns, it will start to
                                 take damage. And it will eventually explode
                                 unless you manage to flip it back.

   Getting in it while on fire  - This isn't that obvious a warning. Basically,
                                 if CJ himself is on fire and you make him get
                                 into a vehicle, it will catch on fire and
                                 explode a short time after. Either or both
                                 parties being fireproof doesn't prevent this
                                 from happening.

   Using the blow up all cars   - All cars means ALL cars, even things that
   cheat                         aren't cars, such as planes, boats or

   Dipping it into the water    - As far as the game is concerned, a car
                                 submerged a certain depth in the water is
                                 destroyed, even if you can get it out of
                                 the water and drive off good as new. This is
                                 actually useful for some of the vehicles.

   Arming it with a car bomb,   - Not so much a danger as it is something
   and detonating it             you can bring upon yourself at will, but
                                 doing this will destroy a BP/FP/EP/DP car.

   The Parachute Trick          - Equipping a Parachute will negate a vehicle's
                                  MP status and allow you to damage it.

Of course, the list of bad things to do with a BP/FP/EP/MP/CP doesn't end here.
There are other ways to "destroy" one. Leaving it out in the open and stealing
a couple of cars afterwards, allowing it to be stolen, or trying to export it
are all very bad ideas as well. And a few activities - namely, the lowrider
dance and having "coffee" with a girlfriend - can cause a vehicle's properties
to vanish.

4.02: After starting a new game

You'll need to get some cash to buy the save houses. Since you're reading this,
Try doing Courier or an R3 mission. After you have enough money, do the inside
track betting trick. That is, buy the save house in Jefferson, save there, and
drive over to the ITB. Once there, get on the ITB machine and bet as much money
as possible on the teal horse. If it wins, great! If not, reset and try again.

You only need to do this about two to three times before you get over a million
dollars, more than enough to buy all the save houses. If not, place priority to
the ones with the garages. When you're done side-questing, make your way to the
first mission with a proofed car in it: Drive-Thru.

4.03: Garage mechanics

KNOW YOUR GARAGES. Failure to do so will result in vanishing cars, lost
paintjobs, and spontanious vulnurability to bullets. You simply cannot get the
most out of the Bulletproof and unique vehicles without knowing your garages.

However, there is a small trick you can use. If you got the Bulletproof cars
from GTA3, you might know this. Park cars in the very back of your garages.
Sometimes, you may be able to fit another car in there by parking it
perpendicular to the others. Something like this.

||-----| |-----||
|| Car | | Car ||
||  1  | |  2  ||
||-----| |-----||
|   |-------|   |
|   | Car 3 |   |
|   |-------|   |

Also, you can keep garage doors open by parking a motorbike in the section
where the garage would close. This is helpful for those annoying cars that love
to vanish whenever they get near an open garage.

4.04: Getting to know the garages

Here are the garages in each area. The reason for this section is to assist you
in obtaining the unique vehicles. Problem is, many of them are in the first
third of the game, and you simply don't have enough garage space at that point
in the game. Even so, you still don't have enough garage space to obtain them
all anyhow.

Note that in every garage except the Ganton garage, you are allowed to store up
to four vehicles per garage before the game gives you the "no more vehicles can
be stored here" message. However, while this is advantageous in some garages
such as El Corona, in others it is pretty useless, as you'll only have room for
a couple of bikes in front of the cars. If you wish to get multiple copies of a
vehicle, though, this knowledge might come in handy.

Also, I would advise against storing more than four vehicles in any garage,
just because that tends to make things disappear quite regularly for whatever
reason. This may be in part because of the traffic in the area, and the game
reaching its limit of spawn vehicles as you open the garage, causing some not to

Los Santos
Ganton:               2
El Corona:            3
Santa Maria Beach:    3
Mulholland:           4^

Palimino Creek:       2
Dillimore:            2

San Fierro
Doherty:              4 (BEWARE: Vehicles vanish very often)
Hashbury:             3
Calton Heights:       2
Paradiso:             2

Fort Carson:          2
Verdant Meadows:      4 (reliable)
Airstrip Hangar:      4 (really meant for the planes and helicopters)

Las Venturas
Whitewood Estates:    2
Prickle Pine:         3
Redsands West:        2
Rockshore West:       2

And the number of unique cars in every place...

Los Santos:   21
Countryside:  12
San Fierro:   12
Desert:        1
Las Venturas:  5
Los Santos II: 9
Total:        55**

Other stats

Number of -proofed vehicles:      47***
Number of UCVs:                   11
Number of ISVs:                    5

Number of cheat-only proofs:       2
Number of cheat-only UCVs:         1
Number of cheat-only ISVs:         1
Other cheat-only vehicles:         0

Although you are technically able to store up to 18 of the first 25 unique
vehicles, this number is less due to the possibility of cars vanishing. If you
want to risk it, be sure you check up on the cars in the crowded garages after
every single mission. Avoid doing any "big" side missions you might have
trouble finishing again, such as the Chiliad Challenge. Save those until you
get a chance to unclog the garages.

Also, the Mulholland, Dillimore, Whitewood Estates, Redsands West and Rockshore
West garages can't physically hold two normal cars. You won't have room to
enter either of them. However, the unique bikes and the BP Forklift work fine.
The Mulholland garage can metaphysically hold more cars than normal though. See
below for more info.

Don't like the fact that you don't have much room for your own vehicles? Then
just don't get some of them. The Fireproofs aren't so good, and there are
several of them. Some are simply unique in the visual aspect, so you can skip
those too if you're not into that kind of stuff.

^: You can actually store vehicles on top of the garage, and they will be
   stored. As long as you can get the vehicle up there, it will work. Packers
   help when doing this. Also, certain large vehicles may not fit up there, and
   will vanish when the garage door opens and closes.

*: You can store cars in the Doherty garage prior to finishing "Are you going
   to San Fierro?" Remember, it eats cars very often. Thanks to aftica.
**: Not an error, the BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, the BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel and the
    BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre can be obtained in multiple missions. However, they are
    still the same thing. They are called ISVs, short for Identical Special
***: See above, and the ISV section.

4.05: Why certain garages are unreliable

Major thanks to Krawk for this section of the guide.

So just why are some of those garages unreliable for storing vehicles? The
answer relies in the mechanics of the game. The game is based on "seeing"
things. For example, if you approach a chili dog stand, but the guy isn't there,
you can simply look away and look back, and he'll show up. If you destroy a
vehicle, go to another section of town (where the name will display on screen), 
and return there, it will be gone. If you're trying to get the Seasparrow at the
dam, but find it is not there, you can run to the north a little or boat to the
west to the next area, then return to see that it is there.

So how does this affect garages? There is a certain characteristic of some
garages that can lead to cars vanishing. If you go inside them, the garage opens
up as you are entering. If you run to the save icon and save the game before the
door closes, the cars tend to disappear, as they are no longer in sight. A
similar thing happens at garages such as Hashbury, where you can run into the
door from where the garage opens before it closes. So to prevent those garages
from glitching in that fashion, you simply have to wait a short while after
entering them to allow the garage door to close. Don't just rush in there and
save as quickly as you can. This isn't as big a hassle as it seems. You can
alternatively try to avoid saving at these places, but that may be more trouble
than it's worth. 

Note that some cars, when stored, may still remain in your garage if you save
while the garage door is half-open. This is just a result of the game
remembering which cars you take possession of - it stores up to two of them in
memory before deleting your old ones (this is how it's possible to keep a Tow
Truck near the bottom winding path when obtaining the BP/FP/EP Elegy).

Now, the Doherty garage is an even worse case. It's right near another section
of town. Now, the garage is right on the side of the road, and it opens whenever
you drive near it. So when you're going 120MPH down the road in the Cranberry
Station section of town, the garage door opens, but you quickly pass it by.
"Doherty" will appear on the screen before the door closes, refreshing the zone,
and subsequently causing the game to forget about the cars that are in the
garage. Whoops.

Remember, there is such a thing as random glitching of garages, so don't think
you're completely safe, even if you conform to all these guidelines. Any garage
can glitch, especially if you fly over them.

And naturally, if you're extremely careful about how you go about things, you
can pretty much put vehicles wherever you please, and the maximum amount in
each garage. Keep in mind, that the more obsessive you are about it, the more
controlled you'll be by your efforts. If you think it's worth it, then by all
means! Otherwise, it's better to be safe than sorry.

4.06: A Guide to the Impound Lots
The police impound lots are a peculiar feature of the game, slated to be
featured in a dropped mission that was to be known as "Impounded", where you
get a vehicle for Cesar to modify, only for it to be towed before you get a
chance to do so. Therefore, they go mostly unnoticed by many players.

However, even the explanation that was to be given in that mission only
scratched the surface as to the capabilities of these special places.

First of all, the most basic function of these is to get back cars you lost. If
you begin a mission only to find your prized car has vanished, it is because a
Clear Area command has been issued. Many of these exist, but the most notable
are the Triathalons, which clear the whole map, and Bike/Boat School, which
clear a large area around the school. Alternatively, if you just take too many
cars and one is unspawned, you may find said vehicle waiting for you in the
garage - complete with unique properties, proofing, or modifications.

This may just seem like a neat little feature, but the potential for abuse here
is massive. If you can say, retrieve an aircraft or vehicle you're not supposed
to obtain yet from an area early on in the game, you can use it with the Grey
Imports trick. Or, if there's a unique vehicle being particularly nasty to you,
it may be possible to trigger the impound lot, and get it put in there instead.
But that's only scratching the surface. 

You see, the impound lots function as a garage of some sort. There's even an
invisible door like object that functions similarly to those at save houses.
Any vehicles stored within an impound lot will stay until they get despawned
for whatever reason. While this mainly will apply to the last few vehicles
stored in memory, it is possible to put a vehicle inside manually and use it as
storage space. The area where these vehicles can be placed, and also where all
your "lost" vehicles end up, is known as the garage zone.

That's the good news. The bad news is, you're better off using the Doherty
Garage in casual play than you are with using these in terms of reliability.
Some vehicles do better than others: The Vortex is one that has been shown to
be particularly stable, and aircraft also behaves well. But everything else
is subject to an extreme danger: if you're not looking at the garage zone when
the invisible door opens or closes, every vehicle within will more than likely
be deleted. While this may have been intentional, the problem is, the vehicles
tend to disappear when you approach the garage zone, rather than as you're
leaving. So if you want to fetch a vehicle from one of these zones, or use them
as a garage space, careful planning will be required.

In Los Santos, things are okay. If you hug the inside wall and keep looking in
the direction of the vehicle, odds are you'll be all right. But there may be a
random vehicle spawn that can possibly deleted one of the vehicles. Take
caution when using this.

San Fierro's impound lot is even worse. Not only is the impound zone behind you
as you descend inside, but the fact that the garages have little Z-Tolerance
means it will close right away. Adding to the fun is how you'll have two random
vehicle spawns to contend with, and any bikes get spawned wedged between the
garage's ceiling and the parking lot above.

Las Venturas has it easy by comparison. There are two floors to this place, and
it is possible to drive into the lot by way of an opening to the lower floor
without having to mess with the madness of the door. There's a recessed area in
this place as well, allowing for one to exit. As long as you move all junk cars
you don't want out of the zone, and keep your eye on it as you exit, you're off
to the races!

If you know and learn the secrets of the impound lot, you may be able to take
advantage of them for yourself. And one final note: all impound lots have a
limit of 3 vehicles in the garage zone. Any more than that, and they'll start
being replaced. So take caution. Or just don't mess around with them at all.

For more information, see this topic on GTAForums:

4.07: Planning everything out

As I mentioned above, you can't get all the unique vehichles due to lack of
garage space early on in the game. If you wish to increase the number of
personal vehicles you can get, then you'll have to do some planning. A good way
of using the checklist near the end of this guide is to check off which
vehicles you will be obtaining. Here is some advice for which ones to get, but
I advise that you try to obtain a wide variety of bulletproofs.

- Make sure you obtain at least three of the BP/FP/EP/DP vehicles! These are
  excellent to have around. Ideally, you should get all of these.

- The BP/FP/EP vehicles are also nice to have with you. Try to get at least two
  of them.

- If you like apperances of vehicles, pick up some UCVs and the Mothership.
  Otherwise, forget it (unless you need garage space to burn).

- The S.W.A.T. (SWAT Tank) is a great vehicle to obtain as well, seeing as how
  it is unique.

- The Bulletproof Tanker and the Bulletproof Forklift are interesting novelties
  to have, but aren't so useful otherwise. The Forklift is a vehicle that will
  fit in Dillimore, Muholland and all LV garages with another vehicle however,
  so you may want to pick it up if you want to get the most out of each garage.

- The BP/FP/EP/DP Tanker Trailer is somewhat useless.

- Some of the vehicles are found in multiple missions. Usually, the best one to
  obtain is found in the main section.

- There are 3 unique vehicles you must cheat to obtain, all of them from the
  Just Business mission. Don't like cheats, then don't obtain them (although in
  reality only the riot cheats can leave permanent scars on your game). 

Remember to think about which ones to obtain early on, since you won't have as
much room at that point.

4.08: Taking care of the vehicles
Your proofed cars are your treasures and allies. If you take care of them, they
will take care of you when you use them. Unfortunetly, there aren't very many
missions in the game that you can put them to use on. Here are seven basic
guidelines on how to take care of the proofed and unique vehicles.

   1. Check to make sure they are there every now and then.

   2. Always put them back after you've finished using them! If you were or are
      in a Police chase, grab some bribes or get over to a Pay and Spray before
      you put it back!

   3. If you ever lose any one of the cars, reload your game right away. This
      ranges from either it being unspawned, it being stolen by a carjacker,
      it being destroyed, or its properties vanishing.

   4. If you have a car you value a lot, store it in its own, personal garage.
      This reduces the chance of it disappearing. Especially if it was modded.

   5. Whatever you do, do NOT accept "coffee" when on a date with a girl in
      such a vehicle. This WILL cause the vehicle's properties to vanish!

   6. While you're at the above, don't play the lowrider dance minigame with
      any special lowrider. It'll make the properties vanish as well.

   7. Store them in a way so that they won't vanish!

If you're the overly cautious type, you can try to stop this by having only one
vehicle per garage. This will reduce the chances of it screwing up to nearly

The best "fix" for random disappearances is to check up on cars every now and
then. Keep two to three saves with your game. And don't just keep saving over
them alternatively. Have one or two be your main saves, and have the other one
be your emergency backup save. *ONLY* save on this one after checking up on
your Bulletproof cars to make sure they're still there and fully functional.
Do this at least every four or five missions in the game, so you don't lose
much in the case that something does go wrong.

4.09: Testing the bulletproofs

In order to ensure that your bulletproofs are kept safe, you should keep
multiple saves, two main ones, and one emergency backup save. Save on the
lattermost ONLY immediately after checking on all of your vehicles. What's
that, you ask? Well, sometimes, bulletproof cars can vanish, or even have
their abilities stripped from them for no apparant reason. By checking up on
them every now and then, you reduce the risk of this happening. 

So how can you check up on them quickly and easily? Save your game, and
enter the "flying cars" cheat. Now, get in a car and fly from garage to
garage checking on your cars. When you arrive, test every one for their
proofings. Here is a list of quick ways to check if they are still there and
fully functional. Note that you really only need to perform one proofing test
per vehicle: if you test bulletproofing on a BP/FP/EP vehicle and it passes,
there really isn't any need to test the others. Appearance and existance are
different. You can tell if something is wrong there just by looking. While
appearance getting screwed up (e.g. The Mothership) is an issue, that doesn't
necessarily mean its proofings have been knocked out as well. Of course, if the
vehicle just isn't there at all, the rest doesn't matter.

Bulletproof - Fire at the gas tank. If it explodes, something has gone horribly
              wrong, and you should load your backup save. If you parked the
              vehicle in a way so that you cannot get at the gas tank, just
              shoot it for a while with an AK, M4, Combat Shotgun, or whatever,
              and see if it starts smoking.

Fireproof - Throw a Motolov right down there. Be sure you've completed the
            Firetruck missions! After your Cocktail breaks, look at the hood
            of the car. If there are no flames, it is still fireproof. If

Explosionproof - The trickiest to test. Try using Satchels or Grenades, since
                 firing rockets at point blank range will hurt like hell.

Damageproof - Punch the vehicle a few times, or take a chainsaw to it. If no
              dents appear, it's fine.

Meleeproof - See above.

Crashproof - Hop in and take it for a spin, hitting every non-police vehicle in
             sight. And hit things at high speed. If no dents appear, all is

Appearance - Just look at it. If something has gone wrong, it should be fairly

Existance - If it's not there, then something bad has happened (obviously).

If everything is okay, then reload your save and continue on.

4.10: Helpful cheats

There are twelve cheats in particular that can aid you in obtaining the
bulletproofs. Note that you don't need to cheat to obtain most of the unique
vehicles, although they can help out tremendously in some cases. However, there
are a few that you MUST cheat to obtain.

Blow up all cars - Use this cheat to destroy those cars that don't like to keep
                   their special properties after a mission has been failed that
                   you have no other way to destroy. Required for a couple of
                   the vehicles.
        PS2: R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1
       XBOX: Black, White, R Trigger, L Trigger, White, Black, X, Y, B, Y,
             White, L Trigger
         PC: CPKTNWT

Flying cars - Use this to examine your garages quickly and easily.
        PS2: Up, Down, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, Left
       XBOX: X, Down, White, Up, L Trigger, B, Up, A, Left

Spawn Rhino - The Rhino is by far the best vehicle to use to push stuff, more
              so if the thing you are pushing is destroyed.
        PS2: Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle,
             Circle Triangle
       XBOX: B, B, L Trigger, B, B, B, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Y, B, Y
         PC: AIWPRTON 

No peds/little traffic - Great if you don't want stuff getting in your way as
                         you push (or shoot) a car to a garage.
        PS2: X, Down, Up, R2, Down, Triangle, L1, Triangle, Left
       XBOX: A, Down, Up, Black, Down, Y, L Trigger, Y, Left
         PC: GHOSTTOWN

Lock wanted level - So the cops won't get in your way.
        PS2: Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up
       XBOX: B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, Y, UP
         PC: AEZAKMI

Unlimited ammo - The obvious point of this is to never run out of ammunition
                 when shooting a vehicle to move it. The less obvious point of
                 it is that it also gives you fast reloading, like in Vice
                 City after you complete the rifle range. In other words, you
                 never have to pause between sawn-off shotgun blasts.
        PS2: L1, R1, Square, R1, Left, R2, R1, Left, Square, Down, L1, L1
       XBOX: L Trigger, R Trigger, X, R Trigger, Left, Black, R Trigger, Left,
             X, Down, L Trigger, L Trigger
         PC: FULLCLIP

Near-invincibility - Makes you immune to most hazards, such as bullets,
                     punches, and flames. You are not immune to explosions,
                     falls, or helicopter bullets, unfortunately. Still, if
                     you don't aggrivate your wanted level, then your only
                     fear when using this is a freak accident.
        PS2: Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle
       XBOX: Down, A, Right, Left, Right, R Trigger, Right, Down, Up, Y

Peds hate you - Contrary to what some say, this can be disabled (just enter it
                again). Use this to help obtain the FP Street Racers. Also
                known as the "have a bounty on your head" cheat.
        PS2: Down, Up, Up, Up, X, R2, R1, L2, L2
       XBOX: Down, Up, Up, Up, A, Black, R Trigger, White, White
         PC: BAGOWPG

Health/Armor/Cash Cheat - Use this to repair whatever you're pushing something
        PS2: R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
       XBOX: R Trigger, Black, L Trigger , A, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left,
             Down, Right, Up
         PC: ESOYAM

Vehicle of Death - The way to create a "dirty" bulletproof; also helps with
                   pushing cars. Sometimes called "Smash 'n boom" or "tank
        PS2: L1, L2, L2, Up, Down, Down, Up, R1, R2, R2
       XBOX: L Trigger, White, White, Up, Down, Down, Up, R Trigger, Black,
         PC: JCNRUAD

Adrenaline Mode - Move cars easier with your own body. It slows down the game,
                  though, so the time used might not be worth it.
        PS2: X, X, Square, R1, L1, X, Down, Left, X
       XBOX: A, A, X, R Trigger, L Trigger, A, Down, Left, A

Spawn Jetpack - Use this to obtain the BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel in "Saint Mark's
                Bistro". More on why you have to use it later.
        PS2: Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right
       XBOX: Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Up, Down, Left,
         PC: ROCKETMAN

4.11: Notes

I have assigned two ratings for each unique vehicle, the difficulty rating and
the resource factor.

Difficulty rating is based not off how hard it is to do, but what you need to
do. This is because most people do some things better than others. All
difficulties, except for a few you will see later on, assume you are using
Method 1.

*     - Easy. Cars are unlocked, and in some cases are literally given to you.
**    - Still fairly easy, but you might need to do a stunt or two.
***   - Your average bulletproof that you have to do something odd to obtain.
****  - Tricky. Sometimes risks have to be taken.
***** - Precision tricks, complicated issues, high risks.

Resource factor is based off what you need to have in order to obtain a
bulletproof.  This can be weapons, a vehicle, cheats, or even patience.

*     - You don't need a thing, except perhaps the will to fail a mission.
**    - You might need some patience, perhaps a specific item.
***   - Vehicles are needed; an item you normally wouldn't have; more patience.
****  - Even more patience, odd item setups, maybe a cheat or two.
***** - You'll need unsurpassing patience to obtain this, among other things.

5: The walkthrough for obtaining the cars

Here's the main section of the guide. The part that explains how to obtain all
of the unique vehicles. This section is dedicated to those with proofings. The
sections for UCVs and ISVs follow this.

NOTE: At several points during this "walkthrough", you will be asked to obtain
      a certain weapon to aid in obtaining the next bulletproof. These are not
      strictly necessary, and if you're creative, you can find alternatives. If
      you don't want to use Motolov Cocktails, use a Flamethrower or the fire
      from an explosion. Stuff like that.

NOTE: Cecil475 says that some of these don't work on the XBOX version, and
      others say that some cars have been crippled (ie: only bulletproof). The
      only way to be sure about these are to try them.

NOTE: UCV ALERTS are to inform you that a unique colored vehicle is available
      in a mission between two bulletproofs. Or in the case of this one, in the
      first mission. ISV Alerts are the same, only they are for ISVs.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.01: Black Perennial (Big Smoke)

5.01: Fireproof Greenwood
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ½
Mission:    Drive-Thru                  Resource F:      ½
Character:  Sweet

This is the car that you drive during the mission. While it is not Bulletproof,
but it is immune to flames.

Method one
As mentioned, this is the car you drive during the mission. Save it in a garage
after the mission is over. It's as simple as that.

NOTE: You might want to skip this. You'll get a shot at another Greenwood later
      on that is Bulletproof in addition to being Fireproof.

NOTE: Get a forklift. Try looking around the airport, or maybe at the National
      guard depot. Make sure the Ganton garage has room in it!

5.02: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Tampa
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      **½
Mission:    Nines and AKs               Resource F:      ***
Character:  Sweet

This is the car you're supposed to blow up during the mission, which is a
tutorial on how to use guns. Of course, you probably already know how to use
one. Note that you have to put it into your garage *BEFORE* the game prompts
you to shoot the gas tank to blow it up. If you wait until then, it will no
longer have it's special abilities. I previously said that you had to use
cheats in order to get this. aftica, however, told me about a method of getting
it without using cheats. junovalkyrie confirmed this.

Method one
Thanks to aftica for telling me about this method and junovalkyrie for
confirming it.

Start the mission, and drive with Smoke over to Emmet's. When you are told to
shoot the glass bottle, get in Smoke's Glendale. Go over to the Ganton garage,
take out the forklift, and park the Glendale inside sideways. Leave a little
room at the back. Now put the forklift back in the garage. Here is a diagram
of what it should look like (not drawn to scale).

|                    |
| ------------------ |
| |    Glendale    | |
| |                | |
| ------------------ |
| |       |          |
| |-------|          |
| | Flift |          |
| |       |          |
| |-------|          |
|                    |

Now, go back and get the Tampa. Push it all the way to the Ganton garage. When
you arrive, take out the forklift, and push the Tampa inside, facing sideways.
Here's a diagram of what it should look like now (not drawn to scale).

|                    |
| ------------------ |
| |    Glendale    | |
| |                | |
| ------------------ |
|                    |
| ------------------ |
| |   BP/FP/EP/DP  | |
| |      Tampa     | |
| ------------------ |
|                    |
    |       |
    | Flift |
    |       |

Finally, get in the Forklift, and approach the Tampa. You need to be nearly
forming a T shape in order to get it to work. Raise the lift, and hopefully,
you'll flip the Tampa. Once you do so, get out of the Forklift and run up to
the back wall of the garage. Not joking. The cars will explode in your face,
and you'll fail the mission for ruining Smoke's ride. Assuming Carl wasn't
killed in the explosion, allow the doors to close on the two cars after the
"Mission Failed" text is on your screen. Allow it to reopen, and there you go!

To get the Glendale out, come back when there are no more flames. Get the
Tampa out. Park it in a safe spot nearby. Next, get the Glendale out. Finally,
get in the Tampa and park it inside.

Method two (with cheats)
If the above is too hard, try this. Before you are prompted to blow it up,
simply push it into your garage. After you get it in there, you'll have to end
the mission somehow. Since the Forklift is out of the question for you, and
you have to have the Tampa destroyed when you fail the mission by destroying
Smoke's car, you need to find another way. So use the blow up all cars cheat.
When the garage door closes on the corpse of a blackened Tampa, allow it to
re-open and you'll have your BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa!

NOTE: Into modding cars? Then this is probably one of your best options in
      terms of BP/FP/EP/DP ones.

NOTE: Get yourself a Tow Truck. Be careful about storing these in garages
      though, as they like to vanish. In doing so, they can knock out the
      proofings of other vehicles.

5.03: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof Savanna
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    High Stakes, Low Rider      Resource F:      ***
Character:  Cesar

In the High Stakes, Low Rider mission, you have to get a Lowrider to compete in
a street race against five other cars. Among them is a red convertable that
Cesar drives. This baby is Bulletproof, Fireproof and Explosionproof, but it's
going to take a little work to obtain it. But don't worry. It's nothing
compared to some of the evils you will face later on.

Method one
Prior to starting the mission, save a Tow Truck in a garage, preferably the El
Corona one (the one near the mission starting marker). Save the game, and steal
a lowrider. Any one will do. Drive into the marker to begin the mission, and
exit the lowrider. Go to the garage with your Tow Truck and get in. Now, tow
the lowrider to the starting point. Once you do so, exit and get into the
lowrider. Exit as soon as you can and get back into the Tow Truck. Drop the
towed lowrider if you haven't already, and go catch up with the other cars. If
you have the Savanna in your sights as you fail the mission, keep on following
it. Bump it so Cesar gets out, and run him over. Then you simply hook up the
Savanna and tow it to a garage.

Method two
Start the mission, and get near the end of the race. If you're having trouble,
try using a Voodoo (or if you can find one, a Slamvan). When you get there,
wait. Look behind your car until you see Cesar in sight. Wait for him to get
close and drive into the finish line. Cesar is likely to crash into the wall.
Bump his car with your own. Cesar will get out and try to kill you: blow him
away with your gun. Now simply push the car to a garage.

NOTE: There is a version of this truck later on that has all these proofings,
      in addition to Damageproofing. It's a tedious one to get, though.

5.04: Fireproof Remmington
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    High Stakes, Low Rider      Resource F:      ***
Character:  Cesar

Another one of the cars in the High Stakes, Low Rider mission. This one is only
Fireproof, however.

Method one
Put a Tow Truck in the El Corona garage. If you have obtained the above
vehicle, then you should not have it in the same garage as the Tow Truck. Save
the game, steal any lowrider, and get to the mission's start. When you regain
control, exit the lowrider and grab your Tow Truck. Use it to tow your lowrider
to the starting point. Unhook it, get back in the lowrider, and park in the
marker. After the race starts, quickly get out and hop into your Tow Truck.
Pursue the racers, being sure to keep the Remmington in your sights as you fail
the mission. After doing so, bump that Remmington. The driver will get out to
kill you. Run him over and tow his car to your garage.

Method two
Just like with the Savanna above, you need to put some distance between you and
the other racers so you have the time to get this at the finish line. A Voodoo
works nice and is convinently located near the mission starting point, but a
Slamvan is the best (although it is hard to find). This is because the Slamvan
accelerates the fastest out of all the lowriders. Don't waste your time trying
to find one unless you're hell-bent on getting a great time for the race in the
stats, though. But regardless of what you use, you'll have to wait for the
other racers at the finish line. When they show up, cross it. There will be a
huge pileup at the end. Bump the Remmington and the driver will get out to kill
you. Kill him and push his vehicle to a garage.

5.05: Fireproof Majestic
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    High Stakes, Low Rider      Resource F:      ***
Character:  Cesar

Another one of the cars in the High Stakes, Low Rider mission. Like the
Remmington above, this one is only Fireproof.

Method one
Save a Tow Truck at El Corona. Steal a lowrider. Start the mission. Go back to
the Tow Truck. Tow the lowrider to the start of the race. Unhook the lowrider.
Get in the lowrider. Start the race. Get out of the lowrider as soon as you
can. Get in the tow truck. Catch up to the Majestic. Fail the mission. Bump the
Majestic. Kill the driver. Tow the Majestic to a garage. 

Method two
As with the other vehicles in this mission, do the race as normal until you
reach the finish line. Wait right there, while looking behind you. When the
others get close, cross the finish line. There will be a pileup at the end.
Crash into the Majestic, kill the driver that gets out to attack, and push
it to a garage.

5.06: Fireproof Blade
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    High Stakes, Low Rider      Resource F:      ***
Character:  Cesar

Yet another one of the cars in the High Stakes, Low Rider mission. It too is
only Fireproof.

Method one
Take a Tow Truck to the starting point, but get out of you lowrider as soon as
you start. Catch up to the Blade, and you will eventually fail the mission.
Bump the Blade to make the driver get out, kill him, and tow that Blade to a

Method two
As before, go through with the race until the finish line, wait for the other
cars, cross the line, bump the Blade, kill the driver and push it to a garage.

NOTE: The previous four vehicles can be obtained through the "Lowrider Race"
      street race later on in the game. However, it is likely that you will have
      to use cheats in order to do so. But there is one way you can pull it off
      effectively without cheats. See section 9 for more details.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.02: Mesa w/green roof (Robbing Uncle Sam)

5.07: Bulletproof Forklift
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      *½
Mission:    Robbing Uncle Sam           Resource F:      *
Character:  Ryder

In the "Robbing Uncle Sam" mission, you're supposed to drive with Ryder out to
the National Guard depot to steal some guns. You have to use a Forklift to load
up the boxes into the truck. However, the Forklift is Bulletproof. So why not
take it for keeps?

Method one
Get to the mission, and kill the national guardsmen as normal. When you get
into the Forklift, just take it over to a garage. It's as easy as that. Ryder
will probably get killed by those weekend soldiers, thus failing the mission.
But if he doesn't, you'll have to blow up the Forklift via Motolovs or
Grenades. Make sure it is in the garage before you do this. When it explodes
and you fail ("Forklift truck is history"), let the garage door close on the
Forklift and you're winner.

5.08: Explosionproof Mule
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Robbing Uncle Sam           Resource F:      *
Character:  Ryder

Of course, to ensure you don't blow yourself up when Ryder chucks boxes at the
pursuing Patriots, it has to be explosionproof.

Method one
Simply do the mission as normal. Watch the final cutscene, and the mule will be
waiting for you. Hop in and take it to the Santa Maria Beach garage.

5.09: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof PCJ-600
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    OG Loc                      Resource F:      ***
Character:  Smoke

In this mission, you have to pursue a guy who prison-raped Loc. However,
prior to initiating the chase, the bike the guy rides on is proofed against
everything. Probably so you can't snipe him off it before starting the chase.
Thanks to junovalkyrie for confirmation (LolyPop1313M discovered this).

Method one
Get up to the point in the mission where you are supposed to chase Freddy on
the bike. Instead, get off and walk over to Freddy, making sure not to get too
close to him. You'll want to be close enough so you can run by and snatch the
bike, but far enough so that he doesn't speed off. Now, with Freddy still in
the view of the camera, kill Loc to fail the mission. Freddy will probably get
off the bike. Steal it for yourself. If he doesn't get off it, pursue him and
ram him off the bike. Park right on top of him, and take the bike.

NOTE: If the PCJ-600 vanishes after you kill Loc, don't reload. This mission
      has the trip-skip feature. Return to Smoke's place to try again, and
      press RIGHT on the D-Pad when you begin. You'll be warped to Freddy's

NOTE: Get some Motolov Cocktails. If you haven't already done so, now might be
      a good time to do the Firetruck missions.

5.10: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sanchez
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Wrong Side of the Tracks    Resource F:      ***
Character:  Smoke

Another BP/FP/EP/DP motorbike. Three people confirmed this: Dim25,
thekosmicfool and ARMax King.

Method one
The trick with this one is to take a dip in the water. Proceed through the
mission as normal. After Smoke kills the four Vagos on the train, take a trip
to East Beach. Approach the shoreline while still on the bike. Slowly drive
into the water until you fall off it. Now, turn your attention to Big Smoke.
You'll have to kill him if you want to easily obtain this special bike you are
on. For some reason, he can take a LOT of punishment. I emptied a couple of AK
clips and several sawn-off shotgun bullets into him, and he still refused to

While still in the water, shoot Smoke for a while with a strong weapon like the
AK or sawn-off shotgun, just to weaken him. A minute of this should do the
trick. Here's where the Motolovs come into play. Throw one at him and he will
run off in flames. Hopefully, he will die, causing you to fail the mission.
Push the Sanchez out of the water, get back on, and take it to a garage.

Method two
Alternatively, you can try dunking the bike in Fisher's Lagoon. Put it north of
the dock and kill Smoke as you normally would. The difference here is that you
can use a Sawn-Off Shotgun to push the bike out of the water. Or better yet,
Glen Park's pond.

Method three
As before, you need to drop into the water to get this. Check the map to see a
point where the tracks make a turn to the left. The place this is at is
somewhere around North Rock. Follow the train all the way to this point. When
you see the tracks heading left, head northeast straight off the tracks to the
beach at Fisher's Lagoon. Drive straight into the water here until the Sanchez
is completely underwater. After a few seconds, you will fail the mission. Now
it is only a matter of getting it out of there. If you fell off the bike when
you went in, you can dive into the water and push it out from there. After
doing this, hop back on the bike and ride it to a garage.

NOTE: You need to use cheats to obtain the next three. Depending on your
      obsession with collecting the bulletproofs, you may or may not want to
      obtain them.

5.11: Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof BF-400
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      **
Mission:    Just Business               Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Smoke

Big Smoke must love special motorbikes or something. This is the THIRD unique
motorbike you can earn from him. As mentioned before, you'll need to cheat to
obtain this thing. LolyPop1313M discovered this.

Method one
Proceed through the mission as per usual up until the point where you reach the
cutscene where you jump on a bike with Smoke. Begin to enter the "blow up all
cars" cheat. Do not press the last button of the cheat until Smoke jumps onto
the bike. You'll fail the mission for killing Smoke (if not, enter the code
until he bites the dust). Now, you'll have to get it to a garage. Shoot it with
a shotgun down the ramps until you reach the streets. At this point, get a
vehicle and use it to push the bike to a garage.

5.12: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Packer
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      **
Mission:    Just Business               Resource F:      *****
Character:  Smoke

This giant truck pursues you relentlessly in the Just Business mission. If you
want it for yourself, you'll need cheats.

Method one
Play through the mission until you reach the cutscene where the Packer is about
to plunge into the ramp. Quickly enter the health cheat during this cutscene,
and you'll fail the mission when Big Smoke mysteriously vanishes. It'll stop
nearby. This has several Sultans on top of it. You can dump them by going up a
slope or using the Flying Cars cheat.

You can either use said cheat and store it in the Doherty Garage, or store it
in the impound lot.

5.13: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sultan
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      **½
Mission:    Just Business               Resource F:      *****
Character:  Smoke

One of the vehicles of choice of your many pursuers in this mission is the
Sultan. With some cheats, these nigh-indestructable roadsters can be yours.

Method one
As above, enter the health cheat during the cutscene with the Packer. Dump out
one of them by going up a slope, hop in, and take it to a garage.

NOTE: Since we're cheating, why not cheat some more? Some other cheats that
      will assist you are never wanted, spawn Rhino and No peds/little traffic.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.03: Pony w/Off Road Tires (Life's a Beach)

SPECIAL ALERT!!! - Around this time, you'll gain access to Tenpenny's missions.
                   On the mission "Gray Imports", you have the opportunity to
                   turn any vehicle fireproof and explosionproof. You're only
                   limited by what vehicles you can get at the time. See
                   section 8 of the guide for more information. Get anything
                   you want from there before doing that mission and getting
                   this next one (or not).

5.14: Explosionproof Banshee
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      *½
Mission:    Gray Imports                Resource F:      *
Character:  Tenpenny

If the Russian arms dealer makes it outside, he'll try to escape in this sporty
vehicle. Of course, it's inferior when you consider you can just make a FP/EP
Banshee on the same mission, but every unique vehicle counts, right? Thanks to
Ceielo for this one.

Method one
Proceed through the mission until you have to chase the Russian. He's slow, so
just run right past him, and get into the Banshee he's running toward. At this
point, you can either get out and shoot him as he approaches, or just run him
over. If you do that, be aware that it may be destroyed, though. Whichever way
you kill him, though, you'll pass the mission and will be able to take the
Banshee for keeps.

NOTE: If your Ganton Garage is full, move the cars out of it to another garage.
      You may also want to consider placing one of your proofed motorbikes in
      the garage.

NOTE: Get some grenades!

5.15: Bulletproof/Fireproof Greenwood
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    House Party                 Resource F:      ***½
Character:  OG Loc

The House Party mission has you killing a bunch of Ballas who show up to kill
you. Near the start of the actual mission, Sweet and a GSF use a couple of
vehicles to make a roadblock. This is one of those cars. Thanks to all who
confirmed this, and those who submitted it.

Method one
Start up the mission. Kill some of the attacking Ballas so they won't bother
you. Now, throw your grenade near the parked Greenwood. It will be destroyed
along with the other vehicle there. After that, push or shoot the Greenwood
into your nearby garage. 

If it's vanishing on you as you try to get it in (which many Xbox and PC users
have reported), keep the garage door open with a motorbike. You can also try
pushing the vehicle inside without destroying it first, and then destroy it
while it's inside.

Whichever way you go about it, the final step will be the same: stay near the
garage to keep it open, and kill Sweet. You'll fail the mission, and will have
your Greenwood.

NOTE: Grenades killing Sweet prematurely? Push the car away before you blow it

NOTE: You can get a BP/FP/EP/DP Greenwood later on, but it is not exactly the
      easiest unique vehicle to obtain. In fact, it is one of the hardest, if
      not, THE hardest to get your hands on. So you may or may not want to skip
      this. If in doubt, obtain this, and dump it later on if you can get the
      BP/FP/EP/DP one.

5.16: Bulletproof/Fireproof Voodoo
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    House Party                 Resource F:      ***½
Character:  OG Loc

This is the other vehicle used in the roadblock. Thanks to all who confirmed
this, and those who submitted it.

Method one
Again, start up the mission. Kill a few Ballas, and pick your method of getting
the Voodoo into the garage. Note that for whatever reason, this is slightly
more prone to vanishing than the Greenwood, but as long as you get it in the
garage before killing Sweet, you should be fine.

NOTE: If you have obtained both of these, move one of them out of the garage
      before attempting the mission again.

5.17: Bulletproof/Fireproof Tahoma
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      **
Mission:    House Party                 Resource F:      **½
Character:  OG Loc

Again in the House Party mission, the first set of Ballas arrive in Tahomas
that are Bulletproof as well as Fireproof. None of the other cars the Ballas
show up in are unique. Be sure you have made room for this vehicle in your
Ganton garage!

Method one
Start the mission and kill those Ballas! Don't worry if your automatically
recruited gang members die. After finishing the mission, two Bulletproof and
Fireproof Tahomas will be waiting for you, locked. They're the ones that the
first set of Ballas showed up in, parked in front of the cars above that were
used for the roadblock. Pick one and push it to your garage.

SPECIAL ALERT!!! - You'll gain access to the girlfriends around this time. By
                   doing things in a very specific way, you can gain access to
                   five proofed vehicles you can't find elsewhere! Note that
                   when I say very specific, I mean _very_ specific. If you're
                   interested, go to section 9 of the guide now.

NOTE: Get a Tow Truck. Keep in mind that they like to vanish often, and usually
      take the abilities of the special cars you have stored in the garage with
      them. Seeing as how your garages may be close to bursting, you'll have to
      be cautious as to what you put in your Ganton garage along with the Tow

5.18: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Admiral
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      **½
Mission:    Los Sepulcros               Resource F:      **
Character:  Sweet

It's back from Vice City. This is the car you're supposed to drive after you
kill Kane, or if you suck enough not to kill him quickly, pursue him in.
However, if Sweet gets in with you, it'll lose its special properties. So
you'll have to figure out a way to prevent that...

Method one (from ReaverShadow)
Get a Tow Truck, and store it in a garage. Now, start the mission, get the Tow
Truck, and drive on over to the Admiral. Park near it and get out. Now, shoot
at one of the Ballas to fail the mission. Just hook up the Admiral and take it
to a garage.

Method two (from sick_gamer13)
When you begin the mission, just get out of Sweet's car. Hop in your Tow Truck,
and bring it to your destination. You should see the Admiral sitting there.
Just allow the timer to run out to fail the mission. Hook up to the Admiral and
tow it to a garage.

Method three (from imut knight)
Go through the mission until a car picks up Kane. Allow him to run away, and
just stand near the Admiral. After a minute or two, you'll fail the mission.
Enter the car and take it to a garage.

Method four
Before starting the mission, get yourself some Motolovs. Start it and proceed
as normal up to the part where you're supposed to jump the wall. When Sweet
runs off, burn him. It takes three Motolovs to kill him. Make sure you have the
Admiral in your sights before you kill Sweet though, or it might vanish! You'll
fail the mission. As for the Admiral, it'll be parked nearby. You need to push
it to a garage, however, as it is locked. You could also used a Tow Truck if
you want.

Method five (from RurouniTJ)
"After you hop the cemetery wall, walk right up to Sweet (not close enough to
trigger your guys crashing the funeral, though) and unload on him with one of
your machine guns.  Sweet won't move, save for being pushed back by your
gunfire, and once he's dead and the mission is failed, the cemetery goes back
to normal: no screaming bystanders, no cops coming at you, and no bangers
shooting at you.  The only catch is the car isn't always at the other end of
the cemetery, I had to try this a few times before getting the car.

NOTE: You'll need a parachute before going for the next vehicle.

NOTE: During Reuniting the Families, you have the opportunity to obtain a
      Minigun. You may want to get it and hang onto it for the vehicle after
      the next vehicle.

5.19: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Bravura
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    The Green Sabre             Resource F:      ****½
Character:  Sweet

This oddball vehicle is glued to the spot and has a full set of immunities. If
you enter into it, it loses all those traits. If you blow it up, it won't move.
The solution? Do both at the same time!

Method one
Proceed through the mission up to the point where the Bravura is before you.
Equip your parachute and set to work on it. Bash the passenger side door until
it falls off, then hop on top and stomp until you see black smoke. Return to
the passenger side and resume attacking until the vehicle catches on fire.

Now here's where it gets tricky. You need to enter and exit the vehicle
quickly. This will unstick it from its spot, but you need to do this before the
cutscene begins. Now cross your fingers. Try to push the charred mass of a car
on foot. If it doesn't move, its proofings are still intact! Step one
completed. The next step is using a sawn-off shotgun to push the wreck to a

5.20: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sentinel
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    The Green Sabre             Resource F:      ***
Character:  Sweet

After a long wait, it's finally here. A non-cheating method BP/FP/EP/DP
Sentinel. Thanks to srg for this one, and OrionSR for a better method.

Method one (from OrionSR)
Begin the mission. Proceed through the mission up until the point where you are
arriving at the ambush. Don't enter the circle near Sweet. Instead, kill a few
Ballas, and look to one of the Sentinels. Take your weapon out and shoot it. As
you do so, various parts of it will start to fall off, eventually cumulating
with the right rear door falling off and the vehicle spewing black smoke. At
this point, the Sentinel will become BP/FP/EP/DP. Now just hop in, wait for
Sweet to die, and take it to a garage.

Note that you need to do enough damage to the vehicle before Sweet dies. If
you're having a lot of trouble with this, try doing a drive-by with another
car, to eliminate the reloading. You can even use one of your own Bulletproofs
to accomplish this task if it's being destroyed too quickly, though note that
your may need to use fancy methods (double driving) to keep both. Optionally,
if you have the minigun from the previous mission, you can use it to damage it
sufficiently in a matter of seconds.

Method two
Alternatively, if you can't seem to make the vehicles proofed quickly enough
before Sweet kicks the bucket, you can try going into the marker instead.
You'll still need to damage the Sentinels enough if you want to take them for
yourself. Do that, and take one over to a garage.  Now you'll just need to kill
CJ near or in the garage with Grenades or something. Once CJ is dead and you
respawn in front of the hospital, the Sentinel will be waiting for you.

ISV Alert!!! - 7.01: BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre (The Green Sabre)

NOTE: You get some new garages when you move onto the Countryside. Altogether,
      they can hold four cars.

STATUS CHECK: Before the Countryside

I hope you kept room for some of the cars. You can get five excellent new
Bulletproof cars in the Countryside, one good one, and seven others. That
totals to twelve. You don't have that much space to store all of them, so
you'll have to decide which to keep and which to dump. As before, the Fireproof
cars are probably the least valuable. Here's what I had in my garages.

Ganton:            BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, BP/FP Tahoma
El Corona:         BP/FP/EP Savanna
Santa Maria Beach: BP Forklift, BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral 
Mulholland:        BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600

Feel free to fill up your garages completely at this stage of the game. You'll
get plenty of more room once you get to San Fierro. Be careful as to what you
store in your garages. Tow Trucks, although great for obtaining the special
vehicles, like to vanish often. When they do so, they often take the profings
of any other vehicles that happpened to be in the garage with it.

NOTE: Even though you can fit two cars in the Dillimore garage, you won't be
      able to get into either of them! If you run into this problem, try to get
      behind one of the cars and push it out of the garage. This also applies
      to some of the garages you will get in Las Venturas, but don't worry
      about that for now. Thus, to get the most out of said garages, you are
      going to have to put one bulletproofs in them in addition to one of the
      bikes or the BP Forklift.

NOTE: You can store cars in the Doherty garage prior to finishing "Are you
      going to San Fierro?", but be aware that it will eat cars very often.

ISV Alert!!! - 7.02: BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez (Badlands)

5.21: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sabre
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Tanker Commander             Resource F:      *½ 
Character:  Catalina

In this mission with three nice Bulletproof cars, you're supposed to steal a
Tanker and an oil trailer and take them to RS Haul. However, every vehicle
involved in the mission is special in some way. Very nice, is it not? This
should be the first one you go after, and is normally the car the rednecks
pursue you in.

Note that in the XBOX and PC versions, the car is stuck in place. This is
likely an attempt to stop players from being able to obtain this vehicle on
Rockstar's part. This vehicle's existance was *VERY* well known, so it's a
valid theory. At any rate, it still doesn't stop you from being able to obtain

Method one
Start the mission as normal. Before connecting the tanker to the gas tank, get
out of the Tanker. The Sabre is in the parking lot of the gas station, locked.
Get a tractor, kill Catalina, and use it to tow the Sabre to your Dillimore

NOTE: Make sure there's space in the El Corona garage.

5.22: Bulletproof Tanker
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      *½
Mission:    Tanker Commander             Resource F:      *
Character:  Catalina

Before attaching the Tanker to the cab, it is Bulletproof.

Method one
Start the mission, but pay no attention to the tanker trailer. Instead, take
the Tanker to the El Corona garage. Kill Catalina again, and park it in there.
It's all yours.

5.23: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Tanker Trailer
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    (Tanker Commander)           Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Catalina

aftica recently discovered a way to obtain this rig. But the bad news is that
it involves saving it at the Doherty garage! And the Doherty garage is evil.
And yes, you can actually store cars in the garage there even though you don't
own it. The same thing can be done with CJ's garage in the beginning, before
the first mission.

Method one
Before the mission starts, go get yourself a Tanker of your own. Use your
Bulletproof one if you wish, but save beforehand if you choose to do so, just in
case. Begin the Catalina mission, but do not enter the marker to begin Tanker
Commander. aftica says that you will see the Tanker and the trailer sitting
right there. Guess what you do next? That's right, you murder Catalina once
more. Now, using your own Tanker, hook up to the trailer.

Why can't you just start the mission and use the Tanker you are provided? Well,
if you do that, aftica says, that the trailer won't move once you unhook over
at Doherty.

So, make your way over to the Doherty garage. Once you are there, jack knife
the trailer so it unhooks from your Tanker. Or, as ARMax King says, take a
picture using a camera, and it'll mysteriously unhook. Now, push it into the
garage, corner to corner, so that it faces into the garage, with the wheels by
the garage door. It's a good idea to do this on foot. If you get the glitch
where the garage causes the trailer to jump after the door opens, that's a good
thing. It'll make it much easier to remove. You can't back it into the garage
though, as you won't be able to remove it.

If all goes well, then you are halfway finished. Now what to do? Keep going
through the game. Be sure not to go near that garage unless you have saved and
are merely checking up on it! When you get Verdant Meadows, move it to the
hangar there. Be sure that it isn't near any walls, and it'll be all yours.

NOTE: Yes, this is a fairly useless one. It is only listed for the sake of

5.24: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sadler
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Tanker Commander             Resource F:      **
Character:  Catalina

Two BP/FP/EP/DP cars in one mission? Yep. This is the one scripted to blow up,
but you can still get it. It's the one which blows up when you drive the Tanker
into the marker if the rednecks are still following you. However, if they
aren't following you, it won't blow up. And yet it'll still appear...

Method one
Start the mission as usual, and hook up the gas tank. When the rednecks start
to chase you, blow up their car quickly. A short while of persistant pushing
with your Tanker should do the trick ("That rig will crush us!"). After you've
disposed of them, just go to the red marker to finish the mission.

The Sadler should be waiting for you in the gas station next to RS Haul after
completing the mission. It isn't even locked, so you can just hop in and drive
it to a garage. For fun, crash into the gas pumps so they explode. You'll be

5.25: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof HPV1000
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Small Town Bank              Resource F:      *** 
Character:  Catalina

The HPVs you are supposed to steal are BP/FP/EP/DP at one point in the mission.
To get them, you'll have to waste Catalina yet again. Both Mikhail and Nicholas
McKenny have confirmed this. 

Method one
Go through the mission as normal until you exit the bank with Catalina. Shoot
every county cop that gets in your way. After the cutscene of the biker cops,
take out a shotgun or an AK and kill Catalina with a couple of headshots. When
she dies, you will fail the mission. Murder all of the cops in the area, and
hop on one of the bikes. Ride it to your nearby garage, save it, and save the

5.26: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof Fortune
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      **½
Mission:    Wu Zi Mu                     Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Cesar

This mission has you competing in a race across the Countryside in the vehicle
of your choice. Woozie is driving this pink vehicle. It's interesting to note
that this has the widest range of methods used to obtain it, all of which are
not particularly easy to pull off. I will list the best methods and the coolest
methods here.

Method one
First off, arm a car with a bomb and save it in your Palimino Creek garage.
Now, start the race. It is helpful to know that once you activate a car bomb,
you have about eight seconds before it goes off. Timing is important here, but
not by much. Here's a crude ASCII drawing of the start of the race (only the
most important parts are shown).

                          ,' ROAD '-,
______          ________,'
START '-,____,-'

The idea is to activate the bomb so that when it goes off, the Fortune stops on
the road, or at least near the top of that small dirt hill just past it. The
correct timing is to activate the bomb about 11 seconds into the race, and bail
out of your car around 7 seconds later. Your car will explode, thus, failing
the mission. Quickly run over to the other racers. Hopefully, they will be
stopped somewhere nearby. Jump on top of the Fortune (remember, it's the pink
one) and stomp on it a couple of times to lure Woozie out. He will try to kill
you. Put an end to his futile efforts, if you know what I mean. After doing so,
push the Fortune to a garage. Or "hitchhike" for a Tractor and tow it there.

Watch the timing though. Activate the bomb too early, and the cars will stop
before that steep hill. It'll be a pain in the ass to push the Fortune up it,
although you might be able to push it the other way. Activate the bomb too late,
and the cars will go past the small dirt hill and the steep hill after it, which
again is annoying. Don't worry though, once you get the timing right, you're in
the money.

Method two
The idea is to flip the Fortune during the race. Be sure that the Fortune
stays on its roof. Woozie will come crawling out of it, even though it somehow
isn't catching on fire. Dispose of him in any fashion, although be aware that
he might try to steal your vehicle. Get out of your vehicle after doing so, and
wait the timer out. After you fail, simply push the Fortune to a garage.
Depending on the status of your vehicle, you might want to jack a Linerunner or
something before starting the trip. These come by the road in the countryside
fairly easily, so don't think you have to use one in the race itself.

If you're having trouble doing this, the trick is to build up enough speed when
Woozie is nearby, then ram into him from the side. If you hit him with enough
force and with a vehicle that is large enough, he should flip. And for god's
sake, don't be afraid to get aggressive with the Fortune (but be intelligent
when doing so). Also, the vehicle you choose counts a lot. A Rancher seems to
be a good choice. You could even mod Nitro onto the vehicle.

Method three (from ipino)
Alternatively, destroy your vehicle when the Fortune is nearby (only real issue
is getting far enough ahead). It'll slow down and stop. Steal any car and bump
it. Woozie will get out to kill you, kill him and push the Fortune to a garage.

Method four (from Neko Raven)
A variation on the above method comes from Neko Raven. Keep up with the vehicle
you want to steal. You will eventually come to a highway, near the first
bridge. Turn in one direction and bail out. Your car will go sailing into the
water and be destroyed. Keep your eyes on the prize. The cars usually end up on
the road nearby. Stomp on the Fortune once to get Woozie out, and slaughter
him. Now simply wait for a Tractor and tow it to a garage.

Method five
Yet another method involves using your vehicle to shove the Fortune into the
barn at the start, blocking its path, getting out of your vehicle and waiting
out the timer.

Method six (from Altars of Madness)
A variation on the above method. Get a car than can accelerate quickly, such as
a Buffalo. One can be found at Catalina's hideout. When the race begins,
accelerate in front of the Fortune. If you do this quickly, Woozie will drive
into the barn. Park your car so that it blocks the way out of the garage, get
out, and blow it up to fail the mission. As before, you have to punch the
Fortune to flush Woozie out, and destroying him. You should know what to do
next. Push the car to the road, wait for a tractor, and tow it to a garage.

Method seven (from Geoff)
And again. You can alternatively intentionally miss a checkpoint at the end,
wait until Woozie shows up, get out of your vehicle and start stomping on
Woozie's car. When the countdown to return to your vehicle runs out, continue
stomping until Woozie gets out. Now you have many choices as to how to kill him.
Shooting, beating, decapitating, stabbing, burning, exploding, crushing, or
my personal favorite, suffocating. Pick whichever one best suits you, go 
through with it, and take the Fortune to a garage.

5.27: Fireproof Sabre
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      **½
Mission:    Wu Zi Mu                     Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Cesar

Like the previous mandatory street race, the other vehicles in the race are
Fireproof. This one's kind of useless though, as you likely already have one
that is BP/FP/EP/DP.

Method x
Use any of the methods for the BP/FP/EP Fortune to get this, preferably the
first method, as it's the easiest.

5.28: Fireproof Stallion
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      **½
Mission:    Wu Zi Mu                     Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Cesar

Immune to flames. This one's less useless than the FP Sabre.

Method x
Again, any of the methods used for the BP/FP/EP Fortune will work for obtaining
this vehicle.

NOTE: You can also get the previous three vehicles on the Badlands A street
      race, but it'll probably require you to use cheats.

NOTE: After you're done obtaining unique vehicles on this mission, you might
      want to consider taking one of your Bulletproofs for a spin when you do
      the mission again to complete it. It's no fun to just keep them locked up
      in a garage, gathering dust. Be sure to save beforehand, in case anything
      goes wrong!

5.29: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof Elegy
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Farewell, My Love            Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Cesar

This is the car Woozie drives during the mission. Like the
Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof Fortune above, it is pink. As with the
Fortune above, there is a much better method to use than say, pinning the
vehicle against a wall or trying to shove it into the water.

Method one
I found this by accident. The trick is to blow up yout ZR-350 as the Elegy
is about to pass by. You can do this by getting a lead, getting out, and
shooting the gas tank as the Elegy passes you by...but how are you going to do

The easiest way to get ahead is with a shortcut. Remember that winding hill?
The twisty one you have to drive down near the beginning, in the Panopticon.
There is a grassy section near the beginning of the race that said hill leads
up to. You can take a shortcut down there by driving off that grassy section.
If you land on your roof, that's good. Considering you did not screw up in the
beginning (easier done than said), the explosion will be timed so that the
Elegy will come by just as your car explodes. On the other hand, if the car did
*NOT* come to rest on its roof, you're in an excellent position to shoot the
gas tank and watch the road at the same time. Wait a few seconds, then leave
your car. Get into a position so you can see a good chunk of the turn leading
up the hill and target your vehicle at the same time. As before, this is easier
done than said.

The Sultan and ZR-350 will zip by. The moment you see a pink car drive onto the
screen, pull the trigger. Boom, mission failed. Run over to the Elegy. Hop on
top and stomp on it a few times to make Woozie come out. Kill him. Now, merely
wait. Wait for a Tractor to drive by. When it does, steal it and tow the Elegy
to a garage.

This is very difficult to explain, but once you understand, it'll be a joke to
obtain every time you do it again.

And a quick tip: You can leave your own Tractor or even a Tow Truck near the
location where you will land. This could reduce the amount of time you
need to wait.

Method two (from Ad1dasDancer)
Go through the race as normal, but intentionally miss a checkpoint. Make sure
you know where the race ends, and go there. Now, wait for the Elegy to show up.
When it does, get out of your car. Walk over to the passenger side window to
see...Catalina? Shoot her head off through the window, get in the car to boot
Woozie out of it. Drive it to a garage.

Method three (from ClaudeCJVercetti)
Drive a Tractor or Tow Truck into the marker to begin the mission. When it
begins, get out of the ZR-350 and run back. You'll find the Tractor or Tow
Truck somewhere back there - possibly by a set of logs on the left side. Head
for the winding road and drive off it. The other cars will hopefully be in the
line of sight as the "return to your vehicle" timer runs out, at which point
you simply tow the Elegy to a garage.

NOTE: When I accidently discovered the first method, it was when my ZR-350
      flipped after attempting to take a shortcut off a hill. The hill in
      question was the long, winding one with U-Turns. When I tried it again,
      it flipped two out of three times.

5.30: Fireproof Sultan
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Farewell, My Love            Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Cesar

Another car in the Farewell, My Love mission.

Method one
Just like the Elegy mentioned above, blow up your ZR-350 when the Sultan is in
sight. You'll find it stopped somewhere nearby. Bump it and the driver will get
out. Kill him and push or tow the Sultan to a garage.

Method two (from ClaudeCJVercetti)
Again, take a Tractor or Tow Truck into the mission marker, and go back and
get the vehicle after the mission begins. Drive off the winding road to get
ahead a little, and chase the vehicles as time is running out. When they
stop, tow the Sultan to a garage.

5.31: Fireproof ZR-350
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Farewell, My Love            Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Cesar

Sucks, doesn't it? They get to use a Fireproof ZR-350, and you get stuck with a
plain old one! Oh well, not like it'll help them anyhow. It's another car in
the Farewell, My Love mission. Also, take note that the GTAIII guy is not to be
found in any of the cars in the race. In fact, if you watch the cutscene after
the mission closely, you can see somebody in his car (which, incidently, isn't
in the mission either). Strangely enough, Catalina is driving with Woozie in
the BP/FP/EP Elegy.

Method one
As with the other cars in the mission, blow up your own ZR-350 when the FP
ZR-350 is nearby. Follow it. You'll find it stopped up the road. Crash into
that car, kill the driver, and push or tow the ZR-350 to a garage.

Method two (from ClaudeCJVercetti)
As before, take a Tractor or Tow Truck into the mission marker, go back and
get it, drive off the winding road, wait for time to run out, and tow the
ZR-350 to a garage.

NOTE: You could get the last three on Badlands B, but it'll probably require
      you to use cheats.

NOTE: Another way for the above three, although riskier, is to leave a Tow
      Truck on that winding hill. When you've done your business, you can use
      it to do the towing.

5.32: Explosionproof Sadler
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Are you going to San Fierro? Resource F:      *
Character:  The Truth

Well...I suppose if you have nothing better to put in...you already have a
BP/FP/EP/DP one...right?

Method one
After you shoot down the chopper, kill The Truth. After you do so, you will
fail the mission. The Sadler will be nearby, with the doors unlocked. Take it
to a garage. Thanks to ceielo for reminding me about this one.

5.33: Explosionproof Camper (The Mothership)
Location:   The Countryside              Difficulty:      *½
Mission:    Are you going to San Fierro? Resource F:      *
Character:  The Truth

The Truth's Camper. It sports a hippie-style paintjob unique to it. If you have
obtained almost everything up to this point, you probably won't have room for
this right now. Don't worry, though. You'll get two more chances to obtain this
baby later. The version of the Mothership featured in this mission is
completely explosionproof. It can catch fire and explode, but it cannot be
destroyed by rockets, grenades, exploding vehicles, and so on.

Method one
Go through the mission as normal until you have to get into the Mothership.
Shoot The Truth through the door to fail the mission, and take it to a garage.

Method two (from Sir Auron15)
Alternatively, just kill The Truth right after the mission starts, and take it
to a garage.

NOTE: If its paintjob gets eaten, then it still will remain explosionproof.
      Thanks to MrHurcules.

NOTE: If its paintjob gets eaten, this thing becomes white. This color cannot
      be gotten on a Camper via a Pay and Spray.

STATUS CHECK: Before San Fierro

You now get garages in San Fierro. Note that it's unwise to store them in your
garage's garage. They are prone to vanishing there. It happened to me in my
first game with an FBI Rancher, even though it was the only car in there. Feel
free to do what you want, however, but do so at your own risk.

Things are going to get harder from this point on. No more freebies or
near-freebies like the BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler.

Also, you should take some of your cars out of your overcrowded Los Santos and
Countryside garages and store them in these new garages. But remember that
you'll need room for this next set of bulletproofs! Here's what mine looked
like before and after.

Ganton:            BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, BP/FP Tahoma
El Corona:         BP/FP/EP Savanna, BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre
Santa Maria Beach: BP Forklift, BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral 
Mulholland:        BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600
Dilimore:          BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000, BP/FP/EP Elegy
Palimino Creek:    BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler, BP/FP/EP Fortune
Doherty:           BP Tanker

Ganton:            BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, BP/FP Tahoma
El Corona:         BP/FP/EP Savanna, BP Tanker
Santa Maria Beach: BP Forklift
Mulholland:        BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600
Dillimore:         BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000, BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre
Palimino Creek:    BP/FP/EP Elegy, BP/FP/EP Fortune
Doherty:           Nothing
Hashbury:          BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler
Calton Heights:    BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral
Paradiso:          Nothing

See? A lot less crowded now. It'll make it harder to check up on them, but it
will be easier on your garages. You won't regret it in the long run.

San Fierro is home to quite a few UCVs. Feel free to skip over these if you
don't like that kind of stuff.

NOTE: Do not store your Bulletproof cars in the San Fierro garage's garage.
      They can vanish easily if you store them in there.

NOTE: You'll need to get a Tow Truck again, so head to the Whetstone junkyard
      for one. You also might want to consider freeing up space in the Santa
      Maria Beach garage.

5.34: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Meleeproof Patriot
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Courier Mission A           Resource F:      ***
Character:  Cesar

This must be done before Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, because the phone calls cease after
completing this mission. This is the one where "the cash is leaving Los Santos
again." Also known as "Big Smoke's Cash".

Method one (from Streetballrr1886)
Receive the phone call from Cesar as you normally would. Get your Tow Truck.
Now, go through with the mission. After it has ended, keep ramming the Patriot.
Eventually, the GSF inside will get out to attack you. He's mostly invincible,
but either run him over or get out and point your gun at him to make him stop.
Now, get back in your Tow Truck. Back it up to the Patriot. This time, it will
work. Just take it to a garage.

Method two (from Tharydium)
First, take a Tow Truck to Ganton and park it in your garage. Now, wait until
9:00 PM Game Time on Sunday or Thursday game time. At that point, save the
game. The time should be 3:00AM on Monday or Friday. Now, go outside your
house. When the Ballas show up outside, greet them with gunfire. Get in your
Tow Truck and drive under the bridge, parked on the right lane of the road from
your point of view. Stop and get outside. Face towards Grove Street. Now wait.
Wait until 5:00 AM. At that time, your cell phone will ring, and the Patriot
will spawn in Grove Street. Deny the mission.

At this point, all the passengers will leave the vehicle. Keep watching the
Patriot. It sometimes takes a while due to AI stupidity, but eventually, it
will drive over to where your Tow Truck is and will stop. Walk over to the
Patriot and punch it a few times to get the driver out. Merely point a gun at
him to make him stop. Get back in your Tow Truck. The Patriot probably did a
teleporting trick, but it should still be nearby, usually facing in a different
direction. Hook it up to your Tow Truck and stuff it into your garage.

Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3664401524936228017

Method three
If the Patriot tries to cross over the Flint Intersection, it will never reach
its destination. For some reason, it'll cross the bridge into the Flint
Intersection, go under the overpass and take the exit onto the bridge. It'll go
forth for a while before turning left and trying to jump the barrier back onto
the road below. Obviously, this means inevitable death for the vehicle, and
maybe the GSF. Allow it to explode, being sure not to let it out of your sight,
and jack a Tanker or something. Use it to push the rubble to your Santa Maria
Beach garage.

Method four
Follow the Patriot to its destination and wait for it to stop. Now push it to a
garage. You can't use a Tow Truck for some reason. You may use a Tractor,
however. In either case, there are two quirks with this vehicle. First, it
likes to teleport around. If it suddenly vanishes, try looking around nearby.
The second problem are the streetcars. If possible, try taking a route that
isn't on the streetcars' path. Get it to a garage and put it in there. Let the
door close, and the bad GSFs will vanish, and the doors will unlock. It's all

NOTE: You can use a Tractor to tow this, thanks to DaBlinks for confirmation.

NOTE: Get a flamethrower. Try checking at the construction site behind your
      garage, or the import/export ship. Motolov cocktails will also work.

5.35: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof RC Raider
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty: **
Mission:    Wear Flowers in Your Hair   Resource F: **
Character:   The Truth

If you thought the BP/FP/EP/DP Tanker Trailer was worthless, get a load of this
bad boy! This remote controlled toy that Zero is playing with has all the
proofings! Why? Who cares, it's a trophy!

Method one
You'll find Zero playing with this when you go to meet him. Simply shoot it to
a garage.

5.36: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Savanna
Location: San Fierro                    Difficulty: ***½
Mission: Photo Opportunity              Resource F: *****
Character: Cesar

While you're taking pictures, this vehicle gets the full monty of protections.
Obtaining it is another factor altogether. pomor found this. 

Method one
Take a long detour to the bomb shop in Los Santos before going to Angel Pine.
After doing so, return, and after parking in the red marker, park near the
steps leading up to the roof. Activate the bomb and run like hell up to the
second marker before the bomb explodes.

Train your camera on the husk of the Savanna. Before long, you'll fail the 
mission. Now it's "only" a matter of pushing it to the nearest garage...all the
way in San Fierro. At least there will be plenty of big rigs around to aid you
in this.

5.37: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Merit
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    555 WE TIP                  Resource F:      ***
Character:  Tenpenny

srg discovered this vehicle. Getting this vehicle which is owned by the DA is
fortunately an easier task than obtaining most other unique vehicles.

Method one
Get up to the point where you have taken the Merit back to the parking lot
after planting the drugs. Eventually, a valet will show up to take the car
back. Block his path as he tries to leave, pull out a weapon and shoot his head
off. He will fall out of the car, leaving the door hanging open. Now, drive to
a garage, preferably the Doherty or the Hashbury one. Now, get out of the car,
but leave the door open. Now, use a flamethrower or some motolovs to ignite the
ground, as well as CJ. When you are on fire, quickly enter the Merit and wait.
If the door has swung partially shut and won't open, push the back of it until
it swings open again. In either case, after a short while, it'll eventually
catch on fire! Get out and keep the garage door open. The Merit will explode
and you will fail the mission. Allow the garage door to close, open it again,
and volia!

Method two (from MartyParty)
If you're having trouble with the police using the above method, try this one
instead. Get a Forklift (try looking in a warehouse in Easter Basin Docks, near
the NRG challenge). Don't use your Bulletproof one if you have it, though,
mostly as it's too far away. Take it to the Hashbury garage. Now, start the 

As with method one, kill the valet who comes to take the car back to the DA.
Hop in the Merit and take it to Hashbury. From this point on, get this like
you got the BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, only you don't need to have another car in the
garage. If you need a quick refresher, position the Merit horozontally, and get
in your Forklift. Form a T shape with the Forklift and the Merit. Raise the
lift while moving forward, and the Merit will flip and catch alight. Get out of
your Forklift and move to the other side of the garage to avoid being caught in
the explosion. You'll fail the mission after the Merit explodes. Close and
re-open the garage door, and there you have it!

NOTE: It might take a while to get the Forklift, seeing as how it isn't the
      fastest vehicle around, so don't waste too much time on method two if you
      don't have to.

ISV Alert!!! - 7.03: BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel (Mountain Cloud Boys)

5.38: Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Rancher
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Lure                        Resource F:      ***
Character:  Woozie

This is an odd one. It's immune to everything except for bullets, as well as
the usual dangers of Rhinos, flipping and water. Because of this, it isn't the
best car to use for "leisure," but is still better than the Fireproofs. If you
want to and don't mind cheating, use the dirty method to bestowe the
bulletproof quality onto it. aftica submitted this, De rabia nací confirmed.

Method one
When you begin the mission, drive on over to the Countryside as you normally
would. Start the chase with the bikers. However, take a right turn and get onto
the highway. Make your way on over to Los Santos, being sure that you do not go
through the first checkpoint. Drive as fast as you can while being careful so
you can put some distance between you and the pursuing Da Nangs. Eventually,
they'll just give up. Now, drive on over to the flood control canal in Ganton,
and head south until you reach water. Slowly back into the water until your
"rear wheels fall off the edge." At this point, stop and get out of the Rancher
to fail the mission. Get back in and drive it out to a garage.

Method two (from Krawk)
Alternatively, you can instead try the dock on the north end of Ocean Flats in
San Fierro. When you start the chase, turn right onto the freeway, go all the
way to San Fierro, and take the first left. Continue to follow the western
coast until you reach Ocean Flats, and head onto the dock. As with the other
location, you'll want to carefully drive into the water so you're submerged
in it. Make sure you are actually submerged before you exit, because of the
waves causing the water level to change. Exit the vehicle to fail the mission,
and with any luck, the properties will be retained, and you'll be able to get
back in to take it to a garage.

You reach Palisades on the north-most end of the dock. 

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.04: Khaki Brown Camper (Jizzy)

NOTE: You'll need a Rocket Launcher and a Sawn-Off Shotgun now. Try the airport
      for the former. You can even use the rockets left over from "Are you
      going to San Fierro?" if you still have them. Full health and body armor
      is also suggested.

5.39: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Boxville
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      ****
Mission:    T-Bone Mendez               Resource F:      ****
Character:  Loco Syndicate

Before the cutscene, it is BP/FP/EP/DP. Claude CJ Vercetti submitted this,
aftica and srg confirmed it. While using cheats is not strictly necessary to
obtain this, it will make it much easier on you.

Method one (from Sucha84)
Prepare for this by obtaining a Firetruck, and your choice of explosive and
fire based weaponry (Satchels + Flamethrower or Molotovs + Rocket Launcher)

Begin the mission and take your Firetruck near the Boxville. The essential
concept behind this is to build up enough speed before going near and bail out
of your vehicle, making it smash into the Boxville and knocking it down the
hill and away from the cutscene's trigger point. If you manage to pull it off,
then the rsst is easy. Simply go around the trigger point and enter into the

Drive it to the Hashbury garage, get out, light the ground on fire, run into
the flames, then reenter the Boxville. It will catch on fire and eventually
explode. You can either stay in and die when it does so or kill yourself with
your own explosives. In either case, return to the garage after to find your
new vehicle.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8cVuwCcArQ

Method two
Start the mission and get to a point where you can see the vehicles. Enter
blow up all cars a couple of times and you will fail the mission for destroying
a package. Now, spawn a Rhino, use the no peds/reduced traffic cheat, and use
it to push the Boxville to a garage.

NOTE: You may have trouble getting this in the Doherty garage, as it likes to
      vanish once inside. Try storing a bike inside there and parking it where
      the garage would close when you approach with the Boxville. Incidently,
      the next obtainable bulletproof is a bike, and it is on the same mission.

5.40: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof FCR-900
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    T-Bone Mendez               Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Loco Syndicate

Claude CJ Vercetti submitted this, both aftica and srg confirmed. hooney
submitted a non-cheating method for this. These are the bikes you have to chase
in the mission.

Method one
Get to a place where you can get a good view of the vehicles. There should be a
hill nearby that will work. Fire a bunch of rockets until you fail the mission,
and shoot an FCR-900 to a garage. Note that you should *NOT* push the one that
can moved without the shotgun. That is the one you ride in the mission. It has
no special qualities.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.05: Chrome Yellow Burrito (Mike Toreno)

5.41: Fireproof/Crashproof Rumpo
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Outrider                    Resource F:      *
Character:  Triads

In the Outrider mission, you have to get on a bike and help a van get across
the city by shooting police roadblocks apart. However, the van is Fireproof,
probably so it won't burn when it drives through the ruins of the cop cars.
Thanks to Lolypop1313M for telling me about this one.

Also, note that this is the only known unique vehicle to sport the crashproof
quality. No matter how bad a driver you are, this thing won't take any damage.
Melee weapons still damage it, though. Despite that, it's a good candidate for
the dirty method of creating bulletproof vehicles, as melee attacks from your
enemies are rare (and even so, you'll likely just run them over before they
have a chance to strike).

Method one
When the mission starts, head to the parked Washington and get in. After the
cutscene, drive over to the van. When the red marker is in sight, leave the car
and walk over to the Rumpo. You'll see a Rifa sitting inside. Shoot him through
the window to fail the mission, leaving the door hanging open. Hop inside and
drive the Rumpo to a garage.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.06: Stretch w/black bottom (Ice Cold Killa)
UCV ALERT!!! - 6.07: Green Pizzaboy         (Ice Cold Killa)
UCV ALERT!!! - 6.08: Light Blue Pony        (Toreno's Last Flight)

NOTE: Get some Grenades, and a Sawn-Off Shotgun. Make sure you have a lot of
      ammo for the latter.

5.42: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Maverick
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Toreno's Last Flight        Resource F:      ****
Character:  Triads

ipino said this is the one on the helipad BEFORE you approach it. Previously
listed as unobtainable, there is indeed a method one can use to obtain this,
although it involves suicide. A user called Deuxhero found a way to obtain
this. After all, if you approach the helipad, it takes off...but what if the
Maverick wasn't on the helipad?

Method one
Begin the mission and head to the Big Pointy Building. Use the parachute there
to land on the roof east of the helipad. You'll be just behind the helicopter.
Use your sawn-off shotgun to shoot the Maverick off the helipad. Jump off the
roof, get in, and fly it to a big enough garage (such as the Doherty one). You
may want to push it in the rest of the way using a vehicle. 

Once it's in, make sure the garage door can shut on it. Then, commit suicide
using Grenades. You'll fail the mission, but the Maverick will remain when
you return.

Method two
If the parachute method is too fancy or complicated for you, you can
alternatively try using a helicopter from the SF Airport instead. Again,
approach from high up and land on the roof behind the helicopter. The rest is
the same as in method one.

NOTE: This is the first in a pair of half-ISVs. The difficulty in these two is
      about even, so both are listed in the main section.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.09: Berkley's RC Van       (Beefy Baron)

STATUS CHECK: Before the Desert

You're about halfway through the game now, and already there are 30 unique and
Bulletproof cars. You now get property in the Desert. Snatch up Fort Carson
right away, as it has a garage for you to use. Verdant Meadows will have to
wait a little while, however. If you've been getting the last few ones, you
should notice that once again, your garages are starting to bulge. You'll get
property in Las Venturas after completing pilot school, however, so this won't
be so bad. 

After watching the "Verdant Meadows" cutscene, you get access to the street
races, and in turn, get access to around 30 fireproof vehicles. These should
only be obtained if you have nothing else to put in your garages, however.

Here's what I had in my garages before starting this part of the game.

Ganton:            BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, BP/FP Tahoma
El Corona:         BP/FP/EP Savanna, BP Tanker
Santa Maria Beach: Chrome Yellow Burrito, FP/EP/DP Rancher
Mulholland:        BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600
Dillimore:         BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000, BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre
Palimino Creek:    BP/FP/EP Elegy, BP/FP/EP Fortune
Doherty:           Nothing
Hashbury:          BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler, BP/FP/EP/DP Merit, Black Stretch
Calton Heights:    BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral, FP/CP Rumpo
Paradiso:          Light Blue Pony, BP/FP/EP/DP FCR-900
Fort Carson:       BP/FP/EP Patriot, Green Pizzaboy

There is a grand total of two unique vehicles up for grabs in the Desert. One
of them is a nice one, however. Get these weapons and rewards in advance...

- A sawn-off shotgun
- Satchels, Grenades or a Rocket Launcher ("Suicide Item")
- Infinite Sprint (from completing Burglary Missions)

If you're going for the UCV, you'll also want these.

- A minigun.
- A Tow Truck.

Free up space in the Verdant Meadows garage as well.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.10: Black Maverick         (Interdiction)

5.43: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Camper (the Mothership)
Location:  The Desert              Difficulty:      ****
Mission:   The Black Project       Resource F:      ****
Character: The Truth

Previously listed as unobtainable, PD Escobar has recently found a method to
obtain this vehicle! However, this is somewhat complicated. Also note that
there are two different styles of this van - one with the roof up, and one with
the roof down. To easily manipulate each type, approach from the north or west
for the former, and south or east for the latter.

Method one
Play this mission as you normally would until you get the Jetpack. However,
instead of meeting The Truth, fly over to any of the cranes in San Anderas.
The Quarry Crane is the closest one, but the other three (I/E Crane, LV Casino
Crane, Doherty Wrecker Ball Crane) will work just as well. Land near the crane
and walk into the red marker. Enter the crane. Then, exit the crane. When you
get out, the Jetpack is gone! You now have control over your arsenal.

Before you go to The Truth, you might want to go to a Fast Food place
beforehand in order to reset the hunger meter. If you went to the Quarry, the
nearby Cluckin' Bell will work fine. Keep in mind that you are unable to enter
any vehicles during this time. When you're ready, go to The Truth's location.
When you see the Mothership there, whip out your sawn-off shotgun and shoot it
off the cliff. Whatever you do, *DO NOT* enter the red marker.

Whichever way the Camper lands, start shooting it to your airstrip. The cool
part is that your wanted level is frozen at this time, and to top it all off,
no traffic will spawn during this time. Upon arriving, blast it into the
garage. Then, using your suicide item, kill yourself. You will obviously fail
the mission.

When you respawn outside the hospital next to Las Venturas Airport, you will
be able to enter vehicles again. "Borrow" any vehicle you want and drive to
Verdant Meadows to check out your new ride. Save the game!

Note from srg: Be sure that if the Mothership was not destroyed, that you
position it sideways inside the garage. Otherwise, the Truth will literally
drive out of the garage when you kill yourself.

Method two
As an alternative method, you can head to any of the cranes, preferably the
Quarry one. Now, head to Caligula's Casino, and use a slot machine. Or even
better - HolyGrenadeFrenzy says to use a vending machine in Fort Carson. Either
way, your ability to enter vehicles will be restored for some reason. Now you 
use a car to push the Mothership to a garage. You could even go back to Area 69
to grab a Rhino if you want - your wanted level is still frozen.

Method three (from imut knight)
You can also get rid of the jetpack by standing near a boat and pressing the
button to start driving it. You'll be freed from the jetpack, and it will still
be available for use - except you'll be able to get on and off normally.
However, the one who sent this in said he only got this to work once. It's
worth a shot, though.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.10: Black Maverick         (Inderdiction)

STATUS CHECK: Before Las Venturas

Las Venturas has a small amount of unique vehicles, but they're all good ones.
As with San Fierro, you should shuffle some cars around now that you have more
space. Here is what I had before and after I shuffled cars around.

Ganton:            BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, BP/FP Tahoma
El Corona:         BP/FP/EP Savanna, BP Tanker
Santa Maria Beach: Chrome Yellow Burrito, FP/EP/DP Rancher
Mulholland:        BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600
Dillimore:         BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000, BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre
Palimino Creek:    BP/FP/EP Elegy, BP/FP/EP Fortune
Doherty:           Nothing
Hashbury:          BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler, BP/FP/EP/DP Merit, Black Stretch
Calton Heights:    BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral, FP/CP Rumpo
Paradiso:          Light Blue Pony, BP/FP/EP/DP FCR-900
Fort Carson:       BP/FP/EP Patriot, Green Pizzaboy
Verdant Meadows:   BP/FP/EP/DP Camper
Hangar:            Nothing

Ganton:            BP/FP Tahoma
El Corona:         BP/FP/EP Savanna, BP Tanker
Santa Maria Beach: Chrome Yellow Burrito, FP/EP/DP Rancher
Mulholland:        BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600
Dillimore:         BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000, BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre
Palimino Creek:    BP/FP/EP Elegy, BP/FP/EP Fortune
Doherty:           Nothing
Hashbury:          BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler, BP/FP/EP/DP Merit
Calton Heights:    FP/CP Rumpo
Paradiso:          Light Blue Pony
Fort Carson:       BP/FP/EP Patriot
Verdant Meadows:   BP/FP/EP/DP Camper
Hangar:            Nothing
Whitewood Estates: BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral
Prickle Pine:      Black Stretch
Redsands West:     BP/FP/EP/DP FCR-900
Rockshore West:    Green Pizzaboy

Be forewarned! Every garage in Las Venturas except for Prickle Pine is the same
as the Mulholland and Dillimore garages! In other words, you can store two cars
in them, but you won't be able to get either out without pushing them out! The
BP Forklift, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600, BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, FP/EP/DP BF-400,
BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000, BP/FP/EP/DP FCR-900 and Green Pizzaboy will all fit in
these garages with a car. If you have these unique vehicles on you, be sure to
put them in these garages as to keep as much room as possible.

NOTE: You need a Tractor for this next one. A Tow Truck won't work.

NOTE: You can actually invert the order of the next two. The problem is that
      you need to pass the mission if you want to easily obtain said vehicles.
      So for the other one, you'll have to fail it, and that isn't exactly a
      walk in the park.

5.44: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Buffalo
Location:   Las Venturas                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Misappropiation               Resource F:      ***
Character:  Tenpenny

When you follow the target in the helicopter, you end up in a multi-story car
park. Thanks to LolyPop1313M for confirming this one, Veesmack for saying you
need to use a Tractor, gta3master2987 for telling me you need to get this one
first as opposed to getting the Maverick first, and aftica for a method.
X_XMafiAX_X discovered an easier method for this.

You need to fail the mission somehow if you wish to get both this and the next 
one, because the Buffalo is not mobile until the mission ends.

Method one (from X_XMafiAX_X)
First off, get a Tractor. Stick it into the Prickle Pine garage.

Begin the mission and travel to the target's location. Do not use an airplane
or helicopter, or you will be spotted and will have to start over. Sneak over
to the target's Maverick and stick a couple of remote explosives on it. At this
point, the target and his protection will be alerted of your presence. Hop in
the other Maverick there and fly to the Prickle Pine garage.

Upon arriving, hop in your Tractor and get to the multi-story car park. Go up
until you reach the Buffalos. Get out and examine them both. One of them will
be immobile, and may have its wheels spinning. In any case, detonate the
explosives. Hopefully, you'll earn two stars and will fail the mission. Hook
up the Buffalo to your Tractor. Then, tow it to a garage. If the cops get in
your way, grab a police bribe or go to a Pay and Spray.

Method two (from aftica)
Make sure you have a Heat-Seeking RPG before starting this mission. Store a
Tractor in the Prickle Pine garage. Now, grab a helicopter or some air vehicle
that is fast and put it in your hangar. A Hydra works. Now, begin the mission
and get your air vehicle. Fly around the target to get his attention, then haul
ass to Prickle Pine and get the Tractor. Get to the parking garage where he is
going to, get on top of the roof, get your Tractor ready to tow the Buffalo,
and wait. Wait for the chopper to appear. Now unleash a fury of rockets into
the helicopter. It will explode and you will earn two stars. Wait until you get
a "Mission Failed" for destroying the dossier in the explosion. Head back to
the Tractor and tow the now-mobile Buffalo to a garage. You can use a Pay and
Spray if the cops are interfering too much, or just grab some Police Bribes.

NOTE: Shoot the chopper from the same floor the Buffalo is on, or the tractor
      may vanish.

Method three (from DSC)
Or, earn the helicopter below first. Use method two or method three with that,
as not to pass the mission. Go through the process of getting your tractor as
normal. But when the target shows up, simply wait. When he comes down the
stairs, cap him. Pick up the dossier to complete the mission, and tow the
Buffalo to a garage.

NOTE: Get a tow truck.

5.45: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Maverick
Location:   Las Venturas                Difficulty:      ***½ OR ****
Mission:    Misappropriation            Resource F:      ***  OR ****
Character:  Tenpenny

A helicopter. Entertaining to fly around with four or more stars, as the
Hydras can't do anything to you. It's a shame that you have no way to attack
them back, though. You can also take several missile hits at Area 69 or the
Naval base, and still continue flying.

Method one
This is the Maverick that the target is supposed to fly. It's located on a
rock right next to the one you're supposed to take. Screw it up once so that
you know where it is. On your second time through, get a good, fast car (or
the Tow Truck) and drive quickly to where that Maverick is. The target will
come right over. Blow his head off. Take out the FBI guys as well. Pick up
the dossier. Now it's as simple as pushing or towing the (locked) helicopter to
your garage.

Method two (from aftica)
Be sure you have an M4, and a Tow Truck at your airstrip. Save at Prickle Pine
and arrive at the target's location at night. Begin the mission, and use any
vehicle you wish to get to the location. When you see the FBI Rancher, get out
and use stealth to reach the helicopter you are supposed fly. Fire a shot to
get their attention, and when the target goes for the helicopter, shoot at him.
For some reason, he stops.

You are now, as aftica told me, "the pied piper." Get in your chopper, and
everyone will follow you. Lead them down the cliff on the west, south along the
road, and across the bridge. Check the map, and "lead them to the middle of the
big green area," to the east of the road. Fly to the locked chopper as quickly
as possible. The target will try to follow you, but like anyone not with CJ, he
cannot swim. The dossier can't either. You'll fail the mission. Now just push
the Maverick to your hangar.

Want to use the tow truck? Lead the target across the bridge to the north
instead. When he is safely across, fly to the airstrip. Fetch your Tow Truck.
Now, get the target to "a point on the road east of that bridge you lead him
across." Now, DRIVE. Haul ass back to the chopper before the target dives into
the water. Once you've failed the mission, tow it to the hangar.

Method three
An alternate method comes from srg, that involves suicide. Follow the steps for
Method Two up to the point where you get into your helicopter. Instead of
playing pied piper, head on over to your Verdant Meadows Garage. Do *NOT* use
the hangar. Now, maneouvre your helicopter into the garage. After that, get out
of the chopper. Set the ground ablaze using Motolov Cocktails or a
flamethrower. Make CJ run into the flames, and enter the car. Like with the
BP/FP/EP/DP Merit, it will catch on fire. This time, however, stay inside the
vehicle. When it explodes, you'll be wasted. You'll wake up at the hospital,
but on the bright side, when you go back to your Verdant Meadows garage, the
Maverick will be waiting for you, BP/FP/EP/DP.

NOTE: This is the second in a pair of half-ISVs. The difficulty in these two is
      about even, so both are listed in the main section.

5.46: Bulletproof/Meleeproof Walton
Location:   Las Venturas                  Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Madd Dogg                     Resource F:      *
Character:  Madd Dogg

A nice break from those last three pains in the ass to obtain. The car you use
to catch Madd Dogg in this mission. Got the glitch where he jumps before you
can even do anything? Then just take it anyway. This is also immune to damage
from melee weapons.

Method one
Simply complete the mission. It'll stay Bulletproof when you save it.

Method two
If you have the glitch where Madd Dogg jumps before you can even take two
steps, just go on over to the Walton and take it to your garage anyway. To
fix the glitch, try doing some random crap. Do Taxi Missions, Pool, etc. If
you're wondering, this comes about as a result of using the "Peds Riot" cheats.

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.11: Light Green Packer (Cop Wheels)

STATUS CHECK: Before Los Santos II

You should have about 36 or so spaces to store cars, if you take garages eating
cars into account. You should have plenty of room for the upcoming vehicles,
considering you didn't get almost every one. If you did that (god forbid), your
garages will be on near-fumes. You're back in LS now, so you might want to
shuffle some of the cars you already have stored to your vacant garages. Here's
what I had in my garages after that was said and done.

Ganton:            BP/FP Tahoma
El Corona:         BP Tanker
Santa Maria Beach: Nothing
Mulholland:        BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600
Dillimore:         BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000, BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre
Palimino Creek:    BP/FP/EP Elegy, BP/FP/EP Fortune
Doherty:           Nothing
Hashbury:          BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler, BP/FP/EP/DP Merit
Calton Heights:    FP/CP Rumpo, Berkley's RC Van
Paradiso:          BP/FP/EP/DP Camper
Fort Carson:       BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral, FP/EP/DP Rancher
Verdant Meadows:   BP/FP/EP Patriot
Hangar:            BP/FP/EP/DP Maverick, Chrome Yellow Burrito
Whitewood Estates: BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, BP Walton
Prickle Pine:      BP/FP/EP/DP Buffalo, Black Stretch
Redsands West:     BP/FP/EP/DP FCR-900, Light Blue Pony
Rockshore West:    BP/FP/EP Savanna, Green Pizzaboy

There's still quite a bit more to go, so even you latecomers will have some
special vehicles to obtain.

Oh yeah. After the mission "Vertical Bird", it's time for the Bulletproofs to
show you their true power. During the mission "Home Coming", go to your Ganton
garage and take one of the Bulletproof cars out of it. One of those BP/FP
vehicles you may have obtained from the "House Party" mission early on will do
perfectly. Run over all the crack dealers, get out of your car and shoot three
Ballas to start the gang war. Instead, hop back into your Bulletproof, being
sure that you allow Sweet to get in with you. Run over every Balla that shows
up. Once the mission is complete, your Bulletproof will be sitting there,
waiting for you to come back to it. Get in it and take it back to the garage.
But don't use a Bulletproof on the "Beat Down on B Dup" mission. Why? You'll
see after finishing up with CJ's missions and getting two more Bulletproofs
(and maybe a UCV). The first of which is the...

5.47: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Vortex
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Cut Throat Business            Resource F:      ***
Character:  CJ

LolyPop1313M submitted this, aftica confirmed. This is also the only
Bulletproof vehicle that can go on water (without cheats), although it is
considered a helicopter in the game data (and a car in the "distance travelled
by..." stats).

Method one
Get in the nearby BF Injection when the mission starts and drive over to Loc's
video shoot. When you get there, don't go past the last tree. Get out of the BF
Injection and kill Madd Dogg to fail the mission. Now, go to where the Vortexes
are. Take either of the three to a garage. One of them is the one Loc uses.
That one is black and white. The two that are plain white are the ones you and
Madd Dogg use. If you want, you can obtain them both, because both color
schemes are unique.

NOTE: It's time for a real bitch of a bulletproof to obtain. Get these weapons

- A flamethrower
- Remote explosives
- A sawn-off shotgun

5.48: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Newsvan
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Cut Throat Business            Resource F:      ****½
Character:  CJ

NOW YOU WILL FEEL TRUE PAIN!!! This is also a special white color. It's one of
the most annoying unique vehicles to obtain, if not, the most annoying. srg
found this vehicle, I suggested a method to obtain it legit, he confirmed my

Method one
First, begin the mission and attach some Satchels to Madd Dogg. Now, leave Madd
Dogg behind at the mansion and drive over to the video shoot. Get over to the
Newsvan. This is where the flamethrower comes into play. Set the ground on fire
and run into the flames. Get into the Newsvan whilst you are ablaze. It'll
catch on fire shortly after doing so, so get the hell out of there. Once it
explodes, detonate the Remote Explosives. You will fail the mission for killing
Madd Dogg. Now, use the Sawn-Off Shotgun to push the Newsvan to the Santa Maria
Beach garage (pushing with the Rhino doesn't work).

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.12: Red and Black BF Injection (Cut Throat Business)

5.49: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Infernus
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Beat Down on B Dup             Resource F:      ***
Character:  Sweet

This is just like the BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel. aftica found this out. This used to
be something you could only get with cheats, but HolyGrenadeFrenzy persistantly
tried to find a way to get it without them. And he succeeded. This is why you
shouldn't use another Bulletproof on this mission. Feel free to use one on
"Grove 4 Life." In fact, with that mission, you could take over ALL the
territory in Idlewood if you'd like. And why not?

Method one (from HolyGrenadeFrenzy)
When the scene with B-Dup at the end of the mission starts, start holding down
the run or gas button on your controls. When the final cutscene happens, press
the carjack button while still holding the run/gas button. As you get into the
vehicle, line Sweet up with the back end, let go of the gas and hit reverse.
Hopefully, you'll run him over, killing him. Turn left widely on about a 33 to
40 degree angle, and keep going back. If you did this right, you'll fail the
mission for killing Bear, and you'll have droven the Infernus into the Glen
Park pond. You'll likely have to swim under it in order to push it out far
enough to drive.

If you did it wrong, you'll either complete the mission and not get the
Infernus, or get wasted when the vehicle is deleted from the game while you're
inside it.

For more information, see the topic on it at GTAForums.

Method two (with cheats)
Begin the mission as normal and do the gang war. When you reach B Dup's house,
kill all the Ballas there, but DO NOT go inside yet. See the parked Infernus?
Blow it up with a quick shot to the gas tank. Now, go inside B Dup's and watch
the cutscene. During the next scene where CJ and Sweet are talking, enter the
blow up all cars cheat. Now, what happens next is very bizarre. You fail the
mission because Bear died, but look at what happened to Sweet! He has
transformed into a Jersey Grove Street Famiies member, and is freaking out for
no apparent reason. Ignore him and spawn a Rhino. The vehicle Bear was in was
is the one you are after - it isn't then one you destroyed earlier oddly
enough. Use the Rhino to push the destroyed Infernus to a garage. Note that if
you did not destroy the parked Infernus, you will be killed when you enter the
blow up all cars cheat.

NOTE: Free up space in your El Corona Garage. If your Bulletproof Tanker is
      still there, you can move it now that you have some bigger garages. Put
      your old friend the Tow Truck in there; it'll help you out for the next

UCV ALERT!!! - 6.13: The Mothership (Riot)

5.50: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Glendale
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      **
Mission:    Los Desperados                 Resource F:      ***
Character:  Sweet

Just because these are the final missions doesn't mean there's a shortage of
special cars to obtain at the last minute. There's not much else to say
about this one. Thanks to Veesmack for reminding me about this car (It was
actually there, but I hadn't given it a description).

Method one
Work your way through all the Vagos until one of the Aztecas blows up a car
using their rocket launcher. At that point, run off and fetch your Tow Truck.
Kill Cesar and the Aztecas (you needn't kill your GSFs) and tow the Glendale
to your garage.

Method two (from Veesmack)
Veesmack says you could also shoot it to your garage using only Sawn-off
Shotgun blasts. Very hard to pull off, however. Alternatively, you can simply
use the shotgun blasts as a method of repositioning the Glendale for easier

5.51: Bulletproof/Fireproof S.W.A.T.
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      **½
Mission:    End of the Line                Resource F:      ***
Character:  Sweet

The last mission in the game features this unique vehicle, also known as the
SWAT Tank. Note that it is seen twice, but you can only take the first one in
the mission. It's not as big as the Rhino and most certainly can't blow up
cars on contact. However, it has a water turret that's fun to screw around
with, and is also Bulletproof (and Fireproof, too). You can also do Vigilante
with this thing, but the lack of an ability to do a drive-by kind of screws it

In case you want to know, the second SWAT Tank is seen in the crack palace. You
can't get it out of there, however.

Method one
Drive over to the crack palace as normal, arm your weapon, and head over to the
SWAT Tank. Some Ballas will be having a gunfight with some cops. Kill them all.
Take the SWAT Tank and ram into the wall as normal. Don't worry about the
Ballas shooting at you: The SWAT Tank is Bulletproof. Once you do so, it's as
simple as parking it in a garage and destroying the SWAT Tank any way you can.
The easiest way is with Grenades or Satchel charges.

Method two
Alternatively, you could take the SWAT Tank over to water and dunk it inside.
You'll fail the mission for destroying the SWAT Tank, and you may drive it
out of the water and to your garage.

NOTE: Get a Sawn-Off Shotgun! Better yet, make it two, as being able to
      duel-wield them will help tremendously with the next one.

5.52: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Greenwood
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      *****
Mission:    End of the Line                Resource F:      *****
Character:  Sweet

It's back, and better than ever. However, this is a tricky little son of a
bitch to obtain - it's one of the hardest thanks to having to shoot it to
a garage instead of being able to push it. The ongoing riots don't help
the sitation much either. Lancet Jades found a way to obtain this without
cheats, srg confirmed it.

Method one
This is a pain in the ass. First, when you begin the mission, pay a visit to
the bomb shop in Los Santos while still in the car. Now, drive over to the
crack palace. Just before you enter the marker, activate the bomb. Quickly
drive into the marker after doing so. Quickly skip the cutscene and get the
hell out of there. It'll explode, causing you to fail the mission. Now, whip
out your Sawn-Off Shotgun, and proceed to shoot the car to a garage.

Due to the rioters, you should recruit some GSFs to serve as meat shields and
bodyguards. Keep your wanted level as low as possible. It helps to have taken
over the territory on the path to your Ganton garage, preferably all of the
territory in Los Santos (and any loose ones that happened to spawn, typically
from the "Saint Mark's Bistro" mission). Ignore the cops and let your homies
take care of them. As long as you don't kill any cops, your wanted level will
not be aggrivated. If a rioter is attacking you and there are no GSFs nearby,
then feel free to kill them, but don't press your luck any more than you have
to (ie: use your fists or a melee weapon).

Keep shooting the car until you reach Ganton. You can actually shoot it over
the bridge down onto Grove Street, as a section of it will collapse. Drop down
with it, shoot it over to the garage, and get it in there. Phew!

NOTE: The loose territories from the "Saint Mark's Bistro" mission. When doing
      that mission, check the gang stats before setting off in the plane, and
      check them just before you arrive. The number of territories owned by one
      of the gangs (almost always the Vagos) will have gone up. 

5.53: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Feltzer
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      ****
Mission:    End of the Line                Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Sweet

This car you drive in the last third of the mission. This is why you were able
to speed through those Motolov Cocktails that Vagos gang members were throwing
without any trouble. aftica submitted this, Stan L. confirmed. mafia_541
submitted an easier method you can use to obtain it. 

Method one
During the second part of the mission when you are chasing Tenpenny, wait until
he drives past Glen Park. At that point, make a quick right and head straight
for the pond in the park. You'll want to be in deep enough so that the game
thinks the car is destroyed, but shallow enough so that you can back out of the
water. Don't worry too much about it though, as there is a lot of leeway.
You'll fail the mission once you are deep enough in. At that point, simply back
out of the water and drive to a garage.

Method two
If that fails, try using blow up all cars. If you fail because you destroyed
the car, as opposed to losing the firetruck, you're good to go. Now all you
have to do is to push it to a garage of your choice, considering you didn't
blow Carl up in the explosion as well.

5.54: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Firetruck II
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      *****
Mission:    End of the Line                Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Sweet

Sheer insanity allowed one Rustlerr2010 to obtain Tenpenny's indestructable
ladder truck. The final bulletproof vehicle in the game, and perhaps fittingly,
one of the most difficult.

If you're stuck, look at this GTAForums topic for more information:

Method one
First off, complete the mission up until the chase portion so you will return
to that point for any future tries. You'll also need a parachute.

As Tenpenny crosses over the bridge into the Idlewood area, turn right and head
west as he makes a left. Turn left at the end of the road, then turn until the
bomb shop. Back out as soon as the bomb is in and follow the road south and
then east. Go over the tracks and catch up to Tenpenny.

If you made it, your next objective is to arm the bomb 6-8 seconds before
catching Sweet, and jump out of the car before it explodes. Wait until Tenpenny
drives onto the freeway. Follow at full speed, and Sweet's grip meter should
appear near the East Beach area. Arm the bomb and catch him near the
intersection where the road runs south near the stadium. As soon as Sweet
lands, bail out. The vehicle must explode before he formally climbs into the

If you've managed this all, then the rest is thankfully straightforward. The
mission will not fail, and Tenpenny will have stopped just out of view. Up the
road, he'll simply be sitting in the locked firetruck - although the passenger
door will be open. Enter and drive it to a garage. Climb on top after arriving
and stomp on it while wearing your parachute. Once it explodes, kill yourself
while the garage door is open to fail the mission, and return to confirm it has
been stored. Phew!

STATUS CHECK: After Storyline Missions
Congratulations! You've completed the game, and now have a wide array of special
vehicles that you can use for fooling around whenever you desire, modding, or
anything else you want. Here's what I had in my garages after it was all over.

Ganton:            BP/FP Tahoma, BP/FP/EP/DP Feltzer
El Corona:         BP Tanker, BP/FP/EP/DP Glendale, Light Blue Pony
Santa Maria Beach: BP/FP/EP/DP Newsvan, BP/FP/EP/DP Vortex
Mulholland:        BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa, BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600
Dillimore:         BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000, BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre
Palimino Creek:    BP/FP/EP Elegy, BP/FP/EP Fortune
Doherty:           Nothing
Hashbury:          BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler, BP/FP/EP/DP Merit
Calton Heights:    FP/CP Rumpo
Paradiso:          BP/FP/EP/DP Camper
Fort Carson:       BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral, FP/EP/DP Rancher
Verdant Meadows:   BP/FP/EP Patriot, BP/FP/EP/DP Greenwood
Hangar:            BP/FP/EP/DP Maverick, Chrome Yellow Burrito
Whitewood Estates: BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez, BP Walton
Prickle Pine:      BP/FP/EP/DP Buffalo, Black Stretch
Redsands West:     BP/FP/EP/DP FCR-900, BP/FP S.W.A.T.
Rockshore West:    BP/FP/EP Savanna, Green Pizzaboy

6: Uniquely Colored Vehicles: UCVs

This section is dedicated to those unique vehicles that have unique colors to
them, but lack any other special qualities. Created because srg (among others)
have been discovering that certain mission vehicles possess colors not normally
obtainable in Pay and Sprays. Most of these aren't moddable through Transfender
or other mod shops either, and those that are still can't obtain the specific
colors found in the mission.

It goes without saying that using a Pay and Spray on any of these vehicles is a
bad idea.

NOTE: Ones such as the BP/FP/EP/DP Newsvan with unique colors and proofings
will not be listed here. I consider a UCV to be a vehicle that ONLY has looks
to offer, no proofings.

6.01: Black Perennial
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      **
Mission:    Big Smoke                   Resource F:      ***½
Character:  CJ

Kind of a waste of time at this stage of the game, although cheats can be
used to make this easier.

Method one
After the cutscene of the Ballas destroying Smoke's car, kill them with a
weapon (find one), and push the Perennial to a garage.

Method two
Alternatively, enter the blow up all cars cheat during the cutscene where
Carl and Smoke are walking from CJ's house to the Perennial. You'll fail the
mission for destroying Smoke's car, and he will walk off. You can recruit him
with cheats if you wish. At the price of using cheats, you'll have a
significantly shorter distance to move the Perennial.

6.02: Mesa with Dark Green Roof
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Robbing Uncle Sam           Resource F:      ***
Character:  Ryder

Most of the time, the soldier in a cutscene will arrive in a Mesa without a
roof. But on rare occasions, he will show up driving a Mesa with a dark green
roof. You can't normally change the color of a Mesa's roof, so...

Method one
Brute force this one until it shows up with the dark green roof. When it does,
kill Ryder to fail the mission and take it to a garage.

6.03: Pony w/Off-road wheels
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      **
Mission:    Life's a Beach              Resource F:      *
Character:  OG Loc

Well...technically, this doesn't have a unique color. But we usually call them
Bulletproof cars, instead of BP/FP/EP/DP cars. "UCV" can be applied to cars
with other unique features as well. In this case, this Pony has Off-Road Tires.
This thing is the van you are supposed to dance for, steal, and drive to a
garage because of its sound system (which, ironically, every Pony has in the
back). You can't mod a Pony, so you can't normally get one with Off-Road Tires.

Method one
Start the mission and do the dancing as normal. When prompted to get in the
Pony, do so. Instead of driving off, back into the water. You'll want to go in
deep enough to make the game think you've destroyed the Pony, but shallow
enough so that you can still drive out. Afterwards, take the Pony to one of your
garages. It'll keep the off-road wheels when saved.

Method two
Alternatively, X_XMafiAX_X says you don't need to waste time dancing. Recruit a
GSF, and attempt to enter the Pony. Although you won't be able to, your gang
member will magically open the door. Quickly shoot his head off, and you will
fail the mission for ruining the party (regardless of what weapon you used).
The dead GSF will fall out of the car. You can now get in and drive it to a

6.04: Khaki Brown Camper
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Jizzy                       Resource F:      *
Character:  Loco Syndicate

srg says this is the ho's Camper, parked nearby after you have to rescue her.

Method one
Simply get up to the point where you have to rescue the ho from some attacking
men. Kill her to fail the mission and take the Camper for yourself.

6.05: Chrome Yellow Burrito
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Mike Toreno                 Resource F:      ***
Character:  Loco Syndicate

The Burrito in this mission has a unique chrome yellow color...thanks to srg.

Method one
First off, get a Tow Truck and a sniper rifle. Take them with you to the
mission's starting point. Park the Tow Truck off to the side somewhere. Now,
start the mission, and hop in the car as per your directions, but immediately
get out and get in the Tow Truck. Allow T-Bone to do the same. Now, drive to the
Airport as usual.

When you arrive, approach the location where the Burrito is slowly. When it is
in sight, get out and snipe the two motorcyclists. Get back in your Tow Truck
and move in to start the chase. Follow them at a distance. They will eventually
stop in the middle of the airport. Get close to them, but not close enough to
make them get out. Get out of the Tow Truck, and walk toward the Burrito. Some
gang members will emerge from it. Kill two of them, and walk over to your Tow
Truck's door, camera facing the Burrito. Shoot T-Bone in the head to fail the
mission, kill any remaining gang members, and tow the Burrito to a garage.

Method two (from Lancet Jades)
Get a sniper rifle, and motorcycle if you can. When you reach the point in the
mission where you are in the airport looking for the van, approach it carefully.
Get close to it, but not close enough to trigger the chase. Snipe the
motorcyclists, start the chase.

As soon as it begins, kill T-Bone by shooting him in the head. Now, chase after
the Burrito, but don't shoot it. Get in front of it, but don't just swerve right
in front of it. Get ahead of it, so it will eventually catch up. It will stop
before you, and everyone but the driver will get out. Hit the van a couple of
times with a melee weapon to lure out the driver. Kill him, and use the melee
weapon on the door. Normally, locked doors don't come off when struck, but for
whatever reason, it will work this time. Just hop in and take it to a garage.

6.06: Stretch w/black bottom half
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      *½
Mission:    Ice Cold Killa              Resource F:      **
Character:  Triads

The stretch you use to pursue Jizzy in the mission is black, but it's not
exactly normal. When painted at Transfender, its bottom half remains black.
All other Stretches, barring one in another mission that's more difficult to
obtain, have white bottom halves.

Method one
Proceed through the mission as normal until you enter the Pleasure Domes. Once
you have reached the main floor, snipe Jizzy. You'll fail the mission and be
transported out of the Pleasure Domes, where the Stretches will be waiting for
you. Hop in one and take it to a garage.

Method two
Complete the mission, and it'll keep its special quality. Not a good idea
though, because there's another unique vehicle in the mission that you are
likely to miss.

6.07: Green Pizzaboy
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      **
Mission:    Ice Cold Killa              Resource F:      **
Character:  Triads

If you destroy Jizzy's Broadway before you enter the Pleasure Domes, the
cutscene of Jizzy escaping will change. Instead, he'll steal a green Pizzaboy.
Be sure not to use a Pay and Spray on it, or it'll revert to its ordinary red
color! Thanks to LolyPop1313M for telling me about this, and MrHurcules for

Method one
When you start the mission, steal any car. When you reach the Pleasure Domes,
don't let off the gas. Plow right into the security guards to kill them. This
will keep them from interfering with what you are about to do. Look to the
right. You'll see Jizzy's Broadway parked there, beside one of the two
Stretches mentioned above. Pull out a weapon and shoot the Broadway until it
explodes. Now simply enter the Pleasure Domes through the roof and work your
way to Jizzy.

Note that you simply cannot ditch the vehicle in the water. It's worth trying
for amusement's sake, however: you'll see Jizzy walking to where his Broadway
would be for a second, after which you'll suddenly fail the mission for
destroying the phone.

However, since you destroyed the Broadway, the cutscene shown when you exit the
Pleasure Domes will be a different one. Instead, it'll show a Pizza Stack guy
sitting on a Pizzaboy. Jizzy will run onto the screen and steal it. However,
this Pizzaboy is green. One part of the bike and the pizza box are still red
and yellow.

Anyhow, steal a nearby vehicle, preferably one of the Stretches, and pursue
Jizzy. Knock him off the bike by ramming it, and park on top of him a couple of
times. Pick up the phone and you'll complete the mission. Now simply get on the
Pizzaboy and take it to a garage. 

Method two
If you want to obtain this and the Stretch with the permanent black bottom half
at the same time, follow the steps above. However, after picking up the phone,
use the Stretch to push the Pizzaboy to a garage.

6.08: Light Blue Pony
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Toreno's Last Flight        Resource F:      *
Character:  Triads

srg found this. It's parked just inside the police impound.

Method one
Fail the mission by allowing the helicopter to escape and take it to a garage.

Method two
If you have a heat-seeking RPG, you can try this stylish method that doesn't
involve failure instead. Go through the mission as normal until you reach the
helipad. Once you do, run up there, lock onto the chopper, and shoot it down.
Approach the rocket launcher icon if you haven't already to allow the mission to
pass, then steal the Pony and take it to a garage.

6.09: Berkley's RC Van
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      **
Mission:    Beefy Baron                 Resource F:      **
Character:  [Zero]

While not a UCV in the literal sense, it is a unique vehicle, and doesn't
really fit anywhere else in the guide. The vehicles you have to destroy in the
infamous "Supply Lines" mission as well as its lesser, completely optional
counterpart, "Beefy Baron", can be obtained for yourself.

Method one
When you begin the mission, drive the Baron outside and park it on the road in
front of the RC shop to block the flow of traffic. Wait. Eventually, several RC
Vans will pile up in front of your plane. When you feel there are enough there,
detonate the Baron AWAY from the vans to end the mission. When you regain
control of Carl, make a mad dash for the door. When you get outside, quickly
check around to see if there are any RC Vans still present. If so, chase it down
and steal it. Take it to a garage.

NOTE: This is obtainable at any time after you have completed Zero's set of
      missions. There's no need to rush in obtaining it. In fact - it's
      better not to obtain it so soon. That way, you'll have more room for
      other unique vehicles as you advance through San Fierro's missions.

6.10: Black Maverick
Location:   The Desert                    Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Interdiction                  Resource F:      ***
Character:  Toreno

In the Interdiction mission, you are tailed by several Mavericks that are
colored a secret agent style black. If that's your cup of tea, then this is the
vehicle for you! Or if you just want a UCV that's tough to obtain.

Method one (from jnsg and zmoonchild)
Make sure you have a Tow Truck and Minigun before starting this mission. When
you're told to take the Rocket Launcher, ignore it and start blasting with your
Minigun a little. Be careful not to destroy it. If all goes well, they'll land,
but you'll get no response if you try to jack it. So what can you do...?

Use the Tow Truck! The secret agents, even the ones on the railing, will just
stare at you as you hook it up to your vehicle. So don't worry about being shot
at - just tow it to a garage. The Leviathan will be destroyed, but it doesn't
matter. But if it does matter for whatever reason, or if the others are being a
nuisence, just finish off the other Mavericks before setting off.

6.11: Light Green Packer
Location:   Las Venturas                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Cop Wheels                    Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Woozie

srg found this, aftica confirmed...like the previous one, this isn't your
average walk in the park to grab, but it isn't too hard either.

Method one
Leave a Tow Truck in a garage. Now, start the mission. Steal a bike, and drive
over to the garage with your Tow Truck. Back it out of there and attach
Satchels to the HPV1000. Do not get any on your Tow Truck. Now, drive to a spot
up the road that the Packer will be arriving at shortly. Get out of your Tow
Truck. When the Packer is in your sights, wait a little longer. The draw
distance for it is increased for this mission, and if you fail it now, it'll
vanish right before your eyes. So wait until you're certain it is in the
"normal" draw distance range, and detonate the remote explosives to fail the

Quickly get into your Tow Truck and chase it down. Hook up and tow it to the
Verdant Meadows hangar. After getting it in there, do whatever you'd like with
your Tow Truck, save the game, and put your Packer someplace better.

Method two (from srg)
When the mission begins, steal one of the HPV1000s to trace the location of the
Packer. Now, go get a Tow Truck and follow the packer until time runs out.
After failing, simply tow it away to a garage.

6.12: Red and Black BF Injection
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      *
Mission:    Cut Throat Business            Resource F:      *
Character:  CJ

The BF Infection you ride with Madd Dogg over to Loc's video shoot has a color
scheme not found in Pay and Sprays. 

Method one
Just drive it to a garage when the mission starts. Kill Madd Dogg if you wish.

6.13: Camper (The Mothership)
Location:   Los Santos II                  Difficulty:      **½
Mission:    Riot                           Resource F:      *½
Character:  CJ

If you missed getting this hippie colored Camper earlier due to lack of
garage space, now's the time to get it. Also, if you somehow screwed up your
Explosionproof or BP/FP/EP/DP Mothership's paintjob, you can get another look
at it here.

Method one
When you get in Sweet's Greenwood, you should notice the cars of some of your
friends parked there. Exit the Greenwood and shoot Sweet through the windows.
You'll fail the mission. Now simply take the Mothership to your garage.

7: Identical Special Vehicles (ISVs)

A identical Special Vehicle is another member of the unique car family. In
this case, it is a bulletproof with the exact same qualities as another, found
in another mission. In order for it to be considered an ISV, it must be
significantly harder to obtain than the first one, or have some other factor
that makes it useless to get because you can get the same thing for a better
price in another mission.

Consider these to be your backup and "I'm impatient" vehicles. In the latter
case, you can get these as soon as they are available, but it isn't
recommended. In the case of the former, if one of your cars is eaten by a
garage, you can use the ISV version to back yourself up. 

Another possible application to these is getting them later when you have more
garage room, instead of getting them right away.

7.01: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sabre
Location:   Los Santos                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    The Green Sabre             Resource F:      ***
Character:  Sweet

Similar to the Sentinel in the same mission.

Method one
As with the BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel, you have to get to the gunfight between the
GSFs and the Ballas. These ones are used by the Ballas for cover. Again, get an
SMG, don't enter the red circle near Sweet, and shoot the Sabre of your choice
until it spews black smoke. Then get in, wait for Sweet to die, and take it to
a garage.

Method two
And if that doesn't work for you because Sweet dies before the vehicle spits out
smoke, you can go into the circle instead so his health will stop going down.
Follow the same process, and kill yourself after it's in the garage.

7.02: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sanchez
Location:   Countryside                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Badlands                     Resource F:      *½
Character:  Tenpenny

srg submitted this. This method is not unlike the same method used for the
first Sanchez of this type, but there is no easy way to do it.

Method one
Start the mission and work your way up the mountain. When you approach the
cabin where the witness is hiding, you should see the Sanchez parked on the
right side of the house (from your point of view). Alert the feds, hop on the
bike, and follow the witness down the mountain. When you get onto the road,
head over to the beach and take a dip in the water. There's a certain point on
the beach "around the bend" where the the water is deep enough to destroy it,
yet flat enough to stop the Sanchez from sliding down. At this point, wait for
the snitch to escape to fail the mission. Push the Sanchez out of the water,
get on, and ride it to a garage.

7.03: Stretch w/black bottom half
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      ***½
Mission:    Jizzy                       Resource F:      ***½
Character:  Loco Syndicate

Considerably harder than the Ice Cold Killa version, this one has a white top
(you can change it, though) and is driven by the preacher in the final part of
the mission.

Method one
Do the mission as normal. When you kill the preacher, push or shoot the Stretch
to a garage. Be wary of the Police, as you get a two-star wanted level after
completing the mission.

7.04: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sentinel
Location:   San Fierro                  Difficulty:      *****
Mission:    Mountain Cloud Boys         Resource F:      *****
Character:  Woozie

ARMax King submitted this, srg confirmed, ClaudeCJVercetti submitted a slightly
easier method that you can use to obtain this. This is one of the hardest cars
to obtain in the game, and you need cheats on top of it.

Method one
After you begin the mission, lead Woozie down the alley. Now, kill all of the
Da Nangs, except for one. Now, get in the first, unlocked Sentinel. Drive over
Woozie and park right on top of him. Get out and get the other Sentinel in your
sight. Enter the blow up all cars cheat, and you'll fail the mission for
killing Woozie. 

Now here's where things get tough. Now you have to shoot the Sentinel to a
garage using a shotgun. Pushing with another vehicle does not work. The
infinite ammo and unlimited health cheats come in handy here. Try to ignore the
police if possible, or just use the lock wanted level cheat.

7.05: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Buffalo
Location:   Las Venturas                Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    High Noon                   Resource F:      ****
Character:  Tenpenny

This car is Pulaski's car. Thanks to SHADE4195.

Method one
Start the mission and watch the cutscenes. Shortly after the second cutscene
begins, enter the blow up all cars cheat. Pulaski will run off, and the game
will tell you to kill him. Ignore him, spawn a Rhino, and use it to push the
Buffalo to your Verdant Meadows garage (not the hangar, as it eats destroyed
vehicles). When pushing the car away, you'll fail the mission at some point for
getting too far away from Pulaski, but don't pay any attention. Get the car in
there, allow the door to close, and you'll have a BF/FP/EP/DP Buffalo.

7.06: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sentinel (again)
Location:   Las Venturas                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Saint Mark's Bistro           Resource F:      ****
Character:  Salvatore

This is not the car in Liberty City, but the car your buddies drive in at the
beginning of the mission. You need to use cheats in order to obtain this
version of this unique vehicle, but it is thankfully much easier than the other
ISV incarnation.

On another note, I discovered this car myself. Those persistant attempts to try
and discover a new bulletproof paid off. Although it's redundaunt now, the
method used on it led to the discovery of other bulletproofs.

Method one
Begin the mission. Skip or watch the first cutscene so that you get to the
second one. In this one, CJ will be talking to Maccer about the backup, next to
the Sentinel. Now, enter the blow up all cars cheat while they are talking. You
will fail the mission because "the car was destroyed." Now, notice two things.
First, you cannot move. Carl keeps on doing the "gang talking" animation.
Second, Maccer will walk off, completely unharmed. To unfreeze yourself, spawn
a jetpack. If you'd like, you can enter a "recruit anyone" code and recruit
Maccer. You can have an NPC outside of missions. He also seems to be impervious
to damage. Leave that for another time though, focus on the Sentinel for now.
Getting back to it, jack a nearby vehicle and use it to push the destroyed
Sentinel to a garage. Let the door close on the carcass of the Sentinel and
it's yours.

8: Gray Imports: Created FP/EPs

srg discovered this interesting trick. To make any vehicle FP/EP, begin this
mission and drive the vehicle you want into the red marker down by Ocean Docks.
BAM, it is now FP/EP! If you store it and fail the mission, it will retain its

There's a catch. If you proceed through the mission to the point where the
target enters the EP Banshee, your vehicle will lose these properites!
Completion of the mission afterwards will restore the EP property, but not the
FP property.

There are only two downsides to this. The first, and more obvious one, is that
this only works for vehicles you can get access to in Los Santos and the
northern Countryside. This isn't that bad, though, considering just about
everything you could want you can get in those areas. If you're hell-bent and
are willing to cheat, or exploit the Impound Lots, though, you can get just
about anything to the red marker, though.

The second, more subtle, and more important downside is that if you try it with
a vehicle that is bulletproof or damageproof, it will LOSE those properties when
you drive it into the marker. Therefore, don't go thinking you can make one of
the vehicles that "needs" one of those qualities better.

If you insist, though, you can use the dirty method on it to bestowe the
bulletproof quality upon any of these vehicles you create. And at any rate, this
trick is handy for the first three UCVs.

9: Two-Timing Girlfriend BP/FP/EP/DPs

A major thanks to OrionSR for this section.

You know how sometimes, when dating multiple girlfriends, one of them may show
up and catch you when on a date with another? No? Unfortunately, that's because
it's bugged, making getting these vehicles...well, a bit of a difficult task to
put it one way. If you're reading this, you'll probably need to start a new

Well, if you do trigger one, the girlfriend will show up in a BP/FP/EP/DP
version of the car she drives, with the exception of Millie, who will show up
in a BP/FP/EP/DP Feltzer instead of a Club for some unknown reason.

So how do you get one to show up? Well, the requirements are very unusual, and
they have the potential to be permanently disabled, so listen up. If the dates
are not disabled, there is a 50% chance a jealous girlfriend will show up after
you leave/fail to reach the destination, or complete/fail a goal. This happens
seven seconds after the "return home" phase of the date.

Now for how they can be permanently disabled...and here's the atrociously
oversized kicker: by completing a normal date! That's right, you complete any
date normally, and the offer for a potential two-timing girlfriend date is off
the table. FOREVER. 

So do you just not go on any dates, ever? Well, you could. But there are two
other methods to pull it off. First off, if a two-timing date is triggered, you
can avoid disabling these dates. After it's triggered, you can either get
caught (and lose progress with both girls), or take the dated girl home without
getting too far away from the jealous one (around 200 meters), which will give
normal progress with the dated girl and no change in the jealous one. Either
way, you'll still be able to experience a two-timing date.

Alternatively, you can keep the scripts inactive. If you're on a driving date,
or in Denise's case, a drive-by date (where you let her shoot at enemy gang
members, can be done on any date), you can try to end the date near a location
that resets a date, before the check for the jealous girl can be done. These
include Ammu-nations, Gyms, side-missions like Valet and Trucking, and story
missions. You'll still end the date positively and get a progress increase,
though no chance for "coffee". This also allows for another date to occur
instantly, as long as the girl is available in the first place. You can also
try to end the date near the girl's house so you can get to the marker before
the 7-second timer expires. Dates where the check isn't done - namely, dates
where Michelle drives, or Gimp Suit dates with Millie - also work and do not
trigger the checks/disable the scripts.

Oh, and that's not all to get by. Even if you do meet the requirements for a
two-timing date, remember: there's still only a 50% chance that a jealous
girlfriend will show up. If that 50% check is failed, the scripts are disabled.
Fun shit, is it not? But wait! It gets BETTER! Even if she does show up, if you
evade her, the scripts will also be disabled! And last, but not least, the girl
who shows up is randomly (and to some, that's in quotes) selected between all
your active girlfriends. You might see Barbara seven times before you see

So yeah, you're screwed. Extreme planning and caution is required if you want
even a snowball's chance in hell of obtaining these. There are two things you
can do to help, however. First off, if the date fails instantly as a result of
a high wanted level, the scripts won't necessarily get a chance to trigger.

To exploit this, start the date with a high wanted level. The girl will come
out, ask for something like food, but you'll fail instantly due to the high
wanted level. Ordinarily, you'd be parked in the home sphere as soon as it
starts, but if you reverse out of it as soon as you gain control, that won't
happen. You'll still fail and will be prompted to take the girl home, but a
jealous girlfriend may still be triggered. This is mainly useful for getting
the girlfriend cars as early in the game as possible, as well as unlocking
fast food places early on.

Furthermore, if you kill a girlfriend during the phase when you're supposed to
go to your destination, you'll not only keep open the option for a two-timing
date, but you'll also remove the girl from your list, giving those you don't
have the cars of yet a better chance to show up! This is only useful with
Helena, Katie, Michelle, and Barbara, as they can be re-met if you've
collected all the oysters. However, DREVIL919 claims you must kill them after
a jealous girlfriend catches you. Not too big a deal if that's the case.

If by some act of god you manage to pull it off, you can obtain these
special girlfriends' cars to use for yourself.

One final note: when doing these, you'll tend to lose a lot of progress with
girlfriends. You'll lose 2% for every missed call, and 3% for taking a call and
not showing up. Getting caught on a two-timing date gives a loss for both
girls. If you hit -15% with a girl, she'll want to break up with you, although
you may still get the four non-story ones back if you have the oysters. Be 
extra careful if you're playing the original PS2 version as well, as they like
to disappear from your stats if they drop below 15%. The PC version will have
them disappear at around 0%.

For more information, check out this topic at GTAForums:

9.01: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Hustler
Location:   Los Santos                    Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Date                          Resource F:      *****
Character:  Girlfriend

If Denise catches you cheating on her, she'll come in with her BP/FP/EP/DP

Method one
Bring a Tow Truck on your date and pray that you get lucky. If the jealous
girlfriend shows, carefully lead her to the girlfriend your dating's house.
When she's close, enter the reticle. Wait for the girlfriend to speak, then
decline the invitation for coffee (if you don't get it to begin with, you'll
need to wait for her to be even closer).

She'll ignore you after that's over. Still in your Tow Truck, chase her down
and back into her with the tow truck. With any luck, she'll get out and try to
kill him or flee, whereupon you can take it for yourself. If she tries to drive
off, hook it up instead, tow her to a garage, and pin her inside as you allow
the door to shut on both vehicles.

9.02: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Bandito
Location:   The Countryside               Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Date                          Resource F:      *****
Character:  Girlfriend

The unique girlfriend vehicles are pretty cool, but this is probably one of the
coolest. It's this crazy dune racer.

Method one
Take a Tow Truck on your date, trigger a two-timing date, and hope Helena shows
up. If she does, get her to follow you into the end marker for the girlfriend
being dated. Wait until she speaks to decline the coffee, then chase her down.
Ram her a couple times, and the gun-toting girl will with any luck get out to
kill you with her gu...baseball bat? At any rate, steal her Bandito and take it
to a garage. 

Method two
This only works for girlfriends besides Denise. Make sure the riots are ongoing
in Los Santos, take Denise on a date, and trigger the two-timing girlfriend.
This time though, let yourself be caught. After the scene, the jealous
girlfriend will exit her vehicle and try to kill you (getting caught up in the
riots), but you are free to steal it at your own leisure.

Be aware that doing this method too much may result in being dumped by Denise,
whereupon you won't be able to get her back without cheat devices. Doing some
of the methods to get her progress up, yet keep the scripts inactive is highly

9.03: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Monster
Location:   San Fierro                    Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Date                          Resource F:      *****
Character:  Girlfriend

Want to be king of the road? Then this is the vehicle for you!

Method one
Again, you'll need a Tow Truck, so get one and take it on your date. Hope that
Michelle shows up in her big-ass Monster truck, and if she does, make your way
back to the house of the girlfriend you're dating. Enter the reticle, wait
until you hear Michelle speak, then decline coffee. Now chase down Michelle,
ramming her supermassive vehicle with your dinky little one until she decides
to get out or speed up. If it's the former, get out yourself and steal the
Monster Truck, and if it's the latter, try hooking her up. Hope you're near a
tall garage...

Method two
When the riots are ongoing in Los Santos, take Denise on a date. Trigger the
two timing girlfriend, and get caught by Michelle in her massively large
vehicle that really has no right being on the streets. Instead of doing the
smart thing and trying to run you over with it, though, she'll get out and
attempt to beat you into submission with her bare hands. Of course, this just
lets you steal her car and take it to a garage.

9.04: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Romero
Location:   San Fierro                    Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Date                          Resource F:      *****
Character:  Girlfriend

The good thing about these many vehicles is that at least they're all pretty
unique, so it's not like it's impossible to justify going through the absolute
hell of obtaining them. 

Method one
You know the drill: get a Tow Truck, trigger a two-timing date, hope Katie
shows up, end the date when she's near the reticle, wait for her to speak,
decline coffee, chase her down, and tow/drive her vehicle to the garage.

Method two
Take Denise on a date while the riots are ongoing in Los Santos. If Katie shows
up to ruin the date, get caught, and when she gets out to riot, steal her
Romero and take it to a garage.

9.05: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Police Rancher
Location:   The Desert                    Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Date                          Resource F:      *****
Character:  Girlfriend

If you want to do Vigilante on land, look no further than this baby. With
good speed, the ability to do a drive-by, and immunity to everything the
criminals can throw at you, all you will have to fear is flipping it! And if
not, be prepared to look at this baby a lot anyway, because Barbara tends to
show up the most out of all the girlfriends.

Method one
Get Tow Truck, date any other girl, trigger two-timing date, hope it's Barbara,
which isn't a problem since she shows up a lot anyway, drive into reticle when
she's near, decline coffee, chase her down, tow/drive to garage.
her down

Method two
Start the riots, date Denise, get caught by Barbara, steal car after scene. 

9.06: Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Feltzer
Location:   Las Venturus                  Difficulty:      ***
Mission:    Date                          Resource F:      *****
Character:  Girlfriend

Millie is supposed to be driving a Club, but apparantly, something changed in
development, but this was never changed in turn as well. Or someone made a
typo, whatever. Hey, I don't blame the game testers for not catching this
though. With rules that would make sense only to a clinically disturbed mentally
retarded half-ass backwards braindead individual from the Victorian Era, I'm
surprised these were even found out to begin with.

Method one
It's probably better to get the one in End of the Line, but if you insist, you
should know what to do by now. I don't feel like typing it up again.

Method two
Once again, if the riots are ongoing in Los Santos, you can try dating Denise,
getting caught, and stealing Millie's Feltzer after the scene.

9: Street Racing Fireproofs

Interestingly enough, the cars you race against in street races are all
Fireproof. Getting them, however, may require some cheats.

The easiest and most versatile way is to use cheats. First off, enter the peds
hate you cheat and the reduced traffic/no peds cheat. Begin the race. When it
starts, everyone will get out of their vehicles. Simply run them over. Turn off
the peds hate you cheat at this point. Now use your vehicle to push whatever car
you're going after to a garage, entering the health/armor/cash cheat whenever
necessary (or alternatively, get out of your vehicle, enter the vehicle of death
cheat, get back in, and enter the cheat again. You won't have to restore your
vehicle if you do it this way). As mentioned, the peds hate you cheat is not
permanent, contrary to what some sources say. So don't fret.

srg has recently informed me of another method of obtaining the ones from Los
Santos. While the riots are taking place, start the race with the vehicle you
want. Wait at the finish line for the cars. When they show up, rioters will
yank the drivers out of their vehicles. At this point, you can push the car you
want to a garage. If the car door was somehow left open, you could also try
doing a similar tactic to the one below (just make sure you don't close the
door by mistake).

If you're after one of the bikes, you could get them without cheats. Wait for
the other racers at the finish line. When they come in, knock the rider of the
bike you want off, and shoot him. Now, get back on your bike, and get off. Go
back over to the bike you wanted, and get on it. Drive it over to your own
bike, get off, and get back on your bike. Drive it a little ways away, then get
off. Repeat this until you reach the garage.

With either of the three methods above, get the vehicle to the garage of your
choice, get it in there, and back out. The race is still going on, so fail it
by blowing up your car. When you get back to the race selection screen, cancel
out of it and get to your garage. Your new fireproof will be waiting for you
there. For more fun, combine this with the "Bulletproof cars the dirty way"
section for BP/FP/EP vehicles. I first tried this with a Turismo, and it turned
out great.

Here is a list of the cars you can obtain this way. Note that the Savanna, the
Elegy in Badlands B, and the Fortune are BP/FP/EP. The ones I marked with an
asterisk can be obtained without doing the street races. The ones I marked with
a ^ are special cars that show up in non-racing missions, all of which are much
better than their street-racing counterparts. This is merely just a coincidence
though: if there were special vehicles that were not as good as a street racing
fireproof, I'd make a note of it.

01. Bandito         (Bandito County)
02. Banshee         (Most "fast car" races)
03. BF-400^         (Backroad Wanderer, City Circuit, Desert Tricks)
04. Blade*          (Lowrider Race)
05. Blista Compact  (Vinewood)
06. Buffalo^        (Freeway, San Fierro Hills)
07. Bullet          (Freeway)
08. Cheetah         (Into the Country, Country Endurance, SF to LV, LV Ringroad)
09. Club            (San Fierro Fastlane)
10. Elegy*          (Badlands B, San Fierro Fastlane)
11. FCR-900^        (All motorbike races sans City Circuit)
12. Flash           (San Fierro Fastlane)
13. Fortune*        (Badlands A)
14. Infernus^       (Country Endurance, SF to LV, LV Ringroad)
15. Kart            (Go-Go Karting)
16. Majestic*       (Lowrider Race)
17. Nebula          (Vinewood)
18. NRG-500         (Most motorbike races)
19. PCJ-600^        (City Circuit, Dam Rider)
21. Remmington*     (Lowrider Race)
22. Sabre^          (Badlands A)
23. Sanchez^        (Dirtbike Danger)
22. Savanna*        (Lowrider Race)
23. Sentinel^       (Vinewood)
24. Stallion        (Badlands A)
25. Super GT        (San Fierro Hills)
26. Sultan*         (Badlands B, San Fierro Hills)
27. Turismo         (Into the Country, Country Endurance, SF to LV, LV Ringroad)
28. Uranus          (San Fierro Fastlane)
29. Windsor         (Vinewood)
30. ZR-350*         (Badlands B, San Fierro Hills)

10: Unconfirmed bulletproof cars

Nothing in here at the moment.

11: Unobtainable unique vehicles

Unfortunately, there are some unique vehicles which you simply cannot get your
hands on for one reason or another. Of course, new strategies are always being
developed. A vehicle that was thought to be impossible to get one day can be
found to be very possible to obtain the next. So these aren't necessarily
unobtainable. It's just that nobody's found a way to obtain them yet.

Damageproof Picador
Location:   Los Santos
Mission:    Ryder
Character:  Ryder

Immune to physical damage. Probably made for lousy drivers, so that they may
get a feel on driving a car without having to worry about it being destroyed.

Why you can't get it
It returns to normal after the mission.

Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Majestic
Location:   Los Santos
Mission:    High Stakes, Low Rider
Character:  Cesar

The Blue Majestic is BP/FP/EP/DP prior to starting the race.

Why you can't get it
You can recruit a GSF and approach a car. Your homie will yank out the driver
for no reason, and you'll be free to steal the car. However, you will have to
destroy your own lowrider to fail the mission, and when you do, all the cars
except Cesar's vanish, even if they were in the garage. If you try to use a
drive-by on your car, you get wasted when the game deletes the car with you in

Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof Majestic
Location:   Los Santos
Mission:    High Stakes, Low Rider
Character:  Cesar

See above, but this is the Orange Majestic

Why you can't get it
You can recruit a GSF and approach a car. Your homie will yank out the driver
for no reason, and you'll be free to steal the car. However, you will have to
destroy your own lowrider to fail the mission, and when you do, all the cars
except Cesar's vanish, even if they were in the garage. If you try to use a
drive-by on your car, you get wasted when the game deletes the car with you in

Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Blade
Location:   Los Santos
Mission:    High Stakes, Low Rider
Character:  Cesar

This is BP/FP/EP/DP prior to starting the race.

Why you can't get it
You can shoot the driver's head off, get in, and drive away. However, you will
have to destroy your own lowrider to fail the mission, and when you do, all
the cars except Cesar's vanish, even if they were in the garage. If you try to
use a drive-by on your car, you get wasted when the game deletes the car with
you in it.

Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Savanna
Location:   Los Santos
Mission:    High Stakes, Low Rider
Character:  Cesar

Cesar's car is BP/FP/EP/DP before you begin the race.

Why you can't get it
You can recruit a GSF and attempt to hijack the car. Constantly tell him to
follow you while you do this and while you're beside the car, as there is a
woman in the passenger side. If you don't, he might randomly yank out another
driver, who is invincible. The driver will then proceed to attack you and your
homie until you are both wasted (or you drown him in the water). Pointing a gun
at him won't make him stop. If all goes well, your homie will pull out the
woman. Quickly shoot his head off before he gets out, hop in, and drive away.
As with the above cars, there is no way to keep this. Take note that when you
destroy this, there is some glitchiness, that causes the screen to black out.
You can still access the menu, but going back to the game shows a black screen
with people talking.

Location:   Desert/Las Venturas
Mission:    Stowaway/A Home in the Hills
Character:  Toreno/Madd Dogg

A big plane, nothing more to say about it except that it's unique. It's not as
big as the AT-400, but it is still large. You can fetch it with a cheating
device if you'd like.

Why you can't get it
Not enough room or time to get in. If you try to use Blow Up All Cars, it will
stay grounded, but it won't fit in the hangar. In theory, you could push it
into a position where it would fit, but the hangar won't let destroyed cars
stay in for a certain period of time. 

Then again, this is wrong again. If you use "Blow Up All Cars" after the scene
where Toreno talks to Carl, during the scene where it is explaining what to do,
the Andromada will never take off, yet it won't explode either. You can walk
right up to it and hop in. The bad news is that it will not move, nor will you
be able to exit. The only thing you'll be able to do is screw around with the
ramp by using the right analog stick (or whatever the equivilant is in the
version you use).

Sometimes, this will fly overhead, but there is no way to get to it, so don't
bother trying. Even a freak Andromada crash at your airstrip isn't going to help

Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof HPV1000
Location:   Las Venturas
Mission:    Quarry Mission 7
Character:  (Quarry)

The one in the mission; blow up the Dozer or Dumper and push it to a garage
with a car.

Why you can't get it
Garages will not close for it. Strangely, when I tried this, the Hotring Racer
I was using to push it with did get stored, even though the door didn't close.

Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Walton
Location:   Las Venturas
Mission:    Don Peyote
Character:  The Truth

The cars the rednecks pursue you in (unless of course, you kill them before
driving Kent and Maccer back). "Chris" found this.

Why you can't get it
If you enter the red marker, they return to normal. Killing Kent and/or Maccer
brings the same result. Furthermore, they will not move until after you fail
the mission or enter the red marker. It might be possible if you blow them up
with blow up all cars (or perhaps a Rhino), enter the marker, and push them to
a garage.

Damageproof Sentinel
Location:   Las Venturas
Mission:    Intensive Care
Character:  Ken

The cars the Mafia chases you in after you steal the Ambulance.

Why you can't get it
The garages eat their powers.

Leviathan w/Magnet
Location:   Las Venturas
Mission:    Up, Up, and Away!
Character:  Woozie

The helicopter with a magnet that you get screwed over on. The magnet doesn't
appear on the one at your airstrip.

Why you can't get it
If you try to save it in the hangar, the magnet will vanish. Even if it
remained on, you wouldn't be able to lift much with it besides Securicars and
motorbikes. With everything else, you are literally weighed down by the vehicle
you are attempting to transport.

Caligula's Casino Paintjob Securicar
Location:   Las Venturas
Mission:    Breaking the Bank at Caligula's
Character:  Woozie

It's in the cutscene in the mission start and at the airstrip at the end of the
mission. ARMax King and aftica confirmed this was unobtainable. If you'd like,
you could probably use a cheating device to obtain this.

Why you can't get it
Blow up all cars does not work. The game doesn't even acknowledge that you have
entered the cheat.

FBI Truck
Location:   Nowhere
Mission:    None
Character:  Nobody

Looks like the SWAT Tank. It can do Vigilante. However, it is quite slow, and
since it is off-road, it has that strange quirk that all off-roads have that
causes it to flip around after a big collision. There is what appears to be a
machine gun turret on top, but nothing is in it. You can get it with a cheating
device if you'd like. Some have speculated this was going to be used in the
lost mission "The Truth is Out There."

Why you can't get it
No place in the game to get it from.

RC Cam
Location:   Nowhere
Mission:    None
Character:  Nobody

This strange vehicle is not a remote controlled camera as the name would
suggest, but rather, a bizarre flowerpot. Even stranger, attempting to enter it
causes the game to lock up. If you use a code that removes car doors, you will
be able to enter, but the weirdness will only continue. Particularly, you can
drive through any other vehicle on the road while in this, and the controls are
slipperier than the Vortex.

Why you can't get it
No place in the game to get it from.

12: Bulletproof cars the dirty way

There's a trick that involves cheats that allows you to make any car you want
permanently Bulletproof. First, enter the vehicle of death cheat.

Now, get in the vehicle you wish to make permanently bulletproof and
explosionproof. While you're inside, enter the vehicle of death cheat again to
deactivate the code. The tank explosion effect will be turned off, but the
vehicle will keep its invincibility properties. It will remain this way until
you store it in a garage or take it to a mod shop. When stored, it will lose
the fireproofing, damageproofing, and all its other properties, but the vehicle
will retain its bulletproof and explosionproof qualities. Permanently. 

The nice thing about this is that it can be done with any vehicle. Want a Hydra
immune to enemy Hydra missiles? You can have it. Done all the storyline
missions? You can still get a bulletproof car that's not named "Rhino".

You could also use this code to make the Fireproof cars a LOT more formidable,
as well as any "created" FP/EP vehicles from Gray Imports.

13: Checklists

This section provides you with some printable checklists that you can use to
record your progress of the unique vehicles. How you use them is up to you - you
can check them off when you get them, or you can check the ones that you are
going to be getting.

13.1: Bulletproof Car Checklist

Note that created FP/EP vehicles from "Gray Imports" are not included on this
list. There's just too many possibilities with it to bother. Similarly, street
racing fireproofs are excluded from the list.
 _                        _                         _
|_| FP Greenwood         |_| BP Tanker             |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Boxville
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa    |_| BP/FP/EP/DP T.Trailer |_| BP/FP/EP/DP FCR-900
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP/FP/EP/MP Savanna  |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Sadler    |_| FP/CP Rumpo
 _                        _                         _
|_| FP Remmington        |_| BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000   |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Camper
 _                        _                         _
|_| FP Majestic          |_| BP/FP/EP/MP Fortune   |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Buffalo
 _                        _                         _
|_| FP Blade             |_| FP Sabre              |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Maverick
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP Forklift          |_| FP Stallion           |_| BP/MP Walton
 _                        _                         _
|_| EP Mule              |_| BP/FP/EP/MP Elegy     |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Sentinel
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600  |_| FP Sultan             |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Vortex
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez  |_| FP ZR-350             |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Infernus
 _                        _                         _
|_| FP/EP/DP BF-400      |_| EP Sadler             |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Newsvan
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP/FP Greenwood      |_| EP Camper             |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Glendale
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP/FP Voodoo         |_| BP/FP/EP/MP Patriot   |_| BP/FP S.W.A.T.
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP/FP Tahoma         |_| BP/FP/EP Merit        |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Greenwood
 _                        _                         _
|_| BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral  |_| FP/EP/DP Rancher      |_| BP/FP/EP/DP Feltzer
|_| BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre

13.2: UCV Checklist
 _                               _
|_| Black Perennial             |_| Green Pizzaboy
 _                               _
|_| Mesa w/Dark Green Roof      |_| Light Blue Pony
 _                               _
|_| Pony w/Off-road Wheels      |_| Berkley's RC Van
 _                               _
|_| Khaki Brown Camper          |_| Light Green Packer
 _                               _
|_| Chrome Yellow Burrito       |_| Red and Black BF Injection
 _                               _
|_| Stretch w/black bottom half |_| The Mothership

14: Unique vehicle list

Here's a shorthand list of what you can obtain in the game, sorted by abilities.

26 BP/FP/EP/DP Vehicles
    - Tampa
    - PCJ-600
    - Sanchez
    - Admiral
    - Sabre
    - Tanker Trailer
    - Sadler
    - HPV1000
    - Merit
    - Boxville
    - FCR-900
    - Camper
    - Buffalo
    - Maverick
    - Sentinel
    - Vortex
    - Newsvan
    - Infernus
    - Glendale
    - Greenwood
    - Feltzer
    - Hustler
    - Bandito
    - Monster
    - Romero
    - Police Rancher
4 BP/FP/EP/MP Vehicles
    - Savanna
    - Fortune
    - Elegy
    - Patriot
4 BP/FP Vehicles
    - Voodoo
    - Greenwood
    - Tahoma
    - S.W.A.T.
1 BP/MP Vehicle
    - Walton
2 BP Vehicles
    - Forklift
    - Tanker
2 FP/EP/DP Vehicles
    - BF-400
    - Rancher
1 FP/CP Vehicle
    - Rumpo
8 FP Vehicles
    - Greenwood
    - Remmington
    - Majestic
    - Blade
    - Sabre
    - Stallion
    - Sultan
    - ZR-350
21 Street Racing FP Vehicles
    - Bandito
    - Banshee
    - BF-400
    - Blista Compact
    - Buffalo
    - Bullet
    - Cheetah
    - Club
    - FCR-900
    - Flash
    - Infernus
    - Kart
    - Nebula
    - NRG-500
    - PCJ-600
    - Sanchez
    - Sentinel
    - Super GT
    - Turismo
    - Uranus
    - Windsor
3 EP Vehicles
    - Mule
    - Sadler
    - Camper
1 Normal, but Unique Vehicle
    - Berkley's RC Van
11 Uniquely Colored Cars (UCVs)
    - Black Perennial
    - Mesa w/green roof 
    - Pony w/off road tires
    - Khaki Brown Camper
    - Chrome Yellow Burrito
    - Stretch w/black bottom half
    - Green Pizzaboy
    - Light Blue Pony
    - Light Green Packer
    - Red and Black BF Injection
    - Camper

15: FAQ

Q. My bulletproof car isn't bulletproof anymore! What the hell's going on!?
A. That happens sometimes. The best way you can prevent this is to keep your
   best ones in reliable garages. Avoid ones like the San Fierro garage's
   garage unless absolutely necessary.

Q. My Bulletproof [X] vanished! What's going on!?
A. It happens. Just try to avoid putting them in garages where cars are known
   to vanish.

Q. I found another bulletproof car!
A. Then submit it, fool.

Q. I was pursuing a bulletproof car when it vanished!
A. Yeah, you have to stay right on its tail. Don't let it out of your sight!

Q. Where can I find a Tow Truck?
A. The easiest place is in the Angel Pine junkyard. You know, where all that
   equipment is? The bad news is that it's on the second island. Alternatively,
   try Ocean Docks. They can randomly spawn on the road there.

Q. A car won't hook up to the tow truck!
A. Some can't do that. You can try a Tractor. However, it won't work for
   certain vehicles, particularly the ones you have to chase, because it just
   isn't fast enough. Also, sometimes you could accidently trigger the light
   speed tractor glitch, so don't try to tow anything that is too heavy!

Q. Can I use a Pay and Spray on the Bulletproof vehicles?
A. You bet you can. Just don't use it on the UCVs. Note that there are some
   proofed cars that have unique colors (e.g. BP/FP/EP/DP Vortex). Their
   abilities won't be lost if you use a Pay and Spray, but their colors will.

Q. Can I mod the Bulletproof vehicles?
A. Yes, but you can't get much mileage appearance-wise out of many of them.
   A couple of good ones to mod include the lowriders, the BP/FP/EP Elegy, and
   the BP/FP/EP/DP Tampa.

   If you do add something special to _any_ car's appearance, it'd be wise to
   give it its very own garage. Colors are the exception. On a side note, try
   mixing standard colors and the paintjobs for different colored paintjobs.
   Usually, it'll be too dark to see, but sometimes you'll get interesting

Q. I just did a mission with a Bulletproof car, but now it's not there! I
   stored it in my garage, what gives?
A. The game likes to make vehicles like that vanish after the mission is over.
   If this is the case, find a way to fail it without getting busted or wasted.

Q. Umm...my Fireproof car just caught fire and exploded.
A. "Fireproof" means only fireproof against fire. It is not immune to anything
   else, including explosions, and can still explode.

Q. I'm postitive it wasn't like that.
A. Well, if you're so sure, it's probably because you tried getting into the
   car while you were on fire. That will cause it to catch alight, even if you
   yourself are fireproof from doing the Firetruck missions.

Q. You didn't mention the Phoenix, Vortex or the...(etc)
A. That's because they aren't unique, moron. Sure the Phoenix may be one of the
   rarest cars to spawn on the street, but it's not unique in the fact that you
   can use that method of bringing it to your garage during the street race to
   easily obtain it.

Q. What about the Ghost car?
A. Nothing too interesting about that one besides the fact that it moves on its
   own (really just a result of it spawning on a slope) and can't be healed. In
   fact, there are quite a few beat up vehicles in the game. They are refered
   to as "glenshit" and "sadlshit" in the data files, I kid you not.

Q. What about other cars, like the Sentinel in the Saint Mark's Bistro mission?
A. There's nothing special about said Sentinel. Someone once got it via
   AR Max by using a combination of Cars have no Doors, Walk (drive) through
   walls, and the fly cars button cheat. There was nothing remotely special
   about it, besides the fact that it was invisible in the normal world.
   Modding it at Transfender made it normal again. Here are some screenshots of
   what he did.


Q. My garage isn't opening!
A. Sometimes it does that. Just keep trying, and if it still won't work, go
   away for a while and come back until it does.

Q. Is there an easier way to push a car?
A. Yes, actually. Use another car. Alternatively, enter the Adrenaline code.
   With this on, you can easily push cars. To get it off, save and reload the
   game, or kill yourself.

16: Fin

This is the end of the guide...for now, at least. If new Bulletproof cars are
discovered, this guide will be updated.

Thanks to these people, by the way (and any I have forgotten).

aftica - Submitted a LOT of information.

ARMax King - Confirmed that the Caligula's Casino paintjob Securicar is
             unobtainable, confirmed the BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez. Submitted the
             BP/FP Greenwood and the BP/FP Voodoo. Many other things.

Cecil475 - Information on the XBOX version.

Ceielo - Discovered the EP Banshee.

Chase S - Informed me of a trick to get the Fireproof Sabre and
          Stallion into a garage. 

Chris Nee - Corrected the BP/FP/EP/DP Feltzer (you have to dip the car in East
            Beach, not Verona Beach)

ClaudeCJVercetti - Various info.

CJayC - Made GameFAQs.

DaBlinks - Confirmed that you may use a tractor to tow the BP/FP/EP Patriot

De rabia nací - Confirmed the FP/EP/DP Rancher

Dim25 - Confirmed the BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez.

DSC - Submitted an easier method on how to obtain the BP/FP/EP/DP Buffalo.

Geoff - Another method of obtaining the BP/FP/EP Fortune.

gta3master2987 - Info on the BP/FP/EP/DP Buffalo and Maverick

HeavenGotAHitman - Told me about the Stretch in Ice Cold Killa. He said it was
                   bulletproof, but it is not. However, it does have a
                   permanently black bottom half.

HolyGrenadeFrenzy - Various information, particularly on garages, as well as
                    confirming the BP/FP/EP/DP Tanker Trailer's FP/EP/DP

HuGooGuH - Various info.

ipino - Information on the XBOX version.

junovalkyrie - Confirmed the non-cheating method to get the BP/FP/EP/DP
               Tampa, confirmed the BP/FP/EP/DP PCJ-600

Krawk - For explaining why certain garages are unreliable for storing vehicles.

KSutton - I got my inspiration from his Bulletproof cars guide for GTA3

LolyPop1313M - Told me about lots of Bulletproof and unique cars, confirmed the
               BP/FP/EP/DP Buffalo, and more.

mafia_541 - Confirmed the BP/FP Greenwood and the BP/FP Voodoo, info on the
            Chrome Yellow Burrito.

Mikhail - Confirmed the BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000.

MrHurcules - Many things, including that the Mothership in "Are you going
             to San Fierro?" is explosionproof, and confirmations of the
             random colored Pizzaboy and the Stretch with the black bottom

Neko Raven - Another method of obtaining the BP/FP/EP Fortune.

Nicholas McKenny - Confirmed the BP/FP/EP/DP HPV1000.

Nguyen - Numbering corrections

OrionSR - Various stuff, most notably the BP/FP/EP/DP Girlfriend vehicles.

PD Escobar - Corrections, how to obtain the BP/FP/EP/DP Camper in
             "The Black Project"

ReaverShadow - Alternate method for BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral.

Rockstar - Made the game.

RurouniTJ - Submitted an alternative method to the BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral.

sick_gamer13 - Submitted an EXCELLENT method for obtaining the BP/FP/EP/DP

srg - Submitted a LOT of information.

Stan L. - Confirmed the BP/FP/EP/DP Feltzer

STEVEN MCCALLUM - Confirmed the BP Tanker Trailer, the BP/FP Greenwood, and the
                  BP/FP Voodoo

Streetballrr1886 - Submitted a better method for obtaining the BP/FP/EP Patriot

ThaShoka89 - Wrote a special vehicles guide, which lists some other vehicles
             that are not mentioned in The Duff Man's guide.

The Duff Man - Wrote a nice secrets guide that lists some of the Bulletproof
               cars (which helped me when I started this guide).

thekosmicfool - Confirmed the BP/FP/EP/DP Sanchez

Veesmack - Information on the BP/FP/EP/DP Glendale and an alternate
           strategy. Information on the BP/FP/EP/DP Buffalo.

Weston Wallace - Info on the proofed cars in Wu Zi Mu and Farewell, My Love

X_XMafiAX_X - Various info

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