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Guide and Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/20/2013

Version 1.5 3/20/13

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Pajama Sam 4:
Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Windows game called Pajama
Sam 4: Life Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff.  The title
is actually just Pajama Sam: Life Is Rough When You Lose
Your Stuff, but it's fourth in the series (No Need To Hide
When It's Dark Outside, Thunder And Lightning Aren't So
Frightening, You Are What You What You Eat From Your Head
To Your Feet).

The good news (for me) is that, unlike the other Pajama Sam
games, this one does not take randomness into account.  So
the game will be the same every time you play it, which
makes writing this guide easier.

To contact me, e-mail ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but
make the subject blank if you do.  Also, please mention
this game because there is more than one Pajama Sam game
I've written about.

002-Video Walkthrough

Would you like to see someone play the game, not just read 
about how to play the game? You're in luck! I've done a 
video walkthrough for this game, which can be seen here:


The video comes complete with my commentary.


Dr. Grime: Arch nemesis of Pajama Man; he makes things all
dirty and such.  Cool fact: He's not really a doctor.

Pajama Man: A superhero that Sam idolizes.  He goes around
saving the day.  And, cool beyond cool, he's going to be
signing stuff in the local mall for a day!

Sam: Sam is overjoyed that Pajama Man is going to show up
at the mall.  He knows the perfect thing to get signed,
too, his edition of the first Pajama Man comic.  Too bad it
gets stolen mysteriously.

Pajama Sam: A superhero (Sam is his secret identity),
Pajama Sam vows to return the comic book.

Dirty Sock: He's sad because he's dirty, meaning he can't
be with his match, a clean sock.  Pajama Sam, being an all-
around good guy, vows to help.

Clean Sock: She's sad because she's all alone.  When Sam
gets dirty sock clean, he reunites them.

Security Guard: He makes sure no one gets in the mall,
where Sam's comic book is, without a shirt, shoes and
socks.  Sam's socks are the two socks mentioned above.

Crane Operator: One of her levers is broken, which means
she can't go on a coffee break.

Grandma Sweater: She's nice and likes to knit.  She knits
Sam a shirt.

Nutcracker: A strong-accented fellow who can crush nuts in
his mighty jaw.

Farmer: A strange-looking fellow who raises dust bunnies
and shears them for profit.  His problem is that he can't
catch them.

Sponge: Sponge has a cool voice, and loves to eat mold.
If Sam needs to get mold off a shoehorn, Sponge will help.

Jacque Scubeau: A French scuba diver who gets Sponge out of
the fish tank when Sam needs Sponge's help.

Bishop: An old chess piece that cheats so he doesn't lost
(but he doesn't cheat so he can win).  His hat is used to
poke holes in jars.

Cook: A cook who works in a grimy diner gives a reward to
his thirtieth customer.

Hall Monitor: She handles the line of kids who are in the
mall, waiting to see Dr. Grime.  You'll need a free pass
(the reward for the cook's thirtieth customer) so she'll
let you bypass the long line.

Kids: They want to see Dr. Grime for some reason (why not
Pajama Man?).  They mistake Pajama Sam for Dr. Grime, so
you know they're not too smart.


Sam is watching Pajama Man.  After the show, he learns that
for one day only, Pajama Man will be live, in person, to
sign stuff at the mall.  After begging his mom, she agrees
and tells him to pick something for Pajama Man to sign (she
has to make a shopping list).

Sam goes into his messy room and finds his favorite comic
book, Pajama Man super-collectible issue #1 has gone
missing!  Someone or something grabs the comic and
disappears in a pile of junk.

Sam needs to follow, but first needs his cape.  There are
three red things in the room (on the door, under a box, in
the stuff on the right).  Once he gets his cape, Pajama Sam
goes into the pile of junk and emerges in a land made up of

Here, and everywhere else in the game, you can find blue
cards (Pajama Man trading cards) scattered randomly
throughout the game.

Talk to the sock here.  He's sad because he's dirty and
therefore cannot be with his match, a clean sock.  In fact,
to let you know just how he feels, the sock breaks out into

A sock out on his own
Is like a sea without a shore
And because I got some mud on me
I can't get in my drawer.

A sock out on his own
Is just one out of a pair
I miss my matching sock so bad
It fills me with despair.

They say there's no place for me
Amongst the clean because I'm dirty
I know none of them can see

Inside my heart is truly free
From dirt and filth and food debris.
But what good is a spotless heart...
When we are a pair apart?


We're all pairs; we're all pairs
We'll always be together!
The world is fine; the world is fine
The sun will shine forever in the sky!
You're all alone...
It's strange to see...
We guess you must deserve to be!


To be part of a pair
Has been my noble goal.
Alone I'm less than half
Together more than whole.

They say there's no place for me
Amongst the clean because I'm dirty.
But I know none of them can see inside.
Inside my heart is truly free
From dirt and filth and food debris.
But what good is a spotless heart...
When we're a pair apart?

The song ends.  Sam says he'll let the sock come along with
him, and Sam will try to get him clean somehow.  That's
good news for the sock.

Go right down the road.  The road splits up into three
roads here.  The left one leads to a cereal bowl, the
middle one leads a river and the right one leads to Grubby

Go to Grubby Corners and go left to reach the mall.  Talk
to the security guard to learn you can't go in without a
shirt, shoes, and socks.  Go right down the road, past the
farm with all the white fluffy animals.

You make it to a baseball glove.  Pick up the funny putty
that is on the glove.  Go back to the place where the road
split up and go to the cereal bowl.

Go right to find a big clothes pile.  You might find a jar
here, if so, pick it up.  Go up the dresser here by
clicking on the drawer you want to jump to.  The catch is
that you can't jump to a drawer that is closed (the drawers
open and close by themselves).  Jump all the way to the

Up here, there isn't anything except a net (pick it up) and
a sponge in a tank.  Jump down from the dresser and go back
to the cereal bowl.

Stand on the spoon by clicking on it, then pick up a raisin
and throw it on the circular part of the spoon.  Do this
for three raisins, which sends up vaulting in the air, to
the top of the cliff that is in the background.

Take the string from the yo-yo here and take the up/left
path to meet Grandma Sweater, a nice old lady who knits.
Talk to her, and she promises to make you a sweater, as
long as  you get her some wool.  Go back and take the left
path to reach a lake.

This lake works as a big washing machine, except it has no
water (trash is in the way).  The crane operator can't
clear out the garbage because one of the crane handles is

Go right twice to find some fireflies.  If you have the
jar, try to catch them in the jar (Sam won't let you do so
unless there's holes in the lid).  Pick up the peanut here
and go right again to reach the area on top of the dresser
(this is the best way to get there, as trying to scale the
dresser again turns into a minigame).

Go to the farm with the white animals.  The farmer tells
you that they're dust bunnies.  Use the yo-yo string to get
one (you get the leader, so all the others follow).

The farmer shaves all of the bunnies, leaving him with a
lot of yarn.  He gives you some, free of charge.  Go back
to Grandma Sweater and give it to her.  She makes you a
shirt, but it doesn't fit you.  Use the funny putty on
yourself to make a mold of yourself, then give the mold to
Grandma Sweater so she has something to knit by, so she
makes a shirt that fits you.

Now you have a shirt, you need shoes.  Go to the area
where the nutcracker was (right of the farmer) and have him
crack the peanut.

Go to the soda lake, which was the middle path at the place
where the paths split up.  Put the peanut shell (from the
cracked peanut) on the lake, then use the shell as a boat
to get to the other side.

If you go up/left here, you reach a chess game.  The bishop
is cheating by putting his cane under the timer.  Remove
the cane to end the game, then go back.

Go left to reach a shoe tree.  Use the shoe to find that
it's moldy and doesn't work, then go back.

Click on the slingshot to sit on it, then use the yo-yo
string on the tree to fling yourself to the area with the

Get to the tank on the top of the drawer.  Use the left of
the fire truck's windy things to extend the ladder.  Climb
up the ladder and talk to the sponge below for a while.
When Sam mentions the moldy shoehorn, Sponge offers to
clean it.

Sam jumps in to get Sponge, but all that does is upset the
scuba diver.  Talk with the French fellow and click on
Sponge so the diver will get Sponge for you.

Take Sponge to the shoehorn, and it cleans the shoehorn for
you.  Blow in the shoehorn then to get the shoes to start
flying.  Use the fishnet to catch some shoes.

Now that you have a shirt and shoes, you need socks.  Get
the jar from the area where the security guard is (if you
don't already have it).  Take the jar to the fireflies and
try to catch them in the jar (again, only if you already
haven't).  Sam doesn't catch the fireflies because they
holes in the lid to breathe through.

After Sam lets you know that, go to the Bishop (chess
piece).  He uses his pointy head to poke holes in the jar
for you.  Once you have holes, get the fireflies in the

Go to where the Nutcracker is, and enter the cave.  It is
light in here because you have the fireflies.  Sam lets
them go.  Notice how there's a stick lollipop on the wall.

Go to Soda Lake.  Click on the ice cube in the middle of
the lake so Sam crosses the lake (lands on the side with
the slingshot) and grabs the ice cube.  Use the slingshot
to send you to the area with the nutcracker, enter the
cave, and use the ice cube on the gum to make it less
sticky, letting you get the lollipop.

Go to the crane operator.  Give her the lollipop, which
works as a handle.  She leaves.  Play the getting rid of 
trash minigame for a while. Move trash around, in order to 
make matches of three. Make enough matches to win the 

Once that's done, the trash is gone, letting water into the
washing machine.  Use the dirty sock on this water to make
him nice and clean again.

Go to where you found the dirty sock and go up to reach a
dresser where the sock's mate is.  Show the now-clean sock
to the clean sock, and the two team up with you.  It's too
bad they didn't throw in a Sock Musical reprise here.

Now that you have shoes, socks, and a shirt, go to the
mall.  The security guard lets you through, and your
clothing-related friends leave you.

Enter the diner (in the top/right) and exit.  Then enter
again, then exit.  Repeat this enter/exit process until you
are customer number 30, in which case you get a free pass.

Exit the diner and go right to reach a line, where kids are
waiting to see Dr. Grime.  That's not cool.  Have Sam move
up, through the line, and with your free pass, you get to
do so.

The kids mistake Sam from Dr. Grime.  Sam dodges in a room
where he finds his comic book.  Click on the sofa to move
it from the wall.

A delivery boy, who thinks you're Dr. Grime, comes from the
diner and leaves you a menu.  Click on it and order hot

Click on the vent (where the couch was) and Sam climbs
through the vent to end up hanging from the ceiling.  Use
the hot cup of cocoa on the water sprinkler (kids, don't
try this at home) to set it off, making Sam and everyone
else dirt-free.

The kids learn Sam isn't Dr. Grime, and instead crowd
around him to see his comic book.  Sam says how he is going
to get Pajama Man to sign it, and then runs off (now that
he has the book) to go get it signed.

The game ends with us seeing a photo of Pajama Man and
Pajama Sam side by side.  The credits roll as music plays
and all the Pajama Man trading cards get shown.

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  This game
copyright Humongous Entertainment, 2003.  If you want to
use any part of this FAQ for any reason, ask me first
(instructions under general information)

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