How to stop Incoming Crimnal?

  1. I hate the criminal beacuse I must delete the building then placing the same building again it's make me tired please help me how to stop criminal action?

    User Info: D10Afmx99

    D10Afmx99 - 9 years ago


  1. Sadly you can't stop it. But if you make the tortures fast (ex burning post) they'll come back fast and resume work.

    User Info: CanadianSheldon

    CanadianSheldon - 9 years ago 1   0
  2. If it's your map, in the editor, go into the mission, create a new event, select "always" as the trigger, and scroll through the "action" section until you find the "crime rate". Set it to none.

    If it's not your map, you can't turn it off, but you can do something about it (besides deleting buildings). Build a guard post and a courthouse; both can be found in the "castle services" area (bottom button -- looks like a gallows arm with a noose). The guard will lock up any criminal he sees (you can make this happen quicker by placing more guards, evenly distributed so they have a better chance of seeing a criminal). There are also punishments in the "castle services" section. The stocks gives you the best honor bonus and doesn't require a torturer; the block is quickest, but requires two torturers, so you'll have to build a torturer's guild in order to use it. Once you have a punishment placed (and a torturer's guild, if you select something that requires it), a judge will try the criminal and sentence him/her to one of your punishments. The punishment either kills the criminal (allowing one of your available peasants to take over his/her job) or rehabilitates him/her.

    If you still have the booklet that came with the game, page 26 has an overview of punishments; alternatively, once you've placed the courthouse, click on it, then click the little question mark in the top right of the info panel. At the bottom of the courthouse description, it lists the punishments; click one, and it will tell you whether or not it needs a torturer and a rough idea of how quick it is. Your honor gained is per month that the device is in use, so the faster it is the less honor it gives, and vice versa.

    User Info: jem0000000

    jem0000000 - 9 years ago 1   0

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