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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PapaGamer

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 06/16/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                  PSYCHONAUTS (PC version) FAQ/WALKTRHOUGH
                               V1.10 2005-06-16
           Copyright 2005 by Barry Scott Will <pyric@cavecreations.net>
    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 
    License. To view a copy of this license, visit
    or send a letter to
      Creative Commons
      559 Nathan Abbott Way
      Stanford, California 94305, USA.
    Psychonauts is Copyright 2005 by Double Fine Productions.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is not endorsed by, nor is the author associated with, 
    Double Fine Productions.
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                   |   TABLE OF   |-/   \-|   CONTENTS   |
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    [1] Game Overview
    [2] Gameplay
        [2.1] Controls & Moves
        [2.2] Psi Powers
        [2.3] Items
    [3] Item Collecting
        [3.1] Psi Markers
        [3.2] Psi Cards
        [3.3] Scavenger Hunt
        [3.4] Brains
    [4] Walkthrough
        [4.1]  Kid's Cabins
        [4.2]  Basic Braining
               - Obstacle Course 1
               - Obstacle Course 2
               - Obstacle Course Finale
        [4.3]  Main Campgrounds & Parking Lot
        [4.4]  Sasha's Shooting Gallery
               - Brain Tumbler Experiment Pt. 1
               - Sasha's Shooting Gallery
               - Brain Tumbler Experiment Pt. 2
        [4.5]  Milla's Dance Party
               - The Lounge
               - The Race
               - The Party
        [4.6]  Scavenger Hunt
               - Boathouse & Beach
               - GPC & Wilderness
               - Reception
               - Main Campgrounds & Kid's Cabins
               - Brain Tumbler Experiment Pt. 3
        [4.7]  Lungfishopolis
        [4.8]  Milkman Conspiracy
               - The Neighborhood
               - The Book Depository
               - Return to the Neighborhood
               - The Milkman
        [4.9]  Gloria's Theater
               - Asylum Grounds
               - The Stage
               - The Catwalks
        [4.10] Waterloo World
               - Asylum Lower Floors
               - Waterloo World
        [4.11] Black Velvetopia
               - Running Against the Bull
               - Edgar's Sanctuary
        [4.12] Asylum Upper Floors
               - Upper Floors
               - Dr. Loboto's Lab
        [4.13] Meat Circus
               - Psychoblaster Death Tank
               - Tent City
               - Tunnel of Love
               - Butcher Battle #1
               - The Big Top
               - Final Boss Battles
    [5] Version History & Credits
    To jump to a specific topic, open the Edit menu and choose Find in this 
    Page (or just press Control-F) and enter the bracketed number, including 
    the brackets. For example, enter [4.2] as the search text to jump straight 
    to the walkthrough for Sasha's Shooting Gallery.
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                   |              |  ___  |     GAME     |
                   |      [1]     |-/   \-|   OVERVIEW   |
                   |              |       |              |
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    Welcome to the twisted world of Psychonauts. The hero of this game is a boy 
    named Razputin, or Raz. A natural psychic, Raz escaped the circus and his 
    abusive father to journey to a camp for psychic children: Whispering Rock 
    Psychic Summer Camp. At Whispering Rock, young psychics are trained to 
    become Psychonauts--secret agents in charge of cleaning up the world's 
    mental mishaps.
    But, something sinister is afoot, as campers turn up missing their brains. 
    It's up to Raz--with a little help from an assorted cast of strange people 
    and even stranger creatures--to find the missing brains and restore mental 
    peace and order to Whispering Rock.
    You control Raz through the environs of Whispering Rock--the real world--
    and through the minds of various denizens of Whispering Rock--the dream 
    worlds. Most gameplay takes place in the dream worlds, as you use Psycho-
    Portals to project your astral self into minds. If you think the real world 
    is strange, wait until you get a look at some of the literally twisted 
    dream worlds.
    Each dream world is completely unique: from an orderly, cubist mind to the 
    varicolored world of a painter of black velvet. Each level has its own 
    challenges and puzzles and requires a mixture of skillful control and 
    strategic thinking. No two worlds are alike, and the game will in turn 
    challenge and amaze you.
    Your health is measured in two ways: mental health and astral projection 
    layers. Your mental health is represented by a series of brains shown in 
    the upper left of your screen. Each brain represents 4 points of health, 
    and various enemies will remove one or more points of health on each hit. 
    As you progress through the game, you will increase the maximum number of 
    health points you have.
    You also have astral projection layers, which are analogous to lives in 
    most games. Each time you lose all your mental health, you lose one astral 
    projection layer. When you lose all your mental health and you have no more 
    astral projection layers, the game either ends (if you are in the real 
    world); or, you are kicked out of the mind you were in and you must start 
    over again from the beginning. As you play, you can pick up additional 
    astral projection layers (new lives) as well as increase the number of 
    layers you can have at once.
    Pressing the JOURNAL key opens up a set of menus where you can view your 
    current progress. The first page of your journal is the game menu, and 
    contains Options, Load, Save and Quit. On the second page you can view the 
    number of items you have collected in the current area and the total number 
    that are available. The third page shows your overall progress in the game, 
    including your rank, how many items you have collected, etc.
    Page four of the journal is your To Do list showing your current task(s). 
    Page five allows you to watch unlocked cinematic scenes and slideshows; 
    and, page six contains the map (real world only). When in Whispering Rock 
    camp, you can view the area you are in and the location of your next 
    Like any game of this type, there are numerous items to collect as well as 
    enemies to defeat. And, like most games, you should break as many items as 
    you can to collect power-ups. Read on, then, for a full description of 
    everything you need to know about Psychonauts...
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                   |      [2]     |-/   \-|   GAMEPLAY   |
                   |              |       |              |
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                           [2.1] CONTROLS & MOVES
    Psychonauts is a "platformer"--i.e. an arcade-style game that features lots 
    of jumping, floating, sliding and other acrobatic moves. Unless you are 
    very comfortable using a keyboard for this type of game, a gamepad with two 
    analog joysticks, a D-pad and at least 10 buttons is recommended. You will 
    most likely have to remap certain functions on your gamepad.
    In this guide, controls will be referred to by their primary function. 
    Those functions are listed here along with the default key when using the 
    keyboard and mouse, and a recommended button/stick for your gamepad.
    JUMP                          Raz jumps; pressing again in mid-air
    Key: SPACE                    causes a double-jump; also used as the
    Gamepad: Left shoulder        ENTER key in menus
    ATTACK                        On the ground, performs a punch; while
    Key: Left mouse               in the air, performs a Psi Bomb; an upgrade
    Gamepad: Right shoulder       received at rank 35 increases the power of
                                  the bomb if you repeatedly press ATTACK
                                  while in the air
    USE                           Uses an item currently held in Raz's
    Key: F                        hand, activates switches, opens doors,
    Gamepad: Button 4             talks to other characters, etc.
    MOVE                          Moves Raz; in menus, selects different
    Keys: W (forward/up),         options
          S (back/down)
          A (left), D (right)
    Gamepad: Left joystick
    CAMERA                        Zooms (up/down) and rotates (left/right)
    Keys: Numpad                  the camera
          8 (up), 2 (down)
          4 (left), 6 (right)
    Gamepad: Right joystick
    CANCEL                        Cancels a power (such as levitation),
    Key: X                        breaks cutscenes, exits menus, etc.
    Gamepad: Left trigger
    LOCK/FLOAT                    Locks targeting onto an enemy, or,
    Key: Left shift               in mid-air, activates the Levitation
    Gamepad: Right trigger        Balloon (once you've obtained the
                                  Levitation power)
    INVENTORY                     Opens your items inventory so you can
    Key: Left bracket [           select an item to USE; select the item
    Gamepad: Left D-pad           with your MOVE keys, then press USE to
                                  equip the item; your inventory may contain
                                  more than one page of items--press the
                                  right bracket ] or right D-pad while on
                                  the first page to view the second page
    PSI POWERS                    Opens your Psi Powers menu so you can
    Key: Right bracket ]          select a Power for slot 1, 2 or 3; select
    Gamepad: Right D-pad          the power with your MOVE keys and then
                                  press the key corresponding to the slot
                                  where you want to place the power
    PSI POWER 1                   Activates the Psi Power in slot 1
    Key: Right mouse
    Gamepad: Button 1
    PSI POWER 2                   Activates the Psi Power in slot 2
    Key: Q
    Gamepad: Button 2
    PSI POWER 3                   Activates the Psi Power in slot 3
    Key: E
    Gamepad: Button 3
    JOURNAL                       Pauses the game and opens your journal
    Key: ESC                      where you can view menu options, your
    Gamepad: Button 9             To-Do List, number of items collected,
                                  a map (real world only), etc.
    FREE LOOK                     Activates First Person look mode,
    Key: Middle mouse             use the CAMERA controls to look around
    Gamepad: Button 10
    STATS                         Displays Raz's mental health, number of
    Key: TAB                      Astral Projections, rank, figments,
    Gamepad: Button 11            Psi Cards, and arrowheads
    Raz, as a refugee circus performer, has a number of acrobatic moves.
    Raz can jump very well. When in mid-air, Raz can summon a blast of psychic 
    energy to propel himself higher. Press JUMP to jump once; press JUMP again 
    in mid-air to double-jump. (Note: the double-jump does not work when riding 
    the Levitation Ball.)
    Raz can swing from various objects.
    From stationary objects, such as poles or ropes, Raz can swing around the 
    object and then jump off. To grab a stationary object, jump toward it. To 
    swing from a stationary object, press and hold MOVE in the direction Raz is 
    facing. When Raz is fully swinging around the object, press JUMP to 
    Raz can also swing from moving objects, such as a trapeze. To swing from a 
    moving object, jump toward the object to grab it. Press MOVE in the 
    direction Raz is facing to start swinging, then press MOVE in the opposite 
    direction to swing back. Continue using MOVE in a back-and-forth motion 
    until you've achieved maximum height and then press JUMP to release.
    On any type of swinging object, you can press CANCEL to simply let go and 
    drop off.
    Raz can slide (also known as "grind") down various objects, including 
    ropes, banisters, logs, etc. Simply jump on the object and Raz will begin 
    sliding. You can jump and double-jump while on the slide, just be sure to 
    land on the slide again. You can also jump from one slide to another if 
    there are two or more slides running parallel. Press JUMP and left/right 
    MOVE keys to switch tracks.
    To control your speed on slides, use the forward/up MOVE key to speed up 
    and the back/down MOVE key to slow down. This comes in very handy for 
    picking up figments and jumping gaps on the long rail grinds in Basic 
    Braining and Meat Circus.
    Raz can balance himself well enough to walk over various ropes. Simply MOVE 
    across the rope. To drop down so you are holding the rope with your hands, 
    press CANCEL. To get back on top of the rope, press JUMP. Tightrope walking 
    is actually pretty easy as you can't fall off once you are on the rope. The 
    difficult part can be getting on the rope, especially if you are jumping 
    onto it. Also, you can be knocked off the rope by strong attacks, 
    especially if you are hanging by your hands. If a tightrope is under fire, 
    use Invisibility to avoid enemy attacks while you cross the rope.
    Raz can hand-walk along ledges, ropes, poles, etc. For ledges, carefully 
    step off the ledge and Raz will drop down and grab the ledge with his 
    hands. When on top of a rope, press CANCEL to drop and hold the rope with 
    your hands. Then press MOVE left or right to shimmy along. Press JUMP to 
    get back on top of the object, or press CANCEL to let go.
                                 [2.2] PSI POWERS
    As Raz advances (gains rank), he will learn various Psychic Powers or 
    receive upgrades to his current powers. The ranks at which you earn powers 
    or upgrades are:
    Rank   Power
     10    Pyrokinesis
     20    Telekinesis
     30    Invisibility
     35    Palm Megabomb--press ATTACK repeatedly to increase the power
           of your Palm Bomb
     40    Chain Blast--hit up to three enemies with one Psi Blast
     45    Thermal Detonation--Pyrokinesis causes an explosion
     50    Wrecking Ball--when you're at full speed on the Levitation Ball,
           you damage any enemies you hit
     55    Offensive Shield--melee attackers bounce off your Shield
     60    Advanced Invisibility--Invisibility lasts twice as long
     65    TK Extension--range of Telekinesis is extended
     70    Super Chain Blast--hit up to six enemies with one Psi Blast
     75    Rolling Havoc--your Levitation Ball is a weapon as soon as
           you begin rolling
     80    Ferocious Aura--melee attackers bounce off your Shield and are
           damaged by the Shield
     85    Sensory Scramble--Confusion lasts twice as long
     90    Regeneration--mental health regenerates*
     95    Unlimited Ammo
    100    Bonus movie**
    Other powers and upgrades are earned as part of gameplay and are not based 
    on rank. When you earn a Power at ranks 10, 20 and 30, you have to visit 
    Ford Cruller in his secret sanctuary to receive the merit badge allowing 
    you to use the power.
    * This is the last really useful upgrade, and should be your goal. You can 
    easily reach this rank by collecting all baggage, cobwebs, Psi Cards and 
    Challenge Markers and making a reasonable effort to get figments. The 
    Unlimited Ammo upgrade at rank 95 is not really necessary, as there is 
    plenty of ammo that can be collected from enemies and broken scenery.
    ** If you just want to watch the 60 second bonus movie without spending 
    five hours trying to collect figments, download the free Bink video player 
    Use it to open and play ASAH.bik from:
    Obtained: Boyd's refrigerator at the beginning of the Milkman Conspiracy
    This power allows you to see through another character's eyes. You can also 
    use it on objects. Objects in your inventory that will reveal something 
    with Clairvoyance will show an eye icon. Equip the item and use 
    Clairvoyance to receive special cutscenes or get a hint about how to use 
    the object. There are also a few situations where you must use Clairvoyance 
    to see in an otherwise pitch black area.
    Obtained: From Dingo the matador in Black Velvetopia
    Raz can throw Confusion bombs that stun enemies. Your bombs are limited and 
    you have to collect more, just like aggression clusters for your Psi 
    Blasts. Raz also takes a couple of seconds to pull out the Confusion bomb 
    and throw it, so don't use them against moving opponents. This power is 
    mainly used for a few boss battles near the end of the game.
    Upgrade:  Sensory Scramble
    Obtained: Rank 85
    Confusion lasts twice as long.
    Obtained: Rank 30
    When invisible, you can still see the outline of Raz's goggles; but, 
    enemies can't see you. You can use this power to slip through guarded doors 
    or sneak up on enemies. Invisibility is limited in duration; you can watch 
    the Invisibility icon on screen to see time running out. Once used, you 
    have to wait for it to recharge before using it again. Watch the icon to 
    see when the power is recharged.
    Upgrade:  Advanced Invisibility
    Obtained: Rank 60
    Invisibility lasts twice as long.
    Obtained: Complete Milla's Dance Party
    This power doesn't actually allow you to fly, but it comes close. On the 
    ground, activating Levitation puts you on top of a ball that moves you 
    along at great speed and allows very high jumps. In mid-air, you can press 
    LOCK/FLOAT to float a short distance while hanging from the ball (like 
    floating from a helium balloon). You can activate the Levitation Balloon 
    any time you are in the air, even if you are not using the Levitation Ball 
    to jump. The Balloon also allows you to ride moving air, for example, 
    floating upward in chimney smoke. You should set Levitation to one of your 
    Psi Power slots (2 or 3) and leave it there for all but a select few boss 
    Upgrade:  Wrecking Ball
    Obtained: Rank 50
    This upgrade turns your Levitation Ball into a weapon. When rolling at full 
    speed on the Ball, hitting an enemy or object does as much damage as one of 
    your Psi Punches.
    Upgrade:  Rolling Havoc
    Obtained: Rank 75
    Rolling Havoc is an upgrade to your Levitation power that turns your 
    Levitation Ball into a Wrecking Ball as soon as you start rolling--you no 
    longer have to be going full speed in order to use your Ball as a weapon.
    Obtained: Complete Sasha's Shooting Gallery
    Set this to Psi Power slot 1 and leave it there, you'll use it frequently. 
    Marksmanship allows you to shoot blasts of psychic energy at your foes (Psi 
    Blasts). You can use the LOCK/FLOAT button to target and lock on to a 
    specific enemy and then blast it.
    In order to fire Psi Blasts, you must be aggressive. You can collect 
    aggression clusters that act like bullets. You can increase the number of 
    shots you can hold at one time by collecting Ammo Up trophies in various 
    Upgrade:  Chain Blast
    Obtained: Rank 40
    Your Psi Blasts ricochet and hit up to three enemies.
    Upgrade:  Super Chain Blast
    Obtained: Rank 70
    Your Psi Blasts ricochet and hit up to six enemies.
    Obtained: Rank 10
    With Pyrokinesis, you can set certain objects and enemies on fire. When 
    looking at an object (the object is highlighted), or with an enemy LOCKED 
    ON, press and hold the Pyrokinesis button. A temperature gauge will show on 
    screen; when it is full, the object will catch fire. Pyro is slow and only 
    useful in limited situations.
    Upgrade:  Thermal Detonation
    Obtained: Rank 45
    When using Pyro on an object, there will be an explosion of fire that sets 
    surrounding objects on fire as well.
    Obtained: From a freedom fighter in Lungfishopolis
    At its most basic level, the Psychic Shield prevents Raz from being 
    damaged. Certain types of energy attacks will be deflected back to the 
    attacker. The Shield is limited in duration, you cannot hold it up forever.
    Upgrade:  Offensive Shield
    Obtained: Rank 55
    Enemies that use a melee attack against you while you are shielded will be 
    thrown back.
    Upgrade:  Ferocious Aura
    Obtained: Rank 80
    Enemies that use a melee attack against you while you are shielded will be 
    thrown back and damaged.
    Obtained: Rank 20
    Raz can grab objects with his mind and either pull them toward himself or 
    fling them away.
    Upgrade:  TK Extension
    Obtained: Rank 65
    Increases the range of your TK power.
                                 [2.3] ITEMS
    Item:       Arrowhead
    Usefulness: Necessary
    Obtained:   Everywhere
    Arrowheads are the currency of Psychonauts. You need arrowheads to buy 
    items at Ford Cruller's camp store (located in the main lodge). You'll need 
    arrowheads in the Black Velvetopia level to buy paintings.
    In the real world, arrowheads are buried in the ground. Those close to the 
    surface release a glowing, purple Psitanium gas. Stand near the gas and 
    press USE to dig up the arrowhead. More valuable arrowheads are buried deep 
    beneath the surface and require the dousing rod to find.
    In dream worlds, arrowheads are released by broken objects and defeated 
    Item:       Cobweb Duster
    Usefulness: Necessary
    Obtained:   Camp Store (800 arrowheads, rank 20)
    The cobweb duster travels with you from the real world to the various dream 
    worlds you visit, While in the dream worlds, you can clear the mind of 
    cobwebs. Take these cobwebs to Ford Cruller's sanctuary and turn them into 
    Psi Cards, which can then be turned into Challenge Markers. Certain dream 
    worlds require the cobweb duster in order to advance.
    Early in the game, you'll be given a task to buy the cobweb duster. You 
    first have to buy the dousing rod so you can collect enough arrowheads to 
    purchase the duster.
    Item:       Dousing Rod
    Usefulness: Necessary
    Obtained:   Camp Store (50 arrowheads, rank 10)
    The dousing rod is used to find and extract deeply buried arrowheads. The 
    deep arrowheads are purer Psitanium and much more valuable. Run around the 
    campgrounds with the dousing rod equipped listening to the sound. It will 
    become very high-pitched when near a deep arrowhead. Triangulate near the 
    exact spot where the arrowhead is buried and rapidly press USE to extract 
    the arrowhead.
    1) Turn the music and voice off (Options>Sound) and leave the Sound FX 
    volume at the highest level.
    2) Use headphones, to more easily hear the changes in pitch of the sound.
    3) Use the F key instead of your gamepad as it is easier to rapidly press a 
    key than a gamepad button (unless you have a Turbo setting for your 
    4) Move around while tapping USE and watch the meter. The closer you are to 
    the arrowhead, the higher the meter will rise.
    The dousing rod is frustrating to use at first, but once you get the hang 
    of it you can rapidly rack up cash.
    Item:       Figments
    Usefulness: Necessary
    Obtained:   Various spots in the dream worlds
    As you travel through dream worlds, you can collect figments of the 
    person's imagination. Each 100 figment points is worth one Psi Cadet rank 
    (each figment is worth from one to ten points, depending on the world). 
    There are thousands of figment points to be found and dozens of ranks to be 
    gained. While you only need to go after every figment if you intend to get 
    to rank 100, you should not skimp on collecting at least the more obvious 
    figments scattered along your path.
    This guide will not detail the location of every figment in the game. Most 
    are quite obvious. Certain hidden figments will be mentioned in the 
    walkthrough, if they are difficult to find.
    For a full list of the location of every figment in Psychonauts, refer to 
    this guide:
    Item:       Bacon
    Usefulness: Essential
    Obtained:   From Ford Cruller
    Using the bacon allows you to summon an astral projection of Ford Cruller. 
    You can get advice from him on beating certain enemies, achieving your 
    goals or return to his lab so you can make item collection runs or turn in 
    campers' brains. After regrouping at HQ, Ford will send you back to the 
    starting point of the area you were in when he extracted you.
    Item:       Baggage
    Usefulness: Essential
    Obtained:   Various spots in the dream worlds
    Within each mind you visit you will find five pieces of baggage: 50 in all 
    through the course of the game. Each level has a dufflebag, hatbox, steamer 
    trunk, purse and suitcase. Each bag has an associated tag. You must find 
    each tag and bring it to the matching bag; this is called "sorting mental 
    baggage". Sorting all the baggage in a mind will gain you one cadet rank 
    and unlock some concept art.
    Item:       Psi Challenge Marker
    Usefulness: Essential
    Obtained:   Various spots in the real world
    Each Psi Challenge Marker is worth one rank. You don't have to collect all 
    of them; but, you should make an effort to pick up as many as you can in 
    order to have the strength to complete the game.
    Item:       Psi Card
    Usefulness: Essential
    Obtained:   Various spots in the real world
    You don't have to collect all the Psi Cards; but, like Challenge Markers, 
    you need to pick up as many as you can. Each nine Psi Cards is worth one 
    Challenge Marker (or one rank) when you combine the nine cards with a Psi 
    Core. You combine the Cards and Core in Ford Cruller's sanctuary.
    Item:       Psi Core
    Usefulness: Essential
    Obtained:   Camp Store (10 arrowheads)
    You need to buy Psi Cores in order to turn Psi Cards into Challenge Markers 
    (worth one rank).
    Item:       Smelling Salts
    Usefulness: Essential
    Obtained:   From Maloof right before Basic Braining
    Smelling Salts allow you to exit a dream world. Late in the game, once the 
    real world is closed to you, Smelling Salts or teleport worms are the only 
    means of leaving a dream world and returning to the Collective Unconscious. 
    Prior to that point, you can also use the Bacon to leave dream worlds.
    Item:       Crow Feather
    Usefulness: Convenient
    Obtained:   From GPC & Wilderness area next to the exit to the Beach
                Or by punching crows
    When you equip the crow feather and cast Clairvoyance, you can see through 
    the eyes of nearby crows. This makes finding some items a bit easier, but 
    thorough searching serves just as well. (Or using this guide...)
    Item:       Dream Fluff
    Usefulness: Convenient
    Obtained:   Camp Store (50 arrowheads)
    Dream fluffs are candy that fully restore your mental health. If you ever 
    run out of health and have at least one dream fluff in inventory, you will 
    automatically use it to restore your health. You can hold up to three 
    fluffs in inventory at one time. While not essential to beating the game, 
    having an instant save-from-death candy in your pocket is quite handy.
    Item:       Mental Magnet
    Usefulness: Convenient
    Obtained:   Camp Store (400 arrowheads, rank 15)
    The Mental Magnet attracts power-up items dropped by enemies or broken 
    scenery: mental health increases, aggression clusters, arrowheads and 
    confusion grenades. While you don't need the Magnet, it makes collecting 
    power-ups much easier and more efficient.
    Item:       Psi Colorizer
    Usefulness: Useless
    Obtained:   Camp Store (250 arrowheads, rank 30)
    Allows you to change the color of your levitation ball, in case you don't 
    like the default orange-red color. A waste of arrowheads unless you've 
    nothing else to buy and you're vain. To change the color of your levitation 
    ball, you must talk to Ford Cruller by using the Bacon when not in 
    Cruller's sanctuary.
                       ________               ________
                      /        \             /        \
                     /          \           /          \
                    /            \         /            \
                   |              |  ___  |     ITEM     |
                   |      [3]     |-/   \-|  COLLECTING  |
                   |              |       |              |
                    \            /         \            /
                     \          /           \          /
                      \________/             \________/
                         [3.1] PSI CHALLENGE MARKERS
     * Use the trampoline to reach the roof of a cabin. Walk halfway across the
       tightrope, then drop down to grab the tightrope with your hands (CANCEL
       button). Swing to the trapeze, then to the high trampoline. Jump up to
       the ladder and climb to get the Marker.
     * The Challenge Marker is on the roof of the lodge. There are three
       speaker platforms that have tightropes over to the lodge roof.
       Just climb a pole and walk across.
     * On top of a tree to the southeast of the center geodesic dome. From the
       top of the center dome, Levitate jump and float to it and climb the
     * Inside the old shack near Ranger Cruller. Levitate jump into the hole
       in the roof.
     * On top of a large rock near the water. Levitate jump from the nearby
     * Inside a small cave near the waterfall. Levitate jump from the top of
       the waterfall or try jumping across the old track supports after
       riding the rails out of the opposite mining tunnel.
     * Outside the main gates, on a ledge to the left of the gates
     * On the rafters of Edgar's room. Levitate jump up to it.
     * Over some pipes at the top of the green sludge room. Double-jump
       and float from the end of the curving hallway.
                              [3.2] PSI CARDS
     * Right beside Raz's cabin
     * In the outhouse next to Raz's cabin
     * On the roof of Raz's cabin
     * On the roof of the cabin next to the trampoline
     * Under the ramp to Coach Oleander's classroom
     * In front of the cave entrance
     * Two in the side tunnel of the cave
     * On top of the speaker tower
     * Among the roots of the big tree
     * On the trampoline leading to the Challenge Marker
     * On a tightrope above the cave entrance (requires Levitation)
     * Beneath the ramp to the main lodge
     * Past a gap in the fence on the path to the Kid's Cabins area
     * On top of the southeast speaker platform
     * On top of the northeast speaker platform
     * On top of the southwest speaker platform
     * On the roof of the lodge
     * On the sub-roof of the lodge
     * On the tightrope between the eastern speaker platforms
     * Behind a tree in the southeastern corner of the map
     * In the outhouse next to the parking lot
     * On the curb of one of the parking spaces
     * On top of the large stump in the center of the parking lot
       (requires Levitation)
     * On top of the Jeep in the parking lot
     * On top of the basketball goal in the parking lot
     * On a rock near the broken bridge
     * On a platform that is reached from the broken bridge
     * On top of the big entrance sign
     * On top of a rock along the path between parking and the lodge
     * On top of the hollow-log bridge
     * Under the geodesic domes
     * On top of the center geodesic dome--the one leading to Sasha's lab
     * Three on tree branches surrounding the geodesic domes
     * On top of the cave entrance leading to the Boathouse & Beach
     * Behind a tree on the hill east of the cave entrance
     * Four on the ground around the outside of the GPC fence
     * Two on rocks outside the northwest corner of the GPC fence
     * On a large rock near the old shack
     * On a ledge above the old shack
     * In a hollow log leading down from the ledge above the old shack
     * On the bank of the river southwest of the old shack
     * Two under the walkway leading to the main campgrounds
     * Behind some plants next to the boathouse entrance
     * On a cave ledge behind and above the boathouse
     * On the large mast above the boathouse
     * On a rope leading to the small mast above the boathouse
     * On the roof of the boathouse dock
     * On the roof of the bathysphere dock
     * On the small dock next to the large rock in the middle of the lake
     * On a small rock in the lake
     * On the floating pier
     * On the beach behind a rock outcropping
     * On a ledge above the beach
     * On a higher ledge above the beach
     * Two located in the trees, swing from the high ledge above the beach
     * Two on the hill in the middle of the swamp
     * Next to the tree surrounding an old truck, east of the swamp
     * In a cave behind the waterfall
     * Two on rocks above the waterfall
     * Three on the supports of the broken mine track
     * On the large tree with a cold campfire beneath
     * Two on rocks to either side of the cold campfire
     * At the entrance to the mine tunnel
     * Three in the mine tunnel
     * On tope of the mine tunnel upper exit
     * Two on a rope stretching across the middle of the area
     * On the ground near the janitor's trailer
     * Behind a gravestone, west of the janitor's trailer
     * On a ledge leading up to the tower gates
     * On a column inside the main gates
     * To the left of the main entrance into the tower
     * At one end of the side passage around the tower
     * On a rock next to the top of the elevator
     * Two on ledges against the outer wall
     * In Edgar's room
     * At the end of the first hallway
     * In a bedroom at the top of the first set of stairs
     * At the bottom of the elevator shaft
     * Two on the floor before reaching the first set of open-air rooms
     * Three on the outside wall of the open-air rooms
     * Bedroom at the top of the twisted stairs
     * Floor of the green sludge room
     * At the top of the rebar ladder near the floor of the sludge room
     * First set of wood platforms in the sludge room
     * On the inside ledge after you get Dogen's brain
     * On the rebar that you climb to reach the circular hallway
     * On a wood platform next to Crystal's brain
     * At the end of the rail near the top of the level
     * At the foot of the ladder leading into the lab
     * In the lab
     * Two on the circular walkway outside the lab
                            [3.3] SCAVENGER HUNT
    Upon entering the Main Campgrounds for the first time, you'll be given a 
    scavenger hunt list by Ranger Ford Cruller. There are sixteen items on the 
    list. For each eight items you find and turn in to Ranger Cruller, you will 
    receive four ranks. Ranger Cruller spends his time in the GPC & Wilderness 
    area, next to the old shack. Specific information on how to reach each item 
    is given in the Walkthrough.
     * Cherry Wood Pipe: near a tree in the southeastern corner of the
       Reception area; the tree is growing around an old truck
     * Condor Egg: in a nest in the swamp in the Reception area
     * Dinosaur Bone: up a tree in the Reception area, the tree is just
       east of the janitor's trailer and has a cold campfire beneath it
     * Diver's Helmet: in a cave above the boathouse, requires Levitation
     * Eagle Claw: on a platform reached from a broken bridge just east of
       the parking lot
     * Fertility Idol: in a beehive near the janitor's trailer in Reception;
       use Psi Blast to break open the beehive
     * Fossil: on a ledge in Sasha Nein's lab
     * Glass Eye: behind a grate at the end of the river in the Wilderness,
       requires Telekinesis
     * Gold Doubloon: under the main lodge, on the south side
     * Gold Watch: over the fountain in the Asylum courtyard, available only
       after you've completed the Milkman Conspiracy
     * Golden Acorn: guarded by a squirrel on the ground just below the 
       Pirate Scope, requires Invisibility
     * Miner's Skull: stuck in a geyser in the Wilderness, requires Shield
     * Pirate Scope: on a high rock east of the cave entrance from the GPC
       to the Boathouse & Beach
     * Psychonauts Comic #1: on a ledge above the beach
     * Turkey Sandwich: in a freezer in the cave in the Kid's Cabins area,
       requires Pyrokinesis
     * Voodoo Doll: inside the main lodge, on the rafters over the stage
                                [3.4] BRAINS
    By the time you reach the Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed, all the 
    brains of the campers have been stolen. You will find them lying around the 
    Asylum areas. Return them to Ford Cruller in his secret sanctuary for 
    increases to your maximum mental health.
     * Benny: Asylum Upper Floors, in a bathroom at the top of the first set
       of stairs
     * Bobby: Asylum Upper Floors, in a room beside the first pipe you grind
     * Chloe: Asylum Lower Floors, on a ledge above a broken wheelchair
     * Chops: Asylum Lower Floors, on a ledge on the outer wall
     * Clem: Asylum Upper Floors, in the locked room next to the room blocked
       by a chair, drop down through the ceiling to get the brain
     * Crystal: Asylum Upper Floors, on a wood platform below the curving
     * Dogen & Phoebe: Asylum Upper Floors, on ledges on the outside of the
       wall of the green sludge room
     * Elka: Asylum Upper Floors, on the outside wall of the first set of
       open air rooms
     * Elton & Mikhail: circular walkway around Dr. Loboto's lab
     * Franke: to the right of the main entrance into the Asylum
     * J. T.: just inside the main gates into the Asylum,
       nestled in the hedge
     * Kitty: on a ledge outside Gloria's arbor
     * Maloof: Asylum Lower Floors, on a ledge against the back wall
     * Milka: Asylum Lower Floors, carried in a basket by crows
     * Nils: Asylum Upper Floors, on the wood beam at the end of the level
     * Quentin: Asylum Upper Floors, in a window near the floor of the
       green sludge room
     * Vernon: foot of the ladder leading into Dr. Loboto's lab
                       ________               ________
                      /        \             /        \
                     /          \           /          \
                    /            \         /            \
                   |              |  ___  |              |
                   |      [4]     |-/   \-|  WALKTHROUGH |
                   |              |       |              |
                    \            /         \            /
                     \          /           \          /
                      \________/             \________/
                             [4.1] KID'S CABINS
    Psi Cards:         12
    Challenge Markers:  1
    Scavenger Hunt:     1
    Start a new game. After an extended cutscene introducing the story, you 
    have to create a profile for yourself. Each profile has five savegame 
    slots, plus an autosave. After you have created your profile, you'll meet 
    Ford Cruller in a dream and be introduced to the camera controls and the 
    concept of Psi Challenge Markers and Psi Cards. You then wake outside your 
    Before heading off to Coach Oleander's Basic Braining class, explore the 
    area. You'll find arrowheads scattered about. Stand next to the purple gas 
    emission and press USE to dig up an arrowhead. You can find a Psi Card 
    right next to your cabin, as well as in the outhouse close by. (USE the 
    door to open the outhouse.) There's also a Psi Card underneath the ramp 
    leading to the classroom and another among the roots of the big tree on 
    which the classroom is built.
    Beside a another cabin, you'll meet Dogen and find a trampoline. Double-
    jump on to the trampoline to get to the roof of the cabin (Psi Card), then 
    walk across the tightrope to the roof of your cabin (another Psi Card).
    From your roof, swing from the branches across to some netting on a tree, 
    then climb up to reach a ledge leading into a cave (Psi Card). Enter the 
    cave and explore, learning about sliding in the process. At the bottom is a 
    freezer with a Turkey Sandwich frozen in a block of ice. This is one of the 
    scavenger hunt items. You can't get it now, but note its location so you 
    can come back and pick it up later.
    Use the netting to climb halfway up the cave and use the side tunnel to 
    exit, picking up two more Psi Cards in the process. Go back and trampoline 
    up to the roof of the first cabin again. This time, walk only halfway along 
    the tightrope, then press CANCEL to drop and grab the rope with your hands. 
    Swing to the trapeze hanging from the nearby tree, then swing to a high 
    trampoline. Pick up another Psi Card, then jump up to the ladder and climb 
    up to get a Psi Challenge Marker.
    Drop back down and find the pole near the big tree and climb it to a 
    speaker platform. There's another Psi Card here. That makes 11 of the 12 
    Cards; you can't get the 12th until you have Levitation. Jump to the 
    trapeze and swing across to the ladder and climb to the platform leading 
    into Basic Braining class. It's time to learn the rules of the game.
                            [4.2] BASIC BRAINING
    Figments: 73
    Cobwebs:   0
    Vaults:    0
    Enter the classroom and talk to Oleander. Tell him you're ready to go and 
    enter his mind. After the short cutscene, ATTACK the wall where the picture 
    is being shown and enter the first phase of the Basic Braining Obstacle 
    Course. Follow the path, jumping or double-jumping as necessary. You'll 
    soon find your first figment and receive a description of how they work.
    Just beyond that figment is a steamer trunk. The tag is just over the next 
    gap, so go grab it and return to sort your first baggage. Proceed to the 
    ladder and climb over the tower. On the other side, pick up the suitcase 
    tag and climb the pole to the top of the wall. Climb another pole to the 
    top of the tower, then head down the ladder on the opposite side.
    There are fire vents on this side of the tower, so time dropping down the 
    ladder with the fire coming from the vents. At the bottom is a broken 
    bridge and a cutscene with your favorite bully. Drop down the ladder on 
    this side of the bridge, then choose one of two routes:
    1) Climb the ladder to the other half of the bridge.
    2) Go around behind the tower you just descended to find a Classified Route 
    through a hole in the ground.
    It doesn't matter which way you go, but to collect all figments, you must 
    take both routes. You will have to come back here later to collect cobwebs, 
    so just take either route now and remember to use the other route when you 
    return. Route #1 is easier once you have Levitation, so you might want to 
    use the Classified Route the first time through this level.
    Whichever route you take, you'll eventually find yourself at a set of 
    stairs leading up to a gun emplacement. Jump up to the ledge where the guns 
    are, but hang from your hands rather than jump all the way up. Shimmy 
    across and jump up onto the ledge after you've passed the guns.
    From this point, drop down to your left and go through a hollow rocket to 
    reach the suitcase. Then climb back up and use the trampolines to reach a 
    wall covered with netting. Climb the wall slowly, as sections of it are 
    blown out by artillery fire.
    At the top of the wall is a minefield with Dogen standing nearby. Don't 
    talk to Dogen yet, just step carefully through the minefield collecting 
    figments--each mine here is instant death if you trigger it. After you have 
    the figments, return to Dogen and talk to him.
    He wants you to lead him through the minefield. Agree and slowly lead him 
    through the largest gaps on the right side of the field. Every time he gets 
    nervous, talk to him to keep him following you. Once you get him safely 
    through, he'll give you five arrowheads.
    Now climb the flagpole, pushing the flag to the top, to open the door into 
    an airplane. Enter the plane, collect the figments, then punch open the 
    side door and jump.
    Figments: 79
    Cobwebs:   3
    Vaults:    2
    Course 2 begins with a game. Psi Bomb the large button in the center and 
    watch for enemy targets to pop up. Punch 20 targets within the 60-second 
    time limit and the gate will open, allowing you to continue. As you rack up 
    points, the targets start showing for shorter lengths of time. When this 
    happens, just stand in one spot near the inner circle and punch anything 
    that comes near you. You should score 20 points with a few seconds to 
    NOTE: You can keep playing this game at harder and harder difficulties, 
    receiving greater rewards--up to a bonus rank.
    Beyond the gate is your first vault. Punch it to unlock one of Oleander's 
    memories. Then punch the large wooden enemy target to form a bridge and 
    advance to an open field with a large gun at the end. The gun fires 
    continuously, but you are protected by a brick wall. You have to punch this 
    wall to knock it down and cause another to pop up. Quickly run/jump to the 
    other wall and repeat the procedure until you punch the last wall and 
    disable the gun.
    Return through the field picking up anything you missed, including the 
    hatbox tag and the hatbox. Then climb to the top of the gun turret, pick up 
    the dufflebag tag and Psi Bomb the boards to drop into a hole and continue 
    through the course.
    Climb the flag pole to open the door, then slide through the tunnel. Swing 
    from pole to pole to climb the next wall and find the dufflebag. Then climb 
    the next wall. Once you reach the platform, punch the cracked wall and step 
    through. You find your first cobweb, but you can't do anything with it now, 
    so jump to the lowest tightrope and jump from rope to rope to get to the 
    next platform.
    Punch the cracked wall, then drop down below the trapeze to pick up some 
    figments. There's also another cobweb here with a vault behind it; you'll 
    return later to get this. Jump back up to the trapeze and swing across to 
    the first platform. Pick up the purse tag, climb the ladder, jump to the 
    piece of airplane tail to your right and continue jumping over the pieces 
    of plane to get to the purse. Congratulations, you've unlocked some concept 
    art and gained a rank.
    From the purse, jump back to the platform above where you got the tag, then 
    walk the rope to another platform. Jump to the right side of the trapeze, 
    then swing to another trapeze, switch directions and jump to a platform. 
    You can see the third cobweb below you; when you return later you can float 
    down to it, then float down to the middle of the rails. Continue climbing, 
    swinging and jumping until you reach the rails. Ride the rails downward, 
    jumping from one to another to collect figments and avoid the enemy 
    You should be riding the center rail as you reach the end. Make sure you 
    jump over Bobby Zilch to reach the exit.
    Figments: 11
    Cobwebs:   2
    Vaults:    0
    After a short walk you arrive at a fiendishly tricky sequence in which you 
    must travel along a series of platforms (logs) that are rotating. Stay on a 
    platform too long and you'll slide off. Run onto the next platform too 
    quickly, and you'll slide off. You get the idea. Just take it easy, keep 
    moving and wait for the platforms to rotate underneath you before 
    As you come off the logs, there's a cobweb for later collecting, then ride 
    the rail to reach the end of the course. The final cobweb is in front of 
    the white door. Go through the door into the white hallway and advance 
    toward the curtain to trigger the cutscene where you earn your Basic 
    Braining Merit Badge.
                    [4.3] MAIN CAMPGROUNDS & PARKING LOT
    Psi Cards:         18
    Challenge Markers:  1
    Scavenger Hunt:     3*
    * One of the scavenger hunt items is inside the lodge, which is considered 
    a separate area in the game. So you will only see two scavenger hunt items 
    reported in your journal for the Main Campgrounds.
    After the cutscenes, press CANCEL to stow the button Sasha gave you in your 
    backpack. You can now enter the main campgrounds, so do so (after paying a 
    one-time toll of one arrowhead). As you enter, you'll get your scavenger 
    hunt list. Collect any eight items and turn them in to earn four ranks. 
    Collect and return the other eight to earn four more ranks.
    Just past the entrance, pick up a Psi Card on the other side of a gap in 
    the fence. You can pick up the Gold Doubloon scavenger item from a nook 
    underneath the south side of the lodge. There's also a Psi Card under the 
    ramp that leads up to the lodge. Go to the southeastern corner of the lodge 
    and look south of the speakers to find another Psi Card behind a tree. Then 
    climb the pole to the southeastern speaker platform.
    Get the Psi Card from the platform, then walk the tightrope to the 
    northeastern speaker platform, picking up a Psi Card on the way. Get 
    another Psi Card from the other platform, jump over to the roof of the 
    lodge and get the Challenge Marker from the peak. Down the other side of 
    the roof is a small platform with another Psi Card and a tightrope. Turn 
    around and face east and double-jump to the brown wood sub-roof. Walk under 
    the green roof for another Psi Card. Jump down and head for the 
    southwestern speaker platform to get your eighth Psi Card.
    From the platform, look down on the west side to see a chain of rocks 
    leading up to a piece of broken bridge. Jump down to these rocks and jump 
    your way to the bridge. Just past the bridge is another Psi Card, then use 
    the trapeze at the end of the bridge to swing across to another platform. 
    Here you'll get another Psi Card and the Eagle Claw scavenger hunt item.
    Walk the tightrope to the large entrance sign at the front of the parking 
    lot and get another Psi Card. There are five more Psi Cards in the parking 
    area, but one--on top of the big stump in the center of the lot--is only 
    accessible after you have Levitation. Go ahead and pick up the one sitting 
    on the log at the front of a parking space, the one on top of the Jeep 
    (double-jump from the wood post behind the Jeep), the one on top of the 
    basketball goal (double-jump from the yellow rock) and the one in the 
    outhouse. Then head up the path back toward the main lodge.
    Along the way, pick up a Psi Card from a rock beside the path. You should 
    now have at least 27 Psi Cards, enough for three Challenge Markers (and 
    three ranks). If you don't have at least 30 arrowheads, dig around until 
    you have at least 30.
    Head up to the main lodge and enter. Inside the lodge, jump on the frame 
    over the main door, then jump to the awning over Ford Cruller's shop, then 
    up to the rafters. Jump across the rafters to collect a scavenger hunt 
    item: the Voodoo Doll. Drop down and go shopping by talking to the cook. 
    Buy three Psi Cores.
    Leave the lodge and find the big hollow stump near the ramp leading up to 
    the main lodge. Jump inside. Welcome to the Whispering Rocket Rapid Transit 
    system. You can only go places you've already visited, so your choices now 
    are limited to the Kid's Cabins, the parking lot or Ford Cruller's secret 
    sanctuary. Head for Cruller's sanctuary.
    Once you've talked to Cruller and received your Bacon--a very useful device 
    with which you can communicate with Cruller at any time--drop to the bottom 
    of the area and make yourself three Challenge Markers with the Psi Cores 
    you bought and the Psi Cards you have collected. There are also two Psi 
    Cards in the lab--one on the floor level and another on a platform near the 
    top of the lab above the Rapid Transit stump.
    If you were diligent in collecting figments and sorting baggage in Basic 
    Braining, you should reach rank 10 and earn a new Psi Power. Jump to the 
    top platform and speak to Cruller to receive Pyrokinesis. After your 
    training, jump back into the hollow stump in the lab and return to the main 
    To the east of the lodge, at ground level, head north to enter the GPC & 
    Wilderness area. You will explore this area in greater detail later; for 
    now, move on to Sasha Nein's lab.
                       [4.4] SASHA'S SHOOTING GALLERY
    Once in the GPC area, head straight down the path, through a couple of 
    cutscenes, and then through the large hollow log. Enter the fenced-in area 
    with geodesic domes and climb the ramps to the highest, center dome. Punch 
    the door and let out the camper. After the cutscene, climb back up to the 
    open dome and enter. Open your inventory, select the button, equip it (USE 
    key) and USE it on the "threads". Jump into the hole to enter Agent Nein's 
    There are two Psi Cards and a scavenger hunt item (Fossil) in the lab. The 
    Fossil is on a high ledge you can see after you've turned the first corner 
    on the stairway. From the large landing opposite the Fossil, double-jump to 
    the nearest ledge and from there you can get to the Fossil. Jump back to 
    the stairway and from the highest landing, the first Psi Card is just below 
    you, so jump down to it and then jump down to floor level; the other Psi 
    Card is behind one of the metal screens. Go talk to Sasha.
    Figments: 92
    Cobwebs:   5
    Vaults:    2
    Following Sasha's instructions, enter the Brain Tumbler and the Collective 
    Unconscious. Walk through the one open door and enter Raz's psyche. Collect 
    the figments and vault in this area, then jump into the caravan. Start 
    punching the walls to break out of an egg.
    Leaving the egg, search around for the purse tag and then follow the white 
    rabbit. Collect figments and the steamer trunk tag before being accosted by 
    a monster. Sasha will pull you out and tell you he will teach you to fight. 
    Find the Rapid Transit stump in the corner of the lab and go see Ford 
    Cruller to get your Marksmanship Learner's Permit. Then it's back to Sasha 
    to learn about Psi Blasts.
    Figments: 69
    Cobwebs:   5
    Vaults:    2
    Follow Sasha's instructions to begin learning how to use Psi Blasts. Use 
    LOCK/FLOAT to lock onto a target and press the Psi Power key for the slot 
    where Psi Blast is located (it defaults to slot 1, which is a good place to 
    leave it). When locked on to a target, use the CAMERA left/right controls 
    to change the target.
    You reach a point where you have to shoot 1,000 censors in order to earn 
    your actual merit badge. Once you are comfortable with the way Psi Blasts 
    work, USE the large controller to increase the rate censors are produced 
    until it reaches the red danger spot.
    Uh oh.
    After the cutscene, run toward the large bedroom set. Your goal is to shut 
    down the censor valves; however, you want to collect all the goodies on the 
    set first. A vault and the dufflebag tag are on the bed. You'll find the 
    dufflebag beside the bed. On one of the large blocks is an astral 
    projection layer replacement.
    On another block is the hatbox tag; the hatbox is on one of the bedposts. 
    From the block where you get the tag, jump onto the block that looks a 
    little like a steamboat. The funnel is a trampoline, use it to bounce up to 
    a high platform, then jump to the headboard of the bed and run across to 
    get the hatbox.
    There are also two cobwebs under arched blocks, but you can't get them now. 
    Once you're confident you've collected everything, take out the first 
    censor valve by locking on to it and using Psi Blast, then blast the second 
    valve that springs up.
    Now a set of columns and circular platforms springs up. The censors are 
    tougher here, taking two shots to destroy and having a ranged attack of 
    their own. Collect everything you can find, including the purse tag and the 
    purse. There's also another astral layer projection replacement. Then take 
    out the censor valves.
    On to the shoebox set. You meet walking bombs for the first time. They will 
    get close to you and explode, for lots of damage. The steamer trunk tag is 
    on the ground level, while the steamer trunk itself is located on one of 
    the columns of shoe polish cans. There are two cobwebs on the main pile of 
    shoeboxes. You can find the second vault on this stage, roaming around the 
    cube. It can be on any face of the cube, so you're going to have to search 
    for it.
    Once the censor valves are destroyed, you move to the fire stage. The fifth 
    cobweb is at the base of one of the stairways. Head up the central pillar, 
    collecting the suitcase tag on the way. At the top of the central tower is 
    the suitcase and an astral projection layer replacement. There's only one 
    censor valve this time. Once it is destroyed, you proceed to the boss 
    You've got a very large and very angry censor to destroy; however, you 
    can't touch it until you get rid of the censor valves at the center of each 
    of five faces of the cube. Start running.
    Once the censor valves are destroyed, you can hurt the monster censor. LOCK 
    ON to it and keep blasting while strafing/jumping to avoid attacks. It 
    doesn't take much to put the monster down. Once defeated, you get your 
    Marksmanship Merit Badge so you can shoot more stuff.
    Time to face your own demons.
    Note about returning to Sasha's Shooting Gallery:
    You will have to return here to collect cobwebs, since you don't have the 
    duster right now. It is better to wait until you are rank 40 or higher, so 
    you can get full use from the Chain Blast upgrade.
    Figments: 92
    Cobwebs:   5
    Vaults:    2
    Back into the Brain Tumbler with you. Follow the same path as before. This 
    time, when confronted by the monster, blast it. Once it's gone, look to the 
    right to find the purse (you should have collected the tag on your previous 
    run) and note your first cobweb for later collecting.
    Continue by ascending a large, thorny vine to a ledge. Defeat the censors, 
    then double-jump to another ledge to get the steamer trunk. Just past this 
    area, you will drop down again. Turn around to pick up the dufflebag tag, 
    then continue down the path. Once you pick up the suitcase tag, turn around 
    and backtrack to the ledge where you found the steamer trunk.
    From that ledge, face forward along the path and jump to the pole. Swing to 
    the next pole, then to the vine. Position yourself on the vine so you are 
    opposite the long, thin stalagmite. Swing to the stalagmite, then climb to 
    the top and around to the other side. Jump out to catch another vine and 
    swing to a ledge. Double jump to the next vine, swing to the huge, vine-
    covered stalagmite, crawl around and jump to a large ledge. Pick up the 
    dufflebag and note the cobweb, then jump from ledge to ledge to reach the 
    suitcase. Drop down and backtrack along the lower level to pick up 
    additional figments.
    Continue after the rabbit. Pick up the hatbox tag and additional figments 
    before arriving at a cutscene of Dogen losing his brain. Enter the large 
    room surrounding the thorn tower and search for the hatbox, a maximum 
    projection layer increase and the second vault. Then start climbing the 
    vines around the tower until your way is blocked.
    At that point, Sasha pulls you out and tells you to learn Levitation from 
    Milla. Sounds like a good idea.
                          [4.5] MILLA'S DANCE PARTY
    By now you should have reached rank 20 and be able to learn a new Psi 
    Power. Go to Cruller's sanctuary and learn TK (Telekinesis). Leave his lab 
    and return to the main lodge. Go to the camp store and buy the dousing rod. 
    If you don't have 50 arrowheads yet, wander around and dig some up.
    Now, take the dousing rod and thoroughly search everywhere around the whole 
    camp until you have 1200 arrowheads. The Beach, Wilderness and Reception 
    areas seem to have the richest deposits. Don't neglect higher ledges and 
    the tops of rocks; some of the most valuable arrowheads are in out-of-the-
    way places.
    You want to buy both the Cobweb Duster and the Mental Magnet. The duster is 
    necessary to continue in later levels. The magnet will make your life much 
    easier by helping you collect all the power-ups dropped by enemies and 
    breakable scenery.
    Once you have both items, head for the Boathouse and Beach area and find 
    the "Admiral" (another Ford Cruller projection) in the boathouse. Talk to 
    him to get your canoe. Jump on the canoe, stand on the middle seat and 
    press USE to take control of the canoe. Paddle out to the floating platform 
    where Levitation class is taking place and pull up directly beside one of 
    the docks to automatically disembark.
    After the cutscene, talk to Milla to begin learning Levitation.
    Figments: 79
    Cobwebs:   3
    Vaults:    2
    Follow Milla's instructions to jump on your Levitation Ball and "bubble 
    bounce" across the first gap, then bounce and float (use LOCK/FLOAT in mid-
    air) through the rings. After getting through the rings, pick up the 
    dufflebag tag from the top of the wall and your first cobweb from the lower 
    floor. Jump back up to the carpet ramp and head through to a large, bowl-
    shaped room.
    Roll on your Ball around the room, picking up the speed you need to jump up 
    through the rings. Once all three are spinning, flower-shaped platforms 
    will descend. Pick up speed to get on the first platform, then bubble 
    bounce up to the first large platform. Pick up the dufflebag here.
    Jump on the nearest flower platform, then jump and float down through the 
    rings to a target platform. You'll be carried upward. Bounce up to the 
    platform that is within the wind stream and look back toward the fan. To 
    the left and lower down is a small platform with a figment on it. Bounce 
    down to the platform and enter the small room to get some figments and the 
    first vault. The chest in the corner leads to Milla's nightmares, which is 
    informative, but doesn't have anything of value.
    Jump back up into the wind and float to be carried across to the ladder and 
    the steamer trunk tag. Climb the ladder to reach a pinball-style plunger 
    that will propel you up to some spring platforms. Before rolling in front 
    of the plunger, get a cobweb from right behind the entrance you came 
    through and the hatbox tag directly across from the entrance. There are 
    also some figments on the floor to either side of the plunger path.
    Let the plunger throw you up; but, float down onto the side platforms to 
    pick up some figments and find the steamer trunk. Once you've got 
    everything you want, use the plunger to propel yourself to the spring 
    platforms and bounce to a floating flower platform. Ride it up and jump 
    across to the balcony. Run around the balcony, collecting figments, the 
    third cobweb and the hatbox. Then grind the rail to set the rings spinning 
    and start another flower platform moving.
    Jump on the moving platform and ride it up to the large central platform. 
    Collect the figments here, then jump/float down to the doorway and punch it 
    open. Pick up the purse tag from the hallway, then use the bowl room to 
    launch yourself up to the fence. Climb up and jump to the central platform, 
    where you learn you can levitate over certain damaging environments (but 
    still not water). Jump over the spikes and climb the pole to another flower 
    From this platform, jump to one of the rotating platforms and ride it 
    around, making sure you jump over the bar in the center of the room. Once 
    over the bar, jump to the slightly higher flower platform and then to the 
    spring to be bounced to the purse. From the purse, you can bounce/float to 
    the highest flower platform and then to the door. Punch open the door and 
    get ready to race.
    Figments: 97
    Cobwebs:   0
    Vaults:    0
    The object is simple: beat Bobby Zilch in a Levitation Ball race. There are 
    no cobwebs, baggage or vaults here and the figments are worth only one 
    point each, so concentrate on racing and avoiding obstacles. If you lose, 
    you can retry the race as many times as you like, so deliberately lose if 
    you are trying for a perfect game and need the figments.
    There are booster gates located throughout the course (identified by a 
    large white symbol hanging within the gate and repeated on the course floor 
    in front of the gate), as well as ramps that can propel you up into tubes 
    running over the course. The race is easily won as long as you don't hit 
    any obstacles, which brings you to a dead stop.
    For a quick head start, begin the race by going through the first booster 
    and then immediately going left to hit a booster gate that leads into a 
    long tube.
    Figments: 57
    Cobwebs:   2
    Vaults:    0
    After winning the race, you have to find Milla at the top of the next room. 
    Getting up to her requires floating from bubble-stream to bubble-stream. 
    Before floating up, explore the bottom of the room for figments, a cobweb 
    and the suitcase tag that's sitting in the middle of the floor.
    From the platform where you came in, there's a bubble vent directly to your 
    right and another ahead and a bit to your left. Jump to the vent directly 
    to your right and float up to a platform with an Ammo Up trophy. While on 
    the platform, look down between the pipes leading to the bubble vents you 
    just came through. There's a figment here that floats in a circular path 
    between the pipes; you'll have to time its movement and then jump down on 
    Jump/float your way through the other set of bubble vents to a switch 
    platform and punch the switch to turn on the large fan in the center of the 
    room. Your job, once again, is to get the rings spinning. It's easier to 
    float above each ring and then drop through it--you can turn your 
    Levitation Balloon on-and-off while in mid-air. Just use CANCEL to turn it 
    off and LOCK/FLOAT to turn it back on. Once all three rings are spinning, 
    the door will open. Float over to it and get the purse from the platform.
    Through the door, the final cobweb is on the floor of the next room. Get it 
    and as many figments as you want, before jumping/floating to Milla's 
    platform. After class is over, paddle your canoe back to the boathouse 
    Note about figments in The Party:
    There are several figments in this room that are easier to get after you've 
    completed the course. If you come back later through the Collective 
    Unconscious, Milla won't be in the room and you can land on her platform 
    without ending the level. This makes it easier to get some of the floating 
    Also, there is one figment that is on the highest set of floating flower 
    platforms. Get up on the highest platform along the wall--the one directly 
    behind Milla's platform. Jump on top of the speaker, then bounce to the 
    nearest high flower platform. You can see the figment to the left. You'll 
    need to get what little running start you can to succeed with the 
    bounce/float to the figment.
                            [4.6] SCAVENGER HUNT
    You now have just about everything you need to collect all the items in the 
    main camp areas. It is much easier to collect these items in the day, since 
    certain nasty beasties only come out at night. If you go back to Sasha's 
    lab now and complete the Brain Tumbler Experiment, it will be night when 
    you come out, so go item hunting now. Since you're already on the beach, 
    this is a good place to start.
    Psi Cards:         16
    Challenge Markers:  1
    Scavenger Hunt:     2
    Start by bubble bouncing onto the top of the boathouse roof, onto the 
    corner that is closest to the water. On the other side is a small platform. 
    From the platform, bounce up to the ledge then to another ledge that leads 
    to a small cave. There's a Psi Card outside the cave and the Diver's Helmet 
    scavenger hunt item inside the cave.
    If you have trouble getting onto the roof of the boathouse, you can come 
    back and do this part later. But then, there will be a psi-cougar in the 
    cave, so prepare Invisibility in order to sneak up on him and punch him 
    From the ledge outside the cave, bounce/float down to the large ship mast 
    on top of the boathouse. There's a Psi Card there, and a trapeze you can 
    use to swing down to the shorter mast. Another Psi Card awaits on one of 
    the ropes leading down to the dock roof and there's a Psi Card on the roof 
    as well.
    If you try to walk out on the dock, Bobby Zilch will throw you back. But he 
    won't stop you if you go over his head. Head out to the large, covered dock 
    in the center of the lake and get Psi Cards from the roof of the dock and 
    the small dock next to the big rock.
    From the roof of the dock, you can bounce/float down to the small rock with 
    a Psi Card, then bubble bounce to the pier that extends from the beach. 
    From this pier, bounce/float to the floating pier and the Psi Card there, 
    then bounce/float to the beach. Standing on the beach, facing the water, 
    head left around the rock outcropping to get another Psi Card.
    Head inland from here until you see a ledge with a path on it above you. 
    Jump up, then jump up to a higher ledge to get another Psi Card. From the 
    Card, look out toward the lake to see the Challenge Marker floating above a 
    big rock. Bounce/float out to it, then bounce/float back to this same path. 
    Continue on the path to pick up the Psychonauts Comic #1 scavenger hunt 
    From the comic, jump up to the tree branch and swing across to a higher 
    ledge. Pick up another Psi Card. Now climb up on the small rock that's on 
    the path and look toward the boathouse. You should see a line of tree 
    branches. Swing across them to a small platform, picking up two more Psi 
    Cards in the process.
    The remaining three Psi Cards are on the beach: two are under the walkway 
    leading to the main campgrounds and one is behind some plants right next to 
    the boathouse door. Find the Rapid Transit stump near the walkway to the 
    main campgrounds and use it to return to Cruller's sanctuary. By now, you 
    should have 30 ranks, and you will receive the Invisibility power.
    From Cruller's sanctuary, head for the GPC area.
    Psi Cards:         18
    Challenge Markers:  2
    Scavenger Hunt:     4
    From the Rapid Transit stump, bounce on top of the hollow-log bridge and 
    pick up the Psi Card. From the bridge, jump downstream and follow the river 
    to a grate (not far) and use TK on the Glass Eye behind the grate to pull 
    it to you.
    Head in to the GPC area. There's a Psi Card underneath the domes, and 
    another on top of the center dome (the one that leads to Sasha's lab). From 
    the top of the dome, bounce/float to the western tree branch that has a Psi 
    Card. Walk to the end of the branch and swing to the next branch. Slide 
    along the branch to the tree, climb the vines and walk out on the next 
    branch containing a Psi Card.
    From that branch, jump to the next tree and climb it to get a Challenge 
    Marker. Climb down to the branch that slopes downward and slide down, 
    jumping to another branch to your right about halfway down. You'll land on 
    another tree with a Psi Card on the branch. Drop down to the top of the 
    cave that takes you to the Boathouse & Beach area to get a Psi Card.
    Just to the left of the cave entrance is the crow feather, floating over a 
    rock. From the rock where you got the feather, jump up the yellow rocks 
    until you can't seem to go any higher. Then levitate-jump to some vines you 
    can use to climb up. The Pirate Scope is up here, and, just below it, 
    behind a tree, is another Psi Card.
    Down at ground level, just below the Pirate Scope rock, a squirrel is 
    guarding the Golden Acorn. Use Invisibility to sneak up and steal it from 
    him. North of here, you'll find two Psi Cards near the geysers. The Miner's 
    Skull is stuck in one of the geysers; but, you cannot retrieve it yet. 
    You'll need the Shield power first.
    Continue past the geysers, picking up two more Psi Cards near the GPC 
    fence. You'll also have to fight a psi-bear. LOCK ON and blast it while 
    dodging it's TK claw. Three blasts should take care of it. Beyond the bear 
    is a group of small rocks with two more Psi Cards. Continuing around the 
    GPC, you should find a very large rock with smaller rocks forming a 
    staircase up to it.
    Climb to the top of the rock and pick up a Psi Card. Turn around and swing 
    from branches until you reach a ledge with another Psi Card. There's also 
    the end of a hollow log up here. Jump in the log and slide down, picking up 
    another Psi Card in the process.
    From the end of the log, go left to the dilapidated hut and Ranger Cruller. 
    Turn in eight of your scavenger hunt items by talking to Cruller. You'll 
    get four ranks as a reward. Then bounce up to the roof of the old shack and 
    drop through the hole for a Challenge Marker. Bounce back out of the hut 
    and head downriver, collecting the last Psi Card from the bank, to the 
    Reception area.
    Psi Cards:         21
    Challenge Markers:  1
    Scavenger Hunt:     4
    After entering Reception, head right up the circular ramp to a hilltop. 
    There's a Psi Card up here. From the card, look down to see a small ledge 
    with another Card. Look out from the small ledge to see a Psi Card floating 
    near a tree that has grown around an old truck. Jump down to get the Card 
    and the Cherry Wood Pipe scavenger hunt item that is nearby.
    Continue upriver to the waterfall. There is a Psi Card in a cave behind the 
    waterfall. Then jump up the rocks to the right of the waterfall for another 
    Psi Card. Jump over the top of the waterfall and down a couple of rocks to 
    get your sixth Psi Card. Now jump across to the cave ledge in the cliff 
    face to get the Challenge Marker.
    Bounce/float along the broken track supports to get two more Psi Cards. 
    From the beam where you get the second Card, look down into the swamp to 
    see the Condor Egg in its nest; bounce/float down to it. Jump back toward 
    the cliff face and climb the slope to a large tree with a cold campfire 
    beneath it.
    Bounce up the tree to get a Psi Card and the Dinosaur Bone scavenger hunt 
    item. There are Psi Cards on rocks to both the left and right of the base 
    of the tree. Going over the rocks toward the janitor's trailer to the west, 
    look down to see a rope stretched from a tree. Float down to the rope and 
    walk across it, picking up two Psi Cards.
    Jump down from the platform to the cave entrance and enter, getting another 
    Psi Card. Prepare to fight a psi-bear. Once the bear is down, climb through 
    the cave to pick up two more Psi Cards. When you reach the rails at the top 
    of the cave, ride the right rail out to get the Psi Card. At the first 
    platform, turn back and bounce back to the cave exit and then on top for 
    the Psi Card. Then ride the left rail out to the other Psi Card.
    Head for the janitor's trailer and look for the Psi Card on the ground 
    nearby. Grab it, then Psi Blast the beehive--either double-jump and shoot 
    at the height of your jump or get higher up the slope behind it. The 
    Fertility Idol scavenger hunt item falls out of the hive. Watch out for the 
    bear in this area! Continue past the beehive to some gravestones for the 
    final Psi Card.
    Leave the Reception area via the campfire stage to enter the parking lot. 
    You can now levitate up to the Psi Card on the big stump in the center of 
    the lot. Then head for the Kid's Cabins area.
    Get back up to the cave entrance above your cabin, then look to your left 
    to see some netting on the rocks. Bounce/float over to the netting, climb 
    up, jump to some more netting, climb up then jump to a tightrope to get the 
    last Psi Card. Float back down to the cave entrance and slide down to the 
    freezer. Use Pyro to melt the ice and get the Turkey Sandwich.
    Go back to the lodge and count your Psi Cards and Cobwebs. Divide by nine 
    and buy enough Psi Cores to cover the result. Go to Cruller's sanctuary and 
    convert your cobwebs to Psi Cards and your Psi Cards to Challenge Markers. 
    Then return to Sasha's lab.
    Figments: 92
    Cobwebs:   5
    Vaults:    2
    Talk to Sasha to send yourself back to the Collective Unconscious and re-
    enter the Brain Tumbler Experiment. Now that you have the cobweb duster, 
    you may wish to backtrack and collect cobwebs. One web is in the drain hole 
    of a large bathtub overhanging the path. Punch the rotten steak next to the 
    tub and float up in its gas emissions to enter the tub and clear the drain.
    Once you reach the tower, head up the vine path until you reach the rotten 
    meat obstacle that stopped you earlier. Punch it and float up in it's 
    gasses to enter the tower and start the cutscene. Afterwards, USE the 
    garbage chute to follow Dogen's brain and start your battle against the 
    Psychoblaster Death Tank.
    LOCK ON to the tank and dodge its shots until it rears back, then Blast its 
    underbelly. It will roll over, so blast it some more until it rights 
    itself. Rinse and repeat until it is defeated. The tank fires confusion 
    grenades; avoid the fumes or you will not be able to control yourself or 
    your powers for a few seconds. If the tank gets a lock on you (the target 
    surrounding you turns red), jump for cover fast.
    After defeating the tank, you have to fight the brain itself. Get on your 
    Levitation Ball and dodge the confusion grenades and laser beam. When the 
    beam slows down, quickly roll in and perform a Palm Megabomb--jump so you 
    are over the brain, then repeatedly press ATTACK to slam down on it. It 
    should only take three or four successful Megabombs to put the brain out of 
    commission and end the experiment.
    After the cutscene you will have a useful new item, the Psycho-Portal. You 
    will use this frequently from now on. You can also use the Brain Tumbler at 
    any time to return to any previously completed level. You may wish to go 
    back and collect cobwebs from Basic Braining and Sasha's Shooting Gallery 
    Once you're ready to move on, head for the Beach and your meeting with 
                            [4.7] LUNGFISHOPOLIS
    Upon entering the beach area, you'll get a cutscene in which Lili is 
    captured. Follow the instructions you get from Ford by heading out to the 
    bathysphere and USE the hatch to open it and start the next cutscene. You 
    end up inside an air bubble on the bottom of the lake.
    Search the lake floor for arrowheads; make note of the bright yellow boxes, 
    they're full of nails. There are no collectible items in this area, so 
    climb the cliff face until you reach a bell tower. You'll have to break 
    some coral walls to make the climb. Jump on the rope to ring the bell and 
    summon your boss fight against the mutant lungfish.
    The lungfish will alternately suck things in and spit them back out. 
    Whenever it sucks in, start punching the boxes of nails to break them open 
    and pepper the fish with sharp, pointy things. After you've done this a 
    time or two, the fish will push the air bubble around.
    Prepare to be highly annoyed.
    There's no adequate way to describe the jumps and swings you have to make. 
    It all happens very quickly and you have no control over the camera and the 
    view is from a fair distance, so Raz appears quite tiny on the screen. Just 
    stay inside the bubble and move in the direction in which the bubble is 
    moving. Jump, swing, climb or whatever as seems appropriate. One thing to 
    note is there should not be a need to use Levitation while doing this. 
    Normal jumps and double-jumps will suffice.
    Repeat the previous fight involving boxes of nails.
    Repeat running inside the bubble.
    This time, your bubble trip ends in a rail slide, followed by a more 
    personal encounter with the lungfish. Note the clams scattered around. 
    Stand next to one and wait for the fish to swing its antenna at you, then 
    jump back. The antenna will catch inside a clam and you can run up and use 
    the mutant as a punching bag for a bit. Three rounds of punching should 
    subdue it.
    Equip the Psycho-Portal you "borrowed" from Sasha and USE it on the 
    Figments: 113
    Cobwebs:    5
    Vaults:     2
    Look! It's Godzilla in Tokyo! OK, actually, it's Goggalor in 
    Lungfishopolis; but, the idea is the same. This is actually a pretty short 
    level, but it seems like it takes forever because you move more slowly (as 
    befits a giant beast) and you can't use Levitation.
    The first thing you should know is you will need to smash the buildings. 
    With the exception of the skyscrapers, which you can climb like King Kong, 
    all the buildings are highly breakable. They are the main source for power-
    ups--and you will need a lot of power-ups in this mind. Also, on this lower 
    level of the city, some figments are sunk half-way in the water, keep an 
    eye out for those. You can get in the water here and retrieve them.
    Begin by climbing the skyscraper next to you for an astral projection layer 
    replacement. Continue until you meet some freedom fighters. They will ask 
    you to free some of their number from a nearby prison. Break open the 
    building with the exclamation points hovering over it and receive the 
    Shield power. This handy power is a necessity in Lungfishopolis.
    Set Shield to a Psi Power slot and Invisibility to another slot. Leave Psi 
    Blast where it's at. Remember, no Levitation in this world. Advance down 
    the left side of the town, destroying buildings and collecting figments. At 
    some point, the Navy will unleash tanks. Either shield yourself from the 
    rockets and then Psi Blast them from a distance (requires two Blasts), or 
    go Invisible and walk up and punch them (requires one punch).
    Go past the big tunnel leading to the large prison, and continue to the 
    next skyscraper, which has the purse tag on top of it and a cobweb beside 
    it. Backtrack to the prison. As you enter the tunnel, Shield yourself. The 
    laser grid will blow itself up.
    Enter the prison area, defeat the tanks and lay waste the buildings. Then 
    collect a second cobweb, the purse, the dufflebag tag and a vault. The 
    vaults in this level are as tiny as the lungfish, so you'll have to search 
    carefully to find it.
    Head back out to the city and back track over the bridge to a side area you 
    passed by earlier. You'll find the dufflebag here, as well as several 
    figments. Return to your rampaging. You now have to deal with electric 
    beams from a new type of cannon the Navy has let loose. Shield yourself 
    from the electric beams and hold the shield until the cannon blows itself 
    up with the reflected beam.
    Before you reach the dam, the Navy will set up a more powerful cannon next 
    to the blimp you released from the prison. Shield yourself every time the 
    cannon locks on to you, and advance this way until you are next to the 
    cannon--one punch takes it out. Make sure you have finished collecting 
    figments in this lower city, then jump to the top of the blimp and bounce 
    up to a crane hanging over the dam. Shimmy across and drop down on top of 
    the dam.
    NOTE: Up here, you cannot enter the water!
    Get the hatbox tag nearby, then walk across the dam to get the hatbox, a 
    cobweb and an astral projection layer replacement. As you advance, offshore 
    ships will begin firing at you. LOCK ON and Psi Blast them; if you jump 
    across and punch the gun turret, the ship will sink, leaving you to try to 
    get back to shore before the water curse gets you.
    Continue mowing down buildings until you reach a fork in the path. At the 
    fork, you should find the steamer trunk tag in the street; and, the 
    skyscraper to your left has an Ammo Up trophy on top.
    To fully complete this level, you will need to travel both paths. For now, 
    head right and take out the ships offshore by jumping to the ship without a 
    gun turret and LOCKING ON from there. When you reach the bridge, tightrope 
    walk over the wires until you get the astral projection layer replacement 
    on top of the second bridge support.
    Now, go back to the fork and take the left path. You'll find another cobweb 
    along this path, which ends at a monorail. Ride the rail through a tunnel, 
    picking up the suitcase tag in the process. The monorail takes you straight 
    to skyscraper island, where you really get to play King Kong for a while.
    To defeat the planes, climb to the top of one of the skyscrapers. When you 
    get near the top, watch to be sure no planes are near before going over the 
    edge. At the top, LOCK ON to a plane and Psi Blast it. You should have the 
    Chain Blast upgrade by now, which means you can take out three planes at 
    once. You should have no problem. If a plane hits you, you'll take a bit of 
    damage, but the plane will be destroyed, so it's all good.
    Once the planes are down, thoroughly loot--that is, explore--the island. 
    You'll find a max projection layer increase and the suitcase on top of 
    different skyscrapers. Once this island is finished, face out toward the 
    water and go right, over a ship, to the part of the city you skipped by 
    coming around on the monorail.
    On this small island you will find the second vault, the fifth cobweb and 
    the steamer trunk. Just be sure to thoroughly lay waste to the city. Once 
    you are sure you have collected everything--if you are going for 
    completion, you should have 111 of 113 figments by now--go back to 
    skyscraper island and head for the other end. Jump over the ships, getting 
    the last two figments, to Kochamara Island and prepare for the boss fight.
    You can't use Psi Blasts against Kochamara, but you can use the Shield 
    effectively. Kochamara has four basic attacks. Each attack is preceded by a 
    description of the attack shouted by Kochamara himself. Nice of him to let 
    you know what he's going to do. The four attacks are:
    "Miiiiiiiiiiightyyyyyyyyyyyyy......RAM!" - Performed from the air, 
    Kochamara races to you and hits you.
    "Deeeeeeaaaadlyyyyyyyyy......TRIANGLE BEAM!" - An energy ray shot from the 
    "Miiiiightyyy Raaaaam......GROUND VERSION!" - Same as the ram from the air, 
    but performed from the ground.
    "Ooooverrrrrlyyyyy Innnnn-triiiiii-cate......COMBINATION!" - A whirlwind of 
    melee attacks performed on the ground.
    "Haaaarrrrrrd tooooo aaaaavoooid......AREA ATTACK!" - A blast of energy 
    performed on the ground.
    The same basic strategy applies to all attacks: wait until he finishes the 
    long, drawn-out part of his announcement, then Shield yourself. If you are 
    having trouble timing it, turn on subtitles. You can damage Kochamara in 
    two ways:
    1) Your Shield will deflect his triangle beam back on to him.
    2) When he unleashes the area attack, he is helpless for a couple of 
    seconds afterward. If you are standing right next to him when it goes off, 
    you can drop your Shield and pound him a few times.
    Once you get the timing of the attacks down, Kochamara is cake. After he's 
    beaten, climb the radio tower to initiate the end-of-level cutscenes. You 
    then find yourself on the shores of the Thorney Towers Home for the 
                          [4.8] MILKMAN CONSPIRACY
    Linda gives you a fish skeleton, which you can use to call her to take you 
    across the lake any time you wish. Handy, right? You'll never use it. If 
    you ever want to get back to camp, just use the Bacon and tell Ford you 
    want to regroup at HQ. You'll go straight back to his lab. Do what you need 
    to do, including exploring the real world, re-entering the Collective 
    Unconscious with the Brain Tumbler, etc. Then return and talk to Cruller 
    again to be sent back. This works even inside the dream worlds. Just 
    remember: consult the Oracle of Bacon.
    NOTE: When you get sent back, it's just like loading from a savegame. You 
    go back to the beginning of the area from which you were extracted. For 
    example, if you use the Bacon to leave Lungfishopolis right before going to 
    Kochamara Island, you'll come back to the very beginning of the city and 
    have to fight your way through again. On the other hand, using the Bacon 
    right after landing on Kochamara Island will cause you to come back to 
    Kochamara Island. Just be careful where you use the Bacon.
    Your first task is to climb the cliff face to the asylum gates. Jump to the 
    low ledge with Lili's Bracelet, then to the next ledge with a Psi Card. 
    Climb the ladder and watch the cutscene with Boyd, the asylum guard. To the 
    left of the gates, on a ledge, is a Challenge Marker. Get it with a 
    Levitation bounce. Now use the Psycho-Portal on Boyd to enter...The Milkman 
    Figments: 165
    Cobwebs:    4
    Vaults:     2
    After the cutscene with Boyd, open the refrigerator to get the Clairvoyance 
    power. Run around the room and collect all the figments, then use 
    Clairvoyance on Boyd to find the Milkman is dead and to get the door to the 
    outside to appear. Head for the door and you will be sent outside.
    Welcome to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood as imagined by M. C. Escher. When 
    people tell you Psychonauts is twisted, this is the level they are thinking 
    about. The Neighborhood is full of secret agents "in disguise". Each group 
    of agents is surrounded by a dashed, yellow line. In order to pass through 
    the line, you must have a disguise just like the agents.
    Start by bouncing to the top of Boyd's house and exploring the back yard--
    inside and outside the fence. Consider this to be Standard Operating 
    Procedure on every house in the neighborhood. In order to collect figments, 
    you'll want to go into every house and explore the roof and yard of every 
    house. Make sure, when inside the house, you jump/walk on every piece of 
    furniture as some figments are hidden by placement on furniture of the same 
    color. You can also get power-ups by bashing objects in the houses and 
    opening the refrigerators.
    Go to the first house on the street, ignoring the black helicopters, spying 
    trash cans, etc. After exploring the house, head for the next house down 
    the street. Parked beside the house is a large, black sedan with a 
    satellite on the roof. The trunk is open, and there is a Stop Sign in the 
    trunk. Jump into the trunk to get the sign; this is your first disguise. Be 
    sure to thoroughly check around all the black sedans, as there are some 
    dark-colored figments hiding near these cars.
    Go down the street to where the "road crew" is working. The house to the 
    right has your first cobweb. Equip the Stop Sign and enter the road crew 
    area. Jump across the broken road and go to the first house on the left. 
    Get the purse tag from the roof.
    Avoid the phone man and hedge trimmers and bash the black sedan next to the 
    hedge trimmers for some power-ups. From the light pole across from the 
    phone man, jump to the next twisted street; don't worry, the streets will 
    re-orient themselves as you jump. At the second house on this street, the 
    black sedan contains the hedge trimmers. The steamer trunk tag is in the 
    back yard of this same house. Make a quick trip back to the hedge trimmers 
    house and get the suitcase tag from the back yard.
    Continue in the original direction, sidling around the sewer workers. The 
    next house after the sewers has your second cobweb and the hatbox (but you 
    don't have the tag yet). Pass up the cemetery for now, and jump to the next 
    street. Pass by the watering-can house, and enter the Arboretum to your 
    right. Go right and walk through the small gate. Collect the figments, then 
    bounce over the gate and walk through the large gate in the middle of the 
    Arboretum. Collect your flowers for the cemetery disguise. Don't forget to 
    walk around the small ledge surrounding the outside of the Arboretum. 
    There's a figment hidden behind the gardens.
    Continue in the direction you were going. The second house you come to has 
    the dufflebag tag. Get your third cobweb from the next house up the street. 
    Continue to the post office, and collect the watering can from the trunk of 
    the black sedan. Get figments and an astral projection layer replacement 
    from the roof of the post office.
    Walk up to the door of the post office and USE the keypad. Enter any number 
    you like; it will set off an alarm. Back away from the door and wait for 
    the agent to come out. Use Clairvoyance on the agent to get the correct 
    code for opening the door. (The code is randomly generated each time you 
    USE the keypad again to open the door and enter the post office. The 
    suitcase is here in the lobby. Use the cobweb duster to get your fourth 
    cobweb and enter the storeroom. This area is completely black. Use 
    Clairvoyance on the security cameras in order to see where you are going.
    **IMPORTANT NOTE: users of ATI Radeon video cards have reported problems 
    with the security cameras not showing anything. This problem is apparently 
    caused by outdated video drivers. The newer versions of the ATI Catalyst 
    drivers (version 5.4 or later) fix this problem.
    There's nothing in the storeroom to collect other than the plunger. Run to 
    the end of the room, get the plunger and run back out. When you exit the 
    post office, you'll be grabbed by a nightmare and have a mini-boss battle 
    on your hands.
    Psi Blast the worm until its head explodes, then use TK to lob one of the 
    bombs that fly out back into the open neck. The worm will turn to stone and 
    one punch will take it out. Jump into the blue, glowing hole to return to 
    the Neighborhood.
    Now it's time to backtrack. Head back to the watering can house and equip 
    your watering can to get in. Inside the house is the rolling pin. Be sure 
    to re-equip your watering can before leaving the house.
    Next stop is the cemetery. Before entering the cemetery, explore all around 
    the outside grounds to find the first vault, an astral projection layer 
    replacement and the dufflebag. Equip your flowers and enter the cemetery.
    After collecting all the figments, use PK on the vines in front of the 
    mausoleum and then punch down the door. Grab the book inside to trigger the 
    cutscene that ends with you back outside Boyd's house, with a fake rifle.
    Head down the street, passing through the road crew area, and enter the 
    hedge trimmers house. Grab the purse, and use the rolling pin to get to the 
    Ammo Up trophy; be sure to re-equip your trimmers before leaving the house. 
    Head down the street and equip the plunger to get into the sewers.
    Figments: 48
    Cobwebs:   1
    Vaults:    0
    Equip the rifle and prepare your Shield. Walk into the area with the 
    assassins and Shield yourself when the sniper locks on to you.
    Remove the cobweb from the door of the book depository. Collect figments 
    from the ground floor, then head up the stairs to start a cutscene. After 
    the cutscene, grab the helicopter pilot's helmet and use Clairvoyance to 
    see the Milkman's secret hideout.
    After the cutscene, pick up the phone. This is your final disguise. Re-
    equip the rifle, then collect everything you can find in and around the 
    book depository--the steamer trunk is behind the building. If you just want 
    to finish this level, skip the next section...
    To get the final piece of luggage, the second vault and the remaining 
    figments from the neighborhood, go back through the sewers. Return to the 
    hedge trimmer house and find the telephone worker nearby. Equip the phone, 
    climb the pole and ride the wires to a park.
    Pick up a maximum projection layer increase, the second vault and the 
    hatbox tag. Return to the "mainland", find the hatbox in a house across 
    from the cemetery, then re-enter the sewers to face down the Milkman.
    Equip your phone and head for the pole near the corner of the book 
    depository area. You'll be sucked into another nightmare. Defeat it, then 
    climb the pole and ride the wires. You have to jump over the telephone 
    poles or be knocked off to your death. In order to get 100% of the figments 
    in this area, you'll have to ride both wires.
    Once you've obtained all the figments you desire and are ready for the 
    final boss, prepare Invisibility. Knock on the door of the house, step back 
    and activate Invisibility. Wait for the girl to come out of the door, then 
    jump over her to trigger the cutscenes leading to the boss fight.
    The Den Mother tosses two items: exploding boxes of cookies and knitting 
    needles. The cookies never get further than the last stair of the staircase 
    on which she is standing and are easy to dodge. The knitting needles can go 
    further, and are harder to dodge, but you can Shield yourself.
    There's two ways to do this:
    1) The hard way: Dodge the cookies, Shield yourself from the needles, then 
    TK the boxes of cookies back at the Den Mother. This is tough and takes a 
    lot of coordination and luck, but the cookies do a lot of damage.
    2) The easy way: Stand at the bottom of the stairs and Psi Blast her. You 
    don't have to worry about the cookies as they won't reach you. Shield 
    yourself from any needles she throws. The Psi Blasts aren't as damaging as 
    the cookies, but it's a lot easier to hit her--you don't even have to LOCK 
    ON to her. The big disadvantage is there are no power-ups to be had, so if 
    you run low on ammo, you'll have to revert to method #1.
    After the Den Mother takes about 50% damage, things get really interesting. 
    She turns out all the lights, leaving you blind. Conveniently, she leaves 
    some knitting for you to grab--it's glowing right in front of you and is 
    called "God's Eye" in your inventory. Pick it up and use Clairvoyance to 
    see through the Den Mother's eyes. Use the same strategy as before, though 
    it will be a bit harder as your perspective has changed. Keep at it until 
    she is defeated and the Milkman Conspiracy comes to its explosive end.
                           [4.9] GLORIA'S THEATER
    Psi Cards:          4
    Challenge Markers:  1
    Scavenger Hunt:     1
    Brains:             3
    You're back in the real world and the Asylum gates are now open. You 
    already have the Challenge Marker and one Psi Card.
    BONUS MOVIE: Equip Lili's bracelet that you retrieved earlier and use 
    Clairvoyance for a scene between her and Dr. Loboto.
    As you go through the gates, turn around and bounce up to a Psi Card over 
    the left column. To the right you'll find J. T.'s brain in a jar, nestled 
    in the hedge. Collect brains and return them to Ford for increases to your 
    maximum mental health.
    Get the Gold Watch scavenger hunt item by bouncing over the fountain. To 
    the left of the main entrance to the Asylum is a Psi Card. To the right of 
    the entrance is Franke's brain. Punch through the rubble on the right side 
    of the fountain to reveal a side passage.
    Through the tunnel, turn right to get the last Psi Card, then go the other 
    way and look for Kitty's brain on a ledge to your left. Now that you have 
    all the Psi Cards and brains from this area, it's time to return to Ford 
    Cruller for a little ranking up.
    Use your Bacon. Regroup at HQ and give the three brains to Cruller. Count 
    your Psi Cards and Cobwebs and return to the main lodge and get enough Psi 
    Cores to make Challenge Markers from your items. Get some Dream Fluffs 
    while you're there. Leave the lodge and head for the GPC & Wilderness area.
    Now that it's night, you'll encounter psi-cougars for the first time. These 
    beasts like to set your world on fire. The easiest way to deal with them is 
    to go Invisible as soon as you hear their roar, then run up to them and 
    punch them. Three blows is all it takes to give them a permanent catnap.
    In the Wilderness area, go to the northeast side of the GPC and find the 
    geysers. Stand on the open geyser and activate your Shield. The Miner's 
    Skull will pop out of the other geyser. Pick it up and head for the 
    Ranger's shack and receive four ranks for finishing the scavenger hunt.
    Return to Cruller's sanctuary via Rapid Transit, convert your cobwebs and 
    Psi Cards to ranks and tell Cruller you're ready to go back into the field 
    to get back to the Asylum Grounds. Make your way back to the arbor where 
    Gloria awaits...
    Figments: 111
    Cobwebs:    7
    Vaults:     1
    Talk to Gloria if you wish, and try to take her trophy, just to see what 
    happens. When you're done having fun, use the Psycho-Portal on Gloria to 
    start her dream level. After the cutscenes, bounce around collecting 
    figments and such. There are a lot of figments in the seats, so be sure to 
    explore those areas well, including the upper levels. To reach the higher 
    seats, climb the ladder that leads to the spotlight and bounce up from 
    On the ground level (below the stage) you can get two cobwebs, below 
    Jasper, the critic; and, the steamer trunk tag, near the ladder to the 
    spotlight. Backstage you can find the purse tag, and the suitcase (no tag 
    yet) behind a cobweb. On the platform below Jasper is the purse. In the 
    upper seats is another cobweb and an Ammo Up trophy.
    When you've finished your collecting run, go backstage, up the ramp and 
    remove the cobweb (#5) from the door. Activate Invisibility and run down 
    the hall into Bonita's dressing room. Get the figments, then talk to 
    Bonita. She'll agree to come out if you can light the spotlight, which 
    requires a candle.
    Go down the hall to the storeroom, and get the vault from the back, left 
    corner. Climb the ladder and get the cobweb, then jump up to get the 
    steamer trunk. Swing across to a platform, then jump to a higher platform 
    and rope-walk across to the candle. Ride the banister down, then jump up to 
    the bell-pull and climb to the suitcase tag and the last cobweb.
    Get the suitcase from the backstage area, then climb up to the spotlight 
    and USE the candle on it. Then light the candle with Pyrokinesis. Sit 
    through the cutscene.
    OK, time to play director. Go talk to Becky, then climb up to Jasper and 
    talk to him. He'll give you a play called "Knight of Joy". Take the script 
    to Becky.
    There are three sets in this segment of the world: a main set with water 
    (water set), a water set used during the mail boat play (mail set) and a 
    set without water (land set). Each set has two moods: happy and sad. This 
    gives you a total of six scenes: water/happy, water/sad, land/happy, 
    land/sad, mail/happy and mail/sad.
    To change between the water set and the land set, walk through the 
    sparkling portal on each set. (The water set has two portals, using either 
    portal will change to the land set). You only get the mail set when you run 
    a specific play.
    The mood of the scene remains when you change the set. To change the mood, 
    punch the spotlight. Note that, in the sad mood, the little actors turn 
    into enemies and will attack you; you can fight back, which causes laughter 
    in the audience as you destroy the actors.
    Tough crowd.
    You begin on the land/happy scene, without figments. Each of the six scenes 
    has its own set of figments. You'll get the figments from the land/happy 
    scene later. For now, explore land/sad, water/happy and water/sad.
    With the scene set to water/sad, use the megaphone Becky gave you to run 
    Knight of Joy. The Knight comes out and kills the dragon, allowing you to 
    get to the higher level of the set and pick up another script: "The Day the 
    Mail Boat Finally Came".
    Give the new script to Becky and run it. Jump on the mail boat to be taken 
    to the mail/sad scene. Collect the figments and the script, "Goodbye 
    Hagatha Home". Change the mood to happy and collect the figments from the 
    mail/happy scene, then use the sparkling portal to change the set. This 
    switches to the water/happy scene and you can get the figment from the 
    upper level.
    Use either portal in the water/happy scene to change to land/happy and 
    collect your figments. Then change the mood to sad and run the "Goodbye 
    Hagatha Home" script. The balloon will come down. Use the poles on Hagatha 
    Home to swing up to the balloon and be carried up to the catwalks.
    Figments:  46
    Cobwebs:    0
    Vaults:     1
    Basically, a lot of "platforming". Jump, swing, bounce or slide as needed. 
    Keep an eye out for figments floating through the air and time your jumps 
    to catch them. Every so often, the Phantom will drop sandbags on you. You 
    can tell when the sandbags are coming by a bright green spotlight that 
    locks on to you. Go Invisible when you see the spotlight coming to prevent 
    an attack.
    Eventually you will reach a fight with a censor. Just past this is the 
    dufflebag tag. Beyond a set of trampolines, you will swing across a long 
    set of light poles ending in a sandbag rope. Jump from the rope to the 
    catwalk and head downward to get the hatbox tag, the hatbox and the vault. 
    Then turn back and take the upward sloping path. You'll have to fight 
    censors in both directions.
    Past a set of "chompers" you'll find the dufflebag on a large circular 
    platform, and a teleport worm if you want to go back and search for missing 
    figments. At this point, you should have 43 of the 46 figments in the stage 
    if you are shooting for a complete game.
    Continue down to a small elevator, fight the censor, talk smack with the 
    Phantom and pick up the candle. Run around the catwalk to the large 
    spotlight, insert the candle and light it with PK. Use Levitation to follow 
    the Phantom through the door. Now it's time to battle the Phantom! 
    Otherwise known as Jasper, the critic.
    What? You hadn't figured that out by now?
    Start by running to the back of the stage and picking up three candles. Now 
    jump into the music notes coming from the orchestra pit and use your 
    Levitation Balloon to float up to the catwalk. You'll need to sway back and 
    forth in the music stream to avoid Jasper's barbed pen.
    On the catwalk, go ahead and place a candle in each spotlight, then light 
    one with PK. Jasper will fall and call out some cronies. Jump down to the 
    stage and LOCK ON to Jasper and start blasting. Your Chain Blast (or Super 
    Chain Blast if you've been good about ranking up) will take care of the 
    little guys.
    You'll have to repeat this sequence at least three times--more if you fail 
    to do much damage to him when he's down. At one-third damage, he'll destroy 
    one of your spotlights. At two-thirds, he'll destroy another. Keep at him 
    until he goes down for good.
    Watch all the nice cutscenes, which end with Gloria going home and you 
    gaining her trophy. One "disturbed" person down, two more to go. Head 
    through the tunnel to get into the Asylum.
                            [4.10] WATERLOO WORLD
    Psi Cards:          4
    Challenge Markers:  1
    Brains:             4
    As you enter the Asylum, head to your right and look up to see a brain on a 
    platform above the broken wheelchair. Bounce up to free Chloe's brain. 
    Swing across the bars sticking out of the wall to get Maloof's brain.
    Looking back toward the front of the Asylum, you'll see two Psi Cards. 
    Bounce/float to them. From the second Card, you can swing across to a 
    small, broken ledge with a Psi Card and Chops' brain. Standing where you 
    freed Chops' brain, wait for some crows to fly down with a basket. Go 
    Invisible, drop down and punch the basket to free Milka's brain.
    Bounce back up to the large ledge above you and tightrope walk across to 
    Edgar's art room. After your conversation with Ed, get the Psi Card 
    floating nearby and bounce up to the rafters to get the Challenge Marker.
    Drop back down to ground level and talk to Fred and USE the Psycho-Portal 
    on him.
    Figments: 243
    Cobwebs:    7
    Vaults:     2
    You're in a small room where Fred and his diminutive genetic memory are 
    engaged in a game that looks sort of like Risk. Your mission, should you 
    choose to accept it, is to help Fred win the game by moving a knight into 
    Napoleon's castle.
    First, talk to either Fred or Napoleon to get the Hatbox tag. Collect 
    figments from around the room, then jump into the game board.
    How to Use the Game Board
    You have two sizes while on the game board: large and small. When large, 
    you'll be like Goggalor in Lungfishopolis, except you can't crush anything. 
    You can walk all around the board, including in the water tiles. It's in 
    large mode that you use TK to move your pieces. When small, you're down in 
    the game, interacting with it and it will seem like you're in a medieval 
    town. Down here, you can't go in the water and the world is full of censors 
    and cannon.
    To go from large to small, focus on any building and press USE. To go from 
    small to large, pop a champagne cork (punch it) and float up in the gasses. 
    To exit the game board while large, find the hanging tapestry near one end 
    of the river and climb it.
    Ready? Alright, after jumping into the game and watching the cutscenes, 
    explore the board for figments and the suitcase tag. Talk to Napoleon and 
    ask how to play the game.
    Note the position of the first peasant's hut: it has dancing exclamation 
    points over it and a revolving sign on the roof depicting a peasant. Nearby 
    is the carpenter's house: same dancing exclamation points and a revolving 
    sign with tools on it. Focus on the carpenter's house and press USE to go 
    Down here, in addition to censors, you have to deal with cannon. Cannon 
    walk around on two legs, and have a metal shell that protects them from Psi 
    Blasts. They will lock on to you and hit you with very painful explosives. 
    There are two ways to deal with them:
    1) The easiest way is to get close enough to grab them with TK and fling 
    them away. If you drop them in the river, they will sink and be destroyed.
    2) You can also sneak up on a cannon by using Invisibility. When its legs 
    are retracted, use PK to light its fuse and blow it up.
    OK, go to the carpenter's door and talk to him to find out about the 
    thieves on his roof. You have to get up there and take them out in order to 
    get the carpenter to come out. Pick up a cobweb from just outside the 
    carpenter's work area, then head for the peasant's hut.
    On the way, stop by the large guillotine platform, remove the cobweb from 
    the entrance to the lower part of the platform and pick up the suitcase. 
    Knock on the peasant's door to find out his problem: he doesn't think Fred 
    cares any more.
    Now, climb the ladder to the peasant's roof and float up his chimney smoke 
    to the guillotine platform nearby. Turn Invisible to evade the guillotine 
    blade and quickly run across the tightrope and take out the censor. Bash 
    through the wood planks of the attic doorway and defeat the censors inside. 
    The dufflebag is here, but you don't have the tag yet.
    Go through the attic, activate Invisibility, then tightrope walk across to 
    the carpenter's house and defeat the censor. Jump up to the roof and defeat 
    the large censor and collect the first vault. Once that's done, drop back 
    down and talk to the carpenter to get him to come out.
    Pop a cork to go large and use TK to move the carpenter piece over to the 
    broken bridge. He'll repair it. Then climb out of the game board and talk 
    to Fred to get a letter to give the hopeless peasant. While you're up here, 
    look in the fire and notice a coin floating near the back. Use TK to pull 
    it to you. Drop back down into the game and go small at the peasant's hut.
    Give the letter to the peasant. Go large and move the peasant over to a 
    space next to Napoleon's soldier. They will destroy each other. Now another 
    soldier comes out and destroys another bridge. For some reason, a large 
    salt shaker is blocking the bridge. Use TK to hurl it out of the way.
    Move your carpenter over to the other broken bridge and he'll repair it. 
    Now focus on the second peasant's hut and go small to talk to him. He'll 
    only come out if you pay him, so equip your gold coin and he'll come out. 
    Before leaving, search the hills behind his house for a figment that's 
    fairly well hidden beneath a tree.
    Go large again. Repeat mutually assured destruction between the peasant and 
    Napoleon's soldier.
    Another soldier now appears to guard the castle. Go small and talk to the 
    third peasant, This one wants a weapon. The weapon is located in the 
    castle. This would be a good time to thoroughly explore the "small" world 
    of Waterloo, picking up the musket in the process.
    There are figments everywhere (243 in all in this world), so spend some 
    time tracking them down. Quite a few require you to get up in the air 
    (float from chimney smoke or bounce off a roof) and float to get them. 
    There's one set that is only reachable from the first peasant's house if 
    you climb the revolving sign pole and double-jump off it. This is a very 
    tricky maneuver, so don't waste time on it unless you insist on a perfect 
    On the roof of peasant #2's house is the dufflebag tag. You can then go 
    back to the attic where the dufflebag is located. Next to this building is 
    a large, grey palace with a blue roof. Drop down and walk around the palace 
    looking for a ladder. Climb the ladder to get a figment and a cool view.
    Drop down off the ledge and look for stairs going down. At the bottom of 
    the stairs is a cobweb and the hatbox. Head for the restaurant next (it has 
    a revolving sign of a spoon and fork). Bounce up to the roof and use the 
    chimney smoke to collect figments and get across the river.
    You'll be at an arched structure over a small pond. Get the purse tag and a 
    cobweb underneath the arch and a max projection level increase from the top 
    of the arch. Next to peasant #3's house is a waterwheel. Ride the 
    waterwheel up and swing across some poles to fling yourself into the 
    chimney smoke. Float up to the flagpole and grab an Ammo Up.
    Now head for the castle, specifically to the left guardhouse, which has a 
    cobweb blocking the entrance. Defeat the censors and collect figments. Use 
    the poles on the left side of the room to swing up to a tightrope. Walk 
    across to the beam, then jump to the platform with the purse.
    Carefully drop off the platform so you grab the edge with your hands and 
    shimmy across to another platform. Walk across the tightrope to a flagpole, 
    climb up and jump to the roof of the guardhouse. Defeat the censors, then 
    get a good, fast roll going on your Levitation Ball and jump to the gate 
    pole. Swing across to the opposite tower, which is covered with netting. 
    Climb around and drop down on the roof of the other guardhouse.
    Get rid of the censors, then remove the cobweb from the door. Inside, drop 
    down one level to get the steamer trunk tag. The large haystack here hides 
    a figment. Drop down to ground level and PK the haystack to get the musket. 
    Use PK on the door for an easy exit.
    To make things easier for yourself, advance into the castle now while the 
    drawbridge is down. Get the final cobweb from the side of the right-hand 
    guardhouse--just climb the ladder. Use Invisibility to sneak down the 
    drawbridge and into the center area of the castle. Blast the censors and 
    then TK the cannon into the river. Collect the second vault while you're up 
    Now return to peasant #3 and give him the musket. Use him to get rid of the 
    guard and the castle is open!
    Not so fast. Napoleon raises the drawbridge and throws something in the 
    gears to jam it. Now you have to get into the castle and remove the jamming 
    piece. Getting in is much easier now that you have removed the two cannon. 
    Use the tightrope on the right side, then float down to the left side rope 
    to get to the main castle. Go around the left side and grab the steamer 
    trunk from the low platform.
    Just beyond the trunk is a ladder; bounce up to it and proceed through a 
    rather tricky bit of platforming. From the first platform, the next is a 
    double-jump away. Then there's some tightrope walking between the next two 
    platforms. Finally, you have to make a very precise bounce/float: bounce 
    out toward the tower that protrudes from the wall, when you reach it, begin 
    floating to slide under the tower support and reach a sword blade.
    Tightrope walk to the spear and jump over it to the next rope, which takes 
    you to another sword blade, this one turned on edge. Jump up over the 
    blade, then perform a double-jump as you pass over the blade and float down 
    to the cannon tower. Bounce/float to the other cannon tower and remove the 
    jammed piece with TK.
    Time to get your knight into the castle. If you wish to go talk to the 
    knight first, he's located in the restaurant across the river. He's hungry 
    and likes to eat escargot. There's a snail farm behind and a bit to the 
    right of the castle, so go there and collect at least ten snails by using 
    TK to draw them to you.
    Once you have the snail piece, start punching trees in the snail farm and 
    orchard. They are full of figments, and punching trees will knock them to 
    the ground. Once you are satisfied you have everything you can get from the 
    small game world, punch a cork and go large. Move the snail piece to the 
    tavern, the knight comes out and you can revert to large size and fling him 
    into the castle to win the game and end this world.
                           [4.11] BLACK VELVETOPIA
    Back in the Asylum, receive Fred's straightjacket as a reward for defeating 
    Napoleon. Make sure you have some cash (arrowheads) in your pockets, then, 
    head up to see Edgar again. Use the Psycho-Portal on him and enter the 
    colorful world of an Alannah Myles song...
    Figments: 142
    Cobwebs:    7
    Vaults:     2
    After all the cutscenes are through, pick yourself up, dust yourself off 
    and go shopping. You need to buy the rose painting (5 arrowheads) and the 
    archway painting (no cost) being sold by the dog nearby. Find the nail hook 
    on the wall you fell through on your way in and hang the rose painting to 
    receive a rose. Then hang the archway painting to open an archway to the 
    main street.
    The main gameplay in this world is to work your way up the street, avoiding 
    the bull, El Odio, who comes steaming along about once every five seconds 
    or so. There are alleys, like the one you are in, scattered about. Some you 
    can reach with a quick run-and-jump, others require a bit more work. If you 
    get hit by the bull, you don't get hurt, but you do get thrown back to a 
    previous alley.
    NOTE ON ROSES: You can use roses to gain entrance to windows along the 
    street. You'll see shutters thrown open and feminine hands waving fans. Run 
    up to a window with a rose in your hand and you'll be welcomed inside with 
    hugs and kisses while the bull runs past. You can then return to that same 
    window any time--with or without a rose. The main use is to skip some of 
    the longer acrobatic sequences; it's quite possible to fully complete this 
    world without ever using a rose.
    Along the way, you will pick up four Queen cards--each one requiring a 
    mini-boss fight. Once you have all the cards, you will face down El Odio 
    himself. Finally, figments in this world not only blend in very well (due 
    to the bright, fluorescent colors of the whole world), but they are 
    frequently hanging on walls where they look like paintings. Keep a sharp 
    eye out if you're gunning for 100%.
    Once you have opened the alley, step into the entrance and note the 
    frequency with which El Odio runs his route. Wait for him to pass and then 
    grab the two figments in the street (one stationary, one moving) and duck 
    back into the alley. Your goal is another alley across and just up (towards 
    El Odio) the street. Wait for the bull to pass, and run over there.
    The steamer trunk is on the ground, but you don't have the tag yet. Jump up 
    on the awnings and use them as trampolines to get to the high ledge. Jump 
    to another high ledge across the street, jump back across to a balcony, 
    then jump/float down into the next alley up the street. Collect some 
    figments, then jump over the small fence and wait right next to it for the 
    bull to pass.
    Run up and across the street to a gated alley. You can stand just outside 
    the gates and avoid El Odio. On the other side of the gates is a yellow 
    button. Use TK on the trashcan to hit the button and open the gates. 
    Collect the steamer trunk tag, then hoof it back down the street to sort 
    the trunk. Make your way back to the gated alley.
    Next is another alley with a small fence that is almost directly across the 
    street. This time, there is not enough room to stand outside the fence, so, 
    as soon as the bull is past, run across and jump the fence. Fight off the 
    censors, then go down the alley to a gate. Again, TK the trashcan against 
    the yellow button to open the gate.
    This alley turns and goes back to the street, directly opposite your first 
    card: the Queen of Clubs (Tiger). Before jumping across to the card, jump 
    on top of the fence and then bounce up to a balcony across and just down 
    the street. Pick up the dufflebag tag, and then float down to the card. 
    After the tiger grabs it, jump into the picture for the mini-boss fight.
    Queen of Clubs
    The first three mini-boss fights all follow the same pattern: bad dude has 
    a special attack that can be avoided either with Levitation or Shield (or 
    both). All are susceptible to Palm Megabombs. Tiger has a fast rushing 
    melee attack that is quite vulnerable to your Offensive or Ferocious Aura 
    Shield and a Tiger Pounce that rolls you quite a distance.
    Best strategy is to stay on your Levitation Ball to avoid his quick rush 
    and pounce and Palm Megabomb him when he pauses. Afterwards, give your card 
    to Edgar so he can build his tower. Then jump back into the Queen of Clubs 
    painting to return to the alley.
    Climb the ladder next to the card and jump to the bar and shimmy about 
    halfway across the street. Start swinging and time your jumps over the two 
    poles to the next bar so you avoid El Odio. Shimmy across the second bar 
    and again time your swing across a pole to another bar. Swing to the next 
    bar and then into an alley to your left. The Queen of Hearts (Dragon) is 
    right across from you, but don't pick it up yet.
    Head up the alley to another artist dog. Buy a rose painting (20 arrow-
    heads) and a guitar painting (40 arrowheads). Talk to the dog to learn 
    about the famous matador, Dingo Inflagrante. You'll note a gate nearby, 
    through which you can see the dufflebag. You can't get through this gate 
    now, so don't worry about it.
    Head back to the street and cross to the Queen of Hearts. Note the nail 
    hook on the wall beside the card. First hang your rose painting to receive 
    a rose, then the guitar painting to form a ladder. Enter the card painting 
    to begin the next mini-boss match.
    Queen of Hearts
    The Dragon is even easier than the Tiger. The main special attack is the 
    Dragon Roar. Bounce around raining Palm Megabombs on the Dragon's head 
    until he gets ready to Roar. Then Shield yourself until the attack is over, 
    then Megabomb him some more. He should go down quickly. Give the card to 
    Edgar and jump back into the Queen of Hearts painting.
    Climb the guitar ladder and get your first cobweb. You'll pass through a 
    small room to a balcony overlooking the street. Ignore the One Way sign and 
    head left, over some ledges and a tightrope until you reach a fire escape. 
    Climb the ladder and then lower it to the street by USING the crank. You 
    can now use this method of advancing past this portion of the street rather 
    than the guitar ladder.
    Before going back up the street, look down the street to see a high ledge 
    with an Ammo Up trophy on it. From this high fire escape, a fast roll-
    bounce-and-float can get you there. Pick up the trophy and a figment.
    Head back up the street until you reach a low ledge on the right side with 
    some bars beyond it. The first, lower bar here is too low so you must jump 
    to it and then to the next bar between passages of the bull. (Alternately, 
    you can bounce/float directly to the second bar.) At the second, higher 
    bar, wait for El Odio to pass, then drop and run to the manhole and drop 
    down into the sewers.
    Explore this first tunnel thoroughly for figments (one is inside a 
    basketball goal). Remove the cobweb from the side tunnel and head through. 
    Climb this second ladder to come out near another dog artist. Buy his vine 
    painting (75 arrowheads) and window painting (55 arrowheads).
    Go back down into the sewers and explore this second main tunnel. You'll 
    find a vault and a cobweb. At one end is a gate with the familiar yellow 
    button and trashcan. Open it and climb the ladder to another alley.
    If you follow the upward slope of the alley, you'll be blocked by some 
    vines. Pyro them out of the way to reach the dufflebag. The gate to dog 
    artist #2 will open. Go through and head back to the Queen of Hearts card. 
    Remove the guitar painting and hang the window painting on the hook. A 
    window with a hidden figment will open. Get the figment, take down the 
    window and go back the way you just came, passing by the sewer entrance.
    At the other end of the alley is a hook. Hang the window for another hidden 
    figment, then hang the vine painting and climb it. Jump to a ledge, then 
    swing and jump across to a roof garden. Collect the second vault and a lot 
    of figments, then drop down the other side to return to dog artist #2.
    Go back down the alley where you found the dufflebag and drop into the 
    sewers. Head back through the tunnel and climb the ladder to find dog 
    artist #3 (where you purchased the vine and window paintings). Climb the 
    pole, and jump to the ledge. When you reach the corner, bounce/float across 
    to the opposite ledge and continue until you see a ladder.
    Drop to the balcony below and USE the crank to lower the ladder to the 
    street. Drop down and enter the Queen of Diamonds (Eagle) painting for your 
    third mini-boss fight.
    Queen of Diamonds
    Eagle has a dive-bombing attack that is easy to avoid using your Levitation 
    Ball. Palm Megabomb him when he's on the ground and he'll go down quickly 
    enough. Give the card to Edgar and re-enter the street through the Queen of 
    Diamonds painting.
    Climb the ladder you lowered before the fight and bounce up to the ledge. 
    Bounce across the main street to a ledge with a cat figment. Then 
    bounce/float to another ledge further up the street with several figments. 
    Now return to the ledge above the Queen of Diamonds, and this time walk 
    around the corner and jump/swing your way to the end of the alley. You'll 
    find the hatbox tag and a picture hook. Hang the window painting here to 
    open a passage to the next portion of the street.
    When you come out of the window, pick up a cobweb and a max projection 
    layer increase. Float down from this ledge to an alley across the street 
    where dog artist #4 and the fourth card await. The dog will tell you a tale 
    of woe, how he is supposed to be painting an ad for the great Dingo, but 
    the bull keeps interrupting.
    Climb the ladder to reach the matador's apartment (you must do this before 
    the final mini-boss fight). Remove the cobweb from the door and collect 
    figments and the suitcase tag from Dingo's bedroom. Go down the stairs and 
    talk to Dingo to get the Confusion power.
    Go back up to the bedroom and take the cobweb out of the fireplace and step 
    through to a secret passage. Follow it to the end, where you get your last 
    cobweb. Ride the rail across to the suitcase. On the way back, jump off the 
    rail to the right and find a balcony with a Confusion Ammo Up trophy. (This 
    trophy will only be here if you have the Confusion power.) Bounce back up 
    to the rail and return to the apartment. Search the apartment for the 
    Go back to the street where the Queen of Spades (Cobra) is waiting. For a 
    max projection layer increase, help the bulldog paint the ad. Wait for El 
    Odio to pass, then throw a Confusion grenade up the street. As soon as the 
    bull is stunned by the fumes, press USE to tell the bulldog "Go boy!" He 
    will paint the ad and you will get your reward from Dingo.
    Now enter the ring against Cobra.
    Queen of Spades
    Cobra is impossible to touch unless you hit him with a Confusion grenade 
    first. Wait until he's moving slowly, then LOCK ON and use your Confusion 
    power. As soon as he's stunned, move in and pummel him. Then Shield 
    yourself against his attacks. Rinse and repeat until Cobra goes down and 
    you return to Edgar with the fourth card.
    Figments:  18
    Cobwebs:    0
    Vaults:     0
    The tower has been built, so it is time to bounce around collecting 
    figments. You can also get the purse tag from one of the balconies and the 
    purse from ground level. When your collecting is finished, climb the tower 
    to begin the final battle against Edgar the bull.
    First, it's you against Edgar. Throw a confusion grenade in front of you 
    and wait for the bull to charge into the fumes. Then grab a nearby 
    banderilla (barbed spear used in bullfighting) and throw it at the bull. 
    Once you've driven four spears into Edgar's hide, Dingo/El Odio comes down 
    to join the fight.
    Your mission now is to destroy Dingo while keeping Edgar alive. Pull the 
    banderillas out of Edgar using TK and throw them on the ground. Dingo will 
    teleport around the area, trying to attack you. Stand next to one of the 
    spears and wait for him to teleport in, then dodge his attack.
    While he's posing for the crowd, hit him with a Confusion grenade and then 
    use TK to stick him with a spear. If, during the fight, you run out of 
    Confusion grenades, break open the roses being thrown into the arena. While 
    you're attacking Dingo, Dingo might stick Edgar with a spear; pull it out 
    before you go back to fighting the matador. Stick Dingo with four spears 
    and Edgar's mind is cleansed.
    Back in the real world, Edgar gives you his painting of Dr. Loboto. Your 
    disguise is complete and it's time to put an end to all this.
                          [4.12] ASYLUM UPPER FLOORS
    Psi Cards:         16
    Challenge Markers:  1
    Brains:             9
    Talk to Crispin, the orderly in front of the elevator, to find out how to 
    disguise yourself as Dr. Loboto. You already have the items, so equip the 
    straightjacket, the painting and Gloria's trophy and Crispin will let you 
    ride the elevator to the upper floors. Thus begins a long platforming 
    sequence through another twisted reality, where you will be dancing on the 
    The main enemies here, besides falling, are kamikaze psi-rats that run up 
    to you and explode, doing not only serious damage but confusing you as 
    well. If you can't see them fast enough to Blast them from a distance, 
    Shield yourself from their explosions--you'll still be confused, but at 
    least you won't be hurt. If you do Blast them at a distance, make sure you 
    avoid the fumes or you'll still end up confused.
    Go to then end of the hall, over the pile of mattresses, for your first Psi 
    Card. Up the stairs, go right, over the hole in the floor to find Benny's 
    brain in the bathroom and your second Psi Card in the bedroom.
    Go back over the hole in the floor and continue down the hall until you can 
    turn left. Swing over the gap in the floor and then drop down the elevator 
    shaft to your left; there's a Psi Card at the bottom.
    Climb the fallen piece of floor nearby and start grinding the pipe over the 
    gap. Halfway across, jump to the room on the left and free Bobby's brain. 
    Then finish riding the pipe to the other side of the gap. Climb the pile of 
    rubble to get up one floor, collecting two Psi Cards in the process.
    Jump back over the hole and climb the stairs. The building now begins to 
    get literally twisted. Exit to the open-air rooms, turn left and jump 
    through the gap in the wall to collect a Psi Card. Return and jump up on 
    the outside wall. Look up for the nearby Psi Card and bounce up to it. Then 
    jump over to the jar to free Elka's brain. Jump back and swing across to 
    another piece of wall.
    Bounce up to the overhanging piece of floor to get another Psi Card and 
    then jump over to the floor against the inside wall. Jump/float around the 
    piece of wall and go through the door. Going up the stairs, about halfway 
    up, you'll have to jump over onto the edge of the stairway as it twists. At 
    the top, go left into the bedroom to get a Psi Card, then jump up through 
    the hole in the ceiling that is just outside the bedroom.
    You are now, technically speaking, standing on the wall with the floor to 
    your right and the ceiling to your left. Continue until you reach a large 
    room with green sludge sloshing around on the floor. Needless to say, you 
    don't want to fall into the sludge.
    Bounce/float across the sludge and collect a Psi Card from the floor. Climb 
    the rebar sticking out of the wall and get another Psi Card. Walk out on 
    the checked bridge and bounce/float over to the high checked ledge. Head 
    left and look down to see a brain jar in a window. Float down to it and 
    free Quentin's brain.
    Get back up to the checked ledge and walk left along the top of the outside 
    wall, then climb the pole to the wooden platforms. Run around the 
    platforms, picking up a Psi Card, and swing across the rebar to a small 
    ledge. Climb the rebar ladder to a higher wood platform.
    Run across the platform and tightrope walk across to the roof. Look back at 
    the platform you came from and look at the outside wall. Float down to the 
    lower ledge you see here and free Dogen's brain. Step through a window and 
    jump down to a ledge with a pole. Pick up the Psi Card, then climb the pole 
    to the small platform you were on earlier.
    Repeat climbing the ladder and using the tightrope to get to the roof. This 
    time, jump and float to the higher outside ledge. Free Phoebe's brain, then 
    begin climbing the rebar in the wall. You'll pick up a Psi Card on the way. 
    When you reach the top of the rebar, go right and bounce up to the wood 
    platform. Pick up a Psi Card and Crystal's brain.
    Go back the other way and follow the curving hallway up. When you reach the 
    top, stand on the little bit of broken wall next to the bed and double-
    jump/float to get the Challenge Marker. You'll float back down into the 
    hall, so climb back up and bounce up to the next level.
    Peer into the room on your right to see the chair blocking the door. Grab 
    it with TK and fling it away. Bounce up through the hole into the ceiling 
    into a room full of wheelchairs. Look for the other hole and drop down into 
    the room to find Clem's brain. Bounce back up again and climb the pole.
    Walk the tightrope and then grind the rail to pick up your last Psi Card. 
    Climb the rebar and get Nils' brain from the beam. Walk along the beam to 
    reach the staircase that takes you to the elevator to Dr. Loboto's Lab.
    Psi Cards:          4
    Challenge Markers:  0
    Brains:             3
    As you reach the top of the stairs, you will see a crow in a cage next to a 
    red button. If you walk onto the platform, the crow pushes the button and 
    you take a slide. Either TK the crow away from the button or use 
    Invisibility to sneak past it.
    Pick up the Psi Card and Vernon's brain, then climb the ladder. After the 
    cutscenes, exit the lab and walk around the circular balcony. You'll pick 
    up the last two Psi Cards and last two brains: Mikhail and Elton. Around 
    the opposite side from Dr. Loboto's lab is the room where Lili is held 
    prisoner. Enter and speak to Lili and Sheegor and pick up the birthday 
    Go back to the lab and hold out the birthday cake to tempt Mr. Pokeylope to 
    walk to the other end of his cage. Then TK him out and return with him to 
    You are about to pass the Point of No Return. Once you help Mr. Pokelope 
    kill Dr. Loboto, you start a series of cutscenes that end with you facing a 
    Psychoblaster Death Tank. After that battle, you are directly sent to the 
    Meat Circus level and you can no longer return to the real world.
    If you have any items left to collect in the real world, do it now. Once 
    you reach the Meat Circus, you will still be able to turn in Psi Cards and 
    cobwebs for ranks (no Psi Cores needed) and brains for mental health 
    increases. You will also still be able to access the Collective Unconscious 
    through a teleport worm, so you can still finish up other dream worlds.
    The only thing you must do now is finish up all real world items. One thing 
    you should definitely do is return to the camp store and stock up on Dream 
    Enter Dr. Loboto's lab and TK Mr. Pokelope's brain into the tank. Then 
    you'll need to free Lili by Psi Blasting her bonds. After all the shouting 
    is done, you have to square off against the Psychoblaster Death Tank of 
                              [4.13] MEAT CIRCUS
    Prepare the following Psi Powers: Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis and Shield. 
    Damaging the tank is a three step process:
    1) Use TK to grab one of the small blocks on the outer ring and fling it at 
    one of the large blocks to break it.
    2) Step into the gap and use PK on the wooden fence.
    3) Fling one of the small blocks, using TK, at the "cockpit" of the tank.
    While you're performing the three steps, you'll need to Shield yourself 
    against the large blocks being thrown at you. You have to open large gaps 
    by repeating steps one and two several times before you can perform step 
    three. Once you've hit the tank three times, it is broken.
    Walk toward the tank to start the next cutscene. Now grab your bodiless 
    brain with TK and fling yourself into the brine with Oleander. After the 
    cutscene with the bunnies and little Oly, jump into the caravan.
    Figments:  94
    Cobwebs:    3
    Vaults:     1
    Advance down the hall, removing two cobwebs as you go. You exit into a 
    circus set--a circus made of meat. Fascinating. The bunny and Oly run into 
    a large tent. Before you follow, clear the area of figments. To the right 
    of the tent entrance is a mechanical fortune teller. You can redeem brains 
    (for max mental health increases) and cobwebs and Psi Cards for ranks (no 
    Psi Cores needed) by talking to the fortune teller.
    To one side of this main platform is the steamer trunk--get the tag from 
    the top of the awning over the tent entrance. Look beyond and down to see a 
    Confusion Ammo Up trophy and the hatbox tag. Float down to get them, then 
    bounce back up. Head inside the tent.
    Your goal in this area is to prevent Oly from dying while getting him to 
    move upward.
    1) Don't try to collect figments now. You can come back later, using a 
    teleport worm, and clear this area without having to worry about keeping 
    Oly alive.
    2) Don't rush yourself. While you shouldn't dawdle or spend time collecting 
    things, don't rush your jumps or swings. Oly regenerates full health each 
    time he flies up, so you have plenty of time.
    3) If Oly does die, you have to start all over from the beginning; however, 
    you don't lose a life; so, if it comes to a choice between saving Oly or 
    saving yourself, save yourself.
    Protect Oly from the meat bunnies. Pryo works especially well on them; you 
    can also punch or Blast them. Use TK to grab Oly's bunny and hold it until 
    Oly can grab him. That will trigger Oly to move up. If a meat bunny gets 
    too close, release the real bunny and deal with the creature, then grab the 
    real bunny again.
    Alternately, you can use a Confusion grenade to stun the bunny and run over 
    and pick it up yourself; but that isn't any quicker than just using TK on 
    At ground level, do a quick search for the suitcase tag, which is floating 
    around in the open. Grab the bunny to force Oly up. Follow him by climbing 
    one of the ladders in the center of the tent. Jump from the ladder platform 
    to the round floating platform nearby. Jump to a slab of meat, then jump on 
    the fat woman to be propelled up to Oly. Repeat saving Oly and the rabbit.
    Now, to follow Oly, jump to the trapeze near one end of the platform (near 
    the hatbox, which you should pick up). Swing to the ribcage and swing your 
    way to the top. Swing to the nearest slab of meat, and find the rails. 
    Grind your way across to another slab of meat with a large, rotating 
    target. There's an armless knife-thrower nearby.
    Stand in front of the target and wait for the knife-thrower to cock his 
    foot, then jump up. The knife will stick in the target and you can use it 
    for a swing. Ride the target up and swing across to the platform where Oly 
    waits. Save him and his bunny again.
    Now jump across the small, round pieces of meat to another knife-thrower 
    and target. Repeat the swinging process to get to a large meat platform. 
    Run to the other end and find the rope. Jump up on top of it and walk out 
    to where another rope crosses. Jump on the other rope and walk over to 
    where Oly is under attack. Save him and his bunny and he will fly to the 
    exit. He is not in danger here, so you can easily follow him with a 
    Levitation jump and float.
    Pick up the purse tag and vault from this platform before leaving.
    Grab the third, and last, cobweb from beside the exit from the tent. Before 
    entering the Tunnel of Love, pick up both the purse and suitcase from this 
    platform. Then prepare for a grinding exercise. Jump on the rail and start 
    sliding. This is pretty basic, but can be tricky, so you might want to save 
    your game first. There are gaps in the rail you will have to jump.
    Here, near the beginning of the course, you need to have a decent amount of 
    speed to make the jumps. After you pick up the dufflebag tag, start slowing 
    down as you have some very short segments ahead of you. It is easy to jump 
    a gap and overshoot the next piece of rail and fall through the second gap, 
    so take it easy. When you land, pick up the dufflebag.
    There's a teleport worm on this platform, the last one available in the 
    game. If you haven't cleaned up all the other dream worlds, now is the time 
    to enter the Collective Unconscious and track down all remaining figments, 
    cobwebs and baggage. This is also the time you need to return to the 
    beginning of the Meat Circus so you can clean out the first tent and turn 
    in your cobwebs and Psi Cards for your remaining rank(s).
    When you're ready, enter the tent for the first boss battle...
    Oly's dad, the butcher, comes at you with a couple of very big cleavers. 
    Prepare Shield and Levitation. Keep ahead of the butcher on your Levitation 
    Ball. When he gets close, Shield yourself. When his cleaver sticks in the 
    ground, Levitate jump up toward his shoulder, floating in to get near his 
    head (this is faster than trying to run up the arm). Punch him in the head, 
    jump down and continue running.
    Hit him three times to defeat him. He throws you and a small package out 
    the side of the tent...
    This stage is a true test of the skills you have learned playing this game. 
    You will need every bit of control you can muster to perform all the 
    acrobatics and keep ahead of the rising water. There are no items to 
    collect. One thing to remember: if you fall in the water, you start back at 
    the last major skill you were attempting and you don't lose any lives. So 
    falling is not that big a deal.
    Start simply enough by climbing the ladder. Swing across to the trampoline 
    and bounce up to the knife target (knives already in place). Grab a knife 
    and swing to the closest platform, then walk across the tightrope.
    You'll be introduced to your father's flaming, spiked bowling pins of 
    death. Except, they're really not all that dangerous. They do a small bit 
    of damage, but can't knock you down, so just ignore them (and hope you have 
    either plenty of Dream Fluffs or have reached rank 90 and have 
    Bounce on the trampoline until you are able to reach the trapeze. Swing 
    across to a platform with two poles and three ropes strung between the 
    poles. Go Invisible to avoid your father's clubs while you climb up the 
    ropes and then tightrope walk across one platform to another platform next 
    to some floating fences--with fire shooting out of them.
    This is, perhaps, the most difficult section of the entire Meat Circus. To 
    make things easier on yourself, once you are on the first fence, try to 
    jump to the inside of the second fence and then stay on the inside of the 
    fences. You'll need to use double-jumps and a bit of floating to get 
    between each fence. Be sure to constantly rotate your camera to allow 
    yourself the most direct view of each jump.
    After the final fence, jump to the slab of meat, then Levitate jump through 
    the ring of fire and float up in the bubble stream. Float from stream to 
    stream, trying to avoid your father's missiles. This is the one place where 
    they are truly annoying, since being hit cancels your Balloon and forces 
    you to start this segment over.
    Once you reach the meat platform, swing across through the swinging 
    cleavers to a tightrope. Walk across to a platform with a very curvy ladder 
    coming out of it. Before getting on the ladder, check the water levels. The 
    ladder initially goes down, and part of it may already be underwater. If 
    so, Levitate jump over to the higher part and start climbing.
    If the water is still low, you can get on the "top" of the ladder and slide 
    all the way along it by simply holding the down MOVE key. This is the 
    easiest way to end this stage, so try to get to the ladder before the 
    It's the butcher again, but this time he's wreathed in flame, so you aren't 
    going to be running up his arms. Instead, use TK to fling your father's 
    spiked, flaming clubs at him. Hit a knee and he'll collapse from the pain. 
    Run in and punch him in the face. Hit him three times to defeat him.
    After the reunion between Raz and his real dad, you have to face the 
    butcher/fake-father conglomeration. Raz's real dad will give you a special 
    power that turns you into a giant, flaming Raz. This power only lasts a 
    short while and then has to recharge. Watch the icon in the upper right of 
    your screen to see when it's about to run down and when it's about to turn 
    Strategy here is pretty simple: when powered up, pummel the monster. While 
    waiting for a recharge, run and Shield yourself from the monster's attacks. 
    Three sessions of pummeling should finally end this once and for all.
    Really. That's the end of the game. Enjoy all the final cutscenes that wrap 
    everything up, and be sure to watch the credits for cast photos.
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                   |              |       |   & CREDITS  |
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    v1.10 2005-06-16
          - Black Velvetopia: added locations of some figments and two
            Ammo Up trophies
          - Sasha's Shooting Gallery: added locations of last three cobwebs
          - Meat Circus: added location of third cobweb
          - Added notes on hard-to-find figments in Milla's Dance Party
            and Waterloo World
          - Lots of clarification and added hints throughout
          - This is likely the final version of this guide unless blatant
            mistakes are found
    v1.00 2005-06-07
          - Finished walkthrough and item lists
    v0.70 2005-06-06
          - Added Waterloo World and Black Velvetopia to the Walkthrough
    v0.60 2005-06-05
          - Added Lungfishopolis, Milkman Conspiracy and Gloria's Theater
            to the Walkthrough
          - Finished the list of scavenger hunt items
          - Began the list of brains
    v0.50 2005-06-02
          - Everything complete but Walkthrough
     * Wayne Bodie for pointing out the SLIDE move information (section 2.1)
       could use some advice on how to control speed when grinding
     * Sid for suggesting including the information about getting Confusion
       grenades by breaking the roses in the final bullfight of Black
    Written and Copyright 2005 by Barry Scott Will
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