Review by PlatypusMaster

Reviewed: 04/27/09

A fun game, but has some major problems

As a long-time D&D fan, I was thrilled to learn about Neverwinter Nights, but when I got to play it, it wasn't what I had hoped.

Don't get me wrong: Neverwinter Nights is a great game. It just has some issues, but (for me, at least) these issues get in the way and prevent me from having too much fun.
For one thing, I was thrilled about playing a multiplayer game, but I was not able to because of these ports. Even after I emailed the official site and got information, I was still not able to fix the ports. So much for multiplayer.

Story: This story is fair enough; your character has to go to a city called Neverwinter to seek out a guy bla bla bla. I'm actually not sure what the entire storyline is, however, because (another major issue with this game) I was unable to complete one of the levels. In one level, you must fight a barbarian-type soldier in an arena or be executed. The first time, I lost the battle, and then every time I loaded the game from then on, I was able to go into the arena and stuff, but the enemy would never appear, and I would be unable to exit the arena or do anything but move around the arena. What's more, there was audio of a crowd cheering, but there was no one in the arena seats except for the other members of the party. Strange.

Graphics: These are pretty good; so good, in fact, that when I first bought the game it would lag terrible, even with our advanced graphics card. We had to wait until a new one came out, then buy it, but the game still loads slowly.

Gameplay: The gameplay generally runs smoothly, but at times it can be quite frustrating. You move by directing your character with your mouse, but I is hard to rotate the camera because when I do the camera starts spinning VERY fast before I can stop it, and there seems to be no way to spin it slowly.
Another thing that can be irritating is combat. Generally, it is easy, but it is a pain to micromanage everybody in the party, especially spellcasters, because if you tell your entire party to attack a group of orcs, your spellcasters will just run in there and will usually die quickly unless you micromanage them. Yet another problem is the fact that my characters like to run around during combat, shifting from monster to monster without me instructing them to. Several times I have died because of this, because every time my characters turn their back and run away from a monster, that monster gets a free attack of opportunity, which can do quite a bit of damage.

Replayability: Here's another problem. There is only one story in the entire game! It does take awhile to finish (I imagine), but the fact that the characters and storyline is all the same can really make future games dull. Now, I understand that there are mods, but I have only been able to find a handful of good ones that work, and they are generally very short. The rest either suck, don't want to work or lock up my computer every time I try to load them.
There should be at least one or two more storylines for the game so that the player does not have to continuously replay the same adventure. After one or two tries, you will even know what characters you will meet and the encounters you will face, which will probably affect future character choices, severely limiting the excitement of creating a new adventurer.

Overall: 7/10. This game is fun, but has several major problems that prevent me from enjoying it too much. If even half of these problems were to disappear , it would certainly get at least a nine.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Neverwinter Nights 2 (US, 10/31/06)

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