Review by baronck

Reviewed: 11/08/06

With Addtional patches, Will be a near Perfect D&D Game

The much awaited sequel to Neverwinter Nights has finally graces us with its presence. While still in its infant stages of being a huge RPG, this game will captivate audiences and has added many new features that were left out in its prequel.

The character creation screen is quite amazingly detailed and the list of classes one can choose from is in true form of traditional dungeons and dragons (D&D). All classes seem to be relatively balanced and your party should consist of a variety of skills, might and magic from each of the classes.

The game also allows you to have party members via style of Baulder’s Gate or Icewind Dale series. The first NWN game allowed you to have a “mercenary” who would work with you for money and had no plotline or opinion. Having a party of different members from different backgrounds gives your party another dynamic in becoming personal and associating with them. The choices you make along the game influence on how each party member will react (see knights of the old republic).

Gameplay: 9/10
I’d admit that the AI and the camera angle can be a bit difficult to work with, but with the release of further patches these annoyances will be addressed and rectified. Combat and dialog are quick and responsive. Decisions made in the game will carry consequences further down the road. The game is mostly linear but has a multitude of side quests to wonder around and level your party.

Graphics: 8/10
The developers must have developed this game on IBM’s Deep Blue super computer to have the graphics. Most users have complained about the inability to run the game on high graphic settings. Even on my modest system, low – medium graphic settings is what I can play on and it runs fine. The graphics themselves are a step above the first installment and embraces you into the fantastic fantasy world.

Sound: 10/10
Amazing music, great sounds, voices sound professionally done. Obsidian did a very nice thing by adding a voice to any very important NPC that one should pay attention to.

Tilt: 9/10
This game will near perfection as Obsidian produces more patches and once the modding community begins creating their own campaigns. With people reporting that the single player campaign can last anywhere between 60-70 hours, and with a system that puts the typical hack/slash games to sleep. You will be intellectually challenged in this game from the multilayered quests to the involved combat system.

Great game for anyone who knows what a D20 is.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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