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Item Code List by Kynaeus

Updated: 01/05/07


This guide contains all plot items, armor, weapons, books, 
jewelry, gems, etc. The only things left out are creatures
(monsters, NPCs) and creature items.

List itself taken from the IGN guides, in this case the Item ID Database 
by Wandaien with formatting and minor editing performed by myself.


x1_it_mbook001		Prayer to the Overgod
nw_it_book001		History of the Creator Races
nw_it_book002		Wars of the Creator Races

nw_it_book003		The Doombringers
nw_it_book032		Exotic Weaponry
nw_it_book004		The Sword Coast

nw_it_book005		The City of Neverwinter
nw_it_book006		The Neverwinter Wood
nw_it_book007		The City of Luskin

nw_it_book008		The Trade of Blades
nw_it_book009		The Ghost of Conyberry
nw_it_book010		The Dessarin River

nw_it_book011		The Rival Orc Tribes & Thier Great Battles
nw_it_book012		The Ruins of Illusk
nw_it_book013		Famous Citizen of the Sword Coast

nw_it_book014		Helm's Hold
nw_it_book015		Luskan's Arcane Brotherhood
nw_it_book016		Uthgardt Barbarians

nw_it_book017		The Origin of Magic
nw_it_book018		Return of the Beast
nw_it_book019		Wind by the Fireside

nw_it_book020		Religions of the Sword Coast
nw_it_book021		The Nothern Four Adventuring Troupe
nw_it_book022		Port Llast

nw_it_book023		Uthgar's Legacy
nw_it_book024		The Imps' Prison
nw_it_book025		The Time of Troubles

nw_it_book026		The Nether Scrolls
nw_it_book027		The War of Light and Darkness
nw_it_book028		Waterdeep 

nw_it_book029		The Adventures of Grin, Richard, and Wu-Wei
nw_it_book030		The Rise & Fall of Netheril
nw_it_book031		The Leadership of Neverwinter

===============CRAFTING COMPONENTS==============

nw_it_msmlmisc23	Belladonna
n2_alc_dmnddust		Diamond Dust
n2_alc_disalcohol	Distilled Alcohol

nw_it_msmlmisc19	Fairy Dust
nw_it_msmlmisc24	Garlic
n2_alc_beegland		Giant Bee Venom Gland

n2_alc_centgland	Giant Centipede Venom Gland
n2_alc_scorpgland	Giant Scorpion Venom Gland
n2_alc_powsilver	Powdered Silver

n2_alc_quicksilver	Quicksilver
n2_alc_venomgland	Venom Gland


n2_crft_ingadamant	Adamantine Ingot
n2_crft_ingsilver	Alchemical SIlver Ingot
n2_crft_ingcldiron	Cold Iron Ingot

n2_crft_ingdrksteel	Darksteel Ingot
n2_crft_plkdskwood	Duskwood Plank
n2_crft_ingiron		Iron Ingot

n2_crft_hideleather	Leather Hide
n2_crft_ingmithral	Mithral Ingot
mortar			Mortar and Pestle

n2_crft_hidedragon	Red Dragon Hide
n2_crft_hidesalam	Salamander Hide
n2_crft_plkshed		Shederran Plank

smithhammer		Smith Hammer
n2_crft_hideumber	Umber Hulk Hide
n2_crft_plkwood		Wooden plank

n2_crft_hidewyvern	Wyvern Hide
n2_crft_plkzalantar	Zalantar Plank


n2_crft_dist002		Bat Tooth
n2_crft_dist003		Bear Claw
n2_crft_dist005		Beetle Gland

n2_crft_dist032		Blade Spider Leg
n2_crft_dist001		Bladeling Spike
n2_crft_dist009		Bugbear Tusk

n2_crft_dist010		Demon Blood
n2_crft_dist011		Devid Blood
n2_crft_dist004		Dire bear Claw

n2_crft_dist008		Dire Boar Tusk
n2_crft_dist036		Dire Wolf Tooth
n2_crft_dist012		Dragon Blood

n2_crft_dist006		Fire Beetle Belly
n2_crft_dist018		Fire Giant Head
n2_crft_dist024		Fire Mephit Hide

n2_crft_dist019		Frost Giant Head
n2_crft_dist014		Gargoyle Horn
n2_crft_dist016		Ghast Claws

n2_crft_dist017		Ghost Residue
n2_crft_dist015		Ghoul Claws
n2_crft_dist021		Hellhound Tooth

n2_crft_dist025		Ice Mephit Hide
n2_crft_dist022		Imp Stinger
n2_crft_dist020		Iron Golem Fragments

n2_crft_dist023		Lich Dust
n2_crft_dist026		Ogre Mage Skull
n2_crft_dist031		Phase Spider Mandible

n2_crft_dist028		Shadow Reaver Bones
n2_crft_dist027		Shadow Residue
n2_crft_dist029		Skeleton Rib

n2_crft_dist030		Spider Venom Gland
n2_crft_dist007		Stag Beetle horn
n2_crft_dist033		Troll Blood

n2_crft_dist034		Umber Hulk Manible
n2_crft_dist035		Vampire Tooth
n2_crft_dist037		Winter Wolf Pelt

n2_crft_dist038		Wraith Residue
n2_crft_dist039		Wyvern Scales


cft_ess_air1		Faint Air Essence
cft_ess_earth1		Faint Earth Essence
cft_ess_fire1		Faint fire essence

cft_ess_power1		Faint Power essence
cft_ess_water1		Faint Water Essence
cft_ess_air3		Glowing Air Essence

cft_ess_earth3		Glowing Earth Essence
cft_ess_fire3		Glowing Fire Essence
cft_ess_power3		Glowing power essence

cft_ess_water3		Glowing Water Essence
cft_ess_air4		Radiant Air Essence
cft_ess_earth4		Radiant Earth Essence

cft_ess_fire4		Radiant Fire Essence
cft_ess_power4		Radiant Power Essence
cft_ess_water4		Radiant Water Essence

cft_ess_air2		Weak Air Essence
cft_ess_earth2		Weak Earth Essence
cft_ess_fire2		Weak Fire Essence

cft_ess_power2		Weak Power Essence
cft_ess_water2		Weak Water Essence


n2_crft_mold_hvbm	Banded Mail Mold
n2_crft_mold_swbs	Bastard Sword Mold
n2_crft_mold_axbt	Battleaxe Mold
n2_crft_mold_mdbp	Breastplate Mold

n2_crft_mold_ltcs	Chain Shirt Mold
n2_crft_mold_mdcm	Chainmail mold
n2_crft_mold_blcl	Club Mold

n2_crft_mold_swdg	Dagger Mold
n2_crft_mold_axdv	Dwarven Waraxe Mold
n2_crft_mold_swfl	Falchion Mold

n2_crft_mold_blfl	Flail Mold
n2_crft_mold_hvfp	Full Plate Mold
n2_crft_mold_axgr	Greataxe Mold

n2_crft_mold_swgs	GreatSword mold
n2_crft_mold_plhb	Halberd Mold
n2_crft_mold_hvhp	Half Plate Mold

n2_crft_mold_axhn	Handaxe mold
n2_crft_mold_bwxh	Heavy Crossbow Mold
n2_crft_mold_shhv	Heavy SHield mold

n2_crft_mold_mdhd	Hide Armor mold
n2_crft_mold_spka	Kama mold
n2_crft_mold_swka	katana mold

n2_crft_mold_spku	kukri mold
n2_crft_mold_ltlt	leather armor mold
n2_crft_mold_bwxl	Light Crossbow Mold

n2_crft_mold_blhl	Light Hammer Mold
n2_crft_mold_shlt	Light Shield Mold
n2_crft_mold_bwln	Longbow Mold

n2_crft_mold_swls	Longsword Mold
n2_crft_mold_blml	Mace Mold
n2_crft_mold_blms	Morning star mold

n2_crft_mold_ltpd	Padded Armor Mold
n2_crft_mold_dbqs	QuarterStaff mold
n2_crft_mold_swrp	Rapier mold

n2_crft_mold_mdsm	Scale Mail Mold
n2_crft_mold_swsc	Scimitar Mold
n2_crft_mold_plsc	Scythe Mold

n2_crft_mold_swss	Short Sword Mold
n2_crft_mold_bwsh	Shortbow Mold
n2_crft_mold_spsc	Sickle Mold

n2_crft_mold_plss	Spear Mold
n2_crft_mold_ltsl	Studded Leather Armor Mold
n2_crft_mold_shtw	Tower Shield Mold

n2_crft_mold_trap	Trap Kit Mold
n2_crft_mold_blhw	Warhammer Mold
n2_crft_mold_bldm	Warmace mold

------------------------RECIPE BOOKS------------------------------

n2_crft_book_recipe01		A Study of the Fantastical Vestments of the 
Priests of the Realms
n2_crft_book_recipe002		Abjurative Enchantments
n2_crft_boo_recipe020		Accoutrements of Masterful Wizardry and their 

n2_crft_book_recipe003		Advanced Abjuratives
n2_crft_book_recipe015		Advanced Arcanery of Personal Defense
n2_crft_book_recipe017		Alazzabner's Grand Ensorcelments of the Mind

n2_crft_book_recipe008		Codex Necromantica
n2_crft_book_recipe009		Deflections and Dispellings
n2_crft_book_recipe027		Formulae of the Learned Scholars of Halruaa

n2_crft_book_recipe001		Fundamentals of Abjurative Enchantment
n2_crft_book_recipe014		Fundamentals of Protections for the Self
n2_crft_book_recipe010		Fundamentals of Terrible Destruction

n2_crft_book_recipe004		Liber Occultatum
n2_crft_book_recipe019		Marvellous Artefacts for Resistance of Sorcery
n2_crft_book_recipe013		Of Healthful Enchantments for the Body

n2_crft_book_recipe018		On the Crafting of Mystical Garb for All Climes
n2_crft_book_recipe024		On the Refinement of the Alchemist's Craft
n2_crft_book_recipe011		The book of All Elements

n2_crft_book_recipe007		The Book of Banes
n2_crft_book_recipe005		The Book of Fire
n2_crft_book_recipe006		The Book of Ice

n2_crft_book_recipe016		The book of Seeing
n2_crft_book_recipe012		The Crafts-works of Evermeet
n2_crft_book_recipe029		The Lore of the Master Alchemist

n2_crft_ook_recipe028		The Quiet Deaths of the Brotherhood of 
n2_crft_book_recipe023		The Tome of Alchemy
n2_crft_book_recipe025		The Wondrous Potions of the Brothers of Ilmater

----------Crafting/Tradeskill Material-----------------

x2_it_cfm_bscrl		Blank Scroll
x2_it_cfm_wand		Bone Wand
x2_poison021		Giant Bee Venom, Average

x2_poison039		Giant Bee Venom, Deadly
x2_poison015		Giant Bee venom, mild
x2_poison027		Giant Bee Venom, Strong

x2_poison020		Giant Centipede Venom, Average
x2_poison038		Giant Centipede Venom, Deadly
x2_poison014		Giant Centipede Venom, Mild

x2_poison026		Giant Centipede Venom, Strong
x2_poison019		Giant Scorpian Venom, Average
x2_poison037		Giant Scorpian Venom, Deadly

x2_poison013		Giant Scorpian Venom, Mild
x2_poison025		Giant Scorpian Venom, Strong
x2_it_pcpotion		Magic Potion

x2_it_pcwand		Magic Wand
x2_it_cfm_pbottl	Magical Potion Bottle


nw_it_gem013		Alexandrite
nw_it_gem003		Amethyst
nw_it_gem014		Aventurine

cft_gem_14		Beljuril
cft_gem_01		Bloodstone
cft_gem_12		Blue Diamond

cft_gem_09		Canary Diamond
nw_it_gem005		Diamond
nw_it_gem012		Emerald

nw_it_gem002		Fire Agate
nw_it_gem009		Fire Opal
nw_it_gem015		Fluorspar

nw_it_gem011		Garnet
nw_it_gem001		Greenstone
cft_gem_11		Jacinth

cft_gem_15		King's Tear
nw_it_gem007		Malachite
cft_gem_03		Obsidian

nw_it_gem004		Phenalope
cft_gem_13		Rogue Stone
nw_it_gem006		Ruby

nw_it_gem008		Sapphire
cft_gem_10		Star Sapphire
nw_it_gem010		Topaz


nw_it_trap034		Average Acid Splash Trap Kit
nw_it_trap014		Average Blob of Acid Trap Kit
nw_it_trap022		Average Electrical Trap Kit

nw_it_trap018		Average Fire Trap Kit
nw_it_trap030		Average Frost Trap Kit
nw_it_trap026		Average Gas Trap Kit

nw_it_trap006		Average Holy Trap Kit
nw_it_trap042		Average Negative Trap Kit
nw_it_trap038		Average Sonic Trap Kit

nw_it_trap002		Average Spike Trap Kit
nw_it_trap010		Average Tangle Trap Kit
nw_it_trap036		Deadly Acid Splash Trap Kit

nw_it_trap016		Deadly Blob of Acid Trap Kit
nw_it_trap024		Deadly Electrical Trap Kit
nw_it_trap020		Deadly Fire Trap Kit

nw_it_trap032		Deadly Frost Trap Kit
nw_it_trap028		Deadly Gas Trap Kit
nw_it_trap008		Deadly Holy Trap Kit

nw_it_trap044		Deadly Negative Trap kit
nw_it_trap040		Deadly Sonic Trap Kit
nw_it_trap004		Deadly Spike Trap Kit

nw_it_trap012		Deadly Tangle Trap Kit
nw_it_medkit001		Healer's Kit +1
nw_it_medkit004		Healer's Kit +10

nw_it_medkit002		Healer's Kit +3
nw_it_medkit003		Healer's Kit +6
nw_it_trap033		Minor Acid SPlash Trap Kit

nw_it_trap013		Minor Blob of Acid Trap Kit
nw_it_trap021		Minor Electrical Trap Kit
nw_it_trap017		Minor Fire Trap Kit

nw_it_trap029		Minor Frost Trap Kit
nw_it_trap025		Minor Gas Trap Kit
nw_it_trap005		Minor Holy Trap Kit

nw_it_trap041		Minor Negative Trap Kit
nw_it_trap037		Minor Sonic Trap Kit
nw_it_trap001		Minor Spike Trap Kit

nw_it_trap009		Minor Tangle Trap Kit
nw_it_trap035		Strong Acid Splash Trap Kit
nw_it_trap015		Strong Blob of Acid Trap Kit
nw_it_trap023		Strong Electrical Trap Kit

nw_it_trap019		Strong Fire Trap Kit
nw_it_trap031		Strong Frost Trap Kit
nw_it_trap027		Strong Gas Trap Kit

nw_it_trap007		Strong Holy Trap Kit
nw_it_trap043		Strong Negative Trap Kit
nw_it_trap039		Strong Sonic Trap Kit

nw_it_trap003		Strong Spike Trap Kit
nw_it_trap011		Strong Tangle Trap Kit


nw_it_msmlmisc16 	Adamantine
x0_it_mmedmisc03	Austruth Flute
nw_it_contain006	Bag of Holding

nw_it_msmlmisc06	Bodak's Tooth
x0_it_msmlmisc01	Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals
x0_it_msmlmisc02	Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals

n2_it_brokenitem	Broken Item
x0_it_mmedmisc01	Brooch of Shielding
x0_it_mthnmisc18	Canaith Mandolin

x0_it_mthnmisc21	Censer of Controlling Air Elementals
x0_it_mthnmisc04	Chime of Opening
x1_it_msmlmisc01	Coldstone

x0_it_mthnmisc17	Doss Lute
n2_it_drum		Drum
nw_it_mmidmisc02	Drum of Haunting

x0_it_mthnmisc05	Dust of Appearence
x0_it_mthnmisc06	Dust of Disappearence
x0_it_mthnmisc13	Elixir of Horus-Re

nw_it_thnmisc002	Empty Ale Stein
nw_it_thnmisc001	Empty Bottle
nw_it_thnmisc003	Empty Spirits Bottle

nw_it_thnmisc004	Empty Wine Bottle
x0_it_mthnmisc08	Fife of Blasting
nw_it_msmlmisc08	Fire Beetle's Belly

n2_it_flute		Flute
x0_it_mthnmisc15	Fochluchan Bandore
x0_it_msmlmisc03	Gem of Brightness

x0_it_msmlmisc04	Gem of Seeing
nw_it_gold001		Gold Piece
x0_it_mthnmisc14	Golden Chalice of Lathander

nw_it_contain005	Greater Magic Bag
x0_it_msmlmisc06	Heart of the Beast
nw_it_msmlmisc18	Ironwood

x0_it_mthnmisc10	Latern of Revealing
x0_it_mthnmisc11	Lens of Detection
nw_it_contain003	Lesser Magic Bag

n2_it_lute		Lute
x0_it_mthnmisc16	Mac-Fuirmidh Cithern
nw_it_contain004	Magic Bag

nw_it_contain002	Magic Pouch
nw_it_msmlmisc11	Quartz Crystal
nw_it_msmlmisc21	Rags

nw_it_msmlmisc05	Saintsblood Pearl
nw_it_mmidmisc04	Scabbard of Blessing
n2_it_mmidmisc01	Scabbard of Keen Edges

nw_it_msmlmisc13	Skeleton's Kuckle
nw_it_mmidmisc06	Skin
n2_it_spoon		Spoon

n2_it_stein		Stein
x0_it_msmlmisc05	Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals
nw_it_picks001		Thieves' Tools +1

nw_it_picks004		Thieves' tools +10
nw_it_picks002		Thieves' Tools +3
nw_it_picks003		Thieves' Tools +6

nw_it_torch001		Torch	


nw_it_mpotion021		Ale
nw_it_mpotion016		Potion of Aid
nw_it_mpotion006		Potion of Antidote

nw_it_mpotion005		Potion of Barkskin
nw_it_mpotion013		Potion of Bear's Endurance
nw_it_mpotion009		Potion of Bless

nw_it_mpotion015		Potion of Bull's Strength
nw_it_mpotion014		Potion of Cat's Grace
nw_it_mpotion003		Potion of Cure Critical Wounds

n2_it_mpotion001		Potion of Cure Disease
nw_it_mpotion001		Potion of Cure Light wounds
nw_it_mpotion020		Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

nw_it_mpotion002		Potion of Cure Serious WOunds
x2_it_mpotion002		Potion of Death's Armor
nw_it_mpotion010		Potion of Eagle's Splendor

nw_it_mpotion017		Potion of Fox's Cunning
nw_it_mpotion012		Potion of Heal
nw_it_mpotion008		Potion of Invisibility

nw_it_mpotion011		Potion of Lesser Resotration
nw_it_mpotion019		Potion of Lore
nw_it_mpotion018		Potion of Owl's Wisdom

nw_it_mpotion004		Potion of Speed
nw_it_mpotion022		Spirits
nw_it_mpotion023		Wine


nw_it_sparscr603		Acid Fog
x1_it_sparscr002		Acid Splash
x2_it_spdvscr201		Aid

x1_it_sparscr102		Amplify
nw_it_sparscr509		Animate Dead
n2_it_spacscr001		Assay Resistance

x1_it_spdvscr204		Aura of Glory
x1_it_spdvscr701		Aura of Vitality
x2_it_spdvscr804		Aura versus Alignment

x2_it_spdvscr508		Awaken
x1_it_sparscr201		Balagarn's Iron Horn
x1_it_spdvscr101		Bane

x1_it_spdvscr601		Banishment
x2_it_spdvscr202		Barkskin
x2_it_spdvscr501		Battletide

n2_it_sparscr002		Bear's Endurance
nw_it_sparscr414		Bestow Curse
x1_it_sparscr801		Bigby's Clenched Fist

x1_it_sparscr901		Bigby's Crushing Hand
x1_it_sparscr602		Bigby's Forceful Hand
x1_it_sparscr701		Bigby's Grasping Hand

x1_it_sparscr502		Bigby's Interposing Hand
x2_it_sparscr801		Blackstaff
x2_it_spdvscr603		Blade Barrier

x2_it_spdvscr103		Bless
x2_it_spdvscr102		Bless Weapon
nw_it_sparscr211		Blindness/deafness

n2_it_sparscr003		Blindsight
x1_it_spdvscr803		Bombardment
nw_it_sparscr212		Bull's Strength

nw_it_sparscr112		Burning Hands
x2_it_spdvscr307		Call Lightning
x1_it_spdvscr107		Camouflage

nw_it_sparscr213		Cat's Grace
n2_it_sparscr004		Cause Fear
nw_it_sparscr607		Chain Lightning

nw_it_sparscr405		Charm Monster
nw_it_sparscr107		Charm Person
nw_it_sparscr610		Circle of Death

nw_it_sparscr307		Claurauduence & Clairvoyance
x2_it_sparscr206		Cloud of Bewilderment
nw_it_sparscr502		Cloudkill

nw_it_sparscr110		Color Spray
x2_it_sparscr201		Combust
nw_it_sparscr507		Cone of Cold

nw_it_sparscr406		Confusion
nw_it_sparscr411		Contagion
nw_it_sparscr707		Control Undead

x1_it_spdvscr804		Creater Greater Undead
x1_it_spdvscr605		Create Undead
x1_it_spdvscr702		Creaping Doom

x2_it_spdcscr601		Crumble
n2_it_sparscr006		Crushing Dispair
x2_it_spdvscr402		Cure Critical Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr104		Cure Light Wounds
x2_it_spdvscr001		Cure Minor Wounds
x2_it_spdvscr203		Cure Moderate Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr308		Cure Serious Wounds
nw_it_sparscr206		Darkness
nw_it_sparscr003		Daze

x2_it_sparscr202		Death's Armor
n2_it_spdvscr004		Death Knel
x2_it spdvscr403		Death Ward

n2_it_sparscr007		Deep Slumber
nw_it_sparscr704		Delayed Blast Fireball
x1_it_spdvscr703		Destruction

n2_it_spdvscr006		Detect Undead
x1_it_sparscr601		Dirge
n2_it_sparscr008		Disintegrate

nw_it_sparscr501		Dismissal
nw_it_sparscr301		Dispel Magic
x1_it_sparscr301		Displacement

x1_it_spdvscr102		Divine Favor
x2_it_spdvscr404		Divine Power
x2_it_spdvscr309		Dominate Animal

nw_it_sparscr905		Dominate Monster
nw_it_sparscr503		Dominate Person
x2_it_spdvscr105		Doom

x1_it_spdvscr604		Drown
nw_it_sparscr219		Eagle's Splendor
x1_it_spdvscr801		Earthquake

nw_it_sparscr416		Elemental Shield
x2_it_spdvscr901		Elemental Swarm
nw_it_sparscr101		Endure Elements

nw_it_sparscr908		Energy Drain
n2_it_spdvscr007		Energy Immunity
nw_it_sparscr412		Enervation

n2_it_sparscr009		Enlarge Person
x2_it_spdvscr106		Entangle
x1_it_spdvscr103		Entropic Shield

n2_it_spdvscr008		Ethereal Jaunt
nw_it_sparscr608		Ethereal Visage
n2_it_sparscr036		Etherealness

nw_it_sparscr418		Evard's Black Tentacles
x1_it_sparscr101		Epeditious Retreat
n2_it_sparscr010		False Life

nw_it_sparscr413		Fear
nw_it_sparscr504		Feeblemind
x2_it_sparscr305		Find Traps

nw_it_sparscr708		Finger of Death
x1_it_spdvscr704		Fire Storm
nw_it_sparscr309		Fireball

x1_it_sparscr501		Firebrand
n2_it_sparscr011		FireBurst
nw_it_sparscr304		Flame Arrow

x1_it_spdvscr403		Flame Strike
x2_it_sparscr205		Flame Weapon
x1_it_sparscr001		Flare

x1_it_sparscr605		Flesh to Stone
nw_it_sparscr220		Fox's CUnning
x2_it_spdvscr405		Freedom of Movement

nw_it_sparscr902		Gate
x2_it_sparscr203		Gedlee's Electric Loop
nw_it_sparscr208		Ghostly Visage

nw_it_sparscr209		Ghoul Touch
nw_it_sparscr601		Glove of Invulnerability
x2_it_spdvscr306		Glyph of Warding

nw_it_sparscr103		Grease
nw_it_sparscr602		Greater Dispelling
n2_it_sparscr012		Greater Fireburst
n2_it_sparscr015		Greater Heroism

x1_it_spdvscr303		Greater Magic Fang
x2_it_sparscr304		Greater Magic Weapon
nw_it_sparscr803		Greater Planar Binding

nw_it_spdvscr701		Greater Restoration
nw_it_sparscr508		Greater Shadow Conjuration
nw_it_sparscr612		Greater Spell Breach

nw_it_sparscr912		Greater Spell mantle
nw_it_sparscr613		Greater Stoneskin
x1_it_sparscr303		Gust of Wind

x2_it_spdvscr406		Hammer of the Gods
x2_it_spdvscr604		Harm
nw_it_sparscr312		Haste

x2_it_spdvscr605		Heal
n2_it_sparscr014		Herois
x2_it_spdvscr204		Hold Animal

nw_it_sparscr505		Hold Monster
nw_it_sparscr308		Hold Person
x2_it_spdvscr401		Holy Sword

nw_it_sparscr809		Horrid Wilting
x2_it_sparscr401		Ice Storm
nw_it_sparscr106		Identify

x2_it_spdvscr902		Implosion
nw_it_sparscr408		Improved Invisibility
n2_it_sparscr022		Improved Mage Armor

nw_it_sparscr804		Indendiary Cloud
x1_it_spdvscr501		Inferno
x2_it_spdvscr301		Infestation of Maggots

x1_it_spdvscr401		Inflict Critical Wounds
x1_it_spdvscr104		Inflict Light Wounds
x1_it_spdvscr001		Inflict Minor Wounds

x1_it_spdvscr201		Inflict Moderate Wounds
x1_it_spdvscr302		Inflict Serious Wounds
nw_it_sparscr207		Invisibility

x2_it_spdvscr310		Invisibility Purge
nw_it_sparscr314		Invisibility Sphere
n2_it_sparscr018		Iron Body

x1_it_sparscr603		Isaac's Greater Missile Storm
x1_it_sparscr401		Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm
n2_it_sparscr019		Joyful Noise

x2_it_sparscr303		Keen Edge
nw_it_sparscr216		Knock
n2_it_sparscr020		Least Spell Mantle

x2_it_sparscr602		Legend Lore
nw_it_sparscr218		Lesser Dispel
n2_it_sparscr013		Lesser Glove of Invulnerability

nw_it_sparscr511		Lesser Mind Blank
nw_it_sparscr512		Lesser Planer Binding
nw_it_spdvscr201		Lesser Restoration

nw_it_sparscr417		Lesser Spell Breach
nw_it_sparscr513		Lesser Spell Mentle
nw_it_sparscr004		Light

nw_it_sparscr310		Lightning Bolt
n2_it_sparscr021		Low-light vision
nw_it_sparscr104		Mage Armor

nw_it_sparscr302		Magic Circle against Alignment
x1_it_spdvscr106		Magic Fang
nw_it_sparscr109		Magic Missle

x2_it_spdvscr304		Magic Vestment
x2_it_spdvscr105		Magic Weapon
nw_it_sparscr807		Mass Blindness/Deafness

x1_it_sparscr402		Mass Camouflage
n2_it_sparscr005		Mass Charm Monster
n2_it_spdvscr001		Mass Cure Critical Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr505		Mass Cure Light Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr002		Mass Cure Moderate Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr003		Mass Cure Serious Wounds

x2_it_spdvscr801		Mass Heal
n2_it_sparscr016		Mass Hold Monster
n2_it_sparscr017		Mass Hold Person

n2_it_spdvscr009		Mass Inflict Critical Wounds
x2_it_spdvscr504		Mass Inflict Light Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr010		Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds

n2_it_spdvscr011		Mass Inflict Serious Wounds
nw_it_sparscr202		Melf's Acid Arrow
x2_it_sparscr301		Mestil's Acid Breath

nw_it_Sparscr906		Meteor Swarm
nw_it_sparscr801		Mind Blank
nw_it_sparscr506		Mind Fog

nw_it_sparscr401		Minor Globe of Invulnerability
n2_it_sparscr023		Mirror Image
nw_it_sparscr901		Mordenkainen's Disjunction

nw_it_sparscr705		Mordenkainen's Sword
nw_it_sparscr402		Neutralize Poison
x1_it_spdvscr502		Owl's Insight

nw_it_sparscr221		Owl's Wisdom
nw_it_sparscr409		Phantasmal Killer
x1_it_spdvscr603		Planar Ally

nw_it_sparscr604		Planar Binding
x2_it_spdvscr407		Poison
n2_it_sparscr024		Polar Ray

nw_it_sparscr415		Polymorph Self
nw_it_sparscr903		Power Word, Kill
nw_it_sparscr702		Power Word, Stun

x2_it_spdvscr312		Prayer
nw_it_sparscr808		Premonition
nw_it_sparscr706		Prismatic Spray

nw_it_sparscr102		Protection from Alignment
n2_it_sparscr025		Protection from Arrows
nw_it_sparscr303		Protection from Energy

nw_it_sparscr802		Protection from Spells
x1_it_spdvscr305		Quillfire
n2_it_sparscr026		Rage

nw_it_spdvscr501		Raise Dead
nw_it_sparscr111		Ray of Enfeeblement
nw_it_sparscr002		Ray of Frost

x2_it_spdvscr702		Regenerate
nw_it_spdvscr301		Remove Blindness/deafness
nw_it_sparscr402		Remove Curse

nw_it_spdvscr302		Remove Disease
x2_it_spdvscr107		Remove Fear
x2_it_spdvscr205		Remove Paralysis

nw_it_sparscr201		Resist Elements
nw_it_sparscr001		Resistance
nw_it_spdvscr401		Restoration

nw_it_spdvscr702		Resurrection
n2_it_spdvscr012		Righteous Might
x2_it_spdvscr108		Sanctuary

nw_it_sparscr210		Scare
x2_it_sparscr302		Scintillating Sphere
x2_it_spdvscr313		Searing Light

nw_it_sparscr205		See Invisibility
nw_it_sparscr609		Shades
nw_it_sparscr410		Shadow Conjuration

x2_it_sparscr703		Shadow Shield
nw_it_sparscr910		Shapechange
x1_it_sparscr103		Shield

x1_it_spdvscr105		Shield of Faith
n2_it_spdvscr013		Shield other
n2_it_sparscr028		Shocking Grasp

n2_it_sparscr029		Shroud of Flame
nw_it_spdvscr203		Silence
x2_it_spdvscr506		Slay Living

nw_it_sparscr108		Sleep
nw_it_sparscr313		Slow
n2_it_sparscr030		Song of Discord

nw_it_spdvscr204		Sound Burst
nw_it_sparscr701		Spell mantle
x2_it_spdvscr507		Spell Resistance

n2_it_sparscr031		Spiderskin
x1_it_spdvscr304		Spike Growth
nw_it_sparscr305		Stinking Cloud

n2_it_sparscr032		Stone Body
x1_it_sparscr604		Stone to Flesh
x2_it_spdvscr602		Stonehold

nw_it_sparscr403		Stoneskin
x2_it_spdvscr903		Storm of Vengeance
nw_it_sparscr105		Summon Creature I

nw_it_sparscr203		Summon Creature II
nw_it_sparscr306		Summon Creature III
nw_it_sparscr404		Summon Creature IV

nw_it_sparscr904		Summon Creature IX
nw_it_sparscr510		SUmmon Creature V
nw_it_sparscr605		Summon Creature VI

nw_it_sparscr703		Summon Creature VII
nw_it_sparscr805		Summon Creature VIII
x2_it_spdvscr803		Sunbeam

x1_it_spdvscr802		Sunburst
x1_it_sparscr202		Tasha's Hideous Laughter
nw_it_sparscr614		Tenser's Transformation

nw_it_sparscr606		True Seeing
x1_it_sparscr104		True Strike
x2_it_sparscr601		Undeath to Death

x1_it_spdvscr901		Undeath's Eternal Foe
nw_it_sparscr311		Vampiric Touch
x2_it_spdvscr503		Vine Mine

x2_it_spdvscr002		Virtue
n2_it_sparscr033		Vitriolic Sphere
nw_it_sparscr909		Wail of the Banshee

nw_it_sparscr407		Wall of Fire
n2_it_sparscr034		War Cry
n2_it_sparscr035		Weapon of Impact

nw_it_sparscr204		Web
nw_it_sparscr907		Weird
x2_it_spdvscr701		Word of Faith



boots_chain		chain boots
nw_boots_grecloak	Chain Boots(greycloak)
boots_hide		Hide Boots

boots_leather		Leather Boots
n2_boots_plate		Plate Boots
boots_scale		Scale Boots

paladinboots		Scale Boots(paladin)


nw_cloth027		Adept's Tunic
nw_mcloth011		Adventurer's Robe
nw_cloth017		Assassin's Garb

nw_cloth015		Barbarian's Outfit
nw_cloth021		Bard's Tunic
nw_mcloth004		Black Robe of the Archmagi

nw_cloth007		Cleric's Outfit
x2_cloth008		Cleric's robe
nw_cloth022		Commoner's Outfit

nw_cloth024		Commoner's Tunic
nw_cloth012		Conjurer's Robe
n2_pca_dragon		Dragon Disciple's Robe

n2_pca_duelist		Duelist Garb
nw_cloth011		Gladiator's Outfit
nw_mcloth014		Greater Battle Robe

x0_cloth005		Greater Robe of Eyes
nw_mcloth003		Grey RObe of the Archmagi
nw_cloth020		Illusionist's Robe

nw_mcloth016		Impoved Robes of the Old Order
nw_cloth014		Jester's Outfit
x0_cloth002		Lesser Robe of Eyes

nw_mcloth013		Mage's Battle Robe
nw_mcloth012		Master Adventurer's Robe
nw_cloth019		Militia Outfit

nw_cloth016		Monk's Outfit
nw_cloth026		Necromancer's Robe
nw_cloth018		Noble Guardsman Tunic

nw_cloth003		Noble Outfit
nw_cloth028		Noble's Tunic
nw_CLOTH010		Paladin's tunic

x2_it_pmrobe		Palemaster's Robe
nw_cloth002		Performer's Outfit
shirt_wizard		Plain shirt

shirt_monk		Plain shirt
shirt_cleric		Plain shirt
shirt_barb		Plain shirt

shirt_fighter		Plain shirt
shirt_druid		Plain shirt
shirt_sorcerer		Plain shirt

shirt_paladin		Plain shirt
shirt_ranger		Plain shirt
shirt_rogue		Plain shirt

nw_mcloth007		Robe of Acid Resistance
x0_cloth001		Robe of Blending
nw_mcloth008		Robe of Cold Resistance

nw_mcloth010		Robe of Electrical Resistance
x1_mcloth001		Robe of Energy
nw_mcloth009		Robe of Fire Resistance

nw_mcloth001		Robe of Larloch
nw_mcloth006		Robe of Light
x0_cloth003		Robe of Scintillating Colors

n2_mcloth001		Robe of the Archmagi
nw_mcloth017		Robes of the Dark Moon
nw_mcloth015		Robes of the Old Order

nw_mcloth018		Robes of the Shining Hand +1
nw_mcloth019		Robes of the Shining Hand +2
nw_mcloth020		Robes of the Shining Hand +3

nw_mcloth021		Robes of the Shining Hand +4
nw_mcloth022		Robes of the Shining Hand +5
nw_cloth008		Sorcerer's Robe
nw_cloth013		Squire's Tunic

nw_cloth009		Urchin rags
nw_cloth023		Vagabond Rags
x0_cloth004		Vest of Escape

nw_cloth006		Veteran's Outfit
nw_cloth029		Warlock's Outfit
nw_cloth025		Warrior's Tunic

nw_mcloth002		White Robe of the Archmagi
nw_cloth005		Wizard's Robe


gloves_chain		Chain gloves
gloves_hide		Hide gloves

gloves_leather		Leather Gloves
gloves_scale		Scale gloves

------------------HEAVY ARMOR------------------------

mwa_hvbm_ada_3		Adamantine Banded Mail
mwa_hvfp_ada_4		Adamantine Full Plate
mwa_hvhp_ada_4		Adamintine Half plate

nw_maarcl021		Armor of Comfort
x2_cus_armoroffa	Armor of Faith
nw_maarcl054		Armor of Freedom

n2_pca_champion		Armor of the Divine Champion
nw_maarcl025		Balduran's Armor
nw_aarcl011		Banded Mail

nw_maarcl051		Banded Mail +1
nw_maarcl064		Banded Mail +2
nw_maarcl076		Banded Mail +3

x0_maarcl019		Banded Mail +4
x0_maarcl020		Banded Mail +5
nw_pca_bguard		Blackguard's Plate

nw_maarcl028		Blue Dragon Armor
nw_maarcl042		Copper Dragon Armor
mwa_hvbm_drk_3		Darksteel Banded Mail

mwa_hvfp_drk_3		Darksteel Full plate
mwa_hvhp_drk_3		Darksteel Half plate
nw_maarcl024		Delver's Armor

n2_pca_defend		Dwarven Defender Plate
nw_maarcl022		Elven Ceremonial Armor
nw_maarcl029		Enkidu's Armor

nw_aarcl007		Full Plate
nw_maarcl053		Full Plate +1
nw_maarcl068		Full Plate +2

nw_maarcl080		Full Plate +3
x0_maarcl023		Full Plate +4
x0_maarcl024		Full Plate +5

nw_maarcl026		Gnomish Magnetic Armor
x2_c3_maarcl037		Greater Storm Armor of the Earth's Children
nw_aarcl006		Half plate

nw_maarcl052		Half Plate +1
nw_maarcl069		Half Plate +2
nw_maarcl081		Half Plate +3

x0_maarcl021		Half Plate +4
x0_maarcl022		Half Plate +5
x0_maarcl036		Laeral's Storm Armor

mwa_hvbm_mth_3		Mithral Banded Mail
mwa_hvfp_mth_4		Mithral Full Plate
mwa_hvhp_mth_4		Mithral Half Plate

nw_maarcl020		Rainbow Armor
nw_maarcl027		Red Dragon Armor
mwa_hvhp_rdh_3		Red Dragon Hide Half Plate

nw_royalguard		Royal Guard Armor
nw_maarcl059		Scales of Truth +1
nw_maarcl062		Scales of Truth +3

nw_maarcl063		Silverbone Armor +2
nw_plate_grayson	Sir Grason's Full plate
x0_maarcl037		Storm Armor of the Earth's Children

mwa_hvhp_uhh_3		Umber Hulk Hide Half Plate
n2_pca_warpriest	Warpriest half plate
nw_maarcl018		White Dragon Armor

nw_maarcl060		Whitebone Armor +2
mwa_hvfp_wyh_3		Wyvern Hide Full Plate
mwa_hvhp_wyh_3		Wyvern Hide Half plate

-----------------LIGHT ARMOR---------------------------

mwa_ltcs_ada_4		Adamantine Chain Shirt
nw_cloth004		Adventurer's Outfit
n2_pca_archer		Arcane Archer Chain Shirt

n2_pca_trickster	Arcane Trickster Gear
nw_maarcl004		Armor of Fleetness
nw_maarcl011		Armor of Loyalty

nw_maarcl003		Armor of the Stars
nw_maarcl001		Armor of the Wolf
nw_maarcl013		Armor of Thorns

nw_mcloth005		Aslyferund Elven Chain
n2_pca_assassin		Assassin's Leathers
nw_maarcl006		Aurumvorax Armor

nw_maarcl032		Benzo's Luck
nw_maarcl009		Black Flame Armor
nw_maarcl017		Broewende Family Armor

nw_maarcl012		Callurdan Smoothand's Armor
p_hhm_ch01		Chain Shirt
nw_aarcl012		Chain Shirt

nw_maarcl046		Chain Shirt +1
nw_maarcl067		Chain Shirt +2
nw_maarcl079		Chain Shirt +3

x0_maarcl009		Chain Shirt +4
x0_maarcl010		Chain Shirt +5
mwa_ltcs_drk_3		Darksteel Chain Shirt

n2_pca_eknight		Eldritch Knight Chain Shirt
nw_maarcl033		Greenleaf
grey_basic		Greycloak Armor(basic)

grey_decent		Greycloak Armor(decent)
x0_maarcl041		Hair Shirt of Ilmater
nw_pca_hscout		Harper Agent Leathers

n2_armor_widow		Jarad Widowmaker's Armor
nw_aarcl001		Leather Armor
nw_maarcl044		Leather Armor +1
nw_maarcl071		Leather Armor +2

nw_maarcl083		Leather Armor +3
x0_maarcl003		Leather Armor +4
x0_maarcl004		Leather Armor +5

nw_armor_druid		Leather Armor(druid)
nw_armor_rogue		Leather Armor(rogue)
nw_armor_warlock	Leather Armor(warlock)

nw_maarcl002		Mirrored Armor
mwa_ltcs_mth_4		Mithral Chain Shirt
nw_pca_nw9		Neverwinter Nine Tunic

nw_aarcl009		Padded Armor
nw_maarcl043		Padded Armor +1
nw_maarcl072		Padded Armor +2

nw_maarcl084		Padded Armor +3
x0_maarcl001		Padded Armor +4
x0_maarcl002		Padded Armor +5

nw_maarcl034		Rogue Links
mwa_ltlt_slh_3		Salamander Hide Leather Armor
mwa_ltsl_slh_3		Salamander Hide Studded Leather Armor

nw_maarcl005		Shadow Legion Armor
n2_pca_sthief		Shadow Thief Leather Armor
n2_pca_sdancer		ShadowDancer Outfit

x1_maarcl001		Skin of the Forest
nw_maarcl008		Squire's Defense
nw_aarcl002		Studded Leather Armor

nw_maarcl045		Studded Leather Armor +1
nw_maarcl075		Studded Leather Armor +2
nw_maarcl087		Studded Leather Armor +3

x0_maarcl005		Studded Leather Armor +4
x0_maarcl006		Studded Leather Armor +5
nw_maarcl007		The Great Oak

nw_cloth001		Woodsman Outfit

-----------------MEDIUM ARMOR------------------------

mwa_mdbp_ada_4		Adamantine Breastplate
mwa_mdcm_ada_4		Adamantine Chainmail
mwa_mdsm_ada_4		Adamantine Scale Mail

nw_maarcl014		Armor of Command
nw_maarcl016		Armor of Horus-Re
nw_aarcl010		Breastplate

nw_maarcl049		Breastplate +1
nw_maarcl065		Breastplate +2
nw_maarcl077		Breastplate +3

x0_maarcl015		Breastplate +4
x0_maarcl016		Breastplate +5
nw_aarcl004		Chainmail

nw_armor_cleric		Chainmail(cleric)
nw_armor_greycloak	Chainmail(greycloak)
nw_maarcl035		Chainmail +1

nw_maarcl066		Chainmail +2
nw_maarcl078		Chainmail +3
x0_maarcl013		Chainmail +4

x0_maarcl014		Chainmail +5
nw_maarcl039		Chainmail of Speed
nw_maarcl058		Chromatic Breastplate +1

nw_maarcl061		Chromatic Breastplate +3
nw_citywatch		City Watch Armor
mwa_mdbp_drk_3		Darksteel Breastplate

mwa_mdcm_drk_3		Darksteel Chainmail
mwa_mdsm_drk_3		Darksteel Scale Mail
nw_maarcl036		Doron's Mistake

nw_maarcl015		Dragon Armor
nw_maarcl037		Elven Chainmail
n2_pca_berserk		Frenzied Berserker Hide

grey_best		Greycloak Armor(best)
grey_good		Greycloak Armor(good)
nw_aarcl008		Hide Armor

nw_maarcl047		Hide Armor +1
nw_maarcl070		Hide Armor +2
nw_maarcl082		Hide Armor +3

x0_maarcl007		Hide Armor +4
x0_maarcl008		Hide Armor +5
nw_armor_barb		Hide Armor(barbarian)

n2_armor_kana		Kana's Armor
nw_maarcl010		Kumakawa
n2_maarcl01		Lesser Golem Armor

mwa_mdbp_mth_4		Mithral Breastplate
mwa_mdcm_mth_4		Mithral Chainmail
mwa_mdsm_mth_4		Mithal Scale Mail

mwa_mdbp_rdh_3		Red Dragon Hide Breastplate
mwa_mdsm_rdh_3		Red Dragon Hide Scale Mail
mwa_mdhd_slh_3		Salamander Hide Armor

nw_aarcl003		Scale Mail
nw_maarcl048		Scale Mail +1
nw_maarcl073		Scale Mail +2

nw_maarcl085		Scale Mail +3
x0_maarcl011		Scale Mail +4
x0_maarcl012		Scale Mail +5

nw_armor_fighter	Scale Mail(Fighter)
nw_armor_paladin	Scale Mail(paladin)
x2_armor_001		Spellchain

nw_it_novel003		Storm Armor
mwa_mdbp_uhh_3		Umber Hulk Hide Breastplate
n2_pca_wmaster		Weapon Master's Scale

mwa_mdbp_wyh_3		Wyvern Hide Breastplate
mwa_mdsm_wyh_3		Wyvern Hide Scale Mail


x2_it_adahelm		Adamantine Helm
x0_armhe014		Beholder Crown
helm_chain		Chain Helm

n2_it_arhelmcw		City Watch Helmet
x0_armhe015		Cowl Of Warding
x2_it_arhelm03		Fighter Helmet

n2_helm_finch		Finch's Fine Chapeau
nw_armhe010		Golden Circlet
nw_armhe012		Greater Mask of Persuasion

x0_armhe009		Headband of Intellect +2
x0_armhe010		Headband of Intellect +4
x0_armhe011		Headband of Intellect +6

n2_armhe001		Headband of Intellect +8
x0_armhe016		Headband of the Binder
x0_armhe012		Helm of Brilliance

x0_armhe017		Helm of Darkness
x2_armhe001		Helm of the Stranger
nw_arhe004		Horse Hair Helmet

n2_helm_laborer		Laborer's Shade
helm_leather		Leather Helm
x2_helm_001		Lichskull

n2_helm_magecap		Mage's Skullcap
x0_armhe002		Major Circlet of Blasting
x0_armhe013		Mask of Death

nw_armhe011		Mask of Persuasion
x2_armhe002		Mask of the Skull
x0_armhe001		Minor Circlet of Blasting

nw_it_novel004		Moonstone Mask
nw_helm_noblecap	Noble's Cap
x2_it_arhelm		Paladin Helmet

nw_arhe001		Pot Helmet
n2_it_arhelmroyal	Royal Guard Helmet
helm_scale		Scale Helm
nw_armhe008		Shukenja Helm

nw_arhe002		Spike Helmet
nw_arhe005		Stag Helmet
n2_helm_swashhat	Swashbuckler's Hat

nw_armhe009		Tayvian Circlet
n2_arhe001		The Laurel Crown
x2_helm_002		The Regel

nw_armhe007		Thieve's Hood
nw_armhe006		Watchman's Helm
nw_arhe003		Winged Helmet

n2_helm_wizhat		Wizard's Hat

------------------Heavy Shields--------------------

mwa_shhv_ada_4		Adamantine Heavy Shield
mwa_shhv_drk_3		Darksteel Heavy Shield
nw_ashmlw006		Dragon Shield

mwa_shhv_dsk_3		Duskwood Heavy Shield
x2_it_iwoodshldl	Heavy Ironwood Shield
nw_ashlw001		Heavy Shield

nw_ashmlw002		Heavy Shield +1
nw_ashmlw008		Heavy Shield +2
nw_ashmlw009		Heavy Shield +3

x0_ashmlw001		Heavy Shield +4
x0_ashmlw002		Heavy Shield +5
x0_ashmlw003		Laeral's Spell Shield

nw_ashmlw005		Mirror Shield
mwa_shhv_mth_4		Mithral Heavy Shield
n2_ashmlw003		Shield of Prator

nw_ashmlw003		Shield of the Holy
nw_ashmlw004		Shield of the Sun

n2_ashmlw001		Silver Shield
mwa_shhv_uhh_3		Umberhulk Hide Heavy Shield
nw_ashmlw007		Uthgardt Holy Shield

mwa_shhv_zal_3		Zalantar Heavy Shield

-----------------Light Shields----------------------

mwa_shlt_ada_4		Adamantine Light Shield
mwa_shlt_drk_3		Darksteel Light Shield
mwa_shlt_dsk_3		Duskwood Light Shield

nw_ashmsw005		Dwarven Mirth
nw_ashmsw004		Hearth Shield
x2_it_ironwshlds	Light Ironwood Shield

nw_ashsw001		Light Shield
nw_ashmsw002		Light Shield +1
nw_ashmsw008		Light Shield +2

nw_ashmsw009		Light Shield +3
x0_ashmsw001		Light Shield +4
x0_ashmsw002		Light Shield +5

mwa_shlt_mth_4		Mithral Light Shield
nw_ashmsw007		Mithral Shield
nw_ashmsw003		Protector

nw_ashmsw010		Shield of Dawn
n2_ashmsw002		Shield of the Void
nw_ashmsw011		Shield of the Watch

nw_ashmsw006		Shield of the Wisp Hunter
mwa_shlt_uhh_3		Umber Hulk Hide Light Shield
mwa_shlt_zal_3		Zalantar Light Shield

-----------------Tower Shields------------------------

mwa_shtw_ada_4		Adamantine Tower Shield
mwa_shtw_drk_3		Darksteel Tower Shield
mwa_shtw_dsk_3		Duskwood Tower Shield
n2_ashmto001		Forgotten Shield

nw_ashmto005		Goblin Shield of Nulbish
nw_ashmto010		Greater Shield of Dawn
nw_ashmto011		Greater Shield of the Watch

nw_ashmto006		Hastsezini's Shield
nw_ashmto003		Imaskari Shield
x2_it_ironwshldt	Ironwood Tower Shield

mwa_shtw_mth_4		Mithral Tower Shield
nw_ashmto007		Shield of Darksteel Tower
nw_ashmto004		Shield of the Dragonslayer

nw_ashto001		Tower Shield
nw_ashmto002		Tower Shield +1
nw_ashmto008		Tower Shield +2

nw_ashmto009		Tower Shield +3
x0_ashmto001		Tower Shield +4
x0_ashmto002		Tower Shield +5

mwa_shtw_uhh_3		Umber Hulk Hide Tower Shield
mwa_shtw_zal_3		Zalantar Tower Shield


nw_it_mbelt001		Archer's Belt
nw_it_mbelt018		Belt of Agility +1
nw_it_mbelt019		Belt of Agility +2
nw_it_mbelt020		Belt of Agility +3

nw_it_mbelt021		Belt of Agility +4
x2_it_mbelt003		Belt of Agility +5
x2_it_mbelt004		Belt of Agility +6

x2_it_mbelt005		Belt of Agility +7
x2_it_mbelt006		Belt of Agility +8
x2_it_mbelt001		Belt of Cloud Giant Strength

nw_it_mbelt008		Belt of Fire Giant Strength
nw_it_mbelt007		Belt of Frost Giant Strength
nw_it_mbelt016		Belt of Guiding Light

nw_it_mbelt002		Belt of Hill Giant Strength
nw_it_mbelt006		Belt of Inertial Barrier
x0_it_mbelt001		Belt of Lions

n2_it_mbelt001		Belt of Stone Giant Strength
x2_it_mbelt002		Belt of Storm Giant Strength
nw_it_mbelt010		Brawler's Belt

nw_it_mbelt003		Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt
nw_it_mbelt004		Encircling Scale
nw_it_mbelt001		Girdle of Holy Might

nw_it_mbelt014		Greater Archer's Belt
nw_it_mbelt017		Greater Belt of Guiding Light
nw_it_mbelt013		Greater Brawler's Belt

nw_it_mbelt012		Greater Swordsman's Belt
x0_it_mbelt006		Kossuth's Belt of Priestly Might
x0_it_mbelt004		Kossuth's Belt of Priestly Might and Warding

x2_belt_001		Lothar's Last Belt
nw_it_mbelt015		Lesser Belt of Guiding Light
x0_it_mbelt001		Monk's Belt

x0_it_mbelt005		Mystran Belt of Priestly Might
x0_it_mbelt007		Mystran Belt of Priestly Might and Warding
nw_it_mbelt005		Sash of Shimmering

x0_it_mbelt003		Shar's Belt of Priestly Might
x0_it_mbelt008		Shar's Belt of Priestly Might and Warding
nw_it_mbelt009		Swordsman's Belt


nw_it_mboots002		Boots of Elvenkind
nw_it_mboots015		Boots of Hardiness +1
nw_it_mboots016		Boots of Hardiness +2

nw_it_mboots017		Boots of Hardiness +3
nw_it_mboots010		Boots of Reflexes +1
nw_it_mboots011		Boots of Reflexes +2

nw_it_mboots012		Boots of Reflexes +3
nw_it_mboots013		Boots of Reflexes +4
nw_it_mboots014		Boots of Reflexes +5

x2_it_mboots001		Boots of Reflexes +6
x2_it_mboots002		Boots of Reflexes +7
x2_it_mboots003		Boots of Reflexes +8

nw_it_mboots005		Boots of Speed
nw_it_mboots001		Boots of Striding +1
nw_it_mboots006		Boots of Striding +2

nw_it_mboots007		Boots of Striding +3
nw_it_mboots008		Boots of Striding +4
nw_it_mboots009		Boots of Striding +5

x2_it_mboots006		Boots of Striding +6
x2_it_mboots007		Boots of Striding +7
x2_it_mboots008		Boots of Striding +8

x1_it_mboots001		Boots of the Shifting Sands
nw_it_mboots018		Boots of the Sun Soul +1
nw_it_mboots019		Boots of the SUn SOul +2

nw_it_mboots020		Boots of the Sun SOul +3
nw_it_mboots021		Boots of the Sun Soul +4
nw_it_mboots022		Boots of the Sun Soul +5

x0_it_mboots001		Boots of the Winterlands
x0_it_mboots003		Boots of Tumbling
nw_it_mboots003		Dragon Slippers

nw_it_mboots004		Gargoyle Boots
x0_it_mboots004		Greater Boots of Tumbling
x0_it_mboots002		Lesser Boots of Tumbling

x2_nash_boot		Nasher's Nimble Boots

x0_it_mbracer001	Bracers of Archery
nw_it_mbracer002	Bracers of Armor +1
nw_it_mbracer007	Bracers of Armor +2

nw_it_mbracer008	Bracers of Armor +3
nw_it_mbracer009	Bracers of Armor +4
nw_it_mbracer010	Bracers of Armor +5

x2_it_mbracer001	Bracers of Armor +6
x2_it_mbracer002	Bracers of Armor +7
x2_it_mbracer003	Bracers of Armor +8

x2_it_mbracer004	Bracers of Armor +9
x2_it_mbracer005	Bracers of Armor +10
nw_it_mbracer001	Bracers of Dexterity +1

nw_it_mbracer003	Bracers of Dexterity +2
nw_it_mbracer004	Bracers of Dexterity +3
nw_it_mbracer005	Bracers of Dexterity +4

nw_it_mbracer006	Bracers of Dexterity +5
x2_it_mbracer006	Bracers of Dexterity +6
x2_it_mbracer007	Bracers of Dexterity +7

x2_it_mbracer008	Bracers of Dexterity +8
x0_it_mbracer002	Bracers of the Blinding Strike

x0_maarcl038		Cape of the Fire Bath
x0_maarcl039		Cape of Winter
x0_maarcl030		Cloak of Arachnida

x0_maarcl040		Cloak of Blackflame
x0_maarcl032		Cloak of Displacement
nw_maarcl057		Cloak of Elvenkind

x0_maarcl033		Cloak of Etherealness
nw_maarcl104		Cloak of Fortification +1
nw_maarcl105		Cloak of Fortification +2

nw_maarcl106		Cloak of Fortification +3
x2_it_mcloak004		Cloak of Fortification +4
x2_it_mcloak005		Cloak of Fortification +5

nw_maarcl056		Cloak of Movement
nw_maarcl055		Cloak of Protection +1
nw_maarcl088		Cloak of Protection +2

nw_maarcl089		Cloak of Protection +3
nw_maarcl090		Cloak of Protection +4
nw_maarcl091		Cloak of Protection +5

nw_maarcl098		Cloak of Protection vs Chaos
nw_maarcl097		Cloak of Protection vs Evil
nw_maarcl096		Cloak of Protection vs Good

nw_maarcl099		Cloak of Protection vs Law
x0_maarcl025		Cloak of Resistance +1
x0_maarcl026		Cloak of Resistance +2

x0_maarcl027		Cloak of Resistance +3
x0_maarcl028		Cloak of Resistance +4
x0_maarcl029		Cloak of Resistance +5

x0_maarcl031		Cloak of the Bat
nw_maarcl030		Cloak of the High Forest
x2_it_drowcl001		Drow Piwafi Cloak

nw_graycloak		Graycloak
nw_maarcl102		Greater Cloak of Protection vs Chaos
nw_maarcl101		Greater Cloak of Protection vs Evil

nw_maarcl100		Greater Cloak of Protection vs Good
nw_maarcl103		Greater Cloak of Protection vs Law
x0_maarcl034		Greater Mantle of Spell Resistance

x2_nash_cloak		Nasher's CLoak of Protection
nw_maarcl031		Nymph Cloak +1
nw_maarcl092		Nymph Cloak +2

nw_maarcl093		Nymph Cloak +3
nw_maarcl094		Nymph Cloak +4
nw_maarcl095		Nymph Cloak +5

x2_it_mcloak008		Nymph Cloak +6
n2_it_mcloak001		Nymph Cloak +8
x1_it_mcloak001		Skin of the Manticore

x0_maarcl035		Vestments of Faith

n2_it_mglove001		Elder Oak Gloves
x2_glove_bal		Fists of Balance
x1_it_mglove001		Flaming Gloves +2

x0_it_mglove005		Gauntlet of Fury
nw_it_mbracer013	Gauntlets of Ogre Power
x0_it_mglove001		Gloves of Appraisal

nw_it_mglove004		Gloves of Concentration
nw_it_mglove007		Gloves of Spellcraft
nw_it_mglove009		Gloves of Swordplay

x0_it_mglove003		Gloves of the Artificer
x0_it_mglove007		Gloves of the Balanced Hands
nw_it_mglove016		Gloves of the Hin Fist +1

nw_it_mglove017		Gloves of the Hin Fist +2
nw_it_mglove018		Gloves of the Hin Fist +3
nw_it_mglove019		Gloves of the Hin Fist +4

nw_it_mglove020		Gloves of the Hin Fist +5
nw_it_mglove021		Gloves of the Long Death +1
nw_it_mglove022		Gloves of the Long Death +2

nw_it_mglove023		Gloves of the Long Death +3
nw_it_mglove024		Gloves of the Long Death +4
nw_it_mglove025		Gloves of the Long Death +5

nw_it_mglove005		Gloves of the Mintrel
nw_it_mglove003		Gloves of the Rogue
nw_it_mglove026		Gloves of the Yellow Rose +1

nw_it_mglove027		Gloves of the Yellow Rose +2
nw_it_mglove028		Gloves of the Yellow Rose +3
nw_it_mglove029		Gloves of the Yellow Rose +4

nw_it_mglove030		Gloves of the Yellow Rose +5
x2_it_mglove022		Great Wyrm Gauntlets
x0_it_mglove002		Greater Gloves of Appraisal

nw_it_mglove010		Greater Gloves of Concentration
nw_it_mglove013		Greater GLoves of Spellcraft
nw_it_mglove015		Greater Gloves of Swordplay

x0_it_mglove004		Greater Gloves of the Artificer
nw_it_mglove011		Greater Gloves of the Minstral
nw_it_mbracer012	Lesser Guantlets of Ogre Power

x2_nash_glove		Nasher's Gloves of Combat
nw_it_mglove001		Wondrous Gloves

nw_it_mneck032		Amulet of Acid Resistance
nw_it_mneck030		Amulet of Cold Resistance
x2_it_mneck004		Amulet of Divine Radiance

nw_it_mneck031		Amulet of Electrical Resistance
nw_it_mneck029		Amulet of Fire Resistance
nw_it_mneck036		Amulet of Health

nw_it_mneck001		Amulet of Natural Armor +1
nw_it_mneck012		Amulet of Natural Armor +2
nw_it_mneck013		Amulet of Natural Armor +3

nw_it_mneck014		Amulet of Natural Armor +4
nw_it_mneck015		Amulet of Natural Armor +5
nw_it_mneck005		Amulet of Power

x0_it_mneck006		Amulet of the Harpers
nw_it_mneck034		Amulet of the Master
x0_it_mneck001		Amulet of Undead Turning

x2_it_mneck001		Amulet of Vitality +2
x2_it_mneck002		Amulet of Vitality +4
x2_it_mneck003		Amulet of Vitality +6

nw_it_mneck024		Amulet of Will +1
nw_it_mneck025		Amulet of Will +2
nw_it_mneck026		Amulet of Will +3

nw_it_mneck027		Amulet of Will +4
nw_it_mneck028		Amulet of Will +5
x2_it_mneck016		Amulet of Will +6

x2_it_mneck017		Amulet of Will +7
x2_it_mneck018		Amulet of Will +8
x0_it_mneck005		Arvoreen's Amulet of Aid

nw_it_mneck020		Copper Necklace
nw_it_mneck023		Glittering Necklace
nw_it_mneck022		Gold Necklace

nw_it_mneck037		Greater Amulet of Health
x0_it_mneck002		Greater Necklace of Fireballs
nw_it_mneck035		Lesser Amulet of Health

nw_it_mneck033		Lesser Amulet of the Master
x0_it_mneck007		Lesser Ice Necklace of the Ulutiun
x0_it_mneck004		Luckstone

n2_it_mneck002		Medallion of Thought
x2_it_mneck005		Necklace of Fireballs
nw_it_mneck003		Necklace of Prayer Beads

nw_it_mneck007		Periapt of Wisdom +1
nw_it_mneck008		Periapt of Wisdom +2
nw_it_mneck009		Periapt of Wisdom +3

nw_it_mneck010		Periapt of Wisdom +4
nw_it_mneck011		Periapt of Wisdom +5
x2_it_mneck006		Periapt of Wisdom +6

x2_it_mneck007		Periapt of Wisdom +7
x2_it_mneck008		Periapt of Wisdom +8
x0_it_mneck003		Scarab of Greater Protection

nw_it_mneck006		Scarab of Protection +1
nw_it_mneck016		Scarab of Protection +2
nw_it_mneck017		Scarab of Protection +3

nw_it_mneck018		Scarab of Protection +4
nw_it_mneck019		Scarab of Protection +5
nw_it_mneck021		Silver Necklace

nw_it_mneck002		Talisman of Pure Evil
nw_it_mneck004		Talisman of Pure Good
n2_it_mneck001		The Ancient Sermon

x0_it_mring007		Aribeth's Ring
x0_it_mring008		Bone Ring
x0_it_mring009		Commander's Ring

nw_it_mring021		Copper Ring
nw_it_mring023		Gold Ring
x2_it_mring017		Ironskin Ring

nw_it_mring029		Lesser Ring of Power
x2_nash_ring		Nasher's Ring of Strength
x0_it_mring013		Purple Dragon Ring

nw_it_mring006		Ring of Clear Thought +1
nw_it_mring014		Ring of Clear Thought +2
nw_it_mring015		Ring of Clear Thought +3

nw_it_mring016		Ring of Clear Thought +4
nw_it_mring017		Ring of Clear Thought +5
x2_it_mring020		Ring of Clear Thought +6

x2_it_mring021		Ring of Clear Thought +7
x2_it_mring022		Ring of Clear Thought +8
nw_it_mring010		Ring of Crimson

nw_it_mring009		Ring of Cyan
x0_it_mring010		Ring of Disease Immunity
n2_it_mring006		Ring of Divine Power (1)

n2_it_mring002		Ring of Divine Power (2)
n2_it_mring003		Ring of Divine Power (3)
n2_it_mring004		Ring of Divine Power (4)

n2_it_mring005		Ring of Divine Power (5)
nw_it_mring002		Ring of Elemental Resistance
x0_it_mring005		Ring of Force Shield

nw_it_mring024		Ring of Fortitude +1
nw_it_mring025		Ring of Fortitude +2
nw_it_mring026		Ring of Fortitude +3

nw_it_mring027		Ring of Fortitude +4
nw_it_mring028		Ring of Fortitude +5
x2_it_mring025		Ring of Fortitude +6

x2_it_mring026		Ring of Fortitude +7
x2_it_mring027		Ring of Fortitude +8
x0_it_mring006		Ring of Freedom of Movement

x0_it_mring002		Ring of Hiding
nw_it_mring007		Ring of Holiness
x0_it_mring004		Ring of Improved Evasion

nw_it_mring012		Ring of Insight
nw_it_mring003		Ring of Invisibility
nw_it_mring011		Ring of Jade

nw_it_mring005		Ring of Magic Defenses
x2_it_mring001		Ring of Major Acid Resistance
x2_it_mring002		Ring of Major Cold Resistance

x2_it_mring003		Ring of Major Electrical Resistance
x2_it_mring004		Ring of Major Fire Resistance
x2_it_mring005		Ring of Major Sonic Resistance

x0_it_mring011		Ring of Might
x0_it_mring012		Ring of Nine Lives
nw_it_mring030		Ring of Power

nw_it_mring001		Ring of Protection +1
nw_it_mring008		Ring of Protection +2
nw_it_mring018		Ring of Protection +3

nw_it_mring019		Ring of Protection +4
nw_it_mring020		Ring of Protection +5
nw_it_mring004		Ring of Regeneration

nw_it_mring031		Ring of Resistance +1
nw_it_mring032		Ring of Resistance +2
nw_it_mring033		Ring of Resistance +3

nw_it_mring013		Ring of Scholars
n2_it_mring001		Ring of Sorcerous Power
x0_it_mring014		Ring of Spell Battle

x2_it_mring006		Ring of the Ram
nw_it_noval001		Ring of the Wood Elves
n2_it_mring007		Ring of Wizardry (1)

n2_it_mring008		Ring of Wizardry (2)
n2_it_mring009		Ring of Wizardry (3)
n2_it_mring010		Ring of Wizardry (4)

n2_it_mring011		Ring of Wizardry (5)
nw_it_mring022		Silver Ring
x2_ring_pet		Stoneeater's Ring

x1_it_mring001		The Nomad's Ring
x1_it_mring002		The Wanderer's Ring

============SPECIAL EDITION - ITEM SETS===============
n2_itset_bbn3		Graena's Bond
n2_itset_bbn1		Graena's Fortune
n2_itset_bbn2		Graena's Triumph

n2_itset_brd1		Ysridain's Muse
n2_itset_brd3		Ysridain's Soul
n2_itset_brd2		Ysridain's Touch

n2_itset_clr2		A Mad Gent's Boots
n2_itset_clr1		A Mad Gent's Cloak
n2_itset_clr3		A Mad Gent's Gloves

n2_itset_drd3		Scattertrail boots
n2_itset_drd1		Scattertrail helmet
n2_itset_drd2		Scattertrail hide

n2_itset_ftr2		The Industrious Hands of Pim
n2_itset_ftr3		The Sturdy Feet of Pim
n2_itset_ftr1		The Watchful Mind of Pim

n2_itset_mnk2		Grainstone Belt
n2_itset_mnk1		Grainstone Boots
n2_itset_mnk3		Grainstone Gloves

n2_itset_pal3		Armor of Gram the Mouse
n2_itset_pal2		Helm of Gram the Mouse
n2_itset_pal1		Mantle of Gram the Mouse

n2_itset_rgr2		Favor of Ilum Lura
n2_itset_rgr3		Heart of Ilum Lura
n2_itset_rgr1		The Breast of Ilum Lura

n2_itset_rog1		Balhoderie's Softer Skin
n2_itset_rog2		Balhodrie's Constant Hearth
n2_itset_rog3		Balhodrie's Eelskin Boots

n2_itset_sor1		Heirloom of Asenath
n2_itset_sor2		Shackles of Asenath
n2_itset_sor3		Vengeance of Asenath

n2_itset_war1		Finger of the Lame Kobold
n2_itset_war2		Foot of the Lame Kobold
n2_itset_war3		Head of the Lame Kobold

n2_itset_wiz1		Anagrys' mindmaze
n2_itset_wiz2		Anagrys' Shackle-Breaker
n2_itset_wiz3		Anagrys' Slave-Collar




nw_wammar003		Acid Arrow
nw_wamar001		Arrow
nw_wammar009		Arrow +1

nw_wammar010		Arrow +2
nw_wammar011		Arrow +3
x2_wammar012		Arrow +4

x2_wammar013		Arrow +5
nw_wammar001		Arrow of the Vampire
x2_wammar001		Arrows of Petrification

nw_wammar001		Fire Arrow
nw_wammar005		Ice Arrow
nw_wammar006		Lightning Arrow

nw_wammar007		Mild Poison Arrow
nw_wammar004		Piercing Arrow
nw_wammar008		Poison Arrow


nw_wambo001		Bolt
nw_wammbo008		Bolt +1
nw_wammbo009		Bolt +2

nw_wammbo010		Bolt +3
x2_wammbo011		Bolt +4
x2_wammbo012		Bolt +5

nw_wammbo005		Bolt of Fire
nw_wammbo001		Bolt of Frostbite

nw_wammbo002		Bolt of Lightning
nw_wammbo004		Bolt Piercing
nw_wammbo006		Mild Poison Bolt

nw_wammbo003		Paralytic Bolt
nw_wammbo007		Poison Bolt


nw_wambu001		Bullet
nw_wammbu008		Bullet +1
nw_wammbu009		Bullet +2

nw_wammbu010		Bullet +3
x2_wammbu009		Bullet +4
x2_wammbu010		Bullet +5

nw_wammbu002		Bullet of Screaming
nw_wammbu004		Bullets of Smiting
nw_wammbu003		Farel's Gold

nw_wammbu005		Fire Bullet
nw_wammbu001		Giant's Bane
nw_wammbu006		Ice Bullet

nw_wammbu007		Lightning Bullet


mst_axgr_ada_3		Adamantine Greataxe
mst_axgr_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Greataxe
nw_waxmgr004		Axe of the Culling

n2_waxmgr001		Axe of the Holy
mst_axgr_cld_3		Cold Iron Greataxe
mst_axgr_drk_3		Darksteel Greataxe

nw_waxgr001		Greataxe
nw_waxmgr002		Greataxe +1
nw_waxmgr009		Greataxe +2

nw_waxmgr011		Greataxe +3
x0_waxmgr001		Greataxe +4
x0_waxmgr002		Greataxe +5

nw_waxmgr006		Guumsh Hand
mst_axgr_mth_3		Mithral Greataxe
nw_waxmgr003		Netherese Axe

nw_waxmgr005		Re's Redemption
nw_waxmgr008		Stonefire Axe +1
nw_waxmgr010		Stonefire Axe +2

x1_waxmgr001		The Sandstorm

-----------One-Handed AXES------------------------

mst_axbt_ada_3		Adamantine Battleaxe
mst_axdv_ada_3		Adamantine Dwarven Waraxe
mst_axhn_ada_3		Adamantine Handaxe

mst_axbt_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Battleaxe
mst_axdv_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Dwarven Waraxe
mst_axhn_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Handaxe

nw_waxbt003		Axe of Dead Illusk
n2_waxmhn001		Axe of the Broken Plains
nw_waxbt001		Battleaxe

nw_waxmbt002		Battleaxe +1
nw_waxmbt010		Battleaxe +2
nw_waxmbt011		Battleaxe +3

x0_waxmbt001		Battleaxe +4
x0_waxmbt002		Battleaxe +5
nw_waxmhn005		Blood Rust Axe

nw_waxmbt005		Clangeddin's Wayward Axe
mst_axbt_cld_3		Cold Iron Battleaxe
mst_axdv_cld_3		Cold Iron Dwarven Waraxe

mst_axhn_cld_3		Cold Iron Handaxe
mst_axbt_drk_3		Darksteel Battleaxe
mst_axdv_drk_3		Darksteel Dwarven Waraxe

mst_axhn_drk_3		Darksteel Handaxe
nw_waxmbt006		Deepstone Progeny
x2_wdwraxe001		Dwarven Waraxe

x2_wmdwraxe002		Dwarven Waraxe +1
x2_wmdwraxe003		Dwarven Waraxe +2
x2_wmdwraxe004		Dwarven Waraxe +3

x2_wmdwraxe005		Dwarven Waraxe +4
x2_wmdwraxe006		Dwarven Waraxe +5
nw_waxmhn003		Ember's Axe

nw_waxhn001		Handaxe
nw_waxmhn002		Handaxe +1
nw_waxmhn010		Handaxe +2

nw_waxmhn011		Handaxe +3
x0_waxmhn001		Handaxe +4
x0_waxmhn002		Handaxe +5

nw_waxmhn008		Ice Reaver +1
nw_waxmhn009		Ice Reaver +3
mst_axbt_mth_3		Mithral Battleaxe

mst_axhn_mth_3		Mithral Dwarven Waraxe
mst_axhn_mth_3		Mithral Handaxe
nw_waxmbt004		Mordan's Withering Blade

nw_waxmhn006		Offhand Axe
nw_waxmbt008		Sentinel +1
nw_waxmbt009		Sentinel +2

nw_it_novel006		Silvermane's Axe
n2_waxmbt001		Terrance's Fell Axe
nw_waxmhn004		Woodcutter's Axe

---------------BASTARD SWORDS----------------------

mst_swbs_ada_3		Adamantine Bastard Sword
mst_swbs_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Bastard Sword
nw_wswbs001		Bastard Sword

nw_wswmbs002		Bastard Sword +1
nw_wswmbs009		Bastard Sword +2
nw_wswmbs010		Bastard Sword +3

x0_wswmbs001		Bastard Sword +4
x0_wswmbs002		Bastard Sword +5
nw_wswmbs004		Bloodletter

mst_swbs_cld_3		Cold Iron Bastard Sword
mst_swbs_drk_3		Darksteel Bastard Sword
nw_wswmbs007		Discord

nw_wswmbs006		Dragonslayer
nw_wswmbs005		Lawgiver
mst_swbs_mth_3		Mithral Bastard Sword

nw_wswmbs003		Nameless Light

---------------GREAT SWORDS-------------------------

mst_swgs_ada_3		Adamantine Greatsword
mst_swgs_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Greatsword
x1_wswmgs001		Blade of Chult

nw_wswmgs004		Blade of the Rashemi
mst_swgs_cld_3		Cold Iron Greatsword
mst_swgs_drk_3		Darksteel Greatsword

nw_wswmgs003		Gemsword
nw_wswgs001		Greatsword
nw_wswmgs002		Greatsword +1

nw_wswmgs011		Greatsword +2
nw_wswmgs012		Greatsword +3
x0_wswmgs001		Greatsword +4

x0_wswmgs002		Greatsword +5
nw_wswmgs009		Harbinger Kin +1
nw_wswmgs010		Harbinger Kin +3

mst_swgs_mth_3		Mithral Greatsword
nw_wswmgs005		Shining Light Of Lathander
nw_it_navel009		The Dagger of Chaos

n2_wswmgs001		The Golem's Blade
nw_wswmgs006		Vermin's Bane


mst_swdg_ada_3		Adamantine Dagger
mst_spka_ada_3		Adamantine Kama
mst_spku_ada_3		Adamantine Kukri

mst_spsc_ada_3		Adamantine Sickle
mst_swdg_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Dagger
mst_spka_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Kama

mst_spku_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Kukri
mst_spsc_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Sickle
nw_wspmsc004		Blacksoul Sickle

mst_swdg_cld_3		Cold Iron Dagger
mst_spka_cld_3		Cold Iron kama
mst_spku_cld_3		Cold Iron Kukri

mst_spsc_cld_3		Cold Iron Sickle
nw_wswmdg003		Courtesan Blade
nw_wspmku005		Cutting Star

nw_wswdg001		Dagger
nw_wswmdg002		Dagger +1
nw_wswmdg008		Dagger +2

nw_wswmdg009		Dagger +3
x0_wswmdg001		Dagger +4
x0_wswmdg002		Dagger +5

mst_swdg_drk_3		Darksteel Dagger
mst_spka_drk_3		Darksteel Kama
mst_spku_drk_3		Darksteel Kukri

mst_spsc_drk_3		Darksteel Sickle
nw_wspmka006		Empty Fields
n2_wspmka001		Eye of the Sun

nw_wspmsc008		Golden Sickle +1
nw_wspmsc009		Golden Sickle +2
nw_wspmka004		Hideo's Kama

nw_wswmdg004		Ice Talon
nw_wspmka007		Imaskari Kama
nw_wspka001		Kama

nw_wspmka002		Kama +1
nw_wspmka008		Kama +2
nw_wspmka009		Kama +3

x0_wspmka001		Kama +4
x0_wspmka002		Kama +5
nw_wspku001		Kukri

nw_wspmku002		Kukri +1
nw_wspmku008		Kukri +2
nw_wspmku009		Kukri +3

x0_wspmku001		Kukri +4
x0_wspmku002		Kukri +5
nw_wspmku001		Kukri of the Eclipse

nw_wspmku003		Ladymist Talon
nw_wswmdg005		Leech
nw_wspmku007		Messanger Blade

mst_swdg_mth_3		Mithal Dagger
mst_spka_mth_3		Mithral Kama
mst_spku_mth_3		Mithral Kukri

mst_spsc_mth_3		Mithral Sickle
nw_wspmku004		Neverwinter Kuki
nw_wspmka005		Peasant Dynasty

nw_wswmdg007		Pixie Lance
x2_sic_renewl		Renewal
nw_wspmku006		Sharpshadow Blade

nw_wspsc001		Sickle
nw_wspmsc002		Sickle +1
nw_wspmsc010		Sickle +2

nw_wspmsc011		Sickle +3
x0_wspmsc001		Sickle +4
x0_wspmsc002		Sickle +5

nw_wspmsc005		Sickle Of Holy Mourning
x2_kuk_storm		Stormwalker
nw_wswmdg006		Tagget's Talon

nw_wspmsc006		Teneraad's Sickle
n2_wswmdg001		The Finisher
x1_wswmdg001		The Nighttheif's Nimbleknife

nw_wspmka003		Thread of Life


mst_swls_ada_3		Adamantine Longsword
mst_swls_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Longsword
nw_wswmls005		Angurvadal(Flame Tongue)

nw_wswmls009		Astral Blade +1
nw_wswmls011		Astral Blade +2
nw_it_novel007		Blade of the Gladiator

nw_wswmls006		Blessing of the Daystar
nw_wswmls007		Cold Iron Blade
mst_swls_cld_3		Cold Iron Longsword

mst_swls_drk_3		Darksteel Longsword
n2_wswmls007		Holy Avenger
nw_wswls001		Longsword

nw_wswmls002		Longsword +1
nw_wswmls010		Longsword +2
nw_wswmls012		Longsword +3

x0_wswmls001		Longsword +4
x0_wswmls002		Longsword +5
mst_swls_mth_3		Mithral Longsword

nw_wswmls004		Soulrazor Minion
x1_wswmls002		The Singing Sword
n2_wswmls001		The Sly Blade


mst_swfl_ada_3		Adamantine Falchion
mst_swka_ada_3		Adamantine Katana
mst_swrp_ada_3		Adamantine Rapier

mst_swsc_ada_3		Adamantine Scimitar
mst_swfl_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Falchion
mst_swka_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Katana
mst_swrp_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Rapier

mst_swsc_ada_3		Alchemical Scimitar
n2_wswmfl006		Anhur's Favored Blade
nw_wswmrp004		Blade Rider Quill

nw_wswmka007		Blade of the Elements
nw_wswmrp006		Bleederkin
mst_swfl_cld_3		Cold Iron Falchion

mst_swka_cld_3		Cold Iron Katana
mst_swrp_cld_3		Cold Iron Rapier
mst_swsc_cld_3		Cold Iron Scimitar

mst_swfl_drk_3		Darksteel Falchion
mst_swka_drk_3		Darksteel Katana
mst_swrp_drk_3		Darksteel Rapier

mst_swsc_drk_3		Darksteel Scimitar
n2_wswmfl007		Decision
nw_wswmsc008		Desert Wind +1

nw_wswmsc009		Desert Wind +2
nw_wswmka004		Divine Fury
n2_wswfl001		Falchion

n2_wswmfl001		Falchion +1
n2_wswmfl002		Falchion +2
n2_wswmfl003		Falchion +3

n2_wswmfl004		Falchion +4
n2_wswmfl005		Falchion +5
n2_wswmrp001		Fencer's Blade

n2_wswmfl008		Hierarch's Blade
nw_wswmka005		Kaga-To
nw_wswka001		Katana

nw_wswmka002		Katana +1
nw_wswmka010		Katana +2
nw_wswmka011		Katana +3

x0_wswmka001		Katana +4
x0_wswmka002		Katana +5
x2_it_cremumkat		Katana of the Mummylord

nw_wswmsc006		Laughing Blade
nw_wswmka006		Master Li's Way
nw_wswmrp005		Mercykiller Blade

mst_swfl_mth_3		Mithral Falchion
mst_swka_mth_3		Mithral Katana
mst_swrp_mth_3		Mithral Rapier

mst_swsc_mth_3		Mithal Scimitar
nw_wswmrp008		Namarra(Neversleep) +1
nw_wswmrp009		Namarra(Neversleep) +2

nw_wswrp001		Rapier
nw_wswmrp002		Rapier +1
nw_wswmrp010		Rapier +2

nw_wswmrp011		Rapier +3
x0_wswmrp001		Rapier +4
x0_wswmrp002		Rapier +5

nw_wswmrp007		Rapier of the High Road
nw_wswsc001		Scimitar
nw_wswmsc002		Scimitar +1

nw_wswmsc010		Scimitar +2
nw_wswmsc011		Scimitar +3
x0_wswmsc001		Scimitar +4

x0_wswmsc002		Scimitar +5
nw_wswmsc005		Scimitar of Speed
nw_wswmsc004		Shimmering Blade

nw_wswmka008		Sword Saint Legacy +1
nw_wswmka009		Sword Saint Legacy +4
n2_wswmsc001		The Brute

mst_swsc_jerro		The Forsaken Path
n2_wswmfl009		The Waking Dagon
nw_wswmsc007		Ula's Heart

----------------SHORT SWORDS----------------------------

mst_swss_ada_3		Adamantine Short Sword
mst_swss_slv_3		Alchemical SIlver Short Sword
nw_wswmss005		Breath Of the Maiden

mst_swss_cld_3		Cold Iron Short Sword
mst_swss_drk_3		Darksteel Short Sword
nw_wswmss008		Feyduster +1

nw_wswmss010		Feyduster +2
nw_wswmss003		Ichthia's Neck-Knife
x2_it_crewmmuice	Icy Blade

mst_swss_mth_3		Mithral Short Sword
nw_wswss001		Short Sword
nw_wswmss002		Short Sword +1

nw_wswmss009		Short Sword +2
nw_wswmss011		Short Sword +3
x0_wswmss001		Short Sword +4

x0_wswmss002		Short Sword +5
nw_wswmss003		Short Sword of Quickness
n2_wswmss001		The Biting Sword

n2_wswmss003		The Dark Companion
nw_wswmss006		The Lucky One
x1_wswmls001		The Nightthief's Claw

n2_wswmss002		The Wizard's Ally


nw_wblcl001		Club
nw_wblmcl002		Club +1
nw_wblmcl010		Club +2

nw_wblmcl011		Club +3
x0_wblmcl001		Club +4
x0_wblmcl002		Club +5

nw_wblmcl012		Club of Smiting
mst_blcl_dsk_3		Duskwood Club
nw_wblmcl008		Gladiator's Club +1

nw_wblmcl009		Gladiator's Club +4
x2_it_iwoodclub		Ironwood Club
nw_wblmcl005		Tethir-wood Cudgel

nw_wblmcl006		The Angry Soul
nw_wblcl002		Training Club
nw_wblmcl003		Watchman's Club

nw_wblmcl004		Will of the Lost
mst_blcl_zal_3		Zalantar Club


mst_blfl_ada_3		Adamantine Flail
mst_blfl_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Flail
mst_blfl_cld_3		Cold Iron Flail

mst_blfl_drk_3		Darksteel Flail
nw_wblmfl007		Eberond's Flail
nw_wblmfl002		Flail +1

nw_wblmfl010		Flail +2
nw_wblmfl011		Flail +3
x0_wblmfl001		Flail +4

x0_wblmfl002		Flail +5
nw_wblmfl006		Flail of Destruction
n2_wblmfl001		Flurry's End

nw_wblmfl008		Foundation +1
nw_wblmfl009		Foundation +4
nw_wblmfl005		Heirs of Osiris

nw_wblfl001		Light Flail
mst_blfl_mth_3		Mithral Flail
nw_wblmfl004		Writ of the Vizier


mst_blhl_ada_3		Adamantine Light Hammer
mst_blhw_ada_3		Adamantine Warhammer
mst_blhl_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Light Hammer

mst_blhw_ada_3		Alchemical SIlver Warhammer
mst_blhl_cld_3		Cold Iron Light Hammer
mst_blhw_cld_3		Cold Iron Warhammer

nw_wblmhl004		Daraz Hammer
mst_blhl_drk_3		Darksteel Light Hammer
mst_blhw_drk_3		Darksteel Warhammer

nw_wblmhl006		Forge Fire
nw_wblmhl003		Hammer of Blasting
nw_wblmhw006		Hammer of Justice

n2_wblmhl001		Hammer of Light
nw_wblmhl005		Hammer of the Beast
n2_wblmhw001		Hammer of the Lost Empire

nw_wblmhw003		Hammer of the Wisp
nw_wblmhw004		Hammer of Thunderbolts
nw_wblmhw005		Lesser Rift Hammer

nw_wblhl001		Light Hammer
nw_wblmhl002		Light Hammer +1
nw_wblmhl010		Light Hammer +2

nw_wblmhl011		Light Hammer +3
x0_wblmhl001		Light Hammer +4
x0_wblmhl002		Light Hammer +5

mst_blhl_mth_3		Mithral Light Hammer
mst_blhw_mth_3		Mithral Warhammer
nw_c3_wblmhw005		Rift Hammer

nw_wblmhw009		Rune Hammer +1
nw_wblmhw010		Rune Hammer +2
nw_wblmhl008		Storm +1

nw_wblmhl009		Storm +2
nw_wblhw001		Warhammer
nw_wblmhw002		Warhammer +1

nw_wblmhw011		Warhammer +2
nw_wblmhw012		Warhammer +3
x0_wblmhw001		Warhammer +4

x0_wblmhw002		Warhammer +5


mst_blml_ada_3		Adamantine Mace
mst_bldm_ada_3		Adamantine Warmace
mst_blml_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Mace

mst_bldm_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Warmace
nw_wdbmma004		Ardulia's Fall
n2_wblmml002		Balafour's Gnashing Rod

nw_wblmml014		Champion's Fist
mst_blml_cld_3		Cold Iron Mace
mst_bldm_cld_3		Cold Iron Warmace

mst_blml_drk_3		Darksteel Mace
mst_bldm_drk_3		Darksteel Warmace
nw_wdbmma006		Ebon Warmace

nw_wblmml006		Fist of the Legion
nw_wdbmma008		Ironwood Warmace +1
nw_wdbmma009		Ironwood Warmace +3

nw_wblmml004		Kiss Of Sune
nw_wdbmma003		Krotan's Skullcrusher
x1_wblmml001		Lesser Mace of Disruption

n2_wblmml001		Loremaster's Mace
nw_wblml001		Mace
nw_wblmml002		Mace +1

nw_wblmml011		Mace +2
nw_wblmml012		Mace +3
x0_wblmml001		Mace +4

x0_wblmml002		Mace +5
nw_wblmml009		Mace of Disruption +2
nw_wblmml010		Mace Of Disruption +5

mst_blml_mth_3		Mithral Mace
mst_bldm_mth_3		Mithal Warmace
nw_wblmml007		Petty's Tempest

nw_wblmml005		Planar Mace
nw_wblmml008		Soldier's Might
nw_wdbmma005		Stoutcorps Key

nw_wdbma001		Warmace
nw_wdbmma002		Warmace +1
nw_wdbmma010		Warmace +2

nw_wdbmma011		Warmace +3
x0_wdbmma001		Warmace +4
x0_wdbmma002		Warmace +5


mst_blms_ada_3		Adamantine Morningstar
mst_blms_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Morningstar
nw_wblmms003		Bone Phoenix

nw_wblmms006		Circling Star
mst_blms_cld_3		Cold Iron Morningstar
mst_blms_drk_3		Darksteel Morningstar

nw_wblmms008		Drone +1
nw_wblmms009		Drone +2
mst_blms_mth_3		Mithral Morningstar

nw_wblms001		Morningstar
nw_wblmms002		Morningstar +1
nw_wblmms010		Morningstar +2

nw_wblmms011		Morningstar +3
x0_wblmms001		Morningstar +4
x0_wblmms002		Morningstar +5

nw_wblmms007		One of Many
nw_wblmms004		Sleepwalker Kin


nw_wdbmqs003		Aiedo Wither-stick
nw_wdbmqs006		Blackforest Staff
mst_dbqs_dsk_3		Duskwood Quarterstaff

x2_it_iwoodstaff	Ironwood Quarterstaff
nw_wdbmqs004		Negastaff
nw_wdbqs001		Quarterstaff

nw_wdbmqs002		Quarterstaff +1
nw_wdbmqs008		Quarterstaff +2
nw_wdbmqs009		Quarterstaff +3

x0_wdbmqs001		Quarterstaff +4
x0_wdbmqs002		Quarterstaff +5
n2_wdbmqs001		Rememberance

nw_wdbmqs007		Staff of Ascension
nw_wdbmqs005		Staff of Curing
n2_wdbmqs002		Thornshield

mst_dbqs_zal_3		Zalantar Quarterstaff


nw_wmgmrd004		Rod of Beguiling
nw_wmgmrd006		Rod of Frost
nw_wmgmrd002		Rod of Resurrection

nw_wmgmrd005		Rod of Reversal
nw_wmgmrd003		Rod of Terror
nw_wmgrd002		Rod of the Ghost

x2_it_wmgrd001		Rod of THunder and Lightning


x2_it_rakstaff		Rakshasa Staff
n2_wmgst001		Staff of Balpheron
nw_wmgst002		Staff of Command

nw_wmgst004		Staff of Defense
nw_wmgst005		Staff of Power
nw_wmgst006		Staff of the Holy

nw_wmgst003		Staff of the Magi
nw_it_novel008		Staff of Valmaxian
x2_wmgst001		Withering


nw_wmgwn011		Wand of Arcane Disjunction
nw_wmgwn003		Wand of Fear
nw_wmgwn002		Wand of Fire

nw_wmgwn014		Wand of Frost
nw_wmgwn013		Wand of Lesser Summoning
nw_wmgwn007		Wand of Lightning

nw_wmgwn004		Wand of Missles
nw_wmgwn005		Wand Of Paralyzation
nw_wmgwn012		Wand of Sleep

nw_wmgwn010		Wand of Stinking Cloud
nw_wmgwn008		Wand of Summoning
nw_wmgwn009		Wand of the Heavens


mst_plhb_ada_3		Adamantine Halberd
mst_plsc_ada_3		Adamantine Scythe
mst_plhb_slv_3		Alchemical Silver Halberd

mst_plsc_ada_3		Alchemical Silver Scythe
nw_wplmhb003		Arc Asunder
nw_wplmss005		Black Kumade

nw_wplmss007		Briarspike
mst_plhb_cld_3		Cold Iron Halberd
mst_plsc_cld_3		Cold Iron Scythe

n2_wplmhb001		Cruel Halbred
mst_plhb_drk_3		Darksteel Halberd
mst_plsc_drk_3		Darksteel Scythe

nw_wmplmsc004		Death's Handmaiden
nw_wplmhb006		Dragon's Breath
mst_plss_dsk_3		Duskwood Spear

nw_wplmss008		Fey Spear +1
nw_wplmss009		Fey SPear +3
nw_wplhb001		Halberd

nw_wplmhb002		Halberd +1
nw_wplmhb010		Halberd +2
nw_wplmhb011		Halberd +3

x0_wplmhb001		Halberd +4
x0_wplmhb002		Halberd +5
nw_wplmss004		Heartwood Spear

nw_wplmsc005		King's Scythe
mst_plhb_mth_3		Mithral Halberd
mst_plsc_mth_3		Mithral Scythe

nw_wplmsc003		Nathure's Scythe
nw_wplmhb008		Ravager +1
nw_wplmhb009		Ravager +4

nw_wplsc001		Scythe
nw_wplmsc002		Scythe +1
nw_wplmsc010		Scythe +2

nw_wplmsc011		Scythe +3
x0_wplmsc001		Scythe +4
x0_wplmsc002		Scythe +5

nw_wplmsc008		Sea Reaver +1
nw_wplmsc009		Sea Reaver +2
nw_wplss001		Spear

nw_wplmss002		Spear +1
nw_wplmss010		Spear +2
nw_wplmss011		Spear +3
x0_wplmss001		Spear +4

x0_wplmss002		Spear +5
nw_wplmss006		Spear of Withering
n2_wplmss001		The Captain's Spear

n2_wplmsc001		The Sowing Fields
x2_it_venomhb		Venom Halberd
nw_wplmhb007		Water's Edge

nw_wplmsc006		Wicked Union
nw_wplmhb004		Will of Atar
mst_plss_zal_3		Zalantar Spear


nw_wbwmxh003		Crossbow of Accuracy
nw_wbwmxl003		Crossbow of Affliction
nw_wbwmxh004		Crossbow of Enchantment

nw_wbwmxl007		Crossbow of Murder
nw_wbwmxl004		Crossbow of the High Forest
nw_wbwmxl006		Crossbow of the Unicorn

mwr_bwxh_dsk_4		Duskwood Heavy Crossbow
mwr_bwxl_dsk_4		Duskwood Light Crossbow
nw_wbwmxh005		Feywarden Crossbow

nw_wbwmxh007		Glorious Revolution
nw_wbwmxh006		Graceblood Bow
nw_wbwxh001		Heavy Crossbow

nw_wbwmxh002		Heavy Crossbow +1
nw_wbwmxh008		Heavy Crossbow +2
nw_wbwmxh009		Heavy Crossbow +3

x0_wbwmxh001		Heavy Crossbow +4
x0_wbwmxh002		Heavy Crossbow +5
nw_wbwxl001		Light Crossbow

nw_wbwmxl002		Light Crossbow +1
nw_wbwmxl008		Light Crossbow +2
nw_wbwmxl009		Light Crossbow +3

x0_wbwmxl001		Light Crossbow +4
x0_wbwmxl002		Light Crossbow +5
n2_wbwmxh001		Nimble Crossbow

n2_wbwmxl001		Outrider's Flight
nw_wbwmsl005		Ruby Crossbow
mwr_bwxh_shd_3		Shederran Heavy Crossbow

mwr_bwxl_shd_3		Shederran Light Crossbow
mwr_bwxh_zal_3		Zalantar Heavy Crossbow
mwr_bwxl_zal_3		Zalantar Light Crossbow


nw_wbwmln010		Composite Longbow +1
nw_wbwmln011		Composite Longbow +2
nw_wbwmln012		Composite Longbow +3

x0_wbwmln003		Composite Longbow +4
x0_wbwmln004		Composite Longbow +5
mwr_bwln_dsk_4		Duskwood Longbow

nw_wbwmln004		Elven Court Bow
nw_wbwmln006		Longarm
nw_wbwln001		Longbow

nw_wbwmln002		Longbow +1
nw_wbwmln008		Longbow +2
nw_wbwmln009		Longbow +3

x0_wbwmln001		Longbow +4
x0_wbwmln002		Longbow +5
nw_wbwmln007		North Wind Bow

nw_wbwmln005		Ripper
mwr_bwln_shd_3		Shederran Longbow
nw_wbwmln003		Taralash

n2_wbwmln002		Tearsdale Bow
n2_wbwmln001		Uthgardt Heavy Bow
mwr_bwln_zar_3		Zalantar Longbow


n2_wbwmsh001		Bow of Flaming Wrath
nw_wbwmsh010		Composite Shortbow +1
nw_wbwmsh011		Composite SHortbow +2

nw_wbwmsh012		Composite Shortbow +3
x0_wbwmsh003		Composite Shortbow +4
x0_wbwmsh004		Composite Shortbow +5

mwr_bwsh_dsk_4		Duskwood Shortbow
nw_wbwmsh003		Eaglebow
nw_wbwmsh006		Lesser Oathbow

nw_wbwmsh007		Lilting Note
nw_wbwmsh004		Phantom Bow
mwr_bwsh_shd_3		Shederran Shortbow

nw_wbwsh001		Shortbow
nw_wbwmsh002		Shortbow +1
nw_wbwmsh008		Shortbow +2

nw_wbwmsh009		Shortbow +3
x0_wbwmsh001		Shortbow +4
x0_wbwmsh002		Shortbow +5

n2_wbwmsh002		Strongheart's Arm
nw_wbwmsh005		Tansheron's Bow
mwr_bwsh_zal_3		Zalantar Shortbow


nw_wbwmsl007		Charming Sling
nw_wbwsl001		Sling
nw_wbwmsl001		Sling +1

nw_wbwmsl009		Sling +2
nw_wbwmsl010		Sling +3
x0_wbwmsl001		Sling +4

x0_wbwmsl002		Sling +5
nw_wbwmsl004		Sling of Arvoreen
nw_wbwmsl006		Sling of Force

nw_wbwmsl003		Sling of Seeking
nw_wbwmsl005		Sunlight Sling
nw_wbwmsl008		Tempertuppin's Ever-Thrower


x2_it_acidbomb		Acid Bomb
nw_wthmdt006		Acid Dart
x1_wmgrenade001		Acid Flask

x1_wmgrenade002		Alchemist's Fire
nw_wthmdt004		Asp's Nest
nw_wthmax004		Axe of the Coming Storm

nw_wthmax005		Black Raven Axe
x1_wmgrenade004		Choking Powder
nw_wthdt001		Dart

nw_wthmdt002		Dart +1
nw_wthmdt008		Dart +2
nw_wthmdt009		Dart +3

x0_wthmdt001		Dart +4
x0_wthmdt002		Dart +5
nw_wthmdt007		Dart of Accuracy

nw_wthmdt003		Dart of Stunning
nw_wthmsh004		Dragon's Tail
nw_wthmax007		Fire Axe

x2_it_firebomb		Fire Bomb
nw_wthmsh007		Grains of Sand
n2_it_acid_3		Greater Acid Flask

n2_it_alch_3		Greater Alchemist's Fire
n2_it_chok_3		Greater Choking Powder
n2_it_holy_3		Greater Holy Water

n2_it_tang_3		Greater Tanglefoot Bag
n2_it_thun_3		Greater Thunderstone
x1_wmgrenade005		Holy Water

nw_wthmdt005		Ice Dart
n2_it_acid_2		Improved Acid Flask
n2_it_alch_2		Improved Alchemist's Fire

n2_it_chok_2		Improved Choking Powder
n2_it_holy_2		Improved Holy Water
n2_it_tang_2		Improved Tanglefoot Bag

n2_it_thun_2		Improved Thunderstone
nw_wthmsh006		Many Talons
n2_it_acid_4		Perfected Acid Flask

n2_it_alch_4		Perfected Alchemist's Fire
n2_it_chok_4		Perfected Choking Powder
n2_it_holy_4		Perfected Holy Water

n2_it_tang_4		Perfected Tanglefoot Bag
n2_it_thun_4		Perfected Thunderstone
nw_wthmax006		Rifthome Axe

nw_wthmsh005		Shining Light
nw_wthsh001		Shuriken
nw_wthmsh002		Shuriken +1

nw_wthmsh008		Shuriken +2
nw_wthmsh009		Shuriken +3
x0_wthmsh001		Shuriken +4

x0_wthmsh002		Shuriken +5
nw_wthmsh003		Stars of Ojy-do
x1_wmgrenade006		Tanglefoot Bag

nw_wthax001		Throwing Axe
nw_wthmax002		Throwing Axe +1
nw_wthmax008		Throwing Axe +2

nw_wthmax009		Throwing Axe +3
x0_wthmax001		Throwing Axe +4
x0_wthmax002		Throwing Axe +5

nw_wthmax003		Thunderbeast Axe
x1_wmgrenade007		Thunderstone

-------------UNIQUE WEAPONS-----------------------

n2_unw_bst3		Acandar
n2_unw_rap2		Alacrity
n2_unw_bax3		Alrec

n2_unw_lsw2		Arn Kerym
n2_unw_ssw2		Arvoreniad
n2_unw_sic3		Athame

n2_unw_gax3		Axe of the Surly Woodsman
n2_unw_kam2		Balance in All Things
n2_unw_gax2		Black Stag Axe

n2_unw_gsw1		Blindstriker
n2_unw_mor3		Bone Breaker
n2_unw_lbw2		Bow of the Black Archer

n2_unw_dma2		Bruiser
n2_unw_scy1		Caput Mortuum
n2_unw_gax1		Chuk

n2_unw_clb2		Churchman's Cudgel
n2_unw_dwa1		Clangeddin's Beard
n2_unw_lbw1		Coldheart

n2_unw_sic2		Crescent Moon
n2_unw_sci3		Dervish Sword
n2_unw_kuk2		Devil's Right Hand

n2_unw_kat2		Dragonsblood Katana
n2_unw_lbw3		Falling Star
n2_unw_kat3		Falling Thunder Storm

n2_unw_ssw1		Feybane
n2_unw_clb3		Gaharu
n2_unw_sli3		Giant Feller

n2_unw_ssw3		Gladius
n2_unw_bax2		Goblinsplitter
n2_unw_sic1		Golden Sickle

n2_unw_bst1		Grimstone Blade
n2_unw_sli1		Guumsh's Other Eye
n2_unw_spr3		Gungne

n2_unw_kuk3		Gutspiller
n2_unw_bst2		Hallowed Redeemer
n2_unw_lxb3		Hammer & Nails

n2_unw_whm2		Hammer of Marish
n2_unw_bax1		Ha'Ra'Kor
n2_unw_fal1		Headsman

n2_unw_hal3		Hedge Trimmer
n2_unw_kam3		Honor's Edge
n2_unw_sbw1		Horseman's Bow

n2_unw_spr1		Huntsman's Spear
n2_unw_hax1		Ice Axe
n2_unw_dma1		Iron helm, Iron Boot

n2_unw_dwa2		Kharash Dur
n2_unw_lfl1		Kossuth's Hand
n2_unw_lfl3		Lichbreaker

n2_unw_hax2		Little Death
n2_unw_hxb3		Locust Crossbow
n2_unw_hal2		Longcutter

n2_unw_hxb1		Longshot
n2_unw_qst2		Mage Shield
n2_unw_whm1		Might Makes Right

n2_unw_dwa3		Mithral Mirror
n2_unw_whm3		Mockery of Mail
n2_unw_qst1		Monk's Friend

n2_unw_lha2		Nagendra
n2_unw_rap1		Needles
n2_unw_clb1		Old Bones

n2_unw_qst3		Old Hickory
n2_unw_mac1		Orc Crusher
n2_unw_kam1		Peasant Blade

n2_unw_mac2		Pharaoh's Mace
n2_unw_dag1		Pins
n2_unw_hxb2		Plate-Piercer

n2_unw_kat1		Shishi-0
n2_unw_sci2		Silk and Iron
n2_unw_spr2		Spear of Death

n2_unw_mac3		St. Sollar's Mace
n2_unw_lfl2		Starbright
n2_unw_rap3		Stirge

n2_unw_fal2		Storm of the Steppes
n2_unw_sci1		Sun From the West
n2_unw_lxb1		Swift Flier

n2_unw_lsw1		Sword of Wrathraven
n2_unw_kuk1		Talon Blade
n2_unw_lha1		Tapper

n2_unw_gsw3		Tempest-Caller
n2_unw_fal3		The Bloody Hand
n2_unw_lsw3		The Dark Blade

n2_unw_sbw3		The Dove
n2_unw_mor1		The Good Day
n2_unw_dag2		The Left Hand

n2_unw_scy3		The Mower
n2_unw_dag3		The Slow Blade
n2_unw_mor2		The Sun's Rays

n2_unw_lha3		Thunderer
n2_unw_lxb2		True Crossbow

n2_unw_hax3		Vendetta
n2_unw_scy2		Verdant Crescent
n2_unw_gsw2		Vile Drinker

n2_unw_hal1		Waves Along the Shore
n2_unw_sli2		Whistling Sling
n2_unw_sbw2		White Dragon Bow

n2_unw_dma3		Wolfsbane

----------Developer Hack Weapons--------------

instodeath		Instrument o'Death
n2_killerweapon		The Destructificator
roll20s			Enchanted Papyrus Blade

--------------PLOT ITEMS----------------------

silver_sword		Silver sword of Gith
nwn2_it_ifist_belt	Belt of Ironfist
nwn2_it_ifist_gaunt	Guantlets of Ironfist

nwn2_it_ifist_hammer	Hammer of Ironfist
n2_invis_boots		Invisible Boots
n2_invis_gloves		Invisible Gloves

nw_cloak		Neverwinter Knight's Cloak
nwn2_it_shard2		Silver shard: Acid and Electrical Resistance
nwn2_it_shard6		Silver Shard: combat bonus

nwn2_it_shard0		Silver Shard: core
nwn2_it_shard8		Silver Shard: Death magic Immunity
nwn2_it_shard7		Silver Shard: Fire and Cold Resistance

nwn2_it_shard1		Silver Shard: Health Bonus
nwn2_it_shard4		Silver Shard: mental bonus
nwn2_it_shard5		Silver Shard: Paralysis Immunity

nwn2_it_shard3		Silver Shard: Physical Bonus
nw_wswmls013		Tenser's Sword
nwn2_it_plot_truename	True Name Scroll

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