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Stronghold FAQ by xInfinity

Version: 1.15 | Updated: 01/02/07

Neverwinter Nights 2
Stronghold Guide

By: Paradox Jast aka xInfInIty
January 2nd, 2007
Version 1.15
Game Version 1.03.840


INFO 								-=- TZG9
ACT 1 								-=- GUA4
ACT 2								-=- OAK6
ACT 3								-=- JGQ3
KEEP CONVOS							-=- TVN0
FAQS								-=- RNB3


First compilation of the stronghold guide.

Filled in a couple accidental blanks, added a bit more depth explaining the two
miners in the ACT 1 portion, and updated FAQ hosts.

Patched the game - that fixed a bunch of crazy bugs and other miscellany in the
game. (ver 1.03) Also added a list of conversation options for the keep in
a new section after ACT 3 called KEEP CONVOS. I don't take credit for it, I 
simply put it in this guide because it... well... fits. Check the end of this
guide for more info, and credits. Minor formatting changes and added a 'quick
find' feature.

Added FAQ section. Various formatting fixes (again). Added thanks/props to the 
contact and copyright section. More chitchat in the INFO section.

INFO 								-=- TZG9

I'm building this guide for you to read and look for things as you play the 
game, in a specific order. So as you travel through the game you should be able
to follow along in this guide and build up as you need to. THIS IS NOT A 
COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH. You'll have to look elsewhere for one. Yes I give hints 
at quests here and there, but all I'm doing is telling you where to look for
things you need, and then how to build up your Stronghold. While you're reading
this guide through, please understand that this is not necessarily the best
way to build up your stronghold. Game patches will probably change coding and
how things happen with the keep. I'll try to keep it as up to date as possible
but that may be a rather big task. This guide is so you can recognize what you
need and help you find what you may have missed. Feel free to experiment.

And if I may make a suggestion... SAVE MONEY. Loot everything, carry and sell
everything you can hold onto. Upgrading your keep costs quite a lot of gold.
I'm not telling you to skimp on equipment, I'm just letting you know that 
getting all the upgrades will cost you right around three quarters of a million
gold. (713,500 to be exact, as of this version)

You may have noticed the added 'quick find' feature. Look in the contents for
what section of the guide you want to visit. Hit 'CTRL + F' to open up the 
"find" feature in your text editor/browser, and type in the three letters and 
number to the right of the topic you wish to jump to. It will take you right
to it on the page. (added 12/22/06)

Also - I'd strongly recommend saving your game as soon as you enter Crossroad
Keep for the first time. It would suck to go back to the beginning, yeah - 
but on the bright side if you mess up you have a spot to go back to. Or 
alternatively, you can build your keep up in different ways and try different
options. Your choice. (added 12/27/06)

It appears that there is a new bug in the 1.03 version of the game, you can get
extremely high numbers of troops, merchants, and peasants. In the game code
there is a slight error that has been found by the playerbase - the 'cap' for
the growth of troops, etc... was not put into the game correctly and doesn't 
register. So don't be shocked if you get some pretty high numbers. (added

ACT 1								-=- GUA4

(All location names between the ~'s are the way they are listed in game on the 

~West Harbor~
Once you have retrieved the silver shard from the ruins occupied by Lizardmen, 
make note of Orlen standing near Tarmas along the path. You'll need him later.

~Fort Locke~
When you enter the fort, look for a weaponsmith by the name of Jacoby. Notice
that when you talk to him he mentions that he's the finest weaponsmith around,
not that they have any use for him in Fort Locke. You'll be coming back here 
to get him later.

In Highcliff, in the very center of town there is an Armorer by the name of
Edario. Talk to him and take note that he says there is no competition and he 
feels as though his skills are wasted there. You'll be coming back here to 
grab him later on.

~Merchant District (Neverwinter)~
Go say hello to the merchant Deekin (he's along the path in the SW portion of 
the map) and browse his wares. Notice how he's looking for a new home? Remember 

~Docks District (Neverwinter)~
About the time when you have to either stop or protect the shipment of weapons
in the Back Alley (depending on the path you take) you will come across a boy
named Wolf. Help him get away and he'll meet you at your Stronghold later.

Once you leave Neverwinter and head towards Old Owl Well, you're not far away
from discovering your first vein of ore. Here's some info about the ore:

Ore veins that you find in the game have up to 3 uses.

- 50xp for each vein found
- Gold reward if you get help from the miner Calindra.
- Ingot reward if you get help from the miner Pentin.
- Get both miners, and you get both rewards. (Suprise!)
- The ability to upgrade weapons and armor of your stronghold troops.

HINT: It helps when going through the various locations to hold down the 'Z' 
key to highlight objects you can interact with. The ore veins will glow a 
bright blue.

~Ironfist Clanhold~
On your travel map you'll notice there is a spot with Dwarven Scouts. Go 
there before you head to the Bonegnasher area to get the ore here and take 
care of this sidequest. You need to do this sidequest so you can come back
later to get the Dwarves as allies, not to mention gaining access to Mount
Galardrym, where some of the most valuable loot in the game is.

--1st ore-- (iron) Pretty much straight ahead once you enter the Clanhold 
there is an ore vein. Remember to use the 'Z' key to highlight!

~Troll Cave~
--2nd ore-- (iron) In order to enter the Bonegnasher Lair you need to enter 
the troll caves to find the unstable blastglobes which will clear the path you 
need to take. At the very end of the cave, there will be ore.

~Bonegnasher Approach~
It's Guyven! This is one of three times you will meet up with this traveler
while you're out adventuring. He's in the SE corner, up on a ledge.

~Bonegnasher Lair~
--3rd ore-- (cold iron) Its hard to explain how to get to it, the orc lairs 
arent exactly a straightforward construction. But head west, its against a 
wall on the western side of the loop.

On the eastern side of the lair there are jail cells guarded by some orcs. 
Clear out the orcs and approach the door. Its Pentin, one of the two miners
you can use later to mine all this ore you're finding. He says with you 
cleaning out the caves, they can actually mine here in peace for a change.
He's heading to Old Owl Well and will meet you there later when you need 
his services.

~Eyegouger Lair, Level 1~
--4th ore-- (cold iron) Along the eastern side of the caves in a little niche.

~Eyegouger Lair, Level 3~
--5th ore-- (cold iron) Near the entrance to the 3rd level, follow the path and 
there will be a door off to the right side eventually. Go through that door, 
kill the zombies to the left, then go right again and there is another door. 
In that room there are more skeletons and zombies. There is an ore against the
back wall in that room, however when you select/approach it, it doesnt recognize
that you've found ore.

::UPDATE 1/2/07:: In patch 1.03, the 5th ore has been fixed and you can now
get it. This should allow you to upgrade your arms and armor even sooner.
(Thanks Vellu)

~Old Owl Well~
Upon your return, Katriona and Pentin will be here. Talk to them both and
remember where they are. You'll be coming back to recruit them later.

~Githyanki Approach~
In the 2nd little camp along the path leading up the hill, Guyven will be 
standing there. This will be your 2nd of 3 meetings with him. Be polite, talk
to him about the lore, and then he leaves. You'll meet up with him one more
time. (If you're mean to Guyven he wont join you, but being nice has no effect
on your alignment)

Thats it for Act 1! Before you go back to The Sunken Flagon, make sure you get
everything listed above (mainly the ores) because once you return to
Neverwinter, the game moves into Act 2. The strategy will start to get a lot
more complex shortly, and a lot more options will open up.

ACT 2								-=- OAK6

~Port Llast~
At the north end of town is the Alliance Arms Inn (which may remind you of the 
original NWN) and located inside is Calindra. She's a miner. Grab her quest and
complete it. Once you do, she'll hang around in Port Llast until you need her 

Go up the path to the side, killing the dire wolves, meet the two gnomes, and 
enter the cave up on the hill near the gnomes. All the way to the back of the
cave will be Calindra's mining partner that you need to complete her quest
which will enable her to work for you. Also, once you kill the werewolves, you
will need to loot one of them to get the bug collection which you will give to
Kistrel later.

Here is the last place you meet Guyven. After talking to him, tell him "You 
will always have a place by my fire." and Guyven will meet you at your Keep
later on once you obtain it.

--6th ore-- (alchemical silver) Go down Ember's Well once you finish topside. 
As soon as you are there, turn around and look behind you. There is an ore vein 
that would easily be missed.

Through a door next to the well takes you into the caverns. Beyond the goblins
and past the glowstone cave sits Kistrel, a huge magical spider. You can 
befriend the spider by giving it the insect collection you picked up earlier. 
If you let it join you after that, Kistrel will meet you at your Keep later.

--7th ore-- (alchemical silver) Beyond Kistrel, once you wipe out the rest of 
the spiders there is another ore vein against the wall. And thats it for this

In case you are wondering, you have a long way to go before anything else
happens in regards to the keep after you get the 7th ore.

~Crossroad Keep Tunnel~
--8th ore-- (mithril) Its in the first of the side rooms thats accessible 
through a doorway with no door on it. Its inside, just to the left. You'll have
to kill 2 beetles to get to it. (This is the only time in the game you can 
access this area!)

After your assignment to clean out the keep is complete, congratulations, it's
now officially yours. The next time you visit the keep, you can already tell
things are different. The fence and houses have been fixed, there are now 
lights along the path, the fields are good, and you can even spot an outhouse.
You'll notice a greycloak standing outside the entrance... YOUR greycloak. 
He will say a few things to you, and one you'll probably notice most is when he
asks if he'll be getting better gear soon. In time, you'll see a few more 
changes on the outside of the keep... including the walls. They look like crap
right now. Head on inside to the courtyard, view the cinematics, and then we'll
get started on what to do.

After the cinematic, you should be standing in the courtyard. As you can see, 
its rather empty at the moment. Buildings are in ruins, doors are locked, and 
there is only one worker wandering around. If you dont have Elanee in your 
party, she will be in the courtyard off to the left from the entrance near some
rocks along the path. The only place you can enter in the courtyard right now 
is the Phoenix Tail Inn, so lets do that.

~Phoenix Tail Inn~
Sal, the bartender from the Sunken Flagon, has decided to run the inn for you. 
When you ask him "How's Business?" he replies that there is some business, but
not much. He has a bard that will come work, but the place needs to be livlier 
and you need a dancer. You can get a dancer for the place in Act 3, so you will
have to wait for a bit yet. Once you have more peasants and merchants, a 
Minstrel will come to work for you automatically, but you still have a while to
go before that. Also, if they aren't in your current party - Bishop, Neeshka, 
and Khelgar all hang out in the Inn.

Lets head back outside, and up the ramp towards the keep. You will encounter 
Master Veedle, the one who can rebuild your keep and surrounding areas for you.
If you recall me mentioning earlier that you should build up as much money as 
you can, Master Veedle is the reason why. Keep in mind, you cannot recruit 
people until you have their shops rebuilt. Lord Nasher was nice enough to help
you get started with 70,000 gold. Put the first bit of gold into building up
the courtyard. Then Start working on the interior of your keep. Save your
private suite for last, since there is nothing vital in that room. After that,
work on the roads, and finish up with the fortifications. When you run out of
funds from Nasher, it will start pulling from your own personal funds... which
you can get back gradually when taxes arrive at the keep later. You dont need
to fully upgrade the keep and buy all the upgrades and improvements until Act 3
but if you want to go ahead and get it all out of the way, feel free. This 
walkthrough will assume you've bought everything by the end of Act 2.

Kana will also greet you outside, but she will talk to you more inside. Wolf, 
the boy from the Docks District is also outside the entrance and will talk to
you. He decided to follow you to the keep, and is helping out... not to mention
he and his minions act as a shortcut of sorts. They will take you to many 
locations of the keep without you having to run there if you talk to them.

Go ahead and buy the merchant or the smithy from Master Veedle, and go inside.

Keep Upgrades:

- Blacksmith - 10,000
- Merchant's Shop - 10,000

Act 2
- Captain's Suite - 15,000
- Library - 15,000
- West Wing - 15,000
Act 3
- Monastery/Church - 75,000
- Tower - 75,000

FORTIFICATIONS (must be done in order)
- Wall Repairs - 25,000
- Reinforce Walls - 50,000
- Towers - 75,000

SURROUNDING LANDS (must be done in order)
- Widen Merchant Trail - 10,000
- Cobble Trail to Keep - 35,000
- Renovate roads - 50,000
- New Bridges and Watch Towers - 100,000
These are available after you recruit the people you need.

WEAPONSMITH (must be done in order)
- Short Swords - 5,000
- Longswords - 15,000
- Mastercraft Swords - 35,000

ARMORSMITH (must be done in order)
- Leather Armor - 3,500
- Studded Leather Armor - 15,000
- Scale Mail - 30,000
- Full Chainmail - 50,000

TOTAL: 713,500 gold


Once you are inside, Kana will talk to you in the Main Hall of the Keep. She
will appraise you of the situation, and will let you know about Uncus in the 
hall who also wants to talk to you. Cassavir, if not in your party, will be in
the back of the main hall.

When you talk to Kana, you get a ton of options. First she'll start with a 
greycloak report and say that they have completed basic training. You can view
the report if you want... make note that everything looks like crap, is Very
Low, or Average, and that 2% of the Keep time has passed.

Keep Time determines how much time is left in the game that you can accomplish
tasks. Once it hits 100%, you are locked and cant do anything more. The game
will stop you from doing anything more with the keep at times until you finish
certain parts of the main storyline, so don't worry about getting too far 
ahead. Think of it as having checkpoints.

Uncus is in the corner of the main hall opposite of the door you entered from.
He's an interesting character. If you have followed the law and were a part
of the Watch on your path to getting here, he will have nothing to say to you
apart from asking you to set up shop... which is your choice. He's an extra 
merchant if you were good, has a lot of gold handy and buys items for up to
20,000 gold. But thats it. If you are a Shadow Thief of Amn or have ties to 
them, Uncus gets a lot more interesting. He'll become like a 2nd Kana, and 
will reward you if you do things that are chaotic and allow the thieves easy
passage by the keep. It can mean lower morale and less organization for the 
troops, but more money and power for you... so that is up to you. It is 
probably in your best interests at this point to keep things subtle, unless
you plan on becoming a tyrant.

Let's start going over the options with Kana, starting with tithing. Talk about 
tithing the merchants with Kana. If you have a high appraise skill, you can tax 
the merchants discreetly for a supplemental income, when they trade in the keep
and stay at the inn, without angering them because they dont know about the
tax (so sneaky!) Enable that if you can, and turn off regular tithing for now.
You can turn merchant tithing on later when you get a fair number of them
visiting and the roads are rebuilt and fairly secure. Other than tithing, keep
the taxes for the farmers at zero, and thats about all you can do right now.
If you want to talk about the recruitment standards, only take the best for now
and thats it. (1st option) When you organize the men, set them to training and
garrisoning the keep.

Thats all you can do with Kana right now. If you explore the rest of the keep 
that is currently opened, you will encounter Guyven in a small room in the part
of the West Wing that is completed. Chat with him, though he doesnt really 
offer much info of value right now. Head down to the Basement and you will meet
up with Grobnar (if he isnt in your party) and the remains of the Construct.
When you get enough parts, the Construct can be rebuilt and join your party.
Continue down the hallway, and in the end chamber will be Kistrel the spider.
He'll ask if he can stay. Let him. Thats it for down here, head back up and if
you go east now (if you havent already) you'll see Qara standing in the room
there, and thats it. The other doors are still off limits until you fix up
more of the interior. So lets head back outside and talk to Veedle again. Get
the merchant's shop or smithy rebuilt, whichever one you didnt last time, and
now its time to recruit people for the keep. Remember those I told you to look
for earlier in Act 1? They are the ones.

WHO: Orlen
WHERE: West Harbor
KEEP: Outside next to farm house.
JOB: Farmer efficiency, lets you know farm status.

WHO: Jacoby
WHERE: Fort Locke
KEEP: In front of Blacksmith shop, right side.
TASK: Keep weaponsmith.

WHO: Edario
WHERE: Highcliff
KEEP: In front of Blacksmith shop, left side.
TASK: Keep armorsmith.

WHO: Katriona
WHERE: Old Owl Well
KEEP: Main Hall, next to Kana.
TASK: First Sergeant

WHO: Pentin
WHERE: Old Owl Well
KEEP: Outside, near the big rocks and carts.
TASK: Keep miner. (mining personell)
NOTE: If you have high appraise skill, you can demand 'rent' from Pentin.

WHO: Deekin
WHERE: Neverwinter Merchant Quarter
KEEP: Merchant's Shop
TASK: First Keep merchant.

WHO: Calindra
WHERE: Port Llast
KEEP: Outside, near the big rocks and carts.
TASK: Keep miner. (mining economics)

Upon your return to Crossroad Keep, you will notice there still isn't anyone 
outside. Time passes for the keep when you move from one zone to another within
the keep. So if you move from Outside to the Courtyard, time will pass for the
Keep, with the only exception being Kana and Veedle. They will only progress as
you talk to them. So it would be wise to upgrade everything else before talking
with them.

Calindra will mention she has come to an agreement with Pentin, she does the 
economics and he will supply the manpower. With both of them together, you will
get both money and samples for any ore you find. If you only get Pentin, you 
only get samples. Likewise if you only grab Calindra, you only get money. It's
best to grab them both, to get both rewards. Also... you cannot upgrade your 
greycloaks arms and armor unless you have at least one miner.

Move inside, talk to the weaponsmith and armorsmith, upgrade both. Go talk to
Veedle, choose to upgrade something else (I chose roads), then move inside and 
talk to Kana.

KANA: What do you want to do with Torio Claven?

I chose to bring her to the keep. She's necessary if you want the mage tower,
and she does owe her life to you and will never betray you. She brings much
useful information, especially when it comes to locating people to bring to the
keep to work for you.

::UPDATE 1/2/07:: (email from Pictures Dots) Apparently Startear now will 
appear outside the tower in Act III even if you have Torio executed. 

KANA: Greycloak report - they are as skilled as the Neverwinter City Watch now.

Assign Katriona to training the men, and when you organize the men, have them
train as well. Go back outside, have Veedle build something else again (I chose
library) talk to the armor and weaponsmiths again, then return to Kana.

Upon entering, you meet Daerred and his crazy travelling troupe.

If you voluntarily send them on missions without lying, after three times they
will send you a Ring of Positive Thinking. The mail they send you is hilarious
and worth reading. This first time ask Kana if she has any assignments they
can do, and they'll take off without her finishing. Don't worry, you'll hear
from them soon.

KANA: There may be an opportunity for your men to gain some field experience.

This means there is a special mission available. We'll go ahead and do it when
we organize the men. Exit the conversation and talk to her again.

KANA: Greycloak report - they are soldiers. Only regular training and skilled 
sergeants can make them better now.

Good thing we assigned Katriona to train them. Go ahead and send the men on the
special mission to get it taken care of. To do that, organize them as usual, 
but there should be an extra option that says "What special mission is 
available?" toward the bottom of all the options. Do that. If you were like me
and completed the library, you can head through the east door and go check it 
out now if you'd like. There are plenty of books to read and scrolls that you 
can grab to sell or use later. Aldanon will reside here, and will be needed for
some future quests. Sand will also be here when not in your party. Head outside

Get Veedle to upgrade something else, I upgraded my roads again. Remember, 
getting the roads upgraded is an incentive for travelers to come visit. You 
can talk to the weapon and armorsmiths again, but they wont have enough
supplies... you'll have to wait until Act 3 before you can do any more
upgrading. But at least your soldiers are armed like normal greycloaks for now.

Also, it will be at about this time that you run out of Keep funds. It will 
start pulling money from your own pocket to upgrade more. If you dont have 
enough to do anything else... you can wait until later in Act 3 when you get a 
huge supply of money from a strange source, or you can cheat yourself some...
I won't tattle on you.

Go back inside and talk to Kana again. She'll give you an overview of what 
occured during the special mission. Notice she says "Due to the training and
equipment we gave the men, they dispatched the bandits quickly." Nice! You
recieve 500 gold and Old Man Morris' amulet.

Organize the men with training one more time, then pass time.

When I say 'pass time' I mean exit the keep to the courtyard then enter again.
It passes time inside the keep. You can keep buying parts of the Keep from 
Veedle in the meantime, or save up some money first. Just make sure you have 
enough to finish by Act 3. Go back inside if you havent already.

KANA: Greycloak report - competent soldiers. As good as regular training can
get them.

Set them to training again, then pass time.

KANA: Message from Daerred. They managed to stay alive and provide news.

You'll have a note that you can read in your inventory... its humorous.

KANA: Greycloak report - competent soldiers. As good as regular training can
get them.

Organize them for training again, then pass time.

When you enter, Daerred and is travelling troupe are back. You can set them
out on another assignment looking for clues about the King of Shadows, or tell
them to get lost. Up to you.

KANA: Special mission available: Doman the Ogre

Go ahead and take care of the mission, then pass time.

KANA: Elite soldiers have been trained. Katriona wants to talk to you.

Katriona will inform you about the Captain's Company, your new elite squad of
soldiers. You can let the company be formed or not, its your choice. Then you
get to chose a goal for them. Each of the options does pretty much just what it
says... one will make you good, the next lawful... next evil, etc. It will also
most likely have an impact on the civility rating of your soldiers, but I dont
know if I can prove that.

When you talk to Kana again, she will give you another Greycloak report, the
same as before. Ask for a report and look at it... it should be something like
the following:

Time Passed: 25%
Merchants: 18 (this may vary)
Peasants: 18 (this may vary)
Peasant Civility: Average
Morale: Very High

Greycloaks: 50
Training: Best of the Best
Greycloak Civility: Average
Unit Strength: Low
Armor: Decent
Weapons: Good

Land Security: Very Low
Road Security: Very Low

Talk to Kana again, and she will tell you the men are tasked to capacity and
you should check back later. This means you hit one of the checkpoints in the
game where you have to complete a storyline quest before you can pass any more
time at the Keep. When you organize the men this time, have them recruit more
greycloaks this time. Kana will ask you to make sure of the quality of men you
wish to recruit... keep it at the best men only for now. Set Katriona to 
recruitment as well if you havent already, then head on out and take care of 
your next storyline quest. When you come back, you should have some more men 
and we'll make some more progress with the Keep. On your way out, you may 
notice an extra worker or two wandering around inside the courtyard, and a few
farmers in the fields outside. Its starting!


Upon your return, talk to Kana as per usual. You'll have another note from 
your good adventuring pal Daerred. More comedy. Talk to Kana again.

KANA: It's time to send out the tax collectors.

If you're like me and dont have any taxes set to get people to come to the 
land, then you have nothing to worry about, and collectors wont be sent. You 
can raise the tax rate once the lands are more secure... if you're a nice guy.
Pass the time. A few more turns of recruitment and you'll get another special
mission - bugbears. Go ahead and take care of them.

When you can, continue to organize the men to go out recruiting. Kana will let
you know when they cant find any more men. At that point, stop recruitment
efforts and start sending patrols to protect the land. Reassign Katriona to 
help with the patrols as well. Ask Kana about the recruitment standards, and 
bump it all the way down to the last option - offer criminals amnesty if they 
will take up the 'cloak. Once the security of the land reaches 'average',
feel free to bump up tithing a bit if you havent already.

At another point you should be approached by the leader of the Raven's Allies
Mercenaries when you go to talk to Kana. Go ahead and accept them if you want.
Your civility rating might take a hit, but you can work it back up without too
much work. You need the men to increase your Unit Strength.

Continuing on, you will get the mission results from a special mission that 
was started a while back: Doman the Ogre. It was a success... you get 300 gold
and Doman's club as winnings.

Another event will happen once you have secured the lands quite a bit... you'll
meet Ziffer, a bailiff, and he wants you to sign a village charter so that he
can form a new village on the keep's lands. Its a win-win situation, especially
since if you have a high appraise skill you can get them to pay quite a bit in
taxes - assuming you keep the lands safe. If the land security stays at average
or lower for too long, they'll leave... so dont let that happen.

Not long after you sign the charter, Ziffer will come back with men who want to
volunteer for your service. Its up to you to accept or deny them.

If at any point your Land Security hits Very High, go ahead and start patrols 
on the roads. You might get an opportunity to do one or two road patrols before
Kana wont let you do anymore.

KANA: Lord Nasher will want to see you soon.

That marks the end of your fun with the Keep for the time being. As for the 
report, you should be at 62% right about now. The following numbers may vary
a little bit, depending on how you've been playing your game, but this is an
overall view on what it should be close to looking like:

Time Passed: 62%
Merchants: 21
Peasants: 40
Peasant Civility: High
Morale: Very High

Greycloaks: 223
Recruits: 53
Volunteers: 70
Greycloak Civility: Average
Training: Best of the Best
Unit Strength: Average
Armor: Decent
Weapons: Good

Fortifications: Reinforced Towers
Land Security: High
Road Security: Low
Road Condition: Renovated with Watch Towers and New Bridges

When leaving the area to go questing again, make note once again at the number
of people around. There should be a few more workers wandering around, and if
you explore the courtyard, you should notice a couple greycloaks standing 
off to the east side of the courtyard near where the chapel will be. Guard 
posts! On top of that, there should be two soldiers at every entrance now, and
even one down at the world travel marker. You may also notice some cats running
around outside now too.

If you have some items you want to hold onto but dont feel like leaving in your
bags... there are 24 spots of storage in a footlocker in the merchant's shop, 
behind the counter where Deekin is. Also, inside the keep - in the War Room in
the West Wing there is a desk at the back of the room. Grab the Crossroad Keep
Key from inside that desk. Go over to your Captain's Suite and now you can open
the cabinet near your bed that you couldn't before. More storage there, plus
a bag that will reduce the weight of everything that you carry.

That will be it for this act. Once we return to the Keep, it will be Act 3!

ACT 3								-=- JGQ3

Welcome back for Act 3... hope you had fun in Castle Never. To get started, 
lets take a look and see whats changed so far. First, when you enter the Keep
Courtyard (you go there directly from Castle Never) you'll have another 
cutscene where all of your companions talk to you briefly. After that... off
to the east side of the courtyard near the entrance you may notice Nevalle 
standing there. If you wish you can turn the tower into the headquarters of the
Neverwinter Nine at the keep for him. More on that later though. He will be
hanging out here to talk to you when you complete quests, so update him on your
status from time to time.

Next to Nevalle, you've probably noticed Bevil by now. He's back and has come
to join you. Chat with him for a bit, he's going to be one of your sergeants. 
When you talk to Kana you can assign him to patrolling the roads... he can do
other things but the Roads are where he really shines. Go ahead and talk to him
for a while, talk to him as much as you can, and compliment him. It increases
his performance when he gets assigned.

Head up the path and chat with Veedle... he can make two new things for you in
the Courtyard - the Church and the Tower. But you have to decide who you want 
to build both of them for.

Ivarr the Blessed, of Tyr, wants the church for his own purposes. He has a
quest if you have levels as a Paladin, Cleric, or other good/holy PC. If you 
play an 'evil' character, he will want to help you repent from your evil ways.

Rolan of the Sun Soul wants to pass on his knowledge before he dies, and would
like the Monastery rebuilt for himself. He is good if you have a monk PC.

Sir Nevalle wants the Tower built for the purposes of the Neverwinter Nine. 
You'll want this if you have a strong melee PC, like a fighter, or barbarian 
since the quartermaster there sells some rather rare armors, including Red
Dragon armor.

Once you talk to Torio and have her agent look for someone interested in a mage
tower, Startear will appear and stand next to the ruined tower. Talk to him, 
and you can then build a tower for him. He is good for caster classes, wizards,
sorcerers, and the like, since he sells all manner of magical goods. (As of 
patch 1.03, Startear appears automatically in Act III if Torio has been 

::UPDATE 1/2/07:: The Gambling Den did not make it into the final cut of the 
game. Sorry, thieves.

You'll be pulled into the library with Sand before you can enter the keep, so
you'll be starting from there. Get your quest stuff taken care of with Aldanon
then head to talk to Kana. Your friend Daerred and his travelling troupe will
be back for the third and final time... they've done good so far, might as well
send them out again.

You'll have to start a new conversation with Kana a few times to get through
everything she has to say. One thing you will come across in your conversations
with her is that Lord Nasher is collecting a War Levy to pay for the troops. 
Half of the levy will go to you, and the other half will go to Lord Nasher. 
Whatever you want to do here is your choice. The top choice, sparing the
farmers from the levy and paying 6,000 to Lord Nasher will shift you towards 
good, the middle two options have no shift, and the last one will shift you
toward evil. Do as you will. I play a 'good' evil toon, so I spared them the 
levy... I want to build up my lands before I tax them big time.

KANA: Greycloak report - roads are becoming safer in many places.

You'll get that if you sent them to patrol the road a few times before the end
of Act 2. Anyway... start talking about your Sergeants. Leave Katriona as 
patrolling, and assign Bevil to patrolling roads as well. Then organize your
men to patrol the roads again too. A note about Bevil... once he has been 
assigned, he cannot be reassigned. So choose wisely.

If you're following the Shadow Thief path, you'll talk to Uncus a little bit, 
find out whats going through Axle's head. Do what you will with the visitor.
Talk to Guyven too... tell him about Jerro's Haven, and about Lord Never's 
Tomb. He'll tell you to find the spot outside where the old Captain of the 
Keep buried something long ago.

After that, head outside. You can build your Neverwinter Nine Tower now if you
wish. If you want the mage tower, you'll have to wait for Torio's agent to find
Startear... if you want the Gambling Den you'll have to wait even longer. You
can go check out the church or the monastery now if you wish, assuming you have
built one of them.

Also, you'll encounter Daeghun. He will give you a quest that you have to take
care of, but he will sign on as a scout for the Keep. 

Once you take care of that... we will want to build up our forces to give them
the best arms and armor. To do that we need more ore. So as a first stop I'd 
recommend talking to the Dwarves in the Ironfist Stronghold. You'll go to Mount
Galardrym from there, pick up 3 more ore veins, almost 200,000 gold, tons of 
other items, and a Drow Merchant for your merchant shop... who you also need to
be able to get the gambling den.

~Mount Galardrym~
--9th ore-- (mithril) Upon arriving at the mountain, take the path, and when it
splits into 2 paths, take the one that continues west. There is a small 
encampment at the end of the path, and there will be an ore vein against the 
wall on the right side.

--10th ore-- (darksteel) While following the path, when you get to the main 
camp, this ore vein will be against the back wall of the camp. Hard to miss.

~Seat of the Mountain~
Its a small area. After you complete the quest and get the belt, get all the
really good loot and check out the prisoner area as marked on your map. Its
Caelryna, a drow merchant from Luskan. Send her to Crossroad Keep and have
her talk to Uncus. He'll get her set up. Not to mention she's another merchant
to peddle your items to... namely the ones you picked up on this mountain.

~Fiery Canyon~
--11th ore-- (darksteel) This is against the wall at the back of Tholapsyx's 
Lair. Go visit Tholaspyx before you visit the fire giant king... you can come 
back and drool over her hoard later when she is dead. If she's already dead, 
what are you waiting for? When you approach her hoard, remark about how you'll 
send the greycloaks to get it, if you want a decent amount of coin to be in the
keep's coffers when you get back. Otherwise, you can loot individual chests and
other storage containers in the hoard. Quite the haul too... you should have
no more money problems at all after this.

After you're done on the Mountain, go to Port Llast. 

~Port Llast~
As soon as you enter the area, you'll see Light of Heavens. Talk to her, 
engage her in combat, and beat her. If you win, she'll meet you later at 
another undisclosed location.

~Neverwinter Merchant Quarter~
As soon as you enter you will see people walking past you, evacuating. And also
not to far into the Quarter is Light of Heavens again. Engage and beat her in
combat once more, and she says she will meet you again later for the final 
test... but again not where. Don't worry, you'll see her again soon. Before we
leave here, you can dump any of the loot you picked up on the two traders in
the area. And also, near the park... be sure to talk to Joy. She is the dancer
that you need for the Phoenix Tail Inn back at the keep. Recruit her, then
head back towards the Keep.

A few things when you get back to the keep.

- Light of Heavens is waiting for you outside. Talk to her, engage her in 
combat for the third time. Defeat her again, and she will join you as on of
your sergeants. Remember to assign her when we talk to Kana.

- Give the locations of ore you found on Mt. Galardrym to Calindra.

- Talk to Pentin. He wants to leave. If you have high diplomacy or intimidate,
you can get him to remain on board. If not, it was nice knowing him... I guess.

Go to the Courtyard. You can enter the merchant shop and talk to Caelryna, she
has set up shop next to Deekin. Ask her about Underdark or just browse her 
wares. Talk to both the weaponsmith and armorsmith, you have more ore so you
can upgrade again. You should be able to go all the way to best with both of 
them at this point. Go inside the Inn after you finish chatting with them.

~Phoenix Tail Inn~
Its definitely a lot more busy than it used to be, thats for sure. There are 
peasants inside now, and Joy the dancer is there to. She's also got a Bard and
a Minstrel that are playing while she dances. You can talk to Sal (you might
have to talk to him a few times, he has a lot to say if you havent been talking
to him regularly) and find out about business... its hopping, literally.

When you exit, you can talk to Light of Heavens, she's over next to the Church
or Monastery, depending on which one you got. On the way you should talk to 
Edario the Armorsmith, and upgrade the armor one last time. If you need money
and have to wait till after you talk to Kana, thats fine.

When you're all done exploring the courtyard, head inside. Talk to Kana and 
she will tell you about the Dragon's Hoard you found on the mountain. She
dispatched some men to go retrieve it. And now you have a fun amount of 
170,000 gold in the Keeps coffers. Nice stuff. Talk to her again.

KANA: Greycloak report - the roads are extremely safe.

Organize the men and set them back to patrolling lands, as they have gotten a
bit worse in our absence. Set Light of Heavens to recruiting efforts. After 
thats done, head back outside, talk to Khravler and take his assignment. Its 
time to grab another ore (the rest of the ore will not be used, but might as 
well get for exp and money) and our 4th sergeant.

--12th ore-- (adamantine) As soon as you zone in, before talking to Khravler
again, look to your left. The ore will be right there.

When it comes to getting Jalboun, when the appropriate moment arrives in your
conversation with Sydney and Jalboun, offer him double whatever she was paying
to him. After that, you have to make sure he stays alive... he will help you 
but he doesnt have a lot of health. When the fighting is done, he will ask for
payment, instead of paying him offer him a job to work at Crossroad Keep. He
will accept and meet you there.

Back at the Keep, talk to Ammon, then go outside, turn in your ore, then go
back into the courtyard and talk to Jalboun. He is located next to the Inn. 
After that, go inside the keep and chat with Kana.

Kana will have a note and a package for you from Daerred... the Ring of
Positive thinking I mentioned way back. This will be the last time you hear
from him, so enjoy his last note. Organize the men to patrol the lands, to get
it secure again, and put Jalboun on Special Assignments. After thats done, go
ahead and pass time.

When you enter the keep again, if you followed the thief path, you'll have to
fight assassins disguised as Greycloaks. If you followed the good path, then
you can ignore this and read on...

KANA: Set up dealings with merchant caravans.

If you have a high appraise skill, you'll know what all three caravans deal in.
Its up to you to choose. Good, nuetral, or evil, all in a row. Of course the
evil choice gives the greatest profit. Other than the caravans, keep your men
patrolling roads or lands, whichever needs it most, until both are at Very High

After another pass time, Kana will stop you from doing anything else, stating
that the Shadow Reaver is causing too much havoc, and you need to take care of
it. Another checkpoint. At this point, tie up any loose ends, finish up 
alliances, and then take care of the shadow reaver. That means investigating 
the Wendersnaven, finishing up your business with the Dwarves, visiting
Highcliff to talk to the Lizardmen, and returning to the Merchant Quarter to 
deal with Axle if you are following the thief path. After you finish those, 
take care of the Shadow Reaver, then head back to the Keep.

~Road to Highcliff~
--13th ore-- (adamantine) After you have dealt with the Lizardmen, turn around
and look behind you, near some rocks where you arrived into the area. There is
some ore hidden under the rocks, behind a small hill.

When you return to the Keep, your tasks for the greycloaks are now rather
straightforward. You'll keep repeating 2 things, then after a while, just one.

- Recruit until you cant anymore. Light of Heavens will keep volunteers coming
to the Keep.

- Set the men to patrol the lands, or the roads if one of them is below Very
High in security.

- If lands and roads are Very High with security, and you cant recruit any
more Greycloaks, then organize the men to patrol the roads and lands at the 
same time until the Time Passed reaches 100%. Patrolling both at the same time
wont make either of them better, but it will keep them the same way they are.

At around 92%, Kana will tell you that you need to reform your sword before
you can progress any more. So you might as well get started.

~Ancient Valley~
--14th ore-- (adamantine) As soon as you enter the valley, turn immediately to
your right. The ore will be there, perhaps a little bit behind you.

--15th ore-- (adamantine) This one is in the center area, near the crystal 
heart. It should be off to the left, underneath one of the black dragons which
is perched on the cliff.

~Wendersnaven Glade~
--16th ore-- (adamantine) Assuming you go to take care of the Wendersnaven 
before you continue on to reform the sword, the last ore vein in the game can
be found here. When you approach the middle of the area, look to the right and
you'll see the last ore vein in the game.

When you get back to the Keep, continue doing as you had been doing before.
Recruit, if available, patrol individually if needed, and patrol both to 
maintain Very High Security on both roads and land if there is nothing else
to do.

You will hit 100% at some point. However, before then... if you have Ammon in
your party and go into the basement, he will make some comments regarding the
summoning circle you have there. He will give you this recipe:

Gold Filigree Charm: Used for summoning Mephasm in Crossroad Keep
Ingredients: Faint Power Essence, Glowing Fire Essence, Star Sapphire, and a
Gold Necklace
Spell: Darkness

Create that, and summon Mephasm.

Infernal Focus 1: Used for bargaining with Mephasm in Crossroad Keep
  Requires: Caster Level 1, Mephasm Quest
  Ingredients: Glowing Power Essence + Ruby + Darksteel Ingot
  Spell: Darkness

Infernal Focus 2: Used for bargaining with Mephasm in Crossroad Keep
  Requires: Caster Level 1, Mephasm Quest
  Ingredients: Glowing Fire Essence + Sapphire + Mithral Ingot
  Spell: Darkness

Infernal Focus 3: Used for bargaining with Mephasm in Crossroad Keep
  Requires: Caster Level 1, Mephasm Quest
  Ingredients: 1 Faint Power Essence + Faint Fire Essence + Blue Diamond
               + Iron Ingot
  Spell: Darkness

All these do is give your character stat bonuses, gold, and the like. Nothing
spectacular, but hey, feel free to do this if you want to. Remember that you
need to have craft wonderous arms and armor feat in order to be able to make
them, and have the spell Darkness available.

And that is pretty much the end of the guide. You can continue forward now, 
and progress to the battle for the Keep. It should be fairly straightforward 
since from this point forward the game gets linear and takes you towards the 
end. I hope you had fun building your keep!


As a foreward - I take no credit for this section of the guide. I didn't go
into that much detail other than covering the basics, revealing locations, and
giving you a basic walkthrough for building your Keep up.

Credit for this section goes to Dexter111, a poster on the official NWN2
boards, who compiled this list. I'm merely formatting it for FAQ posting 
purposes. What follows below is a list of all the conversation topics
regarding Crossroad Keep, or while you are in the keep. You know what I mean.
His guide is much more in depth if you check out the boards there. Search 
the forums there for "Companion Influence / Nasher / Keep Guide" and it should
bring up his topic. It covers conversations for the rest of the game as well, 
I only pulled topics relevant to the keep.

I added this section if people want more control over the various aspects of
the Keep, more than what I've already explained to this point. As you come
across conversations in the game, check here to see if any responses will
affect the status of your keep.

Keep specific influence changes are at the end.

I believe that each rating is based on a scale of 0 to 100, 50 being 'Average'
though I'm probably wrong. Most of the values listed below are either
immediate bonuses or status modifiers which impact the values as you pass 
time. You can interpret the values as you wish, this is how the game script
lists them.

This is how I understand the values:
Road Security - Changes the Road Security Value listed in the report.
Land Security - Changes the Land Security value listed in the report.
Civility - Changes the Peasant Civlity listed in the report.
Greycloak Civility - Changes the Greycloak Civility listed in the report.
Growth Modifier - Merchant or Peasant, increases the 'maximum' amount of 
peasants or merchants you can have come to your keep per turn.
Unit Strength - Changes the Unit Strength value listed in the report.
Greycloak Elite Modifier - I have no clue on this one, but I assume it
adjusts how well they do all their tasks?
Tax Adjustment - Merchant or Peasant, modifies amount of taxes you recieve
based upon what your tax settings currently are. For example, if you have
it set so you arent taxing anyone, this value wont change anything. But if
you have it set to light taxes and the modifier decreases, you will recieve
less taxes than what you currently have them set at.
Greycloak Unit Count - When recruiting or getting volunteers, you recieve


- Arrival of Halfling Village Sherriff. (Land Security Rating >= 10)

"Send half of our ready men to Leeves. Have them wait until the bandits show 
-4 Road Security, -4 Land Security, +1 Civility, +1 Greycloak Civility

"Station one patrol to their village to assist them." 
-4 Road Security, -4 Land Security, +1 Civility, +1 Greycloak Civility

"This isn't my problem." 
-1 Greycloak Civility

"Just a few days ago the Cloaks station at Leeves intercepted the bandits." 
+1 Greycloak Morale, +1 Peasant Growth Modifier, +1 Land Security

"Our Cloaks stationed at Leeves fought the bandits a few days ago. It was... 
a bloody fight." 
+1 Greycloak Morale, +1 Peasant Growth Modifier, +1 Land Security

"Our men fought the bandits a couple days ago. Few survived - they were 
outmatched, Captain." 
-1 Greycloak Morale


- When Daerred and his Travelling Troupe arrive.

"Kana, is there anything these adventurers can help us with?" 
+1 Unit Strength


"Keep them out of trouble." 
+1 Unit Strength

They will visit the Keep three times. If you want them to survive and get a
reward called the Ring of Positive Thinking, send them to Port Llast first, 
then look for information regarding the King of Shadows, then info about
the Guardian. Your other choices are to send them away, or to get them
killed - pick either one of those and you'll never hear from them again.
Kana will send them to Port Llast automatically... and accidentally... if
you ask her if they can help with anything.


- Katriona inquires about the 'Captain's Company'.

Yes or no:
"Then let the Captain's Company be formed." 
+20 Greycloak Morale, -10 Unit Strength

"I have to refuse."
-10 Greycloak Morale

If formed:
"Protect the land and its people." 
+2 Greycloak Civility, +1 Civility, +1 Peasant Growth Modifier

"Preserve and uphold the laws of Neverwinter." 
+2 Greycloak Civility, +1 Civility

"Strive for perfection in all things." 
+10 Greycloak Morale

"Cause terror amongst our enemies, and sow fear among those that serve us." 
-2 Greycloak Civility, -1 Civility, -1 Peasant Growth Modifier


- Ziffer arrives to form a new town and needs you to sign the charter.
(If # of Peasants >= 30)

"Sign the charter." 
+2 Civility

If you don't sign the charter, nothing will change and Ziffer won't return.

- Ziffer arrives for a second time, offering peasants to join the 
Greycloaks, if you signed the charter.

"Any villagers that volunteer are welcome to join the Greycloaks." 
-2 Greycloak Elite Modifier

If you make any other choice, these are possible answers:
"I still appreciate your protection, Captain, I really do. But I think I'll
keep our unworthy lot out of your Greycloaks." 
+1 Unrest

"I bring you some of our most capable souls, and you insult me and them by 
saying they're not good enough!" 
+1 Unrest


- Kana talks to you about Dobbson and his collection practices. (random)

"All laws must be followed. Dobbson should be disciplined." 
-1 Greycloak Morale, -1 Merchant Growth Modifier, +1 Greycloak Civility

"Make an example of Sergeant Dobbson - this behavior won't be tolerated." 
-2 Greycloak Morale, -1 Merchant Growth Modifier, +2 Greycloak Civility

"We shouldn't blindly follow laws. Dobbson did the right thing." 
+1 Greycloak Morale, +1 Merchant Growth Modifier

"This is in the grey area - just let him go." 
+1 Greycloak Morale, +1 Merchant Growth Modifier

"Let's get a cut of the gold, and see if we can make more out of this." 
-2 Greycloak Morale, -1 Merchant Growth Modifier, -2 Greycloak Civility


- Tax Collectors special mission. 

"I want to spare my farmers from this levy." 
+2 Peasant Growth Modifier, you lose 6k

"No taxes for the farmers." 
+1 Civility, +1 Peasant Growth Modifier

"[Bluff/Lie] Ask them for donations to help with war veterans and widows."
-1 Greycloak Civility

"We should assume that generally the farmers are truthful..."
+2 Peasant Growth Modifier, +2 Greycloak Civility, +1 Greycloak Morale, -2
Peasant Tax Adjustment

"Tell the men to use their best judgment, but strive to maintain good will with
the farmers." 
+1 Peasant Growth Modifier, +1 Greycloak Civility, -1 Peasant Tax Adjustment

"If someone can't pay take anything that isn't nailed down." 
-1 Peasant Growth Modifier, -2 Greycloak Civility, +2 Peasant Tax Adjustment 

"If the men see anything valuable make the owners give it up in tribute to me." 
-3 Peasant Growth Modifier, -2 Greycloak Civility, +4 Peasant Tax Adjustment 


- Kana asks about the travelling merchants. (# of merchants >= 50)

"I've heard the Circle of Friends coster is a conservative one with a long 
history of honest dealings. Accept their offer." 
+1 Civility

"The Forgotten Lords coster is knowledgeable and cunning, and they are not 
above questionable trades. We will side with them." -1 Civility, +10 Merchant 
Tax Adjustment

"The coster of The Fated Winds is rumored to have dark dealings - some whisper 
they deal with the Zhentarim. But the profit is greatest with them, so they 
are my choice." 
-2 Civility, +25 Merchant Tax Adjustment


- Results of sending the men to bring the Red Dragon's Hoard back to the Keep.

200k - If general and greycloak civility is Very High, and road security is 
170k - If training is Best of the Best, and road security is High.

Unknown if you can get any less.


- If you get the following:

Unit Strength: Very High
Weapons: Best
Armor: Best
Training: Best of the Best

You should recieve a Short Sword +5.


- Kana says that some local lords recruit everyone they can as conscripts 
because of the war.

"Recruit every able hand." 
+1 Unrest

"We need everyone we can get - grab them by force if necessary." 
-5 Peasant Growth Modifier, +2 Unrest


- When talking to Veedle.

"Have the men work on making the trail to Crossroad Keep wider and easier 
for merchant wagons to travel." 
+10 Road Security

"Have the men cobble the trail to the Keep." 
+10 Road Security

"The nearby roads need extensive work." 
+10 Road Security

"The nearby roads need better bridges and watch towers for safety." 
+10 Road Security

"Start repairs on the walls."
+10 Land Security

"Go ahead and reinforce the walls." 
+10 Land Security

"Start construction on the towers."
+10 Land Security

"Build a wizard's tower for Startear then." 
+10 Land Security


"Rebuild the guard tower for Sir Nevalle then."
+10 Land Security


- Various conversations with Uncus.

"Have Kana remove them from the Greycloaks" 
-2 Greycloak Unit Count, -1 Greycloak Morale

"They've betrayed me - now they die." 
-2 Greycloak Unit Count, -1 Greycloak Morale, -1 Greycloak Civility

"I don't want this tracked back to me - at any cost."
-4 Greycloak Unit Count, -2 Greycloak Morale, -2 Greycloak Civility, -1

"Order them to patrol the Mere of Dead Men. Immediately." 
-4 Greycloak Unit Count, -1 Greycloak Morale, -1 Greycloak Civility

"However you see fit."
-4 Greycloak Unit Count, -2 Greycloak Morale, -2 Greycloak Civility, -1

"Let's carefully get our men in place and not step on too many toes." 
-1 Greycloak Civility

"It's better to make a clean break - have Kana arrange the demotions and 
promotions shortly." 
-1 Greycloak Morale, -2 Greycloak Civility

"Purge those that pose any obstacle to my ambitions." 
-2 Greycloak Morale, -3 Greycloak Civility, -10 Greycloak Unit Count

"Take care of it however you like." 
-1 Greycloak Morale, -2 Greycloak Civility


- Attacking Crossroad Keep Influence checks

+2 Bishop, -2 Shandra "It's just another corpse, we're not going to waste any
tears or prayers on it."
+2 Shandra -2 Bishop "Thank you - this poor man deserves as much."
+1 Bishop "If you're not going to help me destroy him, then get out of my 


- Crossroad Keep Control Influence checks

+1 Grobnar (About Construct) "Sounds good, if we can restore him completely, 
he'll be an asset."
-1 Grobnar if you tell him to leave the Construct alone.
+1 Bishop (In party or at Inn) "Do you think I really care about nobility 
besides of the coin?"
-1 Bishop if you take the "righteous path" with him.


- Crossroad Keep General Influence Checks, Act II

+2 Grobnar (when you give him all 3 pieces required to repair the Construct) 
"I'm impressed you got it working again - good job."
-2 Grobnar "Proud of it? It looks like it's barely holding itself together."
+1 Ammon Jerro [Bluff/Lie] (20/suc) "I only wish to protect Neverwinter, and 
all its people."
-1 Ammon Jerro [Bluff/Lie] (20/fail) "I only wish to protect Neverwinter, and 
all its people."
+1 Ammon Jerro "Fine. I agree." or "I need all the help and allies I can get, 
so I accept that - for now."
-1 Ammon Jerro "Kill the few to save the many?" and then "An ill-thought idea 
for anyone who's willing..." or "It is not acceptable to me, and furthermore...
+1 Ammon Jerro (if you talk with him about Zhjaeve) "She has her uses, as do 
-1 Ammon Jerro "Her service has earned her some respect. She deserves nothing 
+1 Ammon Jerro "If they were to enter the conflict, the Githyanki would fight 
them instead of the King of Shadows."
+1 Ammon Jerro "Is there wisdom in being tied to politics and laws if there is 
so much at stake?"
-1 Ammon Jerro "Zhjaeve is brave in risking herself to help us..."
+3 Ammon Jerro if you talk to him about his past and take the confrontational 
answers at the end and then use Diplomacy
-3 Ammon Jerro if you talk to him about his past, take the confrontational 
answers at the end and fail using Diplomacy or you take any of the other 


- Crossroad Keep General Influence Checks, Act III

+2 Grobnar if you talk to him about Shandra and you say "I am sad that we 
lost her..."
-2 Grobnar if you talk about Shandra and say that you don't care.
+1 Elanee (When Daeghun shows up)"I won't have you sending her on dangerous 
missions like you did with Bevil and I."
-1 Elanee "You're here for her?"
+1 Elanee "If these druids are as powerful as you say, they would make 
valuable allies." or "They may be in danger. We should go to them immediately."
+1 Elanee "He has a duty, and he takes it seriously..." or "Daeghun has a good 
heart. He sacrificed much to raise me properly."
-1 Elanee "As a father, he was useless to me - he'd best do a better job 
serving this Keep."
-1 Elanee "Is this for you or for me? I'm not going off on some fool's errand 
to give you peace of mind." or "I don't want to deal with this now."
+1 Ammon Jerro (if you go near the summoning circle in the basement) "With you 
around, I think I'll be in little danger."
-1 Ammon Jerro "Leave me be, I know what I am doing."
-1 Ammon Jerro (when talking to the Mephasm) "Couldn't I just sell you..." and 
then "I was just joking."
+1 Ammon Jerro if you have bargained 3 times with Mephasm, you'll also get a 
feat "Infernal Bargaining"
+1 Ammon Jerro if you say "I don't care about the price. I want to be more 
powerful." and then "Thanks for your advice, but I need this power to defeat 
the King of Shadows."
 -1 Ammon Jerro if you instead say "I didn't ask for your advice. I'm doing 
+1 Grobnar if you talk to him about the Wendersnaven and tell him he may have 
a point at the end
-1 Grobnar if you tell him they don't exist and he's imagining them at the end.
+3 Ammon Jerro if you talk to him about Shandra and tell him about her 
adventures with you.
+2 Bishop -2 Casavir (if you talk to Pentin and he says that he wants to leave)
and you use Diplomacy (10) "I helped to secure your fortune..." and fail you'll
get the option to say "I've had enough - you'll not live to see tomorrow."
+1 Bishop -1 Casavir if you use Intimidate (6) "Leave then, but be careful. The
world is a dangerous place. Very dangerous." on him and succeed.
+1 Sand "You owe me some gold, Pentin. Time to pay up." and then use Appraise 
(3) on him "According to trade law - I own part of your profits."
+1 Bishop -1 Casavir "Simple - give me what you owe, or die." then "Get out of 
+1 Ammon Jerro (after you "met" the druids and Khralver appears near Wolf if 
you decline) and then you say "And that fool can afford to wait - perhaps by 
playing for time..."
-1 Ammon Jerro if you say "I do not wish to use him - nor anyone else." or 
"We'll come back for him when I've taken care of a few things." or "You follow 
me - if you don't like it, then leave."
-1 Ammon Jerro if you say "Don't contradict me again."
+2 Ammon Jerro if you say "Acting impulsively is how Shandra..." or "This envoy 
cannot leave until we do - he will wait, and so will you." or "I have made my 
-2 Ammon Jerro if you say "Do not question me again."
+1 Qara (if when talking to Sydney Natale, Jalboun comes up and you say) 
"Sydney, send your thug away before I let Qara use him for target practice."
-1 Qara if you say "I think he's pretty amusing actually - let him speak."
+1 Ammon Jerro -1 Zhjaeve (after returning to the Courtyard when you got the 
True Names from Sydney Natale) if you say "Zhjaeve, give the papers to Ammon 
Jerro. He won't damage them."
+1 Ammon Jerro if you say "Enough. We need to trust each other if we are to 
-1 Ammon Jerro if you say "I think Zhjaeve should hold onto the True Names for 
now, for safety." or "Your squabbling over pieces of paper is pathetic."
+1 Ammon Jerro (after you defeated the first Shadow Reaver) if you say "Ammon, 
can you offer any insight?"
-1 Ammon Jerro if you say "And you're telling us this now?"
+1 Ammon Jerro if you say "Then let's make use of this fellow enemy of the King 
of Shadows."
+1 Zhjaeve if you say "There must be something you can tell us, Zhjaeve."
+1 Ammon Jerro -1 Zhjaeve if you say "I think both of you need to be more 
forthcoming with information." or "Ammon did not think it could help us, that 
is all."
+1 Zhjaeve -1 Ammon Jerro if you say "I agree this seems... convenient."
+1 Casavir -1 Bishop (when Callum fights against the Reaver) and you say 
"Callum delayed the Reaver, allowing us to stop that abomination. He died a 
noble death."
+1 Ammon Jerro (after the battle with Koraboras when Ammon leaves the Keep and 
you follow) "I can't afford to lose you and the part of the Ritual you possess."
-1 Ammon Jerro if you say "Calm down, I just thought you might need help." or 
"Me? You're the one who's caused nothing but trouble."
+10 Ammon Jerro if you say anything but "Let's go" and then continue the 
conversation (if you had a influence of over 10 with Shandra only), it's more 
of an influence transfer from daughter to father
+1 Ammon Jerro (when he leaves the Keep after Lord Nasher's battle at 
Highcliff) "You shouldn't leave without telling us where you went." and then 
"We are both needed to defeat the King of Shadows..." or "You're here because I
need you..."
-1 Ammon Jerro if you instead say "Keep it up, and your next journey's going to
be to a grave."


- Crossroad Keep Siege sequence general influence

+10 Elanee (during the Romance sequence) "I thought we could get some sleep. 
-10 Elanee "I have use for you soon, but not now. Leave me." (After you say 
"The walls await. Let's form a group and set out." during the briefing)
+1 Bishop if you say "Bishop." and then "I need someone with good eyes and good 
aim, Bishop, and you're one of the best."
-1 Bishop if you say "Bishop." and then "Only if we're lucky."
+1 Casavir if you say "Casavir." and then "As it shall be mine, Casavir. We 
need your strength on those walls both for this Keep's sake and the morale of 
-1 Casavir if you say "Casavir." and then "You're merely a tool of convenience 
against the undead, nothing more."
+1 Grobnar if you say "Grobnar." and then "You're wrong, Bishop, I need Grobnar 
up there."
-1 Grobnar if you say "Grobnar." and then "Bishop's right. I need someone to 
draw arrow fire away from the troops, and your singing might do it."
+1 Khelgar if you say "Khelgar." and then "Good, your fighting skills are what 
we need on the walls."
-1 Khelgar if you say "Khelgar." and then "I don't need you to fight, I need 
you to look for a weakness in those towers."
+1 Neeshka if you say "Neeshka." and then "I need someone watching my back... 
and putting daggers in the enemy's."
-1 Neeshka if you say "Neeshka." and then "There isn't much choice. For some 
reason, you may be useful."
+1 Qara if you say "Qara." and then "I don't want you to hold back - wipe out as
many of the enemy as possible and keep the walls clear."
-1 Qara if you say "Qara." and then "Just restrain yourself and save your spells
for the towers."
+1 Zhjaeve if you say "Zhjaeve."
+1 Zhjaeve -1 Ammon Jerro (if you pick Zhjaeve first, then Ammon) and say "At 
least Zhjaeve I trust."
-1 Ammon Jerro if you instead say "I need both of you, so do your duty."
-1 Bishop (if you picked Casavir before) and either say "We need you, Bishop... 
in case hard decisions need to be made." or "Both of you, quiet - Bishop, you're
with us." or "Yes, I want you where I can see you, ranger."
-1 Qara (if you picked Qara first, then Sand) and you say "Try to follow Sand's 
lead, Qara."
-1 Sand (if you picked Qara first, then him) and you say "Actually, Sand, try 
to give Qara room to cast spells... I'll only need you to cover us if she 


- Bevil Influence and Good/Evil

+1 "I'm sorry about your family."
+1 "Are you going to be all right?"
+1 "If you need time away from your duties, I can speak to Kana..."
-1 "I'll send you packing if you start falling apart over this."
+1 "Just call me Name - it's still just me."
-2 "I'm not here to reminisce - so be silent."
+1 "We all have to be good people first, and warriors second." 
(also +1 Greycloak Civility)
-1 "Teach them obedience and achieving objectives at all costs. That's what 
makes an ideal soldier 
(also -1 Greycloak Civility)
+1 "Ever consider adventuring with me again?"
+1 "We're friends, you can talk to me."
+2 "I should be asking your forgiveness for what you've suffered. It's because 
of me..."
+1 "Many heroes have had problems - you can overcome them."
+1 "You'll serve the Keep well, Bevil. Have faith."
-1 "You're weak. If you fail and break, I'll find someone to replace you."
-1 "I'm not really interested in your problems."
+1 "You will know what to do when you need to. I have confidence in you." 
(also +10 Greycloak Morale)
+0 "It's our job to make sure that if we ask them to pay in blood the price is 
worth it." 
(also +10 Greycloak Morale)
-1 "Many deaths await before my tasks are done." 
(also -10 Greycloak Morale)


Nevalle/Neverwinter Influence and Good/Evil

+1 "I shall go immediately."
-1 "Callum can take care of himself."
-1 "I'm not facing that thing. Let it come to the Keep and we'll attack it from
the walls."
+1 "Her motives were treacherous, but the True Names we got from her could turn
the tide."
+1 "We claimed the True Names of the Shadow Reavers that can be used to make 
them vulnerable."
-1 "What we discovered is not your concern."

FAQS								-=- RNB3

Q. In the Crossroad Keep Report, what does each of the listed items stand for?

Time Passed - How much time has passed since you started at the keep. At 
certain %'s of Time Passed, the game will not let you proceed any further until
you have completed a part of the main quest. Once you hit 100%, you can't do
anything else, so plan accordingly.
Merchants - How many merchants currently regularly visit your keep. The higher
the number, the higher your base keep income gets from them visiting your inn
and merchants located within the keep, as well as income from merchant tithes
if you have them set to anything other than zero.
Peasants - Like the merchants, this represents how many peasants reside on your
lands surrounding your keep. The higher this number, the higher your base 
income gets, as well as taxes you recieve if you have them set higher than
Peasant Civility - High Civility means your peasants are generally helpful and
good natured, and this will lure more peasants to your keep faster. Low 
civility means you'll have a hard time getting new peasants coming to your
Morale - The overall morale of your keep. The higher this is, the faster you
will be able to get peasants, merchants, recruits, and volunteers.

Greycloaks - The number of greycloaks you have.
Recruits - How many of your current greycloaks have been recruits you tried
to get.
Volunteers - How many of your greycloaks volunteered to join your forces.
Greycloak Civility - How civil your greycloaks are. It determines how nice 
they are when it comes to collecting taxes, tithing merchants, following 
orders, etc. High civility will increase the rate at which you get merchants
and peasants coming to your land, and how easily you can recruit.
Training - The level of training for your greycloaks.
Unit Strength - Depends on how many 'cloaks there are, how well equipped, 
trained, and led they are.
Armor - How good your troops armor is, compared to the 'standard'.
Weapons - How good your troops weapons are, compared to the 'standard'.

Fortifications - Tells you how fortified your keep is.
Land Security - The security level of the land, ranging from Very Low to Very
Road Security - Same as land security.
Road Condition - Explains what kind of condition the roads on your lands are

Q. Can I keep doing anything when my keep hits 100% Time Passed?

A. No. Once you hit 100%, thats it.

Q. Building up my keep is expensive, how can I get more money?

A. If you read the beginning of this guide, you'll recall I said to grab and
sell everything you can get your hands on and carry. Also in Act 3, you'll get
a dragon's hoard that you can have returned to your keep and that will give
you a nice chunk of change. Taxes at your keep won't net you much, but you can
give it a shot if you're desperate, just keep in mind that it will slow the 
rate at which people come to your keep. If you want a really easy way to get 
gold and your morality permits it, cheat yourself some. (dm_givegold # when
your PC is selected)

Q. How does the status of my keep when it hits 100% determine anything in the
game later on?

A. It doesn't do much, but the keep is in the game to let you have fun and feel
like you are important. The status of your keep determines how hard the fights 
are when you reach the point in the game where your keep comes under attack. If
the stats of your keep are lackluster, you'll face stronger enemies, and more 
waves of them too. The difference is so minor its hard to notice, but if you've
actually tried to run your keep into the ground, you'll notice it.

Q. What is Unit Strength, really?

A. Take everything added together about your greycloaks, and that determines
how strong they are. Ten greycloaks with the best training, armor, sergeants, 
and morale are better than 100 greycloaks with no training, armor, etc.

If you're a person that can read scripting code, the game calculates it as

(Unit Count * (1 + Weapon + Armor + Sergeants) * (1 + Training) * (1 + Morale) 
* (1 + Elite)) = Unit Strength

All variables are given numbers in the game code. The above is just the example
as to how the game determines the Unit Strength.

Q. So can you get a Gambling Den or not?

A. All signs point to... no. It seems that the gambling den did not make it
into the final cut of the game. As gamers go through the coding, it appears
as though there were other things cut too. Naevan, a druid from the Mere 
was supposedly going to be able to join you at the keep and turn the Church 
into a Park. There were six options total for the Tower and Church originally,
but only four made it into the final game. Bah.

There are believers out there who are praying its just a bug. I guess we shall

Q. Why does my recruitment always suck so bad? I can never get many men!

A. Save recruitment for later, when you have a lot of peasants. The more
peasants you have (and if you have the new town on your land - you signed that
charter, right?) the better your chances are of getting more recruits. If
you can manage to hold off till Act III to do any recruitment, do that. Your 
troops will do fine on recruitment, but if you want them to have the best bonus
have Light of Heavens tag along (+25% bonus). Bevil is a close 2nd, assuming
you've talked to him to make him better.

Along the lines of recruitment, apparently its in the game now that you're not
supposed to be able to get any more than 600 troops. (No Dev comments on this,
but several gamers seem to know so much about coding its hard to doubt.) But 
the bug I mentioned in the beginning of this guide allows people to get many, 
many more than that. I haven't managed to break 500 myself (I suck, I guess) 
but I'll see if I can manage to boost my numbers higher.


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If you've read this guide through, then you pretty much know about all the
sergeants already. If you want a little more in-depth information about them,
check out the NWN2 Wiki: http://wiki.elricm.com/nwn/CrossroadsKeepGreycloaks

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