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A great spin on an old classic 01/18/05 Tyrael Odium

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Worst Swat Game 05/09/09 Anubisdark
Why change a good thing? 11/15/04 Arock66
An old world wide game...Got a facelift. 02/04/05 bluefalcon2121
The potential is there.. 05/17/07 chobe
The source of my current Woes... 02/28/05 cloudwonend2
CS:S - Ruining CS or Revolutionizing FPS Graphics 02/11/05 crispypie
Go go go pick up a copy of Counter-Strike: Source ASAP 08/30/07 Durntdude
Counter Stike: Source! A nearly perfect game! 11/26/07 FloppyToast
Incomplete at release, but just as good as CS 1.6 10/10/04 GyRo567
Counterstrike with Realism! 11/01/04 HalfLife2
One of the best Online shooters ever! 06/14/05 Ilovesports
Go go go! 02/16/05 Jiralhanae
CS reborn anew! 10/11/04 josherjohn
From the Source Engine with Love 12/06/04 jr0d
A game that lives up to its namesake 10/18/04 Knight Darkness
A new look for an old classic 10/09/04 Knuckles
More than just a graphics change 04/04/06 LiquidAssault
The revolution has begun! Counter strike source lived up to its hype and more. 10/11/04 Lollybo
A new source for Counter-Strike 06/28/05 LoneSpherePsi
Best Counter-Strike game created! 08/15/05 MafiaReborn
Counter-Strike: The Big Choice, the Huge Argument, the Incredible Phenomenon 11/08/11 MikeS_r
Damn good potential, but glaring flaws cannot be ignored. 01/24/06 Poog009
An excellent game made even better. 10/30/04 RabidMonkey777
1 word...AWESOME 11/24/04 Ryuji Otogi
A great improvement 03/01/05 sbd321
A Noob's Chance To Greatness 12/12/05 SK8A_PUNK
Does it get much better than this? 10/12/04 TCollins
Great online fun 10/29/08 therater13

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