How do i do act 11? It is annoying me to no end.

  1. A detailed overview would be nice i did most of it just that i can't seem to find the last person.

    User Info: nathan211

    nathan211 - 9 years ago

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  1. 1) Talk to Snakeman to receive 'VB Card C'.
    2) Use 'VB Card C' on the Machine used for DB License Testing.
    3) Talk to Azura inside the machine.
    4) Talk to Snakeman.
    5) Go to the Armor shop and talk to the Accessory Dealer(Male Salesrep).
    6) Talk to Snakeman and report that the intern could not fix the COMP.
    7) Go to the service tunnels and just before the computer terminal in the back talk to Guard 1.
    8) Exit the service tunnels and go to the Terminal in the middle of Home III.
    9) Go behind the Terminal, talk to DB Yamaguchi.
    10) Report back to Snakeman with the fixed COMP.
    11) Go to the DB License Test machine and talk to Azura.
    12) Talk to Snakeman standing next to Azura and go inside the VR Room.
    13) Talk to Azura, defeat the two Fenrir.
    14) Talk to Snakeman.
    15) Talk to Yamamoto inside the Central Control Room

    User Info: Syme_Kolulfr

    Syme_Kolulfr - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. I assume you've gotten the broken comp from Azura and you're asked to fix the comp. From there, talk to the NPC who sells accessories. Choose the option of fixing the comp. Next, talk to DB Yamaguchi and he'll fix the comp partly. After that, go into the service tunnels and talk to the guard just before the computer terminal. The guard will fix the comp completely and you can now head back to VB room and hand the comp to Snakeman who will ask you to pass the comp to Azura.

    User Info: bunnydaisuki

    bunnydaisuki (Expert) - 9 years ago 0   0

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