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Reviewed: 07/15/04

A nice arcade like flying game

~ Introduction ~

Xatax is a fast action arcade game. You must use your quick reflexes to shoot and destroy air and ground enemies. You can use your keyboard or your joystick to play this game.

~ Game Play ~ 8/10

In Xatax you'll fly with a little ship, destroy other air and ground troops and try to complete the level. While shooting enemies some will drop useful items like a shield, bombs, rapid fire and other power ups. There are also game codes:

At the beginning of each level, you'll notice a code at the bottom of the level intro screen. This code allows you to restore your game at the level at a later time. If you died at level 3, and you did not want to start the game from the beginning, you cn use the game code. By selecting the Continue option in the main menu and typing in your game code for the desired level, you can restore your game from the beginning of that particular level

~ Story ~ 7/10

No one knows how or when the Xatax was created or from where it comes. The importance of these issues have been minimized since the beginning of the destruction of the Alliance. The primary concern is survival. With only seven of the hundred plus guilds in the Alliance remaining, hope seems to be fading as consumption draws near.

Since the end of the Interguild War, in the early 2200's, peace has reigned for over two hundred years. Our leader said we would never need our weapons again... they said if we removed the means to make war, then there would be no more wars... they said that without arms we would all be safe... they said all of these things, and now they are dead.

We were so foolish. Time grows short!

I will say what I know about the Xatax, but that knowledge is limited and comes from the few that have survived the guilds that were consumed. Like lambs to the laughter, defenseless and naive, we stood by and allowed the Xatax to consume guild after guild.

Contact was first made with the Xatax in the year 2437 by an intergalactic exploration craft from the Ventoran Guild. We welcomed and embraced the Xatax, anxious to have it join the Alliance. Little did we know that the Xatax does not care about alliances, peace or even war... all it does is consume... all it cares about is consumption.

The Ventorians were the third guild to fall, first were the Deagonions, next the Tyroplians, and the consumption continued. The Xatax swept across our galaxy, consuming and mutating with each guild that stood in its way. It stripped the planets of all their useful recources, leaving only a wasteland from a bountiful world. Do one knows for sure what happened to the inhabitants, all we know is that with each fallen guild, the Xatax changed.

The Xatax mutates in a sense, creating new warriors out of the minds of the people. The new creatures seem to represent things from jistory, technology, and even the imagination of the guilds. Making it twisted, in a warped and unconscionable fashion.

Where does the endless consumption of Xatax come from? It appears to be nothing more than huge cykundrical metal drums. Our scientists suspect that the Xatax creates thse drums out of the minerals from the destroyed guilds. It stores and later processes these minerals into more bio-mechanical creatures. How can we stop this thing! Its unyielding hunger seems insatiable. With no emotion, no thought, just pure design to consume.

What is the bio-mechanical nature of the Xatax? While I cannot confirm this, I feel that the Xatax uses the living portions of a planet just like it does the minerals... it uses them to grow.

I am new about to embar upon what will most likely be a suicide mission. As the remaining guilds evacuate their planets, I have been chosen to go forth to try and stop the mindless destruction of our worlds. I will fly the X12, a two hundred year old fighter resurrected by our scientists from the Interguild Museum located on Terra. Our scientists have modified this perfectly preserved fighter to mimic Xatax's own characteristic of consumption. The revived X12 has limited ability to consume and gain power as it battles forward.

If any form is able to extract this information from this drone, heed this warning!

...end data upload, authority Krozious One.

~ Graphics & Music ~ 7/10

The graphics are okay, not too good, you can only fly up and down, forward and back, nothing in 3D. All in 2D but that's ok. You'll fly in space, see the stars, while shooting enemy ships. The music is pretty good.

Play Time & Replay Value ~ 6.5/10

There are only 8 levels in this game. And when you've beat it there is nothing new.

~ Overall ~ 7/10

7 is a fair score for this OK game, I suggest you download the shareware version and if you like it maybe you can get the full version somewhere.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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