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Guide and Walkthrough by ieatdirttoo

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 07/18/2005

  The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Demo Walkthrough [XBOX]

    By: David "Ryan_Dunn" Donaldson
     Version 1.01 [February 15th 2005]

This faq was published and is owned by David "Ryan_Dunn" Donaldson. This may
be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as part
of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

If you have a question or comment please give me an email. My email addresse
is aragorn_591@yahoo.com I would recommend incuding the subject " Riddick
demo faq" so I do not misplace it as Spam. Please try to be friendly with your
email. Ive already had a couple of "hate emails" and I would rather not read 
another one. 

This is my third in depth guide and my sixth file contributed. My other in
depth faqs include a weapons faq for LOS: Vietnam and a demo faq for Medal of
Honor: Allied Assault. I have full walkthroughs for "Manhunt", "Max Payne 2"
and "The Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay". This guide will cover
the one level featured in the demo, "The Mainframe". 

Listed below are the current sites that can use my faqs. If you find them on
any other sites(make sure its not affiliated with a site listed here) please
email me.


*Use Ctrl+F to search for anything*


1. Introduction

2. Weapons

  2.1- Guns
  2.2- Melee Weapons

3. Enemies

4. Walkthrough

5. Version History

6. Credits

/                            1. Introduction                                 \

My gamefaqs name is Ryan_Dunn, but my real name is David Donaldson. I live
in St. Louis Missouri. Im Seventeen and currently in my Senior Year of high
school and hope to be goign to Mizzou next year. I first got my NES way back
in 1993, and since then ive been hooked on video games. They are my favorite
thing to do in my free time, and I cant wait to see what the future holds. 

I own an Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Playstation, PS1(small version), 
NES, SNES, Dreamcast, and Sega Genisis. I spend at least 2-4 hours a day
playing video games. I guess Im not exactly a hardcore gamer because I cant
play as often as I used to, but I still play them alot. The Xbox is my 
favorite console, but I like pretty much all of the other ones.

I play my games on a 27" Sony HDTV. I have a rather old but reliable stereo
system that supports Dolby Pro Logic II and Digital 5.1. I find that it makes
a big difference in the experince to play with good audio. Its so much fun
to storm the beachs of Normandy in Medal of Honer: Frontline. I use the 
controller S for Xbox, maily because the big one doesnt fit my hands very 

My favorite type of Genre is First Person and Third Person shooters, which
is obviously why my favorite console is an xbox. I do like RPG's however. I
tried out Morrowind, but in the end it just wasnt my thing. Fable was pretty
cool, but also short. I also like RTS games like Warcraft III and Age of
Mythology. I forgot to mention above that I own 2 PC's, which arent really
good for gaming but get the job done. I also own a laptop.

For writing faqs I use good old Notepad. After trying out Wordpad(ick) and
Microsoft word, I decided I could live without wordwrap and all of those 
extra problems that come with the more complicated word processors. I make
my faqs on my old Compaq Presario or my new DELL Inspiron Notebook. I play
games on my gateway.

/                                  2. Weapons                                \


|2.1- Guns|

|Weapon - Gun|

Category:         - Automatic Pistol
Clip Size         - 14 Rounds
Time used         - Interrogation Room, Most of Double Max, all of Triple Max
Ammunition Type   - 9mm UC Bullets
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - *******
Range             - **********
Accuracy          - **********
Value             - ******

Description: This weapon, believe it or not rocks. High damage and the best 
accuracy in the game make this my favorite weapon. Since it doesn't show up 
much in the game, I advise you to use this weapon to its full potential. 
This weapon is especially great for head shots.

|Weapon - Shotgun|

Category:         - Pump Action 
Clip Size         - 8 rounds
Time used         - The Whole game
Ammunition Type   - 7mm Buckshot
Special Abilities - Flashlight

Damage            - ********
Range             - ****
Accuracy          - *
Value             - *****

Description: This is your stander shotgun. It fires a buckshot which spreads
several bb's and therefore increasing your chances of hitting the target, as
long as your close. If you try to shoot people from long range, you will have
to hit them multiple times to kill them(if you even hit them at all). This
is probably the second most common weapon found in the game. Its pretty 
usefull against light guards and creaturs(dwellers and Xeno). For Double Max
Guards and Medium Guards you will want to use the assault rifle.

|Weapon - Assault Rifle|

Category:         - Automatic Rifle
Clip Size         - 36 Rounds
Time Used         - First Max
Ammunition Type   - 9mm MTT bullets
Special Abilities - Flashlight

Damage            - *********
Range             - ********
Accuracy          - ********
Value             - ****

Description: This is probably one of the best weapons in the game. It has 
the best firing rate in the game, but also is accurate and does excellent 
damage. This weapon can be used to take out anything under riot guards. 
Most guards carry this weapon. It uses a glass display to tell you how many 
bullets you have left. You will most likely be using this weapon the entire 
time you have it.

2.2- Melee Weapons

|Weapon - Fists|

Category          - Melee
Clip Size         - NONE
Time Used         - The Whole Game
Ammunition Type   - NONE
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - *
Range             - *
Accuracy          - ***
Value             - **

Description: The fists are mainly used for one-on-one duels with other 
inmates. They are relatively weak and don’t do much damage. You can however 
crack peoples neck with them. You can jab in for different directions by 
using the right trigger+ any direction on the d-pad. 

|Weapon - Shiv|

Category:         - Melee
Clip Size         - NONE
Time Used         - Beginning of Game, All of Double Max
Ammunition Type   - NONE
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - ***
Range             - *
Accuracy:         - **
Value             - ***


Common prison weapon custom made by inmates. A small piece of
glass or metal sharpened be using extreme heat. This weapon can be slashed
in gor different directions, just like fists. You can block other shivs
with it as well [Which will come in very handy]. While better than plain
ordinary fists, the Shiv tends to become obsolete really fast. Prisoners
equiped with this came be extremely difficult especially on hard. 

|Weapon - Knuckleduster|

Category:         - Melee
Clip Size         - NONE
Time used         - Beginning of Game
Ammunition Type   - NONE
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - ****
Range             - *
Accuracy          - **
Value             - ***

Description: High damage and good accuracy may this a weapon of choice. 
Generally this weapon is used in melee fights where you need to pack a 
little extra punch. It has the same moves as the fists abut does a whole 
lot more damage. You can block as well. Overall this is a good weapon in 
the Beginning of the game, but once you get guns yor going to want to leave 
all melee weapons alone.

/                                  3. Enemies                                \


Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Gun
Intelligance: Average

Description: These are non-armored guards payed mostly to walk around and 
monitor prisoners. They usually wont be aggresive, but if you get in there
way they wont hesitate to pump you with 38 rounds out of there assault rifles.
They are mostly found in the beggining of first max but are also located in
random locations in double and triple max. They have pretty good aim, and use
the gun most of time when out of first max. Despite how they look, they are
pretty smart. They will seek you out when you flee, Actually try to kill
you rather than just standing around. They also will kill you on site if they
see you with a weapon classified as lethal(shivs, tranq guns, ect.). 


Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun
Intelligance: Smart

Description: These are the most common enemy in the game. Unlike the Max
Security guards these boys are armored and tough. Dont walk to close unless
you want the butt of a rifle in you face. They mostly use Assault Rifles
but will use shotguns from time to time. They are tough and intelligant. 
Unlike other guards they follow you and dont let you recharge your health.
You will see alot of these guards. Mostly in Double Max, but they are also
common in Maximum and Triple Max too. These guards are much smarter than there
unarmored counter parts. They use tactics and work together to force you out 
of hiding. There assaul rifles also have flashlights on them, making the dark
alot less protective. These enemys are generally hard, but not as tough as
some other enemys.


Weapons: Assault Rifle, Gun, Shotgun
Intelligance: Very Smart

Descripition: These low armored fighters lead there men into battle. They wear 
the samearmor as Abbott, but are very weak. There armor is not as thick as a 
DoubleMax guard, and they tend to have bad aim. They are found in all three 
securitysettings, but are probably the most least common enemy in the game. 
They arefast runners however since they are wearing less armor. Most of the 
time they fight with Assault rifles like every othe guard. These guys are
extremly smart, but It is all put to waste since they cannot defend themselves
properly. Since they lead guards in battle they must be intelligent. They also
use the normal gun to there advantage. The only personn you will probably find
a gun on is this guy.


Weapons: Minigun
Intelligance: Dumb

Descroption: These guards are assigned specifically to attend to riots and
escaped convicts. They carry a minigun, the best gun in the game. There armor
is nearly impossible to penetrate except for the paneling on there back. They
are found in every sectin of the game, escpecially at the end of double max.
When you kill them they drop the minigun, which is the only thing that is 
effective against them. Always aim for there back and they will die quickly, 
but if you have a minigun just load them full of lead in any part of there
armor. Despite how strond they are, they are pretty dumb. It may just be
because of there lack of agility, but they behave oddly. Try this. When find
a riot guard let him notice you. Go behind him then just keep circling him.
He will slowly turn towards you, but you will already be behind him again. 
Kinda fun.

/                              4. Walkthrough                                \

Compared to the rest of the guide this is actually a smaller section. The FAQ
wouldnt be a Demo Faq if it didnt have the actual walkthrough in it however.

Welcome to the mainframe. As Riddick utters, Security is pretty tight. This
chapter would be impossible with only melee weapons. Luckily you get to use an
Assault Rifle for the first time here. This chapter begins with Riddick in
a crouched position on top of a balcony. Below the balcony is the DNA data
bank. You need to get down to ground level and put your DNA in the databank. 

Run all the way to the other side of the balcony and look down. On the other
side of the room are two crates stacked. Now make a running jump from the 
balcony and land on top of the two crates. On the ground to your right is a
mechanic fixing the databank computer. 

Once you landed on the crates you should have heard the computer A.I. say "Data
bank is ready for sample" or something like that. Look at the mechanic below
and wait for him to turn his back to you. Once he has turned jump of the crate
then sneak up behind him. Use the Left or Right trigger to stealth kill him.
Stroll up to the databank terminal and press the action button [X] to use it. 

When the computer has finished scanning it will alert security. Next to the 
mechanics corpse is a toolbox and an Assault Rifle. Go up and grab the assault
rifle [time for some whoop-ass]. Facing the tool box area turn left and aim
at the door. Crouching will help imrpove your accuracy and damage so it. After
a few seconds some guards will open up the door.

Shread them all to pieces with your assault rifle then go through the door. At
the end of the hall is a right turn. 3 or 4 guards will come out from around 
the corner. Use the crates in this area as cover while you take position. When
the guards show up do the same thing you did with the previous set. Now go 
around the corner and walk towards the door.

The door will slightly open and a guard will throw a grenade in. Quickly back
up and wait for the grenade to explode. Once you hear the bang go back to the
area in which it was the thrown. The explosion created a large hole in the
wall to your right. Go up to the hole and press the Left Trigger to do a melee

Walk through the hole then go left. You will meet up with a guard carrying a
shotgun. Quickly kill him then go to the other side of the room. Above you is
a large fan preventing your advancement. To your left tucked in the corner is
the control box. Go up to it and press the action button to turn the fan off. 
Now turn around 180 degrees and you will view some crates. 

They are all stacked in huge piles. Climb on top of the one farthest to the
left. Then climb up the next one and the ones after that. When you reach the 
top of the stack look to the right. Between the stack of crates and the fan
is a small gap. Get a running start and jump over it. Crouch down and go under
the fan. 

On the floor to your left is a very thin grading with a guard patrolling below.
Turn on your flashlight [White Button] and shoot him to death. Now walk on top
of the grating to make it collapse. Look on the exact opposite side of the
hall in which you just killed the guard. Another shotgun wielding enemie will 
start firing at you. Take him out then continue down the hallway.

Turn right and go into the small hallway. When your through you will be in 
a large room with several crates and a Nano-Med station. To your left on the
other side of the room is a balcony with two guards. Quickly sprint across the
room and go up the stairs underneath the balcony. Continue up the stairs and
until you get to the balcony. Quickly kill the two guards before they can take
any life off of you. 

Head back down the stairs. Dont use the Nano-Med station just yet. Facing the
stairs look to your left and you will spot a dark hallway. Go inside and a 
guard will roll out. Quickly shoot him then go inside the ventalation hatch
on the left wall [Dont forget to use the Nano-Med station if you need to].
Follow the ventalation shaft until you come to a dark tunnel. 

Inside this small tunnel is a series of pipes. One of them obviously has a leak
in it. Use the valve near the pipe to shut it off. Not quickly hide in the 
corner. Two guards will come out to investagate the shut off. Turn your flash
light on so you can see them. Fire away until both of them are dead. There
was actually three guards, but one double backed. 

The third guard will open the door on the other side of the tunnel and toss in 
a grenade. Backup to the wall and wait for it to explode. When the fireworks 
are over kill the remaining guard then go over to where the grenade exploded.
The grenade once again blew a hole into the wall. Step inside and follow the
small hallway.

It leads to a large completely dark room. Run on through this room and you will
come to one lone guard on the right side. Take him out then keep following the
path and you will come to a Nano-Med station. Use it if needed then head to the
left. Welcome to the hardest part of first max. Well it isnt that hard compared
to some of the other parts of the game, but on hard difficulty it will give
you a run for your money. 

There are two bunkers in here, on the left and right. Each one of them has 
several guards inside. Spread all around the bunkers are several crates. On the
other side of the room is an elevator thats closed off for now. The easiest
way to kill the first group [Which can be whatever one you choose] is to rush 

Choose a group then go in guns blazing ready to kill. Aim for the head and 
torso and the group should be dead in no time. For the second group I recommend
finding a crate to use as cover. Peak out of it and take out any guards in 
sight. Once you've done that go inside the other bunker and rush them just 
as you did the previous group. When all the guards are dead the elevator will
come down along with a Riot Guard. 

At first glance this might look like suicide but it is actually queit possible
to win. Since the Riot Guard is extremely slow were going to use that to our
advantage. In order to kill a Riot Guard you must shoot the plating in its 
back. 3-4 clips with an assault rifle will work. We are going to play cat and
mouse with the Riot Guard. 

Lead him into one of the bunkers then quickly run around to the other side. 
Fire away one clip on his back and he will be temporarily stunned. Once Riddick
reloads drop another 36 rounds on him. Do this until he is dead. Once the fight
is over go over to the elevator and press the activation switch. This will 
take the elevator up. When you get to the toop you will come to a three way
junction. Go in the door marked "Cell Block A". 

/                          5. Version History                                \

Version 1.0 February 15th 2005- Just as with my Medal of Honor Demo faq I have
done everything in one sitting. The demo faq is completely done. Hope this 
helps you with any problems!

/                              6. Credits                                    \

Starbreeze, for making the incredable engine the game uses
-The creaters of the Xbox, Microsoft Corporation
-Kao Megura, who inspired me to start writing faqs
-One of the best faq writers IMO, Rurusk
-COR:EFBB Manual for info on the enemies

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders

Copyright 2004 David Donaldson

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