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Reviewed: 12/29/07

Experience the feeling of being the victim...

Bichiku! is a Japanese hentai game which contains scenes of sex, SM, etc. So make sure you're over the age of 18 before you read this review or if you're even thinking about getting this game.

To people who are already familiar with the games in this genre, hentai games almost always focuses on the male's point of view of things. It's almost always about being a male protagonist having different kinds of "fun" with other female characters. But this game is completely different. With this game, Guilty gives the gamer an oportunity to experience what it is like to be the female victim in a traditional, yet often medicore, Japanese hentai game setting. This game might not be appealing to the majority of hentai gamers (which mostly consist of men), but for a female gamer such as myself it was certainly welcoming.

You play as Kana Ando, a 26 year old OL who is an editor of a very popular female magazine in Japan. She is intelligent, beautiful, elegant, engaged to a handsome young man who also happens to be the second son of the founder of a major electrical appliance company. Basically, a perfect life that many woman would envy. One day, she was asked to write about a topic called, "The Pleasure Device of the end of the century." So with the help and advice of Shiro Eniwa, a 43 year old college professor who specialises in social psycology and who also frequently appears in television shows, Kana and Shiro both set out to an "SM gym" to do research on the world of SM. But unknown to Kana, she is about to fall victim of a deeply concealed plot whose sole purpose is to turn her into a sex slave...


It's basically mouse clicking, very typical of games in this genre. Throughout the game you'll be given the opportunity to make certain choices for Kana that will affect the endings that she'll get. This is definitely one of the areas where this and many Japanese hentai games can improve on.


The background musics are somewhat limited, but it fits into the scenes and events quite well. As so often the case, the voice acting in Japanes hentai games always excels and this game is no exception.


Although you'll find that they don't put too much detail into the background, the characters and their features are very well done, especially Kana's. She is really portraited as a mature, intelligent, beautiful and elegant young OL in the cgs. Guilty also put quite an effort on her facial expressions. When she is going through pain, she really looks like she's going through pain in the cgs. When she is feeling guilty, the cgs really shows it. This is definitely one of the strong points of Guilty's games. Some hentai games excels in graphics, but they fail when it comes to expressing the emotions of the female characters.


Now comes the most important part of this review. The story/plot was nicely laid out, in my humble opinion. There are 6 endings in total, a good ending and 5 "bad" endings. It is possible to finish the game without a single forced sex scene, which is good news for those who prefers happy endings. But the real story comes with the 5 "bad" endings. As you play into these 5 "bad" endings, you get to see how Kana's character and attitudes slowly develop and change as she is forced to have sex with different people. An example of this is the way she dresses. Initially she dresses as an elegant OL, but as the story unfolds she starts wearing sexier lingerie, she starts wearing sexier while literally lesser clothing. Her attitudes towards her perpetrators also changes from being initally resistance and often crying to lesser resistance and tears to total enjoyment and addiction to sex. Not only do we get to see in detail how Kana's elegant and high class character slowly being degraded and the effect it has on her mentally and behaviour, but we also get to see the conflict between her guilt and her desires. So while there are many SM and forced sex scenes, it is also an emotional game with some good character developments. The only problem I have with the story was with one of the main perpetrators. The one who executed this evil plot against Kana and also the one who actually had sex with her the most actually doesn't get his own ending. Morally speaking, he doesn't deserve one but logically speaking, this just doesn't make sense at all.


As so often with games in this genre, one needs to get all the endings to get all the cgs. So there's definitely replay value. Even if you don't have the motivation to obtain all the cgs, you will at least want to play this game twice to get both the happy ending and one of the "bad" endings to get a full picture of the plot/story.


So I give this game an 8 out of 10. The mature and fitting graphics combined with a nicely laid out plot with good character developments really deserves it. It would have easily been 9 out of 10 had they logically gave one of the main perpetrators his own ending. It would've been even better had they put some efforts to improve on the medicore gameplay typical of games in this genre.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Bichiku! (JP, 08/27/04)

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