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FOnewm FAQ by Ryock

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/28/05

===============================PSOBB FOnewm FAQ================================
================================By:Sage Ryock==================================

Table of contents
Section 1: Version History
Section 2: A Little About Myself
Section 3: The FOnewm
 Section 3A: Advantages and Disadvantages
 Section 3B: Customizing your FOnewm
 Section 3C: Fighting as and Against a FOnewm
 Section 3D: Item Checklist
Section 4: Credits, Thanks, E-mail
Section 1: Version History
Version 1.00: The very first version of my FAQ on FOnewms, and I brought it
here to help fellow Forces again =).
Section 2: A Little About Myself
Hello there, if you've read my FOmarl FAQ, you know that I love Forces. I 
believe that the community needs better Forces, since most of them are item
grabbers and jerks. Most people who do play Forces, as rare as they are, are
mostly veterans. But not all of them. Which is why I decided to help out =).

I started playing PSO on the first week of when Phantasy Star Online came out
on the Dreamcast system. I picked a FOnewm as my first class, since I like to
cast magic more than anything. Since he looked neat, had an awesome hat, and
could nuke enemies with spells, I went with with him; which is why I'm making 
this FAQ. After playing with him, I figured I would stick with him. Then I 
grew to love all the Forces, except one. Well, not dislike persay, but rather
can't force(heh, force) myself to play as her. The FOnewearl. But don't worry,
I've played plenty with her, I just dislike her for some reason. I don't even
know why.

But after all this was done and said, I decided I could help others to 
accomplish what I have with my character. As I've always told my friend who
believes me to be arrogant and narrow-minded(meh on him), I'm sure I'm one of 
the best Forces around. Playing since Dreamcast and still playing today DOES 
tend to wear on you. But the FOnewm was always my favorite and my best Force.
So without further to do, here is the FAQ.
Section 3: The FOnewm
Ah yes, the FOnewm. The FOnewm is very particular in his technique boosts, and
tends to be a REAL NUKE. Most people find him weird looking, stupid, and/or
gay as they would put it. But I see much more potential with this Force. He
of course, is my favorite Force of all. The FOnewm is the only Force who gets
boosts in all his RA techiques, and absolutely no recovery boosts! =D

But yeah, he's like the Black Mage(Final Fantasy) of PSO. Comparing him to the
other Forces in terms of magic is a waste of time, since he clearly rules over
the other three Forces. Many arguements are made about whether a FOneweral
or a FOnewm was better. I assure you, the FOnewm is much more catastrophic than
the FOnewearl will EVER be. The FOnewm requires precise timing, and good
maneuvering in order to survive. If you wanna be a good FOnewm, continue if you

The FOnewm wears a variety of bobbly hats, wears strange shoes, and resembles
that of NiGHTS for people who have played this game, they will know what I'm
talking about. Anyways, welcome and continue!
Section 3A: Advantages and Disadvantages
Well, like I did with the FOmarl FAQ, why don't we try comparing the FOnewm
to his elf opposite partner, hm?

FOnewearl: 30% boost of damage for Foie, Barta, and Zonde, Resta and Anti
have twice the range, and Megid can pierce(meaning it goes through one enemy,
and to the next enemy behind it).

FOnewm: 30% boost of damage in all GI techinques, 30% boost of damage in all
RA techinques.

Now, as you can see, the FOnewearl is a bit balanced in it's terms of magic
boosts. However, the Resta and Anti aren't too neccesary, and those simple
tecnique boosts will be pretty useless unless you're fighting a boss, unless
once again, it was something with multiple targets, like Vol opt, or De Rol Le.

However, the FOnewearl gets more magic than the FOnewm does, but only by 250.
That does NOT make much of a difference. Trust me, I've played with a 
FOnewearl, and they're hard to do well with. 

To make my point more clear

FOnewearl has the lowest ATP, DFP, and HP. Not very good, so you'll want to go
with the FOnewm, if you're intending to nuke enemies and solo more often. If
you prefer to play with teams most of the time, and have good, balanced magic,
go with the FOnewearl. But this FAQ's not about her! =P
Section 3B: Customizing your FOnewm
This is easy; very easy.

Simply said, you want to have GI or RA techs on your palettes, maybe even
a mixture of both. Whichever techs you find yourself using the most. Resta is
a MUST on your palettes. You may also want Anti on your palettes as well. As
for the rest of the palettes, it's all up to you. You can't go wrong...unless
you put a simple tech there, which is a waste of time might I add.
Section 3C: Fighting as and Against a FOnewm
Fighting as a FOnewm: When fighting as a FOnewm(as much I hate to admit it), 
you are the most useless Force around when fighting other people. 
  The FOmar has his Shifta and Zalure combo to use on opponents, as well as his
simple, but useful Megid.
  The FOmarl also has her Shifta and Zalure combo, speaking of course she has
gotten enough ATP to solo, and has a massive boost of Grants to protect 
  The FOnewearl has her simple techs which now come in handy more than ever, 
her Megid can pierce, making her a real annoyance to Hunters and Rangers alike.
  The FOnewm on the other hand....well, he CAN be worked with, and trust me,
I've beaten FOnewearls with him before. It's possible if you know what you're
doing. Three spells to keep in mind: Razonde, Rabarta, Megid =D.

Fighting against a FOnewm: As for fighting against a FOnewm, most of them will
try to melee, since they can't really rely on their techniques to get them out
of this one. That, or they'll use Megid. That's really all there is to know 
about how most FOnewms fight.
Section 3D: Item Checklist
Every character needs good equipment and items to keep them alive. It would
otherwise be impossible to get through the game, unless you leveled without
end, going to the medical center every time you ran out of TP.....or you're a
hacker; in which case, you suck. Here is a nice checklist I put together for
what I believe every FOnewm should have. I put them in level form, indicating
what you should have by the time you hit those levels. Some however, like
level 4 items are quite impossible to obtain.

Level 1 Items: Level 1-40
Fire Sceptor: AGNI
Ice Staff: DAGON
One colored Merge
4 slot Frame
4 Wizard/Techniques
a Mind Mag with at least 150 MIND

Level 2 Items: Level 41-80
Summit Moon
Two colored Merges
4 slot Frame
2 Devil/Techniques
2 Wizard/Techniques
a Mind Mag with at least 150 MIND

Level 3 Items: Level 81-120
Summit Moon
Spirit Garment
Red Merge
Blue Merge
Yellow Merge
4 Devil/Techniques
a Mind Mag with at least 150 MIND

Level 4 Items: Level 121-200
Summit Moon
Psycho Wand or Profets of Motav(preferably the Psycho Wand)
Mother Garb or Mother Garb +(preferably the Mother Garb +)
Red Merge
Blue Merge
Yellow Merge
Resta Merge(just in case the Hunters or Rangers can't or will NOT heal)
No particular stat mag required
Section 4: Credits, Thanks, E-mail
Well, this FAQ was inspired by two things. The fact that no one made any Force
FAQs. And the fact that no one wrote any FAQs excluding the AOL cup FAQ, which
is now useless.

I'd like to thank my bro, my best friend, and Sega for making a nice, well
put-together game. I'd also like to thank a lot of my friends that I play 
online with. TetsuyaSan, naruto V.2, Shinzo, Eteocles, Ashley, dragonfly, 
Rantious(thanks for all the games you made me!), Shinji, MerlinX, and a 
whole bunch of other friends.

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or see this on 
another site at sageryock@yahoo.com

If you ever wish to play some time, I can be found as either Dark Ryock, or
Misty. See ya later, and enjoy your hunts everyone! =D

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