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FOmarl FAQ by Ryock

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/26/05

===============================PSOBB FOmarl FAQ================================
================================By:Sage Ryock==================================

Table of contents
Section 1: Version History
Section 2: About Myself
Section 3: About the FOmarl
 Section 3A: Good Points and Bad Points
 Section 3B: How to get Started
 Section 3C: How to Combat Proficiently
 Section 3D: Customizing your FOmarl
 Section 3E: Worthwhile Mags
 Section 3F: Weapon/Armor Checklist
Section 4: Credits, Thanks, Contact
Section 1: Version History
Version 1.00: This is the first version of my FAQ. Currently, nothing needs to 
be updated, but as things get updated, new stuff will come if neccesary.
Section 2: About Myself
Well, this is at last, my fourth FAQ that I have written. I am currently 16 
years old, and I'm very addicted to the game PSOBB. I figured I should write 
another FAQ for this game since there are a lot of people who need help and 
information. What better way, then to write a FAQ with this neccesary 
information on it. 

For why I write about this PARTICULAR FAQ, why...I'm very skilled with Forces. 
They are my favorite classes, and the ONLY classes I use. Because of this, 
I got a lot of experience with each Force. I figured I'd make a in-depth FAQ 
for the FOmarl since it's my second favorite class, and FOmarls can be the 
most difficult calss to play with if you don't know what you're doing.

In-depth FAQs about each Force are coming, as long as this FAQ is accepted. 
The best way to start, is to first have a strategy pulled out for how you're 
going to put up your FOmarl's stats, since she does not have any particular 
high stat, excluding her MST. Without further to do, here is the FOmarl FAQ.
Section 3: About the FOmarl
About the FOmarl to start off with. FOmarls are average in every stat. They do 
not have the lowest stat of any class, nor do they have the highest stat of 
any class. By the time they start hitting the more difficult areas of combat 
like Very Hard mode and Ultimate mode, their magic will not be useful anymore, 
and they will have to rely on their magic as a backup.

The FOmarl is an average-sized human woman who is good with magic. Her highest s
tat is MST, but she is by far the weakest Force in terms of spells. Because of 
this, she needs to be competent with melee. She is going to be an expert with 
healing, but not very good with damage. So, here are the things you're going 
to need to do to make a good FOmarl =).
Section 3A: Good Points and Bad Points
The good points and bad points of the FOmarl are quite interesting. She is 
much like the FOmar in terms of technique bonuses, but more supportive than 
the FOmar. The differences between the two Forces are as follows...

FOmar: 30% Grants boost, Shifta and Deband have twice the range, and 30% Gi 
techniques damage.

FOmarl: 50% Grants boost, Shifta, Deband, Resta, and Anti have twice the 

So, as you can see, FOmarls are the ultimate support Forces. They can support 
a team extremely well if they are given a Shifta, Deband, Anti, or Resta 
Merge. Preferably a Resta Merge. Excluding the fact that she is the ultimate 
supportive Force, she is average in every stat. There is no low stat, nor is 
there a very dominant one. Even the FOmarl's MST is pretty low. But because 
she does not really have any dominant stats, she is very difficult to play as. 
Of all the Forces, she is probably the most difficult to master, but is very 

Compared to the other Forces, her magic is very low. The FOmar is quicker to 
learn, the FOnewm can nuke, and the FOnewearl has the highest MST to back her 
up. The FOmarl's greatest abilities lie in being good with healing; but that 
is not going to help when she is soloing. So, let's get her powerful.
Section 3B: How to get Started
To get started is going to be a problem at first, but I will help as much as 
I can. First of all, you'll wanna get a few weapons, and a Mind Mag with at 
least 150 MIND in the MIND stat. She's not really going to use this 
much....sort of. You'll want to train two different Mags for a while. The Mind 
Mag should keep her alive long enough to finish both Mags.

The second Mag you'll want is a decent Mag with good Photon Blasts. This Mag 
is going to be your Hunter/Ranger Mag. You will want it to have 5/145/50/0. 
This will maximize her damage potential. Why is the Mind Mag there? Why, to 
teach her techniques as she obtains them through levels. With the Power/Dex 
Mag, she won't be able to use many techniques because she'll have low MST. The 
Mind Mag is there to help with that. You will definitely want it to be a Sato 
or Rati Mag. The Rati can be obtained with help from a friend.

After that, you just need one more thing...a Soul Eater. This will be one of 
your MOST useful weapons, since it's the only weapon Forces can hold that is 
a blade that hits multiple enemies. Later on, you can get something stronger. 
You can get the Soul Eater through a number of quests from Kireek.

After that, there's the material usage for your FOmarl. For your FOmarl, you 
absolutely do NOT need any Mind Materials. You want to max out your FOmarl's 
Luck first. Bring that to 100, then as for the rest of the materials, use all 
Power Materials.
Section 3C: How to Combat Proficiently
FOmarl's are hard to fight with, unless you know how to do it properly. With 
your Soul Eater or Plantain Huge Fan(explained later), you'll always want to 
do just the first two strikes, and never the third, unless you know it will 
kill the monster you're fighting. She can't take many hits, so you want to be 
very careful. 

Next, you'll always, and I mean ALWAYS want Shifta AND Deband casted. With 
this, she becomes stronger and more defensive than most Hunters and Rangers 
do. This can make her a better solo character than the Hunters and Rangers at 
times, so long as it STAYS casted. 

With any kind of Rifle weapons like Angel Harp(also explained later), you 
want to use a basic attack, charge attack, charge attack. This is the best 
way to fight, and always works pretty nicely.

Use your magic when you're cornered. You're a Force for a reason; use your 
greatest stat to your advantage and help yourself get out of tight spots with 
your techniques. Such useful techinques for FOmarls will be Gizonde, Anti, and 
Rabarta. Rabarta sometimes the most, to help freeze your opponents to inflict 
damage. Use your Jellen and Zalure too! Zalure comboed with Shifta will do 
much more than any Hunter or Ranger could do. You have this advantage with 
Level 30 tecniques.

Always be careful. If you don't feel right, do NOT rush into battle. Always 
use Trap Vision too; make sure you always carry those, because they prove 
very handy later on when playing with others. Otherwise, go nuts! ^_^
Section 3D: Customizing your FOmarl
This is a pretty simple part. It's not too hard, since you're going to be a 
Battlemage. Your palettes should be pretty simple. The basic attack, charge 
attack, and special attack should be on your first three palettes without a 
DOUBT. These definitely need to be here.

For your last three, I would recommend putting Anti in there somewhere, and 
definitely Resta. As for that last palette, it's up to you. Preferably 
Rabarta, Gizonde, or Razonde. Those seem to work best, and a lot of people 
use those. But other techniques like Rafoie or Zalure work well there too.
Section 3E: Worthwhile Mags
The Mags that a FOmarl is going to need are pretty simple and easy to obtain 
as long as you can Mag train a little bit. In order of importance, it goes 
like this for me.

Sato > Chao(currently unavailable) > Rati > Bhima 

Those are some of the best to use for a FOmarl, as these provide decent 
abilities that a FOmarl would need.
Section 3F: Weapon/Armor Checklist
There are weapons out there that your FOmarl CAN NOT go without. I list the 
most important weapons and armors in level like ways. 

Level 1: Level 1-40
Soul Eater +9
Slicer of Assassin +9
Double Saber +35

Level 2: Level 41-80
Soul Eater +9
Slicer of Braveman +9(preferably with hit %)
Grass Assassin's Sabers +25 or Double Saber +35
Inferno Bazooka +9(A MUST; FOmarls attack faster with this weapon than any 
other class)

Level 3: Level 81-120
Plantain Huge Fan or Soul Eater +9(preferably Plantain Huge Fan)
Sliver of Braveman +9 or Slicer of Fantatic(preferably Slicer of Fanatic)
Double Saber +35(the government quest 50% hit one)
Holy Ray or Inferno Bazooka(preferably Holy Ray)
Force Wall

Level 4: 121-200
Plantain Huge Fan
Slicer of Fanatic
Double Saber +35 0/0/0/0/50
Angel Harp
Safety Heart
Smart Link

As for Level 4 stats, I know...it's hard. Not very possible. But it is a 
FOmarl's dream master equipment. That's all for the FOmarl's checklist 
equipment. It will be updated if I feel there are more weapons and armors 
that should be listed there. For now, enjoy.
Section 4: Credits, Thanks, Contact
This FAQ can NOT be used on any other site except GameFaqs. GameFaqs is the 
only site that has the right to the this FAQ. If you seek otherwise, contact 
me first, and we'll see. Contact me immediately if you see this FAQ on another 
site excluding GameFaqs and you shall be given credit on the Section 4 part 
of my FAQ =).

Thanks to a whole bunch of my friends(PSOBB player friends)
TetsuyaSan, naruto V.2, Shinzo, Eteocles, Ashley, dragonfly, Rantious(thanks 
for all the games you made me!), Shinji, MerlinX, and a whole bunch of other 
friends I can't think of at the moment! >_<

If you need to contact me about anything regarding to this FAQ or another I 
have made, e-mail me at sageryock@yahoo.com

Thank you!

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