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AOL Cup Guide by !.ACA.!

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/03/05

Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (PC 2005)
AOL Cup Guide
v1.0 [June 03, 2005]
written by Anthony Charles Ambrose (ACA) < acax1985[at]yahoo[dot]com >

Table Of Contents
ID001     Introduction
ID002     Walk-Through
ID003     Important Facts

Version History
v1.0      A walk-through and numerous important facts about this quest have
          been finished.

Brief Legal Notice
Document ©2005
All Rights Reserved
Full legal notice at document end

ID001     Introduction
The AOL Cup is a limited-time quest being offered through the Hunter's Guild.
To begin the Maximum Attack part of the AOL Cup, create/join a multiplayer
game, and go to the Hunter's Guild.  Choose to do an event mission, and then
choose the AOL Cup to begin.

The NPCs will explain the basics behind the cup, and you will be transported
to Forest2.  During this quest, you CANNOT DIE, or else you will fail your
quest immediately.  You cannot return to Pioneer2 at any point, so be sure to
stock up on mates/fluids, as you see fit.  I recommend taking a full stock of
each, just to be safe.

Ideally, this quest will be undertaken by four players, but it can be completed
with only two.  For writing this guide:

Player One will be named ALPHA
Player Two will be named BETA

This will make reading and interpreting this guide much easier.

The ultimate goal of this quest is to collect FOUR Bronze Weapon Badges.  The
purpose of these badges will be explained later.  You have thirty minutes to
complete the quest; the mission is "complete" when you score 587 kills, but the
mission does not end until the time reads 0.

If any information is incorrect/inadequate, please e-mail me (with the subject
containing PHANTASY STAR ONLINE) and I will fix it as soon as possible.

ID002     Walk-Through
The quest begins in Forest2 (F2).  Both players should begin to eliminate all
enemies in the center room.  After the center room is completed, ALPHA should
run to the room on the left, killing the Monest.  BETA should move to the
center room, killing off the normal enemies and eventually a Hildebear.

ALPHA and BETA should both move north, entering a room with more enemies.
Together they should clear out the enemies, and then move into the next room,
which is where BETA will leave F2.

ALPHA should go onto the walkway to the immediate right and stand on the
red switch, while BETA moves through the now-removed laser gates.  BETA will
then warp to Cave3 (C3).  While in C3, BETA will be the first person to find a
badge.  In the room most north (without traveling right), open the boxes to
find a rare item, the first Bronze Weapons Badge.  This room is located near
a handful of those annoying smashers.

ALPHA's job is to finish F2.  This involves killing the enemies in the current
room, first.  After killing these enemies, move to the room on the right (the
room where you end on Quest 1-1 and find the data).  This will undoubtedly be
a slaughter; Boomas will keep spawning into the area, so kill them quickly.

To finish F2, move north to the next room, and take the green warp to the
area near the Central Dome.  Kill all the enemies here, then go through the
now-opened gate, as if you were looking to kill the dragon.  Eliminate the
swarms of Hildebears and other enemies that attack you; when you're sure that
you've killed them all, jump into the shiny warp that will take you to C3.

Fortunately, C3 is much more straightforward than F2.  While ALPHA was
finishing F2, BETA should have been clearing out C3.  Simply kill every enemy
in each room, and ALPHA and BETA will meet at some point in the caves,
depending on how quickly each player moves through the rooms and lays waste to
the caves enemies.

Regardless, ALPHA or BETA (or both) will reach a switch that cannot be
activated by standing on it.  A message will come up indicating that items must
be dropped onto this switch.  Drop FOUR green items (mates/fluids/etc) onto the
switch and run forward.

Eliminate the final caves enemies.  Since you have only two players, avoid the
set of switches that essentially requires three or four players to use.  Take
warp to the mine, and get ready for the hardest part of the quest.

The mine should be prefaced by noting that even at high levels, and on NORMAL
difficulty, it is very easy to die.  The Garanz tanks, Sinow monsters, and
floor cannons all can easily kill an experienced player at level 40 or more.
It is essential that extra care is taken when these three types of situations
are encountered; be sure to have healing devices (Resta/mates) at your

Once you arive at Mine2 (M2), begin to kill more enemies.  Be sure the room is
complete before moving on--sometimes one robot doesn't die before the gates
open, and you don't want to miss him.

The next room is what has been coined the "Lights-Out Room".  This room is
unique in many ways.

Firstly, while you stand on the red switch, the lights will come on, allowing
you to see the entire room, and enemies.  Ideally, a FOrce or RAnger will
stand on this switch and cast/shoot while a HUnter kills the enemies.

After the first wave of enemies in the Lights-Out Room, there is a short break.
Cast Shifta/Deband/Resta (SDR) or use mates, and be ready for the next round
of brutality.  Garanz tanks will surround you; freeze them, confuse them,
or just kill them.  Be sure not to die here, and then move to the next room.
This room is known as the "First Four-Way Room".  Take the green warp, which
will launch you to the center of the room.  Kill the enemies that follow.

ALPHA should return to the Lights-Out Room. Directly across from the door you 
just walked through is a HIDDEN PATH.  ALPHA will actually need to walk
straight through the wall.  A blue burst will appear as you pass through the
wall.  ALPHA should proceed forward, being extremely careful of ground cannons.
There are lasers stopping ALPHA from reaching a purple switch.

BETA should go on ahead normally, making his way towards the red switch that
turns off the lasers blocking ALPHA.  As ALPHA passes the now-removed lasers,
BETA should provide support by killing the ground cannons that will try to
kill ALPHA.  ALPHA should hit the switch and exit the room.

After ALPHA is finishing passing by the lasers, BETA should pass through the
northern-most wall in his room, and enter a secret area to collect the second
Bronze Weapons Badge.

ALPHA and BETA must then return to the first four-way room.  In the
southeastern corner of the room there is yet another hidden wall; ALPHA and
BETA need to proceed through this wall.

Some enemies, and then a full room of Garanz tanks will be next on your list of
things to kill.  You will then enter the "Second Four-Way Room".  Eliminate the
enemies, and then go east.  In this next room there are more ground traps; be

ALPHA needs to hit the switch, and then take the green warp.  After taking the
green warp, ALPHA needs to hit another switch, and then run back to the room
where BETA is waiting.

When ALPHA and BETA are reunited in this eastern room, BETA must stand on the
switch that opens the red door, and ALPHA can collect the third Bronze
Weapons Badge.

ALPHA and BETA should then travel west, and kill the remaining enemies in the
mine.  After killing all of the enemies in the final large room of M2, ALPHA
can grab the fourth, and final, Bronze Weapons Badge.  Now simply kill any
remaining enemies, hunt for items, or relax until time expires.

ID003     Important Facts
Maximum Kills:      587
                    You cannot achieve 587 kills using the walk-through above;
                    there is a northern part of C3 that can only be cleared by
                    entering C3 by what is known as the "19 Minute Door".  This
                    door is found on the bridge of F2.  To most effectively
                    use the "19 Minute Door" (a door that only opens when there
                    are nineteen minutes remaining in the quest), have a third
                    player go through that door and eliminate the enemies in
                    C3.  This addendum will allow for 587 kills.

Badges:             There are FOUR Bronze Weapons Badges to be found in one
                    run of the AOL Cup: Maximum Attack quest.  One is in the
                    cave; three are located in the mine.  If four players are
                    playing, I'd recommend sharing the badges equally; often
                    times, one player will find 2-3 badges while another player
                    will find none.  Share when the mission is over.
Trading Badges:     The Bronze Weapons Badges you find can be traded for Silver
                    and Gold Weapons Badges.  More information on this section
                    in the next version of the guide.
Instant Rewards:    Upon completing this quest on Normal, you will be given
                    access to a room containing approximately twenty brown
                    boxes, filled with common items.  Upon completing this
                    quest on Hard, you will receive access to this room, but
                    instead of just common items, three more Bronze Weapon
                    Badges will be in the boxes.
Killing Rewards:    A tally is kept of the number of kills you have scored
                    during your total time participating in the AOL Cup.  Kills
                    are only counted when you complete the entire thirty
                    minutes; ending early will forfeit that session's kills.
                     1500 Kills - 5 Monogrinders
                     3000 Kills - 5 Digrinders
                     4500 Kills - 5 Trigrinders
                     6000 Kills - 5 Evade Materials
                     7500 Kills - 5 Defensive Materials
                     9000 Kills - 5 Mind Materials
                    12000 Kills - 5 Power Materials
                    15000 Kills - 5 Luck Materials
                    Be sure to have open slots in your inventory when you
                    finish killint to ensure that you get your free items.
Long-Term Rewards:  As a reward for partcipating in the AOL Cup, Sega will 
                    reward all of the players.  When the total kills of all
                    players reaches a certain number, we will see some cool
                    rewards.  Drop percentage multipliers increase the chance
                    of finding rare items.  Sega will also reward the team with
                    the most kills with downloadable desktop background
                    featuring the members of that team.  Moreover, it should
                    be noted that every 10,000 total kills, the person who
                    makes the kill will be given a rare item when the AOL Cup
                    is over.
                     20,000,000 Kills - all participants get Mag Cell 213
                     40,000,000 Kills - all participants get Toy Hammer
                     60,000,000 Kills - all participants get 2x drop percentage
                     80,000,000 Kills - all participants get Crazy Tune
                    100,000,000 Kills - all participants get 5x drop percentage

Full Legal Notice
Copyright 2005 Anthony Charles Ambrose (ACA)
All rights reserved

This document was created and maintained by ACA, its author.  It is 
the sole property of its author, whom bears the copyright and reserves all 
rights.  It is protected by "United States Code:  Title 17 - Copyrights", 
the "Berne Convention for the Protection of Literacy and Artistic Works 
(Paris Text 1971)", any and all copyright and patent laws applicable and  
International Treaties.

This document can only appear in one of two forms:  electronic and a 
personal printed file for private use.  The ONLY websites that can post
this document are:


This document may not be reproduced or retransmitted (the above listed 
websites are the only sites exempted from this) in any way, shape, form, or 
medium.  You shall contact ACA if you want your site to use this
information in anyway.

You may not alter, edit, format, remove or add materials to any part of 
this document.  It may not be offered for money and/or compensation (even 
if profit attempt fails) or offered as a bonus or gift for accessing a web 
page or purchasing an item.  It may not be added to an archive of any type.
It must always remain in the English Language.  It will not be translated 
to any language for any reason whatsoever.  It will not appear in any 
publication.  This document was in no way intended for commercial, 
promotional and/or profitable uses.  This guide is limited to personal and 
private use only.  Any other uses MUST be approved by the author, 

If this copyright is transgressed, the violators will face immediate civil 
and/or criminal penalties to the fullest extent possible.  Any breach of
copyright (which includes acts of stealing, plagiarism, pirating, uses not
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felony, and will be punished accordingly.

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If for any reason you do not agree with parts or the entire copyright, your 
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