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Chests FAQ by coal_james

Version: Final | Updated: 03/03/2007


In gothic 3 there are unnamed chests that look like metal chests, without a
label that reads "metal chest", they contain some powerful items that cannot be
attained from any other locations in the game.
In the unnamed chests there are 4 categories:

   - A2. Myrtana
   - A3. Varant
   - A4. Nordmar

   -B2. Myrtana
   -B3. Varant
   -B4. Nordmar

C3. Chests that might contain a random magical or rare item (XXL chests)
   -C2. Myrtana
   -C3. Varant
   -C4. Nordmar

D4. Chests with gold (gold chests), with impossible locks
   -D2. Myrtana
   -D3. Varant
   -D4. Nordmar

Only the first 2 categories (weapon & mage) have a fixed order of contents. this
means ONE of the items that appear inside is fixed, while the others items are
The items on the 2 fixed lists have been checked both via gameplay and the
console and they match perfectly in 100% of cases. If they don't seem to work in
your game, you are probably confusing various kinds of chests.
The items also increase in value and power, and this means that opening most of
the chests from each list (weapon or mage) will give you the best items.
The chests are scattered along the world, and the first you open (no matter
which one) will always contain item nr. 1, the second will contain item nr. 2,
and so on.
The categories with non-fixed content are described separately.


Guarded chests:

In places like in trelis by the hashishin or in mora sul by gonzales, or in
geldern by the shaman boss, it is advisable to use a simple but effective
the spell sleep will let the npcs fall asleep, but some of them (usually guards)
will have a long sleep even if you try to wake them up, while others (like named
npcs) will wake up as soon as you walk without sneaking.
4 things are pretty important:
- when casting sleep, it is important to be at a certain distance from the npcs
that might be angered by your using of magic
- when sneaking, it is advisable to be out of sight of any awake npc
- when coming close to the chest stop in such a position, that the hero will not
make a further step before kneeling down - this might wake people up
- time your operations well, especially if there are several npcs around you,
some might wake up before you finish the job
basically, there's no need to kill anyone or liberate anything if you don't


If you know approximately where the nameless chests are, you can run inside,
avoid any contact with guards and anyone trying to stop you, and safely reach
the chests.
The treasure chamber is apparently considered to be "out of the city area", so
when you arrive there, the guards will stop chasing you. you can loot whatever
you want, but if you plan to visit the city peacefully later, it is recommended
to loot as little as possible, that is only the chests you really care about.
The underground cellar works this way too. No-one will follow you, you will just
hear guards yelling. loot the necessary (1 mage & 1 weapon chest).
if you don't hit anyone, when you teleport out and come to ishtar again, no-one
will be hostile to you. you can even teleport in front of the main gate and no
one will chase you.


Many of these weapons are unique and can only be found here, and of course, they
can only be found once without cheating. they are marked as follows:
+ = those marked with "+" are unique. they aren't sold anywhere and/or can only
be looted in a worn state.
++ = unique, but it can be forged (the forged one makes more damage)
+++ = you find a blueprint but cannot forge it unless you cheat in 1 ingredient

01. Hashishin knife
02. Hashishin bow
03. Bone bow
04. Rapier
05. Headhunter's crossbow
06. Hashishin sword
07. Composite bow
08. Slave death (crossbow)
09. Mercenary crossbow
10. Skull shield
11. War bow
12. Blood harvest (crossbow)
13. Bearded axe
14. Katana +
15. Paladin sword
16. Ruby blade ++
17. Wolf ripper (bow)
18. Order sword
19. Meat axe
20. Ice blade +
21. Oak bow
22. Cutlass
23. Nordmarian crossbow
24. Warhammer
25. Army bow
26. Ore two-hander
27. Rune shield +
28. Horn bow
29. Blueprint (Rune sword) +
30. Rhino killer (crossbow)
31. Inquisitor +
32. El Bastardo
33. Headsman's sword +
34. Nimrod (bow)
35. Greatsword +
36. Master sword +++
37. Barbarian battleaxe +
38. Heavy crossbow
39. Blueprint (Sword of the Ancestors) +
40. Rune bow +
41. Great inquisitor +
42. War crossbow +
43. Blueprint (Power of the Ancestors) +
44. Demon bow +
45. Berserker axe +
46. Krash Morra (crossbow) +
47. Berserker's wrath (axe) +
48. Wrath of Innos +

Weapon chest locations:
(Remember these can be done in any order, but the items you receive will always
follow the list from 1-48)

A2. Myrtana:

Ardea (Wilderness) - At the first destroyed house in the straight direction from
Ardea towards Vengard. some bandits have a campfire there.
Reddock - near the exit of the cave(secondary exit), near the minecrawler
Cape Dun - the chest in Wenzel's prison (in the lighthouse on the hill)
Cape Dun (Wilderness) - in the cave with the 2 dragons (all 4 kinds of "special
chests" are there)
Montera - in a cave with 3 shadowbeasts and 100 meatbugs on the way from Cape
Dun / Ardea to Montera; not far from the hunters' outpost
Montera (Wilderness) - west of the mill, on a hill surrounded by snappers, just
south of the wheat thieves
Montera (Wilderness) - in the large cave behind the wheat thieves' outpost
Okara - next to Roland
Okara (Wilderness) - by the Nasty Shadowbeasts just outside Okara to the east
Geldern - in the treasury, to the right
Geldern - northwest from the city, there's a hill with a ruin and a dragon; the
area is accessible from the valley of the sulphur mine, at the lowest point
where the forest starts
Geldern (Wilderness) - a bit to the north of the Wolf Mine, guarded by 3 trolls
Geldern (Wilderness) - southwest of Silden, on the hill above the ruin that
contains the Shadow Scepter; in a burnt-down hut guarded by 1 black and 2 brown
Trelis - in Kabir's house (the desert merchant)
Trelis (Wilderness) - in the Sneaking Ogres cave, just outside the gate guarded
by Thorus
Trelis (Wilderness) - in the cave under the barnyard/farm just north of the
Trelis (Wilderness) - in the cave with the Whining skeletons; north of the
Trelis temple, there's a rebel hideout and they ask you to clear the cave;
snappers in the area; not far from Porgan's cave.
Vengard (Wilderness) - North of Vengard, along the coastline towards nordmar, at
an ogre camp
Vengard (Wilderness) - in the central of the 3 tents of the orc siege around
Vengard, outside the barrier, up hill
Vengard - in the 1st of the Orc Commander house, the closest one to the temple
where you are teleported
Vengard - on the balcony above & behind the throne room, next to the stairs that
lead to Karrypto
Gotha - in the right-most house in the upper quarters of Gotha
Faring - Ali's chest (unlike most of the others, it's a "named/labeled" chest;
also contains a quest-related item)
for a total of 23 "weapon chests" in Myrtana

A3. Varant:

Ben Erai - behind Daro in the room where Julio sleeps at night
Mora Sul - in Gonzales's palace, the chest to the right next to the throne (the
second if you count from the altar)
Mora Sul - in theMora Sul temple
Al Shedim - in the temple
Al Shedim - in the library section of the ruins, guarded by 3 gargoyles
Ishtar - in the treasure chamber behind Zuben, the chest in the middle
Ishtar - in the basement cellar, entry next to the city arena
Ishtar - north of the town, west of Zarkos's camp, in a cave with lions and
Rotten Beasts
Ishtar - cave with jackals with a pack-leader behind the water vendors
WIlderness, Braga - at the pass to Braga, before reaching the bandits, there's a
cave to the left with minecrawlers
Wilderness, Bakaresh - on the biggest Varant isle, south of Bakaresh
Wilderness, Bakaresh - in a hostile orc camp in the north-eastern part of
Varant, north-east from Bakaresh
Wilderness, Ishtar - un the way to Ishtar, on the junction with a group of ogres
Wilderness, Mora Sul - north-west of the Mora Sul ruins, there is a cave with a
Desert Racer (the desert Shadowbeast)
Wilderness, Al Shedim - north-east of the Al Shedim temple, on a hill with ruins
and 5 Ogres
for a total of 15 "weapon chests" in Varant

A4. Nordmar:

Wolf Clan - in Larsson's house
Hammer Clan - in Ingvar's house
Hammer Clan - Tjalf's chest (unlike most of the others, it's a "named/labeled"
Fire Clan - in Kalan's house (**)
Fire Clan - in Kalan's house (**) - there are 2 in total
Wilderness - in Pedar's house, above Ejnar's tomb
Wilderness - in Ejnar's tomb, next to the throne
Wilderness - in Akasha's tomb, to the north-east
Wilderness - in Angir's tomb, to the south-east
Wilderness - in a tent in the orc camp at the north, west of Akasha's tomb
for a total of 10 "weapon chests" in Nordmar

for a total of 48 "weapon chests" in the game

**Tip about kalan's chests:
There's a double or dual chest - 2 in 1 - overlapping:
move or turn a bit to the left/right to open one and then the other.


01. Scroll of Fireball
02. Amulet of Energy Defence (+20 energy)
03. Amulet of Fire Protection (+20 fire)
04. Scroll of Fog
05. Ring of the Hunters (+5 hunting)
06. Scroll of Summon Flamesword
07. Endurance potion (+4 endurance)
08. Amulet of the Hashishin (+10 life, +5 hunting)
09. Scroll of Frostwave
10. Scroll of Soul Travel
11. Concentration potion (+4 Mana)
12. Life Force potion (+4 life)
13. Ring of Combat Protection (+5 missile, +5 impact, +5 blade resistance)
14. Scroll of Open Lock
15. Scroll of Amnesia
16. Scroll of Heal Other
17. Amulet of the Druid (+10 life, +10 mana, weakness resistance)
18. Ring of Defence (+10 impact, +10 blade protection)
19. Hunting potion (+2 hunting)
20. Strength potion (+2 strength)
21. Amulet of the Paladin (+10 mana, +5 strength)
22. Ring of Magic Protection (+10 fire, +10 ice, +10 energy protection)
23. Scroll of Banish Evil
24. Amulet of the Hunter (+10 hunting)
25. Amulet of Strength (+10 strength)
26. Recipe for Hunting Potion
27. Scroll of Bless Weapon
28. Judge's Staff (80 damage) *two handed, impact damage, no skill or stat
29. Amulet of the Thief (+10 thievery, +5 hunting)
30. Amulet of the Mage (+10 fire, +10 ice, +10 energy protection, +10 mana)
31. Scroll of Summon Golem
32. Amulet of Armor (+15 impact, +15 blade protection)
33. Amulet of the Hunter (+10 missile, + 10 endurance, +5 hunting)
34. Amulet of the Warrior (+10 impact, +10 blade, +10 life, +5 strength)
35. Amulet of Ironskin (+20 impact, +20 blade)
36. Druid Staff (30 damage, +25 life, +25 mana, Druid skill)
37. Staff of Magic (30 damage, +50 mana)
38. Staff of Fire (25 damage, Firemage skill)
39. Staff of Darkness (25 damage, Blackmage skill)
40. Staff of Water (25 damage, Watermage skill)
41. Blade Staff (70 damage, Staff Level 3 skill)
42. Staff of Power (40 damage, Mana Regeneration skill)
43. Staff of Protection (35 damage, +30 missile, +30 impact, +30 blade, +30
44. Staff of the Black Mages (40 damage, +50 mana, +40 energy protection,
Blackmage skill)
45. Staff of the Water Mages (40 damage, +50 mana, +40 ice protection, Watermage
46. Staff of the Fire Mages (40 damage, +50 mana, +40 fire protection, Firemage

There are 4 more items in this sequence, but there are not enough chests in the
game to get them without cheating.
47. Staff of Invulnerability (45 damage, +40 missile, +40 impact, +40 blade, +40
fire protection)
48. Staff of Domination (60 damage, Mana Regeneration skill, Firemage skill)
49. Staff of Death (60 damage, Mana Regeneration skill Blackmage skill)
50. Staff of Balance (60 damage, Mana Regeneration skill, Watermage skill)

Mage chest locations:
(Remember the chests can be done in any order, but the items you receive will
always follow the list from 1-46)

B2. Myrtana:

Ardea (wilderness) - above the stone circle on the road towards Vengard, in a
cave with minecrawlers, west of the farm with schrats
Reddock - beside Sebastian
Cape Dun - in the cave with dragons, beneath the town
Montera (wilderness) - in the cave behind the grain thieves, north of the mill
Montera (wilderness) - in Rakus's cave, east of town, east of the farm with
dairy cows
Okara - alchemist's "room" on the left of Roland's "room"
Okara - near the entrance, in the gorge with 4 ogres
Gotha - in the alchemist's shop, on the left, before taking the stairs to the
main gate
Gotha - last house in the inner courtyard
Vengard - beside Karrypto
Vengard - in the house of the 2nd Orc Commanders
Vengard (outdoor) - just out of the barrier uphill, in the western of the 3
tents of the orc siege
Vengard (outdoor) - norht of the "unknown teleporter" exit, at a stone circle
with gargoyles
Silden - beside Grompel, the town shaman
Geldern - beside Grok, the shaman chieftain
Geldern - in the room with 3 shamans, next to Grok's
Geldern - in Grimboll's house, southwest of town
Trelis - in the temple, room before Kamak
Trelis - in the temple, room with Kamak
Trelis (wilderness) - at a stone circle with gargoyles, east of the temple
excavation camp
Total: 20

B3. Varant:

Braga (outdoor) - at the pass, beside Kurt
Bene Erai (outdoor) - in the cave with Tough Sandcrawlers
Bakaresh - north of town, in Raseru's robbers' cave
Bakaresh (outdoor) - north of Bakaresh, on the north-east coast, in a cave
behind the small orc camp
Ben Sala - un the hill with the Restless Scouts
Al Shedim - in the guardians of the dead quarters
Al Shedim - in the warriors quarters
Al Shedim - in the healers quarters
Mora Sul - in Gonzales's palace, behind the throne
Mora Sul - in the temple, at the bottom
Ishtar - in the treasury behind Zuben, on the right
Ishtar - in the basement cellar, accessible by the arena, on the right
Desert - northeast of Al Shedim, north of the dragon, by the destroyed hut
Desert - at Hurit's camp, behind a wall in the southeastern corner of the ruins
Desert - straight south of Asaru's hideout (cave), on top of the hill, guarded
by a Monster
Desert - on the main road from Braga to Ishtar, at the first oasis with
Hashishin robbers
Total: 16

B4. Nordmar:

Wilderness - extreme south-east coast, in a burned hut at the end of the long
Wilderness - following east coast, at a back of valley to west (just before
broken cart with shadowbeast blood marks) guarded by a black troll (south of
minecrawler cave in same valley)
Wilderness - still following east coast, in the shaman's tent of the orc camp
WIlderness - in Snorre's tomb
Wilderness - in Baldar's tomb
Wilderness - in Berek's tomb
Wilderness - with a black troll on the top of the hill above Angir's tomb,
Wilderness - in the orc camp with the drummer, behind the Wolf Clan hunting
party, accessible also from a pass from Silden
Wilderness - in the magic ore mine with the smelter, there's an alternate
entrance thru an orc camp north of Hammer Clan village; the area is separated
from the rest of the mine
Monastery - at the very bottom of the library
Total: 10

For a total of 46


In this series of chest you might find (or not), besides the usual junk (= same
content as every "metal chest"), one of these items:

- A large amount of gold (500-900)
- Mage Staff - Staff of Sorcery (mana +25)
- Mage Staff - Staff of Defence (protection from fire +15, missiles +15, impact
+15, blades +15)
- A pure magic ore blank **Unlike magic ore planks witch are in lots of quests
and chests, Pure ore planks are only found in these chests and in a reward of 1
mission in the game and are a quite low chance spawn. They are used to forge
PURE Magic ore weapons, there are only 3 you can make in the game and all the
blueprints are found in the Weapon chests (see the list above A1. Weapon chests)
- A scroll among these: Summon Skeleton, Summon Golem, Time Bubble, Soul Travel,
Army of Darkness, Hail Storm, Meteor, Fire Rain and some other high-level

since the content is generated in the very moment of opening such chests, you
can use reload to find the item you want, though it might take several reloads.

(The number of these chests you open will not influence their content)
(Since the content is generated at the very moment of opening such chests, you
can use save/reload to find the item you want, though it might take several

C2. Myrtana:

Cape Dun - in the cave with the dragons (there are all 4 types of unnamed chests
Cape Dun - the alchemist's chest * (not 100% sure about this one, sorry)
Okara - east of the rebel camp, there's a slope with 5 trolls guarding the
chest; this place is also the alternate entrance to the huge cave behind the
grain thieves north of the Montera mill.
Vengard - 5th house of the Orc Commanders
Vengard - out of the barrier, up the hill, in the easternmost of the 3 orc tents
Silden - Umbrak's chest
Silden (Wilderness) - next to a waterfall, guarded by 3 crocodiles
Trelis - by Vak
Wilderness (Gotha) - on a mountain high above Gotha, guarded by a black troll;
this area is accessible thru a Nordmar pass or thru the gallery that leads to
Nordmar from Faring (alternative to the main Faring pass)
Total: 9

C3. Varant:

Ben Sala - behind Daro, Julio's place
Bakaresh - in the main treasury
Bakaresh - treasury, upper floor
Bakaresh (wilderness) - southern of the 3 islands
Mora Sul - Gonzales's palace, the chest on the right
Total: 5

There are no chests in Nordmar.


The content of these chests are:
- an amount of gold that ranges randomly from 250 to 500 gold coins
- the usual random items you get in every "metal chest"
- very often (apparently not always): a gold nugget
in general, the content of these chests are pretty miserable.

Nope no list of locations cause I don't want people to waste there time in
finding these useless chests.


JoWooD Forums:
The project began in late autumn 2006, when Tod_22 started translating the lists
(mainly locations) for weapon chests from the german forums, made by Acropolis.
later on, Malchik did a great job for listing the mage chests (the list of magic
chests is actually his own).
Lacni did a great job when updates to those lists were necessary.
Supernova helped with codes and confirmation for the marvin-generated lists.
the whole thing was furthermore supported by some volunteers who went double-
checking (ingame) the locations. they either wish to stay anonymous or are not
members to this forum.
also, afaik, the first maps with unnamed chests that appeared on the net were of
russian origin.

baron667 of JoWood forums gets the biggest credit for putting all the above
peoples submissions together, Thanks allot man.

Me, C.W For Editing, Compiling and adding content to make this final faq =P

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