Help! How do I find Witherfang? I'm stuck

  1. When i took the quest for the missing acorn and the tree asked me what i wanted in return i said I would accept the tree bark or whatever the other option was that wasn't the

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    wolfstar888 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    What if you've killed all Warewolfs and the Oak (and have nothing to show for it), while also losing the ring and scarf that the Hermit would have traded you ?

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    rickybobby69669 - 8 years ago

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  1. The Magical Barrier

    The southeast passage leads to a misty magical barrier: when the party tries to pass through, a cutscene shows them magically turned around, walking out of the mist in the same location where they entered it. The main quest line (Nature of the Beast) will be updated to reflect that the Warden needs to find a way to cross this barrier.

    There are two main options to achieve this:

    * Side with the Mad Hermit found in the Eastern Forest: He will ask the Warden to kill The Grand Oak, and offer passage through the barrier in exchange.
    * Side with The Grand Oak found in the Western Forest: You will need to retrieve the Grand Oak Acorn from the Mad Hermit and the Oak will give the Warden an Oak Branch that allows passage through the barrier.

    Note: It is possible to kill both the hermit and the oak tree, by attacking the hermit and running away into the magical barrier and then going to the oak tree and killing the oak, then going back to the hermit who will still be hostile and killing him, but doing this will make it impossible to get past the magical barrier, also making the quest "Nature of the Beast" not possible to complete You can also side with the Grand Oak by trading for the acorn, return the acorn to the Oak, and then come back to the Hermit and mess with his stump. This will cause the Hermit to attack.

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  1. There is a barrier in the east forest area that you need the bark from that tree to get through. Continue on in that direction and you'll come to some ruins. Complete them and you'll get to Witherfang... eventually. :)

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  2. u must finish that quest 1st, the tree will give u (*i forgot the name) staff, that will open the blocked path on the next map to chase Witherfang

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