Stuck in the Raw Fade (2nd time in fade) What to do?

  1. I've traveled everywhere I can. Shapeshifted into the mouse form and talked to Nyill. Still stuck. Killed everything too. Where do I go? Did I miss a mouse hole or something? I only found the one after the first portal. Please help.

    User Info: theFifthDude

    theFifthDude - 8 years ago

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  1. Ok to get out of the fade you are going to need to explore quite a bit. in the first exploration area talk to niall, then go through one of the gates to pick up the mouse form. After that work your way through the portals until your back by Niall. Then click on the fade font/water fountain thing to choose your next area. You will want the burning tower first. Explore through there as mouse and you will eventually come across a templar who is burning. He will yack for a bit then you kill him and the lesser rage elemental. After that he gives you burning form, which in addition to looking cool makes you immune to fire, allowing new areas to explore. From there take the fade font to the darkspawn invasion, proceed around swapping through mouse/fire man form until you reach another templar. Slaughter the things attacking her and she gives you lich form which lets you go through all those spirit doors you've seen so far. check your map for any you can go through, as most have a permanent stat boost which is very very very nice. Once your done collecting stat upgrades head to the mage asunder, bottom right option I think. Work your way through the encounters there, and you will eventually acquire golem form, which lets you break open the massive doors. Find the demon in each zone, and kill it to break the seal. When all 5 are broken you can free your allies from their nightmares, then go to the center and slap that sloth demon upside the head.

    User Info: shadowfiresword

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  1. You need to go click the Fade Portal right below Nyil and go onto the next area. Some area have forms that you need to move onto the next areas. To kill the demon in the Raw fade you need a form from another area

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  2. in addition to shadowfiresword's post.. in the first area where Naill is, turn into the spirit form and access the door which when you first arrive in the Fade you seem to have come through to get to the demon guarding area 1.

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  3. I had problems with this as well. I'm assuming you're stuck with the Templar portion of the fade? The others are pretty self-explanitory, but this one has a bit of a twist.

    Step 1: Turn into a mouse while in the Templar Fade and head into the mouse hole on the far left side of the map (Right beside a Fade Portal).

    Step 2: This takes you to what LOOKS like the exact same area, just on a different side. I shrugged it off and thought it was just teleporting me to the other side of the hallway. It's not. It's actually a different area. If you run into the hallway, the middle door will have flames covering it.

    Step 3: Shift into Burning Man form and run through the flames in the middle room, this will trigger a small fight. Within that room is a mouse hole. You know what to do here.

    Step 4: After going into the hole as a mouse, shift out to Spirit form and you will see a Spirit Door. Voila, there's your exit.

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