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  1. I just started playing this yesterday, and I'm not even out of the begining portion of the game. I chose the dwarf casteless background, and I don't want to have this character be terrible as I get higher up. Im only level 2 though, so no real damage has been done. To this point I've been maxing out Dexterity and Coercion, and for my level 2 upgrades I took the weapon training option and the kick to the groin power.

    I don't know how I should take this toon though to be the most useful later. I see a lot of people on the forums talking about poisons and trap making with their rogue, and assassins/duelists seem to be popular. Is that the way to go? Are Archers or Dual Wielders bad? Im currently using a dagger in each hand, but I don't see a real upgrade from using a singular weapon. Should I focus on something bigger, like a war axe?

    Leske and I are getting steam rolled after the collesium event though. Multiple mobs really takes it's toll on us and it seems like Im potioning in every fight. If I don't have a potion, usually we die.

    Are rogues this tough throughout the whole game? Should I switch to a mage? The two were tied for my choices of starter characters.

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  2. Clarification Request:
    I'm a lv 7 dwarf rogue/duelist casteless and i'm in redcliff right now with a dwarven steel longsword and a steel +2 shock damage who is too much of a tank, but he can take the punishment. Is this a good idea it seems to be working?

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  1. @Snare22, I just finished the game with a dwarf castless rogue/duelist/assassin. I was thinking about pumping my strength too, but not for the armor, but the ability to use big weapons in both hands. Soon I discovered it's pretty pointless, enchanted daggers are extremly FAST and do insane damage from behind. Put 1 master paralyze rune in each dagger and you're in bussiness -each attack is a backstab or critical. Max both duelist ,assassin and passive rogue skills and you'll own any enemy; the only active skill I used was dirty fighting and dual weapon sweep anyway.(and the sustained "dueling" of course)
    With duelist you won't need armor because you will dodge most attacks/spells anyway. Dwarf also offers natural resistance to spells. Dragon armor also give a hefty fire resistance, enough to solo dragons with a healer.
    To answer your question -18(or 16?) str is enough to wear the medium dragon scales armor (going for heavy or massive armor would be pretty stupid). Damage is based on cunning with the right skills anyway, so don't overdo it. Alot of dex helps you land every hit, so the enemy is always paralised. I kept dex=cunning

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  1. I went the archer route so all I can say is about that.

    The archer starts kinda bad at first because your damage will be based on Str. But the stats that you want to focus for an archer are Dexterity and Cunning...atm I have both dex and cunning at ~28 or something, and you have to take the skill Lethality...witch will base your dmg on cunning instead of str.

    I also have the best bow in the game (from what I could find on the internet at least) Falan'Din's reach witch has 9.60 dmg, rapid aim and +2 dmg.

    With this bow and with the cunning I have, using Arrow of Slaying I can do 1 shot kills on alot of normal mobs and on some I get the close to death.

    The archer is pretty good, but you have to wait abit until you get Lethality and a good bow.

    And as for potions and stuff, thats true...the game is pretty hard even at normal difficulty and you will use potions on almost all fights until you get to like lvl 12 or so when you start getting some Juggernaut armor for your warrior and build abit on the Healing talent tree for your mage.

    Let me know if you need to know more about the archer.

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  2. The thing about the rogue is to make sure you stay behind your target. Use Dirty Fighting, pause the game and move behind your target. Unpause for some really nice backstabs.

    Rogues are hard at first but keep pumping dex and cunning get some good daggers (you will get some really nice ones later) and make sure to stay behind your target.

    As for the question about weapons. Stick with daggers. Most "big" weapons focus on str to equip and for damage. Daggers use your dex score for damage.

    Just make sure to keep a warrior in your party so they can keep aggro off of you. If you do get it just use the Dirty Fighting trick.

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  3. if i might continue this question a bit... making a duel wielder rogue whats a decent STR stat i should aim for so i can equip good rogue Armour latter on, currently lvl 5 with str 18 dex 25 and 18 cunning.

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  4. I don't recommend going with either a strength based build or two full sized weapons. Using two daggers with a cunning based build along with lethality results in absolutely obscene damage. For specializations, I recommend going with Assassin and Duelist. Assassin will be great since you'll be doing ridiculous backstab damage and Duelist is nice just to make sure you're hitting everything. I suggest getting your strength up to 20 to use Drakeskin light armor, though you won't have to put much into it due to the bonuses you'll get in the Fade. Once you get Momentum using ANY activated skills besides Sweep and Whirlwind is idiotic, since you'll be attacking so quickly that even the bonus damage from them can't make up for the slowing in your attacks. To summarize, get two daggers, get 20 strength, then put almost all your points into Cunning with some into Dexterity to makes sure you're capable of hitting your enemies. And make sure you get Lethality, of course.

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  5. Oh, and sorry for the double answer, but if you want you can switch out Duelist with Bard. Your insane cunning score will make the Bard abilities VERY powerful.

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  6. A point that someone made earlier - the game states that the dexterity stat governs damage on bows and daggers. My archer rogue with high dex. at the end of the game did more damage than the two next highest damage dealers of my party combined. High dex. also means you won't be getting hit ever. For a melee rogue, taking the lethality talent and sticking with daggers provides for the fastest attack rates and highest damage (I know a brawler-type rogue with high strength wielding dual axes or what have you does a lot of damage, but those points put in strength are points better served in dex and cunning).
    So, I would say stat wise -
    Get strength to 20 after the mages tower's free increases to equip drakeskin light armor such as the Shadow of the empire or Felon's coat (22 to equip the ancient elven armor which is pretty good for an archer).
    MAX out dex to ~50 and then cunning if you are an archer and vice versa if you are a melee rogue.
    Get con to around 15 willpower to around 20 and leave magic stat alone.

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  7. Axes are the only weapons I would consider for a rogue besides daggers, as you can buy a main-hand axe later in the game at your campsite that adds +10% backstab and critical damage to your rogue, a whole host of other abilities, and it sometimes appears with 3+ rune slots. However the cost of the axe is very very high, but well worth it.

    There is also no reason whatsoever to play a dwarven casteless(beyond the storyline), as a dwarven noble rogue can leave Orzammar with 6 gold coins due to assisting the scholar, and the dwarven merchant belt which will increase monetary gain by +50% when pickpocketing, or looting corpses. This also assumes you sell all non-essential equipment before speaking to Trian.

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  8. Where is the spring to get the oxyale?

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  9. Where is the spring to get the oxyale? What is it by?

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  10. How can I increase points to purchase the control rod in sulchers pass?

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  11. Based on all the guides i've read. Rouges have 2 great builds. 1 is archery and the other is Dual swords.

    with archery u only have to focus stats on dex. max it out. if u want a good lay out for it all u have to have is 20 str(for the best light armor (optional)) 30 cunning(ONLY if u wanna use the lock-picking mastery on him) and max dex. This build takes time to be effective, but is overall gonna lead to the most damage possible. lethality is not nessesary. backstabbing is not needed, Archer back stabs have little to no effect or rather are just plain useless. Ur archer isnt going to be taking damage provided u have a tank early on. later in the game when ur dex is so high, ur archer will be dodging pretty much most of the attacks. As far as classes ranger/???. Ranger needs to stay away from combat. Ranger provides u with the means to do so, plus! major benefit if u have a blood mage with u, why? because u can cast blood sacrifice on the summon! and it does'nt even come close to dying! as far as a second class, bard or duelist is fine (Assassination fails because it focuses on melee and back stabs) . Bard uses a few good sustainables but overall not super great. The duelist class has only 1 good skill, but it's really good. unfortunately it is it's last skill >_>. 4 points used = all attacks are crits for a short duration (20 secs). That's a nasty combo, however, the cool down is a lengthy 3 minutes O.O and this is really mostly effective vz bosses which is'nt a bad thing, nor a great ting D:.

    I read a guild that explained a bit about how dual swords work. it was a bit complicated so i'll sum it up. daggers + max cunning = GG. yeah pretty simple. lethality is obviously involved an u should use assassin/duelist. 20 str (for best light armor), 36 dex (for skills involved) and max out cunning. to make this pawn even more add a para' rune to each dagger. remember that lightning burns mana so it makes a good second choice when it come to runes. and also make sure u have a tank (alistair or shale are good tanks)just so he's not targeted. This ensures ur rouge can get behind for that awesome back stab, and so he does'nt die xD. also, back stabs can be assured if u have a mage with stunning/freezing/petrify or any other forms of disable (Morrigan :P) with the "Coup de' Grace: skill.

    As Far as the proving battles, just go back to it later. Rouges are really good chars and can even use Coercion/Lock-pick effectively, but are not super strong early on . a better place to start is the magi tower, free stats in there!

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  12. I preferred Dual-wield because when using bow fighting isn't that interesting and is rather dull.

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  13. Hey, I'm a level 13 Dwarf Noble Warrior Champion/Templar to be. Wow that's a mouthful. Anyway, I heard that rogues were difficult starting off, but then get easier later on. Personally, I don't know much about rogues, or any class apart from Warriors for that matter, but I'll give you a few guides from the same website I got my warrior tank build from. From these, you should be able to choose your specialization and distribute your attribute/skill points accordingly.

    3. - a video

    Hope it helped :) Happy Dragon-Age-Origin-ing!

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  14. Dude ... rouges own this game. I finished it with dual weapon and assassin spec. Still had to spend lotsa money for "the rose's thorn"(dagger) in orzammar also managed to buy a crow blade from crow merchant in denerim. I had to go for a rational balance among strength, cunning and dextricity. as I was using 1 blade and a dagger. Later I bought an awesome armor from Wade's Emporium, Red Jenny gloves(from killing a thug) etc. But U can also use the axe from Bodhan in camp. It's pretty good too. I fu have Wanne in your team you can easily get aggressive anytime.

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  15. Be an Assassin. You'll have an archer in your party soon and if you want a bit of archery you can switch to her and play as her as long as you want. You won't have a good Assassin, so that's probably the best.

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  16. Rogue IS the power class on many levels. A Bloodmage's cone of cone/crushing prison/blood wound is REALLY nice and all (especially when in Arl Howe's estate), but rogues are more capable at doing damage to single enemies in comparison. Remember, STR 20-22 for Drakeskin Armor and/or Ancient Elven, DEX for dualwielding, and cunning for pure DMG

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  17. Refer to bigdaddyjugs guide in the Faq section it is really great. On ur problem with str get enough so that you will have 20 with the mods from the circle tower so you can equip helpful armor later on (Felons coat or wardens armor if you hve dlc :D) And Never make dex higher then cunning If you are going for a backstabber like my rougue was then get like maybe 35 dex cap then all cunning you will pass all coersion and dex checks in the game and you will have high dmg due to lethality. Noteworthy Weaps are The Roses Thorn, Crow daggers, Dead thaig shanker(Dlc), Thorn of the dead Gods, And fang Tier 7(City Elf only Best mod is to acquire it after lvl 19 For tier 7 with 3 rune slots) Your welcome btw!

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  18. Also another option for a specialization is bard Song of courage is pwnage if you hve another bard in party and is also pwnage if you dont I personally use Bard/Assassin for the bards songs and assassins lethal passive abilities. (I one-shot everything with a backstab with a white name with the bard song up) (KKK beware!)

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  19. I've played now with different types of characters and by far the rogue is the best and most powerfull. My opinion is to play the "slaher role" and get the dual sword ability. Many talk of dual daggers but i feel the dual swords are much better. I am currently using "Starfang" and "Duncan's Sword". Not only do the weapons themselves offer great bonus' but with those two swords your looking at 5 rune slots which i use for Grandmaster Slow & Paralyze (if you get it you can then backstab). Plus some +5 ones. I wear Felons coat which gives me better stats than anything Wade makes. In addition the coersion and lock pick skills help you all throughout the game. I think my current attack is high 120's. To make a point Sten Challenged my "authority" and in our battle i had him quitting with barely a scratch to me. Same in Ostagar at the proving ground, barely was touched. I held back on purchases for other party members until i had the 88 Sov. to buy the felons coat but you must do so before making drake scale. If you max out assassin & dirty fighting lines and activate those in a battle, you'll make swiss cheese out of everyone! In the final battle the ability too your ability to "fix" ballistas will be invaluable. If your mage is hitting the archdemon with crushing prison and inferno and the like and your backstabbing him with, you'll make short work of him.

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  20. Well, it depends on the type of Rogue you want; an Archer, an Assassin, a Warrior, or a Hybrid. The clarifications for each are below. I'm currently running an Assassin and a Warrior rogue build. Works out quite nicely.

    To be an Archer as a rogue, you'll want to dump almost every skill point into Archery, save for getting the Evasion branch of the Rogue skill tree. Lethality is especially good for an Archer because they should focus on Dexterity and Cunning, and putting a few points into Willpower and Constitution. Besides skills and attributes, you'll want to use something may people forget about, arrows. Using a fire arrow, or an ice arrow, or eve the arrow of filth can improve your archery a lot. You'll be putting down people after only a few arrows. For specializations, use Ranger only, so you can focus on those summoning skills as a back-up in case you get attacked a lot. A good bow to use is the Spear-Thrower (you get it from the Forge Master in A Paragon of Her Kind).

    The name implies exactly what it is. If you've played LOTR: Conquest, you're a Scout. Your main gig is to go invisible, and stab somebody in the back and have the rest of your party charge into battle. An Assassin should only use Dual Daggers to output a massive DPS (Damage Per Second). Focus on Dexterity and Cunning since Daggers use your Dexterity, not strength. Don't forget to take up the Feign Death branch of the Rogue skill tree. Combat Movement and Coup De Grace are important for any Assassin. And obviously, use the Assassin specialization, and get every Stealth skill. Being able to use Mark of Death while invisible is a handy trick against tough bosses.

    The name is as it says. You have a rogue, but dump almost all of your points into Strength/Dexterity to become a warrior, but with the added bonus of backstabbing. However, you can't use Sword/Shield or Two-Handed talents. Bummer.

    A Hybrid is a unique Rogue. It's a combination of either an Archer/Assassin or Archer/Warrior. For the Assassin combo, you need Combat Stealth or it'l be pointless and you should stick to Archery. With the bow, you should charge into battle and Pinning Shot/Crippling Shot any enemy you want to put down fast. Then, switch to your melee weapon and go to town. Any enemy should be easily killed if you do it right. For the assassin, you should Pinning Shot/Crippling Shot an enemy, then go invisible (Combat Stealth) and get the enemy like a ninja. Hybrids are kind of hard to use, but are more tactical than anything.

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  21. Me again. I've actually beaten the game with my second rogue, and interestingly I've found some different options for you. I'm throwing a few tips, as well as some armor choices for you. And lets not forget a few boss tips.

    [[Skills]] After some very, very hard guess work as well as trial and error, here's your best bet. You'll want to get EVERYTHING in the Rogue skill tree, with the exception of Feign Death. Use it if you're overwhelmed, then get back to fighting. As for the others, get the first 3 skills for the 1st and 3rd branches of the Dual Wielding tree. The 1st branch makes your dual wielding more powerful, whereas the 3rd tree gives your 2 handy combat moves, and Momentum makes you The Flash. [[Armor]] Okay, armor should be quite simple. For a helmet, use none unless you want to (I never do). Go for either the Felon's Coat (Wade, after 3 treaties), the Pushback Strikers, and the Bards Dancing Shoes. Don't forget the Amulet of Accord, and anything else you can think of. This way, you're increasingly less hostile and stealthy.

    [[Weapons]] Well, I've found that the best weapons to use are The Veshialle and The Rose's Thorn. Best combo for a rogue, hands down. [[Armor]] I found it best to go with Wade's Dragonskin Armor (Medium). This combo is amazing. I then combined it with the Executioner's Helm for a big up in Stamina to get rid of the Momentum crutch.

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  22. I ended up duel wielding/mastering rogue skills. I personally never saw a real need for poison making, and concentrated on coercion, lock picking, and dual wielding. I would ALWAYS buy the coercion skill whenever you can. Same goes for lock picking. These come in handy with talking to people and opening locks. Concentrate on your passive dual wielding feats that increase your lethality. I would lock at each other dual wielding/rogue ability and choose which ones you would prefer to go with, but I was able to max out the dual-wielding/rogue trees. As for Armor, I eventually stuck with the dragon scale you can have made.

    Good luck!

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  23. oh gosh, i hope i dont answer it late, i should tell u, rouge so far (i play in many class) its a real monster in dragon age if u know how to level up it. Rouge can be both tanker and killer, both lethal and strong. Now, my killer rouge are start with dual wielder, just raise the dex until u reach 36 (u can up it later on the awakening), after u reach that point the rest u should aim for str. when your str are high enough u can equip sword on both of your hand.

    Each time u level up, dont take your point on every dual wielding skill, just pick what u need. The most important skill in dual wielding ofcourse dual weilding mastery (wich have a passive effect on damage, speed and efficiency on your dual wield tech) then the second most important is momentum. So they can as str as warrior, but u can hit 5 time when the poor warrior only hit 1.

    Dont pick up any archery skill and all other non-essentialy skill. Dont waste your point on stealh or lock picking, let Leilenna do the lock picking. Aim for some important skill like nimble, and dont waste your point on the final idiot skill wich make u pretend to surrender in the feet of enemy, its only an EA joke bioware dont do slap stick.

    And as u gain your str, u can leave light armor, and equip your self with heavy armor, put your cons at 20, and dont spend your point on cunning, its a TOTAL waste for my kind of rouge (u can up the cunning status for Leilenna type of rouge).

    As second or thrid class upgrage. U can choose dual wielder, wich is very strong, and assasin, will improve your backstab and help your lack of fatique.

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  24. Ah ya use cunning only to maximize your persuasion skill. that is all.

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  25. I used dual/bard/ranger combination in the dragon age start pack origins, didnt go for the assassin cause of the invariability of the skills, most of it's limited to back stab situations and i was going for a brawler type kind of a dual weilding rogue, got full on strength and left the cunning to 16 to meet the skills for the survival and tactics, (so i left out on the pick locks and stealth).

    The bard sustainables are very handy for damage and stam/mana regen, and sometimes even going out of a bind.

    as for the ranger, the summons are kick ass, each one. as for the creatures not being able to survive a stage transition, here's a trick since every animals kick ass in their own way;

    just summon the next one that has achieved 0 cooldown, then if you get to a transition just summon the other one thats available. most places last longer that 20 minutes anyway and you're not even picking up objects along the way.

    if you summon the spider you get an automatic web ability sort of, while you're fighting. this compensates for the fact that rogues have no ability to ward knockdowns, you can use the spider as decoy; and also the web again for disable, and the venom spit which can reach to 25-30 dps damage and it uses it as a predefined tactic as soon as you summon it. and it will never run out of skill cause of the bard songs.

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  26. It is possible to forget about cunning and focus on strenght and dex to create a very powerful damge dealer, by becoming a assassin/duel wielder. It would also then be possible to wear blood dragon armor, and use the metor sword from soldier's peak as well. This build does require the top row on duel wielding maxed extremely quickly.

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  27. Hey hey, i like rogues and i'm planning on making a new one. what if i put enough str just to equip a veshialle, dex up to 36 to have dual weps mastery to wield 2 veshialles, then max cunning? lethality talent will convert damage modifier of weps from str to cun... cun has a plus in armor penetration so it's better than str... or so i think. hey, is cun is the damage modifier for grenades? o man this is confusing... i think i'm not gonna play anymore... naaa, wadya think?

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