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    FAQ by TheMagicMushroom22

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    Game       FIFA FOOTBALL 2005       |
    Guide Type Full Guide               |
    Platform   GameCube                 |
    Rating     G                        |
    Author     TheMagicMushroom22       |
    E-mail     AstroMan_022@hotmail.com |
    2.  CONTROLS
     a. Getting Started
     b. Career Central
      i.   Play Next Game
      ii.  Simulate Next Game
      iii. Squad
      iv.  Options
      v.   Save Career
      vi.  Fixtures
      vii. Tables
     c. End of Season
    4.  MY FIFA 2005
     a.  My FIFA 2005 Store
     b.  My FIFA 2005 Trophy Room
    5.  TIPS
     a.  Gameplay Tips#
     b.  Career Tips#
     a.  Formations
     b.  Tactics
    7.  FAQS
    10. CREDITS
    # Half Done
      This FAQ/guide for FIFA 2005 is my second FAQ after I did FIFA 2004 last 
    year. I hope I can improve on last year's one as I have added tactics and 
    a more in depth Career Mode guide.
      If you need any help with the game at all please feel free to e-mail me at 
    AstroMan_022@hotmail.com. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FULLY READ THE GUIDE FIRST, as 
    last year I had heaps of e-mails which asked about things already covered in 
    the guide. Please be patient too, as I only go on the net once every couple of 
    days. Oh, and while this guide may be for GameCube, most of things are the
    same except the controls and online so don't feel as if you can't e-mail me.
    2. CONTROLS |
    HIGHLIGHT OPTION    +Control Pad/Control Stick
    BACK/PREVIOUS       B Button
    NEXT PAGE           L/R Button 
    MOVE PLAYER         Control Stick
    SPRINT              Hold R Button+Control Stick
    ACTIVATE IGM        Hold Z+R Button
    PAUSE GAME          Start/Pause Button
    ATTACKING(with ball)
    PASS/HEADER         A Button
    CLEARANCE           B Button
    CHIP SHOT           L+B Button
    FAKE SHOT           Hold Z Button
    LOB/CROSS           Normal X Button
    EARLY CROSS         L+X Button
    LOW HARD CROSS      Double Tap X Button
    (ASSISTED)          Y Button
    SKILL MOVES         C Stick
    DEFENDING(without ball)
    SWITCH PLAYER       A Button
    SLIDING TACKLE      X Button
    GOALIE CHARGE       Y Button
    MOVE/AIM KICK       Control Stick
    THROW               A Button
    HIGH KICK           X/B Button
    DROP BALL           Y Button
    ATTACKING SET PIECES(direct free kicks & corners)
    MOVE/AIM KICK       Control Stick(direct free 
                        kicks only)
    MOVE PLAYER         Control Stick
    PRESET ROUTINE      +Control Pad UP/DOWN and A to
    PASS TO RECEIVER    B/X/Y Button
    BALL SPIN           C Stick(direct free 
                        kicks only)
    JOSTLE              C Stick(corners only)
    SHOOT               B/X/Y Button(direct free 
                        kicks only)
    AIM                 Control Stick
    LONG PASS           X/B Button(HOLD for power)
    SHORT PASS          A Button(HOLD for power)
    MOVE RECIEVER       Control Stick
    CHANGE RECIEVER     A Button
    THROW               X/Y Button
    AIM SHOT            Control Stick
    SHOOT               B Button(HOLD for power)
    MOVE PLAYER/WALL    Control Stick
    WALL JUMP           X/Y/B Button
    SWITCH PLAYER       A Button
    JOSTLE              C-Stick 
    DIVE                Control Stick+B Button
    3. CAREER MODE  |
      In this section I will tell you what each menu and option does in Career 
    Mode and how to prolong your managerial career with your team(in other words,
    how not to get fired). ;)
      First choose Career Mode in the Game Modes section. You start off by naming
    your career file, reading the details of what Career Mode is all about and 
    picking your look and name.
      Now you're at a fairly important screen, where you pick the zone(out of 5) 
    that you want to play in. Then all the teams in that zone without a manager 
    will be up for selection. Don't expect to find Arsenal and company here 
    though. Just about all teams are in the lower divisions or are really poor at
    the top level. If you aren't happy with the teams you can get some different 
    ones by going back out to the area select then going back into the team 
    select. You won't find many changes early on though.
      The local newspaper is displayed next with your club and announcing it's new
    manager and a little paragraph about you saying how good the club is or the 
    chairman saying what a great move they have made. But you won't let them down
    will you? Of course not! Leading on to the club's expectations, these are 
    displayed next saying something like finish in the top half, get a top three 
    finish or win the league.
      Up next is your staff which by using points you earn after each game or the
    end of the season. You start out with 100 points and try to even them out at 
    first but later on only spend on the more important areas(see the tips section
    for more detail). Here's what I did:
    Strikers        15
    Midfield        15
    Defence         15 
    Goalkeeping     15
    Fitness Coach   10
    Finance         10
    Medical Staff   10
    Scouting Staff  10
      Once you build up to 100 points you gain a level and I think this is when 
    your players develop, when you go up a level. You gain points by winning(the 
    more goals you win by give you more points), winning big games against rivals,
    winning in cup competition, the club giving you points because they like the
    way your managing and end of season reward.
      Here is your main window displaying all things from your next game to your 
    job security and what team you just played and the result. This is what all 
    the menu options do:
    3.b.i PLAY NEXT GAME
      Play your next opponent. You can have a last-minute fiddle with your team 
    here as well.
      Simulate your next game. You get updates of all bad 
    misses, crude tackles and goals. Press A to intervene if things are going 
    pear-shaped. This will take you to the current state of play.
    3.b.iii SQUAD
      Prepare your team for the upcoming game. You can change formation, put 
    unfit players in the reserves and put reserves on the bench. I change my team 
    after each game so fitness doesn't become a major worry.
    3.b.iv OPTIONS
    There are a lot of options to choose from here:
    - Tactics: See 6.b TACTICS
    - Stats Central: You can look at each players individual performance and how 
    each team stacks up on passes completed etc.. You can also see the cups and 
    leagues your in as well as viewing the ECC and EFA results and tables in your
    second year.
    - Transfer Market: During the two transfer windows(preseason till early 
    September and during January) you can sell your players(of whom most should 
    have been bidded for) and buy some new players with your money.
    - Upgrades: This takes you to the staff page where you can add your points to
    improve your team. See 3.a for more info.
    - Team Summary: View all your players skill ratings and so on. You can also 
    see other team's players.
    - Manager Summary: View your record for each team you have been with, all the 
    cups you've won throughout your career and your rating.
    - Game Settings: Contains all the options like volume and difficulty etc. Some
    of these options aren't available in career but I've included them anyway.
         - My Team: Select the team you support. They'll automatically appear when
           you select Play Now with their rival.
         - Half Length: Choose how long the half will go. Minimum of 2, maximum 
           of 10.
         - Difficulty Level: Choose between Amateur(easiest) and World 
         - Game Speed: Select how fast the game will run.
         - Injuries: Choose whether players can get injured.
         - Offside: Select whether or not the offside rule is used.
         - Bookings: Determines whether yellow or red cards will be handed out.
         - Time/Score Display: Choose if you can see the scores and time on the 
           top corner of the screen.
         - Player Status Bar: You can have the status bar show the player's name 
           or display nothing.
         - Camera: Select which camera you want to use.
         - Radar: Choose whether you want the radar in the way of the game or not.
         - Rumble: Select on to get the vibration when tackled.
         - Home/Away Auto Switching: I think this is how often the computer 
           automatically changes the player you are selecting to someone closer 
           to the ball. I usually have mine completely off, it does get very 
           annoying at times.
         - Commentary/Game SFX/Menu Music Volume: Choose how loud the audio is.
         - Set Pieces: Change all your set-pieces for corners and free-kicks 
         around the goal.
         - My FIFA 2005 Store: See 5.a My FIFA 2005 Store.
         - My FIFA 2005 Trophy Room: See 5.b My FIFA 2005 Trophy Room.
         - Transaction History: This shows all of the transfers done in the 
         current transfer window by all clubs in all leagues, not just your own.
    3.b.v SAVE CAREER
      Saves your career file. This does take a while and doesn't save your game 
    3.b.vi FIXTURES
      Press X at the Career Central menu and all of your upcoming fixtures will 
    be displayed. For some strange reason you have to fly to away cup games but 
    not when you play them away in a league game. Strange indeed.
    3.b.vii TABLES
      By pressing Y at the Career Central menu your league table pops up. You can 
    move across to select columns and by pressing Y you can sort all teams by 
    goals scored etc.
      Many people will think oh it's the end of the season- I can get smashed and
    relax but in FIFA 2005 there's none of that. You're tossed straight back in 
    to the action, kind of. First you'll see the newspaper saying how well you 
    went or not went. You'll either love reading this or not, if you faired 
      Here comes the part that'll make or break you- the boards decision into 
    whether they want to keep you or not. I don't know what happens when you 
    don't reach their expectation but I guess it's that they will get rid of you 
    or if your lucky keep you on for another season. Your job security metre is 
    displayed next and the board adds percentage if you fulfilled their 
    expectations and it goes down if you disappointed.
      Now you see the team select screen. If at first the team you want isn't 
    appearing go out to the area select and back in again and the teams change. If
    you choose the same team retired players and their replacements are shown 
    but if you go to a new club new and retiring players aren't mentioned.
      Once your team is selected the board shows you the expectations for this 
    year and then a paper announcing your re-signing or new home.
      And that's basically it, you have only 14 more seasons or roughly 700 games 
    to go. Hopefully by then you can get to your dream club.
    4. MY FIFA 2005 |
     4.a MY FIFA 2005 STORE
      This place has all of the unlockable kits, night stadiums, balls, songs and
    Pierluigi Collina to unlock by spending your hard earned points. There are a 
    total of 80 items to unlock with a total of 391,000. The total for all the 
    objectives though is 422,000 so you may not have to do all of them.
      The list is below and while I found some of these myself I'd like to thank 
    Syxx676 for contributing 90% of these as I didn't have most of them and the 
    time. Of course some are impossible for GCN owners like "Play Online" and 
    "Play A Football Fusion Match" but most are the same on all consoles. Thanks 
    again Syxx676!
    |POINTS | OBJECTIVE                            |
    |1000   |  Go To Career Mode                   |
    |1000   |  Go To Jukebox                       |
    |1000   |  Go To Practice Mode                 |
    |1000   |  Go To Set Pieces Screen             |
    |1000   |  Go To Tournament Creator Mode       |
    |1000   |  Go To Tournament Mode               |
    |2000   |  5 Game Win Streak (Career)          |
    |2000   |  Beat A 5 star team                  |
    |2000   |  Beat A Rival Team                   |
    |2000   |  Get A Clean Sheet                   |
    |2000   |  Play A Football Fusion match        |
    |4000   |  Qualify For Europe                  |
    |4000   |  Play Online                         |
    |6000   |  Create A Player                     |
    |6000   |  Get Your Team Promoted              |
    |6000   |  Score A Hat Trick                   |
    |6000   |  Win A Match With A National Team    |
    |6000   |  Win A PK Shootout                   |
    |6000   |  Win by 5+ Goals                     |
    |6000   |  Win The Austrian OFB Cup            |
    |6000   |  Win The Austrian Bundesliga         |
    |6000   |  Win The Belgian FA Cup              |
    |6000   |  Win The Belgian League              |
    |6000   |  Win The Brazilian Cup               |
    |6000   |  Win The Brazilian League            |
    |6000   |  Win The LDV Vans Trophy (England)   |
    |6000   |  Win The Community Shield (England)  |
    |6000   |  Win The Supercopa (Spain)           |
    |6000   |  Win The Copa de EspaƱa (Spain)      |
    |6000   |  Win The Coppa Nazionale (Italy)     |
    |6000   |  Win The Coupe de France             |
    |6000   |  Win The Coupe de la Ligue (France)  |
    |6000   |  Win The DONG Cup                    |
    |6000   |  Win The Danish Superligaen          |
    |6000   |  Win The Deutscher Pokal (Germany)   |
    |6000   |  Win The Dt. Super-Cup (Germany)     |
    |6000   |  Win The Dutch Cup                   |
    |6000   |  Win The Dutch Eredivisie            |
    |6000   |  Win The ECC                         |
    |6000   |  Win The EFA                         |
    |6000   |  Win Football League Champ           |
    |6000   |  Win Football League One             |
    |6000   |  Win Football League Two             |
    |6000   |  Win The European Super Cup          |
    |6000   |  Win The English Cup                 |
    |6000   |  Win The Scottish FA Cup             |
    |6000   |  Win The FA Premier League           |
    |6000   |  Win The German Bundesliga 1         |
    |6000   |  Win The German Bundesliga 2         |
    |6000   |  Win The K-League                    |
    |6000   |  Win The League Cup (England)        |
    |6000   |  Win French Division 1               |
    |6000   |  Win The French Division 2           |
    |6000   |  Win The Mexican Apertura            |
    |6000   |  Win The MLS                         |
    |6000   |  Win The MLS Open Cup                |
    |6000   |  Win The Norwegian FA Cup            |
    |6000   |  Win The Norwegian Tippeligaen       |
    |6000   |  Win The Portuguese Cup              |
    |6000   |  Win The Portuguese SuperLiga        |
    |6000   |  Win The Scottish Premier League     |
    |6000   |  Win The Italian Serie A             |
    |6000   |  Win The Italian Serie B             |
    |6000   |  Win The Spanish Primera             |
    |6000   |  Win The Spanish Segunda             |
    |6000   |  Win The Supercoppa Nazionale (Italy)|
    |6000   |  Win The Swedish Allsvenskan         |
    |6000   |  Win The Swedish Cup                 |
    |6000   |  Win The Swiss Axpo Super League     |
    |6000   |  Win The Swiss Cup                   |
    |6000   |  Win The Trophee Champions (France)  |
    |6000   |  10 Game Win Streak (Career)         |
    |6000   |  Win The Americas Club Championship  |
    |6000   |  Win The Mexican Clausura            |
    |6000   |  Win The Copa del Rey                |
    |8000   |  Score A Goal With A Created Player  |
    |8000   |  Complete Career Mode                |
    |10000  |  Become A 5 Star Manager             |
     4.b MY FIFA 2005 TROPHY ROOM
      You can view all the cups that you can win in the game. I'm not sure but 
    maybe if you win them all you get a nice reward. You can complete these in 
    Career Mode only, tournament mode doesn't get you any cups at all. Tournaments
    don't work because what happens with the tournaments is that all the game 
    does is set up a custom tournament that is specifically set up to play each 
    team twice, have 38 games etc. Therefore the game doesn't recognise the 
    tournament as having a cup and you get nothing, which I found out the hard 
    5. TIPS |
      Use chips to easily beat the goalie.
    When one-on-one with the goalie press L+B to pop the ball over the goalies 
    head. It's usually harder to shoot around him for some reason but be warned; 
    I've had chips beat the goalie but then a defender has ran in and cleared the 
    ball away on the goal line.
      Use the fake shot.
    I must admit I don't often use this(probably once every three games) but when 
    I do I find it very useful. One time I got a penalty because the keeper mauled
    me but not much else has happened. I prefer the chip over this but the fake 
    shot is definitely a trick worth having up your sleeve.
      Practice for better results.
    Don't think that practice is a waste if time- it's actually very useful in how
    to beat the keeper one-on-one and how to score from set-pieces. Practice 
    crosses and work out what all the tricky moves are so that you can add more 
    dimensions to your game.
      Off the Ball mode is still effective.
    Why it is no where near as effective as last year Off the Ball mode can still 
    be very handy to get the ball down field. This is how I do virtually all of my
    lobs, by cycling through to the player I want and not running them anywhere 
    but just pressing X and heading the ball off.
      Get around defenders by using First Touch.
    When your striker is receiving a pass use first touch to get around his marker
    and open up the field. I like using this with player runs followed by a 
    through ball and then the First Touch to advance on the defence.
      Use the tricky moves to get past defenders.
    If you have no one to pass to or just want to score an awesome individual goal
    use the C-stick to do a tricky move. They don't always work but when they do 
    they generally open up a lot of space for you to run into. And also make sure
    you know what direction does what tricky move as otherwise your chances of 
    getting around the defender is even lower.
      Hurdle over opponents.
    When an opponent tries to slide in and steal the ball off you try hurdling 
    them by flicking the C-Stick back. This makes you flick the ball up and over 
    the opponent. You can also pull off a awesome long range shot by once doing 
    the hurdle letting the ball bounce once and then shooting.
      Do u-turns.
    What most beginners do is turn to face the goals as soon as they get the ball 
    but if you run towards your goals and then slowly do a u-turn you should beat 
    the defender. Turning straight towards goal does work but when under pressure 
    use the u-turn manoeuvre.
      Draw out the goalie.
    Struggling to get your shots on target? Here's the solution. Instead of 
    shooting when your one-on-one with the keeper, draw out the goalie and pass 
    to another striker. The striker with the ball now should have the goalie far 
    of his line and this should allow you to not have to use any direction when 
    shooting. I like to do this with the 3-4-3, you have many options up front to 
    pass to in that situation. 
      If narrowly in the lead play keepings off.
    When in a must-win game and only winning by a goal with ten minutes to go 
    change to a defensive formation like the 5-3-2(the one I use) and pass the 
    ball around to any free player. If you don't have any options press B to boot
    the ball up the field or head back to your goalie.
      Pass to the stationary player in corners.
    Corners are fairly hard to score off if you head to the guys who run in to the
    ball, the keeper usually intercepts. Try the guy pushing his man around right 
    in front of the goals, the goalie rarely intercepts him. To jostle effectively
    push the C-Stick in the direction of the defender repeatedly. Another way to 
    score at corners without using the stationary man is to wait till the time 
    metre has 4 bars left and then start running in towards the ball.
      Get the ball up the field as quickly as possible.
    Once you cause a turnover in defence move the ball as quickly as possible up 
    to your strikers because there won't be as many opposition midfielders there
    to help out their defence. This works very well when they have three defenders
    and you have three strikers. The best way to do this is by using the remote 
    receiver control and pressing lob straight away- this is the quickest route 
    to your strikers and means you'll rarely lose the ball in the midfield.
      Have some variety.
    I know people who when playing against me use three moves; the normal pass, 
    through ball and shoot/conservative tackle. From this I know they are never 
    going to lob the ball so I stand in between the person who he is likely to 
    pass the ball to and the passer. This is very easy to do and if you are one 
    of the people who do this please use some variety to make the opponent second
    guess every move you make.
      Attack from the kick-off.
    I have a little tactic that I use every time I start the game, either after 
    just conceding a goal or to start off the half. I always have three strikers 
    so this is what I do: once I've restarted play I send the left striker on a 
    run towards goals, pass to him, run forwards to the defence, sidestep the 
    defender and score. This tactic works one in every three times and is very 
    handy when you have just gone a goal down. 
      Get to know how the computer plays.
    The computer basically has four ways of scoring, by crosses, by being direct 
    and shooting into the top corner, set-pieces(corners, free kicks) and other 
    ways that rarely happen(say, for example, it picks off a pass that two of your
    defenders are involved in). You can tell what type of way it's hoping to score
    in if the computer keeps passing the ball to it's wingers in the hope of 
    drawing out your left/right back. Otherwise it will be trying to pass to a 
    player in the box and score by shooting in the top corner.  
      Don't boot the ball up the field with the goalie.
    When you have a goal kick or the keeper has picked up the ball don't boot the
    ball as far up the field as you can. I have found that you probably have a 50%
    chance of winning the ball from that situation. Instead, get the keeper to 
    play a short ball to a defender along the ground or in the case of the keeper
    having the ball in his hands, throw the ball as far up the field as possible. 
    From there you should be able to get the ball to your strikers.
     5.b CAREER TIPS
      If you plan to change club don't buy any players in the January window.
    Because when you change club you take all your money with you, save up if you 
    know you are going to change club at the end season. Then you can buy quality 
    players for your new club without selling anyone!  
      Rotate players to boost morale.
    A lot of players in one team means many people are going to miss out on 
    playing. You can combat this by selling off your three or four reserves for 
    one or two quality players. Give the back up goalie a go as well, they are 
    hardly ever required but when you've already qualified for the next round of 
    the ECC for example you should give him a shot. I give mine three to five 
    appearances a season.
      Get rid of bench boys.
    If you have people who never ever play sell them and pick up one awesome 
    player who will contribute. You probably only need five strikers, eight 
    midfielders, eight defenders and two goalkeepers, any more and you've got 
    too many players.
      Evenly distribute your manager points.
    Don't boost up one area of your staff, spread the love. I think fitness 
    needs the most work but I still give some points to other areas. Medical staff 
    doesn't need to be boosted as much as the others so maybe give that the least
    points but spread the rest around evenly. You can though give all your points 
    to the one coach, because I'm pretty sure that after the coach goes up a level
    your players go up a skill point. I still share though.
      Always try to score as many goals as possible.
    Don't give up when your leading 3-0; the more goals you score the more 
    points you get to give to your staff. Beating your rival heavily and winning 
    by a couple of goals in Europe add more points than usual to your total.
      Play to the tactics you've set.
    Make sure you change the tactics to suit the style your going to play with.
    If you have three defenders no use having a pressing defence that uses the 
    offside trap, you'll find your defenders will be all over the place giving 
    your opposition many easy chances.
      Keep an eye on your job security.
    If your security meter is dangerously low(around 10%) then aim for 0-0 draws
    to raise the percentage by one or two percent. A good cup run will 
    dramatically improve your security but an early exit can lose you as much as 
    10%. If you are in the English lower divisions an early exit in both cups can
    quickly turn 40% into 15%, especially if the board have high expectations.
      Buy young players.
    If you plan on being a team for two or three seasons sell some bench warmers 
    for an awesome, young player. With the help of your skills coaches they will 
    become even better and hopefully dominate on the pitch. I have compiled a list
    of players that are 23 or younger and have a skill level of at least 82. Just 
    remember that these players will go up and down based on morale and that by 
    the time your managerial prestige is good enough these players will be 3 or 
    so years older. Take note that there aren't much goalkeepers here-most hit 
    their peak when they are in their late twenties. From experience though I 
    found that their skill goes up very easily when they are young. One of my 
    goalkeepers went up ten in skill in three years to a total of 84.
    |      NAME      | SKILL |  AGE  |       CLUB          |
    | Adriano        |  92   |  22   | Inter Milan         | 
    | D.Cisse        |  90   |  23   | Liverpool           | 
    | J.Reyes        |  88   |  21   | Arsenal             |
    | D.Papadopoulos |  88   |  22   | Paninthiakos        |
    | S.Etoo         |  88   |  23   | Barcelona           | 
    | Luis Fabiano   |  88   |  23   | FC Porto            | 
    | W.Rooney       |  87   |  18   | Man Utd             |     
    | F.Torres       |  87   |  20   | Atletico de Madrid  | 
    | M.Baros        |  87   |  22   | Liverpool           | 
    | A.Cassano      |  86   |  22   | Roma                | 
    | Robinho        |  85   |  20   | Santos              |
    | C.Tevez        |  85   |  20   | Boca Juniors        | 
    | A.Gilardino    |  85   |  22   | Parma               |  
    | Sergio Garcia  |  84   |  21   | Levante             | 
    | J.Saviola      |  84   |  22   | AS Monaco           | 
    | L.Donovan      |  84   |  22   | San Jose            |
    | L.Podolski     |  83   |  19   | FC Cologne          |
    | Nilmar         |  83   |  20   | Internacional       |
    | S.Maloney      |  83   |  21   | Celtic              | 
    | Villa          |  83   |  22   | Real Zaragoza       | 
    | Z.Ibrahimovic  |  83   |  22   | Juventus            |
    | Dagoberto      |  82   |  21   | Paranaense          |
    | J.Defoe        |  82   |  21   | Tottenham           | 
    | R.van Persie   |  82   |  21   | Arsenal             |  
    | Mantoras       |  82   |  22   | Besiktas            | 
    | Portillo       |  82   |  22   | Firenze             | 
    | Helder Postiga |  82   |  22   | FC Porto            |
    | A.Smith        |  82   |  23   | Man Utd             | 
    | I.Szabics      |  82   |  23   | Stuttgart           | 
    |      NAME      | SKILL |  AGE  |  POS  |       CLUB          |
    | Kaka           |  92   |  22   |  CAM  | AC Milan            |
    | T.Rosicky      |  91   |  23   |  CAM  | Borussia Dortmund   |
    | Joaquin        |  89   |  23   |  RWM  | Real Betis          |
    | C.Ronaldo      |  88   |  19   |  RWM  | Man Utd             |
    | A.D'Allessandro|  88   |  23   |  CAM  | Wolfsburg           |
    | B.Pedretti     |  87   |  23   |  CM   | Marseille           |
    | R.van der Vaart|  86   |  21   |  CAM  | Ajax                |
    | A.Robben       |  85   |  20   |  LM   | Chelsea             |
    | Xabi Alonso    |  85   |  22   |  CM   | Liverpool           |
    | J.Cole         |  85   |  22   |  CAM  | Chelsea             |
    | M.Diarra       |  85   |  23   |  CM   | Lyon                |
    | W.Sneijder     |  84   |  20   |  LM   | Ajax                |
    | K.Kallstrom    |  84   |  22   |  CM   | Rennes              |
    | A.Hleb         |  84   |  23   |  CAM  | Stuttgart           |
    | Carlos Alberto |  83   |  19   |  CAM  | FC Porto            |
    | M.Essien       |  83   |  21   |  RM   | Lyon                |
    | A.Motta        |  83   |  22   |  CM   | Barcelona           |
    | Arteta         |  83   |  22   |  CM   | Real Sociedad       |
    | Julio Baptista |  83   |  22   |  CAM  | Sevilla             |
    | Diego          |  82   |  19   |  CAM  | FC Porto            |
    | Emre           |  82   |  23   |  LM   | Inter Milan         |
    |      NAME       | SKILL |  AGE  |  POS  |       CLUB          |
    | J.Terry         |  89   |  23   |  CB   | Chelsea             |
    | C.Metzelder     |  89   |  23   |  CB   | Borussia Dortmund   |
    | G.Seitaridis    |  88   |  23   |  RB   | FC Porto            |
    | K.Toure         |  88   |  23   |  CB   | Arsenal             |
    | A.Cole          |  88   |  23   |  LB   | Arsenal             |
    | G.Milito        |  86   |  23   |  CB   | Real Zaragoza       |
    | Pablo           |  85   |  22   |  CB   | Atletico de Madrid  |
    | P.Lahm          |  84   |  20   |  LWB  | Stuttgart           |
    | R.Bravo         |  84   |  23   |  CB   | Real Madrid         |
    | J.O'Shea        |  84   |  23   |  CB   | Man Utd             |
    | Z.Khizanishvilli|  83   |  22   |  CB   | Rangers             |
    | A.Hinkel        |  83   |  22   |  RB   | Stuttgart           |
    | P.Mexes         |  82   |  22   |  CB   | Roma                |
    | P.Evra          |  82   |  23   |  LB   | AS Monaco           |
    | J.Riise         |  82   |  23   |  LB   | Liverpool           |
    |      NAME       | SKILL |  AGE  |      CLUB           |
    | I.Casillas      |  94   |  23   | Real Madrid         |
    | P.Cech          |  86   |  22   | Chelsea             |
    | Victor Valdes   |  86   |  22   | Barcelona           |
    | Reina           |  86   |  22   | Villareal           |
    | C.Itandje       |  82   |  21   | Lens                |
    | T.Weise         |  82   |  22   | Kaiserslautern      |
    | Fabio           |  82   |  23   | Vasco Da Gama       | 
      Here I will list all the formations, give them my rating, mention their 
    strong and weak points and when to use them. Ratings are out of 10.
    Attack   - Rating for how many attacking options there is and how they are 
    Midfield - Rating for the midfielders positioning and how well they forward 
               and back.
    Defence  - Rating for the amount of defenders present and how well they are 
    Balance  - Rating for how balanced the amount of defenders, midfielders and 
               attackers are.
    Overall  - The average rating for all the categories above.
    Formation: 4-4-2
      This is the most common formation you'll see in the game. Many teams use it
    and for me, that is it's ultimate weakness. I don't seem to score a lot when 
    using this; I can't get any run out of the midfield. Try the 4-1-2-1-2 for 
    basically the same thing but with more attacking options.
    A: 7
    M: 7
    D: 7
    B: 8
    OVERALL: 7
    Formation: 4-1-2-1-2
      I find this formation one of the best in the game. You have the usual four 
    defenders a man in front of them who will do a lot of the tackling. Make your
    best midfielder the CAM as he is usually the player doing the final through 
    pass to the strikers. Play through the middle of the park, you have no wingers 
    A: 8
    M: 8
    D: 7
    B: 9
    OVERALL: 8
    Formation: 4-3-3
      Definitely one of the better formations as you have a lot of attacking 
    players yet a solid four-man defence. You may struggle to get the ball of the 
    computer when it's passing the ball around as your more than likely 
    out-numbered. Play through balls through the defence for the best results.
    A: 9
    M: 6
    D: 7
    B: 7
    OVERALL: 7
    Formation: 3-4-3
      Very similar to the one above just this one has one of the defenders now a 
    midfielder. Three defenders can do the job though, especially with four 
    midfielders there to help them out. Don't pass it around inside your defensive
    half too much as a mistake could prove costly.
    A: 9
    M: 7
    D: 5
    B: 7
    OVERALL: 7
    Formation: 4-5-1
      You'll find it very hard to score here. The only forward is lonely as ever,
    with the fifth midfielder being in-front of the defence. You can slowly build
    up an attack as you have the midfield numbers to win out but it will be most 
    likely some individual brilliance from your striker that will get you on the 
    A: 4
    M: 9
    D: 8
    B: 5
    OVERALL: 6.5
    Formation: 4-4-1-1
      Very similar to the 4-4-2, just with the defenders in line vertically in the
    centre of the field rather than horizontal. I don't like the 4-4-2 much 
    because if the four flat midfielders and only two strikers and the exact same
    thing is here. Try something else like 4-3-1-2.
    A: 6
    M: 7
    D: 7
    B: 8
    OVERALL: 7
    Formation: 4-3-1-2
      A use this formation occasionally, it gives you a solid defence plus the guy
    who is right in behind the forwards(these players are great, they feed the 
    ball constantly to the forwards). You won't be undermanned in midfield either.
    A: 8
    M: 8
    D: 7
    B: 9
    OVERALL: 8
    Formation: 5-4-1
      The 5-4-1 is the formation people use when they don't want to concede any 
    goals or are hoping to play out a nil all draw. There really isn't much else 
    you can use this play for, your going to need a Thierry Henry or Raul to score 
    as a moment of individual brilliance will certainly be required.
    A: 5
    M: 7
    D: 9
    B: 4
    OVERALL: 6
    Formation: 3-4-1-2
      This formation is definitely worth considering. You have plenty of 
    midfielders who of course can help out the three defenders and the man right 
    in behind the strikers. You can use the cross and the direct route to goal, 
    it's a very flexible formation.
    A: 8
    M: 9
    D: 6
    B: 7
    OVERALL: 7.5
    Formation: 5-3-2
      At first glance this looks like a fairly defensive formation but it's not. 
    The two wingbacks provide a lot of run and will be at there best when crossing
    and playing passes to the midfield. Two strikers can cause some havoc but 
    you'll need to pass it to your wingbacks and your three midfielders for the 
    majority of attacks.
    A: 7
    M: 7
    D: 9
    B: 7
    OVERALL: 7.5
    Formation: 5-2-3
      This is a very good formation to use. You don't need five defenders 
    either-midfielders can fill in the wingback positions so amount of fit 
    defenders should never be a problem. These guys will basically be midfielders
    any way as they get forward very frequently. There aren't really any 
    problems here, everything is very nicely balanced.
    A: 9
    M: 6
    D: 9
    B: 8
    OVERALL: 8
    Formation: 4-2-3-1
      An OK formation though it is a fair bit more defensive than most. You have 
    four defenders, which is plenty but then you also have two defensive 
    midfielders and only one striker! The midfield is loaded though but it's 
    poorly structured and I would only use this for counter attacking.
    A: 5
    M: 7
    D: 7
    B: 8
    OVERALL: 7
    Formation: 3-6-1
      This is a very attacking formation, despite the lone striker. he has two 
    guys just behind him and then wingers as well. You can play a very good 
    counter-attacking game against some defences. The defence is fine here as 
    well because of the two defensive midfielders in front of the back three.
    A: 7
    M: 9
    D: 7
    B: 8
    OVERALL: 8
    Formation: 3-5-2
      I don't think this formation is any different to the 3-4-1-2. Have a look 
    there for my thoughts on that formation.
    A: 8
    M: 9
    D: 6
    B: 7
    OVERALL: 7.5
      Obviously these are all my personal ratings after testing them out. You may 
    have realised that all the scores are within 1.5 in the overall score. That's 
    because basically every formation has a weakness and strength, balancing out 
    the scores. Look for what you are good at(say, for example, you rarely 
    concede goals) and pick a formation that isn't strong in that area. This 
    should make you firstly improve in that area and secondly give you another 
    player in a position where he is better off.
    6.b TACTICS
      These are all the options in tactics plus I've included when to use them 
      Choose what style of play your going to use. If you are concentrating 
    on keeping a clean sheet then choose defence, select attacking if you want to
    score as many goals as you can and conservative and if you aren't focusing on
    either attacking or defending select normal. I think that all these options do
    is make your computer controlled team-mates get into more attacking places or
    sit back depending on what you've chosen.
      These are your options that describe what the lead up to your goals usually 
    Possession- You play the ball around for a while to create an opening.
    Long Passes- You quickly get the ball out of defence using only a couple if 
                 passes to your forwards. Basically counter-attacking.
    Wing Play- Select this if you use the wings to cross the ball in to your 
      You can choose either pressing or contain. Pressing means that your defence 
    will move forwards to the strikers, while contain means your defence will sit
    off and wait for the forwards to come to them. Use pressing if you have a 
    solid defence but if you only have three not-so-good defenders use contain.
    Offside Trap
      The offside trap is a move defences do to try and get the opposition 
    offside. What happens is all of your defenders will move forwards at once 
    right before a pass is played by the opposition to a forward who is in line 
    with defence. It's great if it works but if not the defender usually streaks 
    away. You can have it either on or off but I usually have it off.
    Corner Takers
      Self-explanatory but I usually have my most skilled left footer taking the 
    left corner and my most skilled right footer taking the right.
    Free Kicks & Penalties
      I get my best shooter to take both of these.
      Choose who the team's captain is. This can effect the previous captains 
    morale for the worse if you do change it.
    7. FAQS |
    A. No, sometimes the menu will appear when you want it to and other times it 
    won't, you have to shoot if no menu appears.
    A. Yes. It's not easy though and requires a bit of luck. You can do it by 
    lowering the amount of stars the team is. To do this you can change the 
    formation to 3-5-2 and create 4 players with a rating of 10. Put one of them 
    as a striker, two in midfield and one in defence. Put the worst team on that 
    you can and try to get the teams rating to 1 star. I have tries this with 
    Premier League teams though and this didn't work so you might need a full 
    team of created players. Also, if you put your favourite team as the club you
    want to manage you usually get an offer from them earlier than normal.
    A. I don't know, I can't even change my game to Spanish(I think) because I 
    have the PAL version. Someone has told me that if you have a PS2 you can 
    change the language on the PS2 system settings screen. Thanks to Aaron for 
    that. As for the GCN, I don't think you acn change it all.
    A. This all depends on how much cups and games you win. As a guess, I'd say 
    roughly three seasons if you've won six or more cups in that time. It's fairly
    random and to my knowledge you need a managerial prestige of around 2.5 stars
    to get most big teams. Another factor is that if the team you want to control
    has had a good season they are less unlikely to ask you to manage them.
    A. The way I do corners is just to pass to the stationary guy and jostle your 
    opponent. Choose your set-pieces so that this guy is right in front of the 
    goals, not on a hard angle. To jostle effectively hit the C-stick in the 
    direction of the defender continually BUT make sure you are in the circle 
    where the ball is about to land or the keeper will intercept the cross.
    A. Here it is: 3-6-1 formation
          R.Makaay       R.van Nistelrooy
    Ronaldinho                       F.Totti
           P.Veira       Z.Zidane       
         Lucio    A.Nesta    S.Campbell
    Subs:     O.Kahn, J.Stam, S.Gerrard, Kaka, A.Shevchenko
    Reserves: I.Casillas, L.Thuram, R.Ferdinand, R.Giggs, 
              R.Pires, P.Aimar, Adriano, A.Del Piero
    A. AC Milan are, although only slightly over Arsenal who are also a five-star 
       team. These two are the only five-star teams in the game.
    A. Bicycle kicks are rather hard to perform as they require many things to go 
    your way. Go to practice and just keep on sending in crosses. To perform them
    though, you need to have a good player(try Wayne Rooney- the computer 
    constantly gets him to do it even though he can't in real life). The cross 
    needs to be very accurate- hopefully to a player who is unmarked and has the 
    ball ever-so-slightly behind him. Do a normal header shot and aim as well as 
    you can because getting a bicycle kick to actually be performed is the easy 
    bit; getting a shot on target and then past the keeper is the hard part.
    A. Here's a list of the more complicated positions:
    CF-Center Forward- A forward who is not as far upfront compared to a striker.
    CAM-Central Attacking Midfield- Usually is in between the midfielders and the
    RWM & LWM-Right/Left Wing Midfield- Plays on the wing, the widest position 
    CDM-Central Defensive Midfield- Usually in between the midfielders and the
    RWB & LWB-Right/Left Wing Back- An attacking, wide defender, only really found
    in formations with five defenders.
    SW-Sweeper- A defender who defends even deeper than a CB.
      I hope this guide helped you in some way. Hopefully I'll update this soon 
    and hopefully frequently. ;)
    Here's my email <AstroMan_022@hotmail.com> 
      Email me when you want to- know something not in this FAQ
                                 contribute something to this FAQ
                                 put this on your site
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                                 give me tips to improve my FAQ 
                                 thank me
    Just be patient, I might not get back to you quickly so don't get annoyed. 
    I will not reply if you ask something covered in the FAQ already, or something
    just plain stupid(it happens).
    23/10/2004 - I done all the Formations and Tactics area, all of Career Mode, a
    Version .6   few tips and some of the MY FIFA 2005 things. 
    29/10/2004 - Thanks to Syxx676 I added all the objectives. Otherwise a lean 
    Version .7   update.
    18/11/2004 - Added the young players bit, a few FAQS, fixed up a few things 
    Version .9   and a couple of tips.
    07/01/2005 - I have now basically completed the guide; there isn't much else 
    Version 1    to add apart from transfer updates, but I don't know that I'll 
                 put that in, it's hard work. If you want me to put something else
                 in here e-mail me and I might do it. This update all I added was
                 FAQs and several tips.
    10. CREDITS | 
    I would like to thank the following people:
    -CJayC for having a great site that allows us to help people and discuss 
    gaming and other stuff, like football(soccer).
    -Syxx676 for giving me basically all the objectives.
    -Keith for telling me about the hurdle and shoot move.
    -Tragon for informing me about using running guys at corners.
    -My brother for reading over it and for doing some other minor things.
    -You, for reading this FAQ and even more so those of you who have 
     contacted me.
    11. COPYRIGHT |
      This FAQ is copyright(c) TheMagicMushroom22 and is only permitted to be 
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