1. Nicky Katt Atton Rand
  2. Roger D. Smith Bao-Dur
  3. Feargus Urquhart CEO, Obsidian Entertainment
  4. Darren Monahan Chief Technology Officer
  5. Lynn Taylor Compatibility Supervisor and Lead Technical Writer
  6. G. W. Childs IV Creature Sound Design
  7. Louis Mellis Darth Sion
  8. Daran Norris G0-T0
  9. Grey Delisle Handmaiden (Brianna)
  10. Kristoffer Tabori HK-47/HK-50
  11. Aaron Meyers Lead Artist
  12. Chris Avellone Lead Designer
  13. Darryl Cobb Lead Network Compatibility Technician
  14. Chris Jones Lead Programming
  15. Julian Kwasneski Lead Sound Designer
  16. John Cygan Mandalore
  17. Elizabeth Rider Master Atris
  18. Ed Asner Master Vrook
  19. Chris Benson Office Manager and Information Technology
  20. Ben Burtt Original Star Wars Sound Effects
  21. John Carsey OS Computer Tecnician
  22. David Felton PC Lead Tester
  23. Chris Parker Producer
  24. David Chapman QA Compliance Lead
  25. Dan Martinez Senior Compatibility Technician
  26. Greg Ellis The Disciple (Mical)
  27. Kelly Hu Visas Marr


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, jephloeb, LordAndrew, oliist, Ragster128, and USATechDude.

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