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Training Wheels
Complete the Prologue
It Was Like That When I Got Here!
Destroy Peragus Astroids
I Didn't Do It!
Let the Sith destroy the Peragus Asteroids
Larger World
Get your first Light Side points
Starting Down the Dark Path
Get your first Dark Side points
An Elegant Weapon
Contruct your first Lightsaber
Hunger Strike
Defeat Nihilus
Pain Relief
Defeat Sion
Complete the game on the Light Side
Destiny, Dominated
Complete the game on the Dark Side
Short Circuit
Install HK-47's unique module
Royal Protocol
Side with the Queen on Onderon
Martial Law
Side with Vaklu on Onderon
The First Rule...
Complete the Handmaiden Battle Circle
The Second Rule...
Complete the Mandalorian Battle Circle
Unadulterated Violence
Repair the damaged droid on the Ebon Hawk
Lost in Your Work
Learn Moving Meditation
Your Eyes Can Deceive You
Learn Force Sight
The Walking Carpet
Recruit Hanharr
Lost Girl
Recruit Mira
Grave Robber
Loot a body on Korriban
Fight Another Day
Flee Korriban after fighting Sion
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball
Break Hanharr's spirit
Pure Pazaak
Beat the champ on Nar Shadaa
Pet Rock
Get the named Lightsaber crystal
Last Stand
Side with the Settlers at Khoonda
Nothing Personal
Change your mind about siding with the Settlers at Khoonda
Orphan White
Recruit the Handmaiden
Ancient History
Recruit the Disciple
A Certain Set of Skills
Gain a Prestige class
Luminous Beings
Reach maximum Light Side points
If You Only Knew...
Reach maximum Dark Side points
Never Tell Me the Odds
Win a Pazaak game with a full board
In It For the Money
Collect 10,000 credits
Talk Them to Death
Have Persuasion over 30
Don't Get Cocky
Kill all Sith troopers before they can board the Ebon Hawk
The Gang's All Here
Fill the Party Selection screen
I hate everything about you
Reduce a companion's Influence to zero.
Unlimited Power
Acquire all Dark Side Powers.
I Am A Jedi
Acquire all Light Side Powers
Dancing Queen
Dance for Vogga
No Jedi can stop us
Kill all the Jedi masters
Over Achiever
Reach Player Level 30
Silent, But Deadly
Have 30 points in Stealth
Let's Blow This Place!
Have 30 points in Demolitions.
I've Seen How You Use a Hydrospanner
Have 30 points in Repair.
We Have to Hack Into the Mainframe!
Have 30 points in Computer Use.
Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
Have 30 points in Treat Injury.
It's a trap!
Get this by starting the "Trapped" Quest on Korriban.
Hutt Oil
Convince Vogga the Hutt to sell fuel to Telos.
Convince the "champ" to lose the game without playing.
Finders Keepers
Claim Darth Nihilus' mask.
The Sith Lord
Have your character replace any of the Sith Lords on the main menu screen.
Breaking the Oath
Teach the Handmaiden the ways of the Force.
You ARE the droid I'm looking for
Deduce G0-T0's identity
Assassination Protocol: Active
Learn how to kill Jedi from HK-47
Cupid's Rifle
Listen to HK-47's definition of love.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer and Guard Master

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