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Guide and Walkthrough by ferrette

Updated: 06/25/2005

Work of the Sloth presents...The Unofficial:
          *                     *                *                *            
              /^^\   *  /^^\             *               *  
  *           \   \    /   / /^^\  |^^^^\  |^^\  /^^| /^^^^}              * 
               \   \/\/   / / /\ \ | <>  } |   \/   | \ ^^^\    *     
         *      \        /  \ \/ / |    /  |  |\/|  |  ^^^\ \
                 \  /\  /    \  /  | |\ \  |  |  |  | {^^^^ /          *   
                  ^^  ^^      ^^    ^  ^^   ^^    ^^   ^^^^^
     *        *    |^^^^^^\      *             *                 *          *
                   |      /             *                 *       
          *        |  |^^^  /^^\  |^^^^\ |^^^^^^^^|/^^^^}               *
                   |   ^^} / /\ \ | <>  } ^^|  |^^ \ ^^^\*           
    *              |  |^^  \ \/ / |    /    |  |    ^^^\ \    *               *
            *      |  |     \  /  | |\ \    |  |   {^^^^ /           *
                    ^^       ^^    ^  ^^     ^^     ^^^^^ *
         *                *                        *                       
 *                             - UNDER SIEGE -                   *
                       - WALKTHROUGH & FAQ (PC VERSION) - 
      Written by superslothsonya (for full copywrite details, see credits)
      *               *                      *               *        *  


0. Updates
1. Introduction  
2. Controls / Hints + Tips
3. Weapons
   3.1 No Building Required
   3.2 Building Required
   3.3 Utilities
4. Buildings 
5. Missions
   5.1 Egyptian
   5.2 Roman
   5.3 Oriental
   5.4 Medieval
6. Deathmatch
7. Fortpot
8. Unlockables
9. FAQ
10. Credits / Legal / Contact Info


21/6/05 - started writing this guide 
        - started introduction, controls / hints + tips, weapons, buildings,
          legal / contact info sections
22/6/05 - started fortpot and unlockables sections
        - completed introduction, controls, weapons, credit, legal and contact
          info sections as well as the first 2 oriental missions :-)
23/6/05 - wrote up a few more missions
        - completed fortpot and buildings sections 
        - first submission to GAMEFAQS (since there is now a fair amount of 
          sections and relevant info)
25/6/05 - wrote up some more missions and completed unlockables 


As a worms player from the days when people were impressed by 2D games such as
commander keen (still a favourite 2D PC game of mine today), Worms Forts:
Under Siege has been like a trip down memory lane, albeit wearing 3D glasses,
building "forts" and getting to play with many new, and highy explosive,
weapons! From the game manual;
      "Worms Forts is a turn based strategy game, where 2-4 teams battle 
    it out with the help of mighty fortresses and weapons. Each team takes
   turns to pick off opposing worms and buildings, utilising siege weapons,
   constructing fortifications and using whatever dastardly strategies they
    can imagine.  When worms lose all their energy or fall into the water,
     they die.  You'll be defeated it you have no worms left or if your
                   stronghold is destroyed" - Game Manual

With its reasonable tutorial, challenging single player missions /
deathmatches and multiplayer / online options, Worms Fort: Under Siege is an
awesome game, though diehard fans may find the game play style a little alien 
and may need to adjust their strategies in order to triumph (I know I certainly

2.  CONTROLS (keyboard defaults)

Move Up                       W
Move Down                     S 
Move Right                    D
Move Left                     A
First Person View             Q
Blimp View                    E
Jump (stear with W,A,S,D)     Spacebar                  (though I prefer Enter)
Backflip (ditto)              Press jump button twice
Double Backflip  (ditto)      After first flip, press jump button twice again
Weapon Panel                  Right Mouse Button
Fire                          Left Mouse Button      (though I prefer Spacebar)
Reset Camera                  X
Camera Up / Down              Mouse Y-azis
Camera Right / Left           Mouse X-axis
Set Fuse Time (sec)           1-5
Cycle Worm / Build Location   Left and Right Arrows
There are heaps more, but you can look at and / or change them in the options 
menu of the game.

-If you have the chance, shoot enemy worms into the water (killed in one shot)
-Buildings will self destruct if their HP falls to zero or they become 
 disconnected from the stronghold (you won't be able to build on the spot the
 destroyed building once stood for around 2 or 3 turns)
-Chains of buildings can be easily ruined if one of the links is destroyed
 eg. (X) = stronghold
     (1) = building...numbers get higher as you move away from stronghold
           (the higher the number, the more vulnerable the building is from
           chain attack)
      -  = connections between buildings
          Chain A  (3)-(2)-(1a)-(X)-(1c)-(2) 
                    | /          |        |
                   (3)          (1b)     (3) Chain B (loop)
                                  |       |
                                 (2)     (4)
                                    \   /

 Fastest Way to Destroy System:
 A = destory (1a) to destroy the chain of buildings
 B = destory (1b) followed by (1c) to destory the loop of buildings
 Then proceed to take out the stronghold

-From this example, you can see it is important to build a highly inter-
 connected lattice-like fort to ensure long chains of buildings aren't wiped
 out in a single hit (an easy trap to fall into) 
-Its often easier (if you have good line of sight) to destory a stronghold,
 rather than all the worms, to defeat an opponent (and vice versa depending on
-Use utilities to your advantage -> esp. spawn worm, girders (for protection) 
 and repair building (best when used at the end of a game / mission, or when an
 important building is about to be destroyed)   
-Protect your hospital, science lab and weapons factory!  Alternatively...
 if an opponent builds them -> destroy these buildings ASAP (esp. science lab)

3.  WEAPONS (can be collected in small wooden chests)

Most weapons require your worm to be standing on the flat upper section of a
specific building (the bigger and more powerful the weapon, the larger the
building it needs to be fired from), but a few don't require any building to
fire from.  As well as damaging weapon, there are also utilities, important
when your team needs a boost in numbers, speed, defense or time. 


-Bazooka (standard issue, wind affected)
-Grenade (standard issue, 1-5sec fuse)
-50 Stone Canary (large yellow bird, can jump, detonate at will or timer)
-Electrical Storm (storm cloud hovers over buildings dropping electrical
 appliances, worms damaged much more than buildings, no aiming needed)
-Air Strike (all strikes shot from blimp mode, drops 5 bombs in a line, 
 slightly affected by the wind, not that strong against either worms or 
 buildings in this game unfortunately)
-Fire Punch (punches enemy and knocks them flying, always inflicts 30 damage,
 great for knocking worms off high landscapes or better yet, into the water)


Tower Weapons:
-Mortar (lauches priest, who explodes and showers target with exploding bibles
 -> invokes a "what the heck" kind of response first time you see it in action,
 affected by the wind, detonates on impact) 
-Cluster Launcher (like cluster grenade of Worms 3D, clusters pack quite a bit
 of punch if all explode on a single building, affected by wind, 1-5sec fuse)
-Old Woman (steerable, can jump, expode by clicking fire button or waiting for
 timer to run out)
-Napalm Strike (see air strike, more damaging, makes little fires on impact)
-Earthquake (shakes landscape around, can shake worms into water, move mines
 around etc, buildings slightly damaged, no aiming needed)
-Ballista (personal favourite, shoots 2 arrows in a straight line, not in a 
 parabolic arch like bazooka etc, strongly affected by the wind)

Keep Weapons:
-Siege Onager (v. powerful when hits on target, highly affected by wind)
-Chilli Con Carnage (ditto above, rolls along ground before detonating, can
 cause fires that block buildings being erected in those areas)
-Rhino (stronger version of old woman, can be launched quite high, rams into
 buildings before eventually exploding manually or after timer runs out)
-Mine Strike (drops 5 mines which explode after about 3 sec if a worm steps too
 near, great around enemy weapons factories / areas of high worm density)
-Flood (water level rises then falls, kills any worms it covers, no aiming)
-Minigun (shoots hamster!?!? lot of upward recoil, can do large amounts of
 damage when used correctly, need good line of sight)

Castle Weapons:
-Homing Pigeon (another favourite, aimed / shot from blimp mode, a little 
 stupid and maybe not always quite on target, but a useful weapon overall) 
-Fridge Launcher (v. powerful, bounces before it explodes showering dinosaurs!?
 on the unsuspecting enemy)
-Super Hippo ("what happened to the good old sheep?" cry worms enthusiasts
 everywhere...not a sheep in sight *tear*, rocket + hippo + steering = major
-Animal Strike (similar to air / napalm strike but a lot more powerful) 
-Nuclear Strike (poisons all worms and causes them to loose 5HP per turn till
 their deaths, or until they collect a health crate, no aiming needed)
-Giant Crossbow (shoots 3 large bolts simultaneously, causes a fair bit of
 damage if they all hit one building, affected by the wind)

Citadel Weapons:
-Rocket Launcher (shot from an organ, these missiles pack quite a punch, 
 though they are strongly affected by the wind and strength of trajectory)
-Trebuchet (hurls a moose, which tumbles out of the sky, along the ground and 
 then explodes when its timer runs out)
-Monkey Troop (lauches an ark on wheels which can jump, detonated at will or
 when timer runs out) 
-Trojan Donkey (dropped out of the sky, its anyones guess as to how many turns
 it will sit there before it explodes in all its wooden donkey-ish fury!)
-Armageddon (meteors to tumble from the sky, damaging everything they hit, 
 damage varies according to amount of hits taken, no aiming needed)
-Giant Laser (2 words: aim and shoot, can pretty much destroy a stronghold if
 a science lab has been built)

3.3 UTILITIES (can be collected in wooden crates with tool symbol)

Collectible: stored away for later use
-Freeze (protect your worms and buildings from damage till your next turn)
-Parachute (safely descend from heights, can be steered using movement buttons)
-Jetpack (fly around using movement buttons, much faster than walking)
-Spawn Worm (need hospital to use, bring back a "dead" worm at 100HP) 
-Girder (provide a protective - but destructable - shield over a building)
-Repair Building (returns a building to full strength, great for stronghold)
Instant: come into effect as soon as they are collected
-Double Damage (extreme carnage...every weapon does twice the usual damage)
-Double Time (your remaining turn time is doubled)
-Crate Spy (each crate displays a message above of what is inside)
-Health Crate (in normal games: will boost health by 50HP, added to current HP,
 cures poison, white box with red crosses)

4.  BUILDINGS (can be collected in grey crates) 

All Buildings must link back to the stronghold.  If a chain is broken, then all
buildings no longer connected to the stronghold will self destruct, sending any
worms atop them flying in all directions and leaving a no-build area (except
for the team who destroyed the building) for around 2 or 3 turns.  Each
building requires a certain number of "victory" locations in order to be built.
To gain more stars / victory location, simply place a building on top of a 
star (number of victory location held is in upper right corner of screen). 
Whats more, any building collected in a crate can be built that very turn 
regardless of the number of victory locations you hold. And remember, place 
buildings first, then attack (since firing will end your current go). 
(figures, such as those for hitpoints, are taken from a multiplayer game)

Stronghold (starting building, built on a victory location)
HP = 1050+ (increases as more buildings are attached to it)

Tower (one star)
HP = 100 (try not to use as a chain building, since it is too easily destroyed.
          If you have no chioce, try to protect it with girders)

Keep (two stars)                  Castle (three stars)  
HP = 250                          HP = 500

Citadel (four stars, need to double backflip to get on top)
HP = 800

Hospital (two stars, can use spawn worm utility once built)
HP = 200 

Weapon Factory (three stars, 3 weapon crates will drop at the start of your go)
HP = 50 (NEVER use this as a link in a chain, since it is easily destroyed in
         one hit by even some of the weakest weapons)

Science Laboratory (four stars, increases damage done by your weapons)
HP = 100 (see above note)

Wonder (five stars, win the game if its still standing after 2 of your goes)
HP = 500

Lighthouse (ownership is transferable, always link up as a pair of two)
HP = infinite (ie. cannot be destroyed)


The missions make up the main challenge (along with the deathmatches) of the
single player component of the game.  They also allow you to unlock different
features including new lands, hats, voices etc. to use in the multiplayer
games. Trophies are awarded at the end of each mission and depending on how
quickly you beat the mission (and a number of other factors) you will recieve
either a bronze, silver or gold trophy. Only gaining a gold trophy will unlock 
every item available through the completion of that particular mission
(although getting a bronze or silver may also unlock some features). In
brackets after each mission is my current trophy for that particular method.
For unloackable features, see section 8. 

a) Army of the Dead (gold)
A nice simple mission for beginners, and a chance for old worms fans to 
accostomise themselves with the new controls (such as the double backflip).
Jump across to the small island to collect the crate.  Next, use the giant
satatues to double backflip up to above the temple.  Collect the next crate 
(careful of the mines) and continue to jump towards the upper left to collect 
the third crate (again, mind the mines).  Moving back down and to the right, 
the last crate can now be collected (mines around).  Go back to the four
statues in the middle of the land and fire punch all the targets.  Go back up 
the top and jump across the "broken bridge" to join Seth and bring up your very
own zombies, the makings of an army of the dead.
Tips: jump onto the crates in the middle of the groups of mines then qickly
double backflip out of harms way to avoid getting hit
b) The City of the Ancients (gold)
Fire Punch Jegg to lower ground. Fire punch Chesh to lower ground and retreat 
so you're standing on the stronghold. Double backflip up to where the other
two worms are standing, fire punch Kel over the edge and during your retreat
time pick up the grey building crate (contains a keep). Double backflip next
worm up to same place and knock the final worm, Bruce, over the edge. Build the
keep in any location (doesn't make any difference where it is placed), jump on-
top and activate "flood" to kill all the enemy worms.
Tips: nothing too hard about this level, just knock the enemy to lower ground
and let the flood do the rest :-)

c) Ooh, and it makes me Wonder (gold: complete in 10 mins or less)
Build a tower, (T) in the diagram, on the first victory location. Use ballista 
on blue stronghold before jumping off the tower (since the blue worms always 
try to hit this tower first). Build another tower (see diagram), but go back to
the first one and use ballista to destroy the remains of the blue stronghold.  
NOTE: for the following turns, simply build the building then skip go (to save 
time). Build 4 keeps followed by a castle. Once you have the castle, use a 
homing pidgeon to destroy the yellow stronghold. Then simply build the rest 
and finally the wonder. Seth will appear and be pleased with your work :-)

       (w)                                       (x) = stronghold
         \                                       (t) = tower 
         (4o)   (4o)-(a)                         (c) = castle  
                       \                         (a) = anything
                       (a)-(a)-(a)               (w) = wonder
                                 \               (o) = lighthouse (pairs have
                                 (a)                   the same number)
    A sort of easter egg:             |
    The large Pyramid has            (a)
    some weapon and utility           |
    crates up the top if you         (c)-(k)
    can be bothered climbing              |
    all the way up there :-)         (k)-(k)

d) Pharaoh Enough (gold)

e) Giza Chance Seth... (gold)

a) Kidnapped (gold)
First, kill Dunst (and every worm to follow) with a grenade and retreat to the 
safety of the nearby buildings. Then kill each of the following worms in this 
order in exactly the same way: Grant, Kel and Kev: retreating each time. 
Assuming your 4th worm is dead (mine got killed every time I played this level)
switch back to the worm you used to kill Kev. Jump this worm across to the 
enemy stronghold (taking care not to get hurt by any of the exploding mines). 
Now use bazooka to kill Rob (the bazooka combined with the explosion of the oil
drums should see Rob out for the count). On your next turn, swith back to this 
worm again and use bazooka on one of the towers connected to the stronghold to 
free Helen; who is then abducted by the evil Prince Paris of Troy!!! 
                       - How dare he, THIS MEANS WAR! -
Tip: Don't worry about putting up any buildings in this mission, concentrate on
killing the enemy worms instead

b) In Hot Pursuit (gold)
So you want to go after Helen right? Well for that you'll need a ship and a
crew to row her. Seeing as all the enemy worms only have 30HP, they can be
swiftly dealt with by using either fire punch or grenade.  Procede into enemy
territory and kill Varley, Aston, Jax and Charlish (jeez...who comes up with 
these names!?). Once they have been dealt with, build some toers and from them
shoot the trusty ballista bolts into the enemy towers closest to the stronghold
to break the chain, destroying the rest of them as well. Continue to build 
towers towards, and ultimately on top of, the 2 victory locations (I suggest
using skip turn after each building has been placed in order to begin your next
go immediately, instead of having to wait for the timer to run out). Once you
have captured the two victory locations, build a hospital and activate spawn
worm twice to generate your very own crew.
Tip: AVOID MINES!!! Seriously though, getting hit by one will not only end your
turn but it will take up to 40HP off you...not good if one mine propels you 
into many others, each dealing the same damage!

c) Ship of Fools (gold)
Disaster Mate! Pirates have struck, you've lost your supplies and there's a 
dangerous whirlpool that could suck you under if you don't get away quickly!
To start, teach those pirates a lesson by destroying their science lab with
2 well aimed ballista bolts. That leads me to an important point...PROTECT
YOUR SCIENCE LAB!!! It will make this mission a breeze if you can keep this one
building intact, though the pirates aim for this building first, probably in 
revenge for what you did to their's :-) I have completed this mission using 2
methods. The first is great for those who are great sharpshots and can hit
almost everything they aim at, even with the wind playing up a gale. If you
fall into this category, I suggest you concentrate on destroying the enemy 
stronghold. I also advise you use your homing pigeon before you science lab is
inevitably destroyed by the pirates (with the science lab intact, the homing 
pigeon can do a whopping 300HP damage!).  Continue till the stronghold is 
destroyed. Alternatively, for those players that are experts in jumping and
leaping their way around difficult terrain, I suggest boarding the enemy ships
and using a similar method to the last mission, killing off all the low health
enemies with grenades (and mine strike / homing pigeon for the worm on the one
ship you cannot possibly jump to.  Either way, after the pirates are defeated,
jetpack across to the rocks, collecting as many crates as you can, then the 
temple; walking and jumping to get the remaining crates.
Interesting Note: the music playing in the background is coming from 2 golden
harps and a guitar!? Next to which are some health and weapon crates (optional
to collect)

d) Enemy at the Gates (silver)
This mission is easily overcome by learning how to use the super hippos. Build 
your first tower in the poition opposite the keep closest to the stronghold 
like so:
 (x) = stronghold            (x)   |   |            |^^^| 
 (k) = castle                   \   ^^^             |   | = statue
 (t) = tower                    (k)--(t)             ^^^

The rest of the game revolves around this particular tower, since it is here
you can collect super hippo crates (2 per crate).  Use the first four hippos
on the yellow stronghold, then the following 4 on the blue stronghold (or
alternatively, the blue team's worms). But how to get the crate to reappear...
this involves a little darksider tactics I guess.  Each time you collect the 
crate, destroy the tower with your ballista or similar (make sure it is YOUR
t3eam that deals the crushing blow). Since you have destroyed your own 
building, the hovering no-build symbol will be red, indicating only you can 
build on this location...which you will proceed to do so. When you build 
another tower on your next go, another crate will appear, granting you 2 more
super hippos :-) Continue till both enemy teams are defeated, building more
towers around the base of each statue (as the mission requires) each go you use
a hippo.
Tips: if you find the yellow team is packing way too much punch, use a mobile
weapon like old woman, rhino or super hippo (though I'd normally use hippos for
the mighty strongholds) to destroy any of the towers to which the yellow team's
wonder, science lab and hospital are connected.

e) The Final Assault (silver)

a) Fall of the Warlords (gold)
Great to have a nice easy mission afer all those stupid Roman ones. This land
is pretty cool too :-)
Shoot rhino (aimed high), steer and detonate right near Warlord One for a one-
hit kill. (Ignore crates, not necessary to win and get a gold trophy)
Jump across to 2nd lighthouse (watch out for mines and falling too far) and 
build a keep on the side closest to the yellow fort. Use ballista to destroy a 
tower. Jump next worm across to where tower was destroyed and build a keep. Use
ballista to destroy andother tower and so on, till you have destroyed all the 
buildings and replaced them with a ring of keeps.  Warlord 3 appears. Build 
more keeps to capture all the victory locations (I suggest you build straight 
away on the one closest to the green base, ending each turn with the 
ballista-ing of green base buildings to prevent the spread of their base). Once
all victory locations are captured, build a wonder to complete this mission.
Tips: hide behind your buildings to remain safe during the enemy's turn, ignore
all other weapons except rhino and ballistas (jeez I love those things) since
two ballista shots (two arrows per go) easily destroys a tower (you have the
science lab to thank for that nice power-up)
That wasn't too hard was it :-)

b) Rise of the Monks (gold)
This mission can either be very easy or dastardly difficult. The key here is to
learn how to effectively and accurately manoeuvre using the jetpack. It might
take a few goes to remember the pattern of the crates in the sky, but the 
mission is do-able (reminds me of that infuriating Beenstalk parachute mission 
of Worms 3D that took me ages to do!).  First worm flies in a pretty simple arc
clockwise round the landscape.  Worm 2 goes opposite direction and is a 
trickier route.  Worm 3 has the hardest route, up and down, under bridges etc.
Once all worms are at mountain base, a cut scene shows they have to fly back up
the mountain (I fumed inwardly when I saw this bit, fearing even trickier
routes to get back up, though luckily its not that bad).  Jetpack back to the
top and collect final crate to finish mission.
Tips: beware of falling (esp into water) / missing crates, remember that you 
can "fall" from great heights with a jetpack on and not take any damage (vs.
running out of gas high up in the air and falling to your wormy death) - this
is not helped by the fact that a single fall will kill a worm, failing the 
mission.  Perseverance is the key to success in this mission.

c) Rise and Fall of the Defences (bronze)

d) Rise, Fall and Rise of the Wonder

e) Rise, Fall, Rise etc...Oh Whatever!








Similar to the good old wormpot of Worms World Party and Worms 3D, fortpot
contains some new and interesting additions to the slot wheels. You cannot 
double up on power-boosting bonuses such as double damage (ie. if you had 2 
lots of double damage, you wouldn't get 4x damage). Lesson: putting something
twice won't make it happen twice as much. Conflicting modes are kept on the 
same wheel to prevent errors from occuring.

      Left Wheel              Middle Wheel              Right Wheel
-2x Damage               -2x Damage                 -2x Damage
-Wind Affects All        -Wind Affects All          -Wind Affects All
-Super Bazookas and      -Stronghold Power          -Stronghold Power
 Grenades                -Stand Your Ground         -Specialist Worm
-Stronghold Power        -Specialist Worms          -Rhino-a-go-go
-Specialist Worms        -Rhino-a-go-go             -No Links
-Rhino-a-go-go           -Put it There              -Low Gravity
-No Links                -No Links                  -God Only Knows
-Low Gravity             -Low Gravity               -Don't Push Me
-Gimme Shelter           -God Only Knows            -Crate Spy
-Building Protection     -Don't Push Me             -Crates Galore
-God Only Knows          -Crate Spy                 -Building Stockpiles
-God Buildings           -Crates Galore             -Build Crates Only
-Don't Push Me           -Building Stockpiles       -Anyones Building
-Deadly Bazookas         -Build Crates Only 
-Crate Spy               -Anyone's Building
-Crates Galore            
-Building Stockpiles
-Build Crates Only
-Attack or Build             All up around 4500 combos altogether :-)
-Anyones Building
-All or Nothing

What They Mean
-2x Damage (every weapon does twice its normal damage)
-Wind Affects All (wind affects all weapons including grenades)
-Super Bazookas and Grenades (Bazooka's and grenades have keep weapon power)   
-Stronghold Power (the more buildings a player has the stronger the stronghold)
-Specialist Worms (each worm has its own ability: repair, build or attack)     
-Rhino-a-go-go (destroying crates will release rhinos)          
-No Links (buildings are not destroyed when they lose their supply line)      
-Low Gravity (the gravity remains low throughout the match. You've been warned)
-Gimme Shelter (worms standing on a building cannot take any damage)          
-Building Protection (buildings cannot take any damage if a worm's standing on 
-God Only Knows (after every 4 truns there will be a random god act causing
 complete havoc)          
-God Buildings (buildings canot be destroyed, match must be won by killing all
 enemy worms)           
-Don't Push Me (all weapons do double the normal push power)           
-Deadly Bazookas (bazooka's can destroy buildings in one shot, except 
 stronghold.  Players start with no bazooka's, they must be collected)        
-Crate Spy (every crate displays its contents)              
-Crates Galore (you want crates everywhere? You've got 'em)           
-Building Stockpiles (weapon ammo will be equal t the amount of buildings you
 have. Build a building and get extra ammo, lose a building and you will lose
-Build Crates Only (players can only build with buildings collected from 
-Attack or Build (buildings now use up a turn.  So what will it be, attack or
-Anyones Building (players can fire from enemy buildings)
-All or Nothing (every single enemy building must be destroyed to win the 
-Stand Your Ground (once a building has been built, the builder worm cannot
-Put it There (players can decide where their stronghold is placed)


Lands / Levels: (playable = can be used in multiplayer games)
-Checkmate (playable)               -The Blue Dragon (playable)
-Deathmatch Challenge 1-10          -The City of the Ancients
-Enemy at the Gates                 -The Final Assault
-Fall and Rise of the Defences      -Tutorial 2-5
-Fall of the Warlords               -Under Construction (playable)
-Giza Chance Seth...                -A Knight to Remember
-Great Wall Brawl (playable)        -A Quest
-In Hot Pursuit                     -Last Defense
-Kidnapped                          -Mordred and Morgana
-Ooh, and it makes me Wonder        -Question of Faith
-Pharaoh Enough!                    -The Kingdom is Born
-Rise of the Monks                  -The Magic of Merlin
-Rise, Fall and Rise of the Wonder  -Tower of Power
-Ship of Fools                      -Rise, Fall, Rise etc...Oh Whatever!
Intros: (little videos)             Hats:
-Greek Intro                        -Egyptian Hat
-Oriental Intro                     -Greek Hat
-Medieval Intro                     -Oriental Hat
                                    -Medieval Hat
-Egyptian Flag 1-3                  Weapons:
-Greek Flag 1-3                     -Animal Strike
-Oriental Flag 1-3                  -Armageddon
-Medieval Flag 1-3                  -Monkey Troop
-Custom Flag 1-3                    -Nuclear Strike
                                    -Trojan Donkey
-Egyptian Gravestone                Voices:
-Greek Gravestone                   -American Newsreader 
-Oriental Gravestone                -English Monarch
-Medieval Gravestone                -Great Statesman
                                    -Maniac Professor
Weapon Schemes:                     -Mr Tee!
-Air Assault                        
-Breathing Arsenal                  -Weapons R Us
-Construction Junction              -Windy Weapons
-Crossbows and Catapults            -The Full Gun
-Fire, Fire!                        -Towers and Castles
-Line of Sight                      -Pro

Wormapedia Entries:
-Achilles                           -Seth
-Ancient Egypt                      -Animal Strike
-Fortapedia                         -Armageddon
-Fortpot                            -Ector Galahad
-Greek mythology                    -Gawain
-Helen                              -Guinevere 
-Horus                              -King Arthur
-Menelaus                           -Lady of the Lake
-Monkey Troop                       -Medieval
-Odysseus                           -Merlin
-Oriental                           -Mini Point and Shoot Death
-Paris                              -Mordred
-Point and Shoot Death              -Nuclear Strike
-Puppetmaster                       -Trojan Donkey
-Ra                                 -Under Pendragon

9.  FAQ

Can I use spawn worm to bring a 5th, 6th etc worm to the field?
No - the limit is four worms per side on the field max.


My thanks go out to:
-GAMEFAQS for being a great site for both posting and / or searching for 
 guides, FAQs etc
-Sega and Team17 for creating this awesome game
-The official Worms Forts: Under Siege website for making this game known to
 the world 
-Worms Forts: Under Siege instruction manual for a bit of back up info. plus
 game description
-Chaddy and Rob for helping compile the mission and deathmatch sections, and of
 course being there to play the game with ;-)


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Info that'd be great to know currently:
How to get gold on every mission?
What unlocks what?
Easter eggs etc?

                                - END OF GUIDE -

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